Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover Live! - 7 Baby Steps

  • Published on Jan 4, 2017
  • Biblical financial wisdom explained!

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  • Lee Jay
    Lee Jay 16 hours ago

    I don't appreciate his political rants though!

  • Lee Jay
    Lee Jay 16 hours ago

    This has really helped me. I'm absolutely fed up with being in debt!

  • Khatiya Chenda William
    Khatiya Chenda William 17 hours ago

    Thank you for the secret Mr. Ramsey I'm on my way to become a millionaire when I retire🥰❤

    JOHN PETTY 21 hour ago

    WHAT IF YOU'RE 50 AND TRY TO START SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!??? I have done something i should've done .......... YEARS & YEARS AGO ..... I've manage to save $1,500 (plus as I'm catching more hours a work) , ive NEVER saved from this day going BACK!!!! So this is HUGE for me to have $1,500.

  • Jimmy Thomas
    Jimmy Thomas 5 days ago

    It's sad that guys like this assume the average person makes 60k a year. Not all of us went to college bud. Or can afford it.

  • RealRichard D
    RealRichard D 5 days ago

    I loved his book. So many great things in it.
    amzn.to/2lcLysH in case anyone is interested. He also has a great budgeting tool at everydollar.com
    I use it as the app, but site works great too.

  • maniac attack
    maniac attack 6 days ago


  • Motoryzen
    Motoryzen 10 days ago

    18:45 to 18:55. I'm sorry to say Dave, but no...females ..women are NOT smarter than men on the subject of financial security given it's a FACT that literally MOST of all student loan debt in the USA are contracted by females and LITERALLY....MOST of the degrees or programs that females go into involving college student loan debt is in BULLSHIT such as sociology. psychology, and even worst often is liberal arts ...gender studies and feminism ( facepalm).

    Now, the actual REAL.women...the smart ones..go for medical field education programs involving nursing or xray technicians, doctrines & phd's to become doctors and surgeons. Even NURSES are FAR more job market valuable ( in EVERY CONTEXT btw) than some assclown pretending she can cater to your feelings while pushing her feminazism agenda.

    Most men, and I'm not talking about these feminine acting soyboy cucks and idiot simps ( simp stands for SExually Immature, Male Prostitute btw), get degrees in USEFUL fields of job market-connected education such as welding, engineering, medical field to become doctor's and surgeons, autotechnicians, or any other REAL trade career that will always be in demand regardless of what technology dictates from one decade to the next.

    So..NO..Dave...women are NOT smarter NOR wiser in the context of financial security ...by in ..large..when you look at the historical facts for the past 20 years across the nation.

  • Emily
    Emily 11 days ago +2

    I'm very grateful to have grown up with parents that listened to Dave Ramsey's radio show. In a week, I will be 21 with a car that I bought in cash and no personal debt. I have $3,500 in the bank, but am working on getting that $1000 cash emergency fund.

    • Motoryzen
      Motoryzen 10 days ago

      If you have 3500 in the bank, you already have Baby Step 1 completed..Just do with that 1 grand how you wish involving having quick access to it be it leaving it in that bank account, putting it in a different one, or just yank out the cash and stuff that grand into an envelope labeled emergency fund, and hide it somewhere only you know about

      That leaves 2500 to go towards baby step 3 ( full 6 months of living expenses). Congrats gal. You're kicking ass

  • James Lee Jr
    James Lee Jr 15 days ago +1

    I found Dave Ramsey last year. Which i was 37. Im struggling thought this life. I have been wanting to call in talk to him. But im trying my hardest fix what i mess up.

  • Oscar Efrain
    Oscar Efrain 17 days ago

    Do you Know what Mortgage Means? Agreement till Dead. You think you own a house cause you pay for it...well, stop paying property payment and see what happen next..

  • -Nåłi Gåchå-
    -Nåłi Gåchå- 28 days ago +1

    I finally found him😂 i hear my dad always listening to this and im just like hmmmm whats this even about

  • Nathaniel Wright
    Nathaniel Wright 29 days ago

    How do I know how much debt I have? I know that is a stupid question. I own my house, but in my early 20s I had like a credit card or two I let go and recently two years ago I totaled my car and my birthday was the day before the accident. I work third shift and forgot to renew my license, so my insurance company said I did not have a license at the time of my accident, but I have not fought it yet. Anyway, I was just curious when he refers to starting to pay off debt. I need to know what are my debts and then from there I can start the ball rolling.

  • Ahmed Bashir
    Ahmed Bashir Month ago

    I got massage sir

    • Motoryzen
      Motoryzen 10 days ago

      Well..I suppose you felt better from the guy or girl's hands on you eh? " massage".

      Dave gave a " message". Sometimes, it can be a different thing..and other times from a woman..it can be the same thing....a massage..sending a message xD

  • BJ McCoy
    BJ McCoy Month ago +4

    blows my mind how people talk about this guy when hes right. it's all common since.


    Man I wish I had seen Dave’s videos before getting in to this 60k truck that I got 6 months ago now I’m stuck with it and I’m having a hard time paying it

    • Motoryzen
      Motoryzen 10 days ago

      How are you stuck with a vehicle you can still sell?

      In every single one of those exact calls to Dave, he always tells the caller given it ends up being the same "value of the vehicle" situation..that to sell it, borrow the difference if needed, and pay back that borrowed difference loan ( which is ALWAYS....FAR...cheaper and faster to becoming free from the long term higher priced debt of that brand new vehicle than otherwise), and THEN..buy a 2 to 5 grand used car and take it from there.

      Now as far as pickup trucks go, trying to find one for less than even 8 grand is hard these days ( as far as trucks that haven't been ran to hell and back into the ground with 400k + mileage). So if you're HAVING to have a truck, meaning literally you use it from DAILY hauling and towing work to make living, then your price range might be a little higher than a beater/cheap car. How much higher is hard to call though.

      If there is another option I'm not aware of, I don't remember it at the moment. All good vibes meant. cheers.

  • Don Juan
    Don Juan Month ago

    Don’t like evangelicals but Dave’s financial advice should be a religion

  • Maryann Lozano
    Maryann Lozano Month ago

    You're not only Awesome, you're more than that! You're an Awesome Blessing!!! An Awesome, Humbling, Blessed Man!

  • political assassin
    political assassin Month ago

    Most men are broke because of women, work hard, save, dont ever get married to a broke broad! Bad credit! Etc women dont save like men
    Most cc debt is carried by women. Purses, clothes, shoes! Etc!

  • InsideOutside UpsideDown

    Baby step 5 only works if you have your kids from 0 to 18. Speaking from someone who adopted our children, if they are already 12 and 13 years old, this will not work. Yeah, it sucks. I wish i had foresight because i could not save for my kids college.

    • Motoryzen
      Motoryzen 10 days ago

      They can learn how to work. 12 and 13 years old is plenty old enough to start mowing lawns/lawn care work, babysitting kids and/or neighbors dogs, washing cars, shit like that. They can start the baby steps just like us adults, but you could alter how that works if you're solid on taking care of the household like a successful parent should be.

      Does a 12 or 13 year old kid need 1 grand just put aside for emergencies only? I'd probably say no. What emergency could a KID have? wwaaa my iPhone 20 broke. I need a new one. " NO...katie...ya don't. Buy that $200.00 ZTE 5.5 or 6 inch 1080p android phone and suck it up buttercup...you can drain your mentallity away on trashbook just as well on android as ya can on iOS."

      So...given that they really don't even need to deal with baby step 1, they can get used to just saving literally 1/3 of every time they get paid for college...by the time they're 15 or 16, they're old enough to work at the grocery store being a cashier, bagger, stocker and make some more consistent money at minimum wage or possibly higher. By the time it's time to really look at paperwork and plan on the college attendance, ...IF...those kids STUCK to the plan of saving 33% of every paycheck..they will have already established the right financial management habits needed as a REAL life skill to stay a float in this harsh world...and they will be able ..chances are ...worst case...pay for each semester as it comes..even without a scholarship.

      But, most kids that grow up successfully adapting the mentality of " paying yourself by saving" often end up making the great grades TO receive the scholarships and grants. Often, it's a natural human package of success.

      Regardless, it's not like if you want to that you can't start helping them save up for college by matching their own cash or whatever college saving contributions ( like 1 dollar for their every 3 or something like that).


  • Le Da
    Le Da Month ago

    Thank you so much

  • Cheryl Smith
    Cheryl Smith Month ago +1

    I will be debt free tomorrow after I pay off $3,500 student loan and $1,000 in credit card debt. Oh, the smell of debt free. F/O student loan, F/O credit card, F/O Kohl's credit card. Bye, bye. Empowerment here I come!

    • Motoryzen
      Motoryzen 10 days ago

      I cleared step 2 May 17 2019. I already have over another grand built up working on Step 3. It feels FUCKING GREAT!! I feel like Macho Man in his prime ( obviously without the steroids though lol. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOYEEAAAAAAH )

  • The Lady Inquisiteur
    The Lady Inquisiteur Month ago +1

    Is there an app that is preferred for Budgeting??

    • Alex Gayer
      Alex Gayer  Month ago

      The Lady Inquisiteur Everydollar.com is made by Dave Ramsey's company. I've used it for three years and love it.

  • Brent Shuffler
    Brent Shuffler Month ago

    Being debt-free is awesome! The less debt you have, and the fewer payments you have, the more freedom you have to do good for others around you. It gives us the power of choices: e.g., if I do not like my job, I can get a new one, without fearing the future; e.g., I can start the business or charity or support the cause that I want to see grow in my community.

  • Ej_ L
    Ej_ L Month ago +15

    22 and joining this wagon!!! Thank you Mr.Ramsey!

    • Joseph Lang
      Joseph Lang 6 days ago

      Same here brother

    • Fa Xoxo
      Fa Xoxo Month ago

      Ej_ L early 20’s crew yassss I am 21

  • Dinh Tran
    Dinh Tran Month ago +1

    Use to have the wrong mindset until I discovered Dave's method. I can honestly say this should be taught in every school. His knowledge on finance is incredibly helpful. Thanks to him I'm paying my debts wayyyy earlier than I ever imagined! I just have $2000 left and getting it done this month! I can't wait to be financially free!!!

  • Sandra Young
    Sandra Young Month ago

    I know the importance of having a emergency fund cant believe how my jar full of change and saving every five dollar bill got me there

  • Michael Ott
    Michael Ott Month ago

    12 minutes in and I'm LMAO!!!!

  • Artty 1975
    Artty 1975 2 months ago

    This same enthusiasm hit me when I decided to quit drinking. When I was done drinking. Nothing was going to stop me!

  • Darlene Sewell
    Darlene Sewell 2 months ago +5

    Young people please listen to this man! I am 77 and in debt . Because I did every Dave said not to do.

  • AnayJesusb 5
    AnayJesusb 5 2 months ago

    Powerful Wow😊

  • Jessie Urelind
    Jessie Urelind 2 months ago +1

    I didn't know that Mr Dave Ramsey was such a rockstar. Love him

  • Matt's Ordinary Mashups and Stuff

    Super Saiyan Blue Dave Ramsey Unleashed!!

  • Kenneth Pollard
    Kenneth Pollard 2 months ago

    What kind of interest is is on a roth. Not sure how $240000 can build over $5000000 . I would think maybe half a million or even a million at most. If someone can explain how it would build to $5 million or move let me know that be much appreciated.

    • Motoryzen
      Motoryzen 10 days ago

      A roth ira is NOT taxed on the growth. That's the primary reason why it usually ends up far higher in overall monetary individual value when it's time to slowly start drawing retirement paychecks towards yourself. Beyond that I forgot if there are any other details.

  • Kenneth Pollard
    Kenneth Pollard 2 months ago +3

    I would recommend a 1 year emergency fund not a 6 month. I been out of work for 8 months before so year will be better 2 yrs even better. But start with the $1000 and grow to 6 months to start with just don't stop growing the emergency fund.

  • Douglas Martinez
    Douglas Martinez 2 months ago

    Didn't touch a single instrument but still got the ovation of a rockstar.

  • Sandra L Moore
    Sandra L Moore 2 months ago

    ironically, i used the picture frame to save money for a time. life hit and i had actually forgotten id done it. found it when desperately needed it. so irony paid off just called it the irony due to the laughter in video over woman doing it that way.

  • mustangpassurchevy
    mustangpassurchevy 2 months ago +1

    When I think back On all the crap I learned in high school, It's a wonder I can think at all.
    And though my lack of education Hasn't hurt me none, I can read the writing on the wall..
    #DaveRamsey #The Borrower is Slave to the Lender

  • Tim Holmes
    Tim Holmes 2 months ago +1

    Huge thank you for sharing this video, Alex Gayer :)

    • Alex Gayer
      Alex Gayer  2 months ago

      Tim Holmes You're most welcome. Changed my life and perspective too!

  • austintexas1193
    austintexas1193 2 months ago +2

    25 years old and this man has changed my life by viewing my finances differently than the rest of people

  • Correspondent D.
    Correspondent D. 2 months ago

    u might get a Heart attack Intense if u don't fucking stop that screaming...

  • Daisy Woods
    Daisy Woods 2 months ago

    I went a bit crazy and spent more than half of money I got from a WILL. Now I’m going to put it all back ASAP somehow and use that money for a mobile home

  • Call Me Betty
    Call Me Betty 2 months ago

    hey if you and your wife file seperate taxes...you could both have ROTH irs and put in 4000 a year....and invest the rest in money market...and 401k but each having your own ROTH , 401k and MONEY MARKETS..so at retirement you both have double the money..

    • Christopher Biondi
      Christopher Biondi 2 months ago +1

      @Willie Hawaii you can put 6,000 a year into a Roth now!

    • Willie Hawaii
      Willie Hawaii 2 months ago

      Call Me Betty at 189,000 dollars. I don’t think most people have that issue

    • Call Me Betty
      Call Me Betty 2 months ago

      well i was not sure, if you were married, you had to have a joint IRA, so that you cannot make too much money. a kind of wall, to stop smart people

    • Willie Hawaii
      Willie Hawaii 2 months ago +1

      Why? It doesn’t matter if you file separately or together. The Roth IRA is 5,500 per person; not together. The same with retirement accounts

  • Call Me Betty
    Call Me Betty 2 months ago

    in one of ramseys vids i commented why i am watching them. but i should of retired at age 35 with 15million dollars. but i got married, and let the spender wife make lots of debt..now i am watching this to one, make her happy now she is on this budget thing..finally..and now TWO...to figure out how to get back to that 15 million plan before age 60...cause i want to retire with some life left in me...not on my death bed.

  • Derrick Reyes
    Derrick Reyes 2 months ago +4

    "If we were doing math we wouldn't have credit card debt"... AWESOME!!!

  • Viper
    Viper 2 months ago

    Damm he got old

    • Alex Gayer
      Alex Gayer  2 months ago

      Happens to the best of us. ☺️

  • RosaLyNNTV
    RosaLyNNTV 2 months ago

  • Target Time
    Target Time 2 months ago

    Is the esa 2000$ per family? Or $2000 per child?

  • John Jaso
    John Jaso 3 months ago

    Peach it Dave. I know of no one who’s passions about helping us loser stupid debt people. If you get offended listening to Dave, you need to take a self spiritual check.

  • Alexis Banks
    Alexis Banks 3 months ago +6

    The good news is I'm 15. The bad news is I'm only watching the video for ten dollars from my mom. If you watch this then watch motivational speaker of Just Do It, then you'll feel motivated and good about saving!👍

    • Target Time
      Target Time 2 months ago

      Alexis banks keep it up. Im 30 now. Started 401k at 26.
      If instarted this at 18 WOW!
      Only been listening to Dave Ramsey for 3 months. In 3 months a very large change in my savings.
      I have always been against credit cards because im cheap. I'm not paying someone $1800 for me to soend $900. Not doing it. But I was spending everything I made

  • V P
    V P 3 months ago +1

    I have roughly 6,000 in credit card debt & 13k from school loans. I have just graduated nursing school and a good friend of mine that is an experienced icu nurse told me to watch this. I haven’t seen a nurse check yet, but when I do I’m going to use it wisely. I am doing this to see my progress, I don’t have a timetable on when I will pay it off, but I will do it in the littlest time possible. I hope this motivates and inspires you. I’ll keep you posted

    • Rewrite Your Stars
      Rewrite Your Stars 2 months ago

      Love it! I'm in a similar situation so for I've paid of $59,000 and am working on the rest I graduate as a Physical Therapist in December.

  • Roo ClickNet
    Roo ClickNet 3 months ago

    I found Uncle Dave Ramsey 2012! I wish I listened earlier. Baby Step 1

  • Genavieve Shaw
    Genavieve Shaw 3 months ago

    Yes, i learned how stupid my husband was to listen to liars like Dave about giiving a 10 th of our income about 25 years ago. Unfortunately, my hubbie is still deceived. I think Dave Ramsey is nothing but a chubby bald hirelinh!

  • Yamileth Escobar
    Yamileth Escobar 3 months ago

    What if the smallest debts are 0% interests? What’s your advice on that? I have $1800 on 2 credit cards with 0% interest. One is $900 and the promotion is ending in September and I have until next year to pay off the other one of $900. Should I skip these on Step 2? I’m thinking on saving the rest of what I make for the next step while these promotions end. It’s only taking $228/month to satisfy the promotion being paid off in time.

  • John Melendez
    John Melendez 3 months ago +8

    Baby step 1 Done!! On to baby step #2, wish me luck guys 🙏

    • Rewrite Your Stars
      Rewrite Your Stars 2 months ago +1

      Still working on baby step #2, it's kicking my but but I'm working on it!

    • baby Mend
      baby Mend 2 months ago

      Awesome !!!!!

    • John Melendez
      John Melendez 2 months ago +1

      @baby Mend I'm running man. I'm running like a gazelle.

    • baby Mend
      baby Mend 2 months ago +2

      No luck!!.. Focus, at Gazelle intensity !!! Runnnnnn 😄

  • Alec Pinnock
    Alec Pinnock 3 months ago

    19:41 hahaha

  • Tony Farias
    Tony Farias 3 months ago

    FPU is the best thing! It means freedom!! On baby step 2, all cards gone, next thing is my Toyota!!! Thanks Dave!

  • tyy252
    tyy252 3 months ago

    I paid off $80 thousand in student loan debt. I’m starting all over again.

  • Larry Boone
    Larry Boone 3 months ago

    Thank you Mr Ramsey.

  • Rob
    Rob 3 months ago

    More Dave Ramsay incorrect financial advice. Like 2008 when he couldn't understand what the drivers were for real esate price increases or recognise what would cause the decreases.

    • Rob
      Rob 3 months ago

      @Aspen Love No, but plenty of power drunk idiots have an audience with thousands watching them. Have you seen this guy's record of failures?

      If not then try this - tvclip.biz/video/S98_eMax9xo/video.html OR tvclip.biz/video/ZladO06LVNI/video.html

      If you want one try some guy with plenty of followers who are hooked on him but are delusional try somene like John Edward (the psychic), the guy who consistently dupes gullible people into believing they can contact the dead though him. he has so many followers but you have to wonder why. All true believers who have a some psychological problem they need proper therapy for yet have sadly not sought it.

      Would you want to be just someone with those types of followers? Are you one of them ?
      If you would think the number of followers is some indication of their knowledge or competence you are sadly mistaken.

    • Aspen Love
      Aspen Love 3 months ago

      Rob do you have an audience with thousands of people watching you

  • Kevin Tunaley
    Kevin Tunaley 3 months ago +1

    best advice for men that I can give, don't get married .

    • Angela Lewis
      Angela Lewis 3 months ago

      And for women too....at least wait to get married and have children until you are definitely financially, emotional. Mentally ready....even then, make sure your mate is on the same page you are...

  • John Lester
    John Lester 3 months ago

    Get on a budget. INSTANT RAISE!

  • Juan Macias
    Juan Macias 3 months ago

    that is my thinking yeeha so I am not crazy just saving for the Emergency insurance plus when I need invest in my business I got it this gay is so right I love this kind of mind.

  • MD H.
    MD H. 3 months ago +40

    I feel like I’m in a Baptist’s Church and someone handed him the wrong book to talk about. Great video

  • acuadras12
    acuadras12 3 months ago

    Accoring to all the comments here im lucky to be here at 19 with no debt but im so confused i know nothing about this can somone help me pls 🙏 Thanks in advance

    • patryck silva
      patryck silva 2 months ago

      Look up the Dave ramsey radio show 800# and call him directly and ask him... he takes all kinds of calls life.
      I wish I did this your age.
      Good look!

  • VanillaSlash
    VanillaSlash 3 months ago +2

    Damn this guy's good!

  • martin sinclair
    martin sinclair 3 months ago +1

    I think old Dave never wanted to be a financial man. He wanted to be a southern preacher. These are likely all good points but no way I could listen to more than five minutes of this

  • The havoc Messi
    The havoc Messi 4 months ago +9

    Thanks Dave Ramsey now I have 12k In savings. I have a budget now.

  • Elvis Ogbonda
    Elvis Ogbonda 4 months ago +37

    Wish i have heard this in my 20s...I am 38yrs, in debt and broke😭😭😭. One step at a time...

    • Dawn Lilyanne
      Dawn Lilyanne Month ago +3

      SaME!! but, 37! May this year be the year we see and execute some change, my friend!

  • قناة علمتني أمريكا

    Great information but this dude damaged my ears

  • Matrixqc
    Matrixqc 4 months ago

    My favourite of all Dave teachings on how to manage your money click here - tvclip.biz/video/wSgbY0NBhZM/video.html

  • Suzanne M Osborne
    Suzanne M Osborne 4 months ago +2

    Little things can really add up and reduce a lot of stress. Realized I'd save $80 a year if I paid car ins. in full every 6 months instead of monthly. Saved another $5/month putting phone on autopay; doesn't sound like much? Think of it this way....pay 11 months and the 12th month is free. That's what a measly $5 in savings a month really is. Saved another $6/month putting electric bill on autopay. I took it even farther last fall and averaged out usage of household supplies, etc. Then I searched the best deals on amazon, shipped free. Example: I do around 156 loads of laundry a year @ 3/week. Arm & Hammer 196 count pods with Oxiclean delivered=$19.72. I did that with Cottonelle toilet paper and all kinds of stuff in December. It was so great to start 2019 knowing those needs are met, I saved money, and I have no need to ever stand in line at Wal-Mart this year. The hidden benefit is I really saved an untold amount with all those extras you inevitably buy that were not on your list in addition to the time and gas. I am so pumped. All I have left now is $800 debt and $100,000 on my house which I'm going to attack with every tool possible. 3 more years is the goal; I'll be 50 and all my income will be MINE not the banks!

    • baby Mend
      baby Mend 2 months ago

      You go girl!!!!!!!! Let me know how you are doing!!!

  • Mitzis Nails
    Mitzis Nails 4 months ago +1

    What do I do if I don’t qualify for a Roth,?

  • Chuck Maddox
    Chuck Maddox 4 months ago

    Paying off student loans in 24 months? Lol, isn't that cute

  • tapia79r4p
    tapia79r4p 4 months ago

    step 5 28:17 save for your kids college education

  • Muse Russell23
    Muse Russell23 4 months ago

    Lmao thats exactly what i was thinking, 'thats a real neat chart if I were 19'

  • 724music
    724music 4 months ago

    Excellent information! Made me change the way I look at and handle my finances...

  • Chris S
    Chris S 4 months ago

    It really bugs me when people give credit to god for something that is just a quality of the best among us. A truly generous person will anonymously give, but god didn’t do that! A beautiful human did that! When an operation saves your life, it wasn’t god! It was an amazing human who spent the majority of their life in school and in practice learning how to save your life! Humans get the credit for all the bad we do, but not the good.

    • Lee Shorter
      Lee Shorter 3 months ago

      Chris S it is God who gives Humans the ability and the know how to perform life Saving surgeries. It is God who gives life and enables us to work so that we can receive money in order to give or bless others. Without God none of us would exist he breathed into us His Breath the Breath of Life. It is only through him that we move live and have out being. With all due respect It is God who does these things.

  • domi
    domi 4 months ago

    Any investment plans like these in Ireland ?

  • thehabboretros11
    thehabboretros11 5 months ago

    This isnt bad advice but it is near impossible to obtain a fund that averages 12 percent return also if you are using a professionally managed fund they charge 2 percent fee and also you gotta factor in the cost of inflation

  • Matt foreman
    Matt foreman 5 months ago +4

    Life changing advice, really. So simple, yet no one teaches us this in school

  • Kristi
    Kristi 5 months ago +12

    Ended 6k debt in 4 months using this. Amazing. And I can’t think of many times I’ve felt more proud of myself. It works. Do it.

  • Jeff Chapman
    Jeff Chapman 5 months ago

    40:56 Yeah, work your butt off and then not take credit for it. instead; give the credit to an entity whos existence isnt supported either logically or with credible evidence. For such a smart man, he seems pretty stupid when it comes to the death cult called christianity.

  • Reiden Lightman
    Reiden Lightman 5 months ago +41

    Time to get rid of this 77k in student loans. My wife and I have agreed to never have another credit card and never borrow money ever again.

  • jean lenor
    jean lenor 5 months ago +3

    Dave Ramsey will only get you out of debt and thats where it stops. He will not help you get wealthy. We all know that working 9 to 5 and saving every penny of it will not get you there.
    There s good debt and bad debt but he doesnt believe in any. Since most ppl who get wealthy use debt to get there, you will most not get wealthy if you follow all his advice. You need debt to start a business. You need debt to buy an apartment building that will cash flow 5k/month.
    Be careful with Dave if you wanna get wealthy.

  • jules
    jules 5 months ago

    Its double time now🤑

  • mightySILVERBACK
    mightySILVERBACK 5 months ago

    Should I pay on debts I have in collections since, using dave ramsey's steps, I won't have to focus on fico?

    • mightySILVERBACK
      mightySILVERBACK 5 months ago

      @Alex Gayer gotcha thanks

    • Alex Gayer
      Alex Gayer  5 months ago +1

      mightySILVERBACK Make sure your "4 walls" are covered: food, clothing, shelter, and basic transportation. Then hit up BS2 with the ones that are current, but push the collections back a bit. You should still resolve them in BS2, but you want to avoid new delinquent accounts. See if you can't negotiate a lower payoff amount and have the cash ready! I would save the money for large payoffs during BS2... You don't want to move on to BS3 until you're consumer-debt free. 👍

  • Tatyana Edgeworth
    Tatyana Edgeworth 5 months ago +25

    I’m 23 and learning now! I love it 🥰

    • Missy Be
      Missy Be 3 months ago +1

      Me too. Knocking off my debt ASAP. I am on Baby step #2

    G ANGEL V 5 months ago

    Im seriously going to teach my kids about finances. I really wish they tough me this when i was in school because this is actually a main priority knowing how to manage your money.

  • Jenna G.
    Jenna G. 5 months ago

    I bet ppl could save a ton more by learning that there is NO LAW that says you have to pay tax on LABOR. The IRS is ripping us all off & ppl don’t even know the laws bc they haven’t looked themselves.

    • G ANGEL V
      G ANGEL V 5 months ago

      Yes zirrr its crazy that people are so brained washed now a days, a little bit of research goes a long way. But yup your right. good to see other people that know whats up.

  • Tracy Wren
    Tracy Wren 5 months ago +1

    Baby steps! Yes. There is a process that is unique to all of us based on our individual circumstances. There’re some people who can’t find the way to save because they weren’t taught how. It’s important we save but more so that we aren’t holding on so tightly that we don’t trust God not to provide for us.

    God says, "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" Matthew 6:25

    God wants us to know that He provides for them and wants to do the same for you. We must be willing to seek Him and not the world.

  • theen cube
    theen cube 5 months ago +16

    He sounds like he is preaching religion. Savings = salvation debt = sin and credit card = satan

  • Rosa A
    Rosa A 5 months ago


  • Florine Taylor
    Florine Taylor 5 months ago +4

    The woman is the nest builder. Women do love security....he's right on that one.

    • Mucleboy01
      Mucleboy01 4 months ago

      Everyone likes security who likes insecurity???

  • billybrooks1
    billybrooks1 5 months ago +15

    Avg house payment $700? Sounds great. What planet is that?

    • billybrooks1
      billybrooks1 3 months ago +2

      Tough to save 200k. Especially when rent on apts is 1500/month or so

    • Nathan Estlund
      Nathan Estlund 3 months ago

      Rent cheap, save and put down 50% on a house.

    • billybrooks1
      billybrooks1 3 months ago

      30 grand down

    • a c
      a c 3 months ago

      Sounds like you didn't save enough to put down. The more down, the lower the month mortgage.

    • vicky madrid
      vicky madrid 5 months ago +3

      I was going to say the same thing, lol

  • T B
    T B 5 months ago

    I just received his book "Total Money Makeover" today. I'm ready.

  • Sheila Carter
    Sheila Carter 5 months ago +1

    My first message was supposed to say that the car insurance Company charges $6.50 on every payment if you make installments.( I need to learn how to text correctly LOL)

  • Sheila Carter
    Sheila Carter 5 months ago +19

    I have done everything you have suggested. At one time I owed $3,000 to $9,000 on three separate credit cards, a car payment, not a penny saved and barely enough to make the monthly payments on everything I owed. I put a stop to it!!! When I purchased a new Jeep I made up my mind I was going to pay that loan off as soon as possible and put an end to this madness of living paycheck-to-paycheck. I put every extra penny that I could scrape up and paid off my Jeep. It was a 60-month loan and I paid it off in two years and 9 months. Then I put the car payment money and any extra money I could come up with on the credit cards one at a time and then when I paid everything off I started saving for a rainy day and now I have $5,000 saved and do not owe anyone a penny and my credit score is up to 838. I also an extra $10, $20 or $30 on my electric bill and cable bill every chance I get to build up a large credit balance. That way if something comes up out of the ordinary that I need to pay I have the money to pay for that expense and can skip my light bill or cable bill that month. I also pay my car insurance bill in full every 6 months and therefore I save a lot of money that way because they want to charge you $6.50 car payment if you do not pay the full amount at one time. They are not getting my money. Is bad enough paying the outrageous premiums to start with. It feels so good to know that for the first time in my life I don't owe anyone anything. I also do my own nails and have been cutting my own hair for 35 years and everyone compliments me on it. I do everything I can to save, save, save!!

    • Naa Naa
      Naa Naa 8 days ago

      Very inspiring, I am so proud of you and happy for you, keep it up!!!!!

    • Hunee Bunee
      Hunee Bunee 3 months ago

      Sheila Carter great job

    • Brittney Young
      Brittney Young 3 months ago

      That's awesome!

  • Jade Lively
    Jade Lively 5 months ago +37

    My 2018 new year resolution was to pay off my $13,000 Student loan debt. In 10 months, I was able to pay off Sally Mae!
    The biggest change I did to make this happen = created a budget/planner and worked on my plan on how to delegate my check every 2 weeks when I receive it.
    Each dollar had a designated place.
    Life wasn't a struggle either, still lived my life.
    I only had one job in 2018 and made an average salary of $35K a year.
    By the end of 2018, I paid off $25,000 towards debt.
    You can do it!
    It is so much easier than we all believed.
    Sit down and write down everything you owe and need to pay for, bills, debt, interest rate, interest deadline date, bill due date, and rent.
    Then play the distribution game when you get your check: every dollar has a place to go.
    It made such a difference when I had a financial plan with all my bills and debt.
    Later, I found Dave Ramsey in 2019. Been watching all his videos non-stop for a week now. Wow. I hope everyone could feel how great it is to no longer have student loans or debt.
    I'll be working on videos that breaks down everything I did and expose my numbers and excel sheet template. Let me know if anyone would even be interested :D
    Good luck everyone!

    • Icarus •
      Icarus • 2 days ago

      Jade Lively I am very interested in your video ideas. 💕

    • Kenneth Pollard
      Kenneth Pollard Month ago +2

      Wow so you lived on only $10,000 that year. Cost of living must be cheap. I live in California and that wouldn't be doable.

    • vanessa0593
      vanessa0593 Month ago

      Jade Lively I’m interested in sheet please send

    • my_journey2016
      my_journey2016 Month ago

      Girl sent it to me

    • Norman Leach
      Norman Leach 2 months ago

      I'd love that excel sheet template and your method.

  • Young Hacker
    Young Hacker 6 months ago +1

    it wil take big work to understand everything said there