THIS Is The AMD GPU To Buy Right Now

  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
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    ► Case: Cougar Conquer:
    ► Storage: Samsung 2TB NVME Drive:
    ► Fans: Corsair LL120:
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  • UFD Tech
    UFD Tech  25 days ago +31

    ► Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program

    ► Buy a Vega 56:
    ► Buy a RTX 2060:
    ► Buy a GTX 1660 Ti:

    • David Mclean
      David Mclean 21 day ago

      Hey next time, but up the results so I don't have to rewind.

    • scudlauncherr
      scudlauncherr 22 days ago

      in my country there is used vega 56 still got 2 years warranty for 264 us dollar. Is it a good deal? Searching gigabyte vega 56 on google, there are news of many faulty gigabyte vega 56, is it true? what about power draw?

    • RobotChikens2b2t
      RobotChikens2b2t 23 days ago

      i am busy in high school and i am flipping pcs to make some cash but i am gona take a computer corse so i have a nqualification so i can work at an computer store

    • RobotChikens2b2t
      RobotChikens2b2t 23 days ago

      Hey man love ur vids, i live in south africa also busy building up my beast pc, my dream would be to have a channel like you and be able to get sponsored :} i was just wondering where about u live in south africa , i live in cape town

    • Seb T
      Seb T 23 days ago

      @Gagi why are you so toxic ?

  • Youda00008
    Youda00008 5 days ago

    Anyone else is screaming inside in terror, when he throws the graphic card around at 0:36 ?

  • Wet Werd
    Wet Werd 5 days ago

    Brett, appreciating thr love u getting vega. I wait for a custom 56 with better fan and i can say im happy as im able to do 4k in some games. Thank u

  • Mjr Burn
    Mjr Burn 12 days ago

    If you're bench marking Vega 56 without UV/OC then you're wasting time and putting out basically false performance reports.
    Vega's have always needed to be UV/OC to shine and once done properly kick the snot out of all the cards in this Bench Run...

  • goodling seal
    goodling seal 14 days ago +1

    AVOID THE GIGabyte vega 56 at all cost. Probably the most unreliable card ever made a problem with the vrm makes it crash all the time. Tdp spikes to 400 watts+ and even with undervolting and overclocking still unreliable. Had it for a week an 10+ crashes (blue screens, exit game to desktop, or just black screen requiring power supply hard switch). Im returning it tomorrow thankfully got warranty and im patiently waiting for rtx 2070 super!

  • ignafiltro
    ignafiltro 14 days ago

    Where are you finding this prices, The Vega 56 is around 400 new and used not much less than 300

  • Mohamed _XmFK
    Mohamed _XmFK 15 days ago


  • Tricky
    Tricky 15 days ago

    In the US when I was searching (few weeks ago/month ago)
    GTX 1070 costs around $200
    Vega 56 costs around $210 (STRIX I bought was $250)
    GTX 1070ti was 300

  • Killer Jellybean
    Killer Jellybean 17 days ago

    I have a msi air boost vega 56. I like mine

  • Ryan McMahon
    Ryan McMahon 17 days ago

    Bought a vega 56 off ebay for $202.50. Best value on the market right now

  • osvaldo_a_15
    osvaldo_a_15 17 days ago

    Why was the sapphire vega 56 299.99$ on amazon like 3 days a go and now its 404.99 someone please answer me

  • Mifos
    Mifos 18 days ago

    GTX 1080 (equivalent to RTX 2070) is $300 on ebay now... That's the card to get in this price range. Not to mention Pascal is legendary and an important piece of GPU history at this point. Will only go down more after 7/7 launch. :)

  • Marc simmler
    Marc simmler 18 days ago

    How does it mine though?

  • HydroShot
    HydroShot 18 days ago

    Will the Vega 56 price go down even more when the new navi cards have been out a couple weeks ?

  • sopcannon
    sopcannon 18 days ago

    what about the vega 64?

  • Itamar Blomont
    Itamar Blomont 18 days ago

    Yep i was living under a r9xk

  • LeveL 8
    LeveL 8 18 days ago

    also, do you have cancer?

  • LeveL 8
    LeveL 8 18 days ago

    can you give me a GT 730 please? Im not begging btw

    • LarfG
      LarfG 14 days ago

      LeveL 8 ohh ok thats cool

    • LeveL 8
      LeveL 8 14 days ago

      @LarfG I want to give it to my brother

    • LarfG
      LarfG 14 days ago

      LeveL 8 nice but why tho?

    • LeveL 8
      LeveL 8 14 days ago +1

      @LarfG Nah, I have an RX 570 but I kinda want one...

    • LarfG
      LarfG 15 days ago

      LeveL 8 save up for one lmao

  • Prajesh Santhanakrishnan

    Apparently frys already has a stock of the super cards(pre announcement).

  • Zachary Ybarra
    Zachary Ybarra 19 days ago +1

    Why would you toss the Vega 56 around while talking about it? Its a GPU, not a bouncy ball..? Goodluck in the future discerning such! Also the vega 56 at the TIME of release in the U.S. was not 400. Microcenter has had them on sale for 300 for a while with a game bundle.

  • Dragon Mijovich
    Dragon Mijovich 19 days ago

    Where is VEGA 64

  • ToddtheWadd
    ToddtheWadd 19 days ago

    unrelated. Dose those foam pieces you got on the wall help keep sound out or keep sound in? I see them on Paul's hardware he has a lot of them as do quite a few other youtubers. I'm looking for a reasonable solution to keep sound from entering my home office/gaming room.

  • DeXTeR
    DeXTeR 20 days ago

    Buy new power supply also :)

  • Mike Resnik
    Mike Resnik 20 days ago +1

    i just picked up a vega 56 powercolor red dragon on an open box deal for $209 and i couldnt be happier with it, it does 1440P gaming great, and for that price i really couldnt go wrong.

    • Zachary Ybarra
      Zachary Ybarra 19 days ago +2

      I absolutely love my red dragon. I returned a Strix RTX 2060 for it. It actually has overclocked much better than the 2060 and stay just as cool.

  • Difrent Brothers
    Difrent Brothers 20 days ago

    In Germany is Vega 56 at Mindfactory: 239€ MSI
    Or 269€ for Saphire

  • EvilTurkeySlices
    EvilTurkeySlices 21 day ago

    I just bought a Vega 56, really happy with the performance. Even being a factory overclocked card, mine runs most games almost entirely passively.

  • qtq2tq2t q2tq2t
    qtq2tq2t q2tq2t 21 day ago


  • RISEUP Gamer
    RISEUP Gamer 21 day ago

    The AMD Gpu to get is the RX 570, Change my mind

    • RISEUP Gamer
      RISEUP Gamer 20 days ago

      Yakov gal RX 570 better bang for buck, consumes less power and for the’s close to a RX 580.
      Still can’t change my mind 💂🏾‍♂️

    • Yakov gal
      Yakov gal 20 days ago

      RISEUP Gamer the 580 is tho

  • Mark Thurston
    Mark Thurston 21 day ago

    Around here in the US you can generally pick up a used GTX 1070 for about $190-210 on average. Kind of kills the used value of the Vega 56 here unless you're taking advantage of Vega's better compute abilities and such.

  • reezlaw
    reezlaw 21 day ago

    If I were on the market for a used GPU right now I'd probably be looking at Vega 64s, because I'm not much of a tinkerer (I'm happy with a simple, not too involved overclock). But for people who love to mess with their cards, the Vega 56 is awesome

  • ahmed faruque
    ahmed faruque 21 day ago

    dumb advice. I would buy rtx 2060 in this situation.

  • DiniGamer_YT
    DiniGamer_YT 21 day ago

    Obsolete? :)

  • mall cop
    mall cop 21 day ago

    rtx 2060 279 right now so no vega 56 not worth it at around 240 inless you find one for under 200

  • Tone
    Tone 21 day ago

    My friend picked up one for 239 USD open box from Microcenter couple weeks back. That's one hell of a deal.

  • Carlos Mendes
    Carlos Mendes 21 day ago

    Funny thing is, the difference in performance between vega and 2060 is not that spectacular. One must wonder wtf is nvidia doing greedy bastards.

  • loosingmymemory7
    loosingmymemory7 22 days ago

    I don't get it.. Performance wise and price wise you can grab an RTX 2070 for $433 but a Vega64 costs $499-$650 used... I still get confused on how market inflation works because it seems like it doesn't... RTX 2060 $320 ...Vega56 $299... (disapproving noises).

  • Chucky9999991
    Chucky9999991 22 days ago

    Now if I could trust AMD to fix there drivers in a timely manner.

  • squid face
    squid face 22 days ago

    where I live the vega 56 is by far the best value for money card
    the 64 is pretty good but not as good value as the 56

  • Zenata
    Zenata 22 days ago

    0:47 LIVING UNDER A ROCK because I haven't heard about this random mobile game? These sponsors give the corniest scripts lol

  • Karl the Pagan
    Karl the Pagan 22 days ago

    This is the GPU I will get for content creation.

  • Joe PWI
    Joe PWI 22 days ago

    Yes and if you are lucky and get a Vega56 you can end up with 25% performance bump + maybe even a slight reduction in Power Draw over the Stock card. I managed to do this on 7 out of my 10 Vega56 cards. That's av ery good margin. The OC or rather "Optimization"-Potential of the Vega56 is unheard of and dwarfs any other GPU on the market by far.

  • Simon /Tilim
    Simon /Tilim 22 days ago

    World War Z ist actually a great game!

  • FreeRoamFantasy
    FreeRoamFantasy 22 days ago +1

    How much should I expect rx 590 prices to drop after the release of new chips on the 7th?

    • FreeRoamFantasy
      FreeRoamFantasy 21 day ago +1

      @jon watson if an extra $70 was available in my budget id just spend the extra $120 and get a 2060

    • FreeRoamFantasy
      FreeRoamFantasy 21 day ago

      @jon watson The majority of my budget is going to an R7 2700x and a badass x470 mobo. The nice GPU can come later. i need the threads and performance now.

    • FreeRoamFantasy
      FreeRoamFantasy 21 day ago +1

      @jon watson no the $200 range is like $180 to $220. actually i asked for info on when the people running the channel know when i might see a price drop on the RX 590 and you stuck your fanboi comment about NVidia in there.

    • jon watson
      jon watson 21 day ago

      @FreeRoamFantasy may cost $70 more but Nvidia doesn't really understand marketing, but it's in the $200 range, right? I mean.. that's what you asked for

    • FreeRoamFantasy
      FreeRoamFantasy 21 day ago +1

      @jon watson you obviously havent price checked shit

  • Stefan Milojević
    Stefan Milojević 22 days ago +1

    Reviewing graphics card for pc master race ✔
    Advertising mobile game for dumb younglings ✔
    Must be irony ✔✔✔

  • Mihajlo Jankovic
    Mihajlo Jankovic 22 days ago

    Rtx 2060 or 1080??

  • Ben Parrino
    Ben Parrino 22 days ago

    I’ll be sticking to my RX 480 8GB for a few more years until AMD gets into the Ray tracing game. Let’s admit it you guys, Ray tracing is the future

  • FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Looks like Linus dropped it twice on each side on a table edge.

  • Jordan Course
    Jordan Course 22 days ago

    I recently bought the Ventus RTX 2060 when it released for #15 ( 20$ mail and rebate ) and I considered the Vega 56 but the 2060 was more cost effective and the performance was better " for me ".

  • Keoal Kel
    Keoal Kel 22 days ago

    I got a Vega 64 Strix for 270 euros used.

  • Shaun H
    Shaun H 22 days ago

    This makes me feel like I got an amazing deal on my 1070 at $280 AUD. Which I think is just below $200 USD

  • Orlanzo Telfer
    Orlanzo Telfer 22 days ago +1

    Nah.. I'll put another 50 bucks on it and get a pre-owned 1080 for around 350 on eBay

    • Mad Haze
      Mad Haze 21 day ago

      Exactly , these insane prices are good only good for the used market.

  • duvet
    duvet 22 days ago

    whats the point of this video if you didnt undervolt or overclock it, people are buying it because if you tweak it mildly you're getting a 1080 for £250, what a shit channel this is

  • Demonblade Raven
    Demonblade Raven 22 days ago

    Nah i'll just stay with my MSI Gaming X GTX 1080TI

  • Tamás K
    Tamás K 22 days ago

    happy with my vega64, full water block, reflashed bios with sapphire's facory water cooled bios.

  • Ádám Bezzegh
    Ádám Bezzegh 22 days ago

    Getting an ex-miner 1070 for 300 dollars isnt very good..

  • Kristof Selecz
    Kristof Selecz 22 days ago +1

    We are in the age of super powerful GPU's and no proper games to play :D Ridiculous!

    • adriansaninja
      adriansaninja 19 days ago

      @james jacob look up project cartographer (complete h2 on pc) and el dewrito for H3 (online only) alos be on the lookout for spv3.2 on july 6th (modded H1)

    • james jacob
      james jacob 19 days ago

      @adriansaninja they still have halo 2 online for pc?

    • adriansaninja
      adriansaninja 20 days ago +1

      I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I ended up getting halo 1 and 2 which are both 10 or more years old and not to mention free on pc lol

    • james jacob
      james jacob 21 day ago +2

      no one talks about this. there are no games to play

  • fishes wishes
    fishes wishes 22 days ago

    Aaaaaaa that gpu that I’m gonna buy, brand new. Now the stock might get depleted, I still don’t have enough money, gg

  • JJ
    JJ 22 days ago

    Mobile gaming isn’t real gaming

  • Krispy Toast
    Krispy Toast 22 days ago +1

    I got my vega 56 msi air boost blower card for 130$ I know that the blower cards have a bad reputation but I have under volted and overclocked it alot and managed to get max temps at 75c and a reasonably quiet fan speed I also got kinda luck and got it to run at 1550 MHz at 900mv

  • Michael Garry
    Michael Garry 22 days ago

    Just checked my local new prices, there's about 20% difference between the cheapest Vega 56 to Vega 64. Not sure if its worth it or not to put in an eGPU.....

  • Lubomir Misech
    Lubomir Misech 22 days ago

    I used to have V56 sapphire pulse with Samsung memory oc+uv 133% in cpuuserbenchmark.

  • Mikey Tee
    Mikey Tee 22 days ago

    I still use an HD 7970. 😏

  • Scar9889
    Scar9889 22 days ago

    Love my Vega 56 so far. Especially going from Nvidia to AMD control panel, its so polished and modern.

  • Man Animal
    Man Animal 22 days ago

    I want this but I’m stuck with a GeForce 7300 GT, it can’t run shit

  • Mr S
    Mr S 22 days ago

    Picked up a Nitro LE Vega 56. Super nice and good price.

  • default user
    default user 23 days ago +1

    I recently upgraded to a Vega 56 and a 1440p monitor (had a 1080p). My eyeballs are so happy!

  • Anish 210
    Anish 210 23 days ago

    For me the Vega 56 on Newegg is $269 which is a hard steal

  • Sqausht Suspension
    Sqausht Suspension 23 days ago

    Vega 56 o/b 229.99 with two games .....could not be happier !!!!

  • Chylihia
    Chylihia 23 days ago

    who is that pokemon ? it's vega 56 ! (it's clefairy)

  • Lopsang Lama
    Lopsang Lama 23 days ago

    Its performance in premiere, resolve against 1070 ??