• Published on Aug 3, 2018
  • today i reorganized, decluttered and cleaned my room! you'll see me fast forwarding through cleaning my mess, and steps you guys can take in order to clean your room!!
    i hope this motivates you to clean your room too!
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    My name is Zhirelle Cushman (pretty hard to pronounce, but I probably said my name once in this video so you can hear how to say it!) I live in California and I’m OBSESSED with beauty, fashion, and spreading positivity every day. I love having a TVclip channel as a way to express myself and show off who I am! Subscribe for weekly videos and to join the amazing family I have here on TVclip:)
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  • Ahmed Hussein
    Ahmed Hussein Year ago +49

    I swear the day you post a video is the best day I LOVE YOU❤️❤️

    • kayla
      kayla Year ago

      Your room is so small 😮

    • Ahmed Hussein
      Ahmed Hussein Year ago +1

      ZCbeauty thank you so so much for pinning my comment ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Zhirelle
      Zhirelle  Year ago +4

      ILY BABE

  • Galactic- -Tears
    Galactic- -Tears 5 days ago +1

    White sheets

    Gurl you are extremely brave especially since Mother Nature won't give us mercy

  • Lindsay Dyndiuk
    Lindsay Dyndiuk 3 months ago

    “I hope this video inspires you to clean ur room”
    Me right after: *deep cleans entire room*
    Yep, she was right 😂

  • hayley ._.
    hayley ._. 5 months ago

    You are a really good artist

  • Casey's Productions
    Casey's Productions 9 months ago +1

    You use your space so wisely !

  • Casey's Productions
    Casey's Productions 9 months ago

    1:30 thumbnail ! Or something like that lol

  • Casey's Productions
    Casey's Productions 9 months ago +1

    0:43 omg I have losto too! Haha

  • carmela gemma
    carmela gemma 9 months ago

    What do you use to edit your videos?

  • Molly Kay
    Molly Kay 10 months ago

    ilysm! you are literally my inspiration!! every youtuber shows a picture perfect room but you are so real and make me feel less bad abt myself 😂 i feel you are real with your fans and don’t let anyone bring you down!!

  • pixv_01 __3
    pixv_01 __3 10 months ago

    Redoing? You didn’t redo anything you just cleaned. But good job💜

  • Alexia Berger
    Alexia Berger Year ago

    omg you look so much like emma chamberlain

  • RawrOWolf
    RawrOWolf Year ago +1

    I watched a few of these and literally got up and cleaned for two hours. I STARTED AT TWO AM

  • marie
    marie Year ago

    where did you get your cassettes and do you have a player for them and if you do which cassette player do you use. ??

  • jasmyn aminah
    jasmyn aminah Year ago

    3:10 is that stranger things i see?

  • Ana Marija
    Ana Marija Year ago

    Maybe you should switch to single bed that would give you more space but its a great transformation. :D

  • lena le
    lena le Year ago

    I'm getting my own room this year and we're just getting new drawers and some things first cause theyr4 very worn out

  • music
    music Year ago

    how many square meters is the room ?

  • jez tuikolovatu
    jez tuikolovatu Year ago

    That dog’s my mood 2:00
    I’m confused and just chilling

  • Lea_ho.mp4
    Lea_ho.mp4 Year ago

    Love the thumbnail XD

  • Bangtan fangirl
    Bangtan fangirl Year ago +1

    Your makeup little over it does not match your neck colour your neck n your face make very much difference

    • lisa
      lisa Year ago

      I didn't notice it....

  • Lily Clary
    Lily Clary Year ago

    you inspire me to clean ily

  • Jessie Ceja
    Jessie Ceja Year ago +2

    Paint your room white it will look so much better

  • Arelis Lopez
    Arelis Lopez Year ago

    what you said about the watching people clean motiving, yes definitely. i like you now

  • Erin Breeding
    Erin Breeding Year ago +1

    Where did you get your top from😍

  • Jaianna Clark
    Jaianna Clark Year ago

    where did you get your floor mirror from?

  • OwaireaSMR
    OwaireaSMR Year ago speechles gurl you are so beautiful i am also in love with your ya never wanna put someone above ya.

  • Gia Angelina
    Gia Angelina Year ago

    just subbed 🌷 love your channel!! check out mine too:))

  • Emily Wasden
    Emily Wasden Year ago

    Where’s your mirror from?

  • basic - zayra
    basic - zayra Year ago


  • Clara Cañaveras Arenas

    I love your room

  • glorianne t
    glorianne t Year ago +1

    i have the same phonecase ❗❗

  • Cassie Saal
    Cassie Saal Year ago

    I was watching a hole bunch of room stuff and then I started to clean 😂 I’ll probably do it again after this

  • Nataly Lopez
    Nataly Lopez Year ago

    I start school tomorrow I hate starting a new year with a messy room so watching cleaning videos during is a must

  • rosie
    rosie Year ago

    Omg you're so pretty it’s unreal! Loved this video😊💜💜

  • Cookie Dough
    Cookie Dough Year ago

    Omg this totally inspired me to clean my room and move stuff around , it looks so much better now

  • Anna banana
    Anna banana Year ago +2

    God, that's gorgeously awesome room! I only can dream about it...😍😍😍😍

  • YaunaWavyyy TV
    YaunaWavyyy TV Year ago

    Has anyone ever told you you look like Amanda Steele😍👀

  • Taylor Marie
    Taylor Marie Year ago

    Can’t get over how cute you are 😩❤️

  • The jez
    The jez Year ago

    *We love an aesthetic queen*

  • kylie kathleen
    kylie kathleen Year ago

    Omg Tumblr quality 😍😍This is amazing great work! I just rearanged my room by myself (the first big reorganize I've done by myself) and honestly I really want some of the decor you got. Amazing!

  • claire hamilton
    claire hamilton Year ago +62

    white bedding? i could NEVER. i’m always snacking in bed 😂

    • opal b
      opal b 8 months ago

      I snack in bed and have a white comforter and it looks crusty af

    • Miyah Tanner
      Miyah Tanner Year ago +9

      Hot cheeto and takis dust are always on my sheets smh

  • gucciboyjazz
    gucciboyjazz Year ago +47

    I swear for like 1 second she looked like Emma Chamberlain😂

  • Aeptrina
    Aeptrina Year ago

    Oml why did I get my notification a week later? IM SUEING TVclip OML I HATE YOU UPTVclipEEEEE A

  • Alexis Mercedes
    Alexis Mercedes Year ago

    Ok your literally so pretty and I’m in love with your room ❤️

  • Zehra Becermen
    Zehra Becermen Year ago

    I loved this video! Please check my channel too 💖

  • Bella Grace
    Bella Grace Year ago

    You’re so pretty!!! I just did one of these videos too! 💓💓

  • Emma Y
    Emma Y Year ago

    Your a great artist

  • Bryanna Henderson

    where is your shirt from?

  • pailin.
    pailin. Year ago +2

    Your room actually looks sooo comfy and cozy

  • Allie Seltz
    Allie Seltz Year ago

    i love the way it turned out!!

  • Destinee Elliott
    Destinee Elliott Year ago

    Your room looks so nice

  • Carissa M
    Carissa M Year ago

    You should do a video on outfits that go with ur pink vans bc I just got a pair and I’m not quite sure what they match or outfits that would look good with them

  • Two girls Gymnastic

    so cool video

  • Ashlins Life
    Ashlins Life Year ago

    I was doing that lol

  • Ashley V
    Ashley V Year ago

    how old is she?

  • Tania Martínez
    Tania Martínez Year ago

    You are so cute, love your videos

  • hey its jasmine
    hey its jasmine Year ago

    When ever I clean my room I also have to watch redecorating videos or clean with me’s and your made me so happy
    P.s you should follow my TVclip channel

  • Kymana Christine
    Kymana Christine Year ago

    Any small youtubers wanna support eachother and subscribe to my channel 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Claire Ergino
    Claire Ergino Year ago +15

    You looked like Amanda Steele

  • Ashlynn Smith
    Ashlynn Smith Year ago

    I don’t really like the bed it’s plain and the throw pillow gives me run down hotel vibes but other than that I love everything else