Lies You’re Told Your Entire Life That Trick Most People


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  • Fluffy No muffs
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    You are not going to pin this

    • Sunshine littlephilly
      Sunshine littlephilly 28 days ago

      Well I see reversed psychology still works. I knew the one about the bible, and that it never says in the bible what the forbidden fruit was. I didn't know Rabbits, like bananas.

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      Ploper Dung 2 months ago

      +Fluffy No muffs pinned*

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  • James Corriher
    James Corriher Day ago

    Rabbits love clover.

  • Neldoreth Udomiel
    Neldoreth Udomiel 2 days ago

    It's pronounced "leg-you-mm", not lagoon with an 'm'...

  • Neldoreth Udomiel
    Neldoreth Udomiel 2 days ago

    A good millennia, not century

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M 2 days ago

    Thank goodness you included the peanut. When the coffee thing came up I was about to point out how peanuts aren't nuts but I decided to wait. People would tell me their kids are allergic to nits but strangely they could eat peanuts. To which I would reply because they're beans.

  • Rocket Raccoon
    Rocket Raccoon 3 days ago

    Another lie is that you live on a spinning ball going through space. #ResearchFlatEarth

  • Joel Schama
    Joel Schama 3 days ago

    The shadow upon the moon is NOT cast by the Earth, it is simply the phase of the moon in which the sun covers it partly where it is located in its orbit. FACT. The only time you see the shadow of the Earth is during an eclipse.

  • Super Cartoonist
    Super Cartoonist 5 days ago +1

    10:16 Actually, you have to hold down the button for it to closes. Same for the open button.
    I live in the US and I've been using the elevators at my job for years, so I know how they work!
    You can holding the open button down and it will never closes, and holding the close button while someone standing in the doorway it will closes on them.

  • khronos PL
    khronos PL 5 days ago

    Buttons work in EU (Belgium - Schindler)

  • khronos PL
    khronos PL 5 days ago

    In Polish, coffee beans are = ziarna kawy,
    which is translated as "coffee seeds" :)

  • Cee Moe
    Cee Moe 6 days ago

    ok this idiot lost me when his lie of space was said...only a dumbass belives nasa and if the older people belived that it was round then people were alot stupider further back then thought.......lololol what a dumbass

    TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE 7 days ago +1

    Nothing good has come from Sweden, glad that they're country is falling apart and they're people are too stupid to stop it from happening. Eventually Sweden will be like Iraq

  • E S
    E S 7 days ago

    Mauna kea surprised me as the tallest mt. It is odd how we have been told lies as facts

  • Ringolero
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  • Bob Dobalina
    Bob Dobalina 8 days ago

    Um, the earth is flat. Start doing the research ( and just lookjng at it ), and the scales will fall frm your eyes.

  • Erin Smith
    Erin Smith 9 days ago

    Haha, peanuts grow underground, wtf. No.

  • meesie 506
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    My bunny loves carrots more than anything

    • meesie 506
      meesie 506 6 days ago

      +Erin Smith oh okay thanks.

    • Erin Smith
      Erin Smith 6 days ago

      +meesie 506 What you said basically means your bunny loves carrots more, and then anything. It's "than".

    • meesie 506
      meesie 506 8 days ago

      +Erin Smith I don't understand is there something wrong with my grammar?

    • Erin Smith
      Erin Smith 9 days ago

      carrots... then anything

  • Lovuschka
    Lovuschka 9 days ago

    "Cholesterol is dangerous".
    "Climate change is human made".

  • Kylie Ruddock
    Kylie Ruddock 9 days ago

    close door buttons work in Japanese elevators.

  • Linda Gonzalez
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  • Joseph Bailey
    Joseph Bailey 10 days ago

    Thales hypothesized the round Earth idea hundreds of years before Pythagoras.

  • Leslie Motschman
    Leslie Motschman 10 days ago

    This was pretty use less knowledge

    MARIO FERRARI 10 days ago +1

    The elevator button reminds me of the dislike button on TVclip comments!

  • Wary of Extremes
    Wary of Extremes 11 days ago

    Talks about goldfish...shows carp/koi.
    And so many others as mentioned.

  • Wary of Extremes
    Wary of Extremes 11 days ago

    A Chinese Emperor dreamed that someone could see the great wall from the MOON!! THAT'S the original claim, and it's a testable claim. What's 'From space' mean? Nothing, really.
    You can't see it with your naked eyes from the moon, but depending on how close you are to earth, obviously at some altitude you can still see it from 'space'.

  • Iris Waldenburger
    Iris Waldenburger 11 days ago

    Well the coffee and peanut thing is just being pedantic... and not exactly a lie

  • tinkmarshino
    tinkmarshino 11 days ago +1

    you mean to tell me cartoons are not real! Well spiders do come down from the ceilings in the evenings.. so then can you see the wall from space or not? you are kind of ambiguous with that one... the food pyramid is well know by whom everyone born before 1962? Now you have shattered my world the tongue map wrong? what the hell happened? Who is in charge here!? Bean, seed.. are you kidding me? BFD.. oh... oh... now pea nuts are not nuts.. OH MY GOD.. the LIES the unpredicted LIES!!! someone must die! lying to us about beans and nuts and mountains.. mountains for gosh sake.. well I feel so used and abused now... the only thing left is death.. we can die right? that wasn't a lie too was it... oh forget it.. I am gonna go do laundry...

  • Derva Kommt von hinten

    Another myth you´ve been told. The ancient Greeks lived a good CENTURY before the medieval people.... 3:21

  • Kagen Aeby
    Kagen Aeby 11 days ago

    Its pronounced mou-nuh keh-ah

  • Apollo 1-0-1
    Apollo 1-0-1 11 days ago

    boiiii MEAT IS NOT ON THE PYRAMID! It now is protein they actually changed it

  • Apollo 1-0-1
    Apollo 1-0-1 11 days ago +3

    Most of these are just partial lies

    LOCK YOUR DOOR 11 days ago +3

    Liberals only use 10% of the 10%.

    LOCK YOUR DOOR 11 days ago +3

    DON’T BELIEVE SNOPES. It’s just two gross people who declare themselves the experts on all things.

  • Tim Jones
    Tim Jones 11 days ago

    He Earth is flat!!!

  • Deepyn dixies
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  • Alex Wang
    Alex Wang 12 days ago

    I was told Fortnite was good

  • alan king's randomness

    ok... question. if you're going off the oceans floor "base" for the mountain in Hawaii then wouldnt you have to do the same for everest? I mean, measure from the floor of the continental rise to the top of the peak of mt everest. So everest would still be taller. (from the ocean floor, up to the surface of the continent and to the peak of the mt...?) Otherwise you'd just be basing Everest off the ground (above ocean) to the base of hawaii (at oceans floor.) it's like saying Im 5'8" and Im taller than that guy bc if you measure from his knees to his head he's not taller than me.

  • Jesus Memes
    Jesus Memes 12 days ago

    My life is a lie

  • Wambleeska 103
    Wambleeska 103 12 days ago

    In the UK the close door buttons work

  • Grace Hoppus
    Grace Hoppus 12 days ago

    The close button works cuz I always use it so no one comes in on time onto the elevator

  • naffathod
    naffathod 13 days ago

    it’s funny because you said facts arnt always facts yet one of yours is a true fact based on this, if people in our time still think the earth is flat what makes yoh think people back then didn’t think it was flat? we have even more proof now a days and people still don’t believe it they had no where near as much back evidence base then...

  • Kathy Fulkerson
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  • Brickface Mortar
    Brickface Mortar 13 days ago

    One great lie is that the USA is a Democracy when indeed we are a Republic.

  • Sndgrpr66
    Sndgrpr66 13 days ago

    The lie I like the most in this video is "it's now considered highly likely that snopes . com simply fabricated her character and her story *as a fact checking test for internet users"* I'm guessing you read that on snopes . com...

  • Tinni The Tinfoil Hatter

    You did not research Flat Earth Science.
    I'm leaving your channel.

  • wolf wing
    wolf wing 14 days ago

    Another big lie :> Most snakes arn't venemous, where it's the opposite, most snakes ARE venemous, including everyones favorite pet garter snake.

  • Dexter Morgan
    Dexter Morgan 14 days ago

    Aritothsanies?? really...

  • casey weiss
    casey weiss 15 days ago

    It surprised the most, how you lie. Lol. You tell facts to oppose what people know, with no evidence to back your claim. Lol.

  • Abhijato Chatterjee
    Abhijato Chatterjee 16 days ago

    and my elevator close button also didn't work.

  • Abhijato Chatterjee
    Abhijato Chatterjee 16 days ago

    so if yr video is presented as a fact it is not a fact and the fast is not a fact even if it is presented as a fact is also not a fast cause it is presented as a fact.

  • truewrldseeker
    truewrldseeker 16 days ago

    Your information on the flat earth is far off

  • Addyson Buren
    Addyson Buren 16 days ago

    No not the tic tacs my sister is hypoglycemic and can only have 20 grams of sugar a day and she eats tic tacs like CrAzY!!! Should I tell her 😣

  • CiscoWes
    CiscoWes 16 days ago

    More often than not, on the elevators I've been on, the door-close button will close the door faster than the predetermined wait time. And no I'm not in an undeveloped country.

  • destroyerbacon 2.0
    destroyerbacon 2.0 16 days ago

    A^2 + B^2 = C^2

  • Kevin Dd
    Kevin Dd 16 days ago

    jesus does every youtuber steal from other youtubers? this stuff is blatant fraud!

  • Cricri
    Cricri 16 days ago

    3;22 " Since the time of the ancient Greeks, a good CENTURY before the medieval period." ? Try a millennium. Or is that just another lie we've been told our entire life?

  • Rebecca Santa Cruz-Craig

    Oil is not fossil fuel

  • micheal49
    micheal49 18 days ago

    "Cernan" is not "kernan"... it's "sernan". srsly brodude. can't you even?

  • Sniper Milkshake
    Sniper Milkshake 19 days ago

    I e watched most of his videos most things he says is lies

  • Panda Plays
    Panda Plays 21 day ago

    0:25 B I G C H U N G U S

  • JediMaster362
    JediMaster362 24 days ago

    Here's a big lie that people should think about: "Retail work helps you get your dream career.". My response? "Uh, no. It does NOT bring transferable skills. The only skills that Retail brings is... Retail. Therefore, it's just a cycle of Retail Job after Retail Job.".

  • Lucia Rodriguez
    Lucia Rodriguez 26 days ago

    one lie is that Wendys doesn't have fresh beaf

  • Charlie Gibson
    Charlie Gibson 26 days ago

    Hong Kong open buttons work too

  • Nina Lutgen
    Nina Lutgen 27 days ago

    So you told us these are myths but then tell us it’s still possible though. How confusing. Like earthworms can’t regrow, but sometimes they do? Haha ok.

  • Laurie Soper
    Laurie Soper 27 days ago

    4:11 Research the history of the food pyramid. It started long before the 70s and was not funded or promoted by farmers. It was invented and promoted post WWII by the US food processing industries, which is why grains (of all things) are positioned as the foundation of a healthy diet, and why fruits and vegetables are next up. In fact, plastics manufacturers pushed it behind the scenes. A fascinating history that conflicts fundamentally with the claims in this video.

  • i peed myself. dont tell anyone twit

    I'm British and the close door button doesn't work for me.

  • Polar Bits
    Polar Bits 28 days ago

    I thought the food pyramid was from WW2 to help soldiers build muscle.

  • Belvin Chang
    Belvin Chang Month ago

    Here’s a lie for you :

    You are not going to like this comment

  • Sean Nissanka
    Sean Nissanka Month ago

    "Food pyrmaid" ?

  • dude who likes dinosaurs - Topic

    No, it’s not just no filtration, you can get away with no filtration with more water changes. Also some die because they are stunted by the small tank.

  • NoahJKPlays
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  • Gulled Abdirisaq
    Gulled Abdirisaq Month ago

    Rabbits eat bananas 🍆👌😩

  • T O O T S I E R O L L

    Number 1 a friggin cartoon what do you expect

  • kkyawesome
    kkyawesome Month ago

    How do we know YOUR facts are not fake? ;)

  • The sisterly Cousins


  • Ronald Zannini
    Ronald Zannini Month ago

    The jesus concept is real, etc.

  • Paul D
    Paul D Month ago

    i must have had good teachers because most of these lies i were not taught in school - granted, friend and family members tried to convince me otherwise but most i was taught correctly in school - i also get tired of people demanding they are right over some of these :-(

  • Antonio Fantonio
    Antonio Fantonio Month ago

    But this is facts...

  • Dragon Fear
    Dragon Fear Month ago

    Err... the terminator line isn't caused by the Earth casting a shadow on the moon. A lunar eclipse is far more fuzzy. The terminator line is just like Earth's day and night, as it shows where the sun isn't shining.

  • Shaun Brotherton
    Shaun Brotherton Month ago +1

    Thank you

  • Parashjin
    Parashjin Month ago

    Did you know the bible knew the earth is round before the greeks? It also knew that the earth is floating in space and not hanging or beeing held up by an animal.

  • SpectreOne
    SpectreOne Month ago

    Although I am pretty sure that the elevator one is related to the building operators and not really mandated by code, it does seem like some of the buttons in hotels are just there for show. Also I would like to point out that the crosswalk buttons in larger cities (Detroit, New York, Atlanta,etc) are being disconnected, and the rest do not actually function during peak high traffic hours.

  • JJUK
    JJUK Month ago

    Too many adverts.

  • America
    America Month ago


  • Frank E
    Frank E Month ago

    Some elevators, door close, as your press ur desired floor. And hold the door close button as it travels completely, the elevator express you nonstop.

    • Frank E
      Frank E Month ago

      +Spencer :harrison
      You need the elevator key.

    • Spencer :harrison
      Spencer :harrison Month ago

      Frank E I’ve tried this for years and it has never worked. Nice try tho.

  • Osamah Alamri
    Osamah Alamri Month ago

    6:40 nigga i am a muslim its apple bitch

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith Month ago

    The close button on elevators are not active because if it fails or gets stuck down, then you are trapped inside.

  • lekiur epum
    lekiur epum Month ago

    Fact is your fact is not true!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh Meg 360 no scope m8

  • END 509
    END 509 Month ago

    Why are Americans are so dome? Do some even know Jesus?

  • Kylum
    Kylum Month ago

    Okay dude, maybe Some elevators don't have a working close button but I can promise you every single elevator in the hospital I work at has a functioning close button. Trust me I practice live on the damn things, not hitting the button results in an extra five second wait while if you hit the close button it will close almost right away.

  • A normal human in a big earth


  • Andrea Bergstrom
    Andrea Bergstrom Month ago

    Other lies:
    The 5 second rule for retrieving and eating food that has fallen onto the floor .
    The moon illusion. The full moon is not magnified by the atmosphere to look bigger when it rises. It actually looks the same when it rises as when it is high in the sky. It appears to be bigger because we see it in comparison to trees, buildings, or other frames of reference. Hold up a quarter at arm's length and compare the size of the full moon when it first appears. Do the same when the moon is high in the sky. It's amazing.
    Geirge Washington had wooden teeth. He had several dentures made over the years. They were made of ivory and metal. Later dentures sometimes included ivory, and human or animal teeth.
    You must wait at least 1/2 hour after eating before going swimming to avoid cramps.
    Bats will get tangled in your hair. Nope. See information made available by Dr. Merlin Tuttle, a renown bat researcher.
    Handling toads will give you warts. Nope. In America, some species may exude some nasty-smelling, but harmless liquid from glands on their heads. If you ever see a dog try to pick up a toad, you will see that the liquid also tastes terrable and will cause the dog to retch and foam at the mouth. Moral of the story--Never lick a toad (pr your hands if you have picked one up. I am not guaranteeing that all toads in the world are harmless, but they do not cause warts.
    Diamonds are rare. No, but the DeBeers company has a virtual monopoly on diamond sales and they restrict the availability.

  • Powerless Blade
    Powerless Blade Month ago

    Another lie that everyone still believes is Evolution.

  • Nikola Peh
    Nikola Peh Month ago


  • kirby {uwu}
    kirby {uwu} Month ago

    Tic tac is not sugar free but tic toc is sugar free

  • the_nerd_ gamer
    the_nerd_ gamer Month ago

    8:48 but cashews aren't nuts

  • Esoticat D
    Esoticat D Month ago

    So many fucking ads!

  • I don't know what my name is

    This is a *LIE*

  • Arjun Vemuri
    Arjun Vemuri Month ago

    and we eat way more than 8 sider a year

  • Arjun Vemuri
    Arjun Vemuri Month ago

    umm the ISS is only 360km above earth