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The Eric Andre Show Funniest Moments #4


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  • Tit Cheese
    Tit Cheese 4 days ago

    I like how jack black pronounces 'tissue' @ 4:20

  • plincoln21
    plincoln21 4 days ago

    what channel was this show on?

  • Toney Jackson
    Toney Jackson 4 days ago

    I want his much

  • ALLmasked
    ALLmasked 5 days ago

    this is like an all that show gone wrong

  • Josh Ayala
    Josh Ayala 5 days ago

    Howie's face after howie doin, amazing

  • Joseph Korniewicz
    Joseph Korniewicz 5 days ago

    Why did yo put in so many edits

  • Sad Lad
    Sad Lad 5 days ago

    I'm in i.s.s watching this. Tried so hard not to laugh but "you look confused you ready to join the army nigga" got me

  • Jumpander
    Jumpander 6 days ago

    He killed too many desks... i don't like him for that.

  • Ikuri
    Ikuri 7 days ago

    What's the song at 2:30 it's killing me inside

  • The Latest And The Greatest

    “DAMNIT!! Don’t say the n word”

  • SiaGyal K
    SiaGyal K 9 days ago

    You ready to join the army nigga!! 😂😂

  • RarestJeff
    RarestJeff 9 days ago


  • Cameron William Boyle

    I'm gonna fall flat on my face because I can't face the music...
    Eric's delivery on that series of lines is fucking nuts. Jeanette McCurdy is a fucking class act. Tough as nails.

  • Bazkerville Rouge
    Bazkerville Rouge 10 days ago


  • BrkfstBURRIT0 006
    BrkfstBURRIT0 006 10 days ago

    Kraft Punk 😂😂😂

  • Hounoru
    Hounoru 11 days ago

    That last segment and the cyber police one were fucking great.

  • Aidan Otero
    Aidan Otero 11 days ago +1

    "Hannibal's got kids" What an evil genius!!!

  • DestinysEdge
    DestinysEdge 11 days ago

    he got flakes on his head

    LANE JOKE 11 days ago

    That one dude sounded like KSI

  • Daniel Velez
    Daniel Velez 12 days ago

    I love Eric he's a nut

  • Caleb Stalnaker
    Caleb Stalnaker 12 days ago

    We're plagiarizing TVclip cuz we're out of ideas

  • The Black Knight
    The Black Knight 14 days ago


  • Andrxwc
    Andrxwc 15 days ago

    a challenge should be made on how far a celebrity can make it into the Eric Andre Show without dying.

  • J Jee
    J Jee 15 days ago

    You ready to join the army, nigga?

  • Matixx Thelonious
    Matixx Thelonious 16 days ago

    That's one Jeanette I'd like to McCurdy

  • Cordell Dickie
    Cordell Dickie 16 days ago +5

    Joji needs to be on this show might be the only guy who can out weird andre.

    • Cordell Dickie
      Cordell Dickie 5 days ago

      Yeah I don't think so eric wouldn't do anything worse than what he's already done to himself

    • Sad Lad
      Sad Lad 5 days ago

      Love joji but Eric will fucking scar him

  • Penny Brown
    Penny Brown 17 days ago

    If I had an agent who set ME up to appear on that show, I'D SO FIRE THAT AGENT.

  • Clarisse C
    Clarisse C 17 days ago


  • darrell ben
    darrell ben 17 days ago

    7:15 what the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • SJMcFly
    SJMcFly 17 days ago +1

    RIP Mac Miller
    Never Forget !

  • E-SPACE Productions
    E-SPACE Productions 18 days ago

    Okay but honestly what the fuck.

  • Fatty McFelcher
    Fatty McFelcher 18 days ago +1

    Eric Andre is the epitome of idiocy. I didn't laugh one time.

  • Crunchy Cookie
    Crunchy Cookie 18 days ago

    crazy level : eric andre

  • uppercut grandma
    uppercut grandma 19 days ago

    If the Apple store had a variety show...

  • ohsevenone
    ohsevenone 20 days ago

    Eric Andre isn't funny. He is down right corny and represents everything wrong with Hollywood.

  • Mary Browns isn’t that good

    Kiss another man while I’m working in the kitchen

  • teejus101
    teejus101 20 days ago

    howie mandell isa fucking bell end.

  • Evan Koketko
    Evan Koketko 20 days ago

    We need more of Hannibals brother

  • thejules808
    thejules808 21 day ago


  • Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro

    *How seasons this show have, cuz really looks like this type only round for one*

  • dr. shrunk's child
    dr. shrunk's child 22 days ago +5

    Is... Is Eric okay?? Just in general??

  • GibFibba
    GibFibba 23 days ago

    i got suicide from watching this

  • unnamed715
    unnamed715 23 days ago

    What's up with Led Zeppelin? They should call themselves the four losers.
    -**Raises hand then quickly retracts it.** I can't man, they're like my favorite band.
    Bitch, then why were you about to accept a high five??

  • University of Gerg
    University of Gerg 24 days ago +7

    Hot chicken
    Tell me what I’m missing
    Kiss another man while I’m working in the kitchen

  • OneToughCookie TheYouTubeHero

    What kind of doctor is this and why would we meet up in an alleyway?

  • Hood S
    Hood S 27 days ago +51

    Eric's got to be the whitest black dude ever.

  • Armando Castro
    Armando Castro 27 days ago +1

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  • Didibo
    Didibo 27 days ago

    The kraft punk part was fucking hillarius

  • Benjamin Bates
    Benjamin Bates 27 days ago

    That Kraft punk cameo killed me

  • L. Weeks
    L. Weeks 29 days ago +21

    Are the guests given a safe word before participating?

    • imjustherefortehlulz
      imjustherefortehlulz 5 days ago

      They don't know what the show is, they think it's a normal interview and they're caught off guard

  • L. Weeks
    L. Weeks 29 days ago +2

    America doesn't deserve Jack Black.

  • novoneiro
    novoneiro 29 days ago

    We need more moments like this.

  • there are 5 genders


  • David Hill
    David Hill Month ago


  • JRLmS
    JRLmS Month ago +1

    He can be the next Joker 1:24

  • SolarMane iCY LongLiveXxxNPeep

    When Howie comes out to the animals like cats n dogs but the band still play....shits straight farm to nugg bro

  • SolarMane iCY LongLiveXxxNPeep

    When Howie comes out to the animals like cats n dogs but the band still play....shits straight farm to nugg bro

  • SolarMane iCY LongLiveXxxNPeep


  • Armando Pedraza
    Armando Pedraza Month ago +1

    1:06 Im having some Booker T flashbacks

  • siccwon87
    siccwon87 Month ago

    janette mccurdy god dam that girl sexy af son

  • Mighty Thick
    Mighty Thick Month ago

    Jack black got bullied so hard the entire interview

    • Cordell Dickie
      Cordell Dickie 16 days ago

      They knew he was gonna be hard to break compared to other guests.

  • G
    G Month ago

    Jeanette Mcurdy looked nice

  • Frank Spalding
    Frank Spalding Month ago +1

    Erics on the street 🤣😂

  • Justin Mckinney
    Justin Mckinney Month ago


    SUPER SLAV Month ago


    SUPER SLAV Month ago

    Where do they get al those desks

  • Michelle Grover
    Michelle Grover Month ago

    Is that Mu Johnson?

  • Sky Goer
    Sky Goer Month ago +1

    eric andre is so weird that i didnt even catch that goarmy.america didnt make any sense on the first go around

  • Ham Sandwixh
    Ham Sandwixh Month ago

    "I'm a woman" WOOOOOOOW *claps* i fucking love that.

  • Nikolas Stanley
    Nikolas Stanley Month ago +12

    Who is the dude with the badges on his bare chest at 1:13? It's killin' me.

    • Nikolas Stanley
      Nikolas Stanley 7 days ago

      Yeah, I figured it out, buddy from All Def. He was in black people attend a white thanksgiving and white people attend a black BBQ lmao.

    • Now that's an adequate custom !
      Now that's an adequate custom ! 7 days ago

      That’s Hannibal’s brother

    • HL 165
      HL 165 9 days ago

      search for hood lesson he does that amongst other things

  • Adam Griffin
    Adam Griffin Month ago

    Are you ready to join the Army NIGGA!

  • Richard Spikman
    Richard Spikman Month ago

    I wonder how many hours of Tom Green was needed for Eric to develop this show?

    NIVXID Month ago

    mccurdy is fine asf idc... id shove a pizzaball up her wamwam with ranch as lube ;)

  • FlipperTheDeadDolphin

    “F*ck me, you really got some birds up there!”

  • Osniel Donates
    Osniel Donates Month ago

    who's the girl at 3:36?

  • Liam O'Connor
    Liam O'Connor Month ago

    “I got talent can I be on the talent show?” “What do you d-“ **blending celery in his cup**

  • André Arieta
    André Arieta Month ago

    Jack Black looks so pissed, I can't get enough of this

  • Samson Hendrix III
    Samson Hendrix III Month ago

    She tried stopping herself from saying that at the end... Hahaha
    I believe They all Have to.

  • Luke
    Luke Month ago

    Bird up

  • Adam Beaton
    Adam Beaton Month ago +3

    G E O R G E Z I M M E R M A N

  • Austin Liscum
    Austin Liscum Month ago

    "Dammmmmmnnnnnnnnn you look confused boy, you ready to join the army nigga" 😂😂😂👌

  • Old World Radio - Boston

    8:22 "I gotta get a new fake asshole"

  • Nfspro15 Gaming Channel - Fortnite and more-

    That kraft punk one got me good.

  • Carrotyfungus
    Carrotyfungus Month ago

    Who ordered this pizza ball?

  • Buss Laden
    Buss Laden Month ago

    i have a fractured sternum, it fuckin hurts so bad to laugh, im dumb af

  • Brendan French
    Brendan French Month ago


  • Slim Kady 2003
    Slim Kady 2003 Month ago

    So there is no season 5?

  • Leo Bearman
    Leo Bearman Month ago +39


  • Justin
    Justin Month ago


  • Sherida Campbell
    Sherida Campbell Month ago

    I literally died at 6:36

      JOEYCOOLGB Month ago

      how did you post the video from behind the grave hoe

  • Kye
    Kye Month ago

    Hannibal: "I'm here supporting your wack-ass show" so true

  • Ryan Avery
    Ryan Avery Month ago

    This show is so fucking entertaining

  • MakaveliTheResurrection

    7:15 who's that....ahhhhhh this guy sucks lmfao WHAT THE FUCK how do they come up with this shit?! How could you not break down in laughter.

  • GalacticBlader
    GalacticBlader Month ago +4

    poor Jeannette

  • Junior Sanchez
    Junior Sanchez Month ago

    Dammm Mc curdy fine asfff no lie

  • Brad Eddy
    Brad Eddy Month ago

    @ 10:27 THIS ART SUUCKS!
    that part had me laughing for about 10 minutes. lol. good stuff.

  • ongo bongo
    ongo bongo Month ago

    You ready ta join the army nigga!

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown Month ago +7

    Jack Black's walkout music is perfect

  • Spencer Hoppock
    Spencer Hoppock Month ago +1

    0:22 LMAO

  • Lil Port
    Lil Port Month ago

    “What is this mickeymouse bullshit is see before my very eyes!” Lmfaoooo😸