20 Strict Rules To Be A KPOP Star

  • Published on Jul 16, 2018
  • 20 Strict Rules You MUST follow to be a KPOP Start
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    KPOP has taken the world by storm. The impeccable style, glamorous beauty, and catchy tunes make it a fun genre. The fans are obsessed and have built an entire culture around their fandom. Entertainment companies are fiercely competitive and the training system is like a factory churning out new talent every day. Whether you’re a huge fan or completely perplexed by the phenomenon you can’t deny that the musical trend has gone global. In this video, we’ll take a deeper look into exactly what it takes to be a KPOP megastar. From giving up your cell phone to eating nothing but cabbage the idols of KPOP dedicate every moment of their lives to their craft. Hit subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any of the great videos here at TheTalko. Let us know in the comments down below what you think of the KPOP phenomenon. Are you a fan of the fun musical trend or does the appeal escape you?
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  • Christiany Enik
    Christiany Enik 2 months ago +9985

    I saw Blackpink,,I clicked..
    My life so simple.. 😊

    • Evelin ARMY
      Evelin ARMY 6 hours ago

      +rahma Al-Kindy they changed the thumbnail

    • Hobi's Forehead
      Hobi's Forehead Day ago

      +Checkered Penguin uhhmmm a female kpop group??

    • Ailani Reyes
      Ailani Reyes Day ago

      Checkered Penguin it’s a girl group of four

    • Checkered Penguin
      Checkered Penguin Day ago

      Where the hell and who the hell is BlackPink?

  • Mackenzie Jeffries
    Mackenzie Jeffries 3 hours ago

    Ok....I know FOR A FACT that 3/4 of this isn't true

  • Atari Yo yo
    Atari Yo yo 3 hours ago

    The diet made me think of Jimin

  • Min Yoon Gi
    Min Yoon Gi 5 hours ago

    No dating ? No phones ? Bullshit every k-pop group have phones cuz they have twiter and they date you stupid AND DON'T USE BTS AS ALMOST EVERY PICTURE 😡😡😡😡😅😅😁😁😁🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 🖕🏻😌🖕🏻

  • Maria Gates
    Maria Gates 5 hours ago

    Yall this is bullshit 💀 american biased fr 💀 know your facts before making a video and seeming like an idiot huni 💀💀

  • J- Horse
    J- Horse 6 hours ago


  • lucy _brio
    lucy _brio 6 hours ago +2

    No dating (coughs)

  • Kiko Bang
    Kiko Bang 8 hours ago

    Some of these things are out dated or just flat out wrong. Also, the thumbnail is of a jpop star that got caught dating and was removed from her group.

  • Dustin Joshua Viray
    Dustin Joshua Viray 8 hours ago

    UGH. Guys, BTS is NOT the ONLY KPOP GROUP. People in these comments are just referring to BTS. Like really?

  • Korah
    Korah 9 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure they don't live in a small dormitory.
    I think people are smart enough to put groups like bts, blackpink in BIGGER places (Not fame, the size of the group)

  • Hae Lee
    Hae Lee 10 hours ago

    Everything was so wrong. I cant help but to laugh. Funny cuz as I observed SM ENT isnt like that.

  • emi takie
    emi takie 14 hours ago

    amber lui has phone right?

  • Charlene Ojoy
    Charlene Ojoy 15 hours ago

    From what I understood. The Talko says in the title 'TO BE'. So by the word itself, it only means this rules apply when they're trainee.

  • Claire Wagenblast
    Claire Wagenblast 16 hours ago

    This is made out to seem as if all KPOP groups are under the same contract. These might be true for some but false for others. Although, I must agree that their schedules are usually too packed in most groups. But, they go into it knowing what they have to do to make it big and do what they love.

  • Latasha Montgomery
    Latasha Montgomery 17 hours ago


  • Jayla Powell
    Jayla Powell 17 hours ago

    You know what, for the KPOP, I would still do it

  • Sis
    Sis 20 hours ago

    I hope no one actually believes everything in this video. Most of these things are simply not true OR the kpop idols will choose to do a lot of these things on their own time.

  • Maria  Menendez
    Maria Menendez 21 hour ago


  • Maria  Menendez
    Maria Menendez 21 hour ago

    You clearly know nothing about k-pop its nothing like this

  • sin ß
    sin ß 21 hour ago

    asians don't crack

  • Div Iskandariak
    Div Iskandariak 21 hour ago

    I'm scared for their health. Unfortunately this hard work schedule is considered normal in South Korea, doesn't matter if you are a student, an office employee or a rock star. This is very sad, I hope that this mentality changes soon.

  • Mea Marie
    Mea Marie 22 hours ago


  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Koala Nightcore ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    This is total bullshit. No real names? Why is the BTS fanchant basically there real names. No embarasisng videos?! Have you seen all the pre-debut videos from KPop groups. You need to do your research.

  • TaeM Ochi
    TaeM Ochi 23 hours ago

    I am so glad BTS doesn’t have such a. Strict entertainment

  • Suga Kookie with A Lattae

    I love how bighit takes care of my bois UWU

  • Sharon Lu
    Sharon Lu Day ago

    Haha jin eats a lot...and we love that...and they literally drink on broadcast....😂

  • hold on.
    hold on. Day ago

    This is not fully true, more than 50% is pure bullshit, and this shouldn't be on the Internet because the true parts are known by everyone. Plastic surgery shit isn't true, everyone is natural.

  • Admiral Toxic
    Admiral Toxic Day ago

    Look at those triggered kpops lover disliking the video

  • H1_Eqsasdw
    H1_Eqsasdw Day ago

    why would you use that picture? Shes a jpop star, not a kpop star.

  • femi Heard
    femi Heard Day ago

    This isn’t true 😒

  • emre M
    emre M Day ago

    horrible thumbnail. she is a jpop idol star.

  • Gfriend Only
    Gfriend Only Day ago

    The talko do you research, you look dumb why put a jpop idol in a kpop video???

  • Gfriend Only
    Gfriend Only Day ago

    Oh my God why is miichan the thumbnail???? She's a jpop idol from akb.

  • too gay to function

    can thetalko just stop using kpop for views and actually look up the fucking facts..

  • Belen Rodriguez
    Belen Rodriguez Day ago

    OH MY GOD PORDOCE 101!!!!

  • Belen Rodriguez
    Belen Rodriguez Day ago

    Your late

  • BTS_V taehyung
    BTS_V taehyung Day ago

    MY DREAM: to be a kpop idol someday
    ON THE SECOND THOUGHT.... I'm already contented to support them... 😂😂😂

  • CXD
    CXD Day ago

    Honestly doe.... How much of this is actually true LOL. I mean.. how would u really know ?

  • Lucia Desabelle
    Lucia Desabelle Day ago

    Oh no YG already realeased dispatch which means good for dating I don't know anyway thanks for putting a lot of bts

  • Kay Grif
    Kay Grif Day ago

    No nightclubs....I guess Seungri isn't a kpop idol huh?

  • Kay Grif
    Kay Grif Day ago

    KARD's in their 40s guys 😂😂😂

  • dani k
    dani k Day ago

    Why am I watching this I don't even like kpop

  • Dipping Sauce
    Dipping Sauce Day ago

    I could never eat only cabbage and sweet potato

  • Lela Fry
    Lela Fry Day ago

    Why do I feel like bts have broken more than half these rules 😂

  • Dont touch me I'm soft UwU

    Am I the only one who clicked just to see how wrong they were?

    • Jocelyn Mayo
      Jocelyn Mayo 2 hours ago

      I think most kpoppers did for that reason😂but if this is “true” then I could honestly be a kpop idol. I have a messed up sleep schedule and still somehow ace most of my tests. I honestly have no idea how I do that😂😂

    • Samantha Shams
      Samantha Shams 13 hours ago +2

      Dont touch me I'm soft UwU nope not alone

  • MoonTree English School

    The picture of the girl in the title page is a Japanese girl in a group called AKB48 in Tokyo.
    Not Korean.
    Wrong country.
    Please correct it. Thanks.

  • Gay Butters
    Gay Butters Day ago

    "no drinking" lmao

  • Ag Musselwhite
    Ag Musselwhite Day ago

    this is fucked up why that is soooooooooooo dawn stupied

  • Checkered Penguin
    Checkered Penguin Day ago +2

    Where did you get this information lolz?

  • Victor P.
    Victor P. Day ago

    Lmao the thumbnail isn't even kpop

  • Stan Imfact uwu
    Stan Imfact uwu Day ago

    Take a shot everytime they show a picture of BTS

  • Cinnamon Rosemary
    Cinnamon Rosemary 2 days ago

    Just listening to this irritated me to the core

  • lath spell
    lath spell 2 days ago


  • Star_ _Light
    Star_ _Light 2 days ago

    i just watched till 4:50 and there is so much shit in this video. xDD no dating ? wtf ? ok then please tell me how can it be that Taeyang from BigBang just married this year ? And how Tablo had a daughter ?

  • Alina
    Alina 2 days ago

    So much wrong in this video

  • 1911 Roid
    1911 Roid 2 days ago

    thumbnails its not kpop star. its jpop idol.

  • D'Anna Renteria
    D'Anna Renteria 2 days ago

    Although these facts might be complete shit. They don't say all kpop groups do these things. You also know that just because you see certain things from your favorite groups doesn't mean it's true right?

  • Bieng mj
    Bieng mj 2 days ago

    I didn’t saw a single pic of EXO

  • Omega Princess
    Omega Princess 2 days ago

    Most of these aren’t surprising...

  • disruptIT
    disruptIT 2 days ago

    Sounds horrifying, I'd rather be a rural fisherman or farmer than that.

  • Ayaho Oki
    Ayaho Oki 2 days ago

    おいおい、サムネが峯岸だから韓流ちゃうしw 日本人やろww

  • Camila Alexandra Martínez Rodríguez

    Exo and bts are friend and they are from 2 different companies so why are you saying they can’t

  • I wuv Kpop!
    I wuv Kpop! 2 days ago

    “No fraternization”....
    Me: *looks at V* yeahhhhhh sureeeeee
    There’s a bunch of Kpop stars that are friends what are you talking about lol I’m not hating but as everyone says pls do research before doing a list like that..

  • Nurul Nashyira
    Nurul Nashyira 2 days ago

    ooofff bts

  • Samantha C
    Samantha C 2 days ago

    5:14 that dude in the back I’m crying😭💀😫

  • Sayuri Mariae
    Sayuri Mariae 2 days ago +1

    This whole video is a load of bullshit . The girl in the thumbnail is not related in any way to kpop . Lot of the things mentioned are a bunch of lies . Pretty sure I've seen idols do all of that and more

  • Ranjitha srindhi
    Ranjitha srindhi 2 days ago


  • Hobi's Forehead
    Hobi's Forehead 2 days ago

    2:24 oh please i know Nayeon from twice and Taehyung from bts has befriended MAAANY other idols and kpop idol CAN DRINK, can use their phones please just do research and at least actually be a fan of one group? AND THEIR FANCHANT IS *LITERALLY* THEIR REAL. NAMES.

  • Chanel Cho
    Chanel Cho 2 days ago

    Wth?! This is actually so fake!

  • TyphoonTae
    TyphoonTae 2 days ago

    Talko: No drinKing
    Jimin: diminNie

    p.s: they are allowed to drink in public as long as they are of legal age in Korea (19)

  • Talha Amina
    Talha Amina 2 days ago

    wht the hell they can befriedn with other companies people stop lying

  • Potato Jams
    Potato Jams 2 days ago

    I call bull! 1st. they can have drinks, can have a phone and they can talk to other Korean idol groups. THEY ALWATS USE THEIR REAL NAMES!! so of this is completely wri=ong but I would understand some groups would be hard... but they are allowed to talk to other groups


    No drinking
    Me:Ding D0ng

  • the truth untold
    the truth untold 2 days ago

    *no dating*
    hyuna and edawn: hello

  • lr87
    lr87 2 days ago

    Wow , why on God’s green earth would anyone ever want to be a k-pop star after listening to all those rules. You would literally have no life

  • James Summers
    James Summers 2 days ago

    Can you not use a Jpop group as a thumbnail for the Kpop video?

  • vivian_wuz_ here
    vivian_wuz_ here 2 days ago

    #1 rule
    Sell your soul to our company

  • AR Heilbrunn
    AR Heilbrunn 2 days ago

    Hey TheTalko. Just throwing it out there that your thumbnail of the girl with the shaved head is a Japanese idol, not Korean. Her name is Minami Minegishi. Just thought I'd throw it out there. Good video too :)

  • Taehyung World
    Taehyung World 2 days ago

    Taehyung got drunk once
    Bts drink soooooo

  • Taehyung World
    Taehyung World 2 days ago

    I saw bts

  • echo the fox
    echo the fox 2 days ago

    We hoped you enjoyed us telling you that ha ha that kpop is the devil house

  • Sherifa Wong
    Sherifa Wong 2 days ago

    Just take one sip

  • Nathalie absolu
    Nathalie absolu 2 days ago

    I feel bad for you f*** the rules

  • The Robloxian Gacha Girl

    BTS performed a Michael Jackson song one time

  • Nansy Sava
    Nansy Sava 2 days ago

    That is horrible! 😑

  • Han Sangki
    Han Sangki 3 days ago +3

    The thumbnail isn't a kpop idol though, she's minami minegishi of akb48 from japan

  • Aozora
    Aozora 3 days ago

    Video that talking about K-pop idol with thumbnail of Japanese idol, has nothing related to K-pop industry.

  • Ohthat'snice E
    Ohthat'snice E 3 days ago

    4:44 "no drinking" tae "WOoooOOOPPP"

  • Chetna Shukla
    Chetna Shukla 3 days ago +1

    Do contract give them freedom to live ?? 😥🤓🤓

  • Suga is Mine
    Suga is Mine 3 days ago

    Well uhm bts drinks a lot 😂 but they good I think

  • Alexander Aquino
    Alexander Aquino 3 days ago

    Pathetic. This gays and girly are shitting their life, why don't they signed up on their military, so that they have a better use. Fatman is just over their, aggressively want to enslave them. US will not forever defending them

  • Slime crafts and A husky

    Weird they can't use their phone cause bts uses their phones #army #BTS

  • Ilhan Abdi
    Ilhan Abdi 3 days ago

    How can they live with no phones. That's mad

  • Mahra K
    Mahra K 3 days ago

    Tf most of the things are so not true

  • Wolffrayet 104
    Wolffrayet 104 3 days ago

    This video is so bad, so much of it is wrong!

  • Mika Peltokorpi
    Mika Peltokorpi 3 days ago

    Smoking ban is roughly in same level in some Scandinavian countries as in SK.

  • Vaineta Malinauskaite

    And another rule for guys from kpop groups. Have the same flippin hairstyle.
    If being in kpop group is sooo hard and rules are horrible. Then tell me. WHY. THERE. ARE. SO. MANY. OF. THEM. There are hundreds of kpop groups with at least 6 people in it. And why the hell do you need so many people in one group? One group even has 20 people in it. Why? Why do you need to put 20 people in 1 group where you can make 4 groups with 5 people in it 👌

  • jibuiprincess
    jibuiprincess 3 days ago

    what contract are u looking at when all these contracts are confidential. most of the rules (when they’re NOT exaggerated) is part is asian culture rather than “being a k-pop idol” lol

  • T4MMY T.T
    T4MMY T.T 3 days ago

    ...most idols didn’t have plastic surgery.. plus, plastic surgery is normal in Korea, so it’s no big deal