Stormzy - Shut Up (1Xtra Live 2015)

  • Published on Oct 17, 2015
  • Visit for more videos and photos. Stormzy performs Shut Up at 1Xtra Live 2015 in Leeds.
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  • james crowley
    james crowley Year ago

    What jacket is he wearing?

  • Liam Crawford
    Liam Crawford Year ago

    Rarse man crowd dead let my man down tararse ma wow 🙈🙈🙈 no there not mandem in crowd there yo #4real!!!!!

  • Fynn Aimson
    Fynn Aimson Year ago

    U got nothing on bugzy

  • Darren. The. Beast
    Darren. The. Beast 2 years ago

    Beast ting

  • Doctor Black
    Doctor Black 2 years ago

    please come to NEW YORK city.

  • qensh
    qensh 2 years ago

    All dem haters better -shut up-

  • ad da
    ad da 2 years ago


  • Dean Harton
    Dean Harton 2 years ago

    Dead crowd man felt bad for my nigga STORMZY

  • 2sdd
    2sdd 2 years ago

    This guy got spirit

  • Florian
    Florian 2 years ago

    Is that dj President T?

  • Ryan Mørgan
    Ryan Mørgan 3 years ago

    Haha he's got a god arse

  • robbie
    robbie 3 years ago +6

    I wana see Afghan Dan B2B with Stormzy !!!!

  • Wasim Sukkar
    Wasim Sukkar 3 years ago


  • Kingz Gamer
    Kingz Gamer 3 years ago +5

    stormsy be like 😲SHUTUPPPP!!!! crowd be like 😴shut.....up...

  • zaid rais
    zaid rais 3 years ago

    i dont go concerts to listen to the crowd..

    • Curtis Warren
      Curtis Warren 2 years ago +1

      zaid rais umm I've been to lit concerts

  • Daniel Bundy
    Daniel Bundy 3 years ago +1

    Rude Boy shut up

  • Rasharn Warren
    Rasharn Warren 3 years ago

    yes stormzy

  • Daniel
    Daniel 3 years ago +5

    It's crazy how dead this crowd is. This is in the UK, meanwhile the Rosklide crowd in Denmark was absolutely mad.

    • Nemesi
      Nemesi 3 years ago

      @CTM Podcast I thought the crowd looked ecstatic, quit trying to play smart.

    • CTM Podcast
      CTM Podcast 3 years ago +1

      @Nemesi before you call people dumb, base it. I'm a music tech and although the sound has been isolated, you can still see a dead crowd.

    • Nemesi
      Nemesi 3 years ago +1

      Are you dumb? They lower the volume of the crowd to make stormzy more audible in the video. -_-

  • Gjerts3n
    Gjerts3n 3 years ago +2

    I have never seen such a bad crowd at a rap concert before!

  • Madness Madness
    Madness Madness 3 years ago

    He's not wearing adidas

  • Jansen M
    Jansen M 3 years ago


  • Buntheops
    Buntheops 3 years ago

    Haha stormzy is actually so dead

    • Buntheops
      Buntheops 2 years ago

      ok yh stormzy isnt dead but this track deffo is

    • Curtis Warren
      Curtis Warren 2 years ago

      charlie hickey no he's not..

  • Iron Ryan
    Iron Ryan 3 years ago

    Needs a hype man 👋🏻

  • Yeeah men
    Yeeah men 3 years ago

    What the track jacket called?

  • Mr. Wilson
    Mr. Wilson 3 years ago

    London I like the us swag u copy just a little bit more polished, just a little

  • Billy Stewart
    Billy Stewart 3 years ago

    Voice Break ? 0:27

  • Flobski
    Flobski 3 years ago

    You could sing it yourself at home and still get your moneys worth

  • EinsteinsChalkboard
    EinsteinsChalkboard 3 years ago

    This guy is a solid 9/10. He's born to do what he's doing

  • Ruby-mae Clarke
    Ruby-mae Clarke 3 years ago

    ye ting I love u stormzy , came to Birmingham plaese and pls dont say rap pls

  • Arnold Rivers
    Arnold Rivers 3 years ago

    This guy is not bad but sounds like he's trying too hard to be Eminem and it's not really working.

  • isac aswardh
    isac aswardh 3 years ago

    Stormzy always on FIRE!

  • Htheorphanarian
    Htheorphanarian 3 years ago +2

    I like this kind of rap, but I hate this modern fad of dj's of stopping the track every other second, i want some consistent rhythm, otherwise it's all stop-start, which honestly sounds shit.

  • Dylan
    Dylan 3 years ago

    crowds at gigs would be 200x times better if snapchat wasnt a thing

  • SystemOlympia
    SystemOlympia 3 years ago +1

    Pull up your pants fool

  • Ak
    Ak 3 years ago +1

    1:40 lol

  • Justagirl Inacrazyworld

    please 1xtra please at least give a quiz on the artists performing in order to get a ticket, I couldn't even get a ticket and look at this dead crowd! Birmingham last year was live! u need to stick to London and brum FACT!!!!!

  • Biggie
    Biggie 3 years ago

    why didn't he rap the whole thing

    • Ben Troy
      Ben Troy 3 years ago

      to get the crowd to sing some parts

  • joe Hoffman
    joe Hoffman 3 years ago

    he looks like lukaku

  • Joe Breezy
    Joe Breezy 3 years ago +10

    people chatting shit about the crowd being quiet or shit...just jealous you werent there...internet kids smd...funny how the shir crowd knew every word 😂

    • vuitton lv
      vuitton lv 3 years ago

      +Joe Breezy I chat shit about your mum all the time. Come on maaate!

    • Noz Talgic
      Noz Talgic 3 years ago +2

      +Joe Breezy We're not jealous, it's just that the crowd is shit.

    • Louis Dixon
      Louis Dixon 3 years ago

      Everyone knows every word.. Actually apart from this crowd

  • Billy Malabre
    Billy Malabre 3 years ago

    British Mc's still rappin wid that same flow and stupid accent!?

  • Tilleh!
    Tilleh! 3 years ago +1

    think the crowd thought he were telling them to shut up by the sounds of them 😴

  • Owen James
    Owen James 3 years ago

    Dead crowd 😣

  • G H O S T R I D E R 115

    This. Better than silento

  • harvey james
    harvey james 3 years ago

    shut down

  • GibletPlays
    GibletPlays 4 years ago

    Stormzys safe man

  • Dxvastatiionzz
    Dxvastatiionzz 4 years ago

    Shit crowd

  • Cam Sil
    Cam Sil 4 years ago +1

    Adidas jacket? how did the BBC let that slip? #nopromo

  • erkan yunis
    erkan yunis 4 years ago

    stormzy has talent for sure

  • Channelle Udeh
    Channelle Udeh 4 years ago

    i was there

  • Deano Mak
    Deano Mak 4 years ago

  • ghostmp3
    ghostmp3 4 years ago

    dead crowd

  • Sam Fowler
    Sam Fowler 4 years ago

    loool dead crowd - reading was much better

  • Bumbaclart Gaming720
    Bumbaclart Gaming720 4 years ago

    Ayy man shut up!

  • Arm
    Arm 4 years ago

    fucking dead crowd

  • Tobeslobes
    Tobeslobes 4 years ago +1

    Everyone complaining about the dead crowd but tbf it was in Leeds which doesn't have a big grime scene compared to London and Manchester and tbh I think the only reason this was in Leeds was to try and get grime to become a more mainstream genre of music up north, would have gone off it was in London were a majority of the grime MC's are from

  • Echo Fushionz
    Echo Fushionz 4 years ago +21

    for the new grime begs this beat is ancient from like 2005 not new.

    • Dean Harton
      Dean Harton 2 years ago

      Grime is not like your American trap bullshit they don't recycle fucking beats and plus you can make a shity beat sound good with flow and delivery hey I'm not saying that all trap is shit I listen to trap but I'm just saying grime is a better representation of old school hip hop when rappers had more topics then bitches and money and they had different instrumentals and beats p.s. I'm assuming you're American or you don't know what grime is

    • Echo Fushionz
      Echo Fushionz 2 years ago

      @peauntbutterxboy93 bloody hell.

    • Curtis Warren
      Curtis Warren 2 years ago

      Echo Fushionz what does grime mean?

    • YungOG _93
      YungOG _93 3 years ago

      thank's, found it already! It's nice to see a ''new'' artist going back to the oldschool esence of grime. Stormzy aaardd! Big up's from Sweden. @Echo Fushionz

    • Echo Fushionz
      Echo Fushionz 3 years ago

      @unknown_ 1 type in Dj XTC

  • Lucian Afford
    Lucian Afford 4 years ago

    Crowd was dead

  • haroon
    haroon 4 years ago

    this is sick

  • josh love
    josh love 4 years ago +7

    Go onn stormzy son fucking have it mate!!!!

    • BXB
      BXB 4 years ago


  • Red Room Gaming
    Red Room Gaming 4 years ago +9

    Not one pit! Not one raving! What the hell man if I was there, man would have been skaning out!