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  • Published on Mar 26, 2015
  • Seattle has voted to boost its minimum wage to $15 an hour over time. The first increase takes the minimum wage to $11 an hour. But is that enough to live on in this expensive city? We profile a young barista, a temporary worker and a grocery store clerk to drill down into what it takes to stretch minimum wage to a living wage, especially with housing taking such a big chunk out of the budget. We also interview a UW professor who has created an alternative to the federal minimum wage that is more realistic and the head of a company that has already boosted its minimum wage to $15.
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Comments • 4 506

  • Craig Buckley
    Craig Buckley 11 hours ago

    Having kids is only for the rich now

  • Kathy Ramos
    Kathy Ramos 12 hours ago

    OMG please don't have babies if you don't have a professional job! Having kids makes it so much harder.

  • Tre Napier
    Tre Napier 20 hours ago

    It's 2019 now. Autumn is making $15 now. Or hopefully she is out of school and making better money now.

  • Alaskan bullworm

    Minimum wage should never be 15 dollars an hour that is crazy the federal minimum wage needs to go up to 12 dollars an hour period.

  • Precious 79
    Precious 79 Day ago

    Let the state take your taxes to the young lady

  • Info Hub
    Info Hub Day ago +1

  • Nikki Tikki
    Nikki Tikki Day ago

    Says who???? Where do people get the idea that minimum wage jobs aren't suppose to afford you A LIFE? You're kidding yourselves. Do you know how many minim wage jobs exist in this country????????? If everyone over 18 stopped working them right now, this country would be in trouble. Bump this up to $15 in large cities and we're done. Adults of all ages are needed to work these low paying jobs, but at the same time no one should be working 30-40 hours a week and unable to afford healthy meals, housing, car and insurances. We can't put the blame on the employee for being where they are. We pay taxes to be taken care of by the governing forces in this country. Your city, state and the federal government should have never let the gap between wage and affordability become this large. Now no one wants to fix it because it's easier to say that people should have worked harder and avoided mistakes. Life isn't supposed to be this hard if you spend the majority of it at work. The unfairness of it just keeps compounding.

  • Susann Minall
    Susann Minall 2 days ago +3

    People on Social Security are struggling too. The amount is just not livable.

  • Dimmer Switch
    Dimmer Switch 4 days ago

    young people need to be taught about reality. You(young people) probably will NOT invent the next new facebook phenomena... You need vocational skills and the rest is like any other art.if you get noticed great, if you dont... you're still a nursr, plumber, dump truck driver, telephone repair man... etc.... get some skill to pay the bills. then go get someone to notice your awesome art and design skills. you wont be hungry.

  • Hanan Eisele
    Hanan Eisele 4 days ago +1

    Where I live we are at the federal minimum wage of $7.25 and rent per month is ≈ATL $1000 😭. It sucks a lot cause businesses around us don't pay a lot unless you're really lucky

  • Anthony Mccullagh
    Anthony Mccullagh 4 days ago

    $9 dollors an hour to work on planes???? even though he is temp he should get at least 60% of what the full timer is on an hour. That a disgrace. Then i found out he lives in a tent??? i make £9 bucks an hour but im from scotland thants more like $16 an hour. I invest what i have left at the end of the month. What chance is this poor guy got. needs to stop having children but....

  • Tony SK Lai
    Tony SK Lai 5 days ago

    Join yellow vest

  • Jason Schneider
    Jason Schneider 6 days ago

    Only people who should make minimum wage is 14 and 15 year old kids

  • Jeffrey Richardson
    Jeffrey Richardson 7 days ago

    doctor scott sieman
    mike california dreaming
    mister welch screaming

  • Jeffrey Richardson
    Jeffrey Richardson 7 days ago

    fighting for fifteen
    lauries spoon milk sugar cream
    jody girls wet dream

  • John Lawrence Emata
    John Lawrence Emata 7 days ago

    In Manila, Philippines the minimum wage as of 2019 is PHP 527 per day, roughly $10.5,
    Just sharing...

  • Paul Ashford
    Paul Ashford 7 days ago

    Good luck with college Autumn...and everyone else....

  • Mix Lennoxx
    Mix Lennoxx 7 days ago

    While political Perverts grow richer.

  • glasslinger
    glasslinger 8 days ago

    "We already had two kids, so we decided to have another one!" Maybe we will have a couple more! Zero sympathy here!

  • Caterina Cetrangolo
    Caterina Cetrangolo 11 days ago

    So sad

  • Richard Piccolella
    Richard Piccolella 11 days ago

    Dollar tree. God's gift too all budgeted workers

  • Blop Jones
    Blop Jones 13 days ago

    We have 88 daul Israeli citizens in Congress and give Israel 10 million a day. Who rules ya? Look up the U.S.S LIBERTY... Look up what the Talmud it says about Jesus.

  • Kayce24
    Kayce24 13 days ago

    best advice i was ever given. learn skills that are very difficult and do something very few people are willing to do. don't stop learning just because you are off the clock.

  • Melissa Stugis
    Melissa Stugis 13 days ago

    You must use coupons, go to the Dollar tree, Dollar general, Family Dollar, thrift stores and make sure that you find neighbors that's moving from the neighborhood, that wants to get rid of things they don't want any more. Also, clean out houses for money, getting what ever they leave behind, and ask others what do want to give out. Make sure that you to Charities and the church for help, these are the things I do to make ends meet.

  • flounder
    flounder 16 days ago

    That is a high price the barista has to pay to live independently of her parents or relatives.

  • Josh Benitez
    Josh Benitez 16 days ago

    She looks like Ben Shapiro.

    JEFF PAIN 17 days ago +1


    JEFF PAIN 17 days ago


  • Glenda Chuck Rainbolt
    Glenda Chuck Rainbolt 19 days ago

    Well isn't that awesome... you just get a "new family" and forget the other kids you have???

  • Apg Gersh
    Apg Gersh 19 days ago

    Well don’t work for minimum wage

  • Cristy Luv
    Cristy Luv 20 days ago

    Poverty is a turn off. Still Willie and his “fiance” managed to become pregnant..... living in a tent.
    For the life of me..... I DONT UNDERSTAND THIS!!!!

  • Janis Nowlen
    Janis Nowlen 20 days ago

    W, ?hbugugyyggyjygygygygg

  • Dale McKinzie
    Dale McKinzie 24 days ago

    I was going to give this a thumbs down because I realize that minimum wage jobs are for when you are starting out. They were never meant to be a permanent position. You are supposed to plan your life so that the minimum wage job is just a stepping stone. However, I gave it a thumbs up because A) this video unlike the other liberal tear jerkers youtube videos allows comments and B) Because I realize that if not for the grace of God I could very well be in the same position. I did not plan my life hardly at all. I had read somewhere that if you had not grown up by the time you turn 50 you no longer had to. And that was the extent of my plan. I did not go to college and was homeless for awhile. But then in my 40's I started listening to Dave Ramsey and finally found Jesus and finally got my life turned around. But still I realize that one major health problem for any of us and the next video could have our life as the subject matter.

  • AlphineWolf
    AlphineWolf 24 days ago

    Go minimalist. It's cheaper. Or zero waste

  • grumblesNgrumbles
    grumblesNgrumbles 25 days ago

    stop waisting money in rent m o r o n s!

  • gilbert ochoa
    gilbert ochoa 25 days ago +1

    The decisions you make in life, will affect you forever. Dont blame anyone but yourself.

  • HairBeauty001
    HairBeauty001 27 days ago

    I feel bad for autumn.. I can feel her heart break..! I make $15 an hour..I feel for her

  • Reginald Nance
    Reginald Nance 28 days ago

    Minimum Wage is 7.00 hours here in Mississippi

  • walt charamba
    walt charamba 29 days ago

    People like autumn give me hope for America..And then you got conservatives who call these people lazy and say they make wrong choices..

  • twilliams842
    twilliams842 Month ago

    Oh so 15 a hour will fix it 🙄

  • Mona Scott
    Mona Scott Month ago

    so I see the comments are very different when it's a white person living off minimum wage but when it was a black girl off minimum wage the comments were very different f*** white people!!!!!!!!!

  • Butterfly
    Butterfly Month ago +25

    America was designed to keep the poor, POOR!☝️

  • PapaGeorg10
    PapaGeorg10 Month ago

    The problem with raising minimum wage is how do you stop businesses from raising the costs of their services to offset the wage increase? It seems like every time they increase minimum wage it does nothing as everything else increases in cost to compensate

    • walt charamba
      walt charamba 29 days ago

      Yeah! the cost of everything might go up slightly, but you're missing one calculation and it's the most important one..Now the business will have more people walking through the door cause more people have disposable income to spend..I live in Canada, and we raised the MW to $14 an hour..
      At first businesses like starbucks and Tim hortons were very concerned..
      But those businesses ever since the MW gone up have never been busier..
      Cause the person making your coffee can now go out and afford a cup of coffee for themselves..

  • sealtrader
    sealtrader Month ago

    Making $11 an hour Miami is same as making $15 in DC due to the cost of living. So why moved there ?

  • Melanie Larkins
    Melanie Larkins Month ago

    You need to move to a different state

  • pioneercolonel
    pioneercolonel Month ago +1

    She is a hard worker and I won't say a word. Just a question. why do you keep staying in one of the most expensive cities in the country? where, I wouldn't step in on a 6 digit salary.

  • Shopaholic undisputed heavy weight champion

    Did she say $2200 a month ? For a single person that’s not so bad !!

  • Paulina Bałdyga
    Paulina Bałdyga Month ago

    Thats just sad

  • sk8punk318
    sk8punk318 Month ago

    I don’t understand why homeless, and people barely getting by continually have children. It’s absolutely the parents fault and not fare to put the children in that situation.

  • sk8punk318
    sk8punk318 Month ago

    Yeah let’s raise minimum wage so the prices of everything will go up, people will get laid off and then everyone else will demand more money. It’s never going to be enough. Get a trade, stop having kids when your not ready and maybe you will actually get a good paying job and also not have to worry about multiple children

    • walt charamba
      walt charamba 29 days ago

      Yeah! the cost of everything might go up slightly, but you're missing one calculation and it's the most important one..Now the business will have more people walking through the door cause more people have disposable income to spend..I live in Canada, and we raised the MW to $14 an hour..
      At first businesses like starbucks and Tim hortons were very concerned..
      But those businesses ever since the MW gone up have never been busier..
      Cause the person making your coffee can now go out and afford a cup of coffee for themselves..

  • Burr Anderson
    Burr Anderson Month ago

    Amazon is hiring now.

  • Tropic-Al
    Tropic-Al Month ago

    $20 an hour is $40K a year. You will NEVER EVER be approved for a bank loan for a decent home in a respectable neighborhood because you are WAAAAAY too poor. And you will NEVER EVER qualify for government assistance because you make WAAAAAAY too much money. THIS is the problem facing the average American.

  • Havoc Overdrive
    Havoc Overdrive Month ago

    How she got a Gucci bag

    • Ashley Moyt
      Ashley Moyt Month ago

      No one said she did hahaa I think you missed the point

  • Hans News
    Hans News Month ago

    Try shoplifting to make ends meet

  • FurryFace
    FurryFace Month ago

    he got a house now with his 15 $ an hour job ? , yeah right ! , Pfft ! , musta had extra money somewhere

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    I feel so bad for all these people. No one has control over their life... can't choose where to live, where to work, what education they achieve. 😕

  • Easy Money Zone
    Easy Money Zone Month ago

    Ouch, this is so unfortunate and I hope everything works out for the best.

  • Joe momma
    Joe momma Month ago

    Learn a trade , & stop pouring coffee 4 a living, easy solution

  • glen parey
    glen parey Month ago +1

    corp greed dont care about us

  • Ray Cording
    Ray Cording Month ago

    Why did I hear $77 a week? That’s if shes working just an hour a day.

  • Karen Rollins
    Karen Rollins Month ago

    Why do people who are living on the street making a small wage keep having children? If you can’t feed yourself you can’t feed kids. Just a bigger drain on the system I’m a vet been homeless I’ve learned to make sacrifices minimum wage jobs were never intended to support families go to tech school you can get grants or low percentage loans and you’ll have a decent job and a place to live

  • Himself Lee
    Himself Lee Month ago

    Income inequality is a ridiculous statement. There are differences in income based on a person's capabilities and their ability to make money for their employer. Entrepreneurs provide jobs for people. Those people should not expect equal status with their employers. Nobody owes them a job. If they don't think they earn enough they need to do something to obtain skills that demand a higher wage.

  • my doritos are missing

    Man I don't want to be an adult T^T

  • Madd Scientist
    Madd Scientist Month ago

    $77 per week in 2015 is now $23 per week left in 2019

  • tracy Smith
    tracy Smith Month ago

    Try living off of $8.50 an hour and working for so called christian Devils.

  • lisamarie Read
    lisamarie Read Month ago +2

    Im a health care emt in nj... i still make less then 4k a month! Even w child's support.

  • mega0876
    mega0876 Month ago +1

    I don't get how these losers end up like this. Plan your life at a young age with long term and professional jobs where you can retire, don't get married, don't have annoying kids , save your money and enjoy your life. Simple

  • Melissa honey
    Melissa honey Month ago

    But people if they're really smart they can use coupons shop at the dollar store they have a dollar aisle I shop at the dollar store all the time I'm using laundry soap and fabric softener that is for a dollar tell the paper that is for a dollar some people if they manage the money right they can have it I just choose the shop at Walmart cuz he think it's the best is it a big name you're not saving no money at Walmart

  • Melissa honey
    Melissa honey Month ago

    725 and that's what they make down here in the south

  • E C
    E C Month ago +1

    This guy works at 18 an hour and buys a house!? Lol you played yourselve