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Most Popular Names Around the World


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  • Patricia Joelle Arenas

    In my country (Philippines), it was VERY common to meet someone with a Spanish surname,but my first name is second popular in the US and my last name is Spanish which can be pronounced as an English word and the weird part of my surname is that its the plural of an establishment where concerts are usually held.

  • Denise Lorie_1995

    My name is "Stacey Loraine"

  • raquh
    raquh Day ago

    i want to change my name to alex because i like that name

  • Sam Jokinen
    Sam Jokinen 5 days ago

    My last name is Jokinen it’s Finnish it is pronounced in English as joke-in-en

  • TickTockPuzzle_001
    TickTockPuzzle_001 5 days ago

    My name isn't known well in the country I'm in and many pronounce and spell it wrong. Though the country I'm from, the name is getting a bit more popular

  • Ilkka Rautio
    Ilkka Rautio 6 days ago

    My name is derivated from iron. 👍

    CROW'S ROWS 7 days ago

    India's common names are all fake

  • Hemant Prasad
    Hemant Prasad 12 days ago

    According to Hindi calendar hemant is first month of year..which start after approx march ...

  • Thato Mogale
    Thato Mogale 17 days ago

    Around the world? A few countries isn't the world. You even skipped whole continents, Africa and Oceania. Smh. 😑

  • Thomas Yan
    Thomas Yan 18 days ago

    I get that you want to explain Chinese names but using the English translation to assume that Li Li means the person has the same surname and first name is ridiculous... You do realise they are different words in Chinese and means different things right?

  • Aletheia Kong
    Aletheia Kong 18 days ago

    the chinese pronunciations were so off i actually had to read the words off the screen to even make out what he was trying to say T^T

  • Karandis Matthews
    Karandis Matthews 18 days ago

    I My husband and I agreed that when we had children we would give them names that were unique and not common. We named our first child (a boy) Kaelyx DeNico (dads middle name) and our 7 month old baby boy's name is Kruz Dominic. We are very pleased with the names we chose for them and can't imagine their names being anything other than Kaelyx & Kruz! 👦🏽💋❤💋👶🏽

  • Rou Yu Tan
    Rou Yu Tan 19 days ago

    To all the southeast asian Tans

  • Rocket DOG
    Rocket DOG 19 days ago +1

    Indians at 4:04 Ghnta BC😊

  • Karan Nainwal
    Karan Nainwal 20 days ago

    Amit is the most common name in India anyday

  • James E.
    James E. 21 day ago

    As an American male named James, I have to wonder if I was listed as part of those given statistics 🤔

  • A. A. Gordokrilaya
    A. A. Gordokrilaya 25 days ago

    My name is Apollinaria and it refers to the ancient Greek god Apollo, but it can also be literally translated as "the murderer" or "the one who destroys."
    I adore my name...

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 25 days ago +1


  • Chinmay Lonkar
    Chinmay Lonkar 27 days ago


  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 27 days ago

    I have an Indian Friend & his Name is ,,. ..
    " Madhavakshay Triveni Narayana Shashindra Swami Nair "

  • misswoo96
    misswoo96 28 days ago

    That is why Bambam from GOT7 who is a Thai doesn't know his brother's name 😂😆

  • KxS
    KxS 28 days ago


  • Manoj Mardi
    Manoj Mardi 28 days ago

    My name is Yu and his name is Mi.😂

  • Snehal Ingle
    Snehal Ingle 29 days ago

    Jay would be the name that's available in almost all nations

  • Bts .7.salwa
    Bts .7.salwa Month ago

    I live in Indonesia, and I do have a quite unusual/rare name. As you can see from my profile name, my name is Salwa.....
    And if ur wondering where my parents got my name.., they got it from the Quran. And even though my name basically means blessing but in a bird version... so if u don't understand the back story is that one of the prophets of Muslim a long time ago, was in a long journey with his followers. But they were starving and thirsty at the time, so the prophet prayed to god to give him and his followers foods and drinks. And god eventually sent them honey (as a drink) and a bird (as food, and this is my name...Salwa). And that's the unique back story of my name.

  • Ritesh Sharma
    Ritesh Sharma Month ago

    Heyy i am SHARMA

  • John-David Hearn
    John-David Hearn Month ago

    is jihad a mildleeastern name is is a joke sorry

  • I Like Pufferfish Yay

    The butchering of the Chinese names 😫

  • Malife
    Malife Month ago

    Now I understand why my parents has always called me "Maa noi" (nickname) since i was a baby, since my mom is thai. So I guess since it's a common thing to get nicknames related to the looks of their baby and also related to animals, I got the nickname "Maa noi" (Small/Little dog in Thai)

  • Ma Rija
    Ma Rija Month ago

    why american people in your videos wear normal clothes and japanese, arabian , indian and other wear stereotypical clothes? -_-

  • Syed mdabdullah
    Syed mdabdullah Month ago

    Jone's son Jonson
    Joneson's son _________ ?

  • Syed mdabdullah
    Syed mdabdullah Month ago

    My name is Abdullah. Meaning is "slave of Allah"

  • Sykemypie
    Sykemypie Month ago

    Why not martin

  • Miamiala
    Miamiala Month ago

    Let me guess! Spanish's will be Elena or Sofía.

    • Miamiala
      Miamiala Month ago

      wait there wasn't Spain, but I'm still convinced that Elena and Sofía is the most overused name on Spain. I know 7 Elenas, with H or without, and 2 Sofías.

  • LpsNessa
    LpsNessa Month ago

    So Vanessa isn't in anymore...

  • Phantom Random HD
    Phantom Random HD Month ago

    My name is Rapolas , which is the Lithuanian version of Raphael (It isnt very common in Lithuania)

  • Spanishfutbol2010
    Spanishfutbol2010 Month ago

    For the popular surname in the UK, you guys left out Khan

  • ninectstay_1205
    ninectstay_1205 Month ago

    I suddenly remembered how GOT7's Bambam almost got named Beer😂😂

  • mariam nahrawi
    mariam nahrawi Month ago

    My name is Mariam lol Mary in English

  • Nirai_ Hann
    Nirai_ Hann Month ago

    I don't know that I have anusual name.but name is Naomi and my parents said that name is a Japanese name but I'm Indonesians sooo...... It's interesting,tho

  • pixieminx86
    pixieminx86 Month ago

    India name trends are influenced by movies and movie stars. In the 90s there would have been millions of Raj, Simran, Naina, etc and now double-A names are the trend. I think Kumar is probably the Jones equivalent in India.

  • Citrix
    Citrix Month ago

    Wtf the text for me was on swedish 😶

  • Nick Aguiar
    Nick Aguiar Month ago

    I love that people never get the Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation righ 😂
    José (Joseph) = French J sound, o, z, “air” minus the -r
    João (John) = French J sound, o, uhn, oo

  • yamama almashkor
    yamama almashkor Month ago

    I was laughing when I found out that Muhammad/Mohammad or which ever way you spell it, was a popular way to spell in the U.K., and I researched it, it's now the most popular name in the world, which is even funnier, then, because I was curious, I searched the most popular name in the world, and guess what turned up? Mohammed 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    But I guess it's not that hard to believe, sooooooo much of my relatives have that name!!!

  • Ayşe Uslu
    Ayşe Uslu Month ago

    Ayşe is a really really populer name in Turkey

  • the dude guy
    the dude guy Month ago

    i just clicked this video by seeing MY name in THUMBNAIL xD

  • JoeJunior
    JoeJunior Month ago

    My name is

    uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas

  • H A R U N
    H A R U N Month ago

    Nguyen for half population of vietnam

  • Dayna Normani
    Dayna Normani Month ago

    My surname is popular! But do Indiana know the name Mehak?

  • M36 T V
    M36 T V Month ago

    My name is Mohammed

  • xiaoyan Tang
    xiaoyan Tang Month ago

    中国重视家族根源,血缘关系,所以把姓放在名前面。感觉拼音把很多同音字当成一个字了,比如 wei :魏、卫、韦 li: 李、黎长……

  • Rachel Nguyentu
    Rachel Nguyentu Month ago +2

    My last name is "hard to pronounce" It's just Nguyen with a -tu at the end ;-;

    Also, if my child's a girl, then maybe Cassandra?
    If it's a dude, theeen I'll figure it out

    • Lena
      Lena Month ago

      Pronounced "win-too"?

  • 김나현
    김나현 Month ago

    Kunpimook Bhuwakul >>> Bambam 😐🙂 GOT7 GOT7 GOT7 GOT7 GOT7 GOT7 GOT7 GOT7 GOT7 GOT7

  • ajburgdorf
    ajburgdorf Month ago

    Ah yes James, the most popular kid in second grade. All the girls loved him, and when he helped my friend up and they all saw their dreams were crushed. 😹

  • Covers By Mel
    Covers By Mel Month ago

    if i had a girl, i would name her Jocelyn, and if i had a boy, his name would be Jordan

  • Maria Rebecca
    Maria Rebecca Month ago

    Nice my name is popular in Brazil 😎

  • Beanie Boy
    Beanie Boy Month ago

    Yaoi is gracious?

  • Mary Olukayode
    Mary Olukayode Month ago


  • Ak Highpin
    Ak Highpin Month ago

    I Thought The Most Famous Name Is Adam XD

  • Madster and the Bellsters Channel!

    I’m Maddie, witch is an English name, it means Woman from Magdala, I know right

  • ღMidnight Eclipseღ

    My names defintley not popular:(

  • Christof Jacobs
    Christof Jacobs Month ago

    My name is Yasmine , which i think is pretty Unique bc i live in Belguim

  • Christof Jacobs
    Christof Jacobs Month ago

    My name is Yasmine , which i think is pretty Unique bc i live in Belguim

  • Ching Mac
    Ching Mac Month ago

    My name is kahlil the meaning of kahlil is friend
    Can somebody be my friend??? I would like to be your friend

  • Alice A
    Alice A Month ago

    I’m from the uk and have never met and Mohamed

  • Ike The Thotslayer, Certified Village Idiot

    So people in Thailand had to create their own unique surnames?
    _They were literally creating family usernames and that's great_

  • Archer07
    Archer07 Month ago

    My name is Mateusz

  • WUUL 27
    WUUL 27 Month ago +1

    I am from Finland and my name is Ossi

    • Vladimir Putin
      Vladimir Putin Month ago

      In Germany we say ossi to people from the former GDR.

  • Shridhar Pandey
    Shridhar Pandey Month ago +2

    I am not convinced about most common Indian names. For example in my whole life i have never met person whose name is Aarav but Utkarsh,Siddharth,Sudhansu type names are more common. In every school you will find one name like Utkarsh,Siddharth and Sudhanshu.

  • Derpy Citron Ball
    Derpy Citron Ball Month ago

    I live in the USA and my name is James lol

  • Ein Däner
    Ein Däner Month ago

    0:34 the first name in Denmark that was discovered was "Harja." The name was written down on a sword, that was found on a 3-4000 year old battlefield.

  • AniqTheMaster Ziqry

    The name that i want to give to my child is Uvwevwevwe Onyetwenye Omgmwewe Ossas

  • Pink Fluffy Unicorn

    Half of the Indian names mentioned here aren't even that common

  • Vincent Gulley
    Vincent Gulley Month ago

    So you just forgot about Africa? Or...

  • like zh
    like zh Month ago

    my name is “like”

  • Kurosama
    Kurosama 2 months ago

    I actually have no idea if my name is Sara or Sarah. They're about the same thing, but Sarah commonly translates from Hebrew and Persian and sometimes Arabic to "Princess" or "Woman of high rank", and Sara's origin is Arabic/Spanish/something and it usually means "Pleasant" or "A woman that makes people happy". In my ID card, it's written as Sarah, but I write it as Sara.


  • Mohit Sharma
    Mohit Sharma 2 months ago

    my Sur name

  • sahil Jain
    sahil Jain 2 months ago

    In my class there are 5 deepesh and my brother name also deepesh mean light (India) name popular before aarav

  • Charu Shakya
    Charu Shakya 2 months ago

    My older brothers name is really common name it is Rahul which also used to me the name of Lord Buddha's son's name and where as my name it is really unique and its Charu but I don't know what it means

  • I'm Dazed
    I'm Dazed 2 months ago

    I 6ix9ine was Chinese, would it be fucking Zhang wei?

  • people Entertainment
    people Entertainment 2 months ago

    I think my name is popular William

  • people Entertainment
    people Entertainment 2 months ago

    Good information my name is William from india

    BOCAH JELEEK 2 months ago +1

    Where is Indonesia

    BOCAH JELEEK 2 months ago +1

    My name is Pussy

  • cradfeo
    cradfeo 2 months ago

    NCT's Ten as a person who lives in Thailand be like:


    • cradfeo
      cradfeo Month ago

      It's quite easy to pronounce it once you see his video pronouncing his name.

    • fatimah anwaar
      fatimah anwaar Month ago +1

      Woah Woah Woah it's a pain in the ass to pronounce his name without offending him SMH

  • venus ayomide
    venus ayomide 2 months ago

    My name Ayomide means my gift has come in nigeria. Nigerians use blessing sentences to name

  • Ian Downing
    Ian Downing 2 months ago

    My name is Ian

  • Skyline
    Skyline 2 months ago

    All the James’ in the world, Unite!

  • Riya Patil
    Riya Patil 2 months ago

    My name is Riya

    INTERISTA X SEMPRE 2 months ago

    Wow not even an African country

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 2 months ago +3

    Lol my first name is Muhammad.
    And Mr infographics (whatever your name is) u forgot one most common name especially in Iran:

  • Spongepants Squarebob
    Spongepants Squarebob 2 months ago

    Their is a kid in my tuition, his name is 'Freedom' lmao
    Coz his birthdate is 15th August(Independence day of India)

  • Anime Nerd
    Anime Nerd 2 months ago

    You forgot one very common name in northern India. Pihu. Even in a show a girl is named Pihu. I must have heard this name at least a hundred times

  • Kyungsoo’s forehead
    Kyungsoo’s forehead 2 months ago

    I saw Chen, I clicked 😂

  • michie
    michie 2 months ago

    i'm michelle lafawn springer. michelle being of french origin and lafawn being of spanish/mexican origin. i don't know where springer comers from

  • Rausan singh
    Rausan singh 2 months ago

    Rausan kumar singh

  • Trang Nguyen
    Trang Nguyen 2 months ago

    Most popular VIETNAMESE GIRL name is TRANG. Common last name is NGUYEN. and what am i?? Nothing special just "TRANG NGUYEN" :((:

  • Alna G
    Alna G 2 months ago

    my parents wanted my name to start with the letter a they thought of alana but wanted to change it they to0o out the middle a and and that's why my name is alna

  • Manju
    Manju 2 months ago +1

    Your pronunciation in case of indian name is poor. And regarding name your knowledge is worst. Names you told are not at all that common.

  • Floyd Rose of your nightmares

    My surname (Jollans) Is one of the rarest in the world. There are only about 13 of us in the world and it originates from France and is most popular today in the UK. The only Jollans records we could find was of bill Jollans, who was actually a plane maker/designer in the early 1900s