20 Strict Rules To Be A KPOP Star

  • Published on Jul 16, 2018
  • 20 Strict Rules You MUST follow to be a KPOP Start
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    KPOP has taken the world by storm. The impeccable style, glamorous beauty, and catchy tunes make it a fun genre. The fans are obsessed and have built an entire culture around their fandom. Entertainment companies are fiercely competitive and the training system is like a factory churning out new talent every day. Whether you’re a huge fan or completely perplexed by the phenomenon you can’t deny that the musical trend has gone global. In this video, we’ll take a deeper look into exactly what it takes to be a KPOP megastar. From giving up your cell phone to eating nothing but cabbage the idols of KPOP dedicate every moment of their lives to their craft. Hit subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any of the great videos here at TheTalko. Let us know in the comments down below what you think of the KPOP phenomenon. Are you a fan of the fun musical trend or does the appeal escape you?
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Comments • 11 312

  • Christiany Enik
    Christiany Enik 6 months ago +10951

    I saw Blackpink,,I clicked..
    My life so simple.. 😊

  • Sean T
    Sean T 21 hour ago

    Don't forget plastic surgeon helps you look young

    KINKYMIN Day ago +1

    lmao the thumbnail is a JPOP star not KPOP

  • Aniyah Holloway
    Aniyah Holloway 2 days ago

    guys I saw this in my recommended and i Don know what bts is and who is jimin

  • KOOKIE pie
    KOOKIE pie 2 days ago

    i would like be a kpop star lol

  • Xx_Angel_Playz _xX
    Xx_Angel_Playz _xX 3 days ago

    "No drinking"
    Big hit : hold ma beer
    "No dating"
    Big hit: hold ma beer
    "They live in cramped dorms"
    Bighit: BTS, you are gonna live in a 75M dorm
    "No phones"
    Yo. KPOP is a GENRE not only BTS sure BTS ARE ARTISTS but they aren't A GENRE KPOP IN A WHOLE IS A GENRE NOT ONLY BTS!!!!
    Also. Don't use Kpop as views. Go back to ur old western s** music. Stop using BTS as views.

  • sleepycarnation
    sleepycarnation 3 days ago

    Stop acting like you know everything, there’s so many things incorrect here.

  • Olivia :3
    Olivia :3 3 days ago

    Who else saw bts?

  • The kawaiii Coconut
    The kawaiii Coconut 4 days ago

    My friend wants to be a kpop star

    Well we will see about that . . .

  • U N N I N E
    U N N I N E 4 days ago

    You know if bighit had a new girl group, i would be one of them bcs im gonna be kpop trainee

  • Foxx Foxx
    Foxx Foxx 4 days ago +1

    BLACKPINK is treated nicely tho

  • Mayeta Joon
    Mayeta Joon 4 days ago

    "No dating"

    Then what about Jennie of Blackpink and Kai of EXO?

  • Mystical Devil
    Mystical Devil 5 days ago


  • Jupiter Studio 목 성 스 튜 디 오

    *No drinking*
    --*J hope just stare*--

  • Just Seventeen
    Just Seventeen 6 days ago

    Ok,I just watch this 'cause I just want to see the Entertainment's failure

  • Rachelcookie321
    Rachelcookie321 6 days ago

    The thumbnail is of a Jpop Idol not a kpop idol.
    She’s a part of the Japanese group AKB48.
    Please get your facts right.

  • Andrei David
    Andrei David 6 days ago

    nga pla minsan kac napapagpalit ko c jennie at lisa

  • quang tran
    quang tran 6 days ago

    I feel so bad for the kpop group I love you bts so much I am sorry l love you guys so much I wish you don,t have to work so hard

  • pand
    pand 6 days ago

    Minami Minegishi is from AKB48 and that's Jpop. Not Kpop.

  • Unnie Myo
    Unnie Myo 6 days ago

    Have u ever heard of KARD the Koop band it’s 2 girls in the band and 2 boys

  • HailAsh Ramos
    HailAsh Ramos 6 days ago

    I wish i could be a trainee now i dream to be a kpop idol but I’m too young I’m just 11 years old☹️😭😭

  • Shadow Lida
    Shadow Lida 6 days ago

    I wanna become a kpop idol, or at least audition, but not only do my parents not really support me, but these videos make it sound horrible. Then I’m watching videos of kids with amazing voices and they make me feel like I have the worst voice in the worls

  • nazia Parveen
    nazia Parveen 7 days ago

    OMG 😱 how they can live it's like , they r prisoners the only difference is no 1 beat them and they r not in jail, I mean how they can do such brutal things 2 some1 everyone deserves freedom , but here I'm seeing these things starts happening when they r kids , oh boy I'm so so glad I haven't born or live in this country , I mean come on why do or live such kinda job which cannot make u feel free , or couldn't let u sleep that u can faint , oh god 😨 can't imagine seeing this make evey1 worried about them😭

  • LanceKryshia Fontiveros

    how come rosè always eats? like alot. and I saw blackpink have phones they are sooo WRONG

  • lizzy vlogs
    lizzy vlogs 7 days ago

    sorry but the no dating thing is now broken by Jennie and Kai

  • LanaStyle 1
    LanaStyle 1 7 days ago

    if you say Kpop idols don't DRINK! THAN WHY DOES BTS DRINK HUH LIAR!!!!

  • Khun Hayate
    Khun Hayate 7 days ago

    5:51 who is that boy group? does anyone know the name?

  • MusicAddict
    MusicAddict 7 days ago

    While I realize some companies probably do follow these rules I find it irritating that so many pictures of BTS were shown in this video when so many of these rules don't apply to them. They have and use phones, they drink on camera, and while they did start in a small dorm that was simply because their company was small and didn't have a lot of money as they now live in a very large dorm where its rumored most of the boys don't even have roommates. They also befriend artist from other companies and haven't had plastic surgery done. This isn't even all the inaccuracies.

  • Sxeptical Serene
    Sxeptical Serene 7 days ago

    Lmao people think the thumbnail is Jisoo

  • Sam
    Sam 7 days ago


  • Min Holly
    Min Holly 7 days ago

    No drinking: meanwhile JYP and big hit allowing they children drink
    Plastic Surgery: they only have to do it if they want to
    No dating: Jennie is dating kai and twice is unbanned from dating
    They don’t live in expensive dorms/mansions: BTS living in a 75 million dollar dorm
    I could go on and on about how wrong this video is

  • Shadow 505
    Shadow 505 7 days ago

    She’s an Army and her bias is Jin

    Automatically saw it

  • Sang Hee Park
    Sang Hee Park 7 days ago

    why you always lying!!

  • Kit_Cat 06
    Kit_Cat 06 8 days ago


  • sunwoo
    sunwoo 8 days ago

    talko never focused on red velvet or nct or even stray kids

    *shows red velvet many times*

  • MacKenzie Perala
    MacKenzie Perala 8 days ago


  • Neko Angel
    Neko Angel 9 days ago

    FAKEEEE! This is a bunch of shit

  • Ken Jutsu
    Ken Jutsu 9 days ago +1

    I want to be kpop idol too but afraid because i lost my 4 permanent tooth🙁

  • Yhannah S.
    Yhannah S. 9 days ago

    what kpop group is on 2:20?

  • Chloeandashley Army
    Chloeandashley Army 9 days ago

    "No dating"
    Jennie: Umm....
    Dispacht: I'm sure you're dating each other. Look!
    Jennie and Kai: Ok Ok.....
    We're dating!
    Trainee: We're focusing...
    Me:.....Umm so they can stay each other?
    Trainee: Ok they can stay!😂😂😂😂

  • Jaraii's Sugakookies

    well...BTS never had a plastic surgery
    also dude some of the names in BTS are their real names

  • itsHeppy
    itsHeppy 9 days ago

    Wait...If drinking isnt allowed then why..Suga from bts drink alot..?

  • baechu Irene
    baechu Irene 9 days ago

    The girl on the thumbnail isnt even part of kpop.

  • Bffs Hi
    Bffs Hi 9 days ago

    So they are basically PETS

  • Bob TheBuilder
    Bob TheBuilder 10 days ago

    I SAW DAY6 ❤❤❤❤👌👌👌

  • Gabs Hye
    Gabs Hye 10 days ago

    See this is why I’m mad, the mf thumbnail is mf J-Pop🙄

  • EmanuCorn The Macaroon

    I mean the company thing is a thing all around asian entertainment

  • Angeline Angie
    Angeline Angie 12 days ago

    well my future is ruined

  • Mary Mare
    Mary Mare 12 days ago

    That's JPOP!

  • Joyce Liang
    Joyce Liang 12 days ago

    Why did you use Minami, a member of JAPANESE GIRL GROUP AKB48, as a cover of “the strict rules about KPOP”...

  • haley park
    haley park 12 days ago

    Do you guys ever know when you just want to talk to whoever made the video in person? bc that is me everytine i have a complaint that something is wrong or i disagree. This video is off, WAYY off on some rules. like NO phones or NO drinking or NO talking to the opposite gender? I DONT THINK SOOOOOO. Tell me if im wrong, like really?

  • Aurelia Amoyaw
    Aurelia Amoyaw 13 days ago

    The 31k people who liked don't know anything about k pop(TheTalko too).

  • Maruchiii
    Maruchiii 13 days ago

    hmm are u sure abt that

  • antisty
    antisty 13 days ago +1

    I don’t know if I’d wrote that right so please correct me
    ㅑ 려처ㅑㅜㅎ ㅣㅐㅍㄷ ㅁ냠
    I probably wrote some thing wrong
    I tried to say “i fucking love Asia “

  • 〔 Red Rose 〕
    〔 Red Rose 〕 14 days ago


  • Fajar Firdaus
    Fajar Firdaus 14 days ago

    What a Poor Life.

  • Arya kpop Idol
    Arya kpop Idol 14 days ago

    Who else realized most of the video was bts .........

    I am a trainee idk if this is all true but okay................

  • Long Hair, Don't Care
    Long Hair, Don't Care 14 days ago

    F8CK you for showing Mamamoo while talking about groups having "extensive plastic surgery". Mamamoo is the realest group out there and people bashed them all the time for not being up to the industry standards of uniform beauty.

  • Bxlla TheOofer
    Bxlla TheOofer 15 days ago

    I fucking love that there was a pic of kard I love those bitches!!!

  • Lisa the llamacorn
    Lisa the llamacorn 15 days ago


  • I love bread
    I love bread 15 days ago +1


  • Lil Nicky
    Lil Nicky 15 days ago

    Uhm I'm not sure but I think that thumbnail is from AKB48 (a jpop band) soooooo yeah that's not kpop my friends told me that's a jpop star and IT WAS IN GOOGLE so yeah proof if you want it

  • Nat W
    Nat W 15 days ago

    What? They're no allowed to interact and be friend with idols in other companies and other genders!?
    Wait a sec... What about Heechul then?
    Hani and Jackson's friendship? BTS and Got7? Red Velvet and BP? Jennie and Kai? And so much more lol.
    (Btw I'm joking and being sarcastic. They are allowed to be friends with other groups and stars.)

  • Galaxy Pixy
    Galaxy Pixy 15 days ago

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I got clickbaited,
    and so did you.

  • Youngie Crownie
    Youngie Crownie 16 days ago

    That person on the thumbnail is from A JPOP group called AKB48

  • Tpye
    Tpye 16 days ago

    My boi Jin

  • Saana Rai
    Saana Rai 16 days ago

    Now she looks like idiot

  • Jennie _Playz
    Jennie _Playz 16 days ago

    Blackpink's Jennie is dating EXO's Kai

  • dieforseulgi
    dieforseulgi 16 days ago

    i- this is very wrong ksjdksbdkagdos

  • Demi Morrison
    Demi Morrison 16 days ago

    You do see idols from different companies talk to each other now and blackpink Jennie and exos Kai are dating

    HUANG RENJUN 17 days ago +1

    Wow Most of the "facts" were lies
    "No Dating"
    **Jennie & Kai, Edawn & Hyuna**
    "No Drinking"
    **Maknae's talking about how they want to drink with their hyungs when they're adults**
    "No Phones"
    - **kpop idols from other entertainments/groups literally chatting in their own groupchat**
    - the Inkigayo sandwich that they use to exchange numbers
    - idols posting pics/tweeting/Vlive...etc.
    "Train young, Train hard"
    **Renjun & Chenle debuting after 5 months**

  • ItzMeChanel xX
    ItzMeChanel xX 17 days ago

    One of the k pop star in blackpink is dating

  • キャスWinter Kat
    キャスWinter Kat 17 days ago

    *oh no another troom troom-*

  • Dab Howlter
    Dab Howlter 17 days ago

    What? Idols can be friends with idols from other companies.. and rules differ between each company.. like the dating rule, the opposite sex friendships many companies allow dating with restrictions...it is not required to have plastic surgery, many idols are allowed to drink if their company allows it, don't generalize the industry by saying "all" companies. Idols can definitely use their phones.. many idols have had surgery but definitely not most, they aren't required a stage name, 5-10 years for training?? There's idols that have trained for only little amount of time before they debut... sorry if I was annoying but a lot of this was either untrue or over exaggerated

  • Syazreena Rusdin
    Syazreena Rusdin 17 days ago

    3:49 - no smoking
    [BrEaKiNg nEwS] YG HyuN sUk sMokE wiTh YG trAiNeeS

    Is this even count-

  • bry bry
    bry bry 17 days ago

    Wronggg their houses are not small they are really bigish

  • micha stroud
    micha stroud 17 days ago

    I like how they used a Jpop member for a korean video

    NU'EST WARTORTLE 17 days ago

    What hurt most is that 90% of you don't know half groups in video

  • Lena Nguyen
    Lena Nguyen 18 days ago

    Says that they take up phones once they sign the contract
    Shows pictures of kpop idols with their phones haha

  • Chezka Andrea Villar
    Chezka Andrea Villar 18 days ago

    Well not all are true twice's nayeon blackpink's jisoo and bts's jimin uses their phones all the time

  • Valentine Hearty
    Valentine Hearty 18 days ago +1

    Kai and Jennie are dating i wonder what will happen to them if they get caught

  • Krizzalyne Joy Ambrocio

    Please before saying all these things do a thorough research.. It is very offensive.. Since most of the things you stated are exaggerated.. And it annoys the shit out of me..

  • CrystalKittyKat 101
    CrystalKittyKat 101 18 days ago +1

    No dating: Jenka= Jennie and Kai
    No phones: Jungkook texting male idols born in 1997
    No real names: Jimin, Jungkook , Jin
    No drinking: Jungkookks ding dong
    Diet: Rosé and BTS eats a lot
    No friend ship: BTS and Got7
    Sunglasses Jin doesn’t wear a mask or sunglasses in public
    Please don’t teach us the wrong info WE NEED MORE KPOP IDOLS and ur scaring us

  • Plusle & Minun
    Plusle & Minun 18 days ago

    Excuse me, the thumbnail is a Jpop idol, not Kpop

  • Yulio oiluY
    Yulio oiluY 18 days ago

    Both south and north Korean are crazy.

  • JGG lover1315
    JGG lover1315 18 days ago

    I would because i only sleep when i want and only for like 15 min every hour so yup also i've done many diet challenges so it easy but plastic surgery thats a fat no

  • Taehyung’s Lips
    Taehyung’s Lips 18 days ago

    I came for BTS

  • Kimberly 373774
    Kimberly 373774 18 days ago

    But Jennie is dating Kai now!!??

  • mandy
    mandy 18 days ago

    “Strict rules to be a kpop star”
    *puts a japanese group,akb48 member as thumbnail*

  • Heather Lang
    Heather Lang 19 days ago

    This is horrible no freedom

  • mochi heartue
    mochi heartue 19 days ago

    you do know that a kpop group isnt just 7 years they can just resign the contract

  • SupMara 9
    SupMara 9 19 days ago

    1:05 anyone army here???

  • Biggie Nav
    Biggie Nav 19 days ago

    K-pop is shit!

    BANGTAN IS LIFEU 19 days ago +1

    I hope no one was fooled by this channel's lies

  • JVD Pete
    JVD Pete 19 days ago

    Idk what k pop is cause I live in America 🇺🇸

  • l- 1485
    l- 1485 19 days ago

    “kpop stars aren’t allowed to date.”
    Jennie: idc I have fans.

  • BoyStory LIL SIS
    BoyStory LIL SIS 19 days ago

    That girl on thumbnail is a japanese pop and she crying because she have boyfriend while she is j-popstar...Like kpop too when you have boyfriend with other idols or non idols you gonna kick out like that girl

  • Layla GachaGalaxy
    Layla GachaGalaxy 20 days ago

    How did you know when you are NOT Korean.
    You guys who believe these things must know, Have you ever went to debut there anyways?

  • Ameer Al-Shamaa
    Ameer Al-Shamaa 20 days ago

    I have no idea if they were right, can someone list all the things they said that was wrong?

  • Ariff Daniel
    Ariff Daniel 20 days ago

    If you need to be kpop idol you need to do plastic surgery what if I don want?