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  • Published on Jul 10, 2019
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    Instrumental by Homage
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Cold Ones
    Cold Ones  Month ago +6309

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    Thanks for watching, and a special thanks to Felix for his company (and for flying all the way to Australia to be on our Show.)

    • Jonathan Sherman
      Jonathan Sherman 22 hours ago




    • Jonathan Sherman
      Jonathan Sherman 2 days ago

      I would totally buy some of that amazing merch that looks like someone really smart designed it.

  • Soren Holsclaw
    Soren Holsclaw 23 minutes ago

    12:22 if only he knew he’d be playing Minecraft!

  • Owluwu
    Owluwu Hour ago +1

    Would be really fun seeing the This Is Dan Bell crew on the podcast.

  • prod. Cypress
    prod. Cypress 5 hours ago

    1:08:42 made my siri tweak

  • ben
    ben 8 hours ago

    Pewdiepie was a dick to chad this episode

  • Lauren Lee
    Lauren Lee 10 hours ago

    Wonder if he saw the Minecraft thing coming at this point

  • cheese burger
    cheese burger 10 hours ago


  • Poodlecow
    Poodlecow 16 hours ago

    one of the Funniest COLD ONES EVER

  • Poodlecow
    Poodlecow 16 hours ago

    Elon Musk on cold ones?

  • asian dude
    asian dude 21 hour ago


  • Imp
    Imp Day ago

    What have I learned? There is a video of pewdiepie shaving his balls

  • DJ iama
    DJ iama Day ago

    *Pewdiepie make video a toturial on how to shave your balls*

  • Misterbumm
    Misterbumm Day ago

    7:40 ,,do you forsee any further shifts"
    ..they didnt even know he was going to be the biggest minecraft channel...

  • ElGavino
    ElGavino Day ago

    Dude!!! is that maxmoefoePokémon??!?!?!?

  • lars hulsmans
    lars hulsmans Day ago

    1:38:23 didn't chat drop out at 17?

  • Jarod Iking
    Jarod Iking Day ago

    i am a cog wheel. they are lubricants.

  • MxdevIlIshxM Xbox

    minecraft TVclipr ??

  • Nicolas Alicandri

    Did no one else notice pewds just take two shots of that stuff with no reaction then max is just fucking dies

  • i like mah life
    i like mah life Day ago

    Lmfao!!! That outro rant tho 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Davideo Jockey
    Davideo Jockey Day ago

    for all the dumb asses that say its cringe that felix is on...dr phil hosted meme review

  • Wetsock
    Wetsock Day ago

    It's called landscaping max

  • AgOOFmon GG
    AgOOFmon GG Day ago

    Max: The frog is dead

  • DeepDishReveiws 1

    All your guys cool shirts are sold out sadness

  • Gabriel Delisle
    Gabriel Delisle Day ago +1

    How tf are we august 15th and this video only gets in my peripheral now

  • Morrigan Green
    Morrigan Green 2 days ago

    max you are so cute i wanna kiss u

  • steamorfry
    steamorfry 2 days ago +1

    Complaining about "ableist jokes"? woke douchiness, ugh

    RAPIDFIRE896 2 days ago

    Who remembers cinnamon toast ken and pewdiepies podcast?

  • Eltoona
    Eltoona 2 days ago

    this is fcking beautiful

  • Equalix
    Equalix 2 days ago

    Im loving yhis too much

  • Mitch E
    Mitch E 2 days ago +1

    The editing on this is godly

  • That BlueSeed
    That BlueSeed 2 days ago

    And 2019... The Minecraft Era. xD

  • Yili Feng
    Yili Feng 2 days ago

    don't mind me, just saving this to my "reasons i'm in love with felix kjellberg" folder

  • Dairy Heir
    Dairy Heir 2 days ago +1

    Those samurai bottles are so cool, but the whiskey inside is so bad lol. Shops in the US sell them for over $200 USD because they only really sell them first hand retail around Japan in the duty free.

  • Laura
    Laura 2 days ago

    I genuinely enjoyed it it was nice seeing pewds in atmosphere like this

  • Alondra Samira
    Alondra Samira 2 days ago

    8:54 he’s playing Minecraft!

  • Zion Kingi
    Zion Kingi 2 days ago

    24:24 funniest ad I have ever seen

  • Caleighh *U*
    Caleighh *U* 2 days ago +1

    Pewdiepie: "I got really sick of people not taking me seriously."
    Also pewdiepie: "I get pig in minecraft series and name peepeepoopoo :>"

  • Austin Wilson
    Austin Wilson 2 days ago

    55:40 keeps me up at night

  • RED entertainment
    RED entertainment 3 days ago

    Funny He’s doing Minecraft now

  • Pipe
    Pipe 3 days ago

    The bearded guy is so fucking cute 😳!

  • Dries du Preez
    Dries du Preez 3 days ago

    This wasn't too bad. Looking forward to the next one. Pewds back in a year?

  • Toffye
    Toffye 3 days ago +3

    this should have happened after pewdiepie became a minecraft youtuber

  • DiverseEagle
    DiverseEagle 3 days ago

    These guys all rich af and they talking bout expensive whisky

  • DiverseEagle
    DiverseEagle 3 days ago

    What a legend

  • DiverseEagle
    DiverseEagle 3 days ago

    Damn its Felix

  • Jkim
    Jkim 3 days ago

    Wow! Fat pewdiepie!! That's vERy ePiC!

  • Stazuwiki
    Stazuwiki 3 days ago

    I was surprised they didn't bring up Minx and Cy

  • M.k_ Ali
    M.k_ Ali 3 days ago

    13:26 it's minecraft channel now!

  • Jyri O
    Jyri O 3 days ago

    Now Pewdiepie is just doing Minecraft and everyone is all for it

  • Frank 5
    Frank 5 3 days ago

    If youre not willing to tell someone to shut the fuck up and drink whore, stick to 15 dollar whiskey

    BILLI CREW 3 days ago

    1940 Alabama Klansman moonshine distillery (colorized)
    It's a joke Vox. And it's about you.

  • Alex Cooper
    Alex Cooper 3 days ago

    Chad is such a brainlet

  • Lawson Palmer
    Lawson Palmer 3 days ago +1

    Are you high or are your pupils happy to see us Felix?

  • Agha Noor Vlogs
    Agha Noor Vlogs 3 days ago +1

    Pewds from inside: they are the same people who ate my A hair

  • mia marzipan
    mia marzipan 3 days ago

    Felix seemed so uncomfortable touching that butt.

  • nancy v
    nancy v 3 days ago +5

    max and chad risking pewdiepie's career for 2 hours straight

    WOLFQUEEN 3 days ago +2

    What the f*ck is this shaving ball conversation ....

  • Fluffi Puffi
    Fluffi Puffi 3 days ago +1

    I see, this is related to the letter *H*

  • PeaceKeepers
    PeaceKeepers 3 days ago +1

    Felix is such a great guy.

  • dergutemann68
    dergutemann68 3 days ago

    Haven't seen anyone point out how Felix technically kissed Chad's ass at 1:40:32

  • Cornelius
    Cornelius 4 days ago

    Best podcast in the entire world.

  • Diego Ochoa
    Diego Ochoa 4 days ago

    We need a part two with Minecraft lol

  • yuh.
    yuh. 4 days ago

    "'the black one i can't wait to die"' - pewdiepie 2019

  • lazymumbler
    lazymumbler 4 days ago +7

    idk why....but I fuckin died.... the editors for this video are amazing .... good job.... this part's my fav tho 51:47

  • Lamest BABY
    Lamest BABY 4 days ago +1

    Now he is a Minecrafter

  • Daniel Ahlström
    Daniel Ahlström 4 days ago

    Pewds need a tattoo with Joergen, Sven and Watersheep

  • Blair Berg
    Blair Berg 4 days ago +1

    Best podcast ever

  • Havier Đulabić
    Havier Đulabić 4 days ago

    When he said like "aren't you supposed to sip the whiskey,slowly?" My slavic sences got pissed off,i had to rage.

  • Tibor Miker
    Tibor Miker 4 days ago +1

    thought it was fake until the sponser

  • Hossin Raed
    Hossin Raed 4 days ago

    When you're a Muslim and you don't understand what the fuck they are saying about Alcohol.

  • maymay
    maymay 4 days ago +9

    Personally, edgy pewdipie era was my favourite era
    Like it brings back how edgy of a 12 y/o i was, and brings back cancer crew (max, ian, joji,anything4) ptsd 💜

  • mournblank
    mournblank 4 days ago

    1:28:03 anyone notice how felix just hated roomie ? I don't think it is a joke.

  • Fast Games
    Fast Games 4 days ago +1

    We wouldn't need to take the clip he said that once! Lol

  • BRENDANchj
    BRENDANchj 4 days ago

    I miss filthy frank