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  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • Behind Closed Doors is a BAFTA Award Winning documentary narrated by Olivia Colman. With unprecedented access to the Thames Valley Police Domestic Abuse Teams, and the victims of violence they are helping, Behind Closed Doors gives an extraordinary insight into the most common violent crime to take place in the home.
    Shot over 12 months, and starting from the moment a 999 call is received, the film follows three brave women who each waive their right to anonymity to show how insidious and terrifying domestic abuse can be. The complex emotions involved when someone you love becomes violent are also exposed, and the difficulties for police when those feelings mean victims are not completely honest.
    With an unfolding, present tense narrative, the film also exposes the lack of consistency in terms of the length of sentence given to offenders. When the Police repeatedly take one perpetrator to court only to have magistrates release him again and again, the film demonstrates how the huge ordeal of going to court for these victims of domestic abuse does not mean that, in their eyes, justice will automatically follow.
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Comments • 97

  • 5D or Bust
    5D or Bust 2 days ago +1

    It is clear, the courts do NOT value women...period.

  • 5D or Bust
    5D or Bust 2 days ago

    It is clear, the courts do NOT value women...period.

  • 5D or Bust
    5D or Bust 2 days ago

    It is clear, the courts do NOT value women...period.

  • Simply Katherine
    Simply Katherine 6 days ago

    Brief case sent me to your channel. Glad to have been made aware.

  • Irmeli Strengell
    Irmeli Strengell 8 days ago

    My ex was really wonderful in the beginning but when I moved in with him he turned out to be very violent. I left after 6 months when he put a knife on my throat. All my love for him died at that moment.

  • Eddie Smith
    Eddie Smith 12 days ago

    Wow the level of domestic violence and torture in a supposedly civil European society is just sickening.

  • K
    K 15 days ago

    When they take them back in at this point that's natural selection🤦🏾‍♀️
    You can't expect a predator to change.

  • Wendy M.
    Wendy M. 22 days ago +1

    The entire British legal system is a complete joke.

  • bl c
    bl c 24 days ago

    So sad. Why dont they lombotomize these freaks.On the other hand what are these woman thinking

  • Donna Gaynelle Palk Turner

    U have to die to get anything done, ? Right ?
    I know what these women are going through. My first hubby was like that & worse. 🏃fast & get away the first time they hit u or if they mentally abuse u ! It WILL NOT get better, only worse.

  • Humanity Observer
    Humanity Observer Month ago +1

    It's sick what happened to these women...seen numerous documentaries on this subject but what is rarely talked about is abuse carried out by women toward men...there needs to be more awareness of that and docs made showing aren't the only abusers in the world...women are as well.

  • Janet Donald
    Janet Donald Month ago

    Judges not sending these dangerous men to prison are a big part of the problem.

  • Karin Amelda
    Karin Amelda Month ago +1

    never accept being mistreated, u see how ur father used to treat you? like a princess? that's the treatment you deserve don't wait until u are slapped and humiliated to move out gurls !!!

  • Windgeist
    Windgeist Month ago

    I do understand the woman who said she does not understand why she still loves him. I was there as well. You can not do anything against this. Just accept you feel this love and then accept the partner does not love you (because if you love someone you don´t hurt this person). Just accept took me over a year after the breakup till the love was gone. It is ok to feel like this and suffer and being confused and then life will light up.

  • Windgeist
    Windgeist Month ago +1

    You have to tell your daughter it is ok to say "I will not let someone do this to me". I tried to find help because I did not understand what was going on and even my family said: "If you love him, you have to forgive. If you don´t it means you don´t love him. If he treats you like this you just did something wrong, you should try harder to save the relationship. There are always two responsible." When I was a kid I was told: "If the boy beats you, he likes you." I am 30 now and I am now realizing I am allowed to be happy with or without a man. It is ok to live a happy life.

  • RedCapitalist
    RedCapitalist Month ago +1

    even after being severely beaten, she didn't learn any respect. imagine what she would be like if she hadn't been beaten

  • lisa beaulieu
    lisa beaulieu Month ago +2

    Being dehumanized and led to believe you aren't deserving of any respect is unreal and it is a lie. It's a mind game. You are a human being. You are somebody. You do matter. You are important. You can be happy. It takes time. It takes healing. Not only from physical but from psychological abuse. They need to be locked up or disowned. They can't change. That's the way they are always gonna be. What you see is what you get. You will never be able to fix them or change them. A snake is always gonna be a snake.

  • Susie Kopp
    Susie Kopp Month ago

    First blow? Then he shoud be out. Don't wait for the second time with kisses.

  • Susie Kopp
    Susie Kopp Month ago +3

    It is so clear why these women got in this sick relationships again and again. Never be with anyone if they beat you no matter what. These men are sick men and if you think they love you, i think you should see a doctor first to check your mental health. It is definately sick relationship you must avoid at any cost. If you want to love someone, you should be healthy mentally first.

  • Heather Wade
    Heather Wade Month ago +1

    Learning about Narcissists and understanding their mind set and what they are capable of will help you to get out early.
    Why haven't the police told her to change her phone number and closing all her social media, because he was getting off making feel anxious and afraid.

  • Joan Lockwood
    Joan Lockwood Month ago +8

    Been there gone through it all... run don't look back....

    • UWCB
      UWCB 17 days ago

      How are you now?

  • S VM
    S VM Month ago +16

    Poor dog does nothing but cry 😔

  • Stella F
    Stella F Month ago +2

    That POS Lawrence Feek is on Facebook as Lawrence Grace Feek, I hope his new wife knows what she's up for :(

  • Shannon Curtis
    Shannon Curtis Month ago +1

    Police can track phones now?
    That's handy

  • Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer Month ago +7

    Women that have been beaten need t-shirts large pictures of the damage that was done to them so when they start thinking things will be different they can look at the beating that could have killed them to snap back into reality!

    • Windgeist
      Windgeist Month ago

      they need people who show them a way out

  • Rocksii Rose
    Rocksii Rose Month ago +17

    The guy that was crying did not feel sorry that he beat that woman. He was crying because he knew they were going to lock him up for awhile.

  • Sha-Leine G.
    Sha-Leine G. Month ago +1

    Great job Gemma!!!

  • Hells Heathen
    Hells Heathen Month ago +2

    Europe is such a joke.

  • Juanita Richards
    Juanita Richards Month ago +15

    Traumatic occurs with narcissists and psychopaths and police and other professionals need training in it. Leaving a violent personality disordered partner is not like leaving any other relationship. Ordinary counseling doesn't work. It's similar to Stockholm Syndrome or leaving a religious cult. Victims need to be deprogrammed by a specialist in this kind of thing, and its a long process. Also in some cases there is method in the victims "madness". I escaped my abuser and 4 years later he turned up in my country and was stalking me. I couldn't get the police or immigration to do anything (he was here illegally and working illegally). I met up with him a few times in person only in public places. I tried to appease him in some ways while letting him know we would never be getting back together. I did this hoping he wouldn't go for full custody of our kids, hoping that if I was friendly and reasonable it he wouldn't be provoked into doing other things (I knew him so well). But this didn't work and he went for custody and it was an indescribable nightmare for the next 2 years. I won in the end.......but my kids and I were damaged and traumatized by the process.

  • Juanita Richards
    Juanita Richards Month ago +2

    In NZ domestic violence and child abuse is so bad that in some cases the child protection agency removes the children and puts them in foster care if the mother won't leave the abuser. They don't think of locking the abuser up for years though.......they leave him free to abuse any woman he gets involved with if the former partner does finally manage to break free - and live.

  • Juanita Richards
    Juanita Richards Month ago +6

    Prosecutions should go ahead whether victim retracts pr not. A crime has still been committed. They don't forgive murderers because there are no eye witnesses to give evidence against them. They don't drop bank robbery cases because witnesses memories are fogged and they can't identify a masked robber.......we used to have this law in NZ - that prosecutions would go ahead whether the victim wanted it or not. But this seems to have gone by the wayside now and most offenders don't even get arrested much less go to jail. The penalties are laughable.

    • Keri E. Krieglmeier
      Keri E. Krieglmeier Month ago

      Here in the US , the state would prosecute . They don't need the victim

    • Nia Marie
      Nia Marie Month ago

      @Juanita Richards They will in the US. As long as there is enough evidence.
      * but not always, it depends

  • terry ford
    terry ford Month ago +5

    It's so sad that the women just SOMEHOW DON'T have the strength to leave!! My sister has been gone 7 years at the hands of her boyfriend!! I Just DON'T understand it!! My family tried "EVERYTHING" to get her to leave him!! WE JUST DIDN'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO!!! 😢😢😢💔💔💔

    • Raphaella Victoria
      Raphaella Victoria Month ago

      the longer they stay, the less confidence they have in themselves. therefore, it is increasingly impossible to leave. There are other factors as well, such as not caring enough (or at all) about themselves. They often care about their abuser. Not always. It all depends, which factor is more prominent in a given case.

  • pawan gurung
    pawan gurung Month ago +2

    It is the poor law these things happens...

  • laurie hamilton
    laurie hamilton Month ago

    You know there is a way to help a Woman with Children. Seeing a Parent get beaten up is Child abuse. If Child serves take away there Children, it would force the parent to have the abuser kick out stopping the abuse. What do you think about that one

    • Barbara T
      Barbara T 8 days ago

      laurie hamilton Is English not your first language?

    • Kara here
      Kara here Month ago

      @laurie hamilton Being emotionally, financially and physically abused for years can ,unfortunately cause the person to start looking and behaving like a zombie!

    • laurie hamilton
      laurie hamilton Month ago +1

      Why do they always portray Women as simpletons? Almost like there all zombies.

    • laurie hamilton
      laurie hamilton Month ago +1

      I don't under stand why the Cops don't informed Child serves in the first place. Maybe it gives the Cops something to do on there Donuts runs.

  • Bek Scho
    Bek Scho Month ago +7

    The judicial system is why these 'men' keep assaulting and threatening women and their families. They know they will keep getting away with it and they do. What a joke. Women you need to start taking your power back.

    • terry ford
      terry ford Month ago

      How would a person BEGIN to take their power back, when they're PETRIFIED!!???? PLEASE I'D LIKE AN ANSWER!! I LOST MY SISTER TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!!😢😢💔

  • Andressa Hoese
    Andressa Hoese Month ago +49

    If he hit you ONCE, he will hit you AGAIN. They never change, accept this and leave

    • N R
      N R 25 days ago

      Women who reconcile abuse with love, and don't know the difference, need help. Abuse is not love, and love is never abuse, no matter how sorry or apologetic men are.

    • Nia Marie
      Nia Marie Month ago

      @Andressa Hoese They should *plan* to leave, then leave when the time is right. Leaving in the middle without a plan is less likely to be effective (long term) and can be deadly 💯

    • Debbie Weightman
      Debbie Weightman Month ago

      How true, they are sick. It's a taught behavior. If you look closely, they are Narcissus.(Run) They are cowards. Look up covert narcissus.

  • Boyer De La Giroday Michel

    I have myself a very bad experience of the English justice.

  • Shiiva
    Shiiva Month ago +3

    Well they stay with these men so.....

    • Barbara T
      Barbara T 8 days ago

      Shiiva Your attitude is a HUGE part of the problem.

    • Shiiva
      Shiiva Month ago

      Poppy W never said that.

  • Shiiva
    Shiiva Month ago +8

    Poor dog🙁🙁🙁🙁

  • Julie May
    Julie May Month ago +47

    There must have been horrible things going on when even the dog is crying and crying

    • J P
      J P 26 days ago

      I know. That broke my heart

  • Helle Loveyourself
    Helle Loveyourself Month ago +28

    I was living together with my man, and was married. We have been together for 5 years, and suddenly he hit me. I felt ashamed of the situation. And did not talk about it. But he get worse, one night I wake up, he is sitting on my chest and he’s hands around my throat. My brother came next day and he called the police. My x-man got 8 years in jail. But my brother saved my life. But he gets out nexts year. I hope I never see him again. Love and power to all from Denmark 🇩🇰

    • Helle Loveyourself
      Helle Loveyourself Month ago +2

      Julie May thank you for your kindness. I live next to my brother now, and I feel safe. And I hope my x has moved on, when he gets free. I hope you get a great day, love and respect from Denmark 🇩🇰😘

    • Julie May
      Julie May Month ago +3

      I'm so glad that you got out! Hopefully you never have to see him again. I wish you all the best in life, sending you lots of love and peace ♥ you're strong & important, nobody has the right to hurt you! Never forget how strong you are! Stay safe 💕

  • Lewis C.
    Lewis C. Month ago +4

    Why does this documentary make it seem like only women suffer from domestic abuse? Two of my ex's beat me up, slapped me, punched me and threw things at me! I never put a finger on them! My ex abused me and our two children, badly. She abandoned us and stole all our money and things-$30,000+! Why is it always only women who are the victims, at least how its portrayed by the media?

    • Heather Wade
      Heather Wade 25 days ago

      Mostly women though. Also. Who would you rather taken a beating from man or woman?

    • Aímee lou
      Aímee lou Month ago +1

      My sister was abusive with her x. It’s just as bad. Violence either way,not ok.
      Think men are even less likely to call the police or anything , maybe that is why we don’t hear about it as much?

  • Atika Khadafi
    Atika Khadafi Month ago

    Again a alcholoh drug garbage of usa poor people the same people cheyenn

  • nyoman009
    nyoman009 Month ago +69

    The poor dog is also traumatized. Breaks my heart to hear the dog crying.

    • jayanouni
      jayanouni Month ago +3

      Shiiva it is always easy to say things like this . I suspect you have no awareness of what fear and continuous psychological intimidation can do to a person. It is quite ignorant to say this

    • Shiiva
      Shiiva Month ago

      Atika Khadafi she have a choice and can leave.

    • Shiiva
      Shiiva Month ago +1


    • Atika Khadafi
      Atika Khadafi Month ago +1

      Yes but the woman worst traumatized

  • hilda landeros
    hilda landeros Month ago +8

    No, they most likely don't Change for the better. For the worst..
    My little sister left him. Back in the 80s Stalking didn't exist then..
    He got lucky and BEAT HER AND other things he did to my sister and Finally KILLED HER.!!

  • HoneyB SweetNectar
    HoneyB SweetNectar Month ago +24

    Most abusers play the victim. " she made me mad or she didnt do what I ask her". These men need to be castrated and be in jail for life.

  • cleo klobucher
    cleo klobucher Month ago +4

    These men are monsters. My huband was verbally and sexually abusive to me and I dryer with him 16 years. It came to an end when carges of molestation of our children happened. He went to court and since our last daughter count talk with him in the room they let him go. She hadn't even told me. Also found out he molested our boys also. He's still out there.

  • Nikkid Evans
    Nikkid Evans Month ago

    Diaz miochic mf!!!!

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson Month ago

    Blocked in UK

  • beth98362
    beth98362 Month ago +53

    What disgusting males...definitely not men...a real man or women don't hit their loved ones!

  • Jills Mcfarland
    Jills Mcfarland Month ago +8

    The system is not for the victims. Revenue. By men for men .

  • beth98362
    beth98362 Month ago +6

    Men or women who beat their partners should be publicly flogged!

  • Ayanna Nataki
    Ayanna Nataki Month ago +57

    It’s astounding how light their sentences are. F’ng unforgivable.

  • James Parker
    James Parker Month ago +15

    I did not enjoy watching this video. I put a thumbs up for the police effort to secure the safety of these abused women. These men should be beaten up every day for as long as they had abused these women.

  • m. c.
    m. c. Month ago +34

    Economics keeps victims from leaving. Poverty is violence.

  • T Porchia
    T Porchia Month ago +32

    Do what I did. Pack some clothes and tell him you're going to do laundry. Never come back or die.

    • Heather Wade
      Heather Wade 25 days ago

      Best move ever. So glad you got away so easily. 😄

    • Telly Marie
      Telly Marie Month ago +8

      Not everyone has that opportunity. You're lucky you didn't have to keep running.

    • Atika Khadafi
      Atika Khadafi Month ago

      First victim woman

  • willow-sage loves Jesus

    This is all extremely disturbing. Especially when I've been through it myself. The one thing that really grabs me as the lady with the dog, has anyone else ever noticed that the dog is whining? He's feeling her heart! He senses her pain in her grief and her turmoil I mean it's just gut-wrenching. How can some men behave in such a manner? Sick

    • UWCB
      UWCB 17 days ago

      How are you now?

    • beth98362
      beth98362 Month ago +4

      Not men...males...real men would never hit a woman just as a real woman would never hit man!
      Unless to protect someone!

    • willow-sage loves Jesus
      willow-sage loves Jesus Month ago +1

      I believe you're right! People don't think do they or at least some men

    • Julie Jongkryg
      Julie Jongkryg Month ago +9

      I would guess that the dog is probably traumatised as well.

  • Fred Bassett
    Fred Bassett Month ago +1

    I once got a girl pregnant in high school and told my parents I was getting bullied so we moved lol

    • Kara here
      Kara here Month ago +2

      And your proud of that? Well, I guess your son or daughter is better off without you then. How sad your parents won't know their grandchild and visa-versa.

  • Madi Haye
    Madi Haye Month ago +13

    this is so heartbreaking