THE OATH Trailer # 2 (NEW 2018) Tiffany Haddish Comedy Movie HD

  • Published on Sep 5, 2018
  • THE OATH Trailer # 2 (NEW 2018) Tiffany Haddish Comedy Movie HD
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Comments • 277

  • Nvcii B.
    Nvcii B. 17 hours ago

    im actually confused on what exactly this is about lol...the trailer doesn't do shiz. is it about breaking stereotypes, is it about politics, is it about racism, is it a comedy, is it a drama or both?????????????? i am actually stuck, which makes it ten times less interesting...oh and wtf is THE OATH they made.

  • Marisa Rae
    Marisa Rae 3 days ago

    I had to restrain myself from trying to clean my screen.

  • Genesis 3vs19
    Genesis 3vs19 6 days ago

    My house BITCH!!!!!!

  • Sciarra Burley
    Sciarra Burley 9 days ago

    Tiffany getting her coin if the movie is white stupid who cares?
    They produce that anyway all over tv & expect us to watch their trash.
    They are white & none of this b.s applys to them with their white privilege mess.

  • Tullia Wild
    Tullia Wild 11 days ago

    Very DUMB... Programming the ppl... 💯

  • Dolores Duartes
    Dolores Duartes 11 days ago

    Omg crazy funny

  • Queen_Tanisha DT
    Queen_Tanisha DT 13 days ago

    I can't even tell what this is about

  • Sophia Loren Coffee
    Sophia Loren Coffee 15 days ago

    Miss Me with this Bullshit!
    Damn Tiff - Don't take every role a saltine throw at your Black a$$ - you act like your career is like Cinderella's pumpkin and glass shoe! And pretty as u r u look bored & tired at in this...I'm sure the zero's were long but damn! just say no!!!
    I bet not see nar ni¿¿ro'z. spending good black dollars to c this racist bullshit!

  • okay know
    okay know 20 days ago

    Wtf this looks so lame.

  • geezy286
    geezy286 20 days ago


  • GRM780 Unlimited
    GRM780 Unlimited 20 days ago +1

    Tiffany Haddish it's alright to say no. I know you wanna get check but this looks worst than hot garbage.

  • truevpcool
    truevpcool 23 days ago

    I can tell this movie isn’t going to sell well. 😬

  • dance4life1208
    dance4life1208 Month ago

    Wtf is this

  • -92-
    -92- Month ago

    I love Tiffany Haddish

  • JDMime
    JDMime Month ago

    so . . .a future documentary?

    • JDMime
      JDMime Month ago

      Unlike most "comedies" I actually want to see this movie. The other would be "An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn". Not everyone likes weird movies with some dark humor. Some just like blockbuster crap of the same boring shit you've seen over and over again.

  • It's Lidia!
    It's Lidia! Month ago

    Do NOT Watch This Movie! It Sucked.

  • nanokd
    nanokd Month ago

    What is this movie about??

  • Qvëën Nâyjâ
    Qvëën Nâyjâ Month ago +1

    This is funny

  • prettyboy jace
    prettyboy jace Month ago

    Whats wrong with Tiffany haddish at least see making money out here i love Tiffany haddish do care what role she got

  • Justine Weber
    Justine Weber Month ago

    Please tell me the title of classical music used as background music

    • Justine Weber
      Justine Weber Month ago

      ​+sir poopalot Gratitude! Thanks to you, it turned out to be "The President's Own".

    • sir poopalot
      sir poopalot Month ago

      John Phillip SOUSA:US composer Late 19th-early 20th century?

    JAMES ELUNGAT Month ago


  • Dominique Golightly

    The Tiffany Haddish crossover. 😌

  • Shannon g
    Shannon g Month ago

    This movie was awful. Tiffany Haddish took this job clearly for a check. They used her and she used them. But not a good look Tiffany. People shouldn't accept a check if it belittles your character or brand. Smh👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Jasmine Jackson
    Jasmine Jackson Month ago

    This shit looks super stupid

  • Akeem Taiwo
    Akeem Taiwo Month ago

    I really don’t like this ignorant girl

  • Ricardo Santos
    Ricardo Santos Month ago +2

    This movie looks really bad. I'm sick of this politically charged trash.

  • No Regrets Baby Just Good Vibes Over Here


  • Joe Simmons
    Joe Simmons Month ago

    Just look at the title of the movie...they put the shit right in our face....😢

  • 0 l
    0 l Month ago

    Tiffany did a great job playing this character. Keep exploring in your career. Best Wishes.

  • Chris Florida
    Chris Florida Month ago

    When the TV turn Spanish lol

  • egypt4000
    egypt4000 Month ago

    Seen this movie today, it was TERRIBLE BEYOND BELIEF. I went to sleep 3 times. Seem like they put her in this for a few giggles. I get it” make that money” but the directors could have did wayyyy better with plots and such. It was really a stupid movie . Worse than Chris rock’s (top 5 ) movie. .

  • Bambam
    Bambam Month ago +2

    Tiff pleeeease don’t let them whitewash you

    • Spoiled Man
      Spoiled Man 25 days ago +1

      Queen101 J all actors in Hollywood are OWNED! They will be used accordingly for social engineering to persuade and program the masses.
      That should explain that whole Kardashian bullshit!

    • Queen101 J
      Queen101 J 26 days ago +1

      Do you say that to successful black male actors who married white women and take these type roles?

    • Spoiled Man
      Spoiled Man Month ago

      Bambam to late, she'll be used to push their agenda.

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez Month ago +1

    This movie is beyond terrible, Reddit and TVclip comments have more humor and entertainment then this garbage.

  • Tysofly _
    Tysofly _ Month ago

    I like ole girl and all, but that trailer was horrible!🤦🏿‍♀️

  • William J
    William J Month ago

    Katt williams was right another white men i see.

  • Janiyah Davis
    Janiyah Davis Month ago

    I have no idea what this is about but I still wanna watch 😂

    • MrSnow1961
      MrSnow1961 Month ago

      You will love it. It's more white people bashing by Hollywood Marxist Jews.


    Damn she’s married to another white man on screen

    • Queen101 J
      Queen101 J 26 days ago

      VO SKI WOSKI PEE SKI WEESI yep black women are getting smart.

  • LaShell P
    LaShell P Month ago

    She Ready to get her coins with any cast members!😂🤣

  • Sophie naturally
    Sophie naturally Month ago

    So if she’s not loud and making a joke the whole movie is just not funny - some people are so dense smh

    • Spoiled Man
      Spoiled Man Month ago

      Sophie naturally don't forget....bedwenching.

  • Terry Smith
    Terry Smith Month ago

    It is racist to think Chris Rock is racist. He is eccentric, not racist.

  • imogenbegins
    imogenbegins Month ago +1

    Looks uncomfortable and funny and true. A caricature of liberals and conservatives.

    • JDMime
      JDMime Month ago

      Yeah . .in real life, conservative send us pipe bombs, run us over with cars, call us cunts, get their rapist buddies pushed through to the Supreme Court, and their other rapist wife beater buddies elected president. This movie makes them look much more tolerable than they are.

  • Vaquero Layman
    Vaquero Layman Month ago

    Ike is a low life pot-smoking foul mouthed Jewish jerk. I hope this movie bombs. And to think this POS has kids...scary.

  • Whitney2022
    Whitney2022 Month ago

    Tiffany AND Ike?? My dream (I never knew I had) just came true ❤️

  • DES & MARI Forever with family

    Fuck the black and white couples where the hell is BLACK LOVE!?

  • Maliphresh
    Maliphresh Month ago

    This movies must have really low budget

  • Mark Hills
    Mark Hills Month ago

    Hell yeah

  • magickalmermaid
    magickalmermaid Month ago

    This movie won't do very well in a time where America is dealing with itself!

  • Toney Robinson
    Toney Robinson Month ago

    This looks wack as fuck

    MAN-MAN Month ago

    Tiffany haddish is doing her thing, this is funny asf, can’t wait to see this

  • M. L.
    M. L. Month ago

    Just got done watching this and it was hilarious, dont know what everybody is up in arms about. Wish Tiff was my wife (;

    • M. L.
      M. L. Month ago

      Spoiled Man since were both being racist I gotta let you know I don’t speak nigg (; it’s ok tho go to college you’ll be able to act like us civilized evil white folks and have a nice pad and cool whip to skirt anything you wanted! Lol but ya gotta drop the nig nog attitude I’m sorry man but that’s the catch, come have dinner in my restaurant when you feel up to it 💁🏼‍♀️

    • Spoiled Man
      Spoiled Man Month ago

      M. L. u probably got turned out, i ain't mad at u. Just own it.

    • M. L.
      M. L. Month ago

      Spoiled Man lmao racist much? Or are you too afraid to admit it?

    • Spoiled Man
      Spoiled Man Month ago

      Correction......triggered white guy with a fetish. What a joke!

    • M. L.
      M. L. Month ago

      Spoiled Man oh and referring to your comment..and..?

  • Jennifer Barthe
    Jennifer Barthe Month ago

    I don’t get this 🤷‍♀️. What is this movie about? I’m confused.

    • MrSnow1961
      MrSnow1961 Month ago

      It's about bashing white people like most Hollywood movies.

  • QueSarah
    QueSarah Month ago

    So the producers of Get Out decided to make a movie about an interracial couple again but in reverse where she’s black and he’s white. And still making it about race. This looks like trash compared to Get Out. I’m black and I wouldn’t watch this movie.

    • MrSnow1961
      MrSnow1961 Month ago

      Hollywood is becoming all race all the time.

    • MrSnow1961
      MrSnow1961 Month ago

      Get out is great trash too.

  • Keandre' Sutton
    Keandre' Sutton Month ago

    I just saw this movie. It’s extrnely heavy handed. To be honest is kinda ass.

  • Ken Silva
    Ken Silva Month ago

    I see WMXF, I dislike.

  • Brandon Wilcox
    Brandon Wilcox Month ago +6

    Love Tiffany Haddish but this does not look good

  • Alicia Williams
    Alicia Williams Month ago


  • Chris Kline
    Chris Kline Month ago

    Ike was on Stern hyping this shit movie up. This was a waste of $2 million. He was also crying about getting hurt on set like a bitch.

  • darren motise
    darren motise Month ago

    Well y'all. Blame Barry Jenkins for not casting her in "Beale Street." His latest. Until the better directors and producers don't recognize and promote real talent, there's not much one can do.

  • Abraham Rivera
    Abraham Rivera Month ago

    So basically make it illegal to be unAmerican?? That would go against the 1st Amendment, this movie is as possible of happening in real life more than the Handmaids Tales

  • funkywithfaith
    funkywithfaith Month ago


  • maverick8806
    maverick8806 Month ago +2

    This looks like both Propaganda and a bad movie wrapped into one.

  • Vanessa Louis
    Vanessa Louis Month ago

    damn 3 movies in 2 months wth they pushing this fool hard just like cardi b trashy pile of garbage

  • Carlton Fripp
    Carlton Fripp Month ago

    ....okay then

  • Terry The Kid
    Terry The Kid Month ago +1

    Ike Bear Close wrote this

  • Deanna Mackin
    Deanna Mackin Month ago +1

    Tiffany must have a type because I never seen her with a black guy in a movie or show.

    • Deanna Mackin
      Deanna Mackin 26 days ago

      Well she was just with Michael blackson in nobody's fool, so I'll take it back her career is still fresh.

    • Queen101 J
      Queen101 J 26 days ago

      Good she's exploring options like black males have been doing for centuries.

    • Deanna Mackin
      Deanna Mackin Month ago +1

      +Inna Gadda Da Vida in real life she dates black men but in all her role she's played I haven't seen her date any.

    • Spoiled Man
      Spoiled Man Month ago +1

      Deanna Mackin see what I mean. Katt Williams wasn't lying.

    • Inna Gadda Da Vida
      Inna Gadda Da Vida Month ago

      +Spoiled Man Her type isn't black.
      Stop whining about it. She obviously doesn't want someone who looks like you.

  • Sabrainiac
    Sabrainiac Month ago

    So what’s this about

  • Meisha Skinner
    Meisha Skinner Month ago +87

    Why is everybody coming at tiffany like she gone always gonna get a role in a good movie she only been out for a while can yall give her time yo excel in what she does. For god sake not every movie is going to be a blockbuster. Chill

    • Meisha Skinner
      Meisha Skinner Month ago +1

      +sir poopalot i mean but for the people who are sitting here complaining

    • sir poopalot
      sir poopalot Month ago +1

      In Toronto this movie highly rated! I'm a political news-junky.I'm not a fan of Tiffany but this will probably be the Haddish's most heavily political movie. (My 1st time seeing her in a movie.)

    • Sarah Noel Ojiambo
      Sarah Noel Ojiambo Month ago +3

      tell them girl

  • Wikardo Kado
    Wikardo Kado Month ago

    The only best comedy in the real world is to see how liberals cry.

  • Epiphanny Taylor
    Epiphanny Taylor Month ago

    ...ssooooo whatis this about?

    • Spoiled Man
      Spoiled Man Month ago

      Epiphanny Taylor it's about more bedwenching.

  • Casey9420
    Casey9420 Month ago

    Is this the "Hey Hollywood and the Left can laugh at ourselves" movie? Don't bother, we all know its not true

  • Leo9dis
    Leo9dis Month ago +4

    a whole movie propagating miscegenation. stop supporting these pedophiles in hollywood.

    • JDMime
      JDMime Month ago

      wow . . get a dictionary dude, you have some looking up to do. Don't use words you don't understand 😅

    • Alim Kinte
      Alim Kinte Month ago

      Leo9dis right on

  • David Seyoum
    David Seyoum Month ago +3

    How many movies has Tiffany Haddish been since 2018? First it was Girls Trip, then Night School, then I saw a trailer of a movie she's in called Nobody's Fool. Like where does she have the time to shoot all these movies?

    • Javier G.
      Javier G. Month ago

      She was also in Uncle Drew's movie.

    • Epiphanny Taylor
      Epiphanny Taylor Month ago

      During the time that you have the time to repeat your daily routien

  • Andre Johnson
    Andre Johnson Month ago +12

    Some of these movies can go straight to NETFLIX

    • 454lalaland
      454lalaland 17 days ago

      Exactly what i was thinking lol

  • Alexander Henry
    Alexander Henry Month ago


  • cc22ful
    cc22ful Month ago +7

    Looks like they found a way to make Tiffany Haddish unfunny.

  • Stain
    Stain Month ago +1

    Proving katt's point

  • Leonard Morales
    Leonard Morales Month ago

    Is Tiffany Haddish the new Samual L Jackson? She is in everything.. and she sucks.. she isnt funny..and over acts tot the point it looks stupid.. like Marlon Wayans

  • florence smith smith

    The united states will never let go of Race and Moral

    • MrSnow1961
      MrSnow1961 Month ago

      That's what the Hollywood commies want.

    MASTER BLASTER Month ago

    Democrats what you to sign a loyalty oath to their racism - Vote for Republican and stay free Blank conservative movement is growing

  • Howard Sutton
    Howard Sutton Month ago

    Any black guy who goes and pay money to see this movie is a punk ass nigga why pay money to watch a movie with no black men at all.

  • Peacekeeper76
    Peacekeeper76 2 months ago +2

    If I wanted to watch liberal fantasy I'll just tune the news to Venezuela.

    • JDMime
      JDMime Month ago

      That's corruption fantasy . . .and no knows how to be corrupt more than Trump. Obama turned this country around and now Trump is causing so much damage by undoing necessary regulations and giving our tax money to the richest douchebags in the country. No one can name one good thing he's done. Not one. He spent billions and even wastes our money vacationing every weekend and going to "rallies" instead of working. Of course when he does "work", he only undoes other people's previous work and makes our country worse. Want to see the Trumpists' fantasy? Look at Russia and North Korea.

  • jpowers55
    jpowers55 2 months ago +1

    More liberal crap from Hollywood.

  • Joel McCall
    Joel McCall 2 months ago

    Only Donald Trump could come up with this lol...

  • MrSnow1961
    MrSnow1961 2 months ago +3

    More anti white propaganda by Hollywood Marxists.

  • Linda Simms
    Linda Simms 2 months ago +5

    Alright Ms. Haddish!!! You do you!! Make your movies and your coins!!! Proud of another black woman who can play almost anything....waiting for the serious role, it's coming!!! Kudos!!

    • w jones
      w jones 17 days ago

      It's the same role in every film. The only thing missing is bulging eyes. History repeats itself though. Anything for that paper.

    • Spoiled Man
      Spoiled Man Month ago

      Bedwenches got each other's back.

    • MrSnow1961
      MrSnow1961 Month ago

      There will be plenty of roles for Haddish in anti white Hollywood.

    • jpowers55
      jpowers55 2 months ago

      But if a black actor was in a movie where his character was with a non-black woman, you would probably boycott it. LOL

  • lucy wasn
    lucy wasn 2 months ago +3

    Not feeling this one

  • MDB
    MDB 2 months ago +7

    More liberal hollywood trash? At a very low budget? Without jokes? Hm.

    • Elijah Vargas
      Elijah Vargas Month ago +1

      black gay antifa: Nigga get yo black ass out of here.

    • black gay antifa
      black gay antifa Month ago

      More cuntservative garbage comments?

    • Elijah Vargas
      Elijah Vargas 2 months ago +1

      Trash is an understatement 😉

    • MrSnow1961
      MrSnow1961 2 months ago +2

      The Hollywood commies are obsessed with race and putting down whites.

  • jake bishop
    jake bishop 2 months ago

    Kind of Purgey..

  • Bobby Womack
    Bobby Womack 2 months ago +11

    Liberal garbage

    • MrSnow1961
      MrSnow1961 Month ago

      I smell a wigger brainwashed by commie college professor.

    • JDMime
      JDMime Month ago

      As opposed to Conservative garbage (I guess you guys call it Trump)

    • MrSnow1961
      MrSnow1961 Month ago


    • black gay antifa
      black gay antifa Month ago

      Cuntservative trash

    • florence smith smith
      florence smith smith Month ago +1

      Everything is garbage from the powers that be!

  • Saskeru the Ultimate
    Saskeru the Ultimate 2 months ago

    The devotees are really triggered by this movie

  • whogivesacrapaboutastupidchannelgoogle?

    Wow, propaganda.

    • MrSnow1961
      MrSnow1961 Month ago

      No too long, only six more years. I guess your commie college professor that brainwashed you didn't tell you.

    • JDMime
      JDMime Month ago

      It's no use trying to talk to these Nazi douchebags. They actually think Trump is a good president :D . . Like Obama said, these idiots are still angry even though they're in power right now 😅 . . .well, not for long😉

    • MrSnow1961
      MrSnow1961 Month ago +3

      You mean a Jew or a self hating brainwashed white liberal? What a dumb ass comment lol.

    • Ash Choudhury
      Ash Choudhury Month ago

      +MrSnow1961 this movie is written and directed by a white guy lol

    • MrSnow1961
      MrSnow1961 Month ago +2

      All the whites in the movie are fools. Kiss my white ass.

  • takia26
    takia26 2 months ago +33

    Whoa Tiff, I loved you in Keanu and in Girls Trip, but I don't know WTH this is. This movie doesn't look interesting at all and you seem very....tokenized. This is so bad that I don't even want it in my watched history :(

    • sixgunstrawberry
      sixgunstrawberry 6 days ago

      +florence smith smith lmao yeah, because Keanu and Girls Trip were such low budget, artsy, indie films right?

    • ally brooks
      ally brooks Month ago +1

      this movie is actually really good, timely, and makes you feel emotional. you should watch it before you judge it.

    • florence smith smith
      florence smith smith Month ago +1

      Because she has become another sell out like all actors

  • Deep Winter
    Deep Winter 2 months ago +8

    1:49 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Also, the Left can't meme... or tell funny jokes.

    • JDMime
      JDMime Month ago

      You are what you vote for.

    • JDMime
      JDMime Month ago

      right. . .Is that why we've only dominated the comedy seen since the beginning of time? But wait, you guys do have that "hilarious" guy Hitler. Man, he cracked everyone up. Oh, those Nazis are a bunch of goofballs.

    • PFilmsStuff
      PFilmsStuff Month ago

      Jason Hymes or maybe comedy is subjective? Idiot.

    • Jason Hymes
      Jason Hymes Month ago

      Pepe the frog was a cartoon created by a liberal, but a meme created by the right. +Hefff228

    • Jason Hymes
      Jason Hymes Month ago

      Literally every main stream comedian isn't funny at all and entirely reliant on normie shit group think psychology to prop themselves up. HAHA IT IZ FUNNY BCUZ HE AGREE WIT ME. There are no punch lines, sets ups, nothing. +PFilmsStuff

  • Naomi Griffith
    Naomi Griffith 2 months ago

    Why do you'll have Tiffany in these shit movies..

  • Cheyenne Racquael
    Cheyenne Racquael 2 months ago +4

    Well that was lame!

  • RandomNest
    RandomNest 2 months ago +12

    So Tiffany Haddish is a talking extra in this movie? Hmmm

  • Mandy Hh
    Mandy Hh 2 months ago +346

    Who saw Tiffany haddish and just clicked✋✋✋

  • Kathryn Donaldson
    Kathryn Donaldson 2 months ago +49

    I think Tiffany needs to give it a rest for a little while. She's oversaturated in the industry right now. How many times can she play the character from Girls Trip without it just being stale! Wish she could get better scripts because I still think she's talented. JMO

    • PepperAnn Tocool
      PepperAnn Tocool 6 days ago

      +EthioBetty Beatriz EXACTLY

    • Spoiled Man
      Spoiled Man Month ago +1

      Over saturated my ass. More like being forced down everybody's throats.

    • Nick River
      Nick River Month ago

      Oh my god an actor gets cast in 3 movies and they’re “over saturated” how many movies do u think Joan Crawford did back in her hay day sit the fuck down

    • Spoiled Man
      Spoiled Man Month ago +1

      Cooning for a paycheck is trending now. She really has no bad.

    • Kathryn Donaldson
      Kathryn Donaldson Month ago

      I agree on that one as well! :)

  • Anthony Eatman
    Anthony Eatman 2 months ago +1

    Tiffany haddish is next Queen of comedy

    • Spoiled Man
      Spoiled Man Month ago

      Anthony Eatman u mean next queen of bedwenching!

  • Popcorne Love
    Popcorne Love 2 months ago +73

    Tiffany haddish is taking any movie roll thats offered to her it seems like

    • Eden
      Eden 3 days ago

      Popcorne Love there’s a reason why her character is in the movie. Relax

    • swimmergurl808
      swimmergurl808 25 days ago +1

      She’s gotta get paid

    • V W
      V W 25 days ago

      Jeff23 Exactly!!

    • V W
      V W 25 days ago

      Popcorne Love why not?!

    • thatlsk
      thatlsk 28 days ago

      She know they only let a black actress be hot for a second so she getting all the checks she can