3 Disturbing True School Stories

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
  • Most, if not all students are back to school by now, so what better time to hear some more school horror stories? These stories take place in either college or high school.
    Story 1: Gale Connery
    Story 2 : "NY Caraballo"
    Story 3 : "Turan G."
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    Twitter: mista_nightmare?l...
    If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
    Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.
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  • Jesse
    Jesse 15 hours ago +1

    but going to school every day within itself is a scary story

  • Jon Sprong
    Jon Sprong Day ago

    Man that silhouette in the first story was freaky as shit!!! 😳😳😳

  • B Stories
    B Stories 5 days ago

    Although Mr nightmare is the goat I’ll never sound as scary as him

    • Conor
      Conor 2 days ago

      I was fucked in the ass by my uncle once

  • Sans
    Sans 5 days ago

    Even with just pictures you can scare me lol

  • Gabby
    Gabby 5 days ago +1

    This is like spicy food you want to keep eating it but then ur mouthburns but in this situation it scares you

  • Dill Pickle
    Dill Pickle 6 days ago +1

    U should ask for a Netflix show

  • Cnerf55
    Cnerf55 8 days ago +1

    I’m not the only person who regrets watching this before bed?

  • DDemons
    DDemons 9 days ago +1

    7 or 8 feet up......

  • Båby_Gürl 139
    Båby_Gürl 139 10 days ago

    I have hid cameras in your room

    Your not full screen
    You don't have socks on
    You have a cover over you
    Your laying down
    Your reading this comment

    • Conor
      Conor 2 days ago

      Fucking idiot

    • Conor
      Conor 2 days ago


  • Jenna’s PLACE
    Jenna’s PLACE 10 days ago

    Did y’all see the picture of the man’s face on the wall? Creepy.
    And the giraffe lol
    It was on 10:16

  • ImaWolfyBoy
    ImaWolfyBoy 10 days ago +1

    Mr. nightmare: nobody can make this not scary

    Me: Hold my kool aid

  • Gavin Russ
    Gavin Russ 10 days ago

    me:hears noise me: what the heck? me:go's to basement me:sees figure at the bottom of basement stairs. me:turns on lights and sees...a man at the bottom of the stairs. man:oh crap me:calls cops (cops arrest the man. man:ILL BE BACK!! cop:have fun at a maximum security prison. me:have fun sucker XD

  • Gavin Russ
    Gavin Russ 10 days ago

    BTW Gruss2026 is my roblox username

  • Gavin Russ
    Gavin Russ 10 days ago

    hi Mr. Nightmare i love your videos but i have just 1 request can you post ore videos quicker pls i feel like i'm dying when wait for your videos-Gtruss2026

  • Yomo
    Yomo 11 days ago

    At first i thought this was just some random bullshit channel but its actually freaking me out even without cam tapes lmao

  • allisyn smith
    allisyn smith 11 days ago

    I love his stories

  • Young MX
    Young MX 12 days ago

    5:01 That's not the correct word to use.

  • tea rex
    tea rex 12 days ago

    Friday. Friday. Let's break into a haunted ass bitch school house on a Fridayyyyyyyyy.

  • X ꜱ ᴀ ᴅ ɴ ᴇ ꜱ ꜱ X

    9:50 Anyone see that man in the wall? 1🤧😷😥

  • Crazyboisteven
    Crazyboisteven 13 days ago


  • Bella 003
    Bella 003 14 days ago +1

    *First Story* Sees a large figure In a small room in the dark. *Turns on light* *nothings there* The person: What the- I must be stupid.

    EPIC GAMES 15 days ago +2

    Story 1.
    10 years later the biggest question remains, “What would’ve happened if I never had to take a piss?”

  • angela ramos
    angela ramos 16 days ago


  • Jared da Robloxer
    Jared da Robloxer 16 days ago +1

    Ey my name Jared

  • NoobLifeYT1000 1000
    NoobLifeYT1000 1000 16 days ago

    Let me tell you a horror story in a school

    There's no wifi in school

  • Missmj X
    Missmj X 16 days ago

    This channel makes me feel calm.

  • Drewy
    Drewy 16 days ago +1

    I’ve watched so many mr nightmare videos I don’t get scared of them anymore

  • Dinomoo1212
    Dinomoo1212 17 days ago +1

    I don't know what his intention was but this was the story on how I was nearly murdered

  • PulseForNite
    PulseForNite 17 days ago

    I need backup, I’m going full screen!

  • ????????
    ???????? 18 days ago

    Scary story: once upon a time it was a period 4. I was sitting in the classroom but the teacher just won’t shut up about calculus. Then right before the bell rang she handed out a stack of paper the size of my binder. I looked at and mentally died. It was all calculus, she said it was due by Monday. I looked at the date, and to my horror, it was Friday!

  • Erin Free
    Erin Free 18 days ago


  • Shrek Oger
    Shrek Oger 18 days ago

    Do another highschool story. Do a Thanksgiving one though.

  • Anslee Weeks
    Anslee Weeks 18 days ago +1

    In story one it was probably sum furry kid the was waiting to come out of the closet.

  • Jackstillplaysgames
    Jackstillplaysgames 19 days ago

    All the other kids with the pumped up kicks better run better run outrun my gun.

  • AJ Aguilera
    AJ Aguilera 20 days ago

    2:06 u used that image in another one of your videos which one was it

    LONG LIVE DE AWESOMENESS 20 days ago +1

    What was the name of the high school bc I heard a story similar to that one

  • Manu
    Manu 20 days ago

    School itself is a horror story.

  • Kevin Sanchez
    Kevin Sanchez 20 days ago

    Me:trying not to get scared
    Mr.nightmare:am gunna ruin is guy's night

  • Extreme xBCx
    Extreme xBCx 20 days ago +2

    Only me who listens these while going to sleep

  • javed raza
    javed raza 20 days ago +2

    Want a real horror school story almost everyone knows about and has a name?

    Baldi's basics

  • xxxPotato xxx
    xxxPotato xxx 21 day ago

    I’m watching dis on the school bus.....IM SO FUCKING SMART btw heart vid 🙃

  • ATXrollerblader
    ATXrollerblader 22 days ago

    Can you do a scary power point presentation stories series???

  • Noura E.
    Noura E. 22 days ago +20

    You don’t need a “scary school story” anymore. All you have to do is look at the recent news.

  • Zane Flint
    Zane Flint 22 days ago +1

    Really good video I’m watching it in school in Transylvania

  • OverCoolboy
    OverCoolboy 22 days ago +1

    0:00 Story 1
    4:35 Story 2
    10:55 Story 3

  • SavagePrisonerSP
    SavagePrisonerSP 23 days ago +1

    I listen to these while playing minecraft and the footsteps in the video keep making me think there's a creeper behind me

    • SavagePrisonerSP
      SavagePrisonerSP 19 days ago

      @maleek haha my builds always get blown by creepers so I'm traumatized lol

    • maleek
      maleek 19 days ago

      SavagePrisonerSP I actually never thought about it lol I normally listen to them while constructing a build

    • SavagePrisonerSP
      SavagePrisonerSP 19 days ago

      @maleek do the footsteps not sound like a creeper about to blow up?

    • maleek
      maleek 19 days ago +1

      SavagePrisonerSP I always listen to these while chilling on my survival world

  • wireless Paris
    wireless Paris 23 days ago

    Now, I'm really scared to go to my school library.

  • Lucas Moore
    Lucas Moore 23 days ago

    I’m watching this in my school library rn lol

  • Paige Snake queen
    Paige Snake queen 23 days ago

    Ok number 1 that guy definitely saw IT in that room. The teacher couldn’t see it and everything looked normal because she’s an adult

  • the angriest one
    the angriest one 24 days ago

    Watching this in midday makes no difference than watching this at night.................

  • Average.diiva
    Average.diiva 24 days ago

    Now I will be creeped out when I’m walking to the bathroom and no one is in the hallways

  • Celia Franco
    Celia Franco 25 days ago +1

    I'm watching this in my mom's car so I'm terrified, I'm ALONE and it's about to be dark so like yeah

  • ben gates
    ben gates 25 days ago

    woah, good job on the narration, and you inspired me to make a horror game on it
    keep it a going

  • Paul Turets
    Paul Turets 25 days ago

    When I was in 5th grade I would come home from school and binge these videos with the lights off (I have a room in the basement). They were and are the best videos in all of TVclip but he has so much content witch is great but they don’t scare me anymore and I love them so much. :(

  • Raquel Filipa
    Raquel Filipa 25 days ago +1

    2:09 stop scaring me

  • cxmrxn zxn
    cxmrxn zxn 25 days ago


  • jamie sawler
    jamie sawler 26 days ago


  • Megan Elsa2
    Megan Elsa2 26 days ago

    High school really haunted ?? 😳😳😳

  • Dave Strider
    Dave Strider 27 days ago

    I’m watching this at school