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  • Published on Mar 26, 2015
  • Seattle has voted to boost its minimum wage to $15 an hour over time. The first increase takes the minimum wage to $11 an hour. But is that enough to live on in this expensive city? We profile a young barista, a temporary worker and a grocery store clerk to drill down into what it takes to stretch minimum wage to a living wage, especially with housing taking such a big chunk out of the budget. We also interview a UW professor who has created an alternative to the federal minimum wage that is more realistic and the head of a company that has already boosted its minimum wage to $15.
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Comments • 4 842

  • Terence Dempsey
    Terence Dempsey 2 days ago

    Too many poor people! But the government likes it this way.

  • Nestor Jr. Abalos
    Nestor Jr. Abalos 2 days ago

    This is why nobody is getting rich from being an employee. once an employee, you’ve joined the rat race and go on with the vicious cycle, your resposibilities and commitments grow every single day, until the time comes when staying in the rat race is the only choice you’ve got.

  • Dr. Hrishiraj Sen
    Dr. Hrishiraj Sen 2 days ago

    Have five children when you can’t feed yourself. Ridiculous.

  • mike B
    mike B 2 days ago

    Life is hard .

  • Fishing With Dom!
    Fishing With Dom! 3 days ago +1

    Of course she's a web designer.

  • TheRisky9
    TheRisky9 3 days ago

    "Seems really unfair." Life is unfair. Whether you make $11 per hour or $20 per hour. It's unfair. And we really don't want it to be fair because unfairness is where you get your opportunity to improve and make something better for yourself. If I were her, I'd leave Seattle. Go somewhere where the rents are low.

    • TheRisky9
      TheRisky9 Day ago

      @Only Anonymous Not necessarily. Policies can create housing shortages, even when wages are good.

    • Only Anonymous
      Only Anonymous Day ago

      The wages are probably lower too

  • Jeffrey Beauregard
    Jeffrey Beauregard 4 days ago

    I get wendys biggie 5buck meal lol,and buy detergent little boxes at laundromat, don't buy bresd

  • TheWoWisok
    TheWoWisok 4 days ago

    I wonder if this guy has heard of condoms or morning after pills

  • Angela Alvarez
    Angela Alvarez 5 days ago +8

    Autumn has anxiety, you can see it in her twitches, eyes, speech.
    Her situation just contributes to her health, it's a vicious cycle

  • Henley Plante
    Henley Plante 5 days ago

    I love that lady's hat and outfit

  • Vlk Etto
    Vlk Etto 6 days ago

    Okay but $11 is £8.57 and England’s minimum wage is £7.38 so quit complaining

  • Lola-Marie Hooleyy
    Lola-Marie Hooleyy 6 days ago

    My minimum wage is £4.30 an hour, so around $5 an hour, it's ridiculous

  • Veronica C.
    Veronica C. 6 days ago

    I have multiple food sensitivities, I can no longer eat dairy, gluten and I'm limited on food choices when eating out. I also cut back on processed foods, juices and meat. My food bill has gone down a great deal and I'm healthier!

  • Edward Presutti
    Edward Presutti 7 days ago

    How can this be in this liberal run paradise? deposit...renting has always included those ..
    Bottom line u get paid for your skill set...

  • Zachary Hogan
    Zachary Hogan 7 days ago +2

    This is why socialism never works. Jay ainslee destroyed Washington state

  • Tommy Rodriguez
    Tommy Rodriguez 8 days ago

    I’m 20 and make 52,000 a year selling insurance all I did was get licensed and some sales experience I have benefits and all

  • Joe momma
    Joe momma 8 days ago

    Learn, in demand , highly paid skills , in stead of wasting your life away at a minimum wage job, learn a trade , or b a trucker , either way , u r not making minimum wage, minimum wage was invented for dumb people

  • TheBatugan77
    TheBatugan77 8 days ago

    Don't know how business owners can sleep at night? Try owning a business. Run the whole show. Tell me how you sleep.

  • sirkastic
    sirkastic 8 days ago

    Its so wonderful to observe the self-imposed misery we create for ourselves

  • purplecx cx
    purplecx cx 8 days ago

    Lol. I make less that $2/hour

  • Ed Drolet
    Ed Drolet 9 days ago +2

    Welcome to the real world kids.
    Low wage jobs usually require low skill sets.
    Gotta push yourself to constantly do better. Nobody ever said life should be easy.

  • Bze Bee
    Bze Bee 9 days ago

    It’s around £8.50 minimum wage in the UK.

  • Edwin Oliva
    Edwin Oliva 9 days ago +1

    Bruh why TF would anyone move to such a over populated competitive city where the cost to live is expensive af...
    That's why I moved outta California ASAP...

    • Edwin Oliva
      Edwin Oliva 6 days ago +1

      @Veronica C. I moved to North Carolina... everything is way cheaper out here plus I get paid the same as Cali 15 bucks but the minimum wage out here is 7 dollars.. so Its like getting paid 24 out in cali... considering that the minimum wage is 12 bucks

    • Veronica C.
      Veronica C. 6 days ago

      I'm about to do the same, where did you move to?

  • Josh Sanford
    Josh Sanford 9 days ago

    /watch?v=WONZVnlam6U&list=PLYfCBK8IplO4E2sXtdKMVpKJZRBEoMvpn Thousands of dollars saved.

  • michael R
    michael R 9 days ago +2

    Is the grocery store still paying its employees $15 hour. It has been 4 years know the employees should be getting raises correct. My be $19 .
    I beat the employees are still only making $15. Need a carrier job. ...

  • joshua thomas
    joshua thomas 9 days ago

    Entry level jobs are not jobs to support a family.

  • Ernie D
    Ernie D 10 days ago

    Welcome to the real world bro

  • cantwontshouldntok
    cantwontshouldntok 10 days ago +1

    You know what doesn’t seem fair? You complaining about not having enough money yet you’re destroying public property.

  • hbarudi
    hbarudi 10 days ago +2

    But increase wages and then prices go up even more...

    KEVIN 10 days ago

    I make $100/hr, 24 hours, 7 days a week

  • Washington Mothapo
    Washington Mothapo 11 days ago +1

    Where I'm from the minimum wage is $1,36 an hour💔

  • Fumbles
    Fumbles 11 days ago +1

    5:32 this dude doesn’t understand how a business works. 😂

    • Caleb Webb
      Caleb Webb 10 days ago

      I mean is he talking about a small business that makes barely any profit or huge billion-dollar companies that can afford wage increases and choose not to do so.

  • John Cox
    John Cox 12 days ago +2

    The problem is that even with the raise in minimum wage at state level vs federal level is still not enough. If the wages have kept up with inflation over the last few decades we all would be in a different situation.

  • TheRobinMasters Theory

    Virginia minimum wage is only $7.25 an hour. :(

  • william hammel
    william hammel 12 days ago

    Try SSDI in California.

  • Jonathan Goodwin
    Jonathan Goodwin 12 days ago

    The best thing to do if it to guy and hes very young he could join the military and get free Room and board. I know said Jane dangerous job if it was me and I was a married that's what I would do

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J 13 days ago +2

    Our government doesn’t care about us

  • Semper fidelis Semper Paratus

    2200 a month straight up thievery.

  • vacationboyvideos
    vacationboyvideos 13 days ago +2

    I live on 900 a month and im 46

    • vacationboyvideos
      vacationboyvideos 10 days ago +1

      @Jelo TinkOFF thank u!!! However I do own my own home. I lost 3 homes in my life. But this one is mine thankfully

    • Jelo TinkOFF
      Jelo TinkOFF 10 days ago

      Im 20, I live on $1500 a month.. just live in trailer homes, They only cost about 30% of your income

  • Linda Mueller
    Linda Mueller 13 days ago

    Hey Willie STOP having children ! You live in a tent.

  • hongkonghottie
    hongkonghottie 14 days ago +2

    tough to live on these wages without family support. In my city, folks that earn minimum wages would live with family .. ie shared resources. Almost impossible to just do it alone

  • Timefliesbye
    Timefliesbye 15 days ago +1

    Simple solution. Don't live in the big overpriced cities. Learn to code. Work from home.
    You see just paying more will never fix it. Cause when you pay more you will never stop paying more. If tomorrow the hourly wage became 80$ you'd destroy the entire economy. Cause now the doctor is wondering why he's making the same hourly wage as the guy frying his burgers. So what happens then? The doctor demands 400$ an hour or he'll go flip burgers. Then the rent flies up because all the people can now afford better housing so everyone who used to have a room mate now moves out and voila. You're right back at where you started.
    You have a housing supply shortage. You have a high tax and high regulation problem driving up the costs of everything.

    • The road to Ireland
      The road to Ireland 14 days ago

      That's pretty much how economics works right there,by the time all this paper printing is done though people will know the genuine meaning of hardships.

  • Realistic Racing Community

    The only way to become wealthier is to become more valuable to your fellow man in the free market. Artificially raising wages beyond the actual relative value of that person relative to others only causes inflation and decreased purchasing power of the monetary unit, ie devaluation of the currency used by all. If your value to others does not increase, you will have no more purchasing power making a million dollars an hour than you do making 8 dollars an hour. In the end, arbitrary wage increases disconnected from actual value only creates inflation, devaluation of currency, and increased confiscation of wealth through taxation for everyone in the economy.

    • The road to Ireland
      The road to Ireland 14 days ago +1

      That's what some young Americans are now calling for,confiscation,there'll have to be another rebellion soon so suit up.

  • mr. JH
    mr. JH 16 days ago

    7:28 is a termination offense

  • Josephine
    Josephine 17 days ago +1

    $2200 with 3 roommates nah honey her roommates clearly aren’t paying for themselves

    • Vanessa Bayardo
      Vanessa Bayardo 15 days ago +1

      I think she said 2 roommates and one with a baby.

    • Vanessa Bayardo
      Vanessa Bayardo 15 days ago

      I did the math and they are each paying 700 plus per month. So if this woman is working 30 hrs a week for 11 dlls an hour, she is been left with 550 a month after rent, but then there are other expenses afterwards.

  • You Only LIve Once
    You Only LIve Once 18 days ago +1

    *The U.S. is a boat sinking slowly*

    • The road to Ireland
      The road to Ireland 14 days ago

      Lucky the rest of us are also gone batty,we're all going down with ya buddy.

  • Crosshair
    Crosshair 19 days ago

    Stop listening to right wing propaganda about raising the wages, we need the raise and even more

    • The road to Ireland
      The road to Ireland 14 days ago

      If you were in demand you'd be getting paid more,what are you doing currently doing to up skilli ? i know the government is not coming to save me and i am acting accordingly.

      I don't watch t.v netflix,movies nothing.

      I learn for learning sake because some day one of those skills might stop me from starving to death,i win or i die there's no middle ground.

    • T S
      T S 14 days ago +1

      Why? They are more correct than the left wing. The left want everything given to them & want no responsibility.
      It's still better to live here than most countries because opportunity is every where because of capitalism and freedom. If you don't like it you are always free to change it. No one else owes you anything.

  • Vasko Jiliev
    Vasko Jiliev 20 days ago

    Thats not unfair, It's unfortunate, don't talk about unfair

  • Bernie Smith
    Bernie Smith 20 days ago

    Autumn needs to take voice lessons. She does not have a good speaking voice and is hard to understand.

  • Roswitha Bearfield
    Roswitha Bearfield 20 days ago

    Capitalism is morally corrupt.

    • The road to Ireland
      The road to Ireland 14 days ago

      It's the best game in town,the variants of socialism are failing everywhere still.

      Marx was a nut who depended on the productive class working in factories,he was a despicable character.

  • microesfera100
    microesfera100 20 days ago +1

    lower the minimum wage

  • Shantelle Stryyssar
    Shantelle Stryyssar 21 day ago +1

    I'm a shift lead at my store and make $14.00 an hour...I'm homeless in denver my native state working 93 hours every pay check

    • playboymaxim
      playboymaxim 20 days ago

      That's the make too much to qualify for benefits but not enough to live on SMH. I would still try though

  • John Province
    John Province 21 day ago +1

    Extremely Cheap People youtubes can be viewed at the public library for free. Take notes.

    • The road to Ireland
      The road to Ireland 14 days ago

      Always be learning your life depends on it.

      We were given the internet to be inventive with it,unfortunately most don't do anything with it and wonder why they go to bed hungry.

  • Drivethru183
    Drivethru183 21 day ago +1

    But I bet she’s ahead of most Americans. She doesn’t have Credit Card DEBT. And she has her HEALTH cuz she can’t afford drugs or cigarettes!! In my book she’s winning!!!!

  • Lauren Medlock
    Lauren Medlock 21 day ago +1

    A lot of my friends are moving from CA because they cannot afford it anymore. Even with a good job, they end up moving to where I currently live, Texas.

  • MrGruffteddybear
    MrGruffteddybear 21 day ago

    Raising the minimum wage doesn't help anyone. Businesses raise prices to match the increase so those that were at
    poverty wage are still at poverty wage. Making the minimum 15.00 makes it the poverty wage, not a decent wage as it was before. It hurts those that were making 15.00 because most companies won't raise their wages to match the increase so they are now back at minimum and their purchasing power is decreased.

  • MrGruffteddybear
    MrGruffteddybear 21 day ago

    Raising the minimum wage doesn't help anyone. Businesses raise prices to match the increase so those that were at
    poverty wage are still at poverty wage. Making the minimum 15.00 makes it the poverty wage, not a decent wage as it was before. It hurts those that were making 15.00 because most companies won't raise their wages to match the increase so they are now back at minimum and their purchasing power is decreased.

  • Jalen
    Jalen 21 day ago +20

    Just keep hustlin Autumn. You'll reach your dreams and you'll get there

  • Jeffrey Smith
    Jeffrey Smith 21 day ago

    Another city destroyed by Democrats

  • Janet Kazarowski
    Janet Kazarowski 22 days ago

    Do they really need to buy the Seventh Generation eco friendly detergent and organic cereal though. Buy some eggs, cheap and full of nutrients