ENGLISH SPEECH | ANNE HATHAWAY: Paid Family Leave (English Subtitles)

  • Published on Feb 23, 2019
  • Learn English with Anne Hathaway. In honor of International Women's Day, Anne Hathaway gave an excellent speech on paid parental leave, gender stereotypes, and the culture of families in the 21st century. "The whole world grows when people like you and me take a stand because we know that beyond the idea of how women and men are different, there is a deeper truth that love is love, and parents are parents." - Watch with big English subtitles.
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  • Ares Murphy
    Ares Murphy Day ago +2

    This was used in our News Writing Contest and still waiting for the result 🥰😇🙏

  • 홍홍
    홍홍 3 days ago +1

    This is such a good speech. She managed to answer all my doubts and questions during the speech. I thought it was the usual sexual equality speech but as a guy I did not felt any offense at all. Appreciate this speech thank you!

  • akshey s
    akshey s 8 days ago +1

    Definitely it's great channel

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  • William Johnson
    William Johnson 9 days ago

    I thought she'd be Shakespeare's wife 😂😂😂

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  • adila kasni astiena
    adila kasni astiena 15 days ago +1

    Amazing speech.. she is so beautifull and smart..

  • s k
    s k 18 days ago +2

    I think the lady behind Anne was not listening to her speech.

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  • G Un
    G Un 21 day ago

    I saw her naked , so I do not believe what she says.

  • Chu*Chu
    Chu*Chu 24 days ago

    What a fantastic expression!! when she become a mother she changed priorities on a cellular level!! Anyhow, even worse situation most of mother have been overcome hardship in the name of Love and Sacrifice.

    Adil DIDI CHAOUI 24 days ago

    Please i want now of this is applicated now or it will take some time to be implemented in US ?

  • Chenda Hean
    Chenda Hean 25 days ago

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  • Sidhu On Repeat
    Sidhu On Repeat 29 days ago +1

    Bhut sohni speech kiti

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  • Minkyung Kim
    Minkyung Kim Month ago +2

    Such a powerful speech! Thanks!

  • 강성재
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    Rock life Month ago

    thank you anna hathaway , love from india , i can understand more clearly woman life

  • Bro. Ramon
    Bro. Ramon Month ago +1

    Excellent speech indeed but the lady at her back who keeps on moving is very annoying.

  • Trieu Van
    Trieu Van Month ago

    Thank so much, it is very clear!

  • The Queen 3
    The Queen 3 Month ago

    Its a good speech but why a father needs leave as much as women? And if they were 2 dads, why would be they leaving? They weren't pregnant?!

  • S K Chaudhary
    S K Chaudhary Month ago

    World me please To Request Sir Aap Sabhi ka Sahog Aur Ashirvad Tan Man Dhan Se Chihiye Sir 100%

    MUKESH KUMAR Month ago

    Is she the wife of William Shakespeare......

  • sharayu07 mote
    sharayu07 mote Month ago

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  • Miguel Siguenza
    Miguel Siguenza Month ago

    A lots of bullshits

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    Arma zeenat Month ago

    It's beautiful speech 😘😘

  • Sidiiq Barre
    Sidiiq Barre Month ago +3

    She has good accent for me it will make improving my accent.

  • Kiên Mai Văn
    Kiên Mai Văn 2 months ago

    She's gorgeous and her voice is so clear, so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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    Joor Champi 2 months ago +1

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  • S. Paschoal Andretta, Jr.
    S. Paschoal Andretta, Jr. 2 months ago +1

    Come to Brazil! Here you will find labor rights (and angry income)!

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    I’m learning English through your channel and all those great speeches !
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    She is a wonderful actress, her pronunciation is perfect and her voice is beautiful.
    The sound is very good, well done.

  • Shan Sam
    Shan Sam 2 months ago +2

    In Burma, for civil servants, women are entitled to 6 months full paid maternity leave and men are entitled to 2 weeks full paid paternity leave.

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  • david  he
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    ramon00751 2 months ago

    Good speech... apply it in Palestine. Palestine children deserve the same opportunity taken away by israhell... this assassin entity does not care about being human with Palestine people.

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