EPIC GAMING SETUP! - Ali-A Gaming Setup 2016 (NEW)

  • Published on Nov 21, 2015
  • NEW Ali-A Gaming Setup - How I record ALL my videos! :)
    ● Kasperky PC Protection - kaspersky.co.uk/ali-a
    ● LG DREAM SETUP! - www.ultrawidefestival.com
    ● CAPTURE CARD - e.lga.to/a
    This is my most recent gaming/recording/editing setup for my TVclip channel! Here you will find EVERYTHING I use to make my videos and MORE!
    --- EVERYTHING shown in this video ---
    ● CAPTURE CARD - e.lga.to/a (Elgato)
    ● HEADSET - bit.ly/1dXHELh (Turtle Beach)
    ● CONTROLLER - bit.ly/ALIASCUF ("ALIA" for discount)
    ● KONTROL FREEKS (10% off) - bit.ly/1hvTpE4
    ● LG MONITOR - amzn.to/1X4Dypw (LG 34UC87C)
    ● GAMING PC - amzn.to/1X4Eryc (Alienware Aurura)
    - i7-4930k overclocked to 4.0 GHz
    - Windows 7 home premium
    - Single 780 graphics card
    - 16GB RAM
    - 256GB SSD & 1TB SATA (Plus tons of extra drives haha)
    ● KEYBOARD - amzn.to/1HevCuT (Cherry)
    ● CAMERA - amzn.to/1HevIm2 (Canon 70D)
    ● WEBCAM - amzn.to/1HevJXk (Logitch C920)
    ● MICROPHONE - amzn.to/1X4DUMV (AT2020 USB)
    ● EDITING - amzn.to/1X4E3Qt (Sony Vegas PRO)
    ● GAMING MONITOR - amzn.to/1NIIshA (BenQ XL2720Z)
    ● PS4 - amzn.to/1X4Ef28
    ● XBOX ONE - amzn.to/1NIG1M3
    If there's anything I missed or you have any more questions about my setup just leave a comment down below. Thanks for watching! :)
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    - Ali-A

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