Behind the Mask: The Batman Dead End Story (Free Doc) Sandy Collora

  • Published on Dec 28, 2018
  • Documentary about the making of the classic Batman fan-film BATMAN: DEAD END and its creator Sandy Collora. Find out the story behind the short film that reignited a genre and the filmmaker who made it happen.
    Directed by Eric Dow
    Neal Adams, Clark Bartram, Kurt Carley
    Edited for TVclip ad standards
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Comments • 11

  • Dylan J. Carver Film
    Dylan J. Carver Film 3 months ago

    What an asshole

  • jay%20v
    jay%20v 8 months ago +1

    When I first saw Dead End, I was blown away. We just had X-Men and Blade and Spider-Man, and we hadn't seen a well-done live action Batman since the early 1990s.
    And then this! THIS! Not only did we get a great Batman (seemed more fitting for a TV series IMO) but he also made it into a vs Predator short film!
    We wouldn't see a great Batman on the silver screen for a few more years, but it took the Dark Knight for Bale to knock Bartram out of my personal top spot for Batman.

  • Vinny MacDaddy
    Vinny MacDaddy 10 months ago +4

    Worse batman ever

  • Doc Manhattan
    Doc Manhattan 11 months ago

    I don’t blame Sandy for having the ego. If I made the greatest fan film of all time, I probably would, too.

  • Mark Williamson
    Mark Williamson 11 months ago +2

    Sandy, you mentioned working with Rick Baker early in the documentary. Do you know if he worked at Disney earlier in his career? If so, he's my best friend Chad Baker's uncle. I thought, "hey, cool!". Great documentary and fantastic artwork!

    • Dylan J. Carver Film
      Dylan J. Carver Film 4 months ago

      @Cotygeek finally someone acknowledges how lame Sandy is. Obviously in denial and thinks he's the greatest gift to mankind. Massive narsacist and a huge loser.

    • Cotygeek
      Cotygeek 6 months ago +2

      He didn't work *with* Rick Baker, he worked for Rick Baker. Collora's been lying about just how much he's worked in the film industry for years. The director of this documentary, Jordu Schell, Miles Teves, Steve Johnson, and others have been telling horror stories after they all realized that he had been lying to them each on an individual basis. Apparently Collora had presented some of Jordu's sketches as his own while trying to get work on other films, and it's been revealed that a lot of the action figure work he did was actually done via people he hired. The guy's shady at best and an outright conman/fraud at worst.

  • fbabdiver
    fbabdiver Year ago +2


  • Antel Drobat
    Antel Drobat Year ago

    49:37 that is my favorite shot of the entire film!