A Theory You've Never Heard Of | Michael Robinson | TEDxUniversityofHartford

  • Published on Nov 10, 2015
  • The Hamitic Hypothesis was a 19th century anthropological theory that claimed that humans originated in Asia and then migrated to other regions of the world. The theory was used to explain the discovery of so-called “white races” in Africa in the late 1800s. The Hamitic Hypothesis was not simply a curiosity of anthropological science. It was an idea that changed lives: from those European colonists who relied upon it to justify their presence in Africa, to the scientists who used it to explain away the accomplishments of African civilizations as a result of “white” influence. Ultimately, the Hamitic Hypothesis anchored a global theory of human origins and migration that, when combined with the Aryan race theory, shaped anthropology, colonial policy, and even the attitudes of Africans themselves for a hundred years.
    Michael Robinson is a historian of science and exploration at the University of Hartford. He is the author of "The Coldest Crucible: Arctic Exploration and American Culture." His new book The Lost White Tribe: Explorers, Scientists, and the Theory that Changed a Continent" comes out with Oxford University Press in December.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

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  • ryublueblanka
    ryublueblanka 21 hour ago

    Leave it up to white folks to do what white folks do lol I know some white native Americans too! Hahahaha

  • Vulcan Princess
    Vulcan Princess 22 hours ago +1

    does this coincide with the idea (idk the historical data or anything) about ancient egyptians having different skin tone than modern?

  • TheStraightPath
    TheStraightPath Day ago

    Have you never learned or been told that Eskimo is a derogatory word and a major insult to the inuit and northern peoples? Do some homework friends.

  • Micro Piggy
    Micro Piggy Day ago +1

    If people bothered watching the entire video before commenting, they would understand that these 'stories' of white tribes were used as an excuse for European colonization, and the speaker was not promoting the Hamitic Hypothesis...

  • Avery Gaddis
    Avery Gaddis 2 days ago

    This is nonsense.

  • RedDoorYoga
    RedDoorYoga 2 days ago

    He claims that Darwin and Lyell thought that the earth was hundreds of thousands of years old. That's just wrong. Darwin knew that the earth was at least hundreds of millions if not billions of years old ("in the first edition of his Origin of Species, he estimated that it took 300 million years to erode the Weald, a chalk deposit in southern England (Hallam, 106; Lewis, 25)"). Lyell was less specific, but his work suggests similar conclusions.

  • Steve W
    Steve W 2 days ago

    They're waiting for it snow in Bradford , UK.. so they can count the population..

  • Lorena Songcayawon
    Lorena Songcayawon 2 days ago


  • Walter Urban
    Walter Urban 2 days ago +3

    Arctic region, Less sunlight, lighter skin tone. Equatorial region, More sunlight, darker skin tone.

  • Stephen Wilkins
    Stephen Wilkins 3 days ago +1

    If only you knew the real world we live in then you might be able to understand but we are being lied to every minute of every day. Do your own research and dig deep and you well know the TRUTH.

  • kermitefrog64
    kermitefrog64 3 days ago +2

    We are all related. There is great diversity in the human genome.

  • Anatol Rudolph
    Anatol Rudolph 3 days ago +4

    I was prepared to condemn this for the obvious racism. I'm glad I did not, and instead waited for him to explain to the end. The damage caused by this idea is immense. I hope that we can move past racism, and it's cultural underpinnings sooner rather than later.

  • Chris Howe
    Chris Howe 4 days ago +2

    I don't know about any of the other people mentioned here but here in Japan, the Ainu do not in any way resemble caucasians. That is a completely false statement.

  • Nicholas Nelmsoverholtzer

    I've never heard of lots of theories

  • sigma six
    sigma six 4 days ago

    It's never been scientifically demonstrated that any 'species' changed into another species over time...

  • daBreakdown 1
    daBreakdown 1 4 days ago

    Debate me anytime,race history just not spelling bull shi€ English is the language I wipe my a$$ with

  • Proxbi McGinley
    Proxbi McGinley 5 days ago

    Lush lands brought the lazy together. As population increased, supply decreased, mutative higher intelligence prevailed. Primal dominance with higher mutative intelligence overused resources causing famine, the strong organized religion to law the weaker into servitude. Some left went elsewhere to cooler less sun driven climates, mutative skin color ensued. Looks and skin color happened through dominance and intelligence. Being in cooler climates forced brain function to advance quicker for survival, that in turn reintegrated back into revisitation of origination. That cycled many times.developing genetic maps of our existence.

  • Dr Fax
    Dr Fax 5 days ago +3

    utter bollocks. in my humble opinion.

    • Sssthpok
      Sssthpok 3 days ago

      delete the word 'humble'....

  • Jason Wessel
    Jason Wessel 5 days ago +1

    Evolution has been proven wrong many times.

  • Hoda Haddad
    Hoda Haddad 5 days ago +2

    Choclate n brown skin people are real humans who have lived on earth from the start n blonds with blue eyes are wonderful aliens who discovered the earth long time a go both are wonderful n lovable races n all are well-known humans nowadays so be friends together cause we all are more wonderful together

  • Wajahad Khan
    Wajahad Khan 5 days ago +1

    Conclusion: Racism was born as a medieval interpretation of biblical stories trying to explain the existence of white people outside Eurasia, and later as a theory of sons of Noah conquering supposedly less advanced or developed races.
    Makes me think: if less advanced races survived the Great Flood, why would Ham be more advanced?

  • Shawn Williams
    Shawn Williams 6 days ago

    The flood never happened

  • The name is Forever
    The name is Forever 6 days ago

    Damn Satan, your fuckin on one, what drugs are you taking because that swirl Map is off the the fuckin rocker! Satan created that map that's a swirl! This world makes absolutely no sense

  • Brian Swan
    Brian Swan 6 days ago

    Wow very interesting that explains the logic behind a lot of illogical actions done by people in the past. In short he was saying that people will see what they want to see...

  • Robert Peace
    Robert Peace 7 days ago +5

    A lot said about nothing. After the great cataclysmic event humanity where ever they found themselves, had to just struggle for survival!

  • Kriffing_schutta
    Kriffing_schutta 7 days ago

    I mean the idea that modern races would have evolved from certain races invading and pushing out, or breeding out another isn't crazy. It's absurd to use it to explain the existence of a secluded group of lighter skinned people, obviously. But that IS exactly what happened to the Neanderthals. Really makes ya think, what other kind of people could have existed and were lost to history.

  • Christopher allen
    Christopher allen 8 days ago

    look so you want to sell a book? let me give you an idea of what will sell....suddenly jake realized if the oceans were rising and the polar ice was melting that water in its liquid state weighs more than water in a solid state so the increased activity of to Pacific ring of fire was explained but then he realized with the increase in seismic activity Yellowstone, which was very unstable would blow .his head raced since the emissions we released don't reach the upper atmosphere, then his stomach sank this effect was irreversible ..nuclear winter he exclaimed, as he reached for his phone to call neman-marcus to buy 20 wool jumpsuits and see if they could ship 1 ton of moose jerky, today.. there you poor commercial clown still trying to prove where we are from and not looking ahead to where greed is taking us...government brainwashing 99% effective ...

  • Imrite Hurr
    Imrite Hurr 9 days ago

    whilst its true that white European explorers, missionaries, colonialists, historians, archaeologists and people in general suffered debilitatingly from racism and let it affect their view on all things, places and non white people they encountered. There's another strong possibility; that Stanley did in fact see white people. Could it be that they were descendants of "remainers" from the European continent, for example, the Portuguese merchants/explorers who'd come to Africa in the 15th or 16th century and heard about kingdoms with abundant supplies of gold like Great Zimbabwe and ended up stranded in different parts of the continent . Perhaps they could also have been descendants of free, runaway or formerly enslaved white European people, who had made their way from the North or Arabia, bearing in mind that Spain is just across the water from the Barbary coast and the Arabs had ruled it for hundreds of years. Maybe they might have been the descendants of ancient Romans and Greeks that had studied in Egypt and then migrated inwards in to the continent and settled there? Stanley probably lied for clout or was mistaken but Im just saying, there are other plausible possibilities.

  • handyjerseyguy
    handyjerseyguy 9 days ago

    The Earth will always be a mixing pot. But the moon still stands as the only place only whites were lol.

  • Fox2faX
    Fox2faX 10 days ago +2

    and the Congo genocide by the belgium king?

  • bligz
    bligz 10 days ago


  • Monte Williams
    Monte Williams 11 days ago

    The Anunnaki were quite the artists.

  • cinnamonstar808
    cinnamonstar808 11 days ago +1

    3:18 lol 5 second on Google will dispute that.

  • fred ochoa
    fred ochoa 11 days ago +4

    It's Albinoism.

  • Uba D Tmar
    Uba D Tmar 11 days ago +2

    maybe it's just a case of Albino. Human Genetics tells a different story. Cultural History are always laced with many interpretations and Observation. You said it in this talk, Stanley said, " I presumes it is Dr Livingstone", if he presume Livingstone his contemporary. He must have also assume a Theory on Hamitic people.

  • Lucio Rob
    Lucio Rob 12 days ago

    A pitbull is not mentally superior than a German Shepard or golden retriever, it’s only primitively more aggressive.

  • Lorenzo Garcia
    Lorenzo Garcia 12 days ago

    I lost him when he started to talk about Noah's ark. I thought Ted talks didn't allow magical or supernatural topics but scientific ones.

    • Lorenzo Garcia
      Lorenzo Garcia 7 days ago

      @Jeremy L Name calling! Interesting behavior!

    • Jeremy L
      Jeremy L 12 days ago

      haha magic wins buttercup snowflake

  • Jeremy Williams
    Jeremy Williams 12 days ago

    19th anthropologists caucasity biased theory diminishes cultural history of “savage” cultures Ok. I’m shocked. J/k this is like the most typical thing ever.

  • Onile Ngozi
    Onile Ngozi 12 days ago +2


  • Simeta Richard
    Simeta Richard 12 days ago +1

    am tutsi , and we dont believe to have come out of africa, we came from egypt and its in africa
    it was belgium propaganda of divide and rule, who were teaching hate

    • Evanna Allen
      Evanna Allen 8 days ago

      Egypt = KEME = INCA = CAIN
      Babylon = Babel = Abel
      Atlantis = ATLA = Antartica

  • Mai-Liss Amundsen
    Mai-Liss Amundsen 13 days ago

    Very interesing

  • The Last Spartan
    The Last Spartan 13 days ago

    research, beasts of the fields and what color Adam was ( hint he was made in gods image and as we know Jesus Christ is white see revelation 1:14) and how God chose Noah due to him being perfect in his generations, which reached back to adam, so Noah was white as where his 3 sons and their wives where, and logically his sons and wives must have been white otherwise there would have been no logic to picking Noah due to him being perfect in his generations.
    and yes history proves the white race is more advanced than the other races, and my evidence is a simple question, who built the modern world over the last 400 years ???

  • Patricia Kolodney
    Patricia Kolodney 15 days ago +2

    This theory or myth helps explain apartheid!

  • vitt bris
    vitt bris 15 days ago +4

    Brilliant thinker. The Magoo hypothesis is beautiful

    REAL TRUTH 15 days ago

    Either you are Evolving with a Superior Memory or NOT , I trained TECH's for 40 + years and There are no Favorite's , I could work in 4 departments and still go Back to bone density and do a system a DAY when one a week was The Norm...Just ask the Chinese tour group who was Upset I did 3 systems at a TIME ( Good bye AMERICA) ... Man is Moving on through the 9 HZ Frequency change but I believe Something is Holding Most back , Don't Care , My idea of I Got mine Get yours is about a Personal GOAL !!!

  • Girum Genene
    Girum Genene 15 days ago +1

    5.36 Hi Robinson, I hear when you say ´´gimbare gara`` which means in ethiopian language in amharic, tigrigna and Gee`z it called the front mountain, and these soldiers usually They wear a traditional white cloth made of cotton called `shema`

  • Esquire The Shield Barrier

    I’m starting to see them pop up in Brooklyn, NY and other neighborhoods around too!!! This is no joke guys!

  • Der HerrDirektor
    Der HerrDirektor 16 days ago

    Just waisted my time. This man is doing the exact same thing. Mr Magoo himself.

  • Hay Suse
    Hay Suse 16 days ago +7

    Please listen to the whole Talk [before you comment] it is very informative.

  • Elvoray Bane of the Darkness

    Here is a theory that you never heard of.... CNN is a news organization.

  • Ed Mccurdy
    Ed Mccurdy 17 days ago

    The reason ancient man moved and carved stones with little or no effort smooth surface tight stonework no mortar .well actually the past is the future we look ahead and think it happened long ago but actually happened not 85 ad but 3085 ad for example. We're in the middle time continuum where different dimensions overlap. We see what we resonate. It seems some are advanced and some are not. The are nots live less astute suffer physically no light body no speed light travel.i see plants trees other forms take on face like forms communicating and protecting us. I'm an older soul and my guide sent me to earth to help learn love and go to earth 2 paradise which is large a few hundred light years from here. So I hope that clears up some wonders earth persons have I'm at hotmail Facebook etc if anyone thinks I'm real thankyou

    • Jeremy L
      Jeremy L 12 days ago +1

      @Ed Mccurdy can i get your drug dealers number!?

    • Ed Mccurdy
      Ed Mccurdy 17 days ago

      Also we have no need for transportation food clothes shelter jobs for income.etc as a light being. Pure love entities move at super light speeds go through mind matrix forms and imaginary substances inserted to provide fuel. No need my friends. You'll be too busy in billions of space whizzing around and no rest necessary. Some entities find it repeatville so they sign up to Earth.16638 Quazar Thelonan350 Gamma.etc. Earth has long wait list you earn to come here due the fact past memory removed. Some like me need old memories but most are temp easement ok later guy girl etc

  • kewl vibe
    kewl vibe 17 days ago


  • CyberNerd1000
    CyberNerd1000 18 days ago +3

    Great talk on one of most touchy subject in history. Well done!

  • Piroska Sandor
    Piroska Sandor 18 days ago

    3 SONS - yet we have a myriad of languages, very distinct highly varied genetics. Im hoping to hear a talk on that?

  • changamanga100
    changamanga100 18 days ago

    To more than half the world, the Hamitic Hypothesis is still true and they see the world from that perspective of races & colors and that includes many in the West.

  • Jules AndMatt
    Jules AndMatt 18 days ago +7

    Had my full attention until he started proposing his "provisional hypothesis" in which he sums up Stanley's life work to a major bias as a result of being lonely. Now that's a stretch if I've ever heard one

      WHITE DEVIL 12 days ago

      I have noticed that all of these presenters on Ted take creative license. With no proof what so ever.

  • Marcus Handley
    Marcus Handley 19 days ago


  • RR SS
    RR SS 19 days ago

    So wrong

  • Sanguine Shade
    Sanguine Shade 20 days ago +5

    want to see racism of every flavor and color? come to you tube, read the comments lol. thanks for the upload. peace all :)

  • Juliery Atim Nockrach
    Juliery Atim Nockrach 20 days ago

    I wonder if somebody has done research on why humans resemble sea creatures.

  • Q Tuttle
    Q Tuttle 20 days ago

    Ok that is a stretch. Don't you even believe he could have been right? In fact how can he be so blind and yet still be an explorer? You do have to be capable of seeing where to place your foot when you walk. Saying people stretch the truth is an understatement. In fact people believe in evolution even though they are missing the fossils to prove evolution. However the fossil record that does exist shows genetic manipulation and zero missing links. All different animals that can not bread where created separately. Procreation is the key. Combined with the missing transitional species, procreation proves that someone or something has changed life into it's many different forms in increments and not the indefensible evolution theory.

  • Carl Burgin
    Carl Burgin 20 days ago

    What did you find on that mountain?

  • hammer untruth
    hammer untruth 20 days ago

    the idea of the nation state caught on in africa really as we speak there are or have been 20 dictators that are or have run african nations ,this number does not include thee number run by the military which from past to present includes the following : Algeria (1965-1976; 1992-1994)
    Benin (1963-1964; 1965-1968; 1969-1970; 1972-1975)
    Burkina Faso (1966-1980; 1980-1982; 1982-1983; 1983-1987; 1987-2014)
    Burundi (1966-1974; 1976-1979; 1987-1992)
    Central African Republic (1966-1979; 1981-1986; 2003-2005; 2013-2014)
    Chad (1975-1979; 1982-1990)
    Ciskei (1990-1994)
    Comoros (1999-2002)
    Democratic Republic of the Congo (1965-1997)
    Republic of the Congo (1968-1969; 1977-1979)
    Côte d'Ivoire (1999-2000)
    Egypt (1953-1956; 2011-2012; 2013-2014)
    Equatorial Guinea (1979-1992)
    Ethiopia (1974-1987)

    Zairean President Mobutu Sese Seko
    The Gambia (1994-1996)
    Ghana (1966-1969; 1972-1975; 1975-1979; 1981-1993)
    Guinea (1984-1990; 2008-2010)
    Guinea-Bissau (1980-1984; 1999; 2003; April 12, 2012 - May 11, 2012)
    Lesotho (1986-1993, 2014)
    Liberia (1980-1986, 1990-1997, 2003-2006)
    Libya (1969-1977; 1977-2011)
    Madagascar (1972-1976)
    Mali (1968-1992; March 21, 2012 - April 12, 2012)
    Mauritania (1978-1979; 1979-1992; 2005-2007; 2008-2009)
    Niger (1974-1989; 1996; 1999; 2010-2011)
    Nigeria (1966; 1966-1975; 1975-1976; 1976-1979; 1983-1985; 1985-1993; 1993-1998; 1998-1999)
    Rwanda (1973-1975)
    São Tomé and Príncipe (1995; 2003)
    Sierra Leone (1967-1968; 1992-1996; 1997-1998)
    Somalia (1969-1976; 1980-1991)
    Sudan (1958-1964; 1969-1971; 1985-1986; 1989-1993; 2019-present)
    Togo (1967-1979)
    Transkei (1987-1994)
    Uganda (1971-1979; 1985-1986)
    Venda (1990-1994)
    Zimbabwe (2017-2018) take note that these do NOT occur only once. So tell me AGAIN about the African people and their love of the nation state ? Get your god damn facts right!

  • Darren Brown
    Darren Brown 20 days ago

    Mane u crackas alwys tryin to take credits fo everthing. Daumn.

  • mike .D
    mike .D 20 days ago

    A very disrescrtful TED talk. The diversity in Africa is a misnomer, it is all in N Africa !

  • skyflyer
    skyflyer 20 days ago

    So white people have always been taking over land from brown people and I've always been a problem that's the summary

  • fred muckl
    fred muckl 21 day ago

    How can it be a myth after they dna tested an egyptian mummy and found it was caucasian?
    There are even pictures and statues of caucasian Samurais and the list goes on with depictions of caucasians all over the world in a time where supposedly none should have been there.
    Native americans history tells about red headed human giants and they even found mass graves of them.
    Why is it that mainstream wants to burry that? Whats so bad about it? Do we even have science anymore on this planet or is it all about preserving the status quo?

  • Michael Tofas
    Michael Tofas 21 day ago

    Perhaps certain "white" tribes where at the edge of the great flood and where able to migrate to high altitude plateaus that had survived the flood and ended up flourishing there while also mixing with other native tribes that had also survived the flood! Theories of the flood suggest that the asteroid that caused the waters to turn in to tsunamis that flooded lowland areas did eventually face resistance from high mountain escarpments and many parts of Africa are at a high altitude!

  • David Jankowski
    David Jankowski 21 day ago

    Land of White Death ! That’s the Arctic book to read

  • Games & Entertainment Animator & Fiddler

    Great explanation of the Hypothesis. I hope Professor Robinson keeps in mind that we in this moment are still subject the the selective blindness that affects all humans in all places and times. We keep thinking our generation is the pinnacle of creation, that every generation *from the slime to us* has been struggling and striving toward brilliance. By that view, if you wind the grand clock backwards a few millennia, you would find people with less and less cognitive ability, until at some point in fairly recent history, humans would just be learning to excavate their nostrils with those finger thingies.

    Actually there's a lot of evidence - especially with the growing embrace of the so-called Smart Phone - that our technology is making us evolve BACKWARDS, with now two generations thinking they've achieved Nirvana now that they can communicate in pigeon English with their thumbs. >;ºp

  • S 93
    S 93 21 day ago

    White people wanna rewrite history over in over because they know noahs kids where african but white lol

  • David Barrett
    David Barrett 21 day ago +1

    White lies or lies

  • Qwiet Ryott
    Qwiet Ryott 21 day ago

    White Mexicans, it's a Real thing.

  • J Comper
    J Comper 22 days ago +1

    Here is a problem with the Noah story.
    We have Asian race, European race, African race etc...
    Which race was Noah?

    • El MEACHAM 3
      El MEACHAM 3 20 days ago

      Noah was an AFRICAN ALBINO, with three African sons that went in different directions and mingled with the unknown to create other types of races(beings).... emotions hides the TRUTH... but TRUTH always conquer..

  • Terrance Wilson
    Terrance Wilson 22 days ago

    IT could have been a mental proclaimed perception dictated by the high altitude or hallucinate conceptions where upon racial differences were entrenched in his mind by preconceived notions ideas fed too him through biblical verses in genesis. People's minds generate false conclusions of race and complexion.And then when you add the difference in climate as Sir Stanley or Livingston were subjected to as explorers of such a vast continent they were bound to suffer from the Mr.Magoo effect. Then again Africa or African its countries borders boundaries even the name are all invented by white people. And again Africans have been influenced by the so-called whites as they perceive themselves as a dominant race which could carve out a whole continent and along with the people whom inhabit it as well other inhabitants. And do it again and again until who knows when people will efficiently come to realize the depth of their own heart mind sole purpose to will their own power too best fit their own initiative and not that of outsiders or which see themselves or others as outsiders based solely on information they receive from whites. They are all false constructs.

  • Rolando Rich
    Rolando Rich 22 days ago

    Great video great talk.

  • richard smith
    richard smith 22 days ago +3

    13000 years ago a colonial type empire is at its peak, trading throughout the world with small numbers of its people in every corner of the world. Port cities would be key infrastructure with a people dependant on it. Dryas event occurs causing rapid sea level rise, all major cities flood, huge lose of population and sea level continues too rise for the next few thousand years preventing the building of ports, ships etc. Sea levels start too level off around 6000 years ago around the time of our first recorded civilisations. Small numbers of survivors from the fallen empire would survive leaving the dna traces we see today. Most underwater ruins 100ft - 400ft underwater date too at least 13000 years ago, before our history books say civilisations began.

    • richard smith
      richard smith 21 day ago

      @Matthew Miller yeah Ive seen some of his work too, clever bloke tbf. I work in construction and I totally agree with a little knowledge it becomes apparent how imposible some of these things would have been with the accepted level of tech we potray humans as having at the time. Thats probably part of the problem, a construction guy says too a educated profesional "this would have been immposible" and the educated guy looks down and smiles an all knowing smile. Good talking too you too, not many free thinkers left

    • Matthew Miller
      Matthew Miller 21 day ago

      richard smith lol, I am the same, can’t figure out why people don’t see the obvious lies, another very good UTuber is Brian Foerester, he does excellent videos, many on South America and he makes it obvious that the idea that these megalithic monuments could not possibly be made by Inca or Maya or Olmec or any civilization we know of. The machining is clear. Anyone who has worked in construction can see it immediately, really anyone who wishes to use common sense can see it. Nice talking with someone who follows this line thanks.

    • richard smith
      richard smith 21 day ago

      @Matthew Miller totally agree its just a matter of time, there is currently a project taking place too map the sea floor by 2030. Unless key information is supressed Im confident we will have all kinds of new discoveries, lost underwater cities etc. Goblecki tepi is an awesome example, have you seen the Lidar scans of the 1000's of abandoned structures spread across south america? They have only covered a small area up too now but the scale of the discoveries, only seen from the air so far are staggering. Another off the coast of Cuba makes me laugh, a city, 650 meters below sea level and "experts" estimate its around 6000 years old 😂 In the same breath they say sea level hasnt been that low for 50-100,000 years. How do they get away with it? Baffles me how more people dont catch on

    • Matthew Miller
      Matthew Miller 21 day ago

      richard smith my thoughts exactly, yes there has been a lot of energy, time and money spent to give us the current academic theory on civilization. It’s quite the rabbit hole to go down to try and find out why. Been chasing this story for many years, I always felt something was missing and now I am convinced that it is not what they say. Goblecki Tepi is to me the ultimate evidence for what you are saying, but there is a great deal of evidence all over the world it is simply misinterpreted. I think the answers to why is going to come out in the next few years, hopefully.

  • Carl Hopf
    Carl Hopf 22 days ago

    well....it's white, like aspirinn, becaause it works. well. well. well.

  • Paulo Forged
    Paulo Forged 22 days ago

    Anyone who can spend the time to climb mountains and research like this is NOT part of the general population. Always consider this fact, most humans will never even be able to look at the rest of the planet with their own eyes we are all subjects of the SMITHSONIAN Historical story.

  • Robert S
    Robert S 22 days ago

    Hog wash thinking - if you ever witness one. Amazing.

  • bible4truth
    bible4truth 22 days ago +1

    Glad that’s all over with. Thanks for saving us Darwin 🙈

  • cdenver
    cdenver 22 days ago +1

    The more people who hate this video, makes me want to watch all of it. People attack truth, so this must be very interesting.

  • Dave Koia
    Dave Koia 23 days ago

    TED= To Entertain Dumbasses !!!

  • David McCain
    David McCain 23 days ago +8

    Now the map of Western Africa must be changed to red for the Chinese invasion!

  • Susan Blood
    Susan Blood 23 days ago

    Simple question: How can it be said that Africa has the longest ' period of evolutionary history'
    If per theory Noah's ark landed somewhere in Asia & all people spun out of it? Or. Even if 'civilization' started near the Tigris & Euphartis river as I was taught in my secular education which declared Noah as well as the flood a fantastic myth? Seems to me their would be similar time periods of "evolution" (a misnomer as humans did not become antelope or antelope humans - just developed more as humans within their own species.
    Just a guess that our genetic make up was was dispersed everywhere. It is just easier to study this in Africa as it is not so widely dispersed geographically.
    I think there are 2 elements of racism in this - none of which speaker is responsible for.
    1) Racial differences were used as an excuse for colonization (greed)
    Think it is interesting that people's of Africa in bygone eras didn't recognize color as much as culture.
    2)already forgot what # 2 is. but will watch video maybe again. There is still a racial fallacy here & more recent existing in theory.
    Seems kind of simple to me on some levels. "White" genes did not adapt to heat very well. So many with genetic make up which were not heat tolerant migrated to cooler climates. This does not make their "evolution" (PLEASE get real & start calling things properly. Human history and variation within species is NOT a change from one species to another. It is only within recent times humans have indulged in gene slicing & possibly altered species.)
    I applaud the author and his observations.
    All based on past empirical observations.
    There is empiracal evidence of a global flood and many more things in the Bible.
    This historic record should not be ignored.
    There is evidence a man called Jesus Christ lived. & died by crucifixion. No evidence this was God's command or he saved anyone by being tortured...
    Truth lies in finding truth
    Stop the lies

  • I eat lefties 4 breakfast
    I eat lefties 4 breakfast 23 days ago +10

    Personally I believe everything we are currently told about life, evolution, creation and the origins of the different races on earth is completely false. We may well have come to earth as fully formed beings from another planet.

  • lion king
    lion king 23 days ago

    ok so after australopithicus afarensis we have a bunch of semi-human races and then neanderthal and then cro magnon. Now many of our ancestors began roaming the world,
    on foot and in makeshift canoes and papyrus rafts. As we moved around we settled in some areas. Then Toba volcano gave us humans a hard time....but we survived in pockets of the earth and then re-started the upward trend in population. Now at 8 billion we need to reduce population fast due to economic forces that slow down progress when we are pre-occupied feeding our fussy cro magnon babies and not using our time & energy to advance ourselves.

  • Edward C. Willis II
    Edward C. Willis II 23 days ago +1


  • Robert Frederick
    Robert Frederick 23 days ago

    The beginning chart said Sem, instead of Shem.

  • Sara Essex
    Sara Essex 24 days ago

    So funny... Charles Darwin was a certified crazy person. Who developed his theory of competition, and it is still only a theory, while on forced sabbatical. Turns out he didn't have a very good experience in seminary School. Read up people history isn't learned in the classrooms it's learned in the books and the grunt work of scholarly Pursuits.

  • Michael Charron
    Michael Charron 24 days ago

    Parks the Ark?

  • Scouter
    Scouter 24 days ago +1

    The compass Stanley used is owned by a gentlemen in Victoria, B.C. Canada.

  • CMG Web
    CMG Web 24 days ago

    "There's no white people at the top of that mountain, man!" Too funny. Good history lesson. So many like this most don't even know are possible, let alone exist.

  • A7Sharp9
    A7Sharp9 25 days ago +1

    After reviewing the video in it's entirety, he's right; this is a "strange hypothesis" from beginning to end.

    • Gary M
      Gary M 22 days ago

      The Berbers, in North Africa are WHITE, and show evidence of never been anywhere else. READ & Learn.

  • Rose Okwelume
    Rose Okwelume 26 days ago

    To understand it you have to understand their intrigues of the melanin skin. That said, African are dark skinned but still with different shades. Some very dark to very light. In Nigeria, the Igbo tribe has many population that are very light skinned and some very dark, very very dark. So coming across them you would think they were white when compared to the very dark onces but they weren't white. If you look in the ancient African maps in the west of Africa it was written on it that some where white and that they keep the Sabbath. Nonetheless, most other races still migrated and settled...intermarrying as well. So when you ever read history books match their narrations with the understandings of the time.

    • Rose Okwelume
      Rose Okwelume 26 days ago

      Even in my country there are lots of differences in our physical appearance, some are very tall with silky curly hair like the Fulanis. The Igbos are mostly light skinned and in general Nigerians are very tall, very very tall that even my 5ft 10 is considered very average to even short. The TVclip tribes are known for their curvy hips and big buttocks. And these differences are seen in one country. Imagine when you study the physical differences of the entire continent. Then theirs the languages, in Nigeria we have more than 200 spoken languages. Africa is interesting and I'm glad we stood the test of the time and are still going strong. My ultimate wish is to explore other continents. The human race is indeed intriguing.

  • Ahmed Galal
    Ahmed Galal 27 days ago +1

    We can also say that those whit trips were slaves under the power of native trips

    • duckvenom
      duckvenom 25 days ago

      right? the original name was "slav". African's in fact enslaved Europeans in the 1300s on the Iberian peninsula. it's just that the establishment has a specific narrative and right now they want europeans attacked so they can destroy that history, then next I suppose they'll attack Asia again.

  • Abiy Michael
    Abiy Michael 27 days ago +1

    Ethiopia is the blueprint of mankind

  • Schpeet Schpoot
    Schpeet Schpoot 27 days ago +1

    5:58 Why should I take seriously anything this guy says, when he thinks the 1800's are the 18th century?

    • Grixon
      Grixon 24 days ago

      Ugh right? Like who tf makes a mistake during a LIVE talk? How hard is it to say the right words?! Show em how it's done schpoot! *drags out soapbox*

    • Anthony Eriksson
      Anthony Eriksson 26 days ago +1

      its a common mistake

  • Michael Runnels
    Michael Runnels 28 days ago

    Michael Robinson (15:32) states "Within Africa is a much longer evolutionary period of time for the human species than outside of it." This statement belongs to a theory of human evolution (Out of Africa) that has been contradicted in the last dozen years by massive studies of DNA around the world. The history of human DNA shows that, on a very basic level, there are two types of humans on earth. They are: 1. Those humans in Africa that have always been in Africa, and 2: Humans outside of Africa. There is a fundamental difference in the DNA of those two groups of humans. The first group, purely African, have no Neanderthal DNA and can trace their lineage as far back as 100,000 years. The second group, all humans outside of Africa, have Neanderthal DNA and can trace their lineage to at least 800,000 years ago. The complete picture of human evolution is certainly not known at this time, but the "Out of Africa" theory that modern humans evolved in Africa and migrated from Africa to the rest of the world, has been shown to be a theory that is not correct. Modern humans were outside of Africa more than half a million years before the migration out of Africa is supposed to have happened.

  • duckvenom
    duckvenom 28 days ago +2

    Imagine basing your whole presentation on what one explorer said hundreds of years ago. Genetics tells us Neanderthal dna is the modern human. Europeans are typically highest levels followed asians who include denisovan. now you look for yourself and find mummies with that dna and red hair in the Americas, Asia, the greater known Egyptian kingdoms, kubla Khan, Muhammad and see for yourself, the land mass and subsequent bridges were significantly different than what we see and are taught about today.
    Just because some tenured professor who is funded by establishment tells you "so-called" and "myth", don't give them the time. DNA mutation occurs at a metered rate and you can reverse it in evolution.
    Sub-saharan Africans have 2% Neanderthals and the Khoikhoi and the San on out to Australian aboriginal populations have less. There is an unknown and older origin for these races, yet to discover.
    All known races are hybrid, none are an origin species.
    The non-northern African tribes as mentioned above have neanderthal dna, NOT THE OPPOSITE. This genetic fact destroys the Out of Africa theory. Establishment pushes this and its not true. They attack you for saying so and a professor of history will lose their livelihood saying that but is perfectly safe pushing and living a lie.
    Humans are more than slaves. Free your mind. They make education boring in hopes you won't want to know.