Beats Solo 2 vs SOLO3 Wireless Blindfold Test


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  • UrDead Stop
    UrDead Stop Month ago +1

    Aye im wearing the exact gold 1 you have

  • Raijin
    Raijin Month ago

    Thank you, now I can save £70

  • HaNooo
    HaNooo 3 months ago

    Should have been wireless and sound quality is not why you get Beats. Battery life was tripled in the Solo3 and easy pairing with an iPhone. That's all.

  • Cdek Ibalio
    Cdek Ibalio 3 months ago

    But which sounded better? Which is bassier and produce better overall sound quality? Is it the solo 2 or solo 3?

  • Battery
    Battery 6 months ago +2

    you said the S3s aren’t better in sound. Are they equal or less than the S2s sound

  • David De Anda
    David De Anda 9 months ago

    This guy was probably listening to gay porn

  • jmass89ify
    jmass89ify 9 months ago

    My first beats solo 2 purchased refurbished on Amazon. I just got them today. I know I'm so late

  • pug life
    pug life 11 months ago +1

    So what's better and speak up

  • Jão
    Jão 11 months ago

    this background music sucks bro!!!

  • Julie Cardone
    Julie Cardone Year ago

    Why is he blindfolded one's OVER-EAR the other one is ON-EAR

  • Bläccc Bärt
    Bläccc Bärt Year ago

    So which should I buy?

    • MAJ Plays
      MAJ Plays 6 months ago

      The solo 3's have 40 hours of battery life

    • Auna Breslin gaming
      Auna Breslin gaming 6 months ago

      Lil Dread get solo 2 the ear pad foam is softer than the solo 3 just trust me on this I've tried both

    • Bläccc Bärt
      Bläccc Bärt Year ago +2

      Joe's Gaming & Electronics I just wanna know if the 2 is exactly the same, I don’t wanna pay extra for the exact same product

    • Joe's Gaming & Electronics
      Joe's Gaming & Electronics  Year ago

      +xX H3R0 Xx depends what your budget is.

  • Izaiah
    Izaiah Year ago +6

    “Not because they are the new pair” then he says they usually upgrade when they come out with a new headphone

  • That Guy
    That Guy Year ago +3

    +Joe's Gaming & Electronics Hi joe! you fixed my beats solo 2 and it sounds just like new!!! thank you so much you guys are all amazing!!!!

  • Mr Speedbird
    Mr Speedbird Year ago

    Whats the difference overall?

  • LionHeart
    LionHeart Year ago +1

    This doesn't confirm anything you only tested in in one person you should get the opinion of others too

  • iiEqul
    iiEqul Year ago

    Why is the beats solo 2 moving?

  • Bodhi Haugen
    Bodhi Haugen Year ago

    It's sooo dumb he can feel the cord on his hand in the first one

  • Piero Zizza
    Piero Zizza Year ago

    nice video mate, so basically solo 2 and solo 3 on sound comparison dont changed nothing?

  • Kevin Grullon
    Kevin Grullon Year ago

    If any you guys can answer this but I'll be cool what's beats have better base quality the twos or the threes

  • Ismael Torres
    Ismael Torres Year ago

    Well considering the fact apple is in control of beats of course wired it'd be the same. But wireless (which is the major part of these headphones) is where they're vastly different due to the W1's ability to compress audio through Apple's codecs little compared to the solo 2's, thus making it clearer in Bluetooth. And the solo 3's last more than 3 times the last model, not 2.

  • Samuel Daoust
    Samuel Daoust Year ago +7

    Fake af

  • Pewdiepie 920h
    Pewdiepie 920h Year ago

    if I am on a budget should I get the 2 or 3

  • badderthanyou
    badderthanyou Year ago

    They will sound the same, the same exact drivers are used.

  • Jason Hosein
    Jason Hosein Year ago

    One question, if the beats solo 3 wireless has Chinese writing together with English language at the back of the box, is it real or fake??

  • Carlo del mazo
    Carlo del mazo Year ago +28

    background music man, nice review but barely impossible to listen to the guy talking

    • ZEG 99
      ZEG 99 Year ago +1

      Joe's Gaming & Electronics I think he meant barely possible hahahaha

    • Joe's Gaming & Electronics
      Joe's Gaming & Electronics  Year ago +2

      Carlo del mazo thanks that's good to know.

  • Ben Sisto
    Ben Sisto Year ago +35

    Just advice for future videos, lower the volume for the background music. Other than that, good video. I try to give advice rather than just disliking a video (i didnt dislike)

  • Five Virus
    Five Virus 2 years ago +46

    the fucking wire is on his arm of course he knows which ones which

  • Solomon Myers
    Solomon Myers 2 years ago

    I have broken Beats Solo2s (the battery is dead, but they still work with the wire), and I am trying to figure out what I am trying to do. 1: I would fix the battery, and after that I would get Powerbeats3 (I have been needing a good pair of working out headphones/earphones) or 2: I would sell my Solo2s and buy Solo3's. Which choice do you think is the wisest?

    • Auna Breslin gaming
      Auna Breslin gaming 6 months ago

      Solomon Myers just replace the battery in the solos or just use the wire

    • Joe's Gaming & Electronics
      Joe's Gaming & Electronics  2 years ago

      Sully_ Vlogs depends on how often you use your headphones. I would probably get the power beats since they won't be bothering your ears and such if you wear them for a prolonged period of time.

  • Zack Perez
    Zack Perez 2 years ago

    what is the music in the backround?

  • Everlasting Gaming
    Everlasting Gaming 2 years ago +4

    the gold ones are the solo 3s because they don't have sole 2s in gold I don't think

  • Jeferson Araujo
    Jeferson Araujo 2 years ago +22

    That guy testing is SO HOT

    • Zeek - Noneya Biz
      Zeek - Noneya Biz 7 days ago

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    • Zeek - Noneya Biz
      Zeek - Noneya Biz 7 days ago

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      Zeek - Noneya Biz 7 days ago

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    • Zeek - Noneya Biz
      Zeek - Noneya Biz 7 days ago

      CASHizmoney 3 are you a loser?

  • Winnie The Beast
    Winnie The Beast 2 years ago

    The solo 3 has more bass.

    • IRep Envy
      IRep Envy Year ago +1

      Winnie The Beast hell no the solo 3 has basically no bass for me had to exchange them for studios

    • Joe's Gaming & Electronics
      Joe's Gaming & Electronics  2 years ago +11

      Winnie The Beast not true.

  • Dany Quirion
    Dany Quirion 2 years ago +2

    would be good if it wa on the right side

    • FLA Boi
      FLA Boi Year ago

      Joe's Gaming & Electronics if you would have gave him the solo 3's first instead of the 2's

    • Joe's Gaming & Electronics
      Joe's Gaming & Electronics  2 years ago +1

      Dany Quirion what?

  • Josh Vlogs
    Josh Vlogs 2 years ago +17

    i am enjoying my solo 3 they are amazing
    for your next video do the 1st beats studio vs solo 1

  • Crazy 77
    Crazy 77 2 years ago +155

    Wouldn't it be better to listen to them wireless, given the fact that's why people will be buying them for.

    • Happy Cupcake
      Happy Cupcake Year ago

      what is hengis?

    • Joe's Gaming & Electronics
      Joe's Gaming & Electronics  Year ago +2

      Cre8ive king Beats the 2008 speakers are not as good as the new one.

    • Cre8ive king Beats
      Cre8ive king Beats Year ago +1

      +Bass Junkie actually no I bought mine because beats sound the best as far as for hip hop music it has that bass that at the time they came out wich was 2008 no one made headphones that were eq'd JUST FOR HIP HOP now other headphones do now and better and for other genres of music this is the honest truth

    • Cre8ive king Beats
      Cre8ive king Beats Year ago +1

      Oh yeah and people really think the beats they have in displays really sound the same on your phone 👎 u thought wrong they probably have extra eq's on the displays so people will by them think I'm wrong if u have beats already go in Walmart listen to the songs they have on display and then listen to the same songs on your bet they don't sound the same

    • Cre8ive king Beats
      Cre8ive king Beats Year ago