20 Strict Rules To Be A KPOP Star

  • Published on Jul 16, 2018
  • 20 Strict Rules You MUST follow to be a KPOP Start
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    KPOP has taken the world by storm. The impeccable style, glamorous beauty, and catchy tunes make it a fun genre. The fans are obsessed and have built an entire culture around their fandom. Entertainment companies are fiercely competitive and the training system is like a factory churning out new talent every day. Whether you’re a huge fan or completely perplexed by the phenomenon you can’t deny that the musical trend has gone global. In this video, we’ll take a deeper look into exactly what it takes to be a KPOP megastar. From giving up your cell phone to eating nothing but cabbage the idols of KPOP dedicate every moment of their lives to their craft. Hit subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any of the great videos here at TheTalko. Let us know in the comments down below what you think of the KPOP phenomenon. Are you a fan of the fun musical trend or does the appeal escape you?
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  • Christiany Enik
    Christiany Enik 4 months ago +10250

    I saw Blackpink,,I clicked..
    My life so simple.. 😊

  • Phixo Aeris
    Phixo Aeris 36 minutes ago

    8:02 You Think Eraaaa💖💖😍

  • Phixo Aeris
    Phixo Aeris 39 minutes ago

    Waaaaa NCT 127 5:49

  • Phixo Aeris
    Phixo Aeris 43 minutes ago

    2:14 Red Velvet Bad Boy AaaAAAAAAaaa💖💖💖

  • Chandra Shekhar
    Chandra Shekhar 3 hours ago

    with this rigorous training they can surpass goku

  • Why Don’t We Videos
    Why Don’t We Videos 12 hours ago

    no alcohol
    namjoon is shoOk

  • Ari Marshmellow
    Ari Marshmellow 19 hours ago

    This is all kinds of wrong. Especially cause u included JAPANESE idols in a K!!POP video. rly now do ur research

  • MMD Haroozaki
    MMD Haroozaki 19 hours ago

    i have a kpop star friend Min yoongi / Suga,
    we watched this and he told me it isn't that strict in their label

  • Tengku Anifah
    Tengku Anifah 20 hours ago


  • wanna one lover
    wanna one lover 21 hour ago

    Lai Guanlin, kang daniel and park woojin always use phone


    No drinking... Okay. VICTON just did a few days ago 😂

  • samantha deleon
    samantha deleon 23 hours ago

    My cousin was like "oh crap! I thought it was gay pop star! Not kpop star!" I started laughing to the point I peed 😳

  • Yin San
    Yin San Day ago

    nOpE NoPE

  • ABC funs
    ABC funs Day ago

    We shld have plastic surgery to become k pop star??

  • sofi Soliongco
    sofi Soliongco Day ago


  • sofi Soliongco
    sofi Soliongco Day ago

    9 to 10 lol no

  • sofi Soliongco
    sofi Soliongco Day ago

    Lol so wrong wtf give up name?!?!? Heard the fanchant yet lolololol my lungs

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin Day ago

    0:10 the prettiest man to ever exist, aka jimin.

  • Kim Namjoon Is my drug Hehe

    This isn’t real rules

  • Potatoes and Yixing
    Potatoes and Yixing 3 days ago

    I'm kinda sad since a lot of this is fake info. I'm also sad because you use ma boys BTS for views by using literally a photo of them every second of the video

  • Valentina Sedeno
    Valentina Sedeno 3 days ago

    If they can’t drink then tell me about when bts got so drunk

  • Elizabeth Bird
    Elizabeth Bird 3 days ago

    Actually, plenty of idols have friends from other companies.

  • Lucy's cute puppy eat your pickles kids

    Bts are allowed phones. They definitely have phones

  • journii Wilson
    journii Wilson 3 days ago

    What is their age limit bc I heard one kpop idol being kicked out at the age of 30

  • kimjong lee
    kimjong lee 3 days ago +1

    I'm here bcoz of BTS

  • Xandria Wong
    Xandria Wong 4 days ago

    Big hit is not that strict to BTS, we can see they are quite free and fun. Big hit are like friends with BTS, they can do whatever they want which makes us Army feel that the company does not stress the group and let them do what they like.

  • VJoon
    VJoon 4 days ago

    I feel like I've watched this video but with 50 more facts

  • Princess Leah
    Princess Leah 4 days ago

    you use a picture??? of the dope concept?? for the fact that they "may make appearances in clubs".... a song in which they LITERALLY SAY THAT THEY STAY HOME AND WORK INSTEAD OF GOING TO CLUBS
    this whole video is a fucking mess tbh like there is no effort or research behind it and it's 90% bullshit for views

  • oppai dragon
    oppai dragon 4 days ago

    Thumbnail is from Japan

  • Saif Al'khaliq
    Saif Al'khaliq 4 days ago

    This is fucking crazy. These people are fucking crazy.
    This Genre is fucking insane. I think it's involved in satan worship.

  • BTS Run Episodes
    BTS Run Episodes 5 days ago

    I thought my life was hard; tuition, school work, house chores. Now that I look at how BTS suffers, I realized how easy my life is.

  • Putri Dahlia
    Putri Dahlia 5 days ago

    bruh...kpop...wearing glasses....is definitely allowed...plus ITS FUCKING CUTE AND IM PRETTY SURE THEY KNOW

  • Putri Dahlia
    Putri Dahlia 5 days ago

    most of these are bullshit

  • Putri Dahlia
    Putri Dahlia 5 days ago

    bts drinks on camera all the time

  • Putri Dahlia
    Putri Dahlia 5 days ago

    bts uses their given names

  • Putri Dahlia
    Putri Dahlia 5 days ago

    bts’ entertainment is not as strict as this

  • Putri Dahlia
    Putri Dahlia 5 days ago

    not all of this is true...they still get their phones

  • #ARIANATOR For life
    #ARIANATOR For life 5 days ago

    How to become a kpop star
    Go to the same plastic surgeon

    BTS MY SWEET HEARTS 5 days ago +1

    Lol bts had a whole drunken v live 😂😂😂

  • Alex Meles
    Alex Meles 5 days ago

    Is it possible to become a kpop star even if you're not asian?

  • Inka Friman
    Inka Friman 6 days ago

    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    I just got clickbaited
    and so did you🙃

  • RebelBlade18
    RebelBlade18 7 days ago

    No wonder they always look so tired when you see them doing live videos on their own

  • verifiedfangirl_ohmyjjoy

    "Give up your name?" and never to use it on public? Seungcheol Jeonghan Jisoo Junhui Soonyoung Wonwoo Jihoon Myungho Mingyu Seokmin Seungkwan Hansol Chan can't relate --,

  • verifiedfangirl_ohmyjjoy

    Am I the only one who clicked it to find out if my biases were there? and sure they're there 2:19 BOYFRIEND 8:17 SEVENTEEN thank youuu

  • nct's manager
    nct's manager 8 days ago

    get some good info before making videos like this lmao

  • nct's manager
    nct's manager 8 days ago

    the thumbnail isn't even a kpop idol but go off

  • GamerGirl OfDaGalaxyPlayZ

    While watching this, all I could think about is BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, and another Kpop group. I also keep freaking out whenever I see my favorite groups. Especially BTS 😍😍😂😅

  • Chhainita Huy
    Chhainita Huy 8 days ago

    Also BTS could drink cocktail last time in a video???.

  • Chhainita Huy
    Chhainita Huy 8 days ago

    BTS eat what ever they want because they are the most popular,BTS can be friends with got7 and BlackPink, wait some group mix girls and boys together like KARD

  • Gothic Maine
    Gothic Maine 8 days ago +1

    Most of this are not trueeeee👎

  • Gothic Maine
    Gothic Maine 8 days ago


  • KimJuly
    KimJuly 9 days ago +2

    Umm.... the thumbnail is messed up, it actually looks like they were *forced* to shave their heads which none of KPOP stars do😕

  • It's me Mel
    It's me Mel 9 days ago +1

    Interesting how often you show BTS while quoting things that are untrue with their company. For example Jimin is best friends with guys from several groups that are not Big Hit like Taemin of Shinne which is an SM group. The boys of BTS have not had plastic surgery, these boys all obviously have phones & although Jimin has dieted rediculously it is not part of his company's view I fact they helped him past it. In reality you are discussing the big 3 SM, YG, & JYP.
    SO PLEASE STOP SHOWING PHOTOS OF BTS while talking about other groups abusive companies.

  • Suga is my Daddy
    Suga is my Daddy 9 days ago

    2:30 bro that’s not true, there are 100 videos of kpop idols interacting

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones 10 days ago

    When did KPOP get famous worldwide, never heard of it

  • NekoGrace 79
    NekoGrace 79 11 days ago

    The fraternization clause is not so much right. There’s tons of idols across companies that hang out when their schedules allow it.

  • A Coon
    A Coon 11 days ago

    I love k pop

  • Hyung Sin
    Hyung Sin 11 days ago

    Kpop yet they show a jpop idol-

  • Cecilia Gonzales
    Cecilia Gonzales 12 days ago

    Seriously they only do K-Pop videos to get the views, am I right?

  • Ruken Ice.
    Ruken Ice. 12 days ago

    Okay, if this is true.. I respect k-pop stars for wanting to go through this...
    But also poor them...
    What fame does to you...
    I never would want to be famous.. Never.. and if.. I would have some rules to not do this shit and be myself..

  • Kokomi Seida
    Kokomi Seida 13 days ago

    Um... that is not true but I still log your channel :) But k-pop idols don't do that ya know.

  • Eriel Fonte
    Eriel Fonte 14 days ago +1

    This is so wrong. Not every kpop idol undergoes plastic surgery. Their allowed to be friends to other kpop idols, even if it's the opposite sex. Their stage name would never hide their real name. Not all companies require this 'strict' rules😑 where'd you get this info? You should know if youre giving right information to the viewers😑

  • KangaRoux
    KangaRoux 14 days ago

    2:28 wow. love this part. my favorite part. I LOVE HOW U HAVE IDOLS FROM 4 DIFFERENT COMPANIES

  • Lunala Moon
    Lunala Moon 14 days ago

    99% of comments: omg! the girl in the thumbnail isn't a k-pop stars! Only 789 people have commented about the same issue before me !11!1!!

  • العُـنقود
    العُـنقود 15 days ago +1

    Taking extreme cases and generalising them to push your propaganda. Okay.

  • kenchuvich Morcozo
    kenchuvich Morcozo 15 days ago

    I'm a Kpoo Idol on my own. I do some of the mentioned things in the list except plastic surgery.

  • nikki garcia
    nikki garcia 16 days ago

    i wish i was korean sometimes koreans are so pretty 😫

  • Steffie183
    Steffie183 16 days ago

    Ban smoking in Korea? Pfsh. They need to work on actually enforcing the non-smoking areas they currently have and go from there.

  • *-WolfGacha-*
    *-WolfGacha-* 16 days ago

    Dont blame me but i hate BTS

  • Yutaka Uchiha
    Yutaka Uchiha 16 days ago

    2:23 Not true Blackpink Jennie and Twice Nayeon are friends
    And Kpop idols are allowed to have phones

  • T.S.G.I Studios
    T.S.G.I Studios 17 days ago

    I feel really bad for these Kpop stars

  • numb soul
    numb soul 17 days ago

    Who are the people in 5:29

  • Stanger WEIRD
    Stanger WEIRD 17 days ago

    The tiny house isn't true Blackpink has a house with Lisa,Jennie,Jisoo and Rosé

  • ɐpuɐd
    ɐpuɐd 18 days ago

    The thumbnail is of a Joppa star

  • ClassicLeah games
    ClassicLeah games 19 days ago

    Not my fault BTS is hot

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 19 days ago

    What they will change your face oh god this is really my work

  • awkwardly me
    awkwardly me 19 days ago

    Wow! That's a lot of hard work.

  • Blink Pink
    Blink Pink 20 days ago

    The thumbnail though...

  • saiyidah athirah
    saiyidah athirah 21 day ago +1

    Please do some research when you want to do a video. Most of the facts in the video are not true. And some of them are exaggerated. Don't spread fake facts. And please. The thumbnail. Kpop fans are everywhere. You can't lie. Please don't use fake facts as a benefit to gain views. That is really shameful. Thank you.

  • Shackela Virgil
    Shackela Virgil 21 day ago

    This is slavery

  • Weiss Schnee
    Weiss Schnee 22 days ago

    Give up your name.

  • Weiss Schnee
    Weiss Schnee 22 days ago

    Not being friends with idols from other companies? HELL NAH Do you see how sweet idols are with each other??? Most of this is bull. No research lol

  • I hate Snakeu
    I hate Snakeu 22 days ago

    Oh yeah I forgot the GO GO BTS dance practice, V dresses up as Snowhite and they can use their real names in public, like literally every fan chant is the REAL name of eachember starting from the leader and than in age order from the eldest to youngest member. NO HATE OR SARCASM INTENTIONS, I JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT NOT ALL OF THESE FACTS WERE TRUE BUT YOU GOT IT RIGHT THE LIFE OF A KPOP IDOL IS STRESSFUL AND THEY ARE RESTRICTED FROM MANY THINGS. LOVE YOUR CHANNEL BY THE WAY😍😍😍

  • I hate Snakeu
    I hate Snakeu 22 days ago

    The no drinking thing is not true, I've seen BTS 🍻🍸many times. Suga and JK on Malta got drunk🍺😜 with whiskey and Irish Bombs so that's not true, but banning drinking and smoking is a good thing though bcs those are very unhealthy habits so yep, you shouldn't do booze🍻

  • Aliyah
    Aliyah 22 days ago

    Thats crazyy . I don’t believe most of that is necessary. Beyoncé is very successful but she haven’t bout killed herself or did all that fainting

  • Rajbir Singh Yadav
    Rajbir Singh Yadav 23 days ago +1

    These are true. A case came now only. A kpop idol suicide and the reasons were the rules mentioned above.

  • Alondra Carrillo
    Alondra Carrillo 23 days ago

    Jin is not25

  • I’m not Just a potato

    To much work for me well I know I will never be a kpop idol

  • fastcore algorithm
    fastcore algorithm 24 days ago

    mingeshi minami is japanese....why disrespect our precious miichan like this

  • igotarmyblinkonce-L / multifandom

    I counted 16 of these to be untrue wtf

  • LittleCutie Kitty
    LittleCutie Kitty 26 days ago

    1:52 chubby bunnies?😂😂

  • Chahana Cintury
    Chahana Cintury 26 days ago

    This is so sad.

  • Vivian Sun
    Vivian Sun 27 days ago

    No drinking... Uhmmmm wait how about bts I saw them drinking in youtube '_'

    • Vivian Sun
      Vivian Sun 24 days ago

      +N i c E thx

    • N i c E
      N i c E 24 days ago +1

      It says TO BE a kpop stars, so these rules exist when they were trainees

  • Yolanda Tong
    Yolanda Tong 28 days ago

    What?! Okay some are true but some of these ARENT true!

  • Tommy 5
    Tommy 5 28 days ago

    This is absolutely ridiculous

  • Divine Rose Of D
    Divine Rose Of D 29 days ago

    They make Kpop sound like slavery in disguise or something..

  • Turtle Queen
    Turtle Queen 29 days ago



  • Zidane Cloe mo
    Zidane Cloe mo 29 days ago

    Thank God! BigHit Entertainment is a nice entertainment!💖
    Btw, i lovee your videoss😍

  • Ohkyoung Park
    Ohkyoung Park 29 days ago

    They are so wrong