Doggie Onesie Controls Shedding

  • Published on Nov 3, 2017
  • The Shed Defender can control your pup's shedding, reduce anxiety, and substitute a medical cone.
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Comments • 315

  • Jennifer Alvarez
    Jennifer Alvarez 12 days ago

    I'm getting one for my German Shepard

  • Publius Maximus Manlius

    My dog will just destroy it.

  • Casey Harvey
    Casey Harvey Month ago

    These people were on Shark Tank im watching it right now!!

  • Tara Mayfield
    Tara Mayfield 2 months ago

    Poor dogs!

  • Anna Gady
    Anna Gady 2 months ago

    Goodness gracious...

  • Najla Widyanti
    Najla Widyanti 2 months ago

    It looks like my dog is going to do a freaking 80's exercise.

  • Megan Kawagoe
    Megan Kawagoe 2 months ago

    Anyone else want to see this on a pomeranian?

  • Maddie
    Maddie 2 months ago

    Is it just me or, do they look like little gymnasts from the 80's?

  • JenJen D
    JenJen D 2 months ago

    Would the build up and trapping of fur (maybe more so in shorthair dogs) within the onesie irritate them and make them itchy? Then if they're itchy and scratching themselves with their claws or biting themselves with their teeth, does that ruin the material?

  • Mystic uni- Cat
    Mystic uni- Cat 6 months ago

    My dog will hate this he just hates the weather itself without the onesies

  • Jay cee
    Jay cee 6 months ago


  • oreodoggerr
    oreodoggerr 7 months ago

    That doesn’t look comfortable at all.

    When you get a doggo you have to agree to the Terms of Service. One of the terms is that most dogs shed

  • тea anyone?
    тea anyone? 7 months ago

    *I don't think I want my dog looking like a colorful agent 007 and isn't it strangling them*

  • Nicole Thepuppylover
    Nicole Thepuppylover 7 months ago


  • RA A
    RA A 7 months ago

    Come on this look like a jail for them. I have 95lb Great pyrenee..he shed like crazy.. I comb him daily. Vacuum my house every other days. Even i curse lol but I will not buy that for him..

  • Pastel Moe
    Pastel Moe 7 months ago

    They looj like something like power ranger

  • I love All the cats
    I love All the cats 8 months ago

    The dogs look like dogs but as a humans

  • Arty Today
    Arty Today 8 months ago

    That dog is saying: Look into my eyes, I am gonna hypnotize you and make you wear this. How the hell can you do this to me. Fudge you!!

  • Neighbourhood Kid
    Neighbourhood Kid 8 months ago


  • wahmen respekter
    wahmen respekter 8 months ago

    They look uncomfortable tho

  • SuperStarSophie
    SuperStarSophie 8 months ago

    They look ugly

  • Evelyn Miletinova
    Evelyn Miletinova 8 months ago

    I doubt this would help with shedding, but hairless dogs would probably benefit from one!

  • Feisty Potato
    Feisty Potato 8 months ago

    How will it pee or poop?!

  • shikkakyuu
    shikkakyuu 8 months ago

    i want to see a super gordito perrito wear one of those

  • Emerchi Queen 25
    Emerchi Queen 25 8 months ago

    I think it’s cute and I’d get it for my dogs but they can only were it for a bit becouse they’ll get hot who else agrees

  • Stones_Break_Bones
    Stones_Break_Bones 9 months ago

    you could have fun with a green screen if you got a green one

  • Pallavi Gamne
    Pallavi Gamne 9 months ago

    0:40 the dog looks extremely uncomfortable and sad 🙁

  • kim yoosung
    kim yoosung 9 months ago


  • curious sheep
    curious sheep 9 months ago

    It also reduces your dogs sanity

  • curious sheep
    curious sheep 9 months ago

    My dog would hate me

  • Coin Coi
    Coin Coi 9 months ago

    I feel like that’s a little much, and I also imagine wearing a onesie all day would be hot or uncomfortable.

  • steph
    steph 9 months ago

    WTF? This should be reported for animal cruelty! If you want a dog, you have to deal with the shedding, not torture it for something it can't control. My cat just had to wear a similar thing for ten days after surgery, to protect the suture, and she was absolutely miserable - couldn't walk or lie down properly, tried to scratch everywhere constantly, and when we finally took it off her fur looked terrible, oily and matted with whole chunks rubbed off in some places. The only reason to put an animal into something like this for an extended time is surgery (as a replacement for a medical cone), everything else is abuse!

  • cuddly kitty
    cuddly kitty 9 months ago

    This is so stupid

  • Pug Plays
    Pug Plays 9 months ago +1

    Uh how do they go poop? 💩

  • John Saly
    John Saly 9 months ago

    Awwww! Look at there skinny little legs *dogs:not amused *

  • Cissy Rodriguez
    Cissy Rodriguez 10 months ago

    Poor doggies, ANIMAL ABUSE

  • chevon1920
    chevon1920 10 months ago

    Aww, they probably hate that, that’s terrible and they’ll get super hot on warm days like that.

  • m 1
    m 1 10 months ago

    For me it looks like animal abus🤔

  • PreciousBundlesNursrey
    PreciousBundlesNursrey 10 months ago +1

    DIY how to make your dog sexyy af and give them a mental break down at the SAME TIME!!!

  • Ms Obeyy
    Ms Obeyy 10 months ago

    Or just shed them

  • GalacticWolfGamer
    GalacticWolfGamer 10 months ago

    My dog would tare this apart

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam 10 months ago

    My dog would hate me so much

  • Aziza Melikova
    Aziza Melikova 10 months ago

    The onesie doesn't look comfortable

  • Aries Arisen
    Aries Arisen 10 months ago

    This can like kill a dog

  • racoon crafter
    racoon crafter 10 months ago

    The poor dogs X(

  • vikas20373
    vikas20373 10 months ago +1

    This will trouble the dog and make them uneasy ,very bad idea

  • Julie Aldershof
    Julie Aldershof 11 months ago

    Damn does it bother people that much that dogs shed? Lmao I have 3 dogs they all shed and I just use those sticky rollers before going out

  • Aj Swaggs
    Aj Swaggs 11 months ago

    But it looks stupid

  • Da Holy Unicorn
    Da Holy Unicorn 11 months ago


  • Six PIE
    Six PIE 11 months ago

    That would mess up the way the dogs fur grew. And if you can't handle dog fur on furniture then don't get a dog

  • Løvelyj Gonzales
    Løvelyj Gonzales 11 months ago

    How do they pee or go#2????

  • Alessandra Gretta
    Alessandra Gretta 11 months ago

    i like the animal print one lol

  • BlAnK
    BlAnK 11 months ago

    Ur Dog Is Ready To Go Under Water

  • annabelle whaleborn
    annabelle whaleborn 11 months ago

    orr just not get long haired dogs if you can't even deal with the shedding????

  • Cream-pie [yaoi is lyf]
    Cream-pie [yaoi is lyf] 11 months ago

    They're BOOTIFUL 💖

  • Maža Katytė
    Maža Katytė 11 months ago

    How will the dog go pee and shit?

  • Mafalda leong
    Mafalda leong 11 months ago

    WHY???That looks goss!

  • TheSleepy Witch
    TheSleepy Witch Year ago +1

    **looks at the first dog wearing the onesie**
    **laughs like an idiot**

  • Kaitlin Henry
    Kaitlin Henry Year ago


  • Sunita Padhy
    Sunita Padhy Year ago

    What means shedding

  • Miranda DerpFace Enterprises

    GET ME ALL OF THEM NOW. oh, not the onesies, the dogs.

  • Scoobert Scooby Doo

    Dogs are gonna shed regardless, so if you leave it on for a long time and then open it up, boom! Fur everywhere and some stuck on the onesie, too. If you're living with a dog, shedding is one of the many things you're gonna have to deal with.😜


    But do they make em for mini bull doggies

  • PastelGrave
    PastelGrave Year ago

    A good idea for chihuahuas. All of mine are so naturally cold. They only stop shivering when I sit for a day and sew up a sock sweater for them.

  • Scoobert Scooby Doo

    This does look uncomfortable for some, especially the ones who have a thicker coat of fur than others. I can see the light coat dogs wearing this, could be great during winter to help keep warm.👌

  • Bayleigh Davidson

    What even😂

  • Ana Plays727
    Ana Plays727 Year ago

    Should be called Poochie Onesie XD

  • Katie kat Rules Ok

    I need this for my cat, never mind dog.


    It looks funny a cute on small dogs but it's just odd when it comes to bigger dogs lol

  • Annie Conlon
    Annie Conlon Year ago

    But when it needs to pee... uhhh

  • E l l a
    E l l a Year ago

    Those poor dogs. That looks incredibly uncomfortable and unfair. There are dogs that don’t sched. I have one.

  • Tiger 844
    Tiger 844 Year ago

    What if you don't know it has to go to the bathroom? I guess it will just go in its suit

  • kimani
    kimani Year ago

    Fertility rate of dogs will decline

  • Emily
    Emily Year ago

    Why get a dog if you can't deal with shedding?

  • Foot4ll AJ
    Foot4ll AJ Year ago

    Can I get this for my hair?

  • Fangirl overload
    Fangirl overload Year ago

    If you can't deal with a dogs shedding then maybe you shouldn't have one 🤷‍♀️

  • chocalte diamond 16

    Pitbull: get out my face or I'm getting the gang
    Me: run 🏃👟

  • Corey the wolf rules

    Cute, but my dog would hate me if I put that on him.

  • ScribblyToons
    ScribblyToons Year ago

    When my dog was still alive I brushed out his shedding

  • Choking is a bad fetish

    My dog wouldn't move if he wore this.

  • Clorax Bleach
    Clorax Bleach Year ago

    Honestly the only way that this could be human is the replacement for the cone of shame. But no other way.

  • Ya Hw Li
    Ya Hw Li Year ago

    I can't even imagine how uncomfortable for the dogs this suit is . We humans can't be in a tight jumpsuit for the whole day or whole life, because it is uncomfortable! I feel so sad that we humans are so lazy to even clean up our dog's own fur. The people who buy this for their dogs might as well just not own any at all!

  • Starry Oceans
    Starry Oceans Year ago

    The dog still sheds, all it's doing is making the fallen fur cling on to ur poor pup 😕

  • Nicole Pfefferkorn

    Poor doggo

  • Coco Latte
    Coco Latte Year ago

    Won't the dog get hot in that thing in hot weather

  • lol
    lol Year ago

    So now dogs can be Andy serkis

  • Hey Potatoes
    Hey Potatoes Year ago

    Choose color green and make the dog Jump and Say *IM GAY*

  • Julius
    Julius Year ago

    My dog would bite me and tell me to go to my room. He controls the house and I will get paid less if I don't listen to my dogs commands. He's the king remember? 😅😅

  • Aaliya Khan
    Aaliya Khan Year ago

    Poor doggos

  • Alex x
    Alex x Year ago

    if you can’t deal with your dog shedding hair then wither get a breed that doesn’t shed, or don’t get a dog at all.

  • Aparajita Chowdhuri

    It kinda looks like it's too tight for them....Idk just an opinion

  • m a b e l l i n e

    Awful! It’s just abuse. Shedding is natural! You need to toughen up and deal with it, that’s all! We need to ban this product from all stores!

  • Is Bored
    Is Bored Year ago

    I still hate this 👿

  • Ming MMing
    Ming MMing Year ago

    I'm dying

  • Hannah currier
    Hannah currier Year ago

    So cute, I might even get one

  • Ann Lord
    Ann Lord Year ago

    A dog like that would die I. Australia coz its like 40 degrees right now

  • Alexis Roteer
    Alexis Roteer Year ago

    This is so wrong

  • Whiskey 4
    Whiskey 4 Year ago

    Rebrand to Pawjamas

  • Wendy Lu
    Wendy Lu Year ago +8

    How uncomfortable is that!? Imagine having to wear something like that for the rest of you life.

    • Crystal Ruiz
      Crystal Ruiz 7 months ago

      Depends on the fit...if it's custom made for you it will fit like a globe and might be super comfy....and different fabrics for different weather....tbh, some people wear similar things that even cover their's like a fetish I think, also some people already wear things like that, like body-con dresses, spandex jumpsuits, some swimwear, some fitness apparel, leggings with tight tops, skinny brands with a body-con top, etc. I don't think we would mind.

    • The Friendly Narwhal
      The Friendly Narwhal Year ago +1

      WendyPoo its a substitute for a cone not for theyre whole lives lol

  • Mr ZeroX710
    Mr ZeroX710 Year ago

    How mean