5 Rules You DIDN'T KNOW Existed In League of Legends Esports

  • Published on May 10, 2019
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    Riot Games has been running League of Legends as one of the biggest Esports games in the world for years.
    And as the years go by and the popularity increases Riot Games has created specific rules for the Esports platform. Some being simple rules and some being quite rare and unique.
    By the way, for this video I read the full LCS rule set.
    Links to sources of the videos and data used:
    Riot Games Lol Esports LCS Rule set 2019: nexus.leagueoflegends.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/2019-LCS-Rule-Set-v19.3_uh6o67g0zd58db0o5p08.pdf
    C9 Hai fined money for action: kotaku.com/league-of-legends-pro-fined-556-for-giving-opponent-th-1738062755
    Rekkles talking about girlfriends: tvclip.biz/video/TtT1s3Ur8bE/video.html
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  • alexandros Anastasiadis

    china put the fine because of insult to chinese skill not for racism, lolol

  • max
    max Day ago

    damn i thought i could get there one day, but im a girl AND have a girlfriend

  • Jacois
    Jacois Day ago



  • Jacois
    Jacois Day ago

    League players choosing not to have girlfriends is like a fish choosing not to fly.

  • Rado Ino
    Rado Ino Day ago

    Who needs sex when you can play video games!

  • inStyle Lyy
    inStyle Lyy 2 days ago

    Doinb is married and wordchampion so what

  • Vid Jenko
    Vid Jenko 2 days ago


  • Germano Menger
    Germano Menger 3 days ago

    If you pick the percentage of people in D3 and said that this are the percentage of people that can be a pro player, you aren't considering the rest of players above this elo. Wtf

  • Seb0rn
    Seb0rn 3 days ago

    2:15 This isn't correct. Actually you have to add all percentages from Dia3 upwards. So it is 1.15% of all LoL-Players.

  • Ahmed Nasr
    Ahmed Nasr 3 days ago

    You add the total of all the ranks above, it's not only 0.54 %, diamond 3 and above would be around the top 1%

  • 123telamon
    123telamon 4 days ago

    I really hate surrending, if the enemy or my team surrender, at the end of the game, in the chat, i always type : COWARDS . Surrender should be ban from ranked games

  • Jkim
    Jkim 5 days ago

    I wish I can get into esports with *MoBILe lEGenDs*

  • Lune DeFroid
    Lune DeFroid 5 days ago

    League players are gay

  • Cowtymsmiesznego
    Cowtymsmiesznego 5 days ago

    10:03 video, nothing happens for the first minute... fuck this shit

  • DminorEPICdude
    DminorEPICdude 7 days ago

    this is why you shouldn't feel bad if someones buttfucking you on the other team. just know that they are more of a virgin than you are 😂😂😂

  • Mark Almencion
    Mark Almencion 7 days ago

    In dota2, their players have gfs or wives and they still earned millions of dollars.

  • Lazar Simic
    Lazar Simic 7 days ago


  • dont worry about it
    dont worry about it 8 days ago

    Surrender 3:30

  • TrueShyGuy
    TrueShyGuy 8 days ago +4

    ''if youre in love with league of legends'' buddy its an abusive relationship at maximum

  • Ban Hammer
    Ban Hammer 8 days ago

    i'd never put a game over a girl, but hey that's just me

  • David Jeremiassen
    David Jeremiassen 9 days ago

    How many esports pros are virgins? HMMMMM

  • Xi
    Xi 9 days ago

    So, get a wife instead? Copy.

  • Rotzmaus
    Rotzmaus 9 days ago

    i watched this next to my gf. she mad now -.-

  • Alex Koz
    Alex Koz 9 days ago

    3:00 ой блядь эта помойка Vae Victis и здесь засветилась. ГЖ, хуле

  • SukottoSama
    SukottoSama 9 days ago +3

    xpecial: i have seen other proplayer get girlfriends...

    are you quoting chaox??

  • Andrew Soderquist
    Andrew Soderquist 10 days ago

    2 minutes in, and he still hasn't started the list. What a waste of time.

  • Lambosan49
    Lambosan49 10 days ago +1

    I remember in the season 2 world final, there was a surrender

  • Fede4
    Fede4 11 days ago


  • July_Paradox
    July_Paradox 11 days ago

    Way to set your priorities

  • karls0r
    karls0r 11 days ago

    Sorry but, as a gay guy I just think a lot of them (LoL Proplayers) dunno about what they want and what they like, so they distract themselves with prosports to not deal with own sexual preferences (very typical for male players in my opinion, and maybe also a reason why the typical male player is slidly more homophobic in opposite to nonmaledominated scenes and surroundings, check current science bwois [source: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/87720149]).
    So..., if I had a boyfriend and being a super pro player, I'd rather be pushed than distracted by that! I can tell this about being pro in other parts of life than gaming. But in terms of motivation, with the right GF/BF you can be even more pro than before. So I think rekkles argument is' weird. Feel's like a 14 yearold decided to switch off his sexual life for just gaming. And I think thats.....not realistic.
    Also I think it would be quite helpfull if LoL / Riot Games casters would also ask the players not only of they had girlfriends, cause this is also determining their inner bounderies to not think about their sexuality in a more open way. It's a shame, 'cause I bet a lot of them are at least bi or even pan (i think about one or two proplayers who could possibly be pansexual in current proleague).
    Thats it with the gaytopic. Hi from Berlin.

  • Evan Waid
    Evan Waid 11 days ago

    Bro is that the Pokémon XD from like 2005 sound track???

  • Skobbler
    Skobbler 12 days ago

    Boring useless Video.,

  • Matt Sweeney
    Matt Sweeney 12 days ago

    that 556 dollar middle finger was totally worth it.

  • Dustin
    Dustin 13 days ago +1

    2:17 its actually like 1.15%. but its not like the graph with the percentages to add up is right in front of you....

  • YTSD
    YTSD 13 days ago

    See, women make everything worse.

  • Nikola Mitev
    Nikola Mitev 14 days ago

    i see bro beacuse nightblue3 is in progudies he was 1v9 last season Kappa finished grandmaster 400lp xD 1v9 guys progudies

  • Will BBD
    Will BBD 15 days ago

    some leagues dont allow surrender right now. like LPL dont let the team surrender.

  • Domantas Pilipavičius
    Domantas Pilipavičius 15 days ago +6

    2:19 welp... This guy never learned math i see

  • franco borchi
    franco borchi 15 days ago

    '' you arent allowed to have a girlfriend because it can lower your skills'' doinb enters the chat

  • Steven burgos
    Steven burgos 17 days ago

    I hear that sonic music in the background.

  • Nathan Warnes
    Nathan Warnes 17 days ago

    I don't think they choose not to have girlfriends

    • Jürgen Koller
      Jürgen Koller 15 days ago

      Why? They wanna win Worlds and if they think they have a higher Chance in doing so without Girlfriends then its completly normal to not have one i can understand that you wont focus 100% on League anymore when you have an Girlfriend because she wants some time aswell i would do the same thing you have to set priorities.

  • Ilari Viljavuori
    Ilari Viljavuori 18 days ago

    gaming instead of getting pussy, ouch.

  • Novi Avista
    Novi Avista 18 days ago +1

    "Only 0.54% will be playing". WRONG! or are Diamond II, I, Master, Grandmaster and Challenger not eligible for playing in a pro team?! so its a total of 1.15%, more than double.


    2:17 that is wrong, its 0.54 percent plus the percentage of the leagues above d3

  • Dazz Dostal
    Dazz Dostal 18 days ago

    Your math is off. 1.15% of the league community could be pro players because of the rank restriction. You didn't add up all of the ranks above diamond 3 you only used diamond 3. Diamond 3 is 0.54% of the league community. :)

  • William Andrews
    William Andrews 19 days ago

    it's insane when you think about it.... people make fun of esports being "not real sports" because you play a game.... but it is impossible for a football player to train 14 hours a day every single day, because their body would break in a couple of days, having probably irreparable damage in a couple of weeks. In a way being an esports pro is way more intense and careers usually only last maybe 5 years before they switch from player to coach or owner of a team... There are football-players that were active during the beta of lol, that are still active players now, and here you have guys like ocelot, who started as an active player and now owns a team who went to Worlds multiple times already in the same timespan. And yet football players get paid in a single game what some of these lol-pros get paid in their entire career.

  • SKT Piper
    SKT Piper 19 days ago

    But DoinB is married

  • Aspartan
    Aspartan 19 days ago

    One of Player from LPK have waif

  • Jomar Padduyao
    Jomar Padduyao 21 day ago

    Well doinb technically doesnt have a girlfriend.

  • Lan Mandragoran
    Lan Mandragoran 21 day ago

    Bad math. 0.54 + .30 + .17 + .04 + .07 + .03 =/= 0.54% of the total league of legends player base. Unless you mean to assume every single pro player must ONLY be Diamond 3, and not Diamond 3 of above. Have a fuckin brain mate.

  • Fenrirsek
    Fenrirsek 22 days ago

    If i was someone who win worlds then i would have many girlfriends XD

  • PIE4ME
    PIE4ME 22 days ago

    Nooo girlfriends

  • Blueprince
    Blueprince 22 days ago

    and then *BOOOOOM* fpx gaming won 2019 because doinb got married 😂😂😂

  • coldkascht
    coldkascht 22 days ago

    LoL the video is outdated after the world final 2019 :)

  • sensen9900
    sensen9900 24 days ago

    "Nightblues Jungle...." - after that i knew the Guides must be bullshit. Beside the fact that Nightblue fakes his videos in Low Elo, he is a NA Jungler please thats like i would ask a Bronce 4 EU or Iron 4 Korean to explain me what to do xD NA Server is a Clowns Fiesta in Solo Q xD

  • Eduardo Antunes
    Eduardo Antunes 24 days ago

    Thats why lol players are all virgins

  • Aldwin Navarrete
    Aldwin Navarrete 24 days ago

    And then you meet Doinb from FPX

  • Max_Out_Charisma
    Max_Out_Charisma 25 days ago

    That Sonic music in the background

  • -DGGB-
    -DGGB- 25 days ago

    That "4 chinese, can't win" shit is what happens all the time on EUW if people learn you're french

    Shit's annoying, even worse when you're not actually french but speak french lul

  • Cassidy White
    Cassidy White 27 days ago

    You can't win with 4 Chinese... then FPX happened. :P