Locked out of my House

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
  • two idiot dont make a smart

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    ARYAN ZAMAN 46 minutes ago

    Love the video!

  • Mac Voufo
    Mac Voufo 5 hours ago

    Anyone notice that the uber driver locked the door

  • Brandon Pollastri
    Brandon Pollastri 5 hours ago

    Wow! Your animations have gotten really smooth!

  • Galidor Thingy
    Galidor Thingy 7 hours ago

    3:28 what the heck jaiden?! 😂😂😂

  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams 10 hours ago

    This girl seems like a spazz....
    And i think it's Hilarious. Take my like

  • cyberwitch activate
    cyberwitch activate 10 hours ago

    6:57 was that a Zelda BOTW reference? Or was i thinking too much about that

  • ElCerditoSinColita YT
    ElCerditoSinColita YT 10 hours ago

    carmen fue una niña genio y sus compañeras la mataron solo porque ella era mejor en la escuela comparte esto con los demas canales de youtube o ella no te dejara dormir

  • o k
    o k 11 hours ago


  • Rollover Doggo Gamer DOGS
    Rollover Doggo Gamer DOGS 11 hours ago +1

    5:54 like me also tho

  • Emily
    Emily 12 hours ago

    Goddamn it Rajesh

  • mystified killer 101
    mystified killer 101 13 hours ago

    Jaiden:crash at my place baby your a wreck
    Uber:k gt at
    Jaiden:Dont crash my place baby im a wreck
    Thx to post malone's sunflower

  • Kailey Bitgue
    Kailey Bitgue 14 hours ago

    My first jaiden animation vids I watched after being fan off odd1sout

  • Epic dude1234
    Epic dude1234 14 hours ago

    Skyrim reference 3:28 and 6:00

  • squirtle gamer
    squirtle gamer 15 hours ago

    My birthday is in september to

  • DazeMusic
    DazeMusic 15 hours ago

    you sound so spineless

  • T dog
    T dog 16 hours ago


  • red sparrow
    red sparrow 16 hours ago

    H..Hey jaiden happy birthday

  • Hunter&Stuff
    Hunter&Stuff 17 hours ago

    But did the people at the other house really notice you?

  • Teagan Edits
    Teagan Edits 17 hours ago

    That skyrim reference.

  • Cécile Cowface
    Cécile Cowface 18 hours ago

    11?!?!? I didn't sleep once for 23 hours basically a day

  • Krystal Roman
    Krystal Roman 18 hours ago

    Its okay that you slept for 17 hours,once I slept for 18 hours

  • dog3y3
    dog3y3 19 hours ago

    Great animation. I loved all the expressions.

  • The todler is angry
    The todler is angry 21 hour ago

    Boeing 737 lands from a 11 hour flight...me:How the frick does a 737 not run out of fuel after 11 hours it's a mid range plane

  • markus zzzrongved
    markus zzzrongved 22 hours ago

    Happy birthday 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Raechel Gray
    Raechel Gray 23 hours ago

    Love your vid

  • Rebeka Róka
    Rebeka Róka 23 hours ago

    Did she just burp? *3:20 whatch carefully *almost

  • Alex și mai multe

    5:50 HERE COMES JOHNY !..... wait....HERE COMES JAIDEN !

  • Teagan Ebue
    Teagan Ebue Day ago

    Skyrim reference

  • Auggie Allen-Kahl

    My birthday is September 27th too!!!

  • itjustlife 123465

    You could always get an electric lock they work pretty well and if anyone trys to break it they would be there for hours

  • Arianne V.
    Arianne V. Day ago +1

    3:14 you could've just said "Ummm no but you can drop me here yeah,thanks!,bye!"

  • Leylah Zepeda
    Leylah Zepeda Day ago

    jaiden: HERE"S JOHNNY
    me: hi stranger breaking down my door hehe

    • Mac Voufo
      Mac Voufo 5 hours ago

      It shoulda been ''here's jaiden

  • divan0v
    divan0v Day ago

    when i got home from japan idid not sleep for 34 hours

  • MovieEveryDay
    MovieEveryDay Day ago

    If Jaiden is vegan then why is she eating sushi? Is she actually pescetarian?

  • weiяd movies
    weiяd movies Day ago

    triggers indians (yeet) 1:54

  • Wolf Blade
    Wolf Blade Day ago

    4:19 that voice crack

  • to bad you mad
    to bad you mad Day ago


  • FoofNLoof
    FoofNLoof Day ago

    This whole video perfectly describes me. Including the part where she slept for 17 hours except it's me everyday

  • Hayley plays
    Hayley plays Day ago +1


  • upgrade 9000
    upgrade 9000 Day ago


  • Luna Gaming
    Luna Gaming Day ago

    I feel how tired she is

    I almost fell asleep in this video because of how tired I felt looking at Jayden and feeling her emotions

  • Vampire Pikachu
    Vampire Pikachu Day ago

    We share a bday OwO you toght me how to help people also I like the cameras

  • SCP-049
    SCP-049 Day ago

    I saw a skyrim reference
    Edit: i think

  • Bianca cat animation Lps

    Described to me

  • rad dogs
    rad dogs Day ago

    Been there

  • KrazyKilleR 2006

    H A P P Y 🅱️ D A Y

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Day ago


  • ZED-X 77
    ZED-X 77 Day ago

    Happy birthday

  • OREO chan
    OREO chan Day ago

    Just say that you were going to pick up your keys from a neighbor

  • The Alex gamer king

    You should have said hi to Masaki in Japan.

  • chota42
    chota42 Day ago

    You are way too cute

  • Aiden Sherwood
    Aiden Sherwood Day ago

    0:54 yellow flag in nascar actually means caution.

  • Vivian Rose
    Vivian Rose Day ago

    I locked myself out of my house in fourth grade when no one was home. I have no way to reach my family, so I sat at my X-friend's house. My mom did not answer her phone, and I did not know anybody else's number. It was a good birthday...

  • caysy
    caysy Day ago

    I just realized My birthday is a Day after you

  • Brianna Hight
    Brianna Hight Day ago

    Happy late birthday 🍰

  • Clara Playz
    Clara Playz Day ago +4

    Think about this wouldn’t happen if you let your roommate drive you home..

  • FreeLeGiOn
    FreeLeGiOn Day ago

    Or you could have just said...

    Here’s fine, thank you

    • FreeLeGiOn
      FreeLeGiOn Day ago

      The real problem is if the same Uber driver came to pick you up from your house than realizing you stopped off at someone else’s house

  • CherryTomatoVEVO


  • Chargrilled 81
    Chargrilled 81 Day ago

    7:40 the kid picking his nose

  • Skender Miftari
    Skender Miftari 2 days ago

    You draw good

  • Richard Tolentino
    Richard Tolentino 2 days ago

    Hide a spare key somewhere in the backyard.

  • Maxtaylor 2008
    Maxtaylor 2008 2 days ago

    Happy b day

  • Quenns_leli _com
    Quenns_leli _com 2 days ago

    7:08 that's me every day after school

  • Blue
    Blue 2 days ago

    U said that u took wisdom juice?

  • saurabh joshi
    saurabh joshi 2 days ago


  • Ultra Charge
    Ultra Charge 2 days ago

    She became ice cream 😂😂

  • iamthefleshandbones
    iamthefleshandbones 2 days ago

    Are you not vegan anymore?

  • Ash_ Kun
    Ash_ Kun 2 days ago +1

    Has the wisdom juice kicked in?

  • mylene moeai
    mylene moeai 2 days ago +1

    Lol every time my family gets locked out of our house we just climb through one of the windows

  • Alison Wetteland
    Alison Wetteland 2 days ago

    Hi my name is Alison and im nine I your videos are awsome youare so cool

  • Kaiju Beam
    Kaiju Beam 2 days ago

    I’ve had to break into my own house three times because I’ve locked my own keys in my house, and I’ve forgotten my keys twice before. I always make it so that my window isspecifically break-in-able. No robber would know how to do it because it’s complex af. The first time I did it was by pure accident and I almost broke my leg doing it.

  • Kananda Almeida
    Kananda Almeida 2 days ago

    I really appreciate Jaiden

  • pugin n penguin
    pugin n penguin 2 days ago

    My birthday is September 21

  • Savita B.
    Savita B. 2 days ago

    5:46 the time is TI:ME

  • YuSooKey
    YuSooKey 2 days ago

    It's not 'their' and 'them' if it's a single individual referenced. Just say 'her' and 'she' and stop sounding like a snowflake sjw.

  • Horseling S
    Horseling S 2 days ago +1


  • ThatOneGladGuy 1969
    ThatOneGladGuy 1969 2 days ago


  • tony games
    tony games 2 days ago


  • Blue Lugia
    Blue Lugia 2 days ago

    I got an add on deodorant wipes :3

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez 2 days ago

    I AM CRying!!! GREAT JOB. I absolutely adored this♥️😂

  • Obinne Chidiebere Obibuaku

    But you could have told the dude “it’s ok I’ll just walk from here”

  • Ricochet Gaming
    Ricochet Gaming 2 days ago

    A million things past through your mind when something like this happens

  • Gaming _Glitch
    Gaming _Glitch 2 days ago +1

    in her japan vid she said the wisdom juice is kickin in next vid gets locked outside of her house

  • Midnightkitten
    Midnightkitten 2 days ago

    0:32 *BOYINABAND* yEeT

  • Christian Vidal
    Christian Vidal 2 days ago

    I locked outside right now and my parents are at work. I need help it’s cold outside.

  • banshee boi 69
    banshee boi 69 2 days ago

    Oh i saw boyinaband

  • Yeet Spagget
    Yeet Spagget 2 days ago

    Wow its like you, are me, I would totally do something like this lmao

  • OfficialSh1be
    OfficialSh1be 2 days ago +3


    nice vid Jaiden btw keep it up

    • OfficialSh1be
      OfficialSh1be 2 days ago +1

      Pretty_lil_kitty Pretty_lil_kitty My intention wasn't to nitpick I really like her content and it's really good. I just wanted to point out a funny detail. Not get criticised 😐

    • Pretty_lil_kitty Pretty_lil_kitty
      Pretty_lil_kitty Pretty_lil_kitty 2 days ago

      OfficialSh1be Jaiden is a human being. So what if she burps, EVERYONE burps. She makes quality content for us, and all you can think about is her burping. She's doing her best and your just nitpicking at the insignificant details. It probably wasn't your intention, and you were just pointing out something funny, but think about it. And don't shoot back a reply tryna roast meh. It's overused.

  • Timber. Studios
    Timber. Studios 2 days ago

    You and James should date

  • awesome Jamison
    awesome Jamison 2 days ago

    Ari's brother day come soon!

  • Silas Vlogs Tv
    Silas Vlogs Tv 3 days ago +1

    I actually enjoy this

  • Jordan Perez
    Jordan Perez 3 days ago

    Super cute

  • SummerBreeze104
    SummerBreeze104 3 days ago

    Wait.... you slept for freaking 17 hours?

  • IceCactus123
    IceCactus123 3 days ago +3

    Jaden sleeps 17 hours strait after not sleeping for probably 24 hours
    But I just sleep 17 hours strait Weekly
    Or even Daily at weekends

  • isac Million
    isac Million 3 days ago

    Im 5

  • uni 305
    uni 305 3 days ago


  • GamingSirus
    GamingSirus 3 days ago

    Hahaha... There was something special in your vidd.. Nicee😂

  • Austin Valadez
    Austin Valadez 3 days ago

    Happy birthday