Western plastics 'poisoning Indonesian food chain' - BBC News

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • The burning of plastic waste in Indonesia, much of which has been sent there by the West, is poisoning the food chain, the BBC has learned.
    Environmental group IPEN found, in one East Java village, toxic dioxins in chicken eggs 70 times the level allowed by European safety standards.
    Long-term exposure to the chemicals is linked to cancer, damage to the immune system and developmental issues.
    Indonesia's government says it is sending the waste back to countries.
    The BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme also spoke to people with respiratory issues caused by the fumes from the burning of plastics, and filmed the open burning of plastics supposedly sent to Indonesia to be recycled.
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  • Chuong Nguyen
    Chuong Nguyen 11 days ago

    Imported by local Indonesian companies that are making of recycle plastic products. These companies are responsible for these threats.

  • ivyteainn
    ivyteainn 12 days ago

    Wait a minute.... it's the Indonesians themselves that are importing the plastic. They have made the choice of their own free will. Stop blaming the West for Third World greed.

  • Hema Dear
    Hema Dear 13 days ago

    Old news. Jimmy Saville should’ve been the last person on earth to comment on world issues.

  • Rob Crebs
    Rob Crebs 16 days ago

    I'm just absolutely positive India produces no plastic, Indonesia produces no plastic. It's ONLY the U.S. who produces plastic and just to pollute india and Indonesia! Yeah? Yeah!

  • Chandresh Bagada Art
    Chandresh Bagada Art 16 days ago

    If you love your dog

  • Subfortress
    Subfortress 17 days ago

    Out sourcing environmental destruction is a dirty trick. We must learn that the composition of our waste defines our environment.

  • Sunnyday May
    Sunnyday May 18 days ago

    Poison the whole planet.

  • Febri Anto
    Febri Anto 19 days ago

    Thx jokowi
    Jokowi NO 1
    Ow yeah

  • 2cer3al
    2cer3al 19 days ago

    Dont worry guys, I dont see any plastic straws

  • Priscilla Beline
    Priscilla Beline 19 days ago

    Capitalism is ruining the world God gave us. Actually, this is the byproducts of sin. So sad.

  • Mean Old Lady
    Mean Old Lady 20 days ago

    It doesn't even matter. It's become an islamic country & will become a desert shortly with land mismanagement & overgrazing that comes with muhammad's stupid cult.
    You can always use Saudi Arabia as a dumping ground as a favor for exporting all their terrorists to the rest of the world.

  • Langit Biru
    Langit Biru 20 days ago

    Jawa is not the largest island in Indonesia.

  • Marsha T
    Marsha T 20 days ago

    This is very sad, because majority of these plastics are imported from country's such as USA, UK, China, Australia, etc...
    These bad habits of passing on other countries rubbish to another for a cost, needs to cease. What happen to the health and well being of its citizens and visitors
    I have witness this first hand in the Caribbean Islands, dumping landsite constantly burning plastic, tires, garbage, etc.... Even the beach has garbage and broken glass bottles on the floor of the sea water causing cuts, abrasions to a person's feet.
    Now, when swimming, have a swim shoe on

    • Lukeftwny
      Lukeftwny 4 days ago

      Majority of these plastics come from western countries. China is doing better than USA or UK.

  • zamir saufi
    zamir saufi 20 days ago

    This country is so rubbish. The people in indonesia are rubbish. Do not have brain. Small brain

  • dʒeɪms
    dʒeɪms 21 day ago

    fake news, this is indonesian waste

  • Lena Denisova
    Lena Denisova 21 day ago

    That sounds like Jamie

  • Public Public
    Public Public 21 day ago

    if brexit goes through this is what one of the UK's main industries will be.
    All those trade deals will include taking a load of garbage....
    It's what happens when trying to make deals when you have no bargaining power and a brexit crashed pound.

  • A B C
    A B C 21 day ago +1

    More fake news from the BBC. Most plastic waste is from Asia, not the west!

  • S K
    S K 21 day ago

    Poor cows eating plastic

  • slman badr
    slman badr 22 days ago +1

    the human west!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Waheed Adel
    Waheed Adel 22 days ago

    this problem will never be solved... FACTS

  • Lori Touma
    Lori Touma 22 days ago

    This is awful.. gonna kill people from burning the chemicals which r in plastic... terrible

  • Ineke Blom
    Ineke Blom 22 days ago

    Governments take your responsibility!
    There are so many other materials: bamboo, hemp, flax, kenaf, sisal, cardo thistles, seaweed, avocado seeds, cactus leaves, cassava and corn, from which bioplastics can be made; packaging based on sugar cane fibers, starch, cotton, jute, paper or banana leaves...
    So the plastic industry can make some modifications and produce better, environmentally friendly materials.
    Please governments: subsidise plastic producing industries and research to make this change into making biodegradable materials.

  • C M
    C M 22 days ago

    Plastic should be pumped down the same OIL WELLS in which it came from!

  • choice choice
    choice choice 22 days ago +1

    Thanks for information about plastic 👍

  • Oliver van der Togt
    Oliver van der Togt 22 days ago

    Why can't we just burn this shit ourselves and turn it into electricity?

  • Teresa Baker
    Teresa Baker 22 days ago

    Stone age tools

  • Teresa Baker
    Teresa Baker 22 days ago

    Axhead ax

  • Teresa Baker
    Teresa Baker 22 days ago

    Glass then
    Now known to be maybe more biodegradable. Back to sand type although can still be sharp so can a rock as a arrow head or hatchet top

  • Teresa Baker
    Teresa Baker 22 days ago

    Deposit on bottles was one way it was in some areas based on need

  • Teresa Baker
    Teresa Baker 22 days ago

    Sort like glass

  • Cinnamon Donkey
    Cinnamon Donkey 22 days ago +1

    3:22 - "Waste we can't sell is dried under the sun. Then we sell that to tofu and cracker factories." ? That possibly explains why I never liked tofu.

  • simrah begum
    simrah begum 22 days ago

    The only solution I see is the world coming together and saying no to plastic....
    It is easy to avoid plastic...use cloth bags...stainless steel containers...Live sustainable life

  • Chris Durgin
    Chris Durgin 22 days ago

    Short term profits
    Long term catastrophe

  • Brown Pants
    Brown Pants 22 days ago

    They never tell uk people this.... Globalist agenda for the world to hate the working classes instead of them.

  • Art Peacemakers
    Art Peacemakers 22 days ago +1

    We need to mandate re-usable or compostable packaging. If consumers had to pay the REAL price for all the plastic junk we buy--we wouldn't!

  • Asmani Islam
    Asmani Islam 22 days ago

    Uk lods their nature so they must want to try kill others

  • Ridwan Naturally
    Ridwan Naturally 22 days ago

    We need technology ...😢 To make energy

  • Teresa Baker
    Teresa Baker 22 days ago

    I have mentioned this tree farming 🚜 different trees planted and thinning to help them grow. That I think would help replace what is no longer there. By. Both industry and fire.

  • 홍시
    홍시 22 days ago

    쓰레기문제 해결이 시급해보이군

  • Teresa Baker
    Teresa Baker 22 days ago

    Occupation safety health a government and citizens choice if it's needed how to do it and how it is to be done

  • Teresa Baker
    Teresa Baker 22 days ago

    Given air mask. A increase in operation start up. However painting also has fumes sewing dust.
    Earplugs in some industry. A choice to be made on even if it's necessary 🇺🇸 USA has OSHA: occupation something Health Association I think

  • Teresa Baker
    Teresa Baker 22 days ago

    Cyodine ? Sorry just woke up. Do you think that might increase employment if organized into employee operated groups. Families getting together to produce a product

  • Frank Boguszewski
    Frank Boguszewski 22 days ago

    Solution:Don't import foreign plastics.

  • Teresa Baker
    Teresa Baker 22 days ago

    The paper c y o n i n e. Processing currently has the poison of that in the production. Paper was made from wood pulp the current chemicals need to be adjusted."organic" paper wood further harm the environment. Requiring more trees

  • Teresa Baker
    Teresa Baker 22 days ago

    By melting heat just high enough to melt it.

  • Teresa Baker
    Teresa Baker 22 days ago

    No it improves working environment. Air is improved it is not smoke. Your dripping the plastic down to blocks.

  • Michael b
    Michael b 22 days ago

    This is what happens when our "leaders" made hemp illegal nearly a century ago.
    What are they doing now? Pushing a deadly transhumanism agenda. Bunch of idiots.

  • Tongkat Ali-Activ Plus

    Next destination, Africa .

  • bowoR
    bowoR 22 days ago

    Dioxyn very danger

  • Chris Zealotes
    Chris Zealotes 22 days ago

    Humans are so stupid.

  • Gombal Mukiyo72
    Gombal Mukiyo72 22 days ago

    OMG.. It never published by Indonesian mainstream media.. I don't know why..

  • Windsor & Epstein Babysitting Services

    It's so obvious and everyone knows,

    Epstein didn't kill himself and the alleged prince is a pedophile along with his high profile types.

  • Sarah Syahida
    Sarah Syahida 22 days ago +1

    Kenapa juga pemerintah kita terima sampahnya??? (Why the fuck is our government receiving those trash from them then???) 😡😡😡

  • Agus Sururi
    Agus Sururi 22 days ago

    Pejabat diem aja .....
    Disumpel duit

    • Agus Sururi
      Agus Sururi 21 day ago

      @Mochammad Arief Hermawan Sutoyo gak semua perubahan itu selalu enak jalanya ....
      Tapi Jadi rusak itu enak jalanya ....
      Sama seperti berbuat dosa itu gampang

    • Mochammad Arief Hermawan Sutoyo
      Mochammad Arief Hermawan Sutoyo 21 day ago

      @Agus Sururi kalau ini dilarang, warga yang udah jadi petani sampah bakal protes juga...

    • Agus Sururi
      Agus Sururi 21 day ago

      @Mochammad Arief Hermawan Sutoyo makanya kalo milih jgn asal duit... milih kades aja duit2 duit an lu

    • Mochammad Arief Hermawan Sutoyo
      Mochammad Arief Hermawan Sutoyo 22 days ago

      mau gimana lagi...

  • Winston Footlong
    Winston Footlong 22 days ago

    The BBCs anti western propaganda. These countries make money taking our waste. Preach to their government

  • Rose Ann Elca
    Rose Ann Elca 22 days ago

    Canada sent 6containers of trash to the Philippines. Our government sent them back😉😉 well done mr president

  • Watermelon John
    Watermelon John 22 days ago

    Feel so bad that a little girl was poisoned by the smog, and her parents can do nothing about it.
    In fact, we can do something small to reduce the production of plastics like using the shopping bag made of cotton.

  • kristof verbruggen
    kristof verbruggen 22 days ago

    BBC poisoning the minds of all people.

  • G S
    G S 22 days ago

    We don’t NEED to use so much plastic in the first place!!! We are greedy and entitled and it’s causing serious problems.