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Rag'n'Bone Man - Die Easy (Official Video)

  • Published on Jan 11, 2018
  • Rag'n'Bone Man - Die Easy (Official Video)
    Taken from Rag'n'Bone Man's debut album 'Human', out now:
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  • أحمد عادل
    أحمد عادل 15 hours ago

    i like your songs ...keep going

  • Assad Barakzai
    Assad Barakzai 3 days ago

    Hell to pll who disliked

  • KyngSmashJuggin 2.0
    KyngSmashJuggin 2.0 4 days ago

    "Well well well so i can die easy" this hit my soul💯

  • ModrnDayMonk
    ModrnDayMonk 6 days ago +1

    Soulful... brother

  • Elizabeth Gaspodnetich

    That gives me goose bumps!! You are so awesome! You have so much soul you put into your voice, it is so wonderful to listen to!

  • Feminem The Real Slim Lady

    Wow!!! I have no words for how beautiful this is- no musical accompaniment - I'm mesmerized

  • James Daye
    James Daye 7 days ago

    Dope song

    БУМ БАМ TV 8 days ago

    Good, good, vere good music!!!😎😍

  • غزل غزل
    غزل غزل 9 days ago


  • Mark Zaccardi
    Mark Zaccardi 9 days ago

    Great voice

  • Mau Gondola
    Mau Gondola 11 days ago

    Very good music, hello from Mexico!!!

  • Mah Carolina Souza
    Mah Carolina Souza 11 days ago

    Muito talento pra uma pessoa só , esse cara é foda de mais 🖤👏👏👏👏

  • Ludmila Lapshina Abramina


  • Marilee Denr
    Marilee Denr 14 days ago

    I love your music..Only human I shared worldwide...

  • Henn Lizzy Stewart
    Henn Lizzy Stewart 14 days ago

    People who truly enjoy good music will go out and search for it so pleased I got here

  • john DuBois
    john DuBois 18 days ago

    Like to hear him sing an oldie "the sky is crying" , by bb Coleman

  • Mohammad
    Mohammad 19 days ago

    don't expect every one to love your songs ... but it's the quality of love is what really counts.

  • سامي الخالدي


  • XxProjectVaggxX
    XxProjectVaggxX 19 days ago

    what kind of music is this?

  • Laura Tak
    Laura Tak 21 day ago

    Waow !!! Magnifique et tellement puissant !!!

  • Magda T
    Magda T 22 days ago


  • Mark H
    Mark H 23 days ago


  • Patrick McLean
    Patrick McLean 23 days ago

    They need to make a love this button, instead of just a like and dislike button.

  • Tamara Salamova
    Tamara Salamova 23 days ago


  • James Murphy-Walsh
    James Murphy-Walsh 23 days ago


  • Darlene Farmer
    Darlene Farmer 23 days ago

    The music of the soul!!!

  • Smoking OldGens
    Smoking OldGens 23 days ago

    rip X

  • 007 marcos
    007 marcos 24 days ago

    Meu Deus como eu amo esse cara, que voz 😱❤

  • Mire
    Mire 25 days ago

    that Voice .. AWESOME

  • Tolga Koç
    Tolga Koç 26 days ago

    Türk var seviyoruz seni ailece

    TOUATI FETTOUMA 26 days ago

    Die easy ;truth;;the life is difficult

  • MissYoungsta
    MissYoungsta 28 days ago

    Damn this sounds like some badass blues music. Damn it’s about time I heard someone from this era sing this gorgeously.

  • MissYoungsta
    MissYoungsta 28 days ago


  • XxXx Anne XxXx
    XxXx Anne XxXx 28 days ago

    Ich liebe deine Stimme und deine Musik

  • Errol Horton
    Errol Horton 28 days ago

    I love it

  • Trolman !!!
    Trolman !!! 29 days ago +1


  • Patricia Silva
    Patricia Silva Month ago


  • Sivan Rocha
    Sivan Rocha Month ago

    Sabe muito , esplêndido 👏👏👏

  • Hava Balkan
    Hava Balkan Month ago

  • Toomanycukor
    Toomanycukor Month ago +1

    this called _talent_ .

  • T Young
    T Young Month ago

    This guy kills it. Keep it up.

    SHAMROCC317 Month ago

    Just gained a fan!!!

  • Juan David Velasquez

    music to warriors 💪👍

  • Marti
    Marti Month ago


  • hippyable
    hippyable Month ago

    Damn I love this guy! He ran away with my heart and soul

  • Paul Poppe
    Paul Poppe Month ago

    Still getting goosebumps while hearing this... Amazing

  • Apple Aisbitt
    Apple Aisbitt Month ago

    amazingggggggggggggg would love to hear u sing the old spirituals too think you would sound amazing !!!

  • Kacper Reichel
    Kacper Reichel Month ago

    bring up this beautiful song

  • mrkrazyaznguyizkrazy

    My new lullaby. ^,^

  • Ralle Klatti
    Ralle Klatti Month ago

    Ready to pay! ... give a link! So great! Did not have to write my life ... you did it for me! Still ready to pay!

  • Anahí A.p
    Anahí A.p Month ago

    It's so beautiful ♪💫

  • Erik Schönwälder Schönwälder

    Your voice is legendary and beautiful.. but i don't know like u, but i miss some music. You can hear this song maybe once or twice and say: wooow that voiceee!!!

  • Антон Алексеевич


  • Valentina Orlova
    Valentina Orlova Month ago

    I love his voice! I love his songs! One of the best musicians that I have ever heard. Hope to hear more new things from him :)

  • Sergio Aguilar S
    Sergio Aguilar S Month ago

    this song filled my soul, soo beutiful

  • lovereign
    lovereign Month ago

    Ya bwoy sangin' negro spirituals outchea

  • Gaylin Mcdaniel
    Gaylin Mcdaniel Month ago

    This is starting to turn into serious business make sure you keep your head up I don't want you to lose your soul and I'm not kidding around things are changing in this world as you can see how they would is becoming something of fiction don't be a part of that fiction be the book that is written in your life you can be your own King on your own throne but make sure you keep your own soul it doesn't hurt to be a leader you are one inside and out don't ever let it leave you you sing with so so don't lose it inside of you never give up never sale your soul to the serpent devil

  • Karam Faysal
    Karam Faysal Month ago

    bishop briggs and him would make the best collaboration

  • Shino Play
    Shino Play Month ago

    Amo esse cantor, que voz linda da poha!!

  • kerlani paul
    kerlani paul Month ago

    Is it just me or does this sound like a negro spiritual! I love it!

  • Mine Bayrak
    Mine Bayrak Month ago

    You so good 🤗 🇹🇷

  • Suelem Rodrigues
    Suelem Rodrigues Month ago


  • Nohelia Poveda
    Nohelia Poveda Month ago

    El mejor instrumento ...

  • Lua Takashi
    Lua Takashi Month ago

    - Gostaria apenas de deixar registrado que sou uma grande fã do seu trabalho cara, você é ótimo !! Continue sendo o ingênuo nas letras pois essa é a tua essência. Parabéns pelo ótimo trabalho! ❤️❤️👌👌🎶🎶🎶

  • Ray Bandz
    Ray Bandz Month ago

    So dope

  • will 012
    will 012 Month ago

    assistindo de são Jose do rio preto SP. brasil dia 22/jun/2018 as 12:04 AM

  • bglolelvis !
    bglolelvis ! Month ago

    J'adore ta vois mec tu et le meilleure je t'adore et tout t'es musique 😭😢😢

  • Mark van der Windt
    Mark van der Windt Month ago

    I'm pretty old.... when they gone play music at my funerall it's has to be a few song of this amazing guy.... respect....

  • Slavko Cosic
    Slavko Cosic Month ago

    Soul by R.B.M but God is the GREATEST...

  • Егор Грищенко

    Hello from Belarus

  • Paola Rosati
    Paola Rosati 2 months ago

    I love so much his voice. So talented!

  • juliano brolezi
    juliano brolezi 2 months ago


  • Georg Sieper
    Georg Sieper 2 months ago

    What an completely outstanding voice! Up to 2:26 i even didn't recognize it's acapella. Thanks.

  • Nirel
    Nirel 2 months ago

    O na sai Gamiso tsoutsourosa! Greece

  • Lo
    Lo 2 months ago

    Lots of love from KSA 💜

  • G-Wo 14
    G-Wo 14 2 months ago

    This mans voice is legit legendary. Id argue to be somewhat of our generations Jhonny Cash.

  • Mike T
    Mike T 2 months ago

    Dedicated to my twin brother Matthew Thomas 10-30-80

  • Alhassan Rahinat
    Alhassan Rahinat 2 months ago

    oh my GOD... WHAT A VOICE

  • KitFX37
    KitFX37 2 months ago

    I cant words...

  • Megami Manni
    Megami Manni 2 months ago

    Damn ! He's super awesome man 🎵 I love it definitely love everything about it 🎧 my love and respect ❤ I'm a new fan

  • Larissa Monteiro
    Larissa Monteiro 2 months ago

    Perfeect ❤❤🌁Brazil

  • Viktor Berzinsky
    Viktor Berzinsky 2 months ago

    Magnificent. This needs to be on the soundtrack to a really grim western a southern gothic type thing. I also have a hard time believing this guy isn't from the southern U.S.

  • L R
    L R 2 months ago

    Yr voice is wooooooooondrful 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Blue Screen
    Blue Screen 2 months ago

    perfect voice

  • Daniel Cornel
    Daniel Cornel 2 months ago

    keep your soul, guard your heart, that your mouth professes wisdom and not death

  • Sára cs
    Sára cs 2 months ago

    Omg,Love this💕 Czech🇨🇿

  • Andrew Burns Music
    Andrew Burns Music 2 months ago

    This has to be on my list of one of my favorite posts from you. Keep up all the great work! Feeling ready to make some music right now.

  • Gary Speirs
    Gary Speirs 2 months ago

    Rag 'n' Bone Man + Gregory Porter. Can you dig it? Can you dig it? Caaaan youuuu dig it?!!!

  • Paulo Henrique
    Paulo Henrique 2 months ago

    Show velho! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Slavko Cosic
    Slavko Cosic 2 months ago

    Human are not does only changes form and dimensions...SERBIEN

  • gabriela lekiashvili
    gabriela lekiashvili 2 months ago

    Omg love that guy😍😍😍

  • starteamplus
    starteamplus 2 months ago

    Cute bear man

  • Passion Animaux & Compagnie

    Wow. This voice !! Beautiful ! I love rag'n bone man !

  • iNdUsTrIaLrOcKeR4U
    iNdUsTrIaLrOcKeR4U 2 months ago

    Holiness has nothing to do with sensuality, lust, or pride. I've seen your twit account. You are the devil. The worse evil is not the incarnation of satan but that which poses as the truth but actually is a lie and leads an innocent to hell. Just because someone has a soulful voice does not mean they have a soul. Consider this a gentle warning. Once enlightened, our Lord has a license to pursue. It ain't a fun reality. I assure you. Welcome to my hell.

  • Jacob Fuerst
    Jacob Fuerst 2 months ago

    Ragnbone man + chris stepelton. Now that , my friends, is how figurative babies are made

  • puppy love
    puppy love 2 months ago

    Omg it annoys me to see how underrated he is!!😭😭❤

  • aasa63
    aasa63 2 months ago

    He is great. So great. I'm melting here in Finland...

  • vpjaveline
    vpjaveline 2 months ago

    Bravo brate,imas glas svaka cast.

  • Mirta J
    Mirta J 2 months ago

    Amazing, im in love with ur voice i love the song and how original u are
    Love it❤