MYSTERIOUS Things Found In The Mountains!

  • Published on Aug 18, 2017
  • Check out these mysterious things found in the mountains! From strange and bizarre objects to unsolved mysteries, this top 10 list of unexplained discoveries will give you the chills!
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    9. Untersberg Portals
    On the German-Austrian border, amid the Berchtesgaden Alps, lies the Untersberg Mountain. It is one of the most mysterious mountains in the world. Legends tell of Roman emperors buried in deep tombs, lost civilizations living in chasms, and strange beasts prowling its forests. Supposedly, who was mesmerized by the occult was obsessed with these mountains.
    According to yet another legend, he built a house on a neighboring mountain and observed Untersberg through telescopes. Whether he saw anything is unknown. Visitors to the mountain, however, report missing time and waking up on other parts of the mountain. Sometimes, the distances involved are extremely long and could not possibly have been traveled during the stretch of missing time.
    There are many theories ranging from alien abductions to time warps, to portals to other worlds. Skeptics, though, suggest that the people who experience these things are really ill, dehydrated, or somehow fell asleep as they walked. Austrian writer Stan Wolf claims to have found places on the mountain where his watch ran faster than other places. He also claims he found men living in a cave who told him they were soldiers who hadn’t aged a bit over the decades. Pretty spooky to me!
    8. The Creatures of Mt. Nyangani
    Mt. Nyangani in Zimbabwe has a chilling nickname: the “Swallowing Mountain”. It gained its name because of how often people disappear while climbing it.
    According to local tradition, Mt. Nyangani is a sacred mountain inhabited by ancestral spirits. It’s also said to be haunted by evil spirits and other supernatural creatures. Locals warn that if travelers come across a colorful snake, a pot with no fire, or a brick of gold, then it’s best to ignore those things and move on. Also, mischievous spirits are said to push people off ledges.
    Visitors often report feeling dizzy, disoriented, and nauseous. They also report strange sounds, lights, animals that follow them, and trees that twist into human faces and whisper. There are even rumors of streams that turn a blood red.
    In November 2014, 20-year-old British explorer Thomas Gaisford set out alone to explore the mountain. He intended to reach the summit that day and stay overnight. Later, he claimed a thick fog descended during the climb, which disoriented him. Heavy rain began to pour. He decided to camp where he was and wait for the weather to clear. In the surrounding darkness, various creatures appeared to circle him. This gave credence to warnings from locals, who told him to ignore any strangely behaving animals.
    Gaisford waited ten hours for the fog to clear. When it did, he left the mountain as fast as he could. Others, however, discount his story and say he was dehydrated and had imagined it all.
    7. Snarly Yow
    Snarly Yow sounds like a Pokemon but it’s actually a mysterious giant black dog sighted on South Mountain in Maryland. Most sightings occur at a places where the old National road cuts across a brook and canyon. Some have compared Snarly Yow to the British “black Shuck”. The difference, though, is that black Shuck is connected tothe imminent of the eyewitness, an association that hasn’t extended to Snarly. Luckily. Also, witnesses claim Snarly’s coat changes from white to black. One witness described Snarly Yow as a headless, white dog dragging a chain.
    Sightings of this mysterious dog date back to an inn near South Mountain, which was built in 1790. The stories at the time had a common format: travelers passing through would have their horses spooked by a mysterious dog that appeared and then disappeared as soon as the rider was thrown from his horse.
    His penchant for mischief carried over into modern times. Travelers now report that Snarly leaps out in front of cars. The driver will swerve to avoid the animal and crash. As soon as they get out of the vehicle, Snarly growls and bears its fangs before vanishing. And like a typical dog, the creature enjoys simply chasing cars. It also frightens hikers by planting itself in their path and refusing to move. However, it stops short of actually attacking people, which makes it much nicer than the Dwayyo.
    Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

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    The Brocken Specter, and/or the Glory around it, can be seen on almost any mountain, IF weather conditions are just right. The Broken Specter is caused by how low-angle sunlight refracts, just right, through cloudage on one side of a person hiking, casting the shadow of the person onto other cloudage on the other side.
    The Glory is also light refracting, similar to the Broken Specter, through just the right kind of looks like a huge, often colorful aura around a person hiking, usually with the silhouette of the hiker, or sometimes a mountain peak, in the midst of the Glory.
    Yeah...kinda like a spiritual experience!🤓

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    Just looked at Mt Kangtega, Nepal...there’s a big deep shadow, but one can scroll into it...and see rocks like rest of mountain.

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    I am really shocked, what you are telling about Untersberg. I am from bavaria and I hiked a few times to the top of the mountain. Suchs things never happend to me or to friends of mine. And no one ever heard such rumers or storys. NS men in caves??? omg...

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    The patch on the mountain is an entrance to an ancient city inside the mountain.

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    im not the "afraid of the unknown" type..and will take walks in the woods, without a source of extra light, just my walking stick, and me..
    if true... could be very interesting...

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    Ben Macdui - the story teller was in fog and couldn't see anything. He heard crunching sound indicating someone was behind him but the steps were 3 or 4 time the length of his own. If he only heard and couldn't see how did he know how big they were?

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