20 Strict Rules To Be A KPOP Star

  • Published on Jul 16, 2018
  • 20 Strict Rules You MUST follow to be a KPOP Start
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    KPOP has taken the world by storm. The impeccable style, glamorous beauty, and catchy tunes make it a fun genre. The fans are obsessed and have built an entire culture around their fandom. Entertainment companies are fiercely competitive and the training system is like a factory churning out new talent every day. Whether you’re a huge fan or completely perplexed by the phenomenon you can’t deny that the musical trend has gone global. In this video, we’ll take a deeper look into exactly what it takes to be a KPOP megastar. From giving up your cell phone to eating nothing but cabbage the idols of KPOP dedicate every moment of their lives to their craft. Hit subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any of the great videos here at TheTalko. Let us know in the comments down below what you think of the KPOP phenomenon. Are you a fan of the fun musical trend or does the appeal escape you?
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  • Christiany Enik
    Christiany Enik 9 months ago +11295

    I saw Blackpink,,I clicked..
    My life so simple.. 😊

  • 🍾✨
    🍾✨ Hour ago +1

    I’m pretty sure the thumbnail is a Japanese singer in a girl group.. Not kpop

    THE FOURTH GENDER 18 hours ago

    What the f...k is k-pop?

  • Black To The Pink
    Black To The Pink Day ago +1

    "You won't see idols from two competing companies rubbing elbows anytime soon" you don"t know anything about the topics you post do you, Many k-pop idols are good friends with their "competition" and "you won't be hearing tails of drunken k-pop stars trashing hotel rooms anytime soon"no, jungkook and suga didn't trash hotel rooms but they still got drunk and it was funny as hell so keep trying and "no nightclubs" what about the time BTS went to a strip club... THINK RETARDS

  • 푸카카핫
    푸카카핫 Day ago

    thmbnail no kpop musician this is akb japanese

  • qzxv play
    qzxv play Day ago

    This isn’t kpop tho that’s a Japanese girl

  • 20000 Subscriber Man with little videos

    Kpop Slavery.

    NlGHT ASHE 2 days ago

    Required plastic surgery in kpop?? If you didnt know Talko. Its called natural beauty and professional makeup

  • Myla Manriza
    Myla Manriza 2 days ago +1

    I just clicked to see how wrong they r and god most of it is sooooo wrong

  • V,JIN,RM 57 bts
    V,JIN,RM 57 bts 2 days ago +1

    The girl u put on the cover is a japanese j-pop idol lol

  • BTS Loyaltyhub
    BTS Loyaltyhub 3 days ago +1

    BTS drink alcohol

  • Libby Wood
    Libby Wood 3 days ago +1

    Is this a joke?? So ridiculous any kpop wannabes reading this please don’t do this it’s wrong

  • Jada Martin
    Jada Martin 4 days ago +1

    Why did y'all use a jpop thumbail

  • mythical happiness
    mythical happiness 4 days ago

    Wait 25 year old Jin??? seriously

  • Ellie Monbebelle
    Ellie Monbebelle 5 days ago


  • Pastel Milk
    Pastel Milk 6 days ago +1

    When she said “training periods” i thought she ment Kpop stars TRAIN to deal with their periods during concerts 😆

  • Vybl08
    Vybl08 6 days ago

    what fucked up thumbnail is that?

  • Tammy Thai
    Tammy Thai 6 days ago

    Pls note that the person on the thumbnail of this vid is a J-Pop (Japanese Pop) Idol. And another thing, aren't u a true Kpop fan if u know that most of these AREN'T true? 😂
    Random note: 3:01 Super Junior was there😍💎

  • Kim_ Izzman
    Kim_ Izzman 7 days ago

    I can't wait for debut 😵

  • Kpop Scenario
    Kpop Scenario 8 days ago

    is way different

  • SadeD.Winters Books
    SadeD.Winters Books 8 days ago

    Kpop is a joke, u must be a hardworker!
    Jesus said in the bible
    Nah just kidding. ....

  • Rin The Wolf
    Rin The Wolf 9 days ago +1

    Ok some of this is not true you can drink being a kpop star and you can date I know this bc some stars are dating to this day also kpop stars can have phones I never seen one without one there r lots of kpop stars that have phones some places do take it only for Dance practice and when they going on stage but only if they are not Focus a lot of kpop stars are friends and they allow them to be friends.

    • Rin The Wolf
      Rin The Wolf 9 days ago

      Not trying to be mean but this is what I see and learn from being a fan pretty much my own life sorry but it’s what Ik

  • video master
    video master 10 days ago


  • Suga with my Tae
    Suga with my Tae 11 days ago +1

    The thumbnail is a JAPANESE idol smh 🤦‍♀️

  • Itz_ Silv
    Itz_ Silv 11 days ago +1

    Bts has phones and they drink -_-

  • Koo Junhoe
    Koo Junhoe 11 days ago

    this is extremely stupid

  • awesome freeks
    awesome freeks 12 days ago

    alchol , bts drink so what

  • awesome freeks
    awesome freeks 12 days ago

    do i have to be korean to become a Kpop idol

  • Hae Chan
    Hae Chan 12 days ago


  • Floydie Gacha Gamer
    Floydie Gacha Gamer 13 days ago

    I wanna be a kpop star
    But im scared😱

  • Sanni Pihlaja
    Sanni Pihlaja 13 days ago

    So much respect for the k-pop stars, it is so hard work

  • bts yoonmin vkook namjin j-hope

    I can here to see if bts was here😎😎😎😆

  • Kamila Zigmundova
    Kamila Zigmundova 14 days ago

    All lies

  • Aiyanna Jimenez
    Aiyanna Jimenez 15 days ago

    This is bullsh@&

  • pasta pasta
    pasta pasta 16 days ago

    2:14 *jennie and Irene had dinner together

  • Liquid_ Acid
    Liquid_ Acid 16 days ago

    Kyle Jenner had to go through this? One sad for her.

    CRAYON 16 days ago

    2:37 I think this should be noticed by kpop companies... (watched kpop idols fainted/collapsed)

  • TanakinSkywalker
    TanakinSkywalker 17 days ago

    No it’s not like an inmate. Don’t compare the two it’s obvious you know nothing

  • our president kim namjoon

    Literally stop using Kpop and bts for views.
    Don’t post things that you aren’t sure of.

  • Anna the Sunflower
    Anna the Sunflower 18 days ago

    I wanna be a kpop gorlllll
    But I am not asian

  • ɞuʟmѧ ɞяıєғs
    ɞuʟmѧ ɞяıєғs 20 days ago

    That tumbnail is minami menegishi from akb48

  • maylay queen
    maylay queen 20 days ago

    Ma am I'm already skinny and I just need to remove the pimples off my face and then I don't like sleeping for a long time and I energetic so my schedule is 5am-2am

  • gsoo
    gsoo 22 days ago

    I really want to debut with blackpink 😭
    I am 10 and after what i heard i will do everything possible to train myself, be on a diet, exercise, go to a singing school, move to life in south korea and everything i can

  • Itz Annie
    Itz Annie 24 days ago +1

    1:06 Aye Bts

  • Kim Hyuna
    Kim Hyuna 26 days ago

    WAIT u guys are wrong about the no dating things Sm entertainment allows dating only you get kicked when if u only don't go to the practice only!!!!

    • ghj axb
      ghj axb 24 days ago

      Sm only allows dating between the company

  • K.A. Medium
    K.A. Medium 29 days ago

    I wish I had the money to sue this channel

  • minerva alburki
    minerva alburki Month ago


  • unosized
    unosized Month ago +1

    miichan isn't a kpop idol...

  • KookiesN V
    KookiesN V Month ago +1

    Does the thumbnail keep changing?

  • bangtan velvet
    bangtan velvet Month ago


  • Yoggy and Pocky
    Yoggy and Pocky Month ago

    Blackpink doesn't have a diet I think? Rosé eats like anything , blinks should know if they watched bp house

  • Spandana S
    Spandana S Month ago

    Maybe Bighit entertainment is not that strict.........bcoz v see bts enjoy all the time

  • ICS 12
    ICS 12 Month ago +3

    Bruh, that friggin thumbnail is J-Pop related, not K-Pop!

  • Yuta's healing smile heals me

    1:03 is that Johnny?

  • Daphne Ronquillo
    Daphne Ronquillo Month ago


  • RM But
    RM But Month ago


  • Lalemon. Piie
    Lalemon. Piie Month ago

    I wanna be a k-pop star .......I’m not Korean so will they let me......

  • Pickawin Gly
    Pickawin Gly Month ago

    BEWARE of TALKO channel. They are a known KPOP HATING SITE, always putting out negative, distorted/misrepresentation videos, trying desparately to discredit Kpop and Asian entertainment. Just look at how many "negative" videos this channel does on Kpop. As if American music industry isn't 100x more corrupt in every way. But TALKO will never portray it as if all of American pop music industry is that way, unlike Kpop they always state, "Kpop is this or that." But never hear them state "American pop or musicians are this way or that way." You see the subtle differences in the way they criticize Kpop as a whole?
    TALKO is subtly racist and trying desparately to discredit Kpop. Like I said, look at how many videos they have bashing Kpop. It's amazing. Another subtly racist American social media channel, trying desparately to curb the international Kpop popularity.

  • Paola Rodarte
    Paola Rodarte Month ago

    Whats kpop

  • ShutUpStefana
    ShutUpStefana Month ago

    I see that everyone here is commenting only about their fav groups from pretty well-known companies but there are thousands of kpop groups out there and not just the handful that you know of and sadly, some of the things in the video do apply to them.

    Idols do date, however bc of the marketing tactics of companies that present idols are forever available they keep it hidden. They do undergo crazy diets, they live in dorms bc it makes working together easier and move out only when they make it big or contract expires.

    Also didnt blackpink say that during their trainee days males and females were separated, eating/training at separate times so they didnt even know the names and faces of the males in yg?

    They do have friends of the opposite genders but mostly they keep stuff like this hidden bc of fans sense of entitlement.

  • i love suffering
    i love suffering Month ago

    do some research before you make a fool out of yourself smh

  • tonite Veggie
    tonite Veggie Month ago

    It’s a typical American attitude TVclip made , you don’t expect a positive remarks. It’s either they are jealous or what because the country is filled with trashy people. No moral at all.


    Yes I am ready to become a kpop star thats why I am training

  • { YOLO }
    { YOLO } Month ago

    *BTS live in a 75million dollar dorm...*
    *JYP and BIGHIT let they're groups drink...*
    *BTS and BLACKPINK use phones....*

  • chaechae's #1 fan ᅲ•ᅲ

    that one star, jihyoooo

  • Usha Patteti
    Usha Patteti Month ago

    BTS should really be appreciated. So much hard workout. They always seem to smile

  • Me, myself and I
    Me, myself and I Month ago

    Lol just noticed every like 10 seconds BTS show up, love it... 😂😂😂

  • - peanutaegii
    - peanutaegii Month ago

    this made me stop of imagining myself of being an idol

  • You nice keep going _bts ARMY!!!

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this os wrong

  • kawaii sakura
    kawaii sakura Month ago

    I could not do this I am a lazy potato

  • Am Ber
    Am Ber Month ago

    They said INSANE DIET....
    hahhaha what do you think at blackpink. They eat 3 meals a day and midnight snack lol

  • brokennoah
    brokennoah Month ago +1

    Thumbnail isn't even correct

  • I Stan Bangtan
    I Stan Bangtan Month ago

    :Never use their given names,no cellphones,etc
    ;is BTS an excEptiOn

  • Rysse M
    Rysse M Month ago +1

    Why using Minegeshi Minami for the thumbnail? She's from AKB48.. Not any Kpop idol

  • Chloe Madureira Ward

    The whole 'fraternising' thing is complete bull look at blackpink red velvet and twice or got7 and bts they took the dating rule and twisted it into a friend rule for views

  • Hao Truong
    Hao Truong Month ago +2

    wtf the thumbnail is a jpop star but his is ab kpop like i hate how american media use kpop for their benefit and dont even do the research correctly like if youre gonna do it do it right

  • Kookie Wifey
    Kookie Wifey Month ago

    Restriction for using cell phones seriously !!! And interfering on their personal life. Would better love to died then being at that situation

  • Ravi Kujur
    Ravi Kujur Month ago +1

    I quit

  • Edleen Grace
    Edleen Grace Month ago

    I see Apink Eunji😍

  • Umni- Chan
    Umni- Chan Month ago +2

    I don't get it
    It's about kpop and the thumbnail is a jpop singer wtf

  • Joana Nunes
    Joana Nunes Month ago +3

    The thumbnail is from Akb48, a J-Pop group

  • Mridulla Dharshini
    Mridulla Dharshini Month ago

    Someone teach this girl how to use google

  • Mridulla Dharshini
    Mridulla Dharshini Month ago +1

    Okay , clearly u guys got no idea about K-pop.

  • MaelynSkz L.
    MaelynSkz L. Month ago +1

    Kpop idol can choose to have a stage name or use their real name

  • dlwlrma
    dlwlrma Month ago


  • Layla Al Omar
    Layla Al Omar Month ago +2

    It was all ok until she said no phones...

  • 18Fever熱
    18Fever熱 Month ago +2

    Did i just heard a lie?

  • Yasmitha groodoyal
    Yasmitha groodoyal Month ago +1


  • I am the definition of Min Yoongi

    Most of the things you said, aren't true. If you're going to make a video make it convincing it IS true.
    1.) I've seen a K-Pop star date
    2.) BTS made a whole V-Live DRUNK
    3.) The person on the thumbnail was a J-Pop person, not K-Pop
    4.) Their are several groups with opposite genders
    5.) They don't live in very small dorms, some of them actually get their own room!
    I am stating facts, unlike something I just watched Anyway, if anyone replies to this comment with some stupid thing like "No, they actually do.. Blah blah blah" or, "Why are you being so mean? Blah blah blah" This isn't being mean I'm stating facts, and these facts. Are actually, real.

  • Cherom yana Mangam
    Cherom yana Mangam Month ago

    me I wanna be k-pop Idol

  • •••LICHU •••

    Me: yeahhhh nooo

  • N J
    N J Month ago

    “And they must agree to never use their given names in public.” What now? 😂

  • N J
    N J Month ago

    “You won’t be hearing any lurid tales of drunken kpop stars trashing hotel rooms any time soon.” *Yep, ‘cause they trash vlives.* lol.

  • Nur Amalin
    Nur Amalin Month ago

    but jennie and kai is dating

  • Taeto Chip
    Taeto Chip Month ago +1

    Thumbnail is an AKB48 jpop star..

  • Øllie Blue
    Øllie Blue Month ago

    This was so wrong I can't stop laughing 😂😂

  • Olivia Soul
    Olivia Soul Month ago

    the thumbnail is jpop not kpop

  • Abhinsane
    Abhinsane 2 months ago

    Does that mean some kpopstars are nothin but puppets of these big corporations?

  • An Army Without A Life
    An Army Without A Life 2 months ago


    I think idols do drink lmao, you just gotta pay if you want to see them drink.
    **cough cough Bon Voyage cough cough**