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Rag'n'Bone Man - Die Easy (Official Video)

  • Published on Jan 11, 2018
  • Rag'n'Bone Man - Die Easy (Official Video)
    Taken from Rag'n'Bone Man's debut album 'Human', out now:
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  • Shocker2009
    Shocker2009 4 hours ago

    This guy needs to do the next bond intro song

  • Abdou Bezghoud
    Abdou Bezghoud 22 hours ago

    ALGERIA 🇩🇿❤️❤️

  • Roberta Bosco
    Roberta Bosco 23 hours ago


  • Ahmet Hakan Mazman
    Ahmet Hakan Mazman 2 days ago

    Bone touches our veins.

  • András Ökrös
    András Ökrös 2 days ago

    The difference between someone who can sing and those auto-tune worthless piece of guns.... gives me the chills!

  • chatanwarrior
    chatanwarrior 2 days ago

    Going by his voice I expect an old black guy lol

  • Raimundo Ereck Sousa Alencar

    Sou brasileiro gosto muito,das sua música. Parabéns.

  • gorette novais
    gorette novais 3 days ago

    Parabéns linda voz

  • SegwayPsycho
    SegwayPsycho 3 days ago

    Hell yeah man sing It. You're music sounds like the Midwest but you're from UK it's amazing. Man.

  • cristina fumero
    cristina fumero 3 days ago

    Madre mía 😲!!!!!!!👏🏼. 👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Diana Martinez
    Diana Martinez 4 days ago

    iam very picky i say he rising slowly he will be famous

  • Lyra
    Lyra 6 days ago

    His voice killing me omg, i love his voice💚

  • Eliana Santos
    Eliana Santos 6 days ago

    Nossa sem palavras que isso ! 😍😍😍

  • yazmin Angel
    yazmin Angel 7 days ago


  • James Nelson
    James Nelson 7 days ago

    Such an awesome voice.

  • Lila Davis
    Lila Davis 7 days ago

    Love Love Love his voice where can I get his CDs?

  • \o/ Диванный Воин \o/


  • destiny poe
    destiny poe 8 days ago

    your amazing i cant your voice outta my head

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 8 days ago

    No instruments no nothin. Just a man and his musical genius

  • Jaksael Silva
    Jaksael Silva 13 days ago

    its really so wonderful song.

  • Peter Maier
    Peter Maier 13 days ago +1

    the more often you Listen to 2:05 the better it gets xD

  • Qobamo Q
    Qobamo Q 14 days ago

    *I wonder why British Singer lose their accent when they sing*

  • Joseph Gaming0311
    Joseph Gaming0311 14 days ago

    Such a powerful voice🙌

  • J. H
    J. H 15 days ago

    WHY haven't i heard of him before !!
    I missed much 💔💔

  • MikeMatt Akins
    MikeMatt Akins 15 days ago

    NEW new cool

  • abdulla bukhari
    abdulla bukhari 16 days ago +1

    Rag'n'bone man dude your voice is straight from hevean we all are waiting for you to do this magic again

  • Mehmet DURAN
    Mehmet DURAN 17 days ago

    Bileklerime kadar acıyor

  • Tavia G
    Tavia G 17 days ago

    he has a very soulful voice

  • Jane Moomaw
    Jane Moomaw 17 days ago


  • Bruna Waldemarin
    Bruna Waldemarin 18 days ago

    Que talento!!! 👏👏🇧🇷

  • Nereide Daniels
    Nereide Daniels 18 days ago

    Que voz maravillosa!!❤ Italy🍕(non trovo la bandiera, quindi ci metto la pizza)/Argentina💀

  • Marjanne R
    Marjanne R 19 days ago

    This man has SOUL. What a beautifull and powerfull voice. I love it.

  • Derek McCallum
    Derek McCallum 20 days ago

    The best voice around

  • Bruno Assumpção
    Bruno Assumpção 22 days ago

    This song is very similar to "In My Time Of Dying" of Led Zeppelin...

  • Murilo Almeida
    Murilo Almeida 22 days ago

    Song without instruments but is like it had.

  • Максим Рубанов

    Awesome voice! Чувак просто невероятен!!

  • Sharmistha Saha
    Sharmistha Saha 23 days ago

    What a voice...

  • Rob Laub
    Rob Laub 25 days ago

    His voice chokes me up

  • Riley Kingston
    Riley Kingston 25 days ago

    I want his beard.

  • Maya Vivid
    Maya Vivid 26 days ago

  • binca bella
    binca bella 26 days ago

    Percepisco che parla .
    Visto che non conosco l inglese
    Da come canta ,
    Sento che parla dell amore Che vorrebbe

  • Leonardo Henrique
    Leonardo Henrique 27 days ago

    Sem batida e sem palavras

  • Balázs Szabó
    Balázs Szabó 27 days ago +1

    It's a gospel even in the chuch it's beating.

  • AgaMan official
    AgaMan official 28 days ago

    nice viddeo

  • Jessica Silva Gomes
    Jessica Silva Gomes 29 days ago

    Uau você é demais! 😍😍❤

  • Da Biscuit
    Da Biscuit Month ago


  • Karla Reyes
    Karla Reyes Month ago

    Su voz me da escalofríos 💖👏👏

  • Eric Novak
    Eric Novak Month ago

    Everybody give this good old boy some views, he deserves it alit.

  • Salomão Phellipe
    Salomão Phellipe Month ago +2


  • Primux001
    Primux001 Month ago +1

    That man has a SOUL voice....

  • Helen Davies
    Helen Davies Month ago

    This guy is so much like my next door neighbour

  • Simone Hayes
    Simone Hayes Month ago

    His Voice is Powerful he didn't even need instruments or anything omg

  • PoeticSonic
    PoeticSonic Month ago

    Man this dudes voice go straight to your soul! There needs to be more musicians trying to have this kind of quality but it rarer than rare

  • Legolas8249
    Legolas8249 Month ago

    2:03 the moment when youre so astounded that your mind and body dont know what to do

  • Heiko Becker
    Heiko Becker Month ago

    Nur krass geil!!

  • Potlake Seroka
    Potlake Seroka Month ago

    Come take my soul anytime. I swear I will die easy

  • Andrey Borisov
    Andrey Borisov Month ago

    Мужик, ты прекрасен! ,)

  • Henry Thoreau
    Henry Thoreau Month ago

    I could be hearing this on the radio, instead all we got is that donut licking whore inviting terrorists to her bloodbath concerts. FML.

  • Janet Jones
    Janet Jones Month ago

    What can u say superb

  • Ahmad Asiri
    Ahmad Asiri Month ago

    Man this legend is singing for the souls! A Huge fan ✊

  • Lisa Ancel
    Lisa Ancel Month ago

    That voice ----- amazing

  • Denise Quantz
    Denise Quantz Month ago

    may as well come and take my soul

  • peggles727
    peggles727 Month ago

    Is there any wonder why I'm absolutly in love with his voice? Damn the big man can sing! He could sing the dictionary and I would buy it!

  • leeh leeh
    leeh leeh Month ago

    so much soul, much love for Rag'n'Bone

  • On3d3R_Lvst1nG
    On3d3R_Lvst1nG Month ago

    Now this dude has a soul!! Dopeness

  • peyton1803
    peyton1803 Month ago

    Always a incredible voice no matter what tone or lyrics

  • Camila M Ventura
    Camila M Ventura Month ago

    I do think that he has to do a collaboration with Christina Aguilera

  • NUÑEZ perez
    NUÑEZ perez Month ago

    sa voiz est incroyable...felicitations

  • Warwick Wright
    Warwick Wright Month ago

    This is the first time I've listened to Rag n Bone man. This dude is the first white man that can sing truly like a black man. Thid dudes got soul. Bless Bro.

  • Thati Correia
    Thati Correia Month ago

    Aquele branco com voz de preto

  • Karokash
    Karokash Month ago

    Oh my, please stay this pure. This is just raw talent. This is amazing music. I hope you get as famous as you deserve but I hope fame wouldn't change your style.

  • Godly
    Godly Month ago

    Fuck me UP 🙌👏👏👏

  • TheBFGHarrison
    TheBFGHarrison Month ago

    This was Okay 6.5 /10 ignore the 10/10 boosters who don't give accurate ratings.

  • yofo boi
    yofo boi Month ago

    Anybody know like the meaning frfr

    DEQI HOU Month ago

    what if... just what if... he joined LP?

  • jacob empson
    jacob empson Month ago

    If that had any music to this song it would ruin it because his voice is so amazing

  • letizia C.
    letizia C. Month ago

    i love you voice

  • Peter Mead
    Peter Mead Month ago

    Pure talent. Doesn't need sex drugs or violent videos. He made off his own merit and is one of the most down to earth musicians that does his job for pure love of music one of about 5 people ever to have that in the world. Top bloke

  • Kevin Douglas
    Kevin Douglas Month ago


  • fahd hannani
    fahd hannani 2 months ago


  • Jens Haenel
    Jens Haenel 2 months ago

    Love him! Please enjoy!

  • Bobbie McCord
    Bobbie McCord 2 months ago

    Man his voice cuts right through the meat sheet straight to the meeeeeeee

  • peggles727
    peggles727 2 months ago

    this guy can give you chills on a hot summer day. Keep it up man. Love your music.

  • Abdellatif Sraiti
    Abdellatif Sraiti 2 months ago

    you are so talented man

  • In Ka
    In Ka 2 months ago

    It feels like a beginning of the song... I'm waiting for the rest of it !😍😍😍

  • In Ka
    In Ka 2 months ago

    Jesus Christ!!!! It's so gooooooood ❤

  • Logan Van Wyk
    Logan Van Wyk 2 months ago

    I know it is maybe a bit offensive, but could you do covers of popular Christian Praise songs. You have an amazing voice and could do some of them better than the original.

  • gardini100
    gardini100 2 months ago

    what a voice

  • AirZaiL
    AirZaiL 2 months ago


  • Hookie Doo
    Hookie Doo 2 months ago


  • DarkRaivenMoon
    DarkRaivenMoon 2 months ago

    Gives me the chills... I love this.

  • ootgwcbac htdlatwtcsolcm

    Brother don't give up on us

  • Jeff Clayton
    Jeff Clayton 2 months ago

    No wrong view the Devil is the last entity you want to have your soul! I will die but not that easy! I love his voice but not this song!

  • Randi Szöküld
    Randi Szöküld 2 months ago

    Daaaaaaaaamn you got some soul! And Ralph Stanley'd be damn proud!

  • David Ridlespriger
    David Ridlespriger 2 months ago +1

    I'm not going to heaven.
    And brother down stairs couldn't hold me even if he wanted too.

  • Erica Smith
    Erica Smith 2 months ago

    feature Rihanna

  • Lola Etoile
    Lola Etoile 2 months ago

    Beautiful voice !

  • David Kříva
    David Kříva 2 months ago

    Beauty, man...

  • Guadalupe Morales
    Guadalupe Morales 2 months ago

    amo a este hombre caray que voz tan hermosa 👉💟👈👌👑