THE SECRET MEATLY ROOM! | Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 1

  • Published on Oct 13, 2017
  • Bendy & The Ink Machine Chapter 1 - Secret Room
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    Hey! Today we go back in time and play Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 1. The first two chapters were remastered after we played the original releases. So today we go back, see whats changed, and also look for the secret room in chapter 1!
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    Bendy and the Ink Machine is a first-person puzzle action horror game with downloadable episodes. It begins in the far days past of animation and ends in a very dark future. Its art-style is heavily inspired by Disney's Mickey Mouse cartoons in the 1920's and 1930's.
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  • Cassie Monroe
    Cassie Monroe 11 days ago


  • Stephensocks2
    Stephensocks2 Month ago

    Your playing the new

  • LuckBlocks Z
    LuckBlocks Z Year ago


  • Comedy Gold
    Comedy Gold Year ago

    5 more days till Ch4!

  • Nate Scott
    Nate Scott Year ago


  • Nate Scott
    Nate Scott Year ago

    Go in the poster in boars room chapter 1

  • Tameka Bannerman
    Tameka Bannerman Year ago


  • Moon Swimmer
    Moon Swimmer Year ago

    Why only one vid?

  • Tristan Thornton
    Tristan Thornton Year ago

    Dude I wasn't scared when he first met the demon

  • Emma minecraft123

    Oh I know what it means Joey was in a wheelchair that's why anyway someone turned on the ink machine and Joey fused with bendy that's why bendy is tall and has a neck and bendy dose NOT have a neck and is NOT tall. the pictures explain what happened to bendy and Joey. they are fused together there.

  • Emma minecraft123

    I am

  • Brenda Garcia
    Brenda Garcia Year ago

    Has died and keeps putting his soul in Boris's

  • Brenda Garcia
    Brenda Garcia Year ago

    My theory is Wally franks

  • Brenda Garcia
    Brenda Garcia Year ago


  • Rafe Lydamore
    Rafe Lydamore Year ago

    Before you go to trigger the bendy jump scara go back to the boris room and then walk in to the boris poster and you will see the metly

  • Victor Wieczorek
    Victor Wieczorek Year ago

    There is a secret room in chapter3 and it is henry you and there is a tape it says that you created bendy
    So you are wrong anyways

  • Victor Wieczorek
    Victor Wieczorek Year ago

    I'm subscribing

  • barbara Puckett
    barbara Puckett Year ago

    Wally franks is Boris in chapter 3!!!!!!!!!

  • foxyfoxluck real
    foxyfoxluck real Year ago


  • georgette kusiak
    georgette kusiak Year ago

    Bendy yet again is here

  • Bronson Kells
    Bronson Kells Year ago


  • Emerald Dove
    Emerald Dove Year ago

    I think when we get knocked out at the end of Chapter 1, the "vision" tells us that the ink machine made Joey Drew into the Ink Demon. The wheelchair stands for Joey Drew if you did not know. And I don't mean that the ink machine is a monster, I'm saying that Joey Drew used the ink machine to make him into the Ink Demon. And I think the "new character" it tells us at the secret room with the secret tape in Chapter 3 is a new character... (Not the Ink Demon, Boris, or Alice Angel)

    • Emerald Dove
      Emerald Dove Year ago

      I'm not a theorist but I do make some here and there...

  • Paige Hocutt
    Paige Hocutt Year ago


  • LizardOsOm
    LizardOsOm Year ago

    Batim is on gemejolt yassssss

  • dragongirl lps/gamer

    Ago Brynhild aass susu

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson Year ago

    Wally is in chapter 3 caused he is the porjetinest

  • andrea thames
    andrea thames Year ago

    I'm late but I have a question....who is sally?

  • Reanna jurado
    Reanna jurado Year ago +1

    Bendy and the ink meshing wus a hit but cup head came and no one likes bendy no more😢😭

  • SuperFnafLogan !
    SuperFnafLogan ! Year ago

    19:42, That's a good theory dude. :) :)
    And I think your AWESOME!!!!!!!! :D :D

  • NathanOfADown
    NathanOfADown Year ago +2

    cool bro bendy is go say is die

  • Lucas Stewart
    Lucas Stewart Year ago


  • Tito _elian
    Tito _elian Year ago


  • Primer Ex
    Primer Ex Year ago

    When you sed who put the bendy cut out I sed sammy then you sed sammy

  • Dandi Birdy
    Dandi Birdy Year ago

    who is wally frank

  • ManOfSteel465 Derp


  • Betty Williams
    Betty Williams Year ago

    Henry created Boris

  • carolyn calhoun
    carolyn calhoun Year ago

    I subbed

  • Oceanman _
    Oceanman _ Year ago

    Im here before 40 dislikes!

  • joe kirkley
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  • Cheryl McIntosh
    Cheryl McIntosh Year ago

    Yay 😊 is the best friend I ever had when you was my friend

  • Ivanadjie Wa
    Ivanadjie Wa Year ago

    Maybe Sammy is ILLUMINATI because she disappear in Chapter 2

  • Davis Phanouvong
    Davis Phanouvong Year ago

    theresmore secrets you know thhxcya

  • Couch Gaming
    Couch Gaming Year ago


  • Dominic Amezcua
    Dominic Amezcua Year ago

    Uhhh not to be mean but how do u say your name? XD

  • Kel Jay
    Kel Jay Year ago

    That was a Fan Song. These pipes that flow from the Ink Machine. Some of the others are fan songs too.

  • Tyler the fox
    Tyler the fox Year ago

    i like those voices like susie cammpell ,thomsa dont know ,sammy and henry but my favourite voice was joey drew in chapter three

  • Noatry
    Noatry Year ago

    The banging is bendy going through the vents

  • Valen GAME
    Valen GAME Year ago +1


  • Joel andre collazos

    when you say woahh so sound you like freza

  • Epic hacker ?
    Epic hacker ? Year ago


  • Epic hacker ?
    Epic hacker ? Year ago


  • Kacper
    Kacper Year ago

    We actually created Boris

  • The Soul Of Ennard

    this versoin of bendy is a new update and when bendy chases you at chapter 2 the chase is more long and there is a platform that bendy resumes the chase.

  • ItzLucas
    ItzLucas Year ago

    The radio he played was a song by the same person who has done the Pokemon Brick Bronze soundtrack

  • ruffy1980
    ruffy1980 Year ago

    Thnxcya look at bendy when he chassis you...he limbs the wheelchair is his

  • Fatmeh Elghoul
    Fatmeh Elghoul Year ago


  • MagicRobo
    MagicRobo Year ago

    wally franks ON EVERY CHAPTER AUTOMATIC DIARY says "I'm out of here" at the end of it! like if u noticed

  • B East
    B East Year ago

    Jowy used the ink machine to make himself bendy so he didn't have to use the wheelchair.