(RARE) 'AALIYAH Interview At Her 16th Birthday Party ★★★★★

  • Published on Dec 19, 2010
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  • Eric Hill
    Eric Hill 3 days ago

    So she was 15 in this video and she said in the beginning of the video the rumors about her and R Kelly or not true so why years later you guys getting married

  • MyWildhaber
    MyWildhaber 6 days ago

    This is painful to watch. She hasn't completed puberty and she still has little baby fat in her cheeks. Beautiful girl 💔

  • Jonathan Sulubani
    Jonathan Sulubani 17 days ago

    how I wish I was your boyfriend :) ;)

  • Universal element
    Universal element 18 days ago

    Interesting the parents were with her here. She was about to be 16. I bet R.kelly had been sleeping with her from the very beginning

  • MJ Crump
    MJ Crump 18 days ago

    With all the news coming out about R.Kelly, Aaliyah would’ve been the number one target to be interviewed by the press. RIP

  • Crissy Tina
    Crissy Tina 19 days ago

    How could they not know she was 15? You can just look at her body and tell, her body is just like how a teens body should be smh nasty ass people man

  • E Klass
    E Klass 24 days ago

    Why was her age such a secret. I didn’t know how old she was until she pasted away

  • Woopwoop2 R.
    Woopwoop2 R. 25 days ago

    Sick mfs😡

  • 2005deluxe
    2005deluxe 26 days ago

    This is breaking my heart right now 😪

  • A L
    A L 27 days ago

    Look like a little boy..

  • wayne742336
    wayne742336 27 days ago

    well,I'm glad she cleared that up

  • Shanice Grundy
    Shanice Grundy 27 days ago

    Aaliyah-(Aah-lee-yah) not (A-lee-ah)!!!! R.I.P angel❤️

  • Choosenickey
    Choosenickey 28 days ago

    Wow... chicks don’t interview like this anymore!! This is so precious!! How ever you are on stage, your not like that in real life.... Ciara is so sweet and sooo positive like this in her interviews!! And minus one point to the interviewer to assume that since she’s afro American she has to be influenced by hip hop....

  • Stephanie Thomas-Andrews

    She sound like she is 12

  • Stephanie Cage
    Stephanie Cage 29 days ago

    She was with JayZ and Dame Dash. Somebody jealous had her taken out.
    I’m told her family owns all of R.CreepyKelly’s recording masters. That’s one of the reasons why he’s broke. Her Uncle was on his team for years.

  • Gilbert Roman
    Gilbert Roman 29 days ago

    Even the interviewer fell in love

  • Honeydew 11
    Honeydew 11 29 days ago


  • Vondia world
    Vondia world Month ago


  • MzSewAndSew100 to you

    Dude old ass was flirting tough

  • Sumerianharp
    Sumerianharp Month ago

    She looks like Barak Obama as if she is his daughter or little sister

  • dubreggae3 1
    dubreggae3 1 Month ago

    Now R Kelly is starting to realize that age is everything BUT a number.

  • flyroni68
    flyroni68 Month ago

    She gave away her age...when she spoke of school.....good job brotha Ralph

  • Rodney Norsworthy
    Rodney Norsworthy Month ago

    Oh god I pray this babyis resting in the most perfect peace. Man I had no idea this baby had gone through the things she went through at the hands of these savage adults. I hope ROBERT SYLVESTER (THE Child Molester) rots in jail. Her momma should have wanted her out Roberts bed. Rest easy "A" for ANGEL

  • Lady1 Blue2
    Lady1 Blue2 Month ago

    He's an a hole .... smh

  • Mimisicool Plays
    Mimisicool Plays Month ago +1

    I can see Cardi B when she speaks, laughs & smiles!! Like if u see it too**?

  • R kelly
    R kelly Month ago +1

    I miss her so much I miss fuckin her you omg 🍆😪

  • angelintraining amen

    Her eyes look sad at times and her parents look uncomfortable and guarded

  • Deloris Walker
    Deloris Walker Month ago

    R kelly probably still grieving for this girl but in the wrong ways. What if this is the reason he went AWOL. Like she made the decision to get on the flight and then died and he probably said this the last time ima let a women tell me what she gonna do bc of the negative stuff that came when he did. Now he gotta write 19 min and 45 min songs to get some money

  • Beauty Beauty
    Beauty Beauty Month ago

    body language she was lying

  • thebmarieshowopinion

    I love her brother rashad. They always seem so close, I wonder if he still be overseas doing music.

  • d sicario
    d sicario Month ago

    R.i.p. Aaliyah damn shame how the media keeps bringing you up and won’t let you rest and allow your legacy to live on

  • Yaya K
    Yaya K Month ago

    My heart hurts man. This girl really had it bad. She clearly looks and sounds like a child. Omg!

  • Bubs Eyes
    Bubs Eyes Month ago

    She couldn’t disclose her age 😫

  • Justus jay
    Justus jay Month ago

    Came here from watching an R kelly video.. He told us when he said "my minds tellin me no... But my body, my bodys telling me yeheeess.. Idk y it took so long for the law to get involved

  • Danielle Gawek
    Danielle Gawek Month ago +2

    Whats crazy is shes dressed in all baggy clothing like a boy thats how r.kelly used to make his litte girls dress ...as well as she put out a song that nobody heard until she passed talking about being inprisoned by a man who aked her 21 questions every time she walks in the door how parodied this man was sounds so familiar 🤔🤔

  • Dashynae Day
    Dashynae Day Month ago

    I looked older than her at that age.....body wise

  • Leslie Lewis
    Leslie Lewis Month ago

    R. I.P. Baby girl!

  • Aieshoo 1234
    Aieshoo 1234 Month ago

    Her smile ❤️

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    Why does her facial and voice influctions while "denying" looks just like Joycelyn's face?
    Again...scripted by the controller RK.

  • alwaysm.i.a.
    alwaysm.i.a. Month ago +1

    Trash ass parents. Especially that mother of hers. All for a damn coin.

  • Shon Young
    Shon Young Month ago

    Her face was fat here. Was she preg here?

  • Asha T
    Asha T Month ago

    She's so pretty

  • Endia Shelton
    Endia Shelton Month ago

    She's a child, singing adult content language in a song...! 1nce u gt her off da stage, she turns bck n2 a lil grl...! Her Parents knw...! Smh, money is the root 2 & 4 all Evil...!

  • Shermz Goodz
    Shermz Goodz Month ago +2

    1st time seeing her,she is such a baby. For a young girl her age there is no way her parents forcing her to wear that big heavy clothes. Definitely she was being manipulated. SAD!

  • KiKi & Maryjane Media
    KiKi & Maryjane Media Month ago +1

    She not Aaliyah Kelly lol put the lie detector said thats a lie 😂😂

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  • Karla Soraya
    Karla Soraya Month ago

    Young, sweet beautiful and naive. RIP

  • Dianna Reed
    Dianna Reed Month ago

    Her MOTHER owns ALL rights to R Kelly's publishing. To say she was pimped out is an understatement. She was such a gifted, beautiful young lady and she deserved BETTER than what her parents AND R Kelly did to her....

  • Princess Haziel
    Princess Haziel Month ago

    Um 😐 themen grinding in the background at a 15 year old concert And Aaliyah saying make some noise if you feel me is waaayyy to grown and kinda cringey to the point where I wanna laugh

  • Kimberly Austin
    Kimberly Austin Month ago +4

    The fact that Aaliyah has to clear up being married to r jelly at 15 back then says a lot.

  • Morenita NaTURaL
    Morenita NaTURaL Month ago

    when i was 16 baby dolls , barbie dolls and easy bake ovens was on my mind I use to run from adults trying to talk

  • King Mello
    King Mello Month ago +3

    She couldn’t even look at the camera during the lie 😢

  • Richard Eduardo
    Richard Eduardo Month ago

    All these parents using Kelly like he the only way for their daughter to get famous. She used Kelly at this young age I douth Kelly slept with her ,at all she too strong friend yes user friends. I didn't like her song . There her parents.

  • Richard Eduardo
    Richard Eduardo Month ago

    She don't even have a shape flat cheasted , she could sing and write songs.

  • Gra Hajas
    Gra Hajas Month ago +1

    Starfuker parents make me sick.

  • Vernon Quinn Jr.
    Vernon Quinn Jr. Month ago

    RKelly Wrote Age Aint Nothing But A # For Aaliyah He Married Her & Was Sleeping With Her... There Was Papers To Prove The Marriage

  • Tana Sun
    Tana Sun Month ago

    Greedy mum and dad. They up for the money no matter what

  • Banita Marie
    Banita Marie Month ago

    Yea she clearly was a little girl, just because she ACTED grown still gave R Kelly NO Right to take advantage of her *smh

  • Ginger Monroe
    Ginger Monroe Month ago

    This video has a haunting feel to it

  • Betsy
    Betsy Month ago

    She was only a little girl 😕

  • Exquisite Mind
    Exquisite Mind Month ago

    The beginning was cringey

  • leslie bond
    leslie bond Month ago

    I’ve never seen her this young before .. she was a cute girl

  • Empress KhadeJah
    Empress KhadeJah Month ago

    What if her death wasn't an accident ... That would explain a lot of things ... And I have a gut feeling of who is behind it as well

  • unknown yuhdoneknow

    So disgusting that this girl parents pimped her out. Smfh.

  • 83prettyblack
    83prettyblack Month ago

    I see her being so child like,talented beautiful girl.Rest easy

  • T. A. West II
    T. A. West II Month ago

    I have a 32 year old daughter. I CANNOT imagine being okay with her starring in a video with men dancing like that. At least I pray to God that I would not be okay with it. Money and fame can make people do things they would not ordinarily do. This child was surrounded by people who didn't protect her. I'm saddened

  • AngelaM731
    AngelaM731 Month ago

    What did Brandy say negative about Aaliyah?
    I've never heard of that rumor.
    And it seems so unlike her.

  • Noreen Perez
    Noreen Perez Month ago +2

    She was around all those grown man? That's crazy,she was a baby !!

  • Heather Hamilton
    Heather Hamilton Month ago +2

    this is so saaaad..she was groomed the same way the girls that R Kelly was dealing with who just outed him..the big clothes..the way she interviews..this makes the description of how he does things more real and it has been going on since the beginning of her career..it makes me sick to my stomach

    • Doug Cline
      Doug Cline Month ago +1

      Heather Hamilton when were you born; because if you were born prior to this time, you would surely remember that just about every teenage girl in the country dressed like that in the 1990’s? Just because she is wearing baggy clothes; in no way means she was victimized, regardless of the fact that his new accusers say that they were made to wear loose clothes. Her body language is indicative of a person that is confident, and truthful. A victim, or someone unsure of themselves would give completely different indicators.

  • mari alvarez
    mari alvarez Month ago

    This is hard to watch. Look how small and immature she is. So sad

  • beloved Mceniry
    beloved Mceniry Month ago

    Shame on her parents. It was told he banged her mother too

  • Truth S.D.W Hudson
    Truth S.D.W Hudson Month ago

    She wasn’t a perfect little Nugget And someone took a vantage of her. If you want us to believe it. Then I challenge you’ll ,To the truth. Bring out her mother. Let us hear her mother say her child was taken a vantage of. That she was Manipulated. against her will. Bring out her mother. Other than that...... he’s innocent. When a girl gap Her leggs open Without being forced she is not. A child. She is a woman.

    • Oletta Wisemon
      Oletta Wisemon Month ago

      She knew right from wrong, her mama knew, she didn't care, as long as they kept it under cover, and the money kept flowing to mama!!!.03/21/19.Thu @5:31PM.

    • Em G.
      Em G. Month ago

      Truth S.D.W Hudson regardless of why you’re saying it’s illegal to have sex with teens. It don’t matter how fast a young girl is, why tf is this grown ass man engaging with a lil ass girl. That’s the real question. Why are you excusing dirty dick perverts?

  • Kierra Parks
    Kierra Parks Month ago

    She never sounded good live ... ever!

  • Paris Royalty
    Paris Royalty Month ago +1

    It's so creepy how they just popped up, interrupted the interview, when he began asking Alot of questions about her person life, buying bet first car, buying a house when she becomes an adult, if she wanted to ATTEND COLLEGE, and she got up, brought him a shirt to sway the comvo, but he went right back to it. She knew the questions are showcasing her age etc and tried to get away from it. The mother clearly didn't like that at all and she knew why. If u look at her face in the background she never takes her eyes off Aaliyah, has a pissed off look, and tries to hide it. The camera man caught it. She looked at her the way a "trainer" would look at a young girl when u are messing up. When Aaliyah began talking too much her mother didn't like it. All this is just sad. The mother has own the rights to Kelly's publishing since Aaliyah was 12. That's says alot.

  • ***Panther Nation***
    ***Panther Nation*** Month ago +1

    Body language 👀👀👀😔😔

  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams Month ago

    She looks sad 😔

  • Mommy Marie
    Mommy Marie Month ago

    When she said, “it’s not true” she looked down, sign of deception... that was a lie. Also adding extra detail that wasn’t asked “I don’t even have a boyfriend” another lie.

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi Month ago

    Allyah had stage presence

  • Jessica Garcia-Gregg

    I wonder if he still has that sweater 😍

  • Tomi' Sinatra
    Tomi' Sinatra Month ago

    I don't understand what them older men seen in us. It was crazy growing up, being chased down by them... They went to the extremes just for us to choose them...

    • Em G.
      Em G. Month ago +1

      Tomi' Sinatra they dirty dick negroes who don’t want to control themselves and they want to take advantage of young girls

  • Thomas marsha
    Thomas marsha Month ago

    She looks like she was about Twelve to me.....

  • Lisa Zao
    Lisa Zao Month ago

    I never liked her because of her trashy, baggie look. Trying to look all thug up instead of looking like a girl. She was trash.

    FASHIONISTA 37 Month ago

    Sweet birthday meaning her sweet 16 .

    FASHIONISTA 37 Month ago

    She is beautiful but you can hear in her voice she is a young teen.

  • Iris Oshun
    Iris Oshun Month ago

    She is the one saying that to her girls in the studio, so Kelly went with that for an album. You can tell she was fast, y'all stop this with Rob. Especially now these girls are scorn and broke. I ain't buying it.

  • no inhibitions
    no inhibitions Month ago

    she was probably about 22 or 23 here. black folks dont look their age.

    • no inhibitions
      no inhibitions Month ago

      +Em G. she wasnt 15 here. hollywood lies about entertainers' age to make more money. remember when they said akon was 26? lol. google it!

    • no inhibitions
      no inhibitions Month ago

      +MJ Fan you hate the truth. suck a dick.

    • MJ Fan
      MJ Fan Month ago

      no inhibitions you’re dumb 😂

    • Em G.
      Em G. Month ago

      Black folks don’t look our age but it’s clear as day that she’s only 15 here. She clearly stated that she would be celebrating her sweet 16 soon and that she’s STILL in HS. Please relisten to the interview

    • Joe Smith
      Joe Smith Month ago

      @no inhibitions You are completely daft. Aaliyah was only about 15 or 16 here. The song "Age Ain't Nothing" was released on May 24, 1994 and this performance was being promoted in that same year 1994. Aaliyah was born on January 16, 1979 so that makes her a teen. Don't comment if you don't know what you are talking about.

  • flamingo parrish
    flamingo parrish Month ago +1

    Her outfits look like Kellz pick it out lol.

  • USA Wholesaler
    USA Wholesaler Month ago

    That’s DJ Ralph McDaniels, what happened to him?

  • Big. R
    Big. R Month ago +1

    Aaliyah Started Her Prostitution At Such An Early Age..!
    She has been on Jay-z dick, R.kelly Dick, damon dash dick etc..
    Such a fuckin little THOT.!

    BITTER SWEET Month ago

    Poor baby 😔

  • Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci

    Our sweet babygirl

  • Susan Cardoso
    Susan Cardoso Month ago

    Why is her with make up???

  • Johan Massy
    Johan Massy Month ago

    Aaliyah & her brother looked so close. I know he misses her dearly.

  • Tijera Slack
    Tijera Slack Month ago

    Aaliyah looked and acted older than her age. Not saying it was intentional, but the industry makes you grow up real quick; the environment, the outfits, etc. On the other hand, you can still see the youth and naivety. I loved Aaliyah and always will. RIP baby girl and her father. ❤️

  • James Perry
    James Perry Month ago

    She doesn't look like she making that shyt up AT ALL!

  • Stephone White
    Stephone White Month ago

    Grown man Background dancer dancing like that in front of a 15 year old that tells it all. Why couldnt they have background dancers around her age.

  • tifffany24
    tifffany24 Month ago

    She looks 12 young face no curves!!!! Come on she's a baby!

    • tifffany24
      tifffany24 Month ago

      Em G. ....... I would never let my 15/16 year old perform in a sports bra / covering barely developed breast😩✋🏽

    • Em G.
      Em G. Month ago +1

      tifffany24 she’s 15 going on 16 in this interview

  • carmen gasca
    carmen gasca Month ago

    She looked so young here how can r Kelly think it was ok to fuck her SMH

  • Its_Ashely_ IAm
    Its_Ashely_ IAm Month ago

    The dancers grinding in the back on 16yr old performance. 🤦🏽‍♀️