This Girl SURPRISED The Judges With This Song


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  • BTS kook
    BTS kook 17 days ago

    she makes beautiful cover with emotion

  • BTS kook
    BTS kook 17 days ago

    this cover makes beautiful and with emotion

  • Smokey Bear FC
    Smokey Bear FC 21 day ago

    I think she was lip syncing

  • annabhaguanda
    annabhaguanda 22 days ago

    i like her voice so much .i love you

  • yourstrulylauren
    yourstrulylauren 23 days ago

    Not that impressed at all honestly

  • Socorra Bowen
    Socorra Bowen 23 days ago

    What song is she singing?

  • Gra Nastas
    Gra Nastas 23 days ago

    She is perfect!

  • Carolee Johnson
    Carolee Johnson 23 days ago

    She needs polished.

  • Wayne Higgins
    Wayne Higgins 23 days ago

    Thought she was good to be honest

  • Jessica Jarvis
    Jessica Jarvis 23 days ago

    What is the song that starts at 4:09?

  • matt rick
    matt rick 23 days ago


  • tonito zhimo
    tonito zhimo 23 days ago

    She has a good voice
    I'm loving it...

  • dani899067
    dani899067 24 days ago

    She as such a gorgeous singing voice

  • dani899067
    dani899067 24 days ago

    I love people who sing on the X factor they have such beautiful voices and beautiful passion in their spirt

  • Melrose Lockwood
    Melrose Lockwood 24 days ago

    I mean she has a good voice and good technique but she does a weird thing with her mouth while she sings and it sounds strange

    MLEPOS1 24 days ago

    Needs to refine her voice a bit; This will come with time and practice. She also chose the wrong song for her voice type.

  • Sophie Morton
    Sophie Morton 24 days ago

    60 or 16 I’m guessing 16

  • Celisse Willis
    Celisse Willis 24 days ago

    She looks like she could pass for 19 or 20. Very nature looking & sounding for only 16... her dad is hot though 😁

  • Mamu Mamu
    Mamu Mamu 24 days ago

    I am in love with new york

  • Dung Nguyen
    Dung Nguyen 25 days ago

    She's a cutie haha

  • Patrice Blackwood
    Patrice Blackwood 25 days ago

    I just love her

  • El Mataviejitas
    El Mataviejitas 25 days ago

    Look at those leggings dang forget the singing

  • Ameena Pierstorff
    Ameena Pierstorff 25 days ago +1

    I actually thought this was bad. Really bad actually. But her voice was powerful. Potential. Just not there yet.

  • Zaira Alam
    Zaira Alam 25 days ago

    She was really good. But she let her accent get in her way

  • susan cham
    susan cham 25 days ago

    New Yor? Uhm , yeah no. Pronounce the "K" ffs lol

  • Alberta Reid
    Alberta Reid 25 days ago

    Beautiful young lady🥰🍉👌🏾👍🏾🍇🍓🌺😍👩‍❤️‍👩

  • Temjener Walls
    Temjener Walls 25 days ago

    Omg ..
    She is sooo cute .❤️😘
    And I love her accent.👌
    Her voice 👌👌👍.
    "Like " if you agree 😆🙂☺️

  • Love Rays
    Love Rays 25 days ago

    90% yes

  • Alpha Yuki
    Alpha Yuki 25 days ago

    She is very beautiful tho

  • Rubz Mc07
    Rubz Mc07 25 days ago

    Simon: “I like turtles.”
    The girl: “I like turtles too!”


  • Adelbert Meek
    Adelbert Meek 25 days ago

    Beautiful young lady.Lovely voice.

  • Seth Barker
    Seth Barker 25 days ago

    wow she is so good I love your video lot 😱😱😱

  • Brigitte
    Brigitte 25 days ago

    No, i think its not good

  • Keira Logsdon
    Keira Logsdon 26 days ago

    Not impressed.changed key.and her voice kept shaking.Hated the song

  • GamerGirl 202
    GamerGirl 202 26 days ago

    Just kidding I am 9 years old

  • GamerGirl 202
    GamerGirl 202 26 days ago

    I am 60 years old

    SOUTHBRONX PAPI 26 days ago

    she has a good voice but not too overpowering but she started off slow and thats where she lost me,maybe it was how she butchered the song lol

  • Rebecca Maher
    Rebecca Maher 26 days ago

    Everyone: Her voice is good! 😘
    Me: I love her outfit! 😘

  • zarrie love
    zarrie love 26 days ago

    She starts singing at 1:04

  • Dayvideo
    Dayvideo 26 days ago

    I never went to New Youa

  • chai Israel
    chai Israel 26 days ago

    i hate that fake nicole as been

  • Amanda EVES
    Amanda EVES 26 days ago

    Wow the industry must be so so difficult to get into. She didn't get to live shows. Thought she was amazing 💖💖💖💖

  • sara smail
    sara smail 26 days ago

    I thought I had I problem in my ears but it's just she missed the K in New York..

  • Joe Whalley blogs
    Joe Whalley blogs 26 days ago

    Simons my favourite celeb because he is rude when it goes wrong but that's what makes him a supportive man

  • Toasty Tacos
    Toasty Tacos 26 days ago

    This was uploaded 1 day after my birthday

  • Francisco Betancourt
    Francisco Betancourt 26 days ago


  • Jane And Sophia
    Jane And Sophia 26 days ago


  • Jane And Sophia
    Jane And Sophia 26 days ago

    I like turtles.

  • It's The Living Dead
    It's The Living Dead 26 days ago

    I think the song choice suited her well.

  • Elizabeth Wilson
    Elizabeth Wilson 26 days ago

    Leona Lewis is a hard voice to compare to.. she's gold. 👏

  • Insyirah Farzana
    Insyirah Farzana 26 days ago

    She has that disney song voice

  • Angel Dreamurr
    Angel Dreamurr 26 days ago

    This girl makes Wigan look awsome. I am from wigan.

  • 80 Slim Shady's
    80 Slim Shady's 26 days ago

    She missed a lot of syllables and letters at the end of words

  • 80 Slim Shady's
    80 Slim Shady's 26 days ago

    I thought they invented the Language? It's gives me a headache hearing the English butcher their own language so badly

  • 80 Slim Shady's
    80 Slim Shady's 26 days ago

    ''Whats the turtles name?''


  • Sally Ot
    Sally Ot 26 days ago

    They all are being too picky! She had great voice. Why hard for Nicole to say yes?!! Annoying 🙄

  • Douglas bunn
    Douglas bunn 26 days ago

    What the fuck is the kid singing,,a song off a Disney movie???

  • Hunter Gamer Drone
    Hunter Gamer Drone 26 days ago

    What a babe.

  • Funnygirl Vlogs
    Funnygirl Vlogs 27 days ago

    Simon cowell is so hot

  • Hayley James
    Hayley James 27 days ago


  • Susanna M
    Susanna M 27 days ago

    She reminds me of Lindsay Lohan. Nice voice.

  • Gwen Wheeling
    Gwen Wheeling 27 days ago

    She's not even that good tho....

  • Magnificent 26
    Magnificent 26 27 days ago


  • Charlie J. Mattew
    Charlie J. Mattew 27 days ago

    okay, who is her mum? somebody knows? what did she do?

  • Winter Cookie
    Winter Cookie 27 days ago


  • James Martin
    James Martin 27 days ago

    She pretty af

  • blazsolar
    blazsolar 27 days ago sweet...

  • Gokart16
    Gokart16 27 days ago

    i love her hair

  • jazzy boo
    jazzy boo 27 days ago


  • lps TACO
    lps TACO 27 days ago

    *I LiKe TuRTleS*

  • mommina akhtar
    mommina akhtar 27 days ago

    0:01 hy

  • نورة البشري
    نورة البشري 27 days ago

    She rocks 🤩🤩

  • Chelle Weatherspoon
    Chelle Weatherspoon 27 days ago

    She's got some lungs on her! S lot of potential. She can sing.

  • Nayyar UM
    Nayyar UM 27 days ago

    What is the surprise there? LOL

  • Alizaya Mills
    Alizaya Mills 27 days ago

    Let's vote Simon.

  • Marshishu Ishu
    Marshishu Ishu 27 days ago

    *sucks through teeth*
    No..I love her voice, yea, but..her vocals don’t suit low keys. I love though, how the judges gave her the benefit of the doubt.

  • Me Me
    Me Me 28 days ago

    She wasn’t that great lol kinda messy to be honest. She is super pretty though. I think that’s what everyones distracted by..

  • Leroy Trujillo
    Leroy Trujillo 28 days ago

    Not loving Nichole. ? A strange reaction ?

  • blue roses
    blue roses 28 days ago


  • Sara Hammoud
    Sara Hammoud 28 days ago

    Her father looks like jason stathom

  • Amelia Linneberg-Agerholm

    shes not really that good

  • u failed the test !
    u failed the test ! 28 days ago

    She is good

  • u failed the test !
    u failed the test ! 28 days ago

    When deadpool is the voice actor of fucking pikachu lmao

  • Ashley Crouch
    Ashley Crouch 28 days ago

    She does look like a pop star,and does have a powerful voice,but this was a very bad song choice. I think with the right songs in boot camp she could go very far though.

  • The Moonlit Quill
    The Moonlit Quill 28 days ago

    Last I heard it was called 'New YoRK'. Drove me nuts when she kept singing 'New Yo'. Great voice, she was a bit off key and needs to pronounce her words more clearly. Vocal coaching can help with that. She's definitely talented!

  • Katrina Jade
    Katrina Jade 28 days ago +1

    Nicole is one jealous bitch

  • Avigeya
    Avigeya 28 days ago

    Спасибо! Умница!

    ANUPAMA HALDAR 28 days ago

    She is so pretty

  • Philippe Planchet
    Philippe Planchet 28 days ago


  • Zipperneck
    Zipperneck 29 days ago

    An exceedingly beautiful young woman with massive talent.

  • Janice Shin
    Janice Shin 29 days ago

    That was bad wtff

  • Aunixx
    Aunixx 29 days ago

    thats best voice ive ever heard

  • Francesca Berger
    Francesca Berger 29 days ago

    I acc love her jeans 😂😍😍

  • Eleanor Phillips
    Eleanor Phillips 29 days ago

    not once did she sing New York, it was New Yawr!

  • Katie Hirst
    Katie Hirst 29 days ago

    I met that girl and went to the same school as her ❤️

  • Hazel Sanchez
    Hazel Sanchez 29 days ago

    The way she said "new york" 😂

  • Sarah Lane
    Sarah Lane 29 days ago

    Beautiful voice but she didn't say New York once.

  • kinata kofa
    kinata kofa 29 days ago


  • Kaay Jo
    Kaay Jo 29 days ago

    Sharon is dressed like Colonel Sanders 😂

  • ItsRayven Tillis
    ItsRayven Tillis Month ago