(RARE) 'AALIYAH Interview At Her 16th Birthday Party ★★★★★

  • Published on Dec 19, 2010
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  • Tatyana Williams
    Tatyana Williams 5 days ago

    My birthday January 14 right close to Aaliyah’s birthday

  • Tosh Angie
    Tosh Angie 8 days ago

    you see how her mother looked at the father when a.a.n.b.a.n. came up? they had to know. their body language was off

  • Xxxx Fontain
    Xxxx Fontain 10 days ago +1

    I always have my mother or my father with me. The one time she didn’t.... she’s dead. That’s not suspect at all

  • Xxxx Fontain
    Xxxx Fontain 10 days ago

    Ughhhhhhh the way she addressed the Brandy situation is literally THE BEST WAY TO ADDRESS A HATIN ASS BITCH

  • Michael jones
    Michael jones 11 days ago

    All these comments talking about R Kelly is sick for kicking it with a 15 year old, but those same people are kool with men fucking men. Men who are transgender ect. This sick society supports all these unnatural ungodly acts, but frowns on the natural act of a male being attractive to a " biologically" young woman. According to the law of nature a female is considered a women when she begans her menstrual cycles. That's God law, not man's made sick law. Just because man makes a law don't make it right if it doesn't coincide with the laws of nature and God's law. Women killing unborn babies, men marrying men. People getting sex changes. But u call a man who's attracted to a young women sick. U people are a bunch of dumbass sheep unable to think for yourselves. A man being attracted to a biologically grown woman isn't sick. Nature designed men that way. FOH .

  • RedSox
    RedSox 12 days ago

    Wow Aaliyah Brandy and Monica all said they looked up to Whitney Houston no wonder they were all so successful.

    NICI LOVE 14 days ago

    Body language after answering his question... to close her eyes when she said no one ever knew was lying and she said she didn't have a boyfriend she was very nervous

  • Adam Botello
    Adam Botello 15 days ago

    Poor girl

  • Samuel Diaz
    Samuel Diaz 22 days ago

    Did she get chin reduction? Just asking she's always been fit no way it was weight loss her face was already skinny.

  • deja manuel
    deja manuel 26 days ago

    She was saying SWEET16

    THERESA ANDRADE 26 days ago +1

    She didn't get surgery...she just grew into her adult face...she looks just as beautiful at 16, and you can tell she got her looks and mannerisms from her mother 😄

  • maryline Klein
    maryline Klein 27 days ago +1

    just seeing her I'm smiling a real sunshine

  • Sam LSD
    Sam LSD 27 days ago

    She looked 30+ not 16 poor girl was used.

  • priceless
    priceless Month ago

    3:28 she also lied saying her and Rkelly was a Lie

  • priceless
    priceless Month ago

    2:25 its confirmed she was in fact in HIGH SCHOOL!!!! PER THE INTERVIEWER AND SHE STATED SHE'S IN HIGHSCHOOL.

  • Christine Simmons
    Christine Simmons Month ago

    I wonder 🤔 do he still has that shirt

  • layla monét
    layla monét Month ago

    I’m 13 rn and I’m currently going through a phase of loving Aaliyah she just seeems so fun 🥺

  • Alexandriyah S
    Alexandriyah S 2 months ago

    There goes Tiffany and Aaliyah.

  • Shondra Graham
    Shondra Graham 2 months ago

    I don't know if its cause her hair is on her cheeks but where are her dimples

  • Archangel Michvel
    Archangel Michvel 2 months ago +1

    R Kelly smashed her moms too 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Cindi J
    Cindi J 2 months ago +1

    Anybody noticed this look Aaliyah gave 👀 11:00? Strange 🤔

  • Crissy Tina
    Crissy Tina 2 months ago +1

    You can look at her body and tell she was a little ass girl smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Changes Me
    Changes Me 2 months ago

    I wish y’all didn’t come to Aaliyah’s videos to comment about R Kelly 😩🤦‍♀️

  • NYC
    NYC 2 months ago +1

    Aaliyah had a personality and natural beauty. Unlike most artists today.

  • NYC
    NYC 2 months ago

    Can we get past the r Kelly issue? Stop tainting her name.

  • queen Michelle
    queen Michelle 2 months ago

    Exploiting her still let her rest wherever she may be this is sick

  • queen Michelle
    queen Michelle 2 months ago

    Too fast for 16 and they were pushing her and enabling her to act older so they could use her. She didn't have the wisdom of an older woman just mimicking and I liked her, just sad

    PR MAGNISOE 3 months ago


  • Ms. Smith
    Ms. Smith 3 months ago +1

    She was definitely a kid, and very well groomed just like the new females he dealing with. Watch your daughters because grown men are out here ready to take them in!! It’s sad because it was said that r kelly was having sex with Aaliyah’s mom and her around the same time... this whole situation was incredibly creepy. Notice how the parents are there and not r kelly..so this is obviously aFter they had sex, married, and got her pregnant. See how she says everybody goes through things in life.... she then went on to mess with jayz and Dame Dash.....

  • Ceylon
    Ceylon 3 months ago

    She is definitely a Capricorn. Aaliyah looks older when she was younger. But the older she gets, the younger she looks. That Benjamin Buttons Affect is do exist.

  • Chico Fashion World Of Video's

    Shame on her Uncle, Mother, and R. Kelly. She was just a baby. R. Kelly was suppose to be in jail, the moment it was known he married her. Her own family take up for R. Kelly for the $$$. It should never have happen. Even the Music Industry was on a hush.

  • Layah Jhene
    Layah Jhene 3 months ago

    Just watching this made me wanna kick R Kelly and Aaliyah’s Parents asses SMH. Everybody failed that girl but Rashad

  • s c
    s c 4 months ago

    I want that Aaliyah top too!

  • Mauricio Sierra Martínez

    5:27 what Brandy said at that time? Was something wrong? Brandy always loved Aaliyah

  • Robin Siwula
    Robin Siwula 4 months ago

    And that's awesome it was going double platinum she had an amazing voice she was very humble

  • Robin Siwula
    Robin Siwula 4 months ago

    Why did she hide the rings? I think she and r Kelly had something going on I said that way back when but I didnt know brandy was saying stuff about aaliyah

  • Stephanie Whittle
    Stephanie Whittle 4 months ago

    Dang! she was a really good liar. Those drama classes really paid off

  • Eric Hill
    Eric Hill 4 months ago

    So she was 15 in this video and she said in the beginning of the video the rumors about her and R Kelly or not true so why years later you guys getting married

  • MyWildhaber
    MyWildhaber 5 months ago

    This is painful to watch. She hasn't completed puberty and she still has little baby fat in her cheeks. Beautiful girl 💔

  • Jonathan Sulubani
    Jonathan Sulubani 5 months ago

    how I wish I was your boyfriend :) ;)

  • Universal element
    Universal element 5 months ago +1

    Interesting the parents were with her here. She was about to be 16. I bet R.kelly had been sleeping with her from the very beginning

  • MJ Crump
    MJ Crump 5 months ago

    With all the news coming out about R.Kelly, Aaliyah would’ve been the number one target to be interviewed by the press. RIP

  • Crissy Tina
    Crissy Tina 5 months ago

    How could they not know she was 15? You can just look at her body and tell, her body is just like how a teens body should be smh nasty ass people man

  • E Klass
    E Klass 5 months ago

    Why was her age such a secret. I didn’t know how old she was until she pasted away

  • Woopwoop2 R.
    Woopwoop2 R. 5 months ago

    Sick mfs😡

  • 2005deluxe
    2005deluxe 5 months ago

    This is breaking my heart right now 😪

  • A L
    A L 5 months ago

    Look like a little boy..

  • wayne742336
    wayne742336 5 months ago

    well,I'm glad she cleared that up

  • Shanice Grundy
    Shanice Grundy 5 months ago

    Aaliyah-(Aah-lee-yah) not (A-lee-ah)!!!! R.I.P angel❤️

  • Choosenickey
    Choosenickey 5 months ago

    Wow... chicks don’t interview like this anymore!! This is so precious!! How ever you are on stage, your not like that in real life.... Ciara is so sweet and sooo positive like this in her interviews!! And minus one point to the interviewer to assume that since she’s afro American she has to be influenced by hip hop....

  • Stephanie Thomas-Andrews

    She sound like she is 12

  • Stephanie Cage
    Stephanie Cage 5 months ago

    She was with JayZ and Dame Dash. Somebody jealous had her taken out.
    I’m told her family owns all of R.CreepyKelly’s recording masters. That’s one of the reasons why he’s broke. Her Uncle was on his team for years.

  • Gilbert Roman
    Gilbert Roman 5 months ago

    Even the interviewer fell in love

  • Honeydew 11
    Honeydew 11 5 months ago


  • Vondia world
    Vondia world 5 months ago +1


  • Goddess Auset
    Goddess Auset 5 months ago

    Dude old ass was flirting tough

  • Sumerianharp
    Sumerianharp 5 months ago

    She looks like Barak Obama as if she is his daughter or little sister

  • dubreggae3 1
    dubreggae3 1 5 months ago

    Now R Kelly is starting to realize that age is everything BUT a number.

  • flyroni68
    flyroni68 5 months ago

    She gave away her age...when she spoke of school.....good job brotha Ralph

  • Rodney Norsworthy
    Rodney Norsworthy 5 months ago

    Oh god I pray this babyis resting in the most perfect peace. Man I had no idea this baby had gone through the things she went through at the hands of these savage adults. I hope ROBERT SYLVESTER (THE Child Molester) rots in jail. Her momma should have wanted her out Roberts bed. Rest easy "A" for ANGEL