Locked out of my House

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
  • two idiot dont make a smart

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  • The mechanical wolf
    The mechanical wolf 6 hours ago

    4:25 0w0 what's this?

  • Neccos
    Neccos 6 hours ago

    Are those 9 years old at 7:40 ?

  • black hood boy
    black hood boy 6 hours ago

    I think she is alittle drunk in this video

  • Baby Diver
    Baby Diver 6 hours ago +1

    *Day 59 of asking Jaiden to host Meme Review*

  • Ayco65
    Ayco65 6 hours ago

    Your animation is awesome!

  • A Random Ghost
    A Random Ghost 6 hours ago

    I just see Jaiden rolling and being sneaky now thanks Jaiden thats a good memory

  • Dorito Boy360
    Dorito Boy360 6 hours ago

    Jaiden you know amy's baking company? Its in arizona

  • Raza Let's play
    Raza Let's play 6 hours ago

    Moral of the story, always have a spare set of keys in your travel case and never EVER take it out .

  • Raza Let's play
    Raza Let's play 6 hours ago

    I don’t know why but it felt like weeks since this vid came out

  • Kumquat Gaming
    Kumquat Gaming 6 hours ago

    I do things just like what you did with the Uber like when I rode the bus to school I wouldn’t yell at the bus driver if they missed my stop I’d just walk home

  • LillyCookies DDAENG
    LillyCookies DDAENG 6 hours ago

    6:03 its not
    Stupid it is though
    My neighbor did that once

  • KittyWitty
    KittyWitty 6 hours ago


  • Nina V
    Nina V 6 hours ago

    what program do you use?

  • Nite Max
    Nite Max 6 hours ago

    I really love the new sound when u press the like button!

  • Killerstar
    Killerstar 6 hours ago


  • WaterManiac Guy
    WaterManiac Guy 6 hours ago

    Jaiden is making monthly videos and going insane

  • VerticNIKE
    VerticNIKE 6 hours ago

    Shaggy will love this story.

  • silant.nature
    silant.nature 6 hours ago

    I am going to vidcon London

  • Galaxy Productions
    Galaxy Productions 6 hours ago

    *opens door* *cocks gun* take me home

  • B3nozas
    B3nozas 6 hours ago

    7:45 Jaiden the Dad

  • Omar Muminovic
    Omar Muminovic 6 hours ago

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    nobody will like this comment
    neither would you..

  • Tyler DRAWS_it
    Tyler DRAWS_it 6 hours ago

    I Love this video. Could you do a video on your most remembered memory when you were younger?

  • Fernando Salas
    Fernando Salas 7 hours ago

    The cutest quote that Jaiden said

    “Take me home”

  • sqishy tube
    sqishy tube 7 hours ago

    Hey jaiden happy birthday

  • Pee Head
    Pee Head 7 hours ago

    *just break the windows*

  • E Bawr
    E Bawr 7 hours ago

    happy birthday

  • The Challengers 3
    The Challengers 3 7 hours ago

    I’m already an embarrassment soo......HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎁

  • Lian Pramod
    Lian Pramod 7 hours ago

    moral is that you should get more SleEP

  • butt face magy
    butt face magy 7 hours ago +1

    So This is Anime Jaiden Cool

  • Lian Pramod
    Lian Pramod 7 hours ago

    just one more video

  • Faita Palmer
    Faita Palmer 7 hours ago

    I was locked out yesterday...... ;v; my mom came home a few hours later

  • Sheila Sekar Asri Puteri

    *When You Relize That It's Funnier When You Use The English Sub:/*

  • Rito - San
    Rito - San 7 hours ago +1

    I am also asian but I’m from Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Slapyurface Chanel
    Slapyurface Chanel 7 hours ago

    I like that spongebob reference.

  • raKkt
    raKkt 7 hours ago

    No Harm Except Arm

  • Pug Plays99
    Pug Plays99 7 hours ago

    You HAVE A secret DOOR

  • Sticks the Badger
    Sticks the Badger 7 hours ago

    Animated Jaiden is adorable! X3

  • spock
    spock 8 hours ago

    Watch the lockpicking lawyer

  • Jerilee Protacio
    Jerilee Protacio 8 hours ago

    When Im in dat situation I usually just CALL THE POLICE TO BUST IN MAH DOOR AND SAY "FBI OPEN UPP"

  • Robein Salty
    Robein Salty 8 hours ago

    Wtf rajEEsH

  • Adolf Puten
    Adolf Puten 8 hours ago

    The vid feels like she is drunk lmao

  • nutzoid guy
    nutzoid guy 8 hours ago +1

    Jaiden senpai, notice me! pls...

  • Nicole Leslie
    Nicole Leslie 8 hours ago

    *BuT yOu KnOw WoT? ShUt Up 😠* I liked that part!

  • lina Gafo
    lina Gafo 8 hours ago

    How to open a locked door *OPEN SEASEME

    GAMER.VIRIS Music 8 hours ago

    HAY~GURL!Can u reack to jadion adamshions sings baby shark

  • TylaDrawz
    TylaDrawz 8 hours ago

    4:16 my favourite part 🤣

  • sprite mafia
    sprite mafia 8 hours ago

    Sad news pewdiepie banned from roblox
    Now unbanned yay

  • McKenzie Dum
    McKenzie Dum 8 hours ago

    My Birthday is in September too!

  • Diamondboy_348_546
    Diamondboy_348_546 8 hours ago

    TVclipr: Don't wish me a happy birthday
    2 seconds later, their phone kills itself because of all the wishing.
    :) 2019

  • Hailey Espejo
    Hailey Espejo 8 hours ago

    That burp made you sound like Rick

  • zackington
    zackington 9 hours ago

    No make sure you have your KEYS

  • exploring With explorer

    did you see jayden burp at 3:27 ?

  • A Gamer
    A Gamer 9 hours ago

    How does she NOT have her keys?

  • Neusha Haghighat Siar
    Neusha Haghighat Siar 9 hours ago +1

    This time as a kid I was like 7 my parents had gone to pick up my dad which was 2 hours away I went to play outside because we have a tiny corridor side yard and locked myself out and sat on the stairs for 2 flippin hours😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺

  • Fast Gameing
    Fast Gameing 9 hours ago

    i love your comment

  • Fast Gameing
    Fast Gameing 9 hours ago

    good job Justin Y.

  • Vicoq's channel
    Vicoq's channel 9 hours ago

    When I saw rajesh is pronounced it as Ra-jish (sorry I an only 11)

  • Gamerfrienship
    Gamerfrienship 9 hours ago

    Hey Jaiden are you have crush on James

    DBZ FAN 9 hours ago

    Wonder if that Uber driver was just looking at the GPS and thinking, “Do I need more sleep?”

  • Even Calibur
    Even Calibur 9 hours ago


  • Chris Alejado
    Chris Alejado 9 hours ago

    Hahahaha Skyrim reference xD

  • Doorknob Appreciation Society

    Happy birthday

  • 00 Penguin
    00 Penguin 10 hours ago

    Im the kid on the very left at the end

  • No one in Particular
    No one in Particular 10 hours ago

    It’s not that hard to break into a house

  • neko juuzou suzuya
    neko juuzou suzuya 10 hours ago

    17 hour sleep pfffffft try 23 hours

  • Star_cream
    Star_cream 10 hours ago +1

    Five gun: stimulate your senses and break down the house door *HERES JOHNNY*

  • masterjimm8 '
    masterjimm8 ' 10 hours ago +1


  • Kanna- o -cereal
    Kanna- o -cereal 10 hours ago

    My birthday was the day after your birthday then it was my cousins then my dads.........what a coincidence!

  • Scribble Chicken
    Scribble Chicken 10 hours ago

    Getting locked out of your house because you forgot your keys is never fun
    But that’s why we have windows

  • Renard TGF
    Renard TGF 10 hours ago

    happy few months pass your birthday Jaiden!

  • Sgt. Noodles
    Sgt. Noodles 10 hours ago

    Hap daybirth

  • Skelvin SKiT
    Skelvin SKiT 10 hours ago


  • Max Flame
    Max Flame 10 hours ago

    It been 5 days where are you

  • The Pih
    The Pih 10 hours ago

    A few days ago my dad was at work, my grandma was shopping, and my mom left before my grandma went shopping, without her keys.
    She then broke our window with a brick and we had to pay for it...
    _renting a house is great_

  • Mr. Elite
    Mr. Elite 10 hours ago

    Great content as always, Jaiden!

  • Rainer Anthony Gonzales


  • Lisa Tale
    Lisa Tale 10 hours ago


  • Gaming Cycle
    Gaming Cycle 10 hours ago

    House-1 Jaiden-0

  • Aria Chan
    Aria Chan 10 hours ago

    Amen for your safe travel from Thy HolyJapan UwU

  • Nobody is here
    Nobody is here 10 hours ago


  • Alanna Lu
    Alanna Lu 10 hours ago

    #19 on trending!!!

  • Fresh Sans
    Fresh Sans 11 hours ago

    when i was real young my parents went outside their house for whatever reason and the door blew shut and locked behind them and they didnt know how to get in so they decided to break a window with a big rock, they hit it a few times but there wasnt even a scratch on the glass, they hit it once more but unstead of the window breaking the lock just flew off and on to the wall so...ye

  • Cody Wauchop
    Cody Wauchop 11 hours ago

    I just stared watching you 3 day ago and i think i have seen most of your videos by now lol

  • Animal Topia
    Animal Topia 11 hours ago

    “They get. Nice lunch... I get in a strangers car...” DID SHE GET KIDNAPPED!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I Am Cringe 4 Life
    I Am Cringe 4 Life 11 hours ago +1

    Happy birthday

  • Death Blade444
    Death Blade444 11 hours ago


  • diviengi
    diviengi 11 hours ago

    6:24 sputnik? Sorry jaiden some russian will be looking for you.

  • Explosive Hurricane
    Explosive Hurricane 11 hours ago

    Why is she talking like Rick Sanchez

  • Adrienne Sophie
    Adrienne Sophie 11 hours ago +1

    Hi Jaiden! I hope you see this comment....

    I'm very socially awkward and anxiety is a big struggle for me, especially at my gifted school, where everyone is confident and social and I'm just a blob with no idea how to life. I make drawings and stuff and animatics on my other channel, and it helps sometimes. I was wondering if you had any tips? I feel like you are the TVclipr I relate to the most even though I'm only 10 😅

  • aditya abhyankar
    aditya abhyankar 11 hours ago +1

    OMG these are the exact kind of situations I always get in

  • aditya abhyankar
    aditya abhyankar 11 hours ago

    Lmfao my dad's name is Rajesh

    edit: no he's not an Uber driver😂

  • Samira R
    Samira R 12 hours ago

    I wish I was Jaiden's roomate

  • f3minem _07
    f3minem _07 12 hours ago

    Rajesh is an indian name

  • 2309888
    2309888 12 hours ago

    I’m not having a good time right now * MOOD*

  • OddlyRelatable O.D.E.N
    OddlyRelatable O.D.E.N 12 hours ago

    Well done getting on trending

  • Seamus Walsh
    Seamus Walsh 12 hours ago

    sempei come back noooooooooooo..........................sempi

  • Laura Heyrick
    Laura Heyrick 12 hours ago

    I got a bird for my bday becuz i love Ari and wanted one.😁👍

  • Goat _z
    Goat _z 12 hours ago

    Taking away the dislike button wouldn’t do anything to Jaiden

  • iknowstuff
    iknowstuff 12 hours ago

    1:40 when you are a 9 year old epic gamer and a guy runs away from you before you can shoot them in fortnite