HOL HD: Adrian Martinez Post Game Comments

  • Published on Sep 8, 2019
  • Hear what sophomore quarterback Adrian Martinez had to say following the Huskers 34-31 overtime loss to Colorado.
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  • Can't guard Mike
    Can't guard Mike 9 days ago

    He sort of looks, and sounds, and plays like Pat Mahomes.

  • Ann Jenkins
    Ann Jenkins 2 months ago

    Love this kid! No excuses, make it happen. Doesn't put down his teammates, just expects more from himself. The values every parent hopes to instill in their children. Stay strong Adrian!

  • Kristopher Gadway
    Kristopher Gadway 2 months ago +1

    Anybody remember the Frazier/Berringer combo? Teams had a tough time figuring out who to prepare for. We need a strong #2 to throw a different mix out there when they think they got us figured out. 3rd quarter opposing team comes out prepared for what they saw in the 1st half, them bam - New quarterback, new style. 2 horses could fool everyone.
    Maybe thats just in my head... :-)

    • Eddie Thorne
      Eddie Thorne 2 months ago +2

      Colorado`s quarterback threw his long passes right on target to the receiver.Martinez throws many of his passes short and in a crowd of defenders making them easier to be intercepted.Nebraska certainly needs a two quarterback combo.Tom Osborne did it.

  • Cameron L.
    Cameron L. 2 months ago

    Geez even the Nebraska microphone collapsed.

  • bigg june
    bigg june 2 months ago +1

    He wont be a winner until next year when he's I. The transfer portal.

  • Fatsackafat
    Fatsackafat 2 months ago +1

    HELL YES! WHO GIVES A SHIT! Be ready for the next one boys, greatness comes from trial and suffering! GBR for LIFE!

  • Jonathan Gill
    Jonathan Gill 2 months ago

    "Uhhh", "Yeah" Really? This kid is a second year college student. Jesus, read a book, a dictionary, something. Clearly your upset. Just remember, you lose as a team and you win as a team. Keep your head up Sir. Life prefers that, it's easier to hit the chin that way.

  • Mark Nebraska
    Mark Nebraska 2 months ago

    Enough of taking the blame! Your Offensive line is a joke! Last years line make these guys look like powderpuff’s. And they were not that good!

  • st85100
    st85100 2 months ago

    They either will turn the corner on all cylinders or it's going to be a long season. It's all in the players hands now. No excuses! Go Big Red!

  • TMats100
    TMats100 2 months ago

    Glad you’re the QB, Adrian

  • Stephen A
    Stephen A 2 months ago +1

    Does everyone still think he’s the best QB at UNL? I’m not saying he’s not but there’s a dude at number three on the depth chart I’d love to see play a half this week.

  • huskerfam
    huskerfam 2 months ago

    I get the oline is suspect but even when Adrian has time receivers are not getting open. JD had one play on a bust cov.

  • Mitch Shark
    Mitch Shark 2 months ago +3

    Lot's of inaccurate passes...IDC if we got Martinez to run, he will eventually get injured or simply be shut down by being one dimensional.
    But perhaps the greatest weakness I see is our response under pressure as a team. It's not enough to want to win, you have to play to win. It doesn't matter if we are up by 30 or down by 30, we have to be relentless and blind to the score board.

  • password is taco
    password is taco 2 months ago

    As a CU fan, Im impressed by this young mans poise and demeanour in this interview. Your coaching staff laid a giant turd 2nd half. Wtf.

  • Richard Barnes
    Richard Barnes 2 months ago +2

    The rushing attack didn't get great or consistent holes. It wasn't just the passing attack misses we had on occasion. If we want old school holes we may need some old school blocking techniques?

    • Brian Hand
      Brian Hand 2 months ago

      Need to go back to power blocking

  • jacen underhill
    jacen underhill 2 months ago

    Overpaid and over hyped Fraud back to his losing ways, And Martinez sux ass

  • Ken Erpelding
    Ken Erpelding 2 months ago +2

    This is a qb I can be proud of for wanting to win playing for N. Stand up guy.. amazing player.. nobody was let down that really watched. Remember this. GBR!!

  • Jon Pynes
    Jon Pynes 2 months ago

    “5000ft over my head who gives a shit I need to make a play”

  • citizenbobx
    citizenbobx 2 months ago

    Keep at it! Get 'em next week!

  • Stacy Rodenbaugh
    Stacy Rodenbaugh 2 months ago +9

    Get pissed off Adrian! That is whats missing in this teams core! Controlled rage! Killer instinct! Do not let anyone push you around! You do the pushing! That is Nebraska Football!

    • Stacy Rodenbaugh
      Stacy Rodenbaugh 2 months ago

      @husker football42 Yeah the coaches got too conservative. Did anyone else notice the absence of the screen pass and the read option?

    • husker football42
      husker football42 2 months ago +2

      Hard to when your coaching staff comes out and calls plays just trying not to lose vs going for the throat. this one's on frost

  • Atleastashare
    Atleastashare 2 months ago +16

    GBR till I’m dead...fairweather pouting fans be gone

  • Alex Faatz
    Alex Faatz 2 months ago +1

    🏴‍☠️🏈GO BIG RED 🌽🏴‍☠️

  • SmoknWoodChucks ChipChuckSmoked

    You keep it Real Brutha we know it's all coo. 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🏉

  • Andrew Grimes
    Andrew Grimes 2 months ago +1

    Everyone on the team needs to have the fire that Martínez has. I’m not sure they do.

  • Michael-Paul Jenkins
    Michael-Paul Jenkins 2 months ago +1

    I love him

  • brian h
    brian h 2 months ago +2

    Man! This is the only positive thing from this game! This kid with his attitude and talent if he can now play with this fire the sky is the limit! Go Big Red this cheered me up

  • Andy Batko
    Andy Batko 2 months ago +4

    Martinez is way overrated. 3 turnovers by him alone. My buffs win for 2nd year in a row. SKOL BUFFS

  • TedJustTed47
    TedJustTed47 2 months ago +1

    I really like this kid

  • Art Frank
    Art Frank 2 months ago +3

    I'm tired of Martinez making excuses he's not a deliberate man he makes poor decisions he's not a Difference Maker he's a hesitator he needs to be replaced and Luke is the man I strongly believe that he can make the difference in the beginning Frost said the best man plays so let's make it happen

  • Cody Martin
    Cody Martin 2 months ago +10

    Love the fire man let's kick some ass next week!!!

    • D P
      D P 2 months ago

      Cody Martin i agree. I hope they get so mad they put 70 pts on No Illinois.

  • Peter Mcdougall
    Peter Mcdougall 2 months ago


    THE REAL BIG RED 2 months ago

    Were getting better!!! Bounce the fuck back! GBR 💪🌽🌽🌽🇺🇸

    THE REAL BIG RED 2 months ago +4

    I think it's time for adrian to start free styling and doing his own audibles....

    • Taylor Trotter
      Taylor Trotter 2 months ago

      THE REAL BIG RED and playing a little angry. I loved how he played when he had that fire raging inside him

  • TroutFink
    TroutFink 2 months ago +4

    The real winners this weekend were the bars and hotels in Boulder...oh yeah, and the BUFFS!! Go Buffs!!

  • Greg Hughbanks
    Greg Hughbanks 2 months ago +5

    Pathetic and disappointing. I’ll always be a Husker fan, so no excuses just go get it done.

  • William Wolcott
    William Wolcott 2 months ago +4

    Martinez is the man! Love this team.

    • Andy Batko
      Andy Batko 2 months ago

      Ya keep drinking that koolaid. Martinez is a turnover machine...Skoll BUFFS

  • jason mitchell
    jason mitchell 2 months ago +8

    Frost tried playing the second half too safe and conservative and it got him nowhere. I've notice he does that alot, anyone else notice this?

    • jason mitchell
      jason mitchell 2 months ago +1

      @kerry cross yeah he's not playing the same as he did at UCF, different players I understand but his desire to go for the jugular should still be there I would think

    • kerry cross
      kerry cross 2 months ago

      I felt that lastweek to thought its was me but they have some bigger teams to deal with soon and will still be watching every game ( GBR )…... a husker fan till my day is over on this earth!!!!

    • Dan Martinez
      Dan Martinez 2 months ago +1

      I had that feeling also. Not sure though

    • Marshall Norton
      Marshall Norton 2 months ago +1

      Yes, he does. He’s trying to play the odds and the clock.

  • Mannuel Festoli
    Mannuel Festoli 2 months ago

    I don't believe in excuses. Make it happen in the off season. Study your opponents like it is the end if you lose. BE the strongest in the weight room like it's the last thing you ever do. Hate your opponent. Dream about how to defeat your 12 opponents every single day. Watch film on them every single day. Never see a movie, never leave campus. Watch game film on your opponent till you dream him. The time you need to eat training table cake is wasted time that could have been mentally been surpassing your opponent. What's his shoe size, what's his favorite music, do his parents love him, what's his major, what does he drive, what's his motivation to beat you? Really.
    Where is this....where is this?

  • Its Drooski
    Its Drooski 2 months ago +1

    Failed as a fan for trusting this coach and qb

  • Otto
    Otto 2 months ago +4

    players didn't let coach down. Coach let players down because he was afraid

  • Eric Chochon
    Eric Chochon 2 months ago +2

    First off I love this team and staff and will always stand behind Frosty & Co. Horrible coaching 2nd half. Why are we not spreading the ball around constantly? It’s focused around 1 player per drive. Should almost be next player after next getting touches. Adrian needs to understand that his legs can do special things and sometimes be selfish with it. Not using Wandale in the run enough. Where were the TEs during the game? I mean so many weapons not being utilized. Mills seems to be another JUCO bust, not seeing anything special but I expected that. Defense stopped tackling 2nd half. They did to our D what we did to theirs 1st half, they kept our O off the field and the D was getting tired. But where was the blitz packages 2nd half? When the d line is getting tired they aren’t getting to the QB as often and need that extra 1 or 2 guys. Overall the coaches lost this game no doubt the players played hard. But still got to have that desire to keep pounding them with points and tackles. 8-4 this year my guess. Wisc and Iowa in driver seat by far in the West right now.

    • Eric Chochon
      Eric Chochon 2 months ago

      shas wards yeah too many 3nOuts will kill your defense. Just bad play calling 2nd half. Wandale has the ability to break one at any time with his agility and speed but have to give him more chances. Spielman disappears 2nd half. How many shots down field did we even take 2nd half? What happened to all those crossing routes we were doing 1st half with JD? I mean come on sometimes you just have to play your game straight up and see who wants it more, trying to out whit the D Coordinator gets you in trouble more times than not. We were the better team but players didn’t get to prove it bc of bad play calling.

    • shas wards
      shas wards 2 months ago

      Yes,yes.yes,yes,yes,Wandale is a good runner and needs more touches all around, arm tackling.3stud TE"s and not one 5 yard pass to giants over the middle.D was on visitors court 2nd half and just got out ran...shouldnt' have been out there anyway because offense wad inept.Great all around effort and horrible 2nd half play calling.

  • don wilson
    don wilson 2 months ago +2

    Hey Mr."therealbigred". I called this early in the week. Said everyone needed to quit drinking the koolaid. You went off and said I wasn't a "real" husker fan. Well how does that crow taste dummy. When you throw the ball 2 of the 3 things that can happen are bad. Huskers will never be what they were being what they are now. The Blackskirts and pass happy. Sad.

    • Dion Pryor
      Dion Pryor 2 months ago +1

      i hope your not a fan assclown. we don't need your negative bullshit.

  • Melvin Thompson
    Melvin Thompson 2 months ago +3

    GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!

  • Rat Jar
    Rat Jar 2 months ago +5

    I like the anger!

  • Michael Root
    Michael Root 2 months ago +2

    Nebraska getting whooped next week

    • Michael Root
      Michael Root 2 months ago

      @Dion Pryor I love Nebraska I like them good or bad team I just speak truth

    • Dion Pryor
      Dion Pryor 2 months ago

      @Michael Root not really i just enjoy watching them and cheering them on. this could take a few years. im not like the fans here who live through the teams success then bitch like little girls like they were betrayed by the team or something.. husker critics who are supposed fans are drunk hillbillies who cant place things in perspective... they also invite criticism with glee from those opposing fans who get off on trashing Nebraska with their small minds.

    • Michael Root
      Michael Root 2 months ago +1

      @Dion Pryor they play a better team next week it's going to be ugly

    • Dion Pryor
      Dion Pryor 2 months ago +1

      your getting whooped next week.

  • MuffinTheMan
    MuffinTheMan 2 months ago +30

    This loss makes me sick to my stomach, but I'm confident we have the right leadership in place. It's a matter of working out Xs and Os and getting better. I'm not bailing on my team. If all the players have a mentality like Adrian of not blaming others and taking responsibility even when someone else doesn't do their job, we'll be on a good path. Of course the low snap affected Adrian, but who cares? We didn't get it done today, and there were a lot of things that caused our loss--not just one low snap. Keep fighting. GBR!

  • Dion Pryor
    Dion Pryor 2 months ago +5

    I like the fire and piss an vinegar post game. now go out next week and do something about it.

    • Dion Pryor
      Dion Pryor 2 months ago

      @Captain Spaulding your an imbicile, stop being a fan if your going to be so imature. and cant handle your emotions. you have nothing but embarrassed yourself. AND YOUR MOTHER . and i don't believe your from Omaha or were a husker fan. sick creep

    • Captain Spaulding
      Captain Spaulding 2 months ago +1

      @Dion Pryor uhh no i live in omaha and am a fan ... but see writing on the wall ... such class dropping mom card tho on yt ... have a good 1 sir ... off to continue watching texas lsu

    • Dion Pryor
      Dion Pryor 2 months ago

      @Captain Spaulding oh your a Bufftard who cant win with class.. at any rate your mom sucked as a parent didn't she.

    • Captain Spaulding
      Captain Spaulding 2 months ago

      ppl said that last week and well ...

  • Marci Leatherboots1
    Marci Leatherboots1 2 months ago +3

    Total team failure. Offense disappeared for like 2.5 quarters, and the defense gave up 34 points in the 2nd half. We should've routed sCUm, instead...we lost. Keep telling myself the offense is young at OL, WR, and RB. That being said, if they don't step their offensive game, this team will be lucky to win 6 games. Maybe next week.

    • Andy Batko
      Andy Batko Month ago

      @Marci Leatherboots1 huskers should have lost to Illinois. Your cocksuckers going to lose to Ohio state this nxt Saturday. Cant wait to see Ohio state own your shitty asss team in Lincoln. After u lose u can take your leather boots to bars in Lincoln and cry about your team losing. Lmao

    • Andy Batko
      Andy Batko 2 months ago

      @Marci Leatherboots1 u are a troll since u cant attract any guys u probably go to valentinos alot. Since your cocksuckers suck u got to justify it in your messed up head so u trol. Lol u really dont have much to do there in Nebraska do u. Here is Phoenix u would be considered a 2 out of 10 for hotness. Cause we all no midwest hot is nothing like west coast hot for women. That's why wear boots to cover up your skankles lol

    • Marci Leatherboots1
      Marci Leatherboots1 2 months ago

      @Andy Batko ... Your insults make me giggle. And the absolute best part? You still don't realize I've been trolling you all along. What, you think I give a shit what some rando in the TVclip comments thinks of me?? You're even dumber than I thought. 😂😂😂😂

    • Andy Batko
      Andy Batko 2 months ago

      @Marci Leatherboots1 actually marci your huskers are just another game home hum cause u lost any respect. U are premier program anymore. Your program is dogsgit nowadays and on the big10 u are Ohio state and Michigan bitch

    • Andy Batko
      Andy Batko 2 months ago

      @Marci Leatherboots1 I can tell bye your boot pic u are a fat book nerd girl from UNL...no wonder u are dumb as rocks

  • kurt andrews
    kurt andrews 2 months ago +4

    Keep working hard. You will get better. The wins will come. Trust your instincts and let it loose!

  • Captain Spaulding
    Captain Spaulding 2 months ago +2

    frost feeling the pelini effect .. look at interviews from last year and this year .... # pressure js

    • Dion Pryor
      Dion Pryor 2 months ago

      @Captain Spaulding oh just a game ?? you came in here whining like a bitch and acting like a buff fan. your no fan and your an assclown attacking me with you whining bull and now because your in love with Marci and want in her pants you are so much more behaved. what a swine. just a game. yeah it was dumbass.

    • Captain Spaulding
      Captain Spaulding 2 months ago

      @Marci Leatherboots1 it is what it is my dear have a great weekend .. 💕✌ .. after all it is just a game

    • Marci Leatherboots1
      Marci Leatherboots1 2 months ago

      @Captain Spaulding ... Maybe. At this point though, it's irrelevant. We're in the Big 10 now and gotta roll with it.

    • Captain Spaulding
      Captain Spaulding 2 months ago

      @Marci Leatherboots1 i agree but maybe moving from big 12 to big ten wasnt the best move ...

    • Dion Pryor
      Dion Pryor 2 months ago

      @Marci Leatherboots1 hey your talking to an imbred cross between an orangutan and a neanderthal from colorado above you.. he wishes you no good. probably a potential school SHOOTER because really people who are normal dont come in and act like that.

  • The ComeBack Is Real
    The ComeBack Is Real 2 months ago +30

    Coaching staff let the players down second-half Scott Frost called a terrible offensive plan

    • Sam Peters
      Sam Peters 2 months ago +2

      CO played contain all first half, Martinez went 9-9.
      The second half Colorado pinned their ears back and we saw what happened. A couple good screens would have changed the game.

    • husker football42
      husker football42 2 months ago +2

      Spot on.

    • shas wards
      shas wards 2 months ago +1

      @Stacy RodenbaughScreens and misdirection, both JD and Maurice can throw the ball also..And Adrian should have permission to audible every play.

    • A Barn
      A Barn 2 months ago +2

      Thank you! We should have stocked with short and quick slant and option pitches as our O line is not reliable. I don't buy this hight flying tempo offense is going to work for Nebraska let alone the BIG10 as a conference. However I will say he looks scared in the pocket, he's not looking to both sides of the field to see who's open and when he has a clear lane to run and gain 5-7 yards he hesitates. He needs to get his mind straight and that's why I think for NIU we should rotate him, and McCaffrey around.

    • Stacy Rodenbaugh
      Stacy Rodenbaugh 2 months ago +1

      @shas wards Also what happened to the screen pass? Not bubble screen, but screen pass? What happened to the mis direction plays?

  • Captain Spaulding
    Captain Spaulding 2 months ago +5

    its typical nebraska
    .. we want them to win ... but in the end its always a let down ... had high hopes but at this point maryland may drop 80 on neb ...legit

    • Pip Tip
      Pip Tip 2 months ago +1

      Hell Maryland might win the east

    • Dion Pryor
      Dion Pryor 2 months ago

      @Captain Spaulding poor thing aren't you.

    • Captain Spaulding
      Captain Spaulding 2 months ago

      @Dion Pryor y cause im right this team hasent played four full quarters of football in the last few years ...

    • Dion Pryor
      Dion Pryor 2 months ago

      @Captain Spaulding i think you need to go drink some booze now.

    • Captain Spaulding
      Captain Spaulding 2 months ago +1

      @Dion Pryor fact is this team cant play 4 qtrs consistantly either side of the ball which equals mediocrity ...

  • The ComeBack Is Real
    The ComeBack Is Real 2 months ago +2

    Worst quarterback in the big ten

    • Dan Martinez
      Dan Martinez 2 months ago

      Sounds like you need a nap

    • Dion Pryor
      Dion Pryor 2 months ago

      @bill jean poor thing

    • bill jean
      bill jean 2 months ago +1

      Look at Frost working his magic on Martinez. 2 more years left. Frost thinking he is a QB buahahaha bringing back the glory days. Frost as Nfl Qb what a joke. Bigger Faster Strong....Better Get Us When We Are Down....IT's Coming Freight Train coming to wreck havoc in Lincoln week by week getting Bigger Faster Stronger full steam a head....

    • Dion Pryor
      Dion Pryor 2 months ago +4

      @Joe A jr no it wasn't a good game by the QB.. but its a team game and there were enough things the othe 10 players could have done to win the game dispite bad QB play

    • Joe A jr
      Joe A jr 2 months ago +4

      Dont matter how good the D plays if this kid coughs the ball up twicea game and makes bad throws. Hes a duel threat qb but dosent run and gets sacked..... Not impressive

  • dave redler
    dave redler 2 months ago +4

    QB lost the game for NE. Period!

    • dave redler
      dave redler 2 months ago

      @shas wards Hey dumba$$, W/UR knowledge of the game maybe U-should play QB? NE couldn't do any worse & they already have.

    • shas wards
      shas wards 2 months ago

      @dave redler Lmao that's in the hillbilly counting system right?You obviously didn't notice that quick snap audible that he almost scored on early in the game.

    • dave redler
      dave redler 2 months ago

      @shas wards 3rd game let the mullato call his own plays.

    • shas wards
      shas wards 2 months ago +2

      QB my nutsack..I like Scott MOST of the time but his 2nd half play calling was gutless.

    • Corncob Studios
      Corncob Studios 2 months ago

      @Steve Applegarth There were still flat out stupid play calls. Offence and defence were bad in the second half, but frost is most to blame

  • 402ACM 06
    402ACM 06 2 months ago +22

    Thata boy. I feel better about this adrian then the poutty one from last week

  • Team Shot Hero
    Team Shot Hero 2 months ago +11

    Frost let you down, he called all the wrong plays the entire second half

    • Dion Pryor
      Dion Pryor 2 months ago

      @Marci Leatherboots1 love you 🌷

    • Marci Leatherboots1
      Marci Leatherboots1 2 months ago

      @Dion Pryor ... Gotcha. 👍👍

    • Dion Pryor
      Dion Pryor 2 months ago

      @Marci Leatherboots1 i was talking about the clown above you who claims a coach let us down. most likely a bufftard.

    • Marci Leatherboots1
      Marci Leatherboots1 2 months ago

      @Dion Pryor ... I didn't say Frost "let us down." My comment about "calling the plays that went for touchdowns" was sarcasm aimed at the person I quoted.

    • Dion Pryor
      Dion Pryor 2 months ago

      @Marci Leatherboots1 pretty much sez it... i do take exception to it being Frost letting us down thats retarded. the players play the game.

  • Russell Smith
    Russell Smith 2 months ago +12

    Keep fighting kid! GBR

  • Colton Meyers
    Colton Meyers 2 months ago +42

    Be pissed!!!!! Be mad!!!! Let me see that fire!!!!! LET NEBRASKA SEE THAT FIRE!!!

  • Rick James
    Rick James 2 months ago +4

    17-0 at halftime!! We all were let down!!!!

    • kerry cross
      kerry cross 2 months ago

      Callahan era needs to be fixed and if your a true fan it was tuff...but scott has some skills it took him what 2 yrs to fix u.c.f soo it will happen ive been a fan sence 79 and will be a fan till my time is done on this earth!!!! G.B.R

    • Stetson Meyers
      Stetson Meyers 2 months ago

      @Dion Pryor Lol homophobia thats pretty hillbillyish of you Dion. Why dont you and your pig of a sisterwife go roll in the mud.

    • Stetson Meyers
      Stetson Meyers 2 months ago

      @Atleastashare When did I say Im not a fan or that its time to fire Frost??? Fuck off Ive been a fan my entire life and still am.

    • Dion Pryor
      Dion Pryor 2 months ago

      @Stetson Meyers poor dick breath.. I'll let you know when we win.. poor girl.

    • Atleastashare
      Atleastashare 2 months ago +1

      Stetson Meyers you cant throw money at things at have success. You have to work for it and that’s what Frost and team will continue to do. Glad you are no longer a fan

  • AmericanMetalhead100
    AmericanMetalhead100 2 months ago

    I'm done having shitty QBs named Martinez. Get fucked you tool.