Lies You’re Told Your Entire Life That Trick Most People

  • Published on Aug 22, 2018
  • Facts aren’t always facts. The most commonly held truthsoften turn out to be false. Here’s a shockingly large number of lies we’ve been told to believe our entire lives.
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    Be Amazed at these wrong facts that are lies! Rabbits love carrots - Bugs Bunny may love to eat carrots, but real rabbits never really have the same fondness for the orange root vegetable. Earthworms will regrow if cut in half - If you’ve ever tried to put this myth to the test, you’ve probably felt like a murderer, and with good reason. People eat an average of 8 spiders in a year while sleeping - Spiders are typically ambush predators. They prefer to wait for their prey, rather than to chase them around. Still, most people believe the myth that we each eat about 8 spiders a year in our sleep. The Great Wall of China is visible from space - Onto a classic one, the Great Wall of China has been cited numerous times as being visible from space. Medieval people thought the world was flat - Numerous ancient thinkers, navigators and artists observed that the earth was round, far sooner than you’ve been led to believe. The food pyramid is accurate - The Food Pyramid is a well-known food group diagram today that first appeared in Sweden in 1974.
    Tic-Tacs are Sugar Free - Behind the label of any Tic-Tac pack, you’ll read in fine print that each pack has 0g’s of sugar. The tongue has specific taste zones - The tongue map was a concept that came from an inaccurate re-interpretation by Harvard scientist D.P. Hanigas he translated a German research paper. The Garden of Eden’s fruit was an apple. Goldfish only grow as big as the tank - This myth is partly true, but its more complicated than you think. We only use 10% of our brain power - Its relieving to think that we can become so much more intelligent and creative simply by harnessing unused parts of our brain; but sadly, this isn’t the case. Coffee is made from beans - Coffee ‘beans’aren’t actually beans . They’re officially classified as seeds. Peanuts are a type of nut - If you’re searching for a rightful member of the Leguminosae family, look no further than the trusty peanut. Chameleons change color for camouflage - Chameleons are famously known for their color shifting skins. But you’d be wrong to believe that this ability of theirs is usedsolely for camouflage.
    Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world - This basic known fact is still technically true, but only if we’re talking about the tallest mountain above sea level. The close-door buttons on elevators work - Close-door buttons on elevators might seem to work when you smash them down really hard, but actually, they almost never do in most developed nations like the united states. Almost all elevators on all modern buildings today are designed to wait a certain amount of time between opening and closing.
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  • Fluffy No muffs
    Fluffy No muffs 2 months ago +412

    You are not going to pin this

  • ChemicalFilms
    ChemicalFilms 2 days ago

    Elevator close buttons work? "Most Develop nations" I can guarentee they work in Australia and in the parts of the US i went to.

  • craig timmis
    craig timmis 3 days ago

    I still have to laugh at the picture of Adam and Eve with Adam having a belly button which means he was born from a woman's womb, Adam should not have a belly button if he was created by God and nor should eve as she was created from a rib of Adams

    • yuri renner
      yuri renner Day ago

      Shouldn't Adam have some sort of hole in his stomach/torso because God took a rib out of him?
      By the way, most manufactured plastic items have a "belly button" (a "scar" at the spot where the so-called _sprue_ was removed; look it up!), even though they are not born "from a woman's womb".

  • Robert Jacques
    Robert Jacques 3 days ago

    I turn off video when they said the earth wasn't flat

  • Skylia Kauri
    Skylia Kauri 3 days ago

    My old bunny hated carrots

  • ReadySetRewind
    ReadySetRewind 3 days ago

    Why am I getting an ad every 5 seconds

  • troll face
    troll face 3 days ago

    You're WRONG about the earthworms. They do regrow. Its called regeneration. Just like we regenerate out skin, and sea stars grow back limbs, earthworms heal after being cut in half. And no duh the tail will die.
    You're also wrong about the great wall of China. Ever heard of satellites? Google earth?

  • Zashew
    Zashew 4 days ago

    The tallest mountain is completely submerged under water

  • Robert Paulson
    Robert Paulson 4 days ago

    I've seen some elevator buttons work and some not. So what you're saying is not exactly the truth.

  • Larissa Stevenson
    Larissa Stevenson 5 days ago

    My rabbit absolutely loves carrots, that is her favorite food. It may just be her though.

  • Moman Feman
    Moman Feman 5 days ago

    You need to work on your pronunciation of famous scientists.

  • graves.
    graves. 5 days ago

    1:40 “average person eats 3 spiders a year" factoid actualy just statistical error. average person eats 0 spiders per year. Spiders Georg, who lives in cave & eats over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted”

  • Stitches 22
    Stitches 22 5 days ago

    Aren’t beans seeds?

  • Erika SCWTA
    Erika SCWTA 5 days ago

    "People only use 10% of their brain," is half of 2 sentences design to serve as an example of the order or arraignment of things being relevant to the meaning. The other sentence is, "Only 10% of people use their brain."

    Same words in both sentences in different order, 2 wildly different sentences.

  • Abby Cross
    Abby Cross 6 days ago

    Technically, "fruit" used to mean only "apple" in ancient English. After the English gradually adopted the word "fruit," "apple" came to mean a very specific fruit.

  • Jay Tucker
    Jay Tucker 6 days ago

    This video is rubbish.

  • Frederic Alden
    Frederic Alden 6 days ago

    Ancient Greeks "a good century before the medieval period." Give me a break!

  • TheUniqueTobi
    TheUniqueTobi 6 days ago

    This video made me install an adblock... I wasn't sure wether i was watching ads or a video.

  • Gabriel Robert
    Gabriel Robert 6 days ago

    Are you. Lieing. Plot. Twist!!!!!!!

  • dying wish
    dying wish 7 days ago

    Only idiots would think the earth is flat my opinion

  • Plonker S
    Plonker S 7 days ago

    Pyrmaid 👍

  • Tacospaceman
    Tacospaceman 7 days ago

    Could you please start sourcing your research? It’s as good as bullshitbif you can’t back it up, plus how am I supposed to tell people I learned something interesting from you??? I’ll send them here and they’ll tell me I’m retarded.

  • luvfitall
    luvfitall 7 days ago

    another lie you missed is "your vote matters" newsflash. It doesnt people. Its called "Love and Logic Parenting"
    (hints why Hilary and Trump were the 2 candidates we HAD to chose from. wake up america xoxo

  • Daniel Duchesne
    Daniel Duchesne 7 days ago

    the EARTH is FLAT

  • Routanne the Gamer
    Routanne the Gamer 7 days ago

    Where I live the close door buttons work. If you don't press it you'll be waiting a good 15 seconds for the doors to close. If you press it they immediately start to close.

  • Nancy Senn
    Nancy Senn 7 days ago

    "Pyrmaid"? Use spell check.

  • Em's Animals
    Em's Animals 7 days ago

    My rabbit loves carrots

  • Danishbabypupa o̸n̸ roblox

    From 1992 the earth is flat

    2018 is round like donut

  • JenSmiles4 Miles
    JenSmiles4 Miles 7 days ago +1

    earth is flat but sheeple just keep to your ball

  • Jersey Devil
    Jersey Devil 8 days ago

    i am new to your channel but i have a potassium issue!! low sodium things are substituted with potassium which is super salty. its is a life saving thing for me but for others that do not know a interesting fact! God i hate the powder they so call give...

  • Ryou Tetsuya
    Ryou Tetsuya 8 days ago


  • Kenny42
    Kenny42 8 days ago

    the lie that surprised me the most was "be amazed" :(

  • Chrystalpher Montes
    Chrystalpher Montes 8 days ago

    *NuMbEr OnE: PeE iS StOrEd In ThE bAlLs*

  • Hongzhi Mo
    Hongzhi Mo 8 days ago

    I lived in Britain for years, and most elevators don't even have a close door button.

  • ralph wiggum
    ralph wiggum 8 days ago

    Ok, the elevator close button section reminded me of something I have suspected my entire life: I don't think those walk buttons on lamp posts at street intersections actually do anything. I used to push them when I was younger and they didn't speed up the the changing of traffic signals nor did they seem to do anything else. I think they have cameras watching people and evil politicians watch people push those buttons while they eat popcorn, sip wine and laugh at the idiot people pushing those buttons.

  • Oliver James
    Oliver James 8 days ago

    Grandma, you bitch, you lied to me!!!

  • James Richard
    James Richard 8 days ago


  • JadeRabbit Futurist
    JadeRabbit Futurist 8 days ago

    For anyone who wants to know the TRUTH behind the food pyramid, see this video by someone with far more expertise, Lockstin & Gnoggin;
    (spoilers; wheat/carbohydrates are not only unneeded but very bad for us, and meat is very important)

  • Predator 2909
    Predator 2909 8 days ago

    The mount everest fact is bullshit, I'm sorry. You will ever measure the height of a mountain from sea level. That is the only orientation point of the concept 'height' in general and nobody will ever measure height from a different point. So this island thing does not come even close to the fucking mount everest. It has a base under the sea level but the mount everest also fucking has that! Everything above the sea level has that. So saying that the fact 'the mount everest is the highest mountain in the world' is wrong, is completely dumb.

  • Mæz Tjavs
    Mæz Tjavs 8 days ago

    you forgot the lie the 9/11 was created by a bearded man who 'hated america', and not just designed by the Bush-administration to propel the country into eternal wars and destabilize the middle-east.

  • Skelton Slay8er
    Skelton Slay8er 8 days ago

    Tic tacs lied to me.

  • Loading Loading
    Loading Loading 8 days ago

    Stopped video and gave thumbs down because of all the dang ads popping up! 😡. There never used to be this many ads in a video!

  • john rowan roberts
    john rowan roberts 8 days ago

    So many mistakes. Cringe

  • JynFlyn
    JynFlyn 9 days ago

    I don't understand the elevator button thing. Personally, it seems pretty obvious when it is and isn't working. Heres how you tell. The great secret finally revealed. If you push it and the doors don't close, then it does nothing. Every once in a while though, I do run across an elevator where the doors will close instantly after opening if the button is pushed.

  • Drew Yardley
    Drew Yardley 9 days ago

    The close button on the elevators in New Zealand work.

  • Windfall Wingman
    Windfall Wingman 9 days ago

    You can argue all you'd like about the spider thing, but it is a fact that spiders DO like moving air and you will find that a lot of spider webs are near windows because of the constant draft of air leakage known as a fact of building science. So the stereotypical observation that all spiders just sit around on their web and wait is pretty false. They do move around at night and because your breathing is a form of moving air, it attracts them. So the possibility should not at all be dismissed as it is very possible. But if you are a squirmer, you would probably scare them away so you would most likely be safe.

  • Liam Mullone
    Liam Mullone 9 days ago

    The food pyrmaid?

  • DaveyTheDJ
    DaveyTheDJ 9 days ago

    Bologna on the elevator button not working for close the doors yes they do in Madison Wisconsin at the doctor's office on the Eastside Clinic of UW Health every time I hit the button the door closed so don't tell me they don't cuz they do

  • DaveyTheDJ
    DaveyTheDJ 9 days ago

    Ah hell I use to think the world waz flat!!

  • QuietHands
    QuietHands 9 days ago

    I'm not surprised that the elevator close door button doesn't work, but I am surprised that modern elevators in the US supposedly allow for enough time for wheelchair users. I use a power chair, which is faster than a manual, and I still get elevator doors slammed on me or my chair on a regular basis. Have had some nice bruises to show for it.

  • Say My Name
    Say My Name 9 days ago

    5:20 I knew it!!!!! Tic tacs are a lie!!

  • Prrresly
    Prrresly 10 days ago

    The fact about the "elevator-button" is wrong: If you push it together with any of the other buttons - the elevator will go directly to that floor, without stopping for others that are waiting in other floors! It is made for emergency-people . . .

  • Scotty miller
    Scotty miller 10 days ago

    I disagree with the elevator button. In Alaska, MN,CO and a few other states I've been to and/or lived in have working buttons. Explained to us by a tech fixing one. There are sensors in the doors that will prevent the door from closing in case wheelchairs, xtra beds, food carts etc. are still in the doors path. Those black plastic pieces also act as part of that system. We've got in these elevators, hit the button within 3 seconds the door began to close. The time frame from this said device only works in older or may be less modern ones. Fact of the matter is, is the entity who oversaw this change would allow more time for the doors to remain open longer for an avg of 8-10 seconds and in other styles are set at 12-15. Like the mall of America in MN for example. Don't believe me that's ok. Next time you are in an elevator count the time or stopwatch it yourself and see the real truth. Thanks, have a great day.

  • NastyJoker
    NastyJoker 10 days ago

    Just learned more that K thru 12

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly 10 days ago


  • Brad Goss
    Brad Goss 11 days ago

    Quick correction on the "shadow of the Earth on the moon." The phases of the moon that we see are not created by the Earth, they are created by our observervation of the moon as it relates to the sun. This is why we can see a half moon during the day, and the bright half will be pointed toward the sun. The shadow we see is just what is not being lit by the sun, not what is cast in our shadow. Great video, keep them up!

  • Dawn E
    Dawn E 11 days ago

    The food pyrimid is wrong because the heavy grain base causes obesity, diabetics, cancer, etc. Just take a look at what happened after it was introduced. This sounds like a video with more vegan misinformation, based on rigged studies, often sponcered by big grain and sugar. I don't trust anything in this video as a result.

  • The Goddamn LIZARD
    The Goddamn LIZARD 11 days ago

    You greedy little rats, with five mid-roll ads in your video

  • Matthew H
    Matthew H 11 days ago

    Elevator close buttons work but they have a time delay.

  • Jeffrey Trapp
    Jeffrey Trapp 11 days ago

    6:06 I'm pretty sure that people who don't believe in a religious leader (God) would say that this is a lie.

  • Didivs Ivlianvs
    Didivs Ivlianvs 11 days ago

    But if you measure Mount Everest from the bottom of the ocean around Eurasia-Africa, then Mount Everest is still tallest. So it is a lie that Mauna Loa is higher using any same definition of both heights. Please stop being clever. (BTW, Columbus DID discover America as he was first to publish its existence and nature, requirements for every other recognized discovery credit.)

  • Dominic Swinton
    Dominic Swinton 11 days ago

    half of this video is bullshit, where exactly are your sources I wonder

  • Ro
    Ro 11 days ago

    I remember testing out the tongue map thing when I was little, and of course realising it was fake, but um... I do have one small patch of tongue that seems to taste everything differently in about the middle right side... XD

  • Johan Smith
    Johan Smith 12 days ago

    In South Africa we don't call it coffee beans, its called coffee pits. At least by the majority.

  • Pete Atyeo
    Pete Atyeo 12 days ago

    Noone's believed any of these myths for years.

  • Aaron O'Shea
    Aaron O'Shea 12 days ago

    As someone who works in the lift/elevator industry I can absolutely guarantee that the door close button is a working button. Often; the safety edges are wired in parallel with the door close button too.

  • Jacoba Snodgrass
    Jacoba Snodgrass 12 days ago

    the forbidden fruit is eve's cherry thats why it does state a fruit

  • Fried Mule
    Fried Mule 12 days ago

    Extra fact: Venezuela's Angel Falls is only the largest waterfall above the water (3,211 feet drop). The biggest waterfall is located underwater in the Denmark Strait between Greenland and Iceland (11,500 feet drop).

    • Frederic Alden
      Frederic Alden 6 days ago

      extra extra fact: Angel Falls is named for pilot Jimmy Angel, who is credited with being the first to report it to the outside world.

  • Jean-René Vallières
    Jean-René Vallières 13 days ago

    I work in a hospital (in Canada if it matters) and while I have been suspecting that the close button doesn't do anything under normal uaage, we do have a Hold button to let people in wheelchairs and mobile beds get in and out, and pressing the Close button will indeed cancel the Hold button and thus close the door.

  • Loss TwoRL
    Loss TwoRL 13 days ago

    PSA. No Known multicellular organism on the planet naturally only grows to the size of the container it is kept it. Saying that makes as much sense as saying a husky raised in a chihuahua crate will only grow to be the size of a chihuahua and still be perfectly healthy.

  • gamer james123
    gamer james123 13 days ago

    Snopes more like *Nopes* XD

  • homie789
    homie789 13 days ago

    Why is it the only nation on the planet tries to steal everything. The tallest mountain is Mount Everest, your Hawaiian hill is far smaller and you can go as deep as you want to try to make your point but if you go 8000m under sea level to make your point then you have to go 8000m for Mount Everest which still makes it the highest point. Also chameleons change color for many reasons, camouflage for hunting prey, for hiding from predators and for body language and for reasons we have yet to understand.

    • homie789
      homie789 8 days ago

      +yuri renner The point is that all mountains originate in the same place, the core. Measure the core to the top of the mountains and Everest is the highest, but this does not work for "yanks" as they need to manipulate everything to try and make them seem important. No other nation on earth looks at Mauna Kea as anything in the range of the highest peaks only americans

    • yuri renner
      yuri renner 12 days ago

      The point in the video is that the base of Mauna Kea is underwater, and that the peak of Mauna Kea is at 10,200 meters above its base.
      In comparison, the base of Mount Everest is more than 4,200 meters _above_ sea level, and the peak of Mount Everest is "only" (at most) 4,650 meters above its base.

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire 13 days ago

    Of all the lies in the bible, including the Bible's entire concept, you pick the apple of Eden?

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire 13 days ago

    Facts that aren't true aren't facts, just saying.

  • Mary Lee
    Mary Lee 13 days ago

    There are still people today who think the earth is flat. This proves that there is no cure for stupidity.

  • kongbaobin sherpa
    kongbaobin sherpa 14 days ago

    this video is a lie

  • Mental Fatal
    Mental Fatal 14 days ago

    Officially in denial now.

  • Eugene Black
    Eugene Black 14 days ago

    Blood in your veins is (not actually) blue. For some reason, people think that our blood is blue, but when exposed to oxygen, it immediately turns red. Wanna know how much air is passing through your arm and a syringe? None. So why do your clear veins look blue if there's no blue blood, you ask? It's because your veins are not clear, they are opaque, and in case you haven't guessed it, their color is blue. Your blood is always red, but your veins are blue, and you cannot see your blood through them.

    Don't believe me? Just ask your know-it-all nurse friend who's constantly trying to correct everything you say. I bet they'd love to tell you all about your blue-ass veins.

  • toh ping Tiang
    toh ping Tiang 14 days ago

    Forbidden fruit is the durian

  • Grandezekial
    Grandezekial 14 days ago

    Be amazed at that photoshopped thumbnail

  • Jordan Beatty
    Jordan Beatty 14 days ago

    The goldfish one is not a lie they grow bigger in bigger bodys of water because theres more room if you compare 2 goldfish the exact same size and the exact same diet in a small fishbowl compared to a big tank the one in the tank will grow bigger

  • baltachi89
    baltachi89 14 days ago

    Lol guess this guy never put an elevator on service mode

  • BlaRaRa33
    BlaRaRa33 14 days ago

    for every point he made, he immediately contradicted himself and said well oh yea it is actually possible but only given this and that. what a dumbass.

  • Halrawk
    Halrawk 14 days ago

    The Tic-Tacs one is idiotic. The ingredient list is right there, the first ingredient is sugar, doesn't take a rocket scientist.

  • WhyMaro
    WhyMaro 14 days ago

    The tic tac loop hole is stupid is like saying if you sell a grain of sugar individually it would be sugar free

    • WhyMaro
      WhyMaro 14 days ago

      Or as long as is under the limit

  • Marwan Tawachi
    Marwan Tawachi 14 days ago

    I know that the ignorance of the general population is boundless, but I actually AM amazed that anyone thought this video had to be made.

  • genefire
    genefire 14 days ago

    Those who thought the world is a sphere were idiots, it's flat and NASA lies! Do the experiments yourself!!

  • Albert Kurth
    Albert Kurth 15 days ago +1

    If you can't be bothered to spellcheck your video in editing, people won't be bothered to finish watching it.

  • Brezzythegamer
    Brezzythegamer 15 days ago

    i saw a worm at schol before i even touched it and played with it, it wasnt dangerous tho but kind of weird and squishy it usually wrapped around my hand which scared me

    ŠĀĐ ŚŤÖŃËŘ 15 days ago

    I almost ate a spider while I was asleep

  • nathan smiddy
    nathan smiddy 15 days ago

    The tooth fairy I was told is a lie!

  • John Adams
    John Adams 15 days ago

    Elevators open and close buttons are always connected and nearly always work too some degree during normal operation. When a service or firefighters key is installed they work without restriction.

  • Steve Sand
    Steve Sand 15 days ago

    I have another one about elevators - you don’t actually teleport from floor to floor, you are actually in a small box that moves up and down depending on what button you push

  • John Lucero
    John Lucero 15 days ago

    I work at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and all close buttons on all elevators on the base are required to work

  • kevin hasch
    kevin hasch 15 days ago

    Meat and dairy are not unhealthy, in fact the push that carbs should be the the bulk of diet has caused an increase in diabetes, also carbs can increase how much your body absorbs fat

  • Frank DeCesare
    Frank DeCesare 16 days ago

    Haha "D.P. Hanig" lol

  • Umi Young
    Umi Young 16 days ago +4

    My rabbit Willow loves carrots

  • Snipey Snipes
    Snipey Snipes 16 days ago

    So, The Great Wall of China IS visible from space...

  • Biohazard
    Biohazard 17 days ago

    although the greeks knew the earth was round, people in the middle ages mostly believed the earth was infact flat

  • the eye
    the eye 17 days ago

    earth IS flat