Why new Macbook boards will be unfixable for me: sad :(

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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Comments • 3 272

  • CloudandZack1st
    CloudandZack1st 10 hours ago

    In a way, from saving certain recordings, you could easily make "a (in quotes for a reason) video displaying how over time", all parts are purposely placed to cause disruption in any fashion. In laymen terms, they know the parts will eventually break/malfunction, but imagine placing every part like that knowing that, regardless of use/circumstance, they would eventually have to replace/get a new pc.

  • Just A Man
    Just A Man 12 hours ago

    Was it the same guy 4 years ago or is it someone that has been there for less than 4 years with a better vision for the company?

  • keith leathers
    keith leathers Day ago

    Look into acquiring parts through someone in a state that has "right to repair" laws.

  • raceface_m
    raceface_m Day ago +1

    Wow, that’s crazy. No parts can be bought for them. How greedy.

  • Andy Miller
    Andy Miller Day ago

    People really smuggle parts from 🍎? How rude? NOT!

  • Carlos Ruiz Checa

    Please do not do those zooms of yourself, the reason is you scare my imaginary cat, when he is in my lap watching me as I continue to watch your video!
    Por favor, no hagas esos acercamientos de ti mismo, la razón es que asustas a mi gato imaginario, cuando él está en mi regazo mirándome, mientras sigo viendo tu video.

  • Patriot Sleeper Cell

    Why am I watching a guy fix a MB on a fucking apple computer?

  • ophello
    ophello Day ago +1

    Why do you spend your career fixing products you hate?

    • Panda
      Panda 17 hours ago


  • Leonard Emery
    Leonard Emery Day ago

    Why dont your repair PC components as much as this? (Laughs like Peter Griffin) LET THE SHIT STORM BEGIN!

  • James Bond
    James Bond 2 days ago

    Another good reason to never buy a Mac or Apple product again !!!!!! N

  • Rokashy
    Rokashy 2 days ago


  • Dino
    Dino 2 days ago

    he has some word salad streaks that sound like I am sitting in an auction

  • Marcelo Barrera
    Marcelo Barrera 2 days ago

    The email response just made my day..!!! LOL..!!

  • kuhler Typ
    kuhler Typ 2 days ago

    wtf you are talking so fast i barely can follow haha

  • Boomproof
    Boomproof 3 days ago

    Pretty sick story Louis. It's like with banks or corrupt politicians; They meddle around an issue until they find a way to screw over the client/consumer/voter.

  • Hacke Rino
    Hacke Rino 4 days ago

    And people still buy apple products

  • Erik Schiegg
    Erik Schiegg 4 days ago

    Now tell us the truth, Louis! You were a surgeon before you started repairing half bitten apples on a molecular level, weren't you?

  • Martin Å leis
    Martin Å leis 4 days ago +1

    So i guess now you will have to go work for apple.

  • Hayden Wyllie
    Hayden Wyllie 5 days ago

    Moral of the story don't buy apple products

  • Cameron 98
    Cameron 98 5 days ago

    How much coffee, and or cocaine, do you take

  • Jim Hal
    Jim Hal 5 days ago

    I haven't spent a single penny on Crapple since they screwed every single customer that owned any Crapple II computers. The moment the Macintosh was released, ALL warranties, service and testicle support were cancelled. My mom and brother each had a 2 month old Crapple II and there wasn't a F*&%ing thing they could do about it.
    I do like watching you though. You talk really FAST!

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd 5 days ago

    You guys getting all this?

  • OJ Auto
    OJ Auto 6 days ago


  • Bryan Scriven
    Bryan Scriven 6 days ago

    Remind me to never buy an apple product, if I had the skills to diagnose and repair a product that I played good money or any money for that instance I demand the right to repair it

  • Gamer
    Gamer 6 days ago

    I don't know who this "peepee underscore jihad" guy is but he sounds pretty cool

  • Bryce Corbin
    Bryce Corbin 6 days ago

    People that buy Apple products, and subject themselves to their unscrupulous business practices, are pathetic.

  • Ozil Smith
    Ozil Smith 6 days ago

    I really love how this man gives no fucks

  • Benjamen Sherman
    Benjamen Sherman 6 days ago

    Just here for Louis' handsome face, don't even like apple

  • Darryl Lyle
    Darryl Lyle 6 days ago

    Ok I haven't worked with surface mount electronics, but I did work with external mount electronics, but the problem you were showing there, where if you just touched the chip it started working. Instead of it being a bad chip, could it just be a cold solder joint?

  • Tomy Boyle
    Tomy Boyle 6 days ago

    Great video, I stopped using Apple after my daughters IPAD screen was chipped and told I had to buy her a brand new one. Now that I am not a hostage my life is much easier. But to each there own.

  • MrIkesimba
    MrIkesimba 6 days ago +5

    Been using Apple products since @1991. Will never buy another Apple product.

  • Blue Octopus
    Blue Octopus 6 days ago

    LOL that email response was stronger than my double cold brewed coffee. I applaud your savageness sir.

  • Toby Studer
    Toby Studer 6 days ago

    you are an absolut master in your craft. Your skill level is amazing.

  • Nuruhuine
    Nuruhuine 7 days ago +4

    Bro, that mail reply was *SAVAGE!* I love it.

  • rollercoaster55
    rollercoaster55 7 days ago +2

    Savant! You were born for this - trouble shooting and engineering.
    Now if we could just get you to stop counterfeitting :P

  • Faruel N.A
    Faruel N.A 7 days ago

    why do people still buy products from these customer hating scumbags?

  • Patstar777
    Patstar777 7 days ago

    I wouldn't buy a mac.....hope they go the way of the betamax.

  • Graystone Gardens
    Graystone Gardens 8 days ago

    Do you work on ipad2.?

  • NbKXStorm
    NbKXStorm 8 days ago

    I feel your pain on this, I remember in the past where HP was doing this same sort of thing; couldn't get the parts needed to repair boards. The only choice was to get a replacement board.

  • Blurp Bibablobop
    Blurp Bibablobop 8 days ago

    Louis, if you'd like to share some more abuse of warranty from companies like the comment I will tell you my case with Cannon! They told me because I took the cartridges out they do not want to repair the product (did use 3rd party ink, so that's why they make the fuss).

  • kylefer
    kylefer 8 days ago +1

    That opening needs to go viral, everyone needs to know what a poc that company is.

  • Ryan Mcdermott
    Ryan Mcdermott 8 days ago

    Have you talked to the guy from strange parts? Seems like it would be a cool challenge for him to see if he could find a seller for this in China.

  • Freak_Town_ Boy
    Freak_Town_ Boy 8 days ago

    Louis can i wotk with you...

  • Zodinsanga Hauhnar
    Zodinsanga Hauhnar 8 days ago

    You are such a savage on the right times,and i love it

  • Lev Krainov
    Lev Krainov 8 days ago

    I'm a bit puzzled how does your soldering work. You put all the contacts on this piece in this blob and heat it up. From that my intuition would tell that either all of it is conducting or none. I'm definitely missing something.

  • Brandon Sinclair
    Brandon Sinclair 8 days ago

    After a lot of searching it seems the same BGA is used on the XR smart case, not cheap but still better than a new MacBook

  • Richard Bentley
    Richard Bentley 8 days ago


  • Fuck You
    Fuck You 9 days ago

    Apple need to be fined for doing this. The environmental implications alone warrant it. Apple users should be pissed off too you’d think

  • N3rDY
    N3rDY 9 days ago

    You lost me at those PP3V3s lol .. thats was fast

  • das licht
    das licht 9 days ago

    what keyboad is that on your desk ?

  • looneyburgmusic
    looneyburgmusic 9 days ago

    Artificial Unavailability of components for repair - Reason Number #3,924,713,261,220 why I refuse to use CrApple™ products or service CrApple™ products.

  • MrJest2
    MrJest2 9 days ago

    Welcome to Apple. They've been that way since day one, doing everything they can to keep customers and independent service providers from easily fixing or modifying their products... which is why I have not and never will buy an Apple product.

  • El Alacrán
    El Alacrán 9 days ago

    Looks like you can't fix headrests wither haha.

  • abrb1989
    abrb1989 9 days ago

    First, congratulations on the success of your channel, I'm pretty sure I first came here around the 80k mark and here you are with ten times that! I've watched since then, just never paid attention to the sub/view counts.
    Secondly, I don't know anything about repairing boards of any kind. The breadth of my knowledge begins and ends with putting together computers and fixing basic bitch problems after googling them enough. But for some reason I just like watching you talk about stuff. I like the hell out of your personality. I'd really enjoy any video series involving you doing chats where you just sit down and talk to us about stuff. Come to think of it, I'm sure you have a couple of those kinda vids since I last visited the channel so I'm gonna go look now.

  • Tyler Reed
    Tyler Reed 9 days ago

    I think I'll stick to PC so I can have a completely serviceable and reliable device

  • SiLeNCel2
    SiLeNCel2 10 days ago +3

    At "Good afternoon..." i immediately knew that Louis would soon destroy whoever has written that mail.

  • Skjelm
    Skjelm 10 days ago +1

    Fix: don't follow a cult that is based on fruits.

  • James
    James 10 days ago

    Now I have to send an email to Sydney.

  • Mulikow
    Mulikow 10 days ago


  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor 10 days ago

    You know you have been doing the job for too long when you can just spurt out the names of random power rails on a board at a million miles an hour without even thinking.

  • White Boy Tacos
    White Boy Tacos 10 days ago

    Louis! Can I come to New York and learn from you, the Jedi master himself? I just want to hang out in New York and fix computers!

  • Kevin Oxident-Tor
    Kevin Oxident-Tor 10 days ago

    1:22 in.... press like😊👍🏻

  • Axis
    Axis 10 days ago

    So many gullible Goy still buying Crapple products.

  • Pat Emblen
    Pat Emblen 10 days ago

    Rip 'em a new one Louis!

  • Waskito
    Waskito 11 days ago

    I sometimes stop to think how apple is still in business but then I remember I spent at least $10k on yugioh cards when I was younger cause of the hype.

  • Christian Ward
    Christian Ward 11 days ago

    Someone seems to have drunk, a lot of coffee.

  • The Animaster
    The Animaster 11 days ago

    Hmm.. Texas company... figures. Texas is the perfect example of white America going to shit. If only the inbred alt-right can get their heads out of their asses and stop shooting up on crap smuggled through the borders whose walls they so badly want... maybe America can start creating quality products and services again.

  • Vince Revolution
    Vince Revolution 11 days ago

    Solid e-mail.

  • Ryan Banas
    Ryan Banas 11 days ago +2

    Wow, I cant stop laughing best opening minutes ever

  • charlie B
    charlie B 11 days ago

    Wow what's with the Max head room video effect.

  • Paul Christensen
    Paul Christensen 11 days ago

    That would put me right off even thinking about buying a Macbook!

  • Dare to Defy Copwatch K-9

    nothing against you, butt if people were smart, stay awayfrom Apple anyting. Screw MacBook, screw Apple iPhones, screw Samsung, also any Apple product.
    . if it has an apple on it, ignore it, don't buy it, walkaway, get the hell out of there! Don't touch Apple.

  • FrozenguyRS
    FrozenguyRS 11 days ago +1

    Plot twist: Sydney Minor has ISL9240. Still, screw them

  • darthvader5300
    darthvader5300 11 days ago

    No wonder their Macbook and Apple sales are going down the tubes. Buyers wants DIY fixable/upgradable/DIY inspectable/DIY checkable/easy-to-touble shoot/DIY easy to cluster/DIY easy to interconnect/DIY easy to adapt/DIY self-teachable USER-FRIENDLY IN PLAIN ENGLISH INSTRUCTIONS FOR NON-COMPUTER USERS/FIRST TIME COMPUTER USERS. And a computer with DIY hot-pluggable/hot-swappable motherboards/components NON-STOP hardwired design with DIY fixable/maintainable PASSIVE cooling system and all are easy to clean by air blasting and vacuum cleaning, with lots of USB pheripheral ports with MODIFIED CLUSTERED DAISY CHAINABLE FIREWIRE SYSTEMS TO BOOT and complete with "IN PLAIN ENGLISH" computer manuals with DIY/self-teaching/highly explanable and highly illustrous step-by-step explanations. Just like what they once did during the 1980s!

  • Tony
    Tony 11 days ago

    Can't you have that chip made? Is there some kind of patent on it? It will be extremely expensive but why not to screw Apple. Let the customer know in advance that this the reason why the fix is so expensive, take it or leave it.

  • MyUsername
    MyUsername 11 days ago

    It´s very good that you always mention the very long component names, i´m sure everybody on TVclip instantly knows which one you are talking about.😉

  • Dave -in-NJ
    Dave -in-NJ 11 days ago

    Truly a public service. this America at it's best.

  • rick dees
    rick dees 11 days ago

    At least Louis is not bitter, any more. Why waste time responding at all?

  • Mathew Boswell-Jones
    Mathew Boswell-Jones 12 days ago

    that was fucking hilarious, you just did what i think many of it have always wanted to do.

  • bmci007
    bmci007 12 days ago

    Bye-bye Apple share price, nice to know ya!

  • Jayme Splendid
    Jayme Splendid 12 days ago +1

    This is why I *REFUSE* TO buy *ANY* Apple products.
    Graphic Artists and Sound Engineers, I feel for you guys.

    • 69mrnikolai
      69mrnikolai 11 days ago

      yup the pain is real, just use it till its unusable then chuck it, its the best for sound software though

  • 115Jester
    115Jester 12 days ago

    10/10 intro

  • laughingalien
    laughingalien 12 days ago +8

    You are a brilliant guy, Louis. However, would you be kind enough to send me your public key so I can decrypt what you are saying?

    • Eric Collin
      Eric Collin 3 days ago +1


      EA: Rossmann Decrypt Pass DLC - 99USD

  • Default Name
    Default Name 12 days ago

    Man your a Savage xD

  • Ed- ward
    Ed- ward 12 days ago +35

    Lyrics coming at you at supersonic speed,
    Uh, sama lamaa duma lamaa PP3V3_G3Hot

    • Ri0z
      Ri0z Day ago

      Came here for the comments, not disappointed. xD

    • Max Headroom
      Max Headroom Day ago

      Now all you supersonic people try to bite our rhyme
      You may think that you are def, but you're way (S-s-so) behind
      You better listen good to what we have to say
      'Cause when it comes to J.J. Fad you can get no play

    • Siddhant prasad
      Siddhant prasad 11 days ago


  • DragonFarts
    DragonFarts 12 days ago

    Your pretend apathy is cringey

  • alze
    alze 12 days ago

    just for one moment imagine if louis took some speed and done a video. it would be so fast, you would see the end of it before you started to begin to watch it.

  • C6R1S
    C6R1S 12 days ago

    Hope Louis See's this.
    *** US-Supplier ***
    3000 Chip quantity

  • Nelson Stack
    Nelson Stack 12 days ago

    and i didnt even know you coudl replace chips right off a mobo damn lol

  • Nelson Stack
    Nelson Stack 12 days ago

    i wonder what this guys networth is google doesnt say.. prob worth over a million at 30.. makes my 31 year old ass feel like such shit lol

  • Jonas H
    Jonas H 12 days ago

    i don't dislike apple products, i just dislike the way they operate. Their greedy idiots.

  • Mark Wolf
    Mark Wolf 12 days ago +36

    Spell Macs backwards :)

  • Me Blurt
    Me Blurt 12 days ago +1

    Found your channel by mistake. Ive never been a tech minded person but i sat and watch your video. You're cool as penguin piss mate.😎🇬🇧

    • Eddie Willers
      Eddie Willers 12 days ago +1

      @Me Blurt "You're cool as penguin piss mate" - LOL..Nice!I'm stealing that one!

  • Karl Allison
    Karl Allison 12 days ago

    Apple are betting that their customers don't care about breakdowns after warranty. period. They've got my attention...I'm now not buying Apple.

  • tsfcancerman
    tsfcancerman 12 days ago

    Thats why you should have a china friend who run a store in china that do everything with apple

  • User
    User 12 days ago

    Apple is a trash company.

  • LetsPlayDaily
    LetsPlayDaily 12 days ago

    I feel dumb even suggesting this since i'm hoping you did a google search for the part number but just in case this does somehow help it does look like this chinese company has ISL9240 chips for sale: www.icpart.com/sell_search.jsp?sSearchWord=ISL9240

  • Quinninho Pernambucano

    The idiot tax remains strong

  • Dave Devine
    Dave Devine 13 days ago

    Don't buy apple. Simple...

  • Herooftimex
    Herooftimex 13 days ago

    I know this is English...Yes this is definitely English.