Most Popular Names Around the World


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  • WUUL 27
    WUUL 27 31 minute ago +1

    I am from Finland and my name is Ossi

  • Shridhar Pandey
    Shridhar Pandey 12 hours ago +1

    I am not convinced about most common Indian names. For example in my whole life i have never met person whose name is Aarav but Utkarsh,Siddharth,Sudhansu type names are more common. In every school you will find one name like Utkarsh,Siddharth and Sudhanshu.

  • Derpy Citron Ball
    Derpy Citron Ball 14 hours ago

    I live in the USA and my name is James lol

  • Tobias Bjerg
    Tobias Bjerg Day ago

    0:34 the first name in Denmark that was discovered was "Harja." The name was written down on a sword, that was found on a 3-4000 year old battlefield.

  • AniqTheMaster Ziqry

    The name that i want to give to my child is Uvwevwevwe Onyetwenye Omgmwewe Ossas

  • Pink Fluffy Unicorn

    Half of the Indian names mentioned here aren't even that common

  • Vincent Gulley
    Vincent Gulley 2 days ago

    So you just forgot about Africa? Or...

  • like zh
    like zh 2 days ago

    my name is “like”

  • Kurosama
    Kurosama 3 days ago

    I actually have no idea if my name is Sara or Sarah. They're about the same thing, but Sarah commonly translates from Hebrew and Persian and sometimes Arabic to "Princess" or "Woman of high rank", and Sara's origin is Arabic/Spanish/something and it usually means "Pleasant" or "A woman that makes people happy". In my ID card, it's written as Sarah, but I write it as Sara.


  • Mohit Sharma
    Mohit Sharma 3 days ago

    my Sur name

  • sahil Jain
    sahil Jain 4 days ago

    In my class there are 5 deepesh and my brother name also deepesh mean light (India) name popular before aarav

  • Charu Shakya
    Charu Shakya 5 days ago

    My older brothers name is really common name it is Rahul which also used to me the name of Lord Buddha's son's name and where as my name it is really unique and its Charu but I don't know what it means

  • I'm Dazed
    I'm Dazed 5 days ago

    I 6ix9ine was Chinese, would it be fucking Zhang wei?

  • people Entertainment

    I think my name is popular William

  • people Entertainment

    Good information my name is William from india

    BOCAH JELEEK 6 days ago +1

    Where is Indonesia

    BOCAH JELEEK 6 days ago +1

    My name is Pussy

  • Kit Pun
    Kit Pun 8 days ago

    Oh,Li is a girl name and a boy name.

  • cradfeo
    cradfeo 8 days ago

    NCT's Ten as a person who lives in Thailand be like:


  • venus ayomide
    venus ayomide 8 days ago

    My name Ayomide means my gift has come in nigeria. Nigerians use blessing sentences to name

  • Ian Downing
    Ian Downing 8 days ago

    My name is Ian

  • Skyline
    Skyline 9 days ago

    All the James’ in the world, Unite!

  • Riya Patil
    Riya Patil 10 days ago

    My name is Riya

    INTERISTA X SEMPRE 11 days ago

    Wow not even an African country

  • Muhammad Alu
    Muhammad Alu 12 days ago +2

    Lol my first name is Muhammad.
    And Mr infographics (whatever your name is) u forgot one most common name especially in Iran:

  • Spongepants Squarebob
    Spongepants Squarebob 12 days ago

    Their is a kid in my tuition, his name is 'Freedom' lmao
    Coz his birthdate is 15th August(Independence day of India)

  • Divyanshi Srivastava
    Divyanshi Srivastava 13 days ago

    You forgot one very common name in northern India. Pihu. Even in a show a girl is named Pihu. I must have heard this name at least a hundred times

  • Kyungsoo’s forehead
    Kyungsoo’s forehead 14 days ago

    I saw Chen, I clicked 😂

  • michie
    michie 16 days ago

    i'm michelle lafawn springer. michelle being of french origin and lafawn being of spanish/mexican origin. i don't know where springer comers from

  • Rausan singh
    Rausan singh 18 days ago

    Rausan kumar singh

  • Trang Nguyen
    Trang Nguyen 19 days ago

    Most popular VIETNAMESE GIRL name is TRANG. Common last name is NGUYEN. and what am i?? Nothing special just "TRANG NGUYEN" :((:

  • Alna G
    Alna G 19 days ago

    my parents wanted my name to start with the letter a they thought of alana but wanted to change it they to0o out the middle a and and that's why my name is alna

  • Manju
    Manju 21 day ago +1

    Your pronunciation in case of indian name is poor. And regarding name your knowledge is worst. Names you told are not at all that common.

  • Floyd Rose of your nightmares

    My surname (Jollans) Is one of the rarest in the world. There are only about 13 of us in the world and it originates from France and is most popular today in the UK. The only Jollans records we could find was of bill Jollans, who was actually a plane maker/designer in the early 1900s

  • Floyd Rose of your nightmares

    In Wales, our surnames used to be ap (name) like Williamson. If my father was John my name would be Darrel ap john. The Welsh Surname preece comes from ap Rhys, which was a very popular name in Wales

  • Rea Sibat
    Rea Sibat 22 days ago

    South Korea : Minhyuk, Joohyun, Chaeyoung, Woojin, Jisung, Jihoon
    Philippines : Juan, Juana

  • Ali Yousef
    Ali Yousef 23 days ago

    Muhammed is the most popular name

  • Tullulah Symonds
    Tullulah Symonds 24 days ago

    Well my name is Tullulah sooooo

  • Tim
    Tim 24 days ago

    It kinda sucks that one of the most common names in the uk is Mohamed

  • Arjun Saha
    Arjun Saha 25 days ago +4

    My name is Arjun. It's a Sanskrit word. Meaning of the word is 'Clear'.

  • Стая Танец
    Стая Танец 25 days ago

    My name is Anastasia or stasia and if I name my kids they will be called polina and alexzander

  • Guillermo Batista
    Guillermo Batista 25 days ago

    Why about Cuban

  • Shivam Chhapola
    Shivam Chhapola 25 days ago

    You forgot shivam. In India approximately every Indian knows someone named shivam. 😂😂

  • Wall E
    Wall E 26 days ago

    I have a name that no one else in the world has

  • Mark Studio
    Mark Studio 27 days ago

    Where's Mark?

  • The goddess of swag
    The goddess of swag 28 days ago

    My last name is Cerne, as in Cerne the jiant. I'm gonna change it!

  • Malcolm Abram
    Malcolm Abram Month ago

    I named my son Jerome Muckybottom Smith. When he grew up he changed it to something my popular and he is now John Muckybottom Smith.

  • Takashi
    Takashi Month ago

    My brother name is Aron and my cousin name is Katrun

  • caits fandoms
    caits fandoms Month ago

    5:40 it’s not just Iceland, it’s also Norse Mythology. That’s how they got the inspiration for the last names.

  • caits fandoms
    caits fandoms Month ago

    My name is ‘Caitlyn’ and it’s a pet peeve when people spell my name ‘Caitlin”: uGh

  • The Knowledger King

    My name is Vihaan and my best friend's name is Ayaan..

    NOT KIDDING!!!😑😑

  • DanceMomsMagic
    DanceMomsMagic Month ago +1

    I am fluent in Chinese and he pronounced most of the ping ying ( letter translations ) wrong

  • Betheany Raven
    Betheany Raven Month ago

    umm... Chinese don't just have a name. Surname goes first then our name which is commonly to names though we often categories it as one. No Chinese that lives in Asia goes up to their friend and say "Hey, Li", they usually say "Hey, Li Ming." depending on your name, of course but ehhh, I don't know how everyone thinks sooo

  • mohamad ALG
    mohamad ALG Month ago

    HEY!!!my name is mohamed.

  • Pippa Bemrose
    Pippa Bemrose Month ago

    Philippa yeah not the most common names ever

  • eabha Keeley
    eabha Keeley Month ago

    The spelling of my name is extremely uncommon but the name itself is very common

  • Alycia Broadbent
    Alycia Broadbent Month ago

    My name is common but the spelling is unique its either german or italian cant remeber which

  • Kicki Strandberg
    Kicki Strandberg Month ago

    Christina (Kristina) is from my fathers grandmother, Ulrika is from my mother grandmother and Cecilia because my brother, age four was in love with his friend. My surname is my fathers and he got it from his father...have to check how long we have used it. I can if I want to change to my mothers surname.
    My nickname since I could walk has always been Kicki, so I legally change it a couple of years ago, som my full name is: Kicki, Christina, Ulrica, Cecilia Strandberg, not so short namnes... 😳
    By the way Strandberg translated would be ”Beachmountain”.😄

  • Allen mclore Putin
    Allen mclore Putin Month ago +3

    My surname is sooo popular 😁😁😁

  • Nyekoro ღ
    Nyekoro ღ Month ago

    Hey! Any Valentinas here?

  • Milind Kharwandikar

    My name is Madhura.... 😅 anyone else ????

  • Kiko Mohammad
    Kiko Mohammad Month ago

    My name is Jeff

  • KuinKuu
    KuinKuu Month ago

    The Indian name Vihaan means 'I hate' in my language. :D

  • iHeartBleach
    iHeartBleach Month ago

    If I named myself it would be:


  • Ninja09_ Gracey
    Ninja09_ Gracey Month ago

    Weight “moo” is a pig!

    Well someone needs to tell kindergarten teachers before the World is messed up!!!

    Oh Weight...😬

  • grande
    grande Month ago

    mia grace, is that common?

  • Andy Zhao
    Andy Zhao Month ago

    Li in China is also Lee in Hong Kong, Lee in South Korea, and Ri in North Korea.

  • Patricia Playz
    Patricia Playz Month ago

    My name isn't popular.... Just my nickname.

  • Aurora Senecal
    Aurora Senecal Month ago +1


  • Mahi
    Mahi Month ago

    I love my name 💕 Proud Blindian

  • Elizabeth Mendonca
    Elizabeth Mendonca Month ago

    yay my name is popular in the UK lol

  • Jasmine Watch YouTube Videos

    I'm from Thailand and my aunt is called Moo which is translate to pig because she was chubby

  • Ilari Peltonen
    Ilari Peltonen Month ago

    I'm from Finland. If I had children, my firstborn daughter would be named as Henni (I would be called Henni as well if I was a girl), and firstborn son would propably named as Kristian.

  • Proko
    Proko Month ago

    I'm brazilian and i laughed so hard when hearing the pronunciation og the brazilian names, sorry but omg it was so funny xD

    • A a
      A a 19 days ago

      Proko sim kkkk

    • Proko
      Proko 19 days ago

      +A a but you have to admit that the proununciation of João was super funny ahaahhaa

    • Proko
      Proko 19 days ago +1

      +A a yeah, it's kind annoying people thinking that brazilians are spanish. Like we're the biggest country in America Latina and they think we speak spanish just because the other smaller ones do

    • A a
      A a 19 days ago

      it wasn't funny, it was disgusting. I hate when people pronounce portuguese as it was spanish

  • Ej Edwards
    Ej Edwards Month ago +1

    I want three sons which I will name Alexander, Pavel and Yakov (Russian Jacob) so they can be Sasha, Pasha and Yasha respectively.

  • John Weller
    John Weller Month ago

    I wonder if there is a kid in Thailand named porn

  • Vampire Cool Cat
    Vampire Cool Cat Month ago

    Why isn't Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 on the list

  • Mary Morra
    Mary Morra Month ago +1


  • Anthony Manansala
    Anthony Manansala Month ago

    Mr. Big Butts?

  • shumiebop
    shumiebop Month ago

    i've never heard anyone else with my last name which is Vollin so i count it as unusual, but my first name is common af

  • 44 Liam
    44 Liam Month ago

    You didn’t talk about newborns in USA cause then my name would have been in the list

  • Evie Scerri I Ebony and Evie I

    I guess Australia is not apart of the world then

  • master al-waaly
    master al-waaly Month ago

    Now u guys know how great Iraq is. Like the first EVER language appeared there and the first ever civilization also appeared there. And then comes Saddam and the Americans who destroy this great country

  • Mariam 2001
    Mariam 2001 Month ago

    My name is Maryam it mean Mary in Armenian and Arabic

  • sodiari ubani
    sodiari ubani Month ago

    My names are pretty unique. My first name, Sonsiama, is a name originates from the Kono people of Sierra Leone, my maternal side. My "other names Sodiari (meaning heaven sees) , Diepri (meaning a gift well given), along with my last name Ubani originate from the ibani people of Nigeria, my paternal side.

  • Zohra Karim
    Zohra Karim Month ago

    I'm half Bangladeshi and half Australian. my name is Zohra its pronounced as Zora not zohora

  • No surrender
    No surrender Month ago

    Wtf who's naming their child Mohamed in the uk

  • Kevin Ozdzinski
    Kevin Ozdzinski Month ago

    Try pronouncing my surname😃

  • Erik Dimitrov Dimitrov

    Paul, Eric, Dylan, Charlie, Jeff, Mike and Jessica are common too!!!

  • 桜グロスSakuraGloss

    My parents decided to name me Charlie. That's a rare spelling for girls, usually its used for boys so people usually think im a boy until i tell them otherwise :/

  • YouTube Name
    YouTube Name Month ago

    Welby Radhames Sexwlfus II
    First name is pronounced Velby. And means “great spearman” in Anglo-Saxon
    Middle name is pronounced Radda-miss. And is a Shakespearean hero.
    Last name is pronounced Say-Volf, and means Dagger Wolf in Anglo-Saxon.

  • Clover Paulsen
    Clover Paulsen Month ago

    Being my name is Calvin, I think my son should be Hobbes

  • Eldriélfor Santus
    Eldriélfor Santus Month ago +2

    Brazilian José pronunciation...
    It's "JOh-ZEh" with the "J" being pronounced as a French "J" and the "é" being pronounced as an open "e" ("ɛ" in IPA).

  • Christy The Queen
    Christy The Queen Month ago

    In northern bulgaria it is: Female: mimi Male: Daniel

  • Fallegt•ungur•mær

    if I had a girl her name would be
    Ævör and if I had a boy his name would be

  • sheeba dileep
    sheeba dileep Month ago

    this is incorrect list

  • sheeba dileep
    sheeba dileep Month ago

    the indian name aarav is not that common

  • Inderjit R
    Inderjit R Month ago

    2018 - most popular baby boys name is muhammad.

  • Row Dee
    Row Dee Month ago

    Hey I'm Thai and my name is Row which mean swimmers and I believe it mean good at boating

  • Franziska S
    Franziska S Month ago

    My Name is Franziska but I also have an uncomon middle name wich is Inka