Huge Vodka Infused LifeSavers Gummy Rings

  • Published on Apr 19, 2012
  • Warning: You will get drunk!

    We were trying a completely new idea this time around and decided to use some LifeSavers Gummy rings to infuse with vodka. I combined the Orange flavored vodka with these tropical fusion blended gummies to make one hell of a creation. The taste is amazing and they got pretty huge over the course of a few days.
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  • W H Y
    W H Y 14 days ago

    What a good way to ruin candy smfh

  • Anne Relick
    Anne Relick Month ago

    is he color blind

  • Theo Schommer
    Theo Schommer 6 months ago

    This looks dank

  • CloX
    CloX 11 months ago

    Can I do this with Swedish fish?

  • EliteSmoke 619
    EliteSmoke 619 Year ago

    BRO do gummy sharks

  • Abi Bur
    Abi Bur Year ago

    It is the same process no matter what gummy.

  • Jarred Combs
    Jarred Combs 2 years ago

    Got them at Walmart the agreement that we are a hot Norbert go

    CAPTAIN 2 years ago

    Do you have to fridge them

  • Letty Doe
    Letty Doe 2 years ago

    cherry moonshine?

  • JoesDogsa WebSlinger
    JoesDogsa WebSlinger 2 years ago

    Anyone know roughly how many you gotta eat to get a buzz?

  • justin
    justin 2 years ago

    How many ml was that Smirnoff bottle

    GEDOHBLAZZTER 2 years ago +1

    i live in hawaii, and whenever I put these in the fridge or even gummy bears soaked in vodka, they turn the vodka into jello...

  • susana molina
    susana molina 3 years ago +2

    how about some tequila

  • susana molina
    susana molina 3 years ago +1

    how about some tequila

  • Jason Clarke
    Jason Clarke 3 years ago +1

    i hate when the younging always want to know how this how that bitch go play doll house with your friend instead of learning how to to make liquor with gummys

  • Alonzo200299
    Alonzo200299 4 years ago +1

    You should do regular hard jolly ranchers

    • Krishenda Davis
      Krishenda Davis 4 years ago +8

      Then the vodka would be flavored. That's all

  • Alonzo200299
    Alonzo200299 4 years ago

    You should do regular hard jolly ranchers

    • Matt Frederick
      Matt Frederick 3 years ago +3

      The vodka would be flavored not the jolly ranchers they would dissolve

  • Brittnee Bearden
    Brittnee Bearden 4 years ago

    Does it work without acoholl

    • Samuel Alfaro
      Samuel Alfaro 2 years ago +2

      yes but only with piss

    • Katty Devior
      Katty Devior 2 years ago +7

      Brittnee Bearden wtf are u gonna put in it water lmfao dude

  • Bashful Bones
    Bashful Bones 4 years ago +1

    vodka is sooo cliche drink somthing else for christ sakes

  • Ivy moudy
    Ivy moudy 5 years ago +8

    What are the kind of water you're putting in the container?

  • Jennifer Sentman
    Jennifer Sentman 5 years ago +2

    i read one plastic shouldnt be used that it eats theplastic... is this true or no

    • KhrystalDawn
      KhrystalDawn 3 years ago +1

      Wtf where u reading. ?!😩😂😂

    • Krishenda Davis
      Krishenda Davis 4 years ago +1

      No. Something with acetone in it would melt it. Like nail polish remover

  • Octavia Mcbride
    Octavia Mcbride 5 years ago

    How to make pineapple vodka

  • theSTAR70
    theSTAR70 5 years ago +11

    at 3:55 do they HAVE to be in the fridge ??? can they be left at room temp ???

  • bode person
    bode person 5 years ago

    do the giant gummy cola bottle

    • nickwuh
      nickwuh 5 years ago

      THAT IS GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jocelyn West
    Jocelyn West 5 years ago

    looking goooooood

  • big show
    big show 5 years ago

    For your next vid, can you make a rum ham like Frank has in "its always sunny in philidelphia?"

  • paul elliott
    paul elliott 5 years ago +1

    I'm gonna try this with some Moonshine.

  • Joseph White
    Joseph White 5 years ago

    This cool just like this Lifesavers Huge Spark

  • baggyallday
    baggyallday 5 years ago

    how the fuck do you smack on a gummy ring?

  • Patricia McDiarmid
    Patricia McDiarmid 5 years ago

    Do not see the point of the gummies alone...why do this?

    • why
      why 5 years ago +12

      "I would recommend these for a party"

  • Thr Scr
    Thr Scr 5 years ago +1

    oh hell no its illegal as shit dumb fuck

  • Mr. Bicentennial
    Mr. Bicentennial 5 years ago

    This is stupid because you cant clearly define how much alcohol is being consumed if you just eat it, aka any dumb person willing to eat too many of the candies can end up getting ALCOHOL POISONING many people have died from this. Just drink normally and responsibly people.

    • Katty Devior
      Katty Devior 2 years ago +5

      Black Swordsman that's why u dont eat a bunch of them dude why r u being retarded any smart person would know not to eat a whole fucking bunch of em

  • alex007q
    alex007q 5 years ago

    Put them on a towel and dust them in corn starch cool video

  • lucy chery
    lucy chery 5 years ago

    love it

  • mshoho moon
    mshoho moon 5 years ago


  • Chyna Lucas
    Chyna Lucas 5 years ago +8

    this really makes me want some gummies.

  • darkeclipse420
    darkeclipse420 5 years ago

    best be trollin lol

  • BassManBobBassCovers
    BassManBobBassCovers 5 years ago


  • Muscle & Motors
    Muscle & Motors  5 years ago +1

    Normally these goodies can be dropped in a typical cocktail like a margarita, cosmo, martini, but I recommend you check out my other videos and look for my "True Blood" cocktail videos! We came up with like 5-10 really yummy mixed drinks.

  • Quirina Wiersma
    Quirina Wiersma 5 years ago

    Could you recommend a mixture drink, like a cocktail sort of idea to add this to? I've been thinking but I'm not that advanced with alcohol yet xD ..Or do you just only eat them straight up?

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo 5 years ago

    I hope this guy doesn't have a hidden agenda with the kids every Halloween -__-;

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo 5 years ago

    only if you been well behaved.

  • s13rr4buf3
    s13rr4buf3 5 years ago

    Shaky cam makes me feel ill...

  • Oscar Sanchez
    Oscar Sanchez 5 years ago

    Sour Patch Kids vodka

  • Kittay Ave
    Kittay Ave 5 years ago

    btw I can see by your videos that you are in high school!

  • Kittay Ave
    Kittay Ave 5 years ago

    Actually if you scroll down your comment clearly says "congrats, child"

  • Kittay Ave
    Kittay Ave 5 years ago

    You deleted the comment!

  • Kittay Ave
    Kittay Ave 5 years ago

    I would appreciate if you would stop being a bitch! :) I'm not a child ok?

  • The Uncle
    The Uncle 5 years ago

    I do not drink any alcohol nor do any sort of drug, but good video anyway.

  • Kittay Ave
    Kittay Ave 5 years ago

    I am a TOTAL bad ass

  • Randy Jewtastics
    Randy Jewtastics 5 years ago

    I'm glad that I can get a free virus, too!

  • Paige Martin
    Paige Martin 5 years ago

    I'm definitely a girl. But now I think what you are meaning...

  • Kittay Ave
    Kittay Ave 5 years ago

    I'm thirteen and my uncle made these and I ate two (he showed this video to me).

  • DoriKotoPo
    DoriKotoPo 5 years ago

    Are you insane!?!

  • lemmingscanfly5
    lemmingscanfly5 5 years ago

    Are you insane!?!

  • DaOzMan
    DaOzMan 5 years ago

    Bro can you really get tipsy off these?

  • Gabrielle Turner
    Gabrielle Turner 5 years ago

    that was a Cool Video of Lifesavers Gummy Rings with Vodka on them

  • Abby Worlow
    Abby Worlow 6 years ago

    Why doses a lot of stuff have to have drinks that make you drunk

  • Young Pit
    Young Pit 6 years ago

    Bro that look legit man I want to try them and I never knew there was combined flavs of lifesavers

  • VolksPrepper
    VolksPrepper 6 years ago

    Boy oh boy...these could surely get you into trouble quick. I don't drink but these look mighty good.

  • Paige Martin
    Paige Martin 6 years ago


  • Muscle & Motors
    Muscle & Motors  6 years ago

    I would say that maybe 4-5 pieces equal a shot. So around 20-25 gummy rings to get about 5 shots worth.

  • duhasian
    duhasian 6 years ago

    This is the Russian version of LifeSavers

  • r1g8p7
    r1g8p7 6 years ago

    next time get straight to the procedure. thanks.

  • Cass G
    Cass G 6 years ago

    I used sour patch watermelons one time before a senior event in high school, Good times.

  • Holy Mackerel
    Holy Mackerel 6 years ago

    So, ur video is 7 minutes and I watched like less than 30 seconds of it because that's about all the amount of information there is in this.

  • kiki bara
    kiki bara 6 years ago

    do you see that hee write Warning: You will get drunk and you want to give a kid to eat that there is vodka man im 14 year old man :D

  • MrQung
    MrQung 6 years ago

    yes it is

  • jadambi
    jadambi 6 years ago

    you can put gummy bears in milk or if you put skittles in soda that works

  • Полина Монкина

    what do they taste?

  • Charlie Guest
    Charlie Guest 6 years ago

    Best comment by far!

  • Charlie Guest
    Charlie Guest 6 years ago

    For fracks sake, does no one on youtube own a tripod?

  • naturegurl83
    naturegurl83 6 years ago


  • Omar wp
    Omar wp 6 years ago

    How did I get from cat videos to this?

  • Solo Dolo
    Solo Dolo 6 years ago

    yup, thats what pretty much happened

  • Muscle & Motors
    Muscle & Motors  6 years ago

    I would just be worried about the gummies melting.

  • Solo Dolo
    Solo Dolo 6 years ago

    i have like 4 gummies in a shot glass uncovered in my room.. is that just going to evaporate all of the ethanol and make it un alcoholic?

  • Solo Dolo
    Solo Dolo 6 years ago

    funny how you just reminded me of the starburst gummies ive had soaking in vodka for like 2 days now

  • Muscle & Motors
    Muscle & Motors  6 years ago +2

    Nope! Alcohol should only be consumed by adults.

  • sade bryant
    sade bryant 6 years ago

    is it good for kids to eat

    THEFUNNANNA 6 years ago


  • SuperDivatude
    SuperDivatude 6 years ago

    This is different... I may try these just not today

  • Wanlop Anongchanya
    Wanlop Anongchanya 6 years ago

    Talk toooo much for a little experiment.

  • Muscle & Motors
    Muscle & Motors  6 years ago

    Yes, check out my other videos for a good Rum infused gummy video.

  • zoe condie
    zoe condie 6 years ago

    can you do this with any other alochol?

  • Muscle & Motors
    Muscle & Motors  6 years ago

    It sure will, check out my sour gummy worm video and see how they turned out. Good luck!

  • Santiii102
    Santiii102 6 years ago

    will it work with gummies that have sugar all over? thanks

  • The Salt Miner
    The Salt Miner 6 years ago

    yo dawg

  • Justin Verh
    Justin Verh 6 years ago

    Can you do a video on vodka infused giant gummy bear or worm from

  • TheEIements
    TheEIements 6 years ago

    why in the fuck would you do that

  • richard pawelkiw
    richard pawelkiw 6 years ago

    your a fucking moron lol...all liquor comes in plastic bottles in certain sizes inless its premium like grey goose or belvedere

  • Jack Uff
    Jack Uff 6 years ago

    Great way to gain weight! Take two unhealthy things and combine them!

  • Kody Strange
    Kody Strange 6 years ago

    vodka infused vodka

  • Muscle & Motors
    Muscle & Motors  6 years ago

    Not as good and the heat can cause the gummies to melt.

  • Alexx Funk
    Alexx Funk 6 years ago

    Would this still work if not refrigerated?

  • Mark Pippin
    Mark Pippin 6 years ago

    candy + soda = lots of fizz. too much fizz in fact.

  • Jebus
    Jebus 6 years ago

    Bro science. Do you realize how long the alcohol sits in the bottle during processing, transport, and on shelf?

  • 227Young
    227Young 6 years ago

    drinkin plastic infused alcohol adds to the fun

  • kobe taylor
    kobe taylor 6 years ago

    hey use should do vodka infused twizzlers just curious