MORNING ROUTINE married couple


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  • - SARAB -
    - SARAB - 5 days ago


  • رانيا رانيا

    Bitch's fuck uu🖕

  • Smash Hit Network Kapamilya

    0:05 Love Life Lesbian 💗

  • Joseph Dela Cruz
    Joseph Dela Cruz 10 days ago +1

    this looks so fake to me... Sorry

  • bachata_loca loca
    bachata_loca loca 10 days ago +1

    Con una brasileña en la cama es duro levantarse 🥰

  • cherief Sadek sadek
    cherief Sadek sadek 10 days ago

    WTF I'm I Watching Now there is Lesbians Couples routine WTF Is Wrong with You God thx for Giving us a mind to think

    • Alyssa Gullatte
      Alyssa Gullatte Day ago

      cherief Sadek sadek god also says never to hide itz there life

    • Some Weird One
      Some Weird One 3 days ago +1

      why are you watching them then?

  • Carmem Andrade
    Carmem Andrade 11 days ago +1

    Bom dia 😍😍😍

  • Itz Jet-ski
    Itz Jet-ski 11 days ago +2

    such a lucky dog

  • Rob Valentine
    Rob Valentine 14 days ago +2

    cute babes

  • Jeff Mendes The Potato
    Jeff Mendes The Potato 15 days ago +7

    Why are lesbian couples so much cuter than straight couples..?

  • Carmem Andrade
    Carmem Andrade 16 days ago +4

    Lindas 😍🌷

  • Ali G
    Ali G 18 days ago +1

    they r not couple

  • Woo Wugget
    Woo Wugget 21 day ago


  • kawaiidest Garcia
    kawaiidest Garcia 23 days ago +1

    U don't wear shirts to bed ( don't worry I do that to)

  • Zody FAM
    Zody FAM 26 days ago +2

    Its weird i guess

  • Zody FAM
    Zody FAM 26 days ago +5

    Why do you post these kinds of things

    • Alyssa Gullatte
      Alyssa Gullatte Day ago

      Zody FAM because they can

    • Some Weird One
      Some Weird One 13 days ago +2

      Why not?

    • Ani Perez
      Ani Perez 14 days ago +1

      Bruh its 2018 they can do or post whatever they want if you don’t wanna see this don’t watched

    • Lottie F
      Lottie F 26 days ago +1

      Why not?

  • Zody FAM
    Zody FAM 26 days ago +2

    What is this

    • Beatriz Bonoan
      Beatriz Bonoan 3 days ago

      A good quality video. Which you might not have but it’s none of my business. Have a good day.

    • Lillian Da Frog
      Lillian Da Frog 26 days ago +1

      Life_With_FeFe 11 cute

  • emil tsvetanov
    emil tsvetanov 29 days ago

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    كريم رجال الصحراء منتج مرخص من هيئة الغذاء والدواء
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    1-يحفز على تكبير القضيب
    2-يساعد تأخير القذف
    3-يقوي على لانتصاب
    لا تترددوا وغيروا حياتكم للأفضل...
    نحن نرسل الخلطة لجميع دول الخليج و دول العالم

  • tracxic- Tragic
    tracxic- Tragic 29 days ago +11

    I can imagine a lesbian couple arguing
    Then they both go in the kitchen to cook

    • Rose Flowers
      Rose Flowers 4 days ago

      tracxic- Tragic XD yea its not the same as a man

  • Shab e Asraa
    Shab e Asraa Month ago

    asa q kya ap na ap ko baby kdr sa hu ga

  • AlllisonPlays s
    AlllisonPlays s Month ago +1

    You guys naked just asking!! 0_0
    Btw that puppy is so freaking cute!! ^^

    DEAD POOL Month ago +1

    Mohammad, jesus, mooses, abraham didn't like this. They cry of the heaven.

    • Axolotl Hamilton
      Axolotl Hamilton 25 days ago +3

      The real Deadpool is gay,btw.

    DEAD POOL Month ago

    Mohammad, jesus, mooses, abraham didn't like this. They cry of the heaven.

    DEAD POOL Month ago

    Mohammad, jesus, mooses, abraham didn't like this. They cry of the heaven.

  • Ziaullah Khanzada
    Ziaullah Khanzada Month ago +4

    But how do you get pregnant when you're a lesbian? May be Donor insemination Or something..

    • journey niemela
      journey niemela 10 days ago +1

      Ziaullah Khanzada what if they don’t want to get pregnant, not everyone does

  • Jeppe Aagaard
    Jeppe Aagaard Month ago +5

    This couple is so cute!🏳️‍🌈👭👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

  • Imam ramdani
    Imam ramdani Month ago +1

    Video terlarang

  • Candelaria Cecilia Mendez Gonzales

    Hola como estas

  • brøøke bennet
    brøøke bennet Month ago +7

    No idea why this comment section is so full of hate. You girls are beautiful ❤️ I hope one day I can make a life with someone I love in the same way

    • Trash Bag
      Trash Bag 16 days ago

      brøøke bennet so true!

  • Zody FAM
    Zody FAM Month ago +2

    The look like twins

  • Shab e Asraa
    Shab e Asraa Month ago +2

    very bad

    • Alex 05
      Alex 05 26 days ago

      Shab e Asraa what’s bad about it exactly???

    • AlllisonPlays s
      AlllisonPlays s Month ago

      That is not bad ;-;

  • Xileriez
    Xileriez Month ago +2


    • AlllisonPlays s
      AlllisonPlays s Month ago

      +Lilly Yass yeah Xileriez Stop hating if you are get out of here and go watch something else

    • Lilly Yass
      Lilly Yass Month ago

      Boys are called gay girls are called lesbian

  • Lillian Da Frog
    Lillian Da Frog Month ago +3

    I love your dog and you two are so cute!

  • 7.11b35 n
    7.11b35 n Month ago +1

    female gay?

  • 5roblox friends
    5roblox friends Month ago +2

    How lesbian u guys are really ewwwwwwww

    • Airen Tejano
      Airen Tejano 22 days ago

      5roblox friends: do you wanna a perfect lesbian lick tongue?😂😂😂

    • AlllisonPlays s
      AlllisonPlays s Month ago +1

      Ewwww your avatar is soooo ugly stop hating if you are hating get your ass outaa here and watch other vids

    • Lilly Yass
      Lilly Yass Month ago +3

      Shut up because if you were lesbian you would know what it feels like

    • Thedark Werewolf
      Thedark Werewolf Month ago +7

      5roblox friends At least their relationship is successful than you, cringey ass roblox player.

    • Jeppe Aagaard
      Jeppe Aagaard Month ago +7

      Homophobic piece of shit

  • Destinee And Mommy
    Destinee And Mommy Month ago +6

    I am not lesbian im straight but I support LGBT

  • Britney Mcintosh
    Britney Mcintosh Month ago

    The game she was playing I have that game it called best friends

  • Lily Callaghan
    Lily Callaghan Month ago

    what is the 2 song call

  • Sexy girl & dating Time


  • Elize Meissenheimer
    Elize Meissenheimer Month ago +1

    Nina you are realy the sweetest caring wife i would love coffee in bed !!

  • End Days Good Days
    End Days Good Days Month ago

    Wow that's great propaganda and advertising🚺🚺♿️

  • rose rose
    rose rose Month ago

    des salesl liesbienne

  • You Tube
    You Tube Month ago +2

    Did you have to be lesbian



  • LizzyTheMurderWolfy
    LizzyTheMurderWolfy Month ago +6

    Your puppy is SOOOOOO, SOOOOOO CUTE!! EKK!

  • James Ransford Tandoh

    Fight lesbian and gay!

  • Jasmin Fernandez
    Jasmin Fernandez Month ago +1

    I love your puppy

  • Brianna Silviera
    Brianna Silviera Month ago +5

    I’m Lesbian as well and My Girlfriends name is Olivia and she is so cute and I love her so much

  • Random Girl in a random world

    When I saw the breakfast part I got hungry

  • Nehemiah Tucker
    Nehemiah Tucker Month ago +1

    U are a gay ass

  • Mentalno Poremećena
    Mentalno Poremećena 2 months ago

    i feel sad for that doggo+ I want to die...

  • jamal sha
    jamal sha 2 months ago +5

    I wanna marry to lesbian

    • jamal sha
      jamal sha Month ago

      I'm jhaz I'm girlfriend off dawood but I do don't no why he do this to me

    • jamal sha
      jamal sha Month ago

      Really u want to get married so how about me what u think off me I do a lot to u after u want other person

    • Akosi Katya
      Akosi Katya 2 months ago

      +Nida Arain which one? Lots of names there

    • Akosi Katya
      Akosi Katya 2 months ago +1

      +Nida Arain give me ur fb

    • jamal sha
      jamal sha 2 months ago

      +Nida Arain give me your fb I'd

  • Wolxil fungun
    Wolxil fungun 2 months ago +3

    the dog he so cute

  • Mohsin Shaikh
    Mohsin Shaikh 2 months ago +5

    Very lucky doggggg

  • TheDramaticDolly
    TheDramaticDolly 2 months ago +3

    ur dog is so F*****G ADOABLE I LOV POMERANIANS

  • Safaa Rochdi
    Safaa Rochdi 2 months ago +5

    This is the sweetest video ever 💖💖💖💖 loved it so much 😍😍😍

    • jamal sha
      jamal sha 2 months ago

      +Safaa Rochdi most welcome baby

    • Safaa Rochdi
      Safaa Rochdi 2 months ago

      +jamal sha ohhh thank you 😊😊

    • jamal sha
      jamal sha 2 months ago

      You also sweet baby

  • Umaru Chan
    Umaru Chan 2 months ago +1

    Ill definitely ask my girlfriend if she could stay in my house

  • Ghulam Mustafa
    Ghulam Mustafa 2 months ago


  • Tressa Marcotte
    Tressa Marcotte 2 months ago +1

    You guys are really beautiful

  • Jojo Shmrea
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  • roussa ben moallem
    roussa ben moallem 3 months ago +1


  • VideoGamerSans -UT
    VideoGamerSans -UT 3 months ago +1

    Poor dog 0:10

  • عٌبًوٌسِـ آلَگردُي

    لليريد يزوج فقــط ليله الدخله ☺️
    طبعا اغلب الشباب عدهم خوف منها لو ميعرف شيسوي بيها😐
    اول شي وره الزفه والحبشكلات هاي
    تجي تتوضى آٲنـِِـٌِــýøûـٰـِْـْتُ ومرتك وتصلي ركعتين شكر لله
    هاي طبعا اذا بقيت محافظ ع طهارتك😂
    امه محمد كلها تركص يمك😂😂
    ومرتك راح تباوع عليك😉مو تضل تركز
    ع العواصم التاريخيه من تركص😂
    اخيك صير رزن من اول يوم🚬🐸
    أيٌـ.YESـہٌَ كول صليت وكملت
    تجي هنا بلمرحله حساسه لان مثل
    ماتعرفون باعتبار آٲنـِِـٌِــýøûـٰـِْـْتُ ماخذ شريفه وبنت بيوت فلازم تحافظ ع الانطباع الاول وماتضوج هيلك😂
    طبعا آٲنـِِـٌِــýøûـٰـِْـْتُ راح تبدل هدومك
    وهي هماتين اكو بيهن يستحن تبدل كدامك
    آٲنـِِـٌِــýøûـٰـِْـْتُ دير وجهك وافهمها عدل
    تره مراح تطير منك😂😂😂
    ساعدها اذا احتاجت بلسحابه و ع كيف
    تره هاي ايجار😂تناج حبايبك اذا فتكتها
    حجّي شوف هي شنو بعد راح تلبس
    وانت مو تصلخ كما خلقتني ربي🐸
    وراها تتقرب عليها ونسولف وياها شوي
    لان هي صعبه عليها بنيه وبيت غريب
    مهما يكون لازم تعرف تساكيها
    اعتبرها كير عادي😂 واذا بجت
    فسكتها وطمنها وضل اصبغ بيها
    كللها هذا بيتج وامي امج وأبوي ابوج
    ومن هل سوالف حبيبي
    مثل ما كلتلك الانطباع الاول مهم😐
    تجي تفتح موضوع وياها😉
    تحجي ع عرس وشنو صار بيه
    احتمال تغثك تكلك خواتك ما خلن
    خواتي يصعدون وياي آٲنـِِـٌِــýøûـٰـِْـْتُ كتلك خويي ساكيها😂تره تطفه وتخلصها دفع
    هاي اني وين رحت😅😂😂
    تحجي وياها وراها تشتغل رومانسيات😌
    تسولف ع لبسها شنو طالعه اليــ﴿TODAY﴾ـوم
    حتى لو مكياج ماعجبك🌚🌚🌚
    وتقرب شوي عليها حبيبي
    وشاورها بإذنها😉
    كوللها كلام رومانسي من هذا
    الي جنت تحجي ويه صاحبتك وره ال١٢
    حسبالك ماعرف بسوالفك😂
    جاي تضحك فطير مو😂😂
    تجي تخدرها بإسلوبك آٲنـِِـٌِــýøûـٰـِْـْتُ
    بَـßÊـسّ هو المعرفً اكو مناطق
    تخدر منها البنيه مثلا
    عندك الإذن الركبه
    هسه لهسه أنــًًًٌٍٍΨσυــتوا لابسين😉
    او نص لَبْس
    وتجي ابوسها من ركبتها وتتحسس
    بيدك شعرها وتاخذلك حلك مرتب
    آٲنـِِـٌِــýøûـٰـِْـْتُ هنا راح تشوفها لانت
    شويه😌😌 تجي تنزل ايدك
    ع صدرها وتلعب ع كيف
    راح تشوفها انتهت بعد😳
    انزل رضع يصدرها
    وخاصه الحلمات والحلمه اليسرى
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    وكذلك الصره هاي مناطق فدشي
    ومو من ترضع تضل تسلج😂😂
    بحنيه و ع كيف حبيبي
    تجي ركبتها هماتين
    وراها تنزعها وتنزع
    راح تشوفها ذابه مي شهوه
    من جوه يعني شغلك تمام
    اهم شي تذب مي شهوه
    اذا ماكو عيد شوي
    علمود هي ماتتاذى
    اكيد اهلك مخليلك فراش ع كاع
    علمود تسيطر من تشتغل
    تجي تنومها ع فراش
    وما تعوفها شوي
    علمود تكمل شغلك صحيــ✔ــح
    ترفع رجلها وانصحك جيب
    فد كريم موجود بصيدليه
    وحتى لو غالي هو عرسك
    مره بلعمر ع فرض مراح تزوج انت😂
    أيٌـ.YESـہٌَ تخلي دهن لو ع مالتك
    بَـßÊـسّ شوي وتجي
    ع كيف تدخله وشوي شوي
    اذا عيرك جبيرة راسيته🌚
    ع كيفك بويه مو تكفرها
    وانت من تشوف تفاعل منها
    شغلك صحيــ✔ــح
    تجي تدخله ع كيفك
    راح تشوف شويه دم يطّلع
    مو تخاف😐 هو شوي
    آكو بيهم مو اول مره يطّلع
    يعني الغشاء البكر شوي أثخن
    مو تكللها كحبه😂😂😂
    حاول وياه وراها
    بوسها من كصتها وكللها صرتي
    ناضجه من اليــ﴿TODAY﴾ــﯚم
    وانتي مرتي وسندي
    اكو بيهم يمسحون الدم بوصله
    بيضه علمود يشوفها لاهله
    عود هي بنيه جانت وكذا
    بعد كلمن وعاداته
    وراها حجّي طلع السيد مالتك
    وخلصها رومانسيات لان هذا يلتهب
    اذا ضَل تُلِّح بيه😂😂
    ماشي حبيبي
    وتونس ولا تتوتر ولاتكفر
    اذا ما دخل لان اكيد هي متشنجه
    وراها اتعشى واكل تمر هواي وراك لعب الليل كله تطلع فلوس العرس😂😂
    وبالنهاية أحب اكلكم اسئل
    (اسئل حكيم ولاتسئل مجرب ) 😂 صديقكم بس حكيم ممجرب ونشرتها للاستفادة والضحك 😎
    تعبت او انـ͜❀ـ﴿MY﴾ـ❀ـي اكتب الخاطر دينك لاتخمط مو تفكيري خاص 😂😂 حضرت الزعيم عبوث ابن بغداد تحياتي للجميع المتزوجين 😂فديييته الشاف لون الكوس واني ماشايفه عندي معرفه قويه بّـــــلُ متزوجين وشكرا

    • Jackie Jones
      Jackie Jones Month ago

      Hey so what you doing I hope you get better and Kelly by Kelly I hope I see you tomorrow☺😛❤

    • Jackie Jones
      Jackie Jones Month ago

      What about fish all of y'all in the freaking child what about this City Indiana and Jerry Mitchell City summer I'm going to catch you I want you and Shane Kelly same thing😤😰😍😚😡😙😌❤💋💖💎👰👪💃👫 Caden😘 Caden Mathis State Dean honey okay👰

    • Jackie Jones
      Jackie Jones Month ago

      Baby shower how about that guys are you stupid dumb boy oh my God you stupid dumb boy and you to call me you ugly like I don't like you

    • Jackie Jones
      Jackie Jones Month ago

      Hey Kelly girl Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly I hate you you stupid dumb boy that's what you get ugly

    • عٌبًوٌسِـ آلَگردُي
      عٌبًوٌسِـ آلَگردُي 3 months ago

      +wiam mm ههههههه باجرررر اجيج خطابه البيتكم

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    Give me dick

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    Righile Senć Fragel

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    Nina & angelis 😍👌💑

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    How beautifully lovely!

    • Lila Osman
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      may you tube com you tube go siapkan

    FÃTËN ĶAÐIM 3 months ago +1

    شسالفه فهموني؟!

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    What song is 2:11

    • DJ Mellow
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      Get Mossedplayz ok thx

    • Get Mossedplayz
      Get Mossedplayz 3 months ago

      DJ Mellow just look debstep it’s on some idk I’ll look into it

    CSR ALN 3 months ago +3

    Two manly women ready for scissoring.

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    I subscribe to your channel

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    that's how I wanna wake up every day great video and u are both super model s

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    What do you wear at night

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    Thank you

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    My girlfriend is Aofie

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    Dammm they have a gorgeous tattoo

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    I am lesbian how do I tell my mom

    • Joseph Dela Cruz
      Joseph Dela Cruz 10 days ago

      so after 3 months of your post, have you told your mom yet? ;)

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      zoraiz Hameed 3 months ago

      923349165849 whtsap

    • Karl Warner
      Karl Warner 4 months ago

      Bella Brown- Im not sure if I can be of any assistance but I can try if you want? up to you

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      greatest man ever 4 months ago

      Bella Brown no i cant give you sorry 😐 i think you should be lesbian 😑 its good for you by 😊😊

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      greatest man ever thank you.i need your number please write me back soon please thank you so much

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    I want a hair care vid lol your hair looks soo healthy 😁😂

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    Which English song in background

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    Че за..........😨

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    Yi kayamat ki nishani hai Mubarak ho

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    She happy

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    Does your dog have a cage...because having it in the bed is so nasty

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      The only thing I see that is nasty is your face

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      Kimba Flowers hi

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      Cage ??? nooo way! Our dog is super clean just like us. Always when we take her out we clean her paws and we take her to groomer twice a month. we also brush her teeth everyday.

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      Inès Mns ta quoi

    • Inès Mns
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      greatest man ever j’ai pas Fb

    • greatest man ever
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      Inès Mns ok c quoi ton fb j ai une amis qui été lesbienne elle est un peux déprime peut être tu peux l aide t est une fille

    • Inès Mns
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      greatest man ever non Pas lesbienne mais Bi et toi??😊

    • greatest man ever
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      Inès Mns iness nsh9k 😳😳

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      +•Jungkookism• you are right love is love and by the way who are we to judge anyone... the fact that we are Muslims doesn't give us the right to judge anyone else because only God has the right to judge us because he is who gave us this life... We all have only one life so we have to live it the way we want... And Why are lots of people against the lesbians... It's love no one can control it... I am a Muslim girl and I respect all the religions and all the people no matter what they are... and the LGBT are also people who fall in love there is nothing wrong with that... we are all humans and falling in love is human right... So please don't judge anyone for something he is not responsible of... Just be open minded and let others live their lives the way they want... so live and let others live... I am sorry if I said something wrong or if I hurt someone but this is my way of thinking and I hope you would accept it

    • •Jungkookism•
      •Jungkookism• 4 months ago +2

      Miss Cute I'm a Muslim too and I respect what they're doing because I'm human just like them and no one to judge. I don't think u would like it if I commented about ur straight relationship and told u to not do what ur doing, it's the same thing with them. That's just pure love and there's nothin wrong with that.

    • Miss Cute
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      Zahra Idigo ok u are right

    • Zahra Idigo
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      Miss Cute So saying astakhfruallah would simply make them quite doing it.. They have got different thoughts than us that we have to respect ...Let them do what they want ..that won't change anything..

    • Miss Cute
      Miss Cute 5 months ago

      Zahra Idigo u are right I also watch them but I don't like these things I just watch that I should tell them not to do so that's why I told Astaghfirullah that people see my words and think that this is bad we should not do

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