A Theory You've Never Heard Of | Michael Robinson | TEDxUniversityofHartford

  • Published on Nov 10, 2015
  • The Hamitic Hypothesis was a 19th century anthropological theory that claimed that humans originated in Asia and then migrated to other regions of the world. The theory was used to explain the discovery of so-called “white races” in Africa in the late 1800s. The Hamitic Hypothesis was not simply a curiosity of anthropological science. It was an idea that changed lives: from those European colonists who relied upon it to justify their presence in Africa, to the scientists who used it to explain away the accomplishments of African civilizations as a result of “white” influence. Ultimately, the Hamitic Hypothesis anchored a global theory of human origins and migration that, when combined with the Aryan race theory, shaped anthropology, colonial policy, and even the attitudes of Africans themselves for a hundred years.
    Michael Robinson is a historian of science and exploration at the University of Hartford. He is the author of "The Coldest Crucible: Arctic Exploration and American Culture." His new book The Lost White Tribe: Explorers, Scientists, and the Theory that Changed a Continent" comes out with Oxford University Press in December.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

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  • MyCargoShip
    MyCargoShip 3 hours ago

    When he said "How in the name of god could he explain" I stopped watching. He has a religious background that precedes science. This guy is confused

  • Rance Freeman
    Rance Freeman 7 hours ago

    ... I can't believe he just said that... lol...

  • garald jean-louis
    garald jean-louis 12 hours ago

    Noah according to the tablets was or could have been the first white man ....

  • Mary Sheets
    Mary Sheets Day ago +1

    I believe that the People of today are worse because they use their intelligence to be cruel and are careless at being abusive and destroy the Planet thinking that they don't have to be accountable So They are squatters and thiefs.

    • smb12321
      smb12321 16 hours ago

      Historically you are dead wrong. Modern humans are (by far) the least violent who've ever existed. Stephen Pinker's The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined is a good start. Average lifespan has increased incredibly - from 25-35 a few hundred years ago to the 70s. In india, in 1960, it was 42. today it is 67 - a 60% increase. That could not have happened if we were as rotten as you claim / wish. They would not invest in R&D, vaccines, hospitals, child care, education, increasing the food supply, making life hundreds of times easier than in previous times. I am still amazed at how folks in the West so quickly condemn humanity.

  • Schuyler Clark
    Schuyler Clark Day ago


  • BMan Wells
    BMan Wells Day ago +2

    An interesting talk.. I suggest that everyone listen to the entire talk before forming an opinion of it ..

  • Champ Fisk
    Champ Fisk 2 days ago

    So Hamites are white?

  • Rick Ruffin
    Rick Ruffin 2 days ago

    That was great. Thank you Michael

  • Gabriel Jackson
    Gabriel Jackson 2 days ago

    @ 2:22min.....blond hair blue eyed caucasians in the snow ain rare,but blond hair blue eyed darkskin negroes in the hood,eh? That'd be a Find

  • Real History India
    Real History India 2 days ago +1

    There are still blond mongoloids in Mongolia (look up in google image), but they are not genetically or anthropologically part of Caucasian race.

  • yellooh
    yellooh 2 days ago +1

    If you can write your book or tell your story, others will have to keep up. There are many light skin Africans & many get even more lighter with less sun. Most people originally came out of Africa.

  • Charles Toles
    Charles Toles 3 days ago

    thats my job

  • coolmodad
    coolmodad 4 days ago

    Ted x this is why it's harmful... its dressed up as real science. Non peered reviewed hypothesis as science.. we are in the misinformation age. Hope we survive.

  • Jermaine Hawthorne
    Jermaine Hawthorne 5 days ago +2

    The very first issue wit the hypothesis is that they used an European colonized story of the bible as a source.

  • Chris W
    Chris W 6 days ago

    See my Petri Dish Earth videos.

  • Rebecca Villes
    Rebecca Villes 6 days ago

    Muslims believe the flood was a local flood not worldwide, therefore we don’t believe in that theory about “how the world got repopulated” bcz not everyone on Earth was destroyed in the flood according to Islam

  • lettersquash
    lettersquash 6 days ago

    White person, before you say things like, "White people are still occasionally spotted in London / Birmingham / ..." or wherever you feel threatened by your perceived minority, just stop. Not funny. You're expressing the same racism the Hamitic Hypothesis embodies. White people DID in fact roll out over the rest of the world like magma, committing genocide and slavery on an industrial scale. If your tribe are a bit thin on the ground in your locale, be thankful you're not being exterminated, put in a reservation, or shipped across the ocean in a floating dungeon.

  • TheGolden Hour
    TheGolden Hour 6 days ago

    Very scientific approach using a book like the bible...lol

    • James Hills
      James Hills 3 days ago

      He is not using the Bible. He is saying the Bible was used as a source for earlier scientific theories. People/scientists have often tried to use the Bible for personal agendas for which it was never intended.

  • Frankie Paradiso
    Frankie Paradiso 6 days ago

    Stanley (1841-1904) belongs to the 19th century, not the 18th. A TED slip of the tongue, perhaps?

    • Frankie Paradiso
      Frankie Paradiso 4 days ago

      @Hugo Persijn Please listen again 5:55 "Now how in God's name would Stanley have explained this in the late 18th century?"

    • Hugo Persijn
      Hugo Persijn 5 days ago

      Frankie Paradiso He said Stanley was living in the 18 hundreds.

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts 7 days ago

    So,,,, It's OK to be White? 🤗

  • davinad
    davinad 8 days ago

    Mr Magoo as an excuse ... wtf?!? Overlaying personal viewpoint as an apology for era of colonists as sufficient "scientific" explanation.

  • LW Riker
    LW Riker 8 days ago

    Love the clarification of Rwanda massacre/genocide. Sad of the history.

  • zarni000
    zarni000 8 days ago


  • Jorge Castro
    Jorge Castro 9 days ago +2

    I liked gerry's comments! Then what a waste of time watching this video! Almost 4.000.000 views, I can't believe this is happening!

  • Gina Arthur
    Gina Arthur 9 days ago

    Umm, Julius Caesar says that he used to nearly walk to Africa but then he was not the nicest, most honest or sane guy. It seems to me that world map producers moved Africa lately. It is now near South America but I swear that when I took geography, Africa was clear on the opposite side of Russia/China with The Middle East and Saudi Arabia, perhaps the Indies --seriously. It bothers me immensely, this discrepancy. But strangely, it seems that at least part of Africa would be near the equator and this explains hot climate better than the previous plotting that I swear was very different than the lately map plotting.

  • Poul Thomsen
    Poul Thomsen 9 days ago +1

    The arrogance of this man..... He can explain what the explorer actually saw in Africa so many years ago. Unbelievable!

  • Hyena Chief
    Hyena Chief 9 days ago +2

    Naw dude it’s called the truth lol truth stands on its own needs no middle man

  • joe godfree
    joe godfree 10 days ago

    Surely we all know by now that white people are and always have been the racsist alien conglomerate, that have never belonged on this planet. And never will, until they return to the white history books to whom they belong... and that book is called, the white filter. Of hatred.

  • Jozeph Forgivez
    Jozeph Forgivez 10 days ago +1

    Kush Hams father had different color children

  • Lions Gorrilla
    Lions Gorrilla 10 days ago +2

    After reading the comments first. I enjoyed his presentation non- bias(ed)(ly).

  • Dotser Ham
    Dotser Ham 10 days ago +8

    I hear that there is a small in number but definitely present white tribe living deep in the Birmingham area of England

  • Bill Bill
    Bill Bill 11 days ago

    And atlanta

  • Robert Brandywine
    Robert Brandywine 11 days ago +1

    He starts out by stating that White tribes were found all around the earth and then says Stanley didn't see White people in Africa, but doesn't talk about all the other White tribes. Were they all just people seeing what they wanted to see? We know from genetic studies of the Ainu that they did originate in Central Asian -- Caucasian but not White.

  • Clarity Rain
    Clarity Rain 12 days ago

    3:08 I see ice

  • Gary Snyder
    Gary Snyder 12 days ago

    I call B.S.! Aliens created humans from a hybridization of the Apes...and did that in isolated locals all over the worldto deliberately variate human identities!! Alternative science, and, pre-biblical texts certainly say so.

  • Hyena Chief
    Hyena Chief 12 days ago

    There is only one religion and that’s the truth 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    • boo duh
      boo duh 11 days ago

      Yes, Zoroastrianism

  • Hyena Chief
    Hyena Chief 12 days ago +1

    Not taxon but biological taxon🤔 y’all just learned something today from hyena chief

  • Hyena Chief
    Hyena Chief 12 days ago +4

    Sorry to tell you but what’s are a class of animal look it up it says that you are a biological taxon smh lol

  • Bananunaki
    Bananunaki 12 days ago +3

    What Stanley saw was people with 76 different genders!

  • Alex Abreu
    Alex Abreu 12 days ago +2

    Moral of the story, as with all of human history,..religion ruins the world.

    • Jacek Trybusz
      Jacek Trybusz 4 days ago

      @Eric Bedenbaugh It is not the religion that pollutes the rivers it is the believers and when I was pointing out that people die in religion inspirated wars I was talking about all major religions including catholic. When the II WW started the Hitler's army slogan was Gott mit Uns - God with us, some yeats earlier most native americans were baptised with sword and the same happened in Europe - whoever did not want to be baptised had beed attacked as a barbaric nation with the blessing of the Pope. When it comes to violence Islam and Catholicism is im my view not much different, the difference is the timing. But this is not an attack on Christians, this is just how religions work. I know I will not convince you now - enlightening will come when the God allows.

    • Eric Bedenbaugh
      Eric Bedenbaugh 4 days ago

      @Jacek Trybusz You must be talking about Islam when you say religious inspired war. And I've read the Koran so please don't tell me it's "all religions." BTW the 737 MAX had a great deal to do with pilot error as the Ethiopian crew didn't correctly follow procedure. 737's have an "out of trim" check list that has been around for 30 years, pilots should know it by memory. The Ethiopian crew failed to disable the auto-throttles despite almost a minute of over-speed warnings. They were going too fast to manually trim the plane in thick air, but I digress. Again, what religion polluted rivers all over the world? What religion caused Chernobyl? What religion gave nations the ability to wipe out everyone on earth?

    • Jacek Trybusz
      Jacek Trybusz 4 days ago

      @Eric Bedenbaugh Sure. Another example when human believes kill - some people in Boeing believed everything will be ok. It wasn't. Talking of planes - more prople die in religion inspirated wars then in plane crashes.

    • Eric Bedenbaugh
      Eric Bedenbaugh 5 days ago

      @Jacek Trybusz Probably true. Again, I think technology is a wonderful thing. I object to someone saying "religion ruins the world" I think the misuse, misunderstanding , and moral bankruptcy ruins the world. Speaking of technology killing people: Have you heard of the 737MAX?

    • Jacek Trybusz
      Jacek Trybusz 5 days ago

      @Eric Bedenbaugh Still the case is the same - these are individual doctors making mistakes not technology.

  • Michael Van Wie Jr.
    Michael Van Wie Jr. 13 days ago

    Someone get this to Owen Benjamin kek

  • Rockie Overlunde
    Rockie Overlunde 13 days ago

    Are Chinese are white? The colder the place the whiter you get.

    • Robert Brandywine
      Robert Brandywine 11 days ago

      Only in general. More modern migrations have seen brown skinned people living in the North such as the Inuit and First Peoples of Canada.

  • addin bond
    addin bond 13 days ago

    how wen african eat albino u talking sht I think ur talking out of ur white ole

  • Aquilla Brits
    Aquilla Brits 13 days ago +3

    Would love to have your references to all this info

  • ThePrivateJ
    ThePrivateJ 13 days ago

    This man just said the whites are the better race

  • T M
    T M 13 days ago +1

    Probably just Albino people. Always been feared and hunted down

  • Gandolf
    Gandolf 13 days ago

    I'm surprised he didn't mention the curse of ham

  • anthony esparsen
    anthony esparsen 13 days ago +1

    Genocide is a Satanic word

  • anthony esparsen
    anthony esparsen 13 days ago +2

    Genocide is bad for all raceses

  • Mike Brunt
    Mike Brunt 14 days ago +4

    NZ HISTORY - The Maori sailed to NZ from Easter Island having run out of food there after leaving Peru and fleeing persecution in Persia 1000's of years earlier during an invasion. There the maori found Giant races, Tiny nocturnal humans and many different races in NZ that had landed there over time co-existed and stayed on in NZ. When the English came they could not beat the Maori in the dense bush and warfare tactics that the Maori had built up skillfuly with their own Trading Traditions and Secular Tribalism. The English were very crafty and tricked the Maori into a Treaty in the1900's and new when it was signed that it could only be challenged by Lawyers which the Maori had none of and were not allowed to be educated. It was in essence a losing document for the Maori causing later MAori land rights marches in the 20th Centruy. The English also altered and wiped out Maori knowledge of New Zealand's past by forbidding Maori speak of their history or language at school and used this method to protect their sovereignty and control over New Zealand. The English paid settlers and Maori money to collect up all the skulls that were buried in the vast cave network systems of NZ and have them ground into phosphate for agriculture. There were also many 1000's of large skulls as basketballs from a giant race in the North of NZ that were destroyed. There was also a Mori Ori Race that the English deceptively said that the Maori killed off when they arrived in NZ which was BS. The Maori and this red haired white race lived interactively and even bred with traditions to control harmony. The red head white skin race spoke like Welsh people and had Celtic styled tattoos. They were a threat to the English as they knew the red heads were of European origin. In the 1860's the English decided to wipe these proud people out with genocide and ordered Maori Tribes under their control to wipe out the Red Haired White Race i reward for land . These red haired people mainly lived thru the middle of NZ North Island and around Taranaki. Our History through out this world has been adulterated by settlers all the time. Even your records of this theory here will be adulterated by the crooked Nationalistic Explorers, Settlers and their Archeologists .

    • Hyena Chief
      Hyena Chief 9 days ago

      Mike Brunt they are here to believe that

    • Mike Brunt
      Mike Brunt 11 days ago

      I understand the Mori ori story is there I also understand that as both of us were not there that we will never be exact . If you feel confronted by what I said that’s okay . The Maori were a warring race from Persia originally once the largest warring race in the world . Yes uncompromising . Yes genocide . For a start I’m not justifying anything . I understand colonisation is all about wiping out those before you . Unlucky for the mori ori it was Maori . But rather lucky it was the English farmers settled NZ rather than convicts as in Australia who wiped out aborigines. So NZ has the best integration of all colonised countries . NZ continues to evolve and leads the world in its thinking . It has problems too but is lucky it was settled this way and integrated better than any other country

    • Hyena Chief
      Hyena Chief 12 days ago

      Mike Brunt I think some of my family is that to lol

    • Cunny Funt
      Cunny Funt 12 days ago

      The Mori Ori were a peace loving race that were enslaved and all but wiped out, predominantly by the Maori. So convenient for you that there voice can no longer be heard today because of that genocide, but hey, don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.
      "During the following enslavement the Māori invaders forbade the speaking of the Moriori language. They forced Moriori to desecrate their sacred sites by urinating and defecating on them. Moriori were forbidden to marry Moriori or Māori, or to have children with each other. Which was different from the customary form of slavery practiced on mainland New Zealand.However, many Moriori women had children by their Māori masters. A small number of Moriori women eventually married either Māori or European men. Some were taken from the Chathams and never returned. In 1842 a small party of Māori and their Moriori slaves migrated to the subantarctic Auckland Islands, surviving for some 20 years on sealing and flax growing. Only 101 Moriori out of a population of about 2,000 were left alive by 1862"

  • Terry Coker
    Terry Coker 14 days ago

    Even whites hate whites judging from all the jokes in the comments section...

  • Soap Maker
    Soap Maker 14 days ago

    White tribes around the world are just remnants of the survivors of the flood that destroyed atlantis. Euopean whites are the descendants of japheth.

  • James Everett
    James Everett 15 days ago

    That offends me so it must not be true.

  • 1pixman
    1pixman 15 days ago +1

    There is a Star on New Zealand *near Australia My Ancestor was Native Maori Chief from Polynesia Hawaiiki But When They Arrived Here in 1350 They Saw White Skinned Red Haired People in 2 or 3 Separate Areas who were Here Before The Dark Skinned Maori Arrived. They were Shorter People .My Maori Ancestor was a Giant Bigger than a Normal Size Man. but Yes White People .The Evidence has been destroyed by Native Maori ,And Some Europeans To Cover up the People who were Here Before.

  • corey teamer
    corey teamer 15 days ago

    Look at youvtrying tovadd white people in flat out ur are aliens that envaded Came out the water and the mountain

    • Hyena Chief
      Hyena Chief 13 days ago

      Yaccub story is true it was one of us who got infected or purposefully created a germ to destroy us 🤔🤔🤔 by way of other more advanced beings 🤔 just like to it’s a germ in our community that’ll see their souls for 3min of fame 👍🏾😬😬😬 but what’s messed up is at the end we suffer way more than they gained 👍🏾

  • DannyBoi22uk
    DannyBoi22uk 15 days ago

    This guy ain't been to england clearly

  • Mythophrenicus The Kekistani Satyr of Mantique

    LoL go to Atlantean Gardens channel.... whites in west pyramids of China, Viracocha, cachapoya, in Peru, and a population in New Zealand before Maori from Persian India... ultimately the Clovis of North America from Spain....

  • MaxB6852
    MaxB6852 16 days ago

    The lost white race were related to Michael Jackson

  • GFC JR
    GFC JR 16 days ago

    He should talk about the bs story that Africans were the first Native Americans.

    • GFC JR
      GFC JR 15 days ago

      MaxB6852 and you believe that? Lmao there was thousand of different indigenous languages spoken all over America. I highly doubt a tribe spoke “Hebrew”

    • MaxB6852
      MaxB6852 16 days ago

      When Europeans went to America explorers discovered some tribes that spoke Hebrew.

  • John Koemans
    John Koemans 16 days ago +2

    Eskimos do not like the name eskimo . I know this from greenlander " eskimos " . ( in Denmark )

    • Angela Blackthorne
      Angela Blackthorne 13 days ago

      John Koemans It's "First Nations" in Canada, like Americans say "Native American", unless you know the specific tribal name.