Chill Study Beats 2 • Instrumental & Jazz Hip Hop Music [2016]

  • Published on Sep 7, 2016
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    2 Hours of mellow jazzy beats from artists like J Dilla, Nujabes as well as a lot of lesser known artists. This one is for those of you who need to focus for work, study or just enjoy real mellow vibes! Give it a 👍 and share if you like it to help us. ♥
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    ▬ Tracklist ▬ (* = Unreleased)
    0:00 Nymano - Solitude [ ]
    02:28 Freddie Joachim - Waves [ ]
    * 06:02 Gorila - Inlove [ ]
    08:45 FloFilz - Dulce [ ]
    * 10:57 Moods - Love For The City [ ]
    12:43 Juan RIOS - Marula [ ]
    14:43 Sleepless - Ponder [ ]
    17:22 Wun Two - Snowing [ ]
    19:27 The Deli - 1-47AM [ ]
    21:48 Chinsaku - Midnight [ ]
    24:45 J Dilla - Alien Family [ ]
    26:56 Jinsang - Kona Park [ ]
    30:18 CoryaYo - Good Morning [ ]
    31:37 Thovo - Dawn Till Noon [ ]
    35:32 Fredfades & Ivan Ave - Hands (Instrumental) [ ]
    38:40 Wun Two - I Like
    40:32 Gorila - Akaido
    43:44 Vanilla - Gigi [ ]
    47:36 Made in M & Juan RIOS - Submarino [ ]
    49:50 Mono:Massive & Philanthrope - Wake Up [ \ ]
    52:49 Mecca:83 & Joel VDK - Light Ways (spirit walk) [ ]
    54:27 Nujabes - Brothel Love [ ]
    56:55 Joe Corfield - Piano Loop [ ]
    58:25 The Deli - Tyner
    1:01:09 CoryaYo - April In The Rain
    * 1:02:41 Moods - Samplers 3
    1:05:15 SoulChef - With You (Instrumental) [ ]
    1:08:25 miraa & smuv - Breakfast [ ]
    1:09:40 Mecca:83 - Foundation
    1:11:44 Juan Rios - Sol
    1:14:00 Nymano - Daydream
    1:15:01 Cooper Albert - True Colours [ ]
    1:17:14 Nymano - Bedroom Thoughts
    1:18:33 Flamingosis - Breakfast Poutine [ ]
    1:21:28 Toshiki Hayashi - Hours [ ]
    1:24:11 The Deli - Day In The Life
    1:27:19 Tomppabeats - Puffin' [ ]
    1:28:07 Wun Two - Chimney
    1:29:40 L'Indécis - Monday Chill #6 [ ]
    1:34:15 FloFilz - Tilezeit
    1:36:39 The Deli - Garbage
    1:38:01 GlobulDub - Seppuku [ ]
    1:41:09 Gorila - Sid
    1:44:07 Joseph Jacobs - Full Circle [ ]
    1:48:28 CoryaYo - Fresh Air
    1:50:00 Aso - Timeless [ ]
    1:55:24 Jinsang - Island
    * 1:57:51 Birocratic - Sophisticated [ ]
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Comments • 6 811

  • Chillhop Music
    Chillhop Music  2 years ago +878

    Warm summer nights mix »
    Much love & thanks for listening ♥

    • Albert Flores
      Albert Flores 22 hours ago

      You guys recently deleted a video with mixture of Brock berrigan and various artists with a view of a train tracks. Can you please upload again? Bunch of good artists on it

    • Jaleel Mahrouf
      Jaleel Mahrouf 2 days ago

      #3 is my favorite and I can't find it anymore. Please help or upload it. Thank you

    • Serelili Dominguez
      Serelili Dominguez 11 days ago

      OMG I realized my SECOND favorite hip hop artist used the SECOND beat

    • Kimberly johnson
      Kimberly johnson Month ago

      Chillhop Music hey do you sell any off these i wanted to use one of your beats

    • Alex Fisher
      Alex Fisher Year ago

      Chillhop Music Let's meet in person.

  • Simon Sedillo
    Simon Sedillo 10 hours ago

    1:24:17 Beatles vibe ❤

    FSEVENMAN 12 hours ago

    Fuck your stupid thumbnail picture if you can not accurately depict the North side of the Golden Gate bridge you can go fuck yourself....

  • Marksteryious Gaming
    Marksteryious Gaming 16 hours ago

    Hopefully I do good on the test

  • PsyMasterMindTV
    PsyMasterMindTV 17 hours ago

    cheers for this, looking forward to writing and (possibly) drawing my first Graphic Nove with this music for the next year or two

  • Jack RL
    Jack RL 18 hours ago

    This music actually helps,it relaxes you down and makes you focus I love it!

  • Z3NO
    Z3NO 19 hours ago

    I lissen now... 1 year lofi and mellow YEEAAHHH I do ofc I'm an chill person and I love music!
    Hope u guys like this even in 2018!

  • milloooones
    milloooones Day ago

    While I was reading your comments I thanked the heavens that I have already finished school, and that I love my job

  • Tabari Wright
    Tabari Wright Day ago

    These songs u post are such a vibe I need u on Apple Music 💯

  • Fix it Felix
    Fix it Felix Day ago

    Who else just wants to go to a cafe in Ottawa, drink espresso, while its raining out and listen to this?

  • TheFemi Factor
    TheFemi Factor Day ago

    Hey guys, I just made a pretty chill hip hop beat, idk if it is technically LoFi, but I know it's pretty chill/mello but certainly dope.

    Please tell me how it sounds, thanks!

  • Cartiercal
    Cartiercal 2 days ago

    How can I get some of these separate these Beats are amazing

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 3 days ago

    Sounds like New York City

  • Leth
    Leth 3 days ago

    Instrumental -> ;)

  • krispy koolz
    krispy koolz 3 days ago

    This makes me wanna move to a city and walk in the rain listening to this

  • Riffle MustBiffle
    Riffle MustBiffle 3 days ago

    Im using this to practice rapping

  • Jaleel Mahrouf
    Jaleel Mahrouf 3 days ago

    Peace, chill study beats is my favorite and they #2. I play it to cool out my students. I can't seem to find #3 now, has it been removed?

  • Mason White
    Mason White 3 days ago

    I love jazz

  • Nycto philiacs
    Nycto philiacs 3 days ago

    Worked best when you're on high...🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 now I'm at high and want to hear some stuff like that........ 😇😇😇

  • sub to pewds
    sub to pewds 3 days ago

    Blast you with a 45 colt, make you somersault
    Shock you with a couple hundred thousand volt thunderbolts
    Before you wanted a war, now you want to talk
    It's about who strikes the hardest, not who strikes first
    That's why I laugh when I hear that wack ass verse
    That shit was the worst rhyme I ever heard in my life
    Cause the greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th
    God bless his soul rest in peace kid
    It's because of him now at least I know what beef is
    It's not what I would call this, see this is something different
    A faggot nigga tryna make a living off of dissing
    Somebody that he gotta know is better than him
    But he feeling himself because he got more cheddar than him
    Well let me tell you something: you might got more cash then me
    But you ain't got the skills to eat a nigga's ass like me
    And if you really want to show off, we can get it on
    Live in front of the cameras on your own sitcom seeya

  • Joon
    Joon 3 days ago


  • Cem Dgn
    Cem Dgn 3 days ago

    Nothing makes me feel better than listening to this amazing beats

  • Ulises Martinez-Zuniga

    First one was the best!!!

  • T. White
    T. White 4 days ago

    Who is the first beat produced by? Anyone

  • clint Gicaniro
    clint Gicaniro 4 days ago

    fuck this track soo mnayu pauses and off beat songs,

    PAYDAYNOLEN 4 days ago

    No homework but got the test of life 24-7

  • Cole Slaw
    Cole Slaw 4 days ago


  • __T Ξ R R O R Λ__
    __T Ξ R R O R Λ__ 4 days ago

    Perfect music for reading

  • JPLift
    JPLift 5 days ago

    I've smoked weed right up there on that point behind the golden gate. This shit takes me back.

  • jack Flewell
    jack Flewell 5 days ago


  • Timyra Vessel
    Timyra Vessel 5 days ago +1

    these freaking final exams got me stressed

  • Blake Pacheco
    Blake Pacheco 5 days ago

    This is the only instrumental music that I enjoy listening to and can focus on my School while doing. Thanks Guys!

  • Amiyah Chaney
    Amiyah Chaney 6 days ago

    it sounds so lovley

  • hypurr 〽
    hypurr 〽 6 days ago

    so would this be free to use in a video with credit, or no? Just wondering lol

  • YaBOIFulcsi
    YaBOIFulcsi 6 days ago +88

    final exams people we are in this together

  • Kenneth Young
    Kenneth Young 6 days ago

    I listen to this a lot it calms me down and I’m just inspired to do better in life I really think they should keep going keep making peoples days keep it up chillhop keep going

  • Inkkyy
    Inkkyy 7 days ago

    This is great for streaming 🤧😍🔥

  • Angelicom kd
    Angelicom kd 7 days ago

    Earlier in class, I was secretley listening to this music while taking a test. Now i'm doing my homework xD

  • ChetaMeister
    ChetaMeister 7 days ago

    You guys did an amazing job. I could hear this on persona (my fav rpg). Nothing but heaters bro.

  • MrCrispy
    MrCrispy 8 days ago

    this just got me through writing an essay and i thank you good sir

  • The Official BMJ
    The Official BMJ 8 days ago

    How many rappers are getting ideas right now?

  • Just Nom Nom
    Just Nom Nom 8 days ago

    i used this as background music on one of my streams on twitch
    thanks for making this 😄

  • ZoeThePuppy
    ZoeThePuppy 9 days ago


  • Pixel
    Pixel 9 days ago

    2nd time listing to it well i finished my 1st and half way threw 2nd :)

  • Student Antonette Rachal

    I hate myself... :( Somebody love me... please.

  • Ohmylord
    Ohmylord 10 days ago

    Wait..the second instrumental was made by j Cole, it's called "be like this"

  • Shauna Graham
    Shauna Graham 10 days ago


  • Serelili Dominguez
    Serelili Dominguez 11 days ago

    I LOVE CHILLHOP!!!!!!!!!!!🎧🎧🎧🎧🎵🎶🎵🎶🎶🎵🎵

    VISCERAL 11 days ago


  • Marko Jovanovic
    Marko Jovanovic 11 days ago

    12:05 the best part

    0_USAMERICA_0 11 days ago


    First song: Starts saying bullshit

  • Isaac Christiaan Beats
    Isaac Christiaan Beats 11 days ago +2

    Anyone looking for beats?

  • glitch
    glitch 11 days ago

    this is amazing

  • Blair Humphrys
    Blair Humphrys 12 days ago

    this really cool man :)

  • William jbt
    William jbt 12 days ago


  • Ethan Nino
    Ethan Nino 12 days ago

    Who else here in December 2018, grinding there ass off before the deadlines.
    Now back to the grind with some vibes. :)

  • Bryan
    Bryan 12 days ago

    Some real good shit my guy, thanks mate

  • Junk Food
    Junk Food 12 days ago

    0:23 this song sounds like Pierre Stemmet’s “House Dog”

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 12 days ago

    If you can see how it is....
    That life I used to have live
    The dark nights early morning I give
    Umm all the people I had to kill...

    I can still hear it in my head, the gun shots, the scream, the warning, the fiens, the alarm in the morning, get up soldier, they're coming grab your 9, watch my 6...slow down it may be a trick...but I'm so so sick

    I'm wounded I'm scared...I can't sleep at night...I should be locked up in bars for the way I think it fright...they always said lieutenant Dan your the man... You're Beaver than Peter pan

  • Marc Giguere
    Marc Giguere 12 days ago

    1.5 speed makes the chillest funk playlist ever

  • TheWindigomonster
    TheWindigomonster 13 days ago

    Clicked on this because it didn't have some stupid ass anime background. I genuinely like this kind of music but the pictures people put on their playlists are just too toxic.

  • 10,000 subscribers with no video

    Stop reading comments and get back to work

  • Avatar Aang
    Avatar Aang 13 days ago

    thank you for this.

  • Haughty Gamer
    Haughty Gamer 13 days ago

    I found this video like two years ago, and I haven’t stopped listening to it since !!

  • Ricky Ricardo Amador
    Ricky Ricardo Amador 14 days ago

    Beautiful to my ears 🔥

  • Newbicus Games
    Newbicus Games 14 days ago

    Anyone just listening and not doing homework?

  • FuckYour Producer
    FuckYour Producer 14 days ago

    ChillHop 😂😂🔥🤘🏾 why couldn’t I have this as a kid
    Fuck kidsbop

  • John D. Galindo
    John D. Galindo 15 days ago

    This will forever be my favorite

  • Black Man
    Black Man 15 days ago

    When ya friends invite you to play a game of league 15:05

  • Adrian Figueroa
    Adrian Figueroa 15 days ago

    First Lofi/Chillhop mix I ever listened to... never gets old.

  • svfutbol20
    svfutbol20 15 days ago

    Law Student checking in

  • bang aes2
    bang aes2 16 days ago


  • Aukirius Devil
    Aukirius Devil 16 days ago

    21:48 Este es el cypher de C.R.O. jaja

  • lové Héj
    lové Héj 16 days ago

    no copyright?

  • Ali Tube
    Ali Tube 17 days ago

    Yo sub to me lol 😂

  • Hackerthief168bonus
    Hackerthief168bonus 17 days ago +2


  • Sid Geo
    Sid Geo 17 days ago

    Fantastic. Thank-you.

  • Ebony White
    Ebony White 18 days ago

    I registered on your website for permission to use chill hop records music, am i able to use all the songs in this stream?

  • Zelpax
    Zelpax 18 days ago

    Can I use the Instrumental in the beginning?

  • Jasmine Mitchell
    Jasmine Mitchell 18 days ago

    10:57 is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sierra Reyes
    Sierra Reyes 19 days ago

    whats the name of the first beat

  • Satish Nirmal
    Satish Nirmal 19 days ago

    satish Nirmal

  • RaG3 Games
    RaG3 Games 19 days ago

    This would be a song that you would listen to on a afternoon where the sky is orange but it’s kinda dark and your on a rooftop while it’s not that windy but windy and your by yourself no noise and with the sun going down

  • Blasphemous Yc
    Blasphemous Yc 19 days ago

    Like this and keep scrolling...

  • creative media
    creative media 19 days ago

    OOOO Baby ...Let's try it on this groove now :) It should be magical...

  • KimiAkaKamil
    KimiAkaKamil 20 days ago

    Wallpaper plis

  • Antonio Parker
    Antonio Parker 20 days ago

    love this beat.

  • Spades
    Spades 21 day ago
    NEW BEAT 2018

  • Lauryn Powell
    Lauryn Powell 22 days ago

    this is perfect to do homework too and just chill, it helps focus so much. well I should get back to this book report ugh

  • bratzzy singh
    bratzzy singh 23 days ago


  • A channel dont look
    A channel dont look 23 days ago

    Uh,A brain can never be developed with out a little love or aggression
    And can be With attention
    You don’t get? Do you?
    You keep thinking, but nothing hit u
    That’s why You always have thoughts of saying I want to die When You have life and that is a lot.
    Look at this beautiful baby Coming to the world
    When really it’s the next Door to a whole different world
    Sometime I think my self, Am I the one to judge?
    Is the Brain fully developed yet?
    Then I have an answer When really there’s no more people left You reading this like this make no sense
    But really you know what I’am trying to say, It’s Intense
    So I signing off as A poet with a weird Ending With money not fame and No one to Guess your Idea or Name

  • ChickyChac
    ChickyChac 23 days ago +5

    Dude I saw 2000 hours when I first clicked on this video, I was actually excited ngl

  • harry urlich
    harry urlich 24 days ago

    Got my final Electrical engineering exam resit in a few days, dont know how many times ive chucked this on in the last few weeks but its given me that mad focus. Sick mix for the study trix. And uh.. fingers crossed

  • Taylor Barragan
    Taylor Barragan 25 days ago

    writing a paper on my view of the afterlife .....nothing brings the vibe like this set

  • Ogden Michael
    Ogden Michael 25 days ago

    I'm imagining myself writing and doing other stuff while dancing to this using the new Tap keyboard/mouse (no, I'm not being paid) and some AR glasses.