Siege of Vienna & Queen Nzinga - Lies - Extra History

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Writer Rob Rath talks about all the cool stories and facts we didn't get to cover in our two special short series on the Siege of Vienna, and the life of Queen Nzinga.
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Comments • 246

  • Extra Credits
    Extra Credits  Month ago +110

    2:00 - Demonetization sucks. THANK YOU PATRONS!
    7:15 - istanbul was constantinople now it's istanbul not constantinople been a long time gone oh constantinople
    11:07 - the arrival of the Winged Hussars wasn't exactly the same as Rohan answering Gondor's call for aid
    16:20 - Nzinga's controversial role in slavery
    19:25 - what's next on Extra History?

    Recommended reading:
    The Enemy at the Gate: Habsburgs, Ottomans, and the Battle for Europe, by Andrew Wheatcroft
    The Siege of Vienna: The Last Great Trial Between Cross & Crescent , by John Stoye
    Hispanics and the Civil War: From Battlefield to Homefront, by the National Park Service

    Music videos:
    Queen Nzinga:
    Siege of Vienna:

    • Alex The Only
      Alex The Only Month ago

      Journey to the West
      Book of Five Rings and its authors biography
      Ambedkar of india

    • just another nobody
      just another nobody Month ago

      @Dominick Morsell watch a history of paper money

    • TheCringe Kid
      TheCringe Kid Month ago

      can you guys make a series about Romania?

    • Alex The Only
      Alex The Only Month ago

      The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi.

    • AbsolTheLoner
      AbsolTheLoner Month ago +2

      Dominick Morsell watch the episodes on the south sea bubble

  • Jens Kosch
    Jens Kosch 2 days ago

    Sabaton has great Song about Polish Infantry "40:1". It is about another battle of course (The battle of Wizna, 1939).

  • Vampy_Rhombus5006
    Vampy_Rhombus5006 3 days ago

    Congrats on the baby daughter!

  • Giovanni Ripaldi
    Giovanni Ripaldi 9 days ago

    We need episodes about the boshin war! I think that would be an excellent series

  • Mopium Pilon
    Mopium Pilon 17 days ago

    lies, errors, flawes, shit basicly

  • ArkadiBolschek
    ArkadiBolschek 25 days ago +2

    The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth _is_ a pretty interesting subject, with plenty of ramifications for the history of Europe.

  • chavamara
    chavamara 25 days ago +1

    Honestly, Incan Mummy-Kings have dinner together is NOT the weirdest corpse story I've ever heard.

  • Subtle rants
    Subtle rants 27 days ago +2

    Idea for next extra history series. The assassination of Murutala Mohammed

  • chavamara
    chavamara 28 days ago

    Thaaaaanks, like I didn't have enough fantasy books I want to read! :P

  • you will never find out

    Machiavelli ?

  • Peoples Republic of Kurdistan

    Please do Sultan Saladin

  • The SociologistGamer
    The SociologistGamer 29 days ago

    When can we see a proper series on the Great Siege of Malta? What was covered in the Suleiman series barely scratched the surface of one of most fascinating events in history which, much like the siege of Vienna, is often oversimplified as Christianity V Islam.

  • Jonathan Thurlow
    Jonathan Thurlow 29 days ago

    Extra History please do the French revouliton

  • ⲈⲘⲒⳐ ϝᚱⲀ ⱌεᚣⳚϟⲯssέᛇ

    Mamluks, the mamluks needs some shine

  • Samuel Appiah
    Samuel Appiah 29 days ago

    Good breakdown on Queen Zinga, out of all historical channels, you guys are not rigid and you actually use nuance

  • Tarion Marsden
    Tarion Marsden Month ago

    Do a bio on Gustav Mahler

  • Pony4Koma
    Pony4Koma Month ago

    Thank you for adding the stuff about Nzinga's aide to this episode of "Lies". Much appreciated.

    (I was hopping that the episode "Lies" Siege of Vienna was going to be 3 hours long tho.)

  • Олег Козлов

    Just as with girls, you can relieve Vienna from a siege but the only thing that matters is the size of your wings

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Month ago

    When there is a party, it's for all.

  • barbiquearea
    barbiquearea Month ago

    Do the Ming Treasure Fleet.

  • Coolbule 123
    Coolbule 123 Month ago

    Do history of Sculpture techniques or styles , that would neat.

  • The Wrong Time line

    You guys flat out PLAGIARIZED Famine Plot by Tim Pat Coogan. You dont even have the decency to reference his central argument.

  • PhantomGamer28
    PhantomGamer28 Month ago

    Winged Hussars of the Poland Lithuanian Commonwealth, MY PEOPLE!

  • Daniel Geloso
    Daniel Geloso Month ago

    There is a bit of the wall left in vienna near the university

    TKDMIKEP Month ago

    Why didn’t you condemn the Easter Bombing???? Far more Christians died, than is NZ. Why show bias to the religion that was founded by a Pedophile.

  • George Weavers
    George Weavers Month ago

    So glad you mentioned the Winged Hussars and Sabaton :)

  • Jesse Kennedy
    Jesse Kennedy Month ago


  • MJBull515
    MJBull515 Month ago

    Everything is usually more complicated than the synopses events like Vienna usually receive, but the Ottoman Apple imagery was part of their Islam asserting dominance over the world. One should remember the Ottoman Sultans also claimed the mantle of being Caliph of all Islam. He was the theological leader of Islam, the analogue of the Pope, not simply the secular leader of a powerful empire that happened to have Islam as its official religion.

  • echalone
    echalone Month ago

    Hey, greetings fom a Patreon from one of your favorite cities, Vienna

  • Matthew Kelley
    Matthew Kelley Month ago


  • UnitedJupiter
    UnitedJupiter Month ago

    9:35 I’m curious what this mining technique looks like. Anyone have a source for that that I could check out?

  • William Cox
    William Cox Month ago

    The Japanese call that quality of unnatural endurance and persistence Makoto or Ninjo.

  • Alex The Only
    Alex The Only Month ago

    Plz do
    The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi
    Bengal Famines under British

  • Jihoon the Boney Nappy Seo

    Ooooh. First LIVE!!!

  • Stalles
    Stalles Month ago


  • Alex The Only
    Alex The Only Month ago +4

    Plz do
    The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi

  • dragonrykr
    dragonrykr Month ago +1

    So is any legend true?

  • Pontus Ekholm
    Pontus Ekholm Month ago

    Flag and banner art are the reals villains of this show.

  • David Gustavsson
    David Gustavsson Month ago

    In Swedish and I believe (ironically) Danish, Danish pastry is called Vienna bread.

  • Inebolu Balikcisi
    Inebolu Balikcisi Month ago

    A series about Ataturk?

  • Harjawalda
    Harjawalda Month ago

    Both the crossaint and the coffee story are fact. There are documents that some merchants bought coffee from the sacked camp or was granted, and some started to run official coffee houses a couple of years after the siege. The crossaint how it is known world wide is called kipferl and was brought to france suposedly by marie antoinette. I heard the stories about how it was invented way back as a kid in the city museum.

    • KendrixTermina
      KendrixTermina Month ago

      CROISSANTS ARE AUSTRIAN?! Has my whole life been a lieeee???
      Next time someone will tell me that Raclette is actually Danish or something.

  • Sam De Loatch
    Sam De Loatch Month ago +2

    Wow, all of the OG's from extra history seem to be gone.

  • random guy
    random guy Month ago +3

    Hundred Years War:
    Phase 1) Longbows > Knights
    Phase 2) France gets combat bonuses on core territory.

    • Pike
      Pike Month ago

      French Artillery > English Longbows

  • G W
    G W Month ago

    I want to buy something with an extra history logo, but I really don't need another t-shirt. Think we can get some stickers on the shop of the logos?

  • Leroy
    Leroy Month ago

    Nerd City get on this shit.

  • 天吉Mark
    天吉Mark Month ago +1

    20:18 haha nice inca ritual, maybe that's how i can meet my crush after i die

  • The One Millionth Roger

    At some point you guys should do a series on the development of the atomic bomb. Juat putting that out there, very interesting topic.

  • Gödeke Michels
    Gödeke Michels Month ago

    The propaganda of this being a struggle between Christianity versus Islam started way back before the Siege.
    Even Martin Luther gave so called Türckenreden which is how fear speaches against the Turks of the time were called.
    So Kudos for fighting this but it has been long going and is deeply rooted.

  • Michael Ikenwe
    Michael Ikenwe Month ago +1

    Hey Extra History. Great work you're doing. Somehow you still didn't address the mistake of calling Angola a "West African" country. Angola is in South Central Africa. As a non-African, I know it's not a biggy to you but it is to us in Africa when people who should know better Africa don't

  • Максим Ряховский

    At last! Recognition of Sabaton and comments with its lyrics under the every other episode.
    You really should do crossover with Sabaton History.

  • Adrienne Gormley
    Adrienne Gormley Month ago +3

    Looking forward to the series on the Inca. And I had to chuckle at Six DEgrees of Robert Walpole.

  • RT 66
    RT 66 Month ago +1

    I'm deeply excited for the Incan Empire videos since I am 1/2 Peruvian!🇵🇪

  • feh meh
    feh meh Month ago +5

    Nzinga is thought of in that country the same as how Abe Lincoln is thought of in the northern U.S. apparently.

  • TheCreepypro
    TheCreepypro Month ago

    nice to see one episode about both wasn't sure if either was going to get one so to get one big one is nice

  • Cool Shed
    Cool Shed Month ago +1

    Well,at least it not demonitized in my country

  • Dorf von Gaulf
    Dorf von Gaulf Month ago +1

    my question is why didn't you play winged hussars

  • David
    David Month ago

    I am really looking forward to the hundred years war and Joan of Arc on this channel.

  • Timothy Heimbach
    Timothy Heimbach Month ago +4

    "he's on his deathbed!" 17 years later, "well he got better..."

  • Nathaniel Winkelmann

    11:43 because Sabatob doesn't have enough songs about Polish badassness?

  • Shawn Heatherly
    Shawn Heatherly Month ago +1

    Smart to combine the Lies video for the two shorter series.

  • That one bloke
    That one bloke Month ago +21

    Polish infantry: "We're going to win this and have a glorius spread of glory!"
    Polish calvary: "Ima about to overshadow these men's efforts."

  • Mountain Mamma
    Mountain Mamma Month ago

    Hispanucs????? Ahhhhhhh muslimsssssss

  • Frank Harr
    Frank Harr Month ago

    I love me some lies.
    It would be Extra History without a flag SNAFU.
    It WAS Walpole!
    What, no blame baby? You're a brave man! Go take care of that kitten!

  • Andrew LaChapelle
    Andrew LaChapelle Month ago +31

    EC: Christchurch massacre was bad.
    TVclip: HoW dArE yOu PrOmOtE vOiLeNcE!!!
    Nightshows: Christchurch has happened and here are all the details and who to blame.
    TVclip: TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!!!!

    • DCP
      DCP 15 days ago

      nighttime show hosts are more likely to blame whites

    • Legandary Prinny Gamer
      Legandary Prinny Gamer 28 days ago +1

      At this point I'm just wondering when people get,so fed up that they decide to effectively revolt for lack of a better word against TVclip.

  • Gene Younkin
    Gene Younkin Month ago

    I love how clearly excited Rob is about *any* historical topic that he talks about.

  • Ethan Naftalin
    Ethan Naftalin Month ago

    If you're doing the Hundred Years War, you have to talk about the Wars of the Roses too!! They were a direct result of the Hundred Years War.

  • Brendan Risney
    Brendan Risney Month ago +6

    Super excited for 100 years war and Joan of Arc.

  • Brendan Risney
    Brendan Risney Month ago +3

    "We don't talk about people that were... necessarily good. We talk about people that were significant."
    Does that mean we're gonna get a Hitler series?

    • litar
      litar 28 days ago

      @Andrew Farrell All and then some more

    • Brendan Risney
      Brendan Risney Month ago

      @Andrew Farrell True

    • Andrew Farrell
      Andrew Farrell Month ago +1

      Brendan Risney I think the History Channel has basically covered all of that ground.

  • Sire
    Sire Month ago +1

    2nd and 3rd crusades; Baldwin IV and Salahudin please

  • Abdullah Daniyal
    Abdullah Daniyal Month ago +6

    Thanks for being realistic about the fact that some people say it was war between Islam and Christianity but things were much more complicated than that.

  • Nathanael Sallhag Eriksson

    A cool thing on arcitacture would be Leonardo da Vinci and his design of the dome on the cathedral in florence.

    • Greg Mcarthur
      Greg Mcarthur Month ago

      That wasn't da vinci, that was another architect whose name eludes me. It was made before da vinci's time, but still impressive either way

  • Trashthlete
    Trashthlete Month ago +20

    May I suggest the building of the Hagia Sophia or the building of the Forbidden City.

    • Mareth Ravenlocke
      Mareth Ravenlocke 28 days ago

      @Thoughtful Janitor Those desert tiles though. Gotta use 'em for something. Also, now I want to play Civ. >_>

    • Thoughtful Janitor
      Thoughtful Janitor Month ago +1


  • Nathanael Sallhag Eriksson

    I think that it's better to have the 16th century should be
    1600 - 1699

    • Nathanael Sallhag Eriksson
      Nathanael Sallhag Eriksson Month ago

      @Tom 2142 The way english does it now though makes even less sense though. Because you are calling century 1600 the 17th. And that goes for all centuries except the first. So having it be the 1st century be 100-199 means that all centuries' names make sense, with only the first being wierd. As opposed to the reverse. Also, you wouldn't say the 0th, you would Come up with another name for it.
      But also, in swedish we do it by saying 100-talet 200-talet etc. So, pretty much, the 100th years???? I think. But it makes more sence that way.

    • Tom 2142
      Tom 2142 Month ago +1

      Nathanael Sallhag Eriksson then 00-99 is the 0th century? Makes no sense

    • Jeff Benton
      Jeff Benton Month ago +2

      It's definitely confusing to do it otherwise (though I guess it makes sense to have 1-99 be the 1st Century). I just go with "the 1600s"

  • David Windfeldt
    David Windfeldt Month ago +2

    History of the Notre Dame

  • Trashthlete
    Trashthlete Month ago +1

    I absolutely loved the Battle of Vienna series, there’s something specially thrilling about covering a single battle/campaign over a series of weeks.

  • Adam Orick
    Adam Orick Month ago

    Herasy, the winged hussars!!

  • JohnnyLodge2
    JohnnyLodge2 Month ago

    We still use heat to ablate the uterus/sterilize women today

    • JohnnyLodge2
      JohnnyLodge2 Month ago

      @Jeff Benton obviously we use anesthesia though. But once a woman wanted D&C without anesthesia

    • Jeff Benton
      Jeff Benton Month ago

      Ummm... good to know?

  • Acridcesium _
    Acridcesium _ Month ago +4

    Istanbul? Constantinople?

  • Nicolas Reinaldet
    Nicolas Reinaldet Month ago +2

    Sorry for the bad english, it is my second language and i mostly got it from youtube videos.
    Fun fact. Due to the tribes in Brazil, and Uruguay the portiguese and spanish have already heard of the incans before they have actualy find then. What have started a war to get to then, becase everyone know that they were krazy rich, in one of those atenpts a portuguese shipwrecked called Alexio Garcia have lead a small army of 2000 natives from southest brazil by some trails that were colective called Peabiru ( fun fact inside a fun fact Brazil bigest highways were build on top on the Peabiru ) until the reached the Incas, they stoled some gold and silver, by some a mean a lot, but were killed in theyr way back home.

  • biohazard724
    biohazard724 Month ago +2

    Are the Sabaton fans gone? Is it safe to come out now?

    • Tobias Berg
      Tobias Berg Month ago +1

      Artyom Liu

    • Artyom Liu
      Artyom Liu Month ago +1

      BISMARCK IN MOTION! KING OF THE OC- wait, wrong song.

    • Kyle Pietrusiewicz
      Kyle Pietrusiewicz Month ago +2


    • Tobias Berg
      Tobias Berg Month ago +2


  • aslandus
    aslandus Month ago

    I never realized Weekend at Bernies was a documentary of Incan royal traditions

  • TheCheck999
    TheCheck999 Month ago +4

    As a Brit currently living in Vienna, it was great to see the history of the city.

  • Saracen Vex
    Saracen Vex Month ago +2

    George II did actually speak English. It’s commonly thought that his father couldn’t speak English, but after a while into his reign he could speak it quite well (although not fluently). George II did speak English fluently though.

  • Abram Thiessen
    Abram Thiessen Month ago +3

    No Walpole connection to Nzinga?

  • Valknut
    Valknut Month ago

    7:55 You guys said they were trying to take over Europe in your own video about Suleiman

    • Jeff Benton
      Jeff Benton Month ago

      @Aidan What were they trying to do with Vienna if not a springboard for more territory? I like these "lies" videos, but I wished they fleshed out that point a little more.

    • Aidan
      Aidan Month ago +1

      "Trying" and "could possibly have done" are different things. Also, that may have been more suleiman's longer term plans, for a few sultans down the line. The more important thing to them would probably have been having a trade and culture foothold in europe, to get in to that big european political nightmare, y'know?

  • Hisame Artwork
    Hisame Artwork Month ago

    yay more non european history!!!

  • Arturo Reyes Cortez

    Number Five: "Remember the Siege of Vienna? You are welcome, Austria." *The Umbrella Academy's version of Istanbul plays in the background.*

  • Kingdom of The Mandinka

    Can’t wait for the Inca empire

  • Maks Wojcinowicz
    Maks Wojcinowicz Month ago +1

    reason that hussars are in spotlight in the history of siege of vienna is that
    1 Hussars were unstopable back then, if you were on field and saw wings, you runed or you died, this was huge morale thing.
    2 The king was in the unit, and kings/commanders are remembered for victory, not soldiers.

  • LeChauve Souris
    LeChauve Souris Month ago +70

    So. The real question is : how is your baby related to Walpole ?


  • Untrimednes
    Untrimednes Month ago +1

    Imo it's good that the video got demonetized, channels like this shouldn't be encouraged to cover things like that. Bad things happen all the time but only select few could ever get media attention so no matter how horrible someone like extra credits shouldn't be directing people to specific causes. For instance I don't remember seeing a donation links and special mentions to christian survivors of of the Sri Lanka Easter terrorist attack or donation for rebuilding Notre-Dame cathedral to name 2 tragic events from just last couple of weeks.

    • Qamarul Hafiz Zainol Abidin
      Qamarul Hafiz Zainol Abidin Month ago

      ~yes i agree..lets all mention and make donation of the tragic events and deaths that occur all around the world..try do some simple google search and see which group of people suffer greatest destruction and highest dead body count these past 2 weeks

    • Merritt Animation
      Merritt Animation Month ago

      They included it because it was relevant to the series as a whole, because of the whole "Christianity vs Islam" thing surrounding the events. Also the shooter might've directly referenced this event, but don't quote me on that.

  • Oliver Bridge
    Oliver Bridge Month ago +3

    This was interesting. As a Turkish person I particularly appreciate the myth busting regarding the simple "evil Turk/Muslim" stereotype (that said, I'm half British and an atheist), with the emphasis on 'that day's European mindset' and the janissary families aspect. That said I would be very interested to see a video or series on the (evolution of) janissaries or slavery in the Ottoman Empire. Not being a historian myself (and lacking the time to become one, to my chagrin, believe me) I find it hard to parse the truth from the myths both in the Turkish narratives and other narratives. I'm asking this of you because I trust your telling of history, and I feel that that Turks are particularly disliked and that the history does not really merit this - this dislike seems to be inherited from medieval, dare I say, bigotry. But dare I say? I cannot tell whether this particular dislike is meritted for particularly discriminating attitudes of the Ottomans or not. If I'm not mistaken, Selim slaughtered much of Cairo - these atrocities seem more politically motivated than by religion or ethnicity. This makes a world of difference in the morality of the identity we inherit. This is why I particularly appreciate the nuance you brought about the janissaries.

  • aantony2001
    aantony2001 Month ago +67

    By the way, you talk about the Protestants at the Ottoman side, but you forget the much more obvious Christians in the Ottoman army, the Orthodox. Interesting note, the Greek cavalry in the Ottoman army was allowed to use a distinct flag, similar to that that later became the flag of Greece, featuring Saint George, but only internally.

    • Astuga
      Astuga Month ago +1

      While its true that some Muslims were on one side, and some Christians on the other. Their role shouldn`t be overstated.
      The Protestants on the Ottoman side came from Hungary and mainly because their leader helped the Ottomans and wanted to become the ruler of Ottoman controlled Hungary. Even before the siege they raided and killed other Christians (they were called "Kuruzen"). During the whole campaign this Protestant leader wasn`t treated very well by Kara Mustapha (everyone likes traitors, but no one likes treachery), fe. he had the follow him at the end of the army train (such things had a huge significance during this time).
      And the Muslims on Polish side were mostly Tatars who were former POW`s of the Poles.
      It`s a bit like the Russians and different Westerners who fought for the Nazis during WW II. They did exist but had not much military relevance.
      Also Christians under Sharia rule and the Pact of Umar normally are not allowed to carry weapons. Thats why the Ottomans prefered the Janissars, who originally were captured Christian youths who had been forced to convert to Islam.
      So most Christians were either spies, paid renegades or (if they came from the Ottoman Empire itself and were therefore subject of Ottoman rule) advisors.

    • Frank Harr
      Frank Harr Month ago +1

      Oh! Good point!

  • The PASHA Of Gaming
    The PASHA Of Gaming Month ago +1

    7:30 Actually Istanbul is derived from "Islambol" which itself is derivative of Arabic's "Al-Madinah-tul Islam" or The City of Islam.

    Granted "Istanbul" which was officially coined during the republic might have been a combination of Islambol and Estinpolin but considering the fact that the republic was focused on Turkish nationalism (Despite a lot of people in Turkey not being pure Turk but a collective of Greek, Armenians, Kurds, Arabs, Persians, Circassians, Ukrainians, Georgians, Laz, Bulgarians, Albanians and more ethnicities that were either mixed with Turks throughout the centuries or were recent immigrants and had no Turkish in them at all), anti-greek sentiment was high (With the Turkish war for Independence and population exchange in the 1920s between Greece and Turkey) and the meaning of Estinpolin makes no sense.

    When it comes to historical context, Turks (Be they Ottoman or Republican) have a solid record of naming their cities after something that makes sense.

  • MrSmuggiePuss 01
    MrSmuggiePuss 01 Month ago

    I’m actually so excited for the 100year war

  • Sara Samaletdin
    Sara Samaletdin Month ago +2

    Good that you addressed the Constantinople issue.

  • Terry Newsome
    Terry Newsome Month ago +2

    When you talk about the Inca empire please talk about how all most all the money and lands that a emperor gained in his life would remain in his hands even after his death and that the stewards of his lands would act as a form of nobility for him, thus forcing his successor to explaned the empire further and further to gain his own personal lands. This is a fascinating thing i found out about there culture, and is most likely the reason the empire was on a constant rate of expiation for the two century of it's ex-stance.

    • Jeff Benton
      Jeff Benton Month ago

      Also the fact that expansion was often more diplomatic than military. Very interesting, and very rare, that.

  • TheMoron NextDoor
    TheMoron NextDoor Month ago +5

    Y'all should really make a video on the Uprising of Ivaylo, the swineherd turned Emperor of 13th century Bulgaria

    • Dave Hoffman
      Dave Hoffman Month ago

      TheMoron NextDoor hmm, sounds familiar…

  • Mr.Tobacco
    Mr.Tobacco Month ago +1

    Kids who taken to Enderun not exactly ripped apart from their families, first of all we need to look at which kids usually taken and what would happen?.
    1-Smart kids: Not every kid taken, only kids who were showing some brightness taken and educated to be a commander or a statesman rather than being a ignorant farmer in some village. Which many of those kids who later on became Pashas allowed to take care of their families or help their villages. Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha was one of the biggest example of that.
    2-Kids who have a BROTHER: If a family only have one son then their sons never taken because it would ruin the family's future.

    3-Education: Enderun was a school one of a kind in the world during that time. It literally educated those kids on every way, made them capable Pashas, Commanders and Warriors from just a village boy.
    4-No tax: If your son taken to Enderun then in your remaining life you will pay no Taxes and Sultanate literally support your family for taking your kid. BECAUSE OF THIS many families actually give up their kids. Either wanted to see them becoming big, important person or get aid from the Sultanate.
    5-Is it really forced?: Well...Being forced and brainwashed thing is made up by the Eastern European ''Historians'' which they got nothing supporting most of their their claims. No historical archive reports, No first hand sources...Just nothing! It's just books and stuff they made up themselves to aid Anti-Turkish propaganda in 19th century. But when you look at the historical sources of Enderun you will see it wasn't really forced...Even if those 'kids' (Which you have to be 15 to 16) were forced they would eventually rebelled against the Sultanate after their training, like Vlad and Skanderberg.
    Most of the people including Turks talking about the Devshirme System mostly don't know anything about it and have no idea what they are talking about.

    • Mr.Tobacco
      Mr.Tobacco Month ago +1

      @Jeff Benton I suggest you to read the books of Prof.Halil İnalcık. He was one of the best Ottoman Historian lived and his works with his students proven many bad myths about the Empire wrong in International Community.

    • Jeff Benton
      Jeff Benton Month ago

      Give me some sources, please. Would love to read more about this!

  • Con745
    Con745 Month ago +8

    I’d love to see a series on Abd al-Rahman I, His plight from Syria all the way to Al-Andalus, and his path from an exiled minor prince to a great Emir.
    His story is full of loss, intrigue, and personal triumph! It would make for a great series!

    • ArkadiBolschek
      ArkadiBolschek 25 days ago +1

      As a Spaniard, I eagerly concur! It'd be great to see more Spain-related content in the channel.