Gordon Served 'Cauliflower Steak' & TINNED CRAB From China | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Apr 14, 2018
  • And no head chef!
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Comments • 3 604

  • Cristobal Sanchez
    Cristobal Sanchez 9 minutes ago

    Why does this episode look the most grim and lifeless out of all of the episodes of hotel hell

  • The Rookie
    The Rookie 17 hours ago

    1000% facial animations

  • Deadpool231
    Deadpool231 Day ago

    Shot the cunt sue the town pigs and burn the shit down

  • Jay Flora Music
    Jay Flora Music 2 days ago

    full episode - tvclip.biz/video/62WC6m7IgzE/video.html

  • Jacky Bandicoot
    Jacky Bandicoot 2 days ago

    waaaait a sec i love to make cauliflower nuggets and they are fucking delicious this guy probably just dont know how to make it right

  • Anup Raj
    Anup Raj 3 days ago +1

    Gordon served? Or gordon was served?!

  • Jmodderator
    Jmodderator 3 days ago

    S3 E6 Link

  • Dean Mark
    Dean Mark 4 days ago +1

    Bitch calls cops on employees who want their pay and laughs. She even looks like the devil

  • Denky Mems
    Denky Mems 4 days ago +3

    Why does the video looks slightly deep fried

  • Darren Wong
    Darren Wong 5 days ago

    Man, Gordon an my head is srarting to get dizzy with the staff situation.

  • Fiona Goode
    Fiona Goode 5 days ago

    Hated her so much

  • Barbara Januario
    Barbara Januario 9 days ago +1

    I eat beans and my digestive system goes to overload Gordon eats all this crap and survives.

  • El Mando
    El Mando 9 days ago


  • Kieran Dempsey
    Kieran Dempsey 10 days ago +1

    Americans can’t cook it’s a fast food country lol

  • Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas 10 days ago

    There's something about the way Gordon destroys people that's just so wholesome.

  • Pillow X
    Pillow X 10 days ago +2

    Did he just pull salt into his water, and drank it? 😂

    LANDONS POV 11 days ago

    He's such a little princess

  • Violent Gamer
    Violent Gamer 14 days ago

    I wish he would just say "I'm Gordon fucking Ramsey, I don't give a fuck if your restaurant succeeds, when I leave your doors, I'm.still gonna have all my restaurants"

  • Nicole Gomez
    Nicole Gomez 14 days ago

    Funny how cauliflower steak is a HUGE trend now that even Gordon himself have served it in one of his restaurants.. lol it’s actually quite delicious if made right 😁

  • Belldandy Rey
    Belldandy Rey 14 days ago

    This has to be the most unflattering lighting ever

  • Curtis Tisberger
    Curtis Tisberger 16 days ago

    That cunt is a Jew bitch that needs to be killed...jews always lie

  • Brock Obama
    Brock Obama 19 days ago

    This lighting is depressing

  • Andrew Hawthorne
    Andrew Hawthorne 19 days ago

    Crab from China, in a tin can, shipped across wide oceans, and most likely frozen solid beyond consumption. Fresh crab can be found almost anywhere locally.

  • Poe Moe
    Poe Moe 19 days ago

    Imagine: Hell's Kitchen and Hotel Hell... In China

  • Super Slovak
    Super Slovak 19 days ago

    He knew gordon was gonna lose it so he found any excuse to leave

  • Al Simmons
    Al Simmons 20 days ago

    geez what a c*nt

  • Alex Val
    Alex Val 20 days ago

    Besides the hotel's kitchen and food. How does Gordon have experience of how a hotel should work? Does he run one himself? How does he have opinion over that kind of business?

  • Light
    Light 21 day ago


  • Stephen Goulding
    Stephen Goulding 21 day ago

    She sounds like a female Klingon.

  • arbetor12
    arbetor12 21 day ago

    Ramsay seasons his water

  • Super Natral Lord
    Super Natral Lord 21 day ago +1

    Why does Gordon look like he has cancer?

  • tristman 84
    tristman 84 21 day ago

    I went to Malta years back and seen folded pizza on a menu curious I ordered it just to find it was literally a pizza folded in halve

  • gamer sister
    gamer sister 23 days ago

    I fucking love Gordon

  • Amin Dunwoodie
    Amin Dunwoodie 23 days ago

    Fucking smelly bitch won't stop smiling I want to hit her in the face.

  • Tony Tang
    Tony Tang 24 days ago

    How come Gordon never heard of a 'cauliflower steak' ? He even cooked one in a tutorial video that he made...

  • Sweet Tart Tartin ass
    Sweet Tart Tartin ass 24 days ago

    And to this day...she’s still sleeping.

  • Uncle Iroh
    Uncle Iroh 24 days ago


  • Raad Yusuf
    Raad Yusuf 24 days ago +5

    I don't go to China for crab

    But I go to America for cauliflower steak

  • jason robbins
    jason robbins 24 days ago

    AOC the dumb ass Communist says Cauliflower is Colonial & Racist! Congratulations liberals on being the stupidest fucks I've ever seen in my life.

  • Julia R
    Julia R 25 days ago

    Who decided on contrast in this video? I mean it's almost like a cartoon

  • LiberalLogic IsAnOxymoron

    You are going to serve a Michelin star chef crab from a can from China??? Wtf is wrong with you?

  • Simon
    Simon 27 days ago

    Her face is like an old leather boot.

  • Aaron Bolanos
    Aaron Bolanos 27 days ago +1

    It would be Connecticut

  • DJdevil319
    DJdevil319 Month ago

    Very cuntie face this woman

  • Michael Garhartt
    Michael Garhartt Month ago

    Gordon acts like he doesn't use anything in a can but I ate at one of his restaurants in las vegas and I can tell you they do

  • megaNut
    megaNut Month ago


  • rancid
    rancid Month ago

    Frozen in a Can?!
    Even when watching so much of this in surprised.

  • New Keys
    New Keys Month ago

    whats wrong with China? FUCKING RACIST

  • Ritsu Onodera
    Ritsu Onodera Month ago

    Why is it so grey? I feel like I’m watching a terrible teenage drama show

  • Mikhailgamer TV
    Mikhailgamer TV Month ago

    I have poor family and they can actually get a real fucking crab and lobster

  • Limp business
    Limp business Month ago

    What the hell kind of visual effects did they use in this video? The color and texture of their skin looks weird, and their veins are more visible. It looks horrible LOL

  • Zeniak
    Zeniak Month ago

    Why did they put a sharpness filter on this video?

  • A D
    A D Month ago

    That massive kitchen... and they don’t put it to good use.

  • BigBadDaddy Bob
    BigBadDaddy Bob Month ago

    Only animals can make steak thats just a slice of vegetable. You dont call a slice of bread a carbsteak do you?

  • Riko Smith
    Riko Smith Month ago

    This guy needs serious forehead botox

  • Michael Ledford
    Michael Ledford Month ago +4

    How much crack do you have to smoke before you think frying a hunk of cauliflower and calling it a steak sounds right !

  • Garrett
    Garrett Month ago

    1:35 lmao.....I died laughing

  • Kaito The stickman
    Kaito The stickman Month ago

    Subtitled at 2:21 : very sex marriage XD

  • Sairaj Rane
    Sairaj Rane Month ago +2

    Absolutely nobody
    Video editor :- *HDR 100*

  • I am not a vegan
    I am not a vegan Month ago

    Cauliflower steak isn't bad if it's made right.
    Dripping in oil isn't made right.

  • pacman drone
    pacman drone Month ago

    Chef Ramsey ripping new ones since 1856

  • faceclutch
    faceclutch Month ago

    This is what happens when you have cheap arse Agha khani (ass lickers of fat ass Agha Khan) gujjis run a hotel/restaurant!!!

  • Infinity
    Infinity Month ago

    999 dislikes

  • max romano
    max romano Month ago

    I appreciate the lack of effects that the editor adds to these usually

  • Ojileb M
    Ojileb M Month ago

    Typical Indian business owner

  • TheHDReleaser
    TheHDReleaser Month ago

    she has one of those faces, you want to punch -.-

  • boss a boss
    boss a boss Month ago

    Why the owner afraid of Gordon ramsay? Just asking

  • lambey 611
    lambey 611 Month ago

    Ramsey can’t talk haha he used to fire like mod tomorrow after seeing him in a 1999 documentary. He’s seems to mellowed out now.
    Is that tomorrow chicken?
    She laughs because it is

  • Clara Erso
    Clara Erso Month ago

    Cauliflower steak isn't that weird - the canteen at work served it the other day! Still wouldn't touch it, though.

  • fatyowls
    fatyowls Month ago

    Another reality check!

  • xAsiano311x
    xAsiano311x Month ago

    The owner is one stupid ugly mop hesd bitch

  • HellFighterz
    HellFighterz Month ago

    When Gordon said "Mm" after taking a sip of the water, I really thought he was going to say its so bland and dry

  • tj thomas
    tj thomas Month ago

    Cause the cooks are black what do you expect

  • Glitchy M
    Glitchy M Month ago

    the womens stupidity was too hilarious

  • P S
    P S Month ago

    Gordon before his plastic surgery, yep it was kinda due!

  • Annisa Fitri
    Annisa Fitri Month ago

    After watching this and click another video, i saw master class ad and then Ramsay cooked cauliflowers steak 😂

  • Thomas Lomax
    Thomas Lomax Month ago

    The contrast is over done

  • Brett N
    Brett N Month ago

    why would they call cauliflower a steak in the first place? Its not beef...

  • Astro
    Astro Month ago +1

    I've actually made cauliflower steak and it's alright for a quick meal tbh

  • Kalisiy
    Kalisiy Month ago

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the thumbnail 💀💀

  • nicholas neri
    nicholas neri Month ago +1

    Gordon looks horrible

  • McKayla Medina
    McKayla Medina Month ago

    How does he not get food sickness every time he does this

  • Julien Prévost
    Julien Prévost Month ago +1

    Then proceeds to add a cauliflower steak recipe in his 2nd masterclass

  • Sofa Overlord
    Sofa Overlord Month ago

    You really need to start attaching information to which relevant episode is in each clip. Its exasperating.

  • Rhinopocalypes
    Rhinopocalypes Month ago

    This girl fires people on a whim meanwhile I feel bad about kicking somebody out of a Xbox Party

  • Frieda Martin
    Frieda Martin Month ago

    People actually do enjoy cauliflower steak but it’s gotta be prepared right. It needs to have flavor and not be mush

  • Creym_ Sa
    Creym_ Sa Month ago +1

    The filter in this video is so horrible! It’s too much contrast

  • Fallen Battlefront
    Fallen Battlefront Month ago +3

    Why is the vid quality so bad for a lot of these vids in general

  • who cares?
    who cares? 2 months ago +1

    gordon need botox

  • Latabrine
    Latabrine 2 months ago +1

    Watched the episode a while back. A part from the obvious, there's something really unlikable about that woman. 😐😕

  • Ryanator Changerang
    Ryanator Changerang 2 months ago

    I can just imagine her calling the police and they be like: "oh it's her again. Alright, you know the drill"

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago +1

    *Almost pukes*

  • Psyrecx
    Psyrecx 2 months ago +23

    It's not a good sign when neither chef will admit they are the chef.

  • Chicken Biryani
    Chicken Biryani 2 months ago

    Why is Gordon helping her she's clearly demonic

  • beyond pretty
    beyond pretty 2 months ago

    Why does their skin look so bad

  • Poorva Prakash
    Poorva Prakash 2 months ago

    the filter makes y'all look burnt

  • J Deimos
    J Deimos 2 months ago

    She looks like the generic brand version of Carmella soprano.

  • Joel Mc
    Joel Mc 2 months ago

    Fix your stupid title. No it's not "tinned"... tin is toxic. We discovered that a long time ago and stopped. People still say "tin foil" it's not tin!

  • Andrew Chisholm
    Andrew Chisholm 2 months ago

    Flower water salting - 100% savage

  • Loyalty1269
    Loyalty1269 2 months ago

    I think I’ve seen Gordon make a cauliflower steak recently. Maybe when he learns about something new he just tries his version of it even when he doesn’t like theirs