Why new Macbook boards will be unfixable for me: sad :(

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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  • Jesus Chico
    Jesus Chico 5 hours ago

    Classic self plug 8:00 too funny, I love it

  • Zeksteve
    Zeksteve 9 hours ago

    Well Tim cook is doing his best to put apple out of business so who knows it may not be a problem much longer

  • shiningcross
    shiningcross 23 hours ago

    That e-mail. The man is straight savage. lol

  • Steven Randall
    Steven Randall 6 days ago

    Apple, because no other company puts me in a position of telling a customer that even if the company I work for would let me work on their computer I can't retrieve their data because the SSD is attached, and the parts just aren't out there because the company you bought your computer from wants you to buy a new one. And you know what the customer will probably do after that? buy a new macbook... I'll never understand.
    IF my thinkpad ever dies and I want the data, oh would you look at that, a few phillips screws and some clips are all thats keeping me from my standard SATA SSD (she's old). People at my workplace have asked why I don't have an iphone like nearly everyone else that works there, I often respond by throwing my motorola at the floor and am still waiting for it to crack. Maybe I should pull a Louis and dump a gallon of water over my thinkpad to get the point through

  • Gino Montalbano
    Gino Montalbano 6 days ago

    Apple want to destroy your business.
    Apple is satisfied with selling Apple products to every young generation of new customers.
    The old customers are worthless because they are aware of the junk that Apple is selling.

  • Dwight E Howell
    Dwight E Howell 8 days ago

    Sounds like you will have to start working on another type of computer.

  • Imad Choucair
    Imad Choucair 8 days ago

    Hi Louis, I love your videos. I wonder after you replace those chips how much will be their life in comparison to the original ones.
    Appreciate an answer based on your experience. Thanks for the amazing videos.

  • Sunkissedguy
    Sunkissedguy 8 days ago

    Watching this because of the :(

  • LizeFX
    LizeFX 8 days ago

    That response is gold

  • Jan Feeder II
    Jan Feeder II 10 days ago +1

    Raid zero for business. You eather got good backups or you got balls of steel.

  • marthale7
    marthale7 10 days ago

    You have sold me on Lenovo computers, a grade above Apple.

    • Jan Feeder II
      Jan Feeder II 10 days ago

      even some knockoff shit is sometimes more reliable then macs :D

  • marthale7
    marthale7 10 days ago

    Welcome to the world of disposable cups, dishes, and computers.

  • Daniel Egan
    Daniel Egan 10 days ago

    You got to love this guy!!!

  • Real Lyfe
    Real Lyfe 11 days ago +1

    I don’t even own a MacBook, but I watch all the videos and fall asleep to watching the videos and wake up watching these videos

  • Mr.FerrousPlague
    Mr.FerrousPlague 12 days ago

    Louis that's a lot of trust for sandisk

  • asd gagh
    asd gagh 13 days ago

    i just realized i understood every single thing you said from 2:20-2:55 and the only knowledge i have of repairing any board at all is from your videos and independent research spawned from said videos. you're an amazing hands on teacher man. and board repair is just a hobby of mine i picked up after diving into building pcs/laptops. great videos and someday i hope i am in a position to speak as candidly as you did at the start. amazing stuff louis!

  • Darieee
    Darieee 15 days ago

    Louis c'mon, get a proper YZXStudio power monitor ... they give literally 40 times more street cred (and the displays are ridiculously easier to read than the one you have)
    USB C ones are around 20 30$

  • gs8777
    gs8777 16 days ago

    You would make a great Anime VO

  • Mike Nolley
    Mike Nolley 17 days ago


  • Combustion69
    Combustion69 17 days ago +1

    'It was being a bit of a troll' lmao

  • Seha Senad
    Seha Senad 18 days ago

    hi you can feind it at this site www.aliexpress.com/?spm=2114.10010108.1000002.1.5dd315e5EdBWhr

  • GameGlitcher
    GameGlitcher 19 days ago +1

    I watch this on 1.25 speed because you talk too slow ;)

  • George Dike
    George Dike 19 days ago

    Computer, load up the 4d43v3v3v3_3d4

  • Joseph Bargo
    Joseph Bargo 20 days ago

    Is someone playing league in the background? I keep thinking I have a game running in the background...

  • alvin hibanes
    alvin hibanes 20 days ago

    Dude, you are awesome!! I'm not good at electrical but i was amazed. keep it up!!

  • Ushio Cheng
    Ushio Cheng 20 days ago

    5:00 Before you lift it up, I think it is a 8 pin chip package.....
    Totally amused by modern chip technology

  • kidwajagstang
    kidwajagstang 20 days ago

    Just in case you missed this video...
    While it’s a time consuming process, if any one of your employees (or yourself) gets rather proficient at performing this process, it could be a way of offering an alternative to a “jen-you-wine” fruit computer and getting something that can be repaired and isn’t built to fail.

  • SaltyBrains
    SaltyBrains 20 days ago

    @ 1:21 Louis pulls no punches - this is why we LOVE him! :D just brutal honesty - so refreshing!

  • Jørgen SkÃ¥r Fischer

    Luis Rossman and videoes like this are the sole reason why I am never buying an apple product again.

  • Caleb McIvor
    Caleb McIvor 21 day ago

    Have you tried the Chinese chip markets? Some are online. They tend to have a lot more things available for the small catch of needing to speak Chinese.

  • Tristan
    Tristan 21 day ago

    Dude your savage level at the beginning was pure gold.

  • BrianRDub
    BrianRDub 21 day ago

    It could have been a bad ball grid array solder connection rather than failed chip itself. This could have been the issue in every case. We've had ball grid array issues in our applications!

  • 3/\tme
    3/\tme 22 days ago

    Could Oshpark or another pcb printing company just make the chips you need?

  • Raymond Mucklow
    Raymond Mucklow 22 days ago

    I'm betting the person that opens that Email runs to the office safe place and fall onto the floor in fetal position.

  • Will L
    Will L 22 days ago

    Dat intro. Lol

  • No60508
    No60508 22 days ago

    it's stuff like this that got IBM slammed in the mainframe market back in the day.

  • Kiron Akum
    Kiron Akum 23 days ago

    I truly support ur resentment against macs. I just don't get y people buy it only to spend a whole load of bills for something not fixable and not so much durable let alone customizable. People why are u making such company's(Apple) to make money from ur hard earned life. Y????

  • Rundvelt
    Rundvelt 23 days ago

    To be fair Louis, that may have been someone that had no idea about what transpired. Perhaps you shouldn't have been so rude.

  • Acehole Firearms
    Acehole Firearms 23 days ago

    Still no availability sir?

  • Andy Dudley
    Andy Dudley 23 days ago

    lay off the nuttmeg mate ffs

  • andyct1982
    andyct1982 23 days ago

    Can someone link the response to the email Louis sent in the beginning of this video?

  • Johnny five
    Johnny five 24 days ago

    Contact Scotty from the youtube channel Strangeparts, He is in China and may be able to get them for you.

  • Johnny five
    Johnny five 24 days ago

    So how to get used parts? From comps that are trashed?

  • Joey Yossi Tibi
    Joey Yossi Tibi 24 days ago

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this before... to many comment to read all of them. ISL95530 can be easily purchased now... I actually purchased some 3 months ago which is a bit after this video was posted.

  • NoobieLandCity
    NoobieLandCity 24 days ago

    That letter you just sent.. this.. is....
    Awesome you're my hero for that haha
    passive-aggressive :)

  • hero767
    hero767 24 days ago

    Please buy a new desk chair!

  • booboo699254
    booboo699254 24 days ago

    They that's my town!

  • Ólafur Gíslason
    Ólafur Gíslason 25 days ago

    Here you assume that the PIC of the companies facebook page years ago was/is following the current company policy and work ethics. I lost interest in the video and channel seeing this response and probably you will say good riddance. I'll go back to some cat video or Conan meeting the President of Finland.

  • Jinu Joy
    Jinu Joy 25 days ago

    Hey do you have any MacBook to give away. I have never used Macbook and really wanted one.

  • Chris K
    Chris K 25 days ago

    I'm in AWE!
    I'm not involved in anyway with computers or anything remotely connected.
    I've stumbled across your TVclip channel and have been seduced by your ethics, attitude, manner, knowledge, technical skills, accessibility and bravery to tell the truth in spite of any intimidation from major corporations to exploit their unknowing loyal customers for their profits (shame on them being threatened by one tiny (by simply stating FACTS of truth) voice among others).
    I truly enjoy your irrefutable matter of fact approach in defense of embarrassing $ grabs by the companies to take advantage of innocent customers.
    It is fascinating to watch you do "lifesaving" surgery where others fear to tread due to lack of knowledge and technical skills (no one can know everything).
    So I'm going to continue to view your enthralling journeys of computer healing every bit as compelling as watching medical procedures.
    Continued success, joy and happiness!

  • WafflesIsTheStuff
    WafflesIsTheStuff 25 days ago

    3:13 had tho check if playback speed was set to 1.5

  • Mitchel Huether
    Mitchel Huether 25 days ago

    In an effort to simplify things, humans have made things very complicated.

  • Elmo
    Elmo 25 days ago

    does anybody know what he is talking about :DD

  • james'purplerock
    james'purplerock 26 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what keyboard he has ?

  • Evan Seliner
    Evan Seliner 26 days ago


  • James rayner
    James rayner 26 days ago

    Hahaha rapid cooling technology

  • Tesla Tuesday
    Tesla Tuesday 26 days ago

    It seems apple have lots of problems with power circuits

  • ShadowLordxsx
    ShadowLordxsx 26 days ago

    It is bad that you can not get the component..... Yet what is truly sad is that even if you explain all this to the consumer, for many the next stop they make will be at an apple store and they will buy another new apple product....

  • Tom Meppem
    Tom Meppem 26 days ago

    Love your stuff. Love from 🇦🇺 Australia

  • Zavier
    Zavier 27 days ago

    Can you explain stuff

  • Yash
    Yash 27 days ago

    what software is he using to show the motherboard in his monitor

  • Rohit Kashyap
    Rohit Kashyap 27 days ago

    4:02 what witchcraft is that. No im Seriously interested.

  • Jsantos619
    Jsantos619 27 days ago

    So did the pee pee v3?

  • adrian carrillo
    adrian carrillo 27 days ago

    Ppv va we wha? That's what I literally heard lol

  • Lee Walter
    Lee Walter 27 days ago

    For kicks I run Louis's video at 1.25 speed.......

  • Liquidation Wizards
    Liquidation Wizards 27 days ago

    Best video start ever

  • Paritosh Srivastava
    Paritosh Srivastava 28 days ago +1


  • Mike Ocksbig
    Mike Ocksbig 28 days ago

    Apple really should sit down with you and make a deal with you so it’s profitable for both of you. And offer you supply on actual apple parts. In stead of constantly hassling you. Your willing to go the extra mile to do repairs they won’t. I can’t see why you both can’t make profit in doing this. It’s a you scratch my back we scratch yours. They could also send you customers there other stores can’t help.

  • Aldof hitler
    Aldof hitler 28 days ago

    R u soddering

  • Rey Wright
    Rey Wright 28 days ago +1

    Anyone else watch these videos not knowing what the hell is going on? I just like seeing you find the chip, and then using that melty stuff to remove it, and then remove the corrosion, and then using the melty stuff again + the blow dryer to get it back in place.