Lies You’re Told Your Entire Life That Trick Most People

  • Published on Aug 22, 2018
  • Facts aren’t always facts. The most commonly held truthsoften turn out to be false. Here’s a shockingly large number of lies we’ve been told to believe our entire lives.
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  • Fluffy No muffs
    Fluffy No muffs 7 months ago +540

    You are not going to pin this

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson 17 hours ago

    i think u r incorect. u have the hole food triangle rong. proteens being 2nd 2 the top means less not as importante. the tryangle needs 2 b the other way up 2 b more understanderbil. i have been a chef my hole care. i was fat due to high fat carbs and proteins. now i eat less carbs and limmit hi fat meat. not bacon lol. im not fat anymoor. just shit at spelling lol

  • FUZE
    FUZE 2 days ago



  • LegoOverkill Animation

    I was told In school that people thought earth was flat in 1500 year

  • Ha1luciNate
    Ha1luciNate 2 days ago

    No. Mount Everest is still the tallest. We don't fucking live underwater your inbreed.

  • Liam
    Liam 2 days ago

    #10: The earth is round

  • Siegfried Pretsch
    Siegfried Pretsch 2 days ago


  • Richard Hopkins
    Richard Hopkins 3 days ago

    The only time the earth casts a shadow onto the moon is during an eclipse. The normal moon phases have nothing to do with the earth casting a shadow whatsoever

  • Axxidous
    Axxidous 3 days ago

    The close door and open door buttons both work in the elevator at my job. I know because it does not take the same amount of time as when I do not press them. And they can work immediately after using the wrong button.
    In another building I know they also work. I wasn't sure at first because they don't work right away. But I did find that I had to push the close button at least two or three times because it would not work the first time. however, by the second or third push, it would still close as soon as I pushed it. And this was consistent. most importantly, I confirmed that this was true because it was still always faster than pressing nothing at all.

  • Andrew Blackamore
    Andrew Blackamore 3 days ago

    I'm British and never found a lift those close button doesn't work, in fact I know of some where you have to press it, either that or wait for someone on another floor to call it !

  • Jen H
    Jen H 3 days ago

    You are a lie

  • colin smith
    colin smith 4 days ago

    You need to check these facts again

  • Arav Great
    Arav Great 4 days ago

    6:10 kids be like small boobs

  • Taylor Duchai
    Taylor Duchai 4 days ago +1

    Facts Verse presents: Facts that aren't Facts even if they are presented as facts by someone who presents facts

  • Fubuki Shirou
    Fubuki Shirou 5 days ago

    The tongue map is kinda true. I dont feel bitter at the tip or at the sides. But i feel the salty and sour evenly. And also I dont feel sweet at the end of my tongue

  • Mis Mija
    Mis Mija 5 days ago +1

    In my country the closing button actualy works

  • Anadia Shark
    Anadia Shark 5 days ago +2

    "dangerously over emphasises dairy and meat..." yeah, you monkey, right next to the most important food group oils, pancakes, and chocolate. that's the most important food group.

  • R3GARDL355
    R3GARDL355 6 days ago

    07:49 he was not an academic he was a guy trained in baseics of physics who happend to be a jew and still today people think he was important and have forggoten Mr.Tesla completely until musk gave his company his name , Tesla also never accepted globe lie and spent his days trying to destroy same people behind it , if an open minded( not brainwashed sheep) would deeply study all Mr.Teslas research about the Earth they would understand and see thru the underlieing issues einstains relativity work has hidden in it .

  • R3GARDL355
    R3GARDL355 6 days ago

    04:11 not how it went down , and false .

  • R3GARDL355
    R3GARDL355 6 days ago

    03:09 they didnt think it was they knew it is.

  • SevaLux
    SevaLux 6 days ago

    unrelated I guess. But why do scientist or historians use B.C, and A.D still? Most don't believe in religion or anything like that. Shouldn't there be a more modern name.

  • Sidecar Lion
    Sidecar Lion 6 days ago

    God I hate this channel. They have great ideas and then don't EVER execute them right. Plus they get their fucking "facts" wrong half the time.

  • Nathan Larin
    Nathan Larin 7 days ago

    Stupid fucking religious bs snuck in with facts???
    Get that fairy tale shit out of there.
    Don't mix lies in with facts.

  • יצחק
    יצחק 7 days ago +1

    Actually, the Hebrew Bible itself indicates a round earth which was obviously a writing of Semitic Hebrews. Pythagoras would have come later.

  • John Cook 409
    John Cook 409 8 days ago

    Okay you'll get paid off this comment because it won't happen again ever all this is a lot of bulshit how do you use this ass off of your opinion I'm a flat earther the UN map is Flat Earth there's too many mass in the 18 17 16 Century saying that Earth is flat. not Round your brainwashed and here's another one for you Jesus Christ were brainwashed with that too were you here 2000 years ago Bibles been written too many times

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  • Rob Dow
    Rob Dow 9 days ago

    Give it 5 or ten years and Global Warming or Climate change or what ever they call it next, will be on this list?

  • Vazeptic Gaming
    Vazeptic Gaming 9 days ago +1

    The close door button in elevators work in Canada 🇨🇦

    • Davor Gomerčić
      Davor Gomerčić 8 days ago

      Same in Croatia.If its not working i have to repair it xD

  • You
    You 9 days ago

    Parents/Teachers: Dont lie.

  • Coughjockey22
    Coughjockey22 9 days ago

    8:02 cool beans

  • Thi-Antra Chirasarn
    Thi-Antra Chirasarn 9 days ago

    Where the frick did you get the elevator ‘fact’ from?!

  • gamerjoshkish
    gamerjoshkish 10 days ago

    That was scary 8:43 the nut thing I was eating pea nuts at the same moment

  • joshua ristow
    joshua ristow 10 days ago

    Got enough adds ass hole?!

  • DRDOG101
    DRDOG101 10 days ago

    Nowadays elevator close door buttons only work on **Fire Service Phase 2**, meaning that it would be for fire fighters use only, older elevators sometimes have the door close button work though. and this is not the case for all new elevators.

  • as seen on
    as seen on 10 days ago

    If facts arnt allwase facts then how is it a fact that this is a good fact

    Speech 100

  • mitochondria is the power house of the cell

    if the person's name is karen don't trust her no matter what

  • thefinecolumbian
    thefinecolumbian 11 days ago

    When does the authori believe the Medieval period occurred? The ancient Greeks and the Medieval period was more than about 7 centuries apart. Sheesh!

  • RATsoo
    RATsoo 11 days ago

    Wait a minute THE EARTH IS ROUND?!

  • Aaron Kiessling
    Aaron Kiessling 11 days ago

    😳 a earthworm species can become TWO worms if cut in half!?!?!?

    ANUBIS GAMES 11 days ago

    New drinking game every time that he says truth, false ,true, lie or lies, RIP to all people who are outside of Ireland or Britain with not dying from this

  • roblox fan
    roblox fan 11 days ago

    You are people

  • ßlue
    ßlue 11 days ago

    But i never believed most of these..

  • Rajeev N. Tripathi
    Rajeev N. Tripathi 11 days ago

    Facts are facts but aren't fact
    Sometimes they're not true

  • Heidi Svenson
    Heidi Svenson 12 days ago +2

    Please fix misspelling at should be "pyramid"

  • John Slyfield
    John Slyfield 13 days ago

    I’ve found the door close button to be useful when I press the door open to give someone more time to board. When they have done so then the door close button works sometimes under those conditions.

  • x x
    x x 15 days ago

    It is true that stupid government regulations have modified the proper function of the elevator close button and it also has a secret purpose for first responders...but if you're not one, then you shouldn't know it or use it. Let's just say it helps them get people to safety faster.

  • gamelover
    gamelover 15 days ago

    Another lie: Goldfish don't have a memory of three seconds; it's more like three days minimum.

  • Flyhigher
    Flyhigher 16 days ago

    Biggest lie - god

  • stefan lykkehøj Lund
    stefan lykkehøj Lund 16 days ago

    6:15: "...However there's actually no mention in the original hebrew text..." (reads from cyrillic book)

  • DustyZoiveon
    DustyZoiveon 17 days ago

    I swear so many of the comments really need to like,,, use their ears. @ the elevator thing specifically, he literally says in the video that the button working or not differs place to place, listing the UK as a place where it /does/ work. Yall don't have to point out that it works where you live, cause he /already said that/. Just that there's places in America where the functionality's been removed, so in those places, the button IS lying to them.

    A LIZARD DUDE 2 17 days ago

    I never believed any of these

  • Damian Ray
    Damian Ray 17 days ago

    I live in Japan. Close buttons work here.

  • Can i get to 100 subs without videos??

    I’m so glad that we don’t eat 8 spiders a year asleep oof

  • Daniel Justin
    Daniel Justin 17 days ago

    True. All people/beings who are very nice, who are helpful, and who I believe... are nothing but a lie!
    *Just look at God.* I'm an atheist personally, but anyway let's get back to the point. He can burn your forever and ever just for a small mistake we made because he is our "creator" and we are "slaves" in God eyes and he force us to worship God forever . Also he knew everything! Meaning.. he will know our future 100% because he is omniscient (know everything) even if you disagree with his ideology he will not take your criticism. God will blame you because you worship a Demon even... if you *hate Demon/don't believe in the Demon* for the rest of your life. After that, God will erase your memory so that when in heaven you will become a robot who knows nothing but praises him forever
    *Just look at Government.* In order to make the society system "working" everything is so expensive! Even for medicine, surgery, and other things that make us healthy. If you died, government doesn't care about you at all. Because they will see you like an ant that died. If you're homeless and if you're handicapped. Guess what? There is no hope for you, because you will always sleep on the roadside, eat garbage, smell, and so on. Not to mention if you make some money and someone stole your money. They don't care about you.
    *"Just look at Teacher."* Don't get me wrong some of them are nice but do you know why they love you? Because, your parents give their money to the principal. So all teachers will get their salary. When you graduate.. your teachers will not care about you anymore. Their love is just "work" nothing else.

  • NICKD 123
    NICKD 123 17 days ago

    you are a buzz kill

  • The Confederalist
    The Confederalist 18 days ago

    But worms can't feel pain because they don't have a nervous system

  • The Confederalist
    The Confederalist 18 days ago

    You should add "The US leads the world in mass shootings." Not even close. In fact, cultural bastion France and socialist utopia Norway are ahead of us. Of course, you are told that the US has a higher amount of mass shootings, which, legally, is true, but not practically. You see, in the United States, a mass shooting is any murder committed by a firearm killing more than three people. But this is not a mass shooting in France or Norway; this is merely a botched robbery. The number of kills required is higher, so a mass shooting in the United States would not count as one in France or Norway.

  • dreas mom
    dreas mom 18 days ago

    10% use of brain lie. Maybe this is why I can't sleep at night. I have low grade bipolar. I know during the day I can become overwhelmed at how much is going on in my brain. So guessing it's still happening during what little sleep I do get. Tank you for info. Now maybe I can do something about the problem.

  • i hate then world
    i hate then world 18 days ago

    my rabbit loves carrots

  • Kavindu Wimalaratne
    Kavindu Wimalaratne 18 days ago

    We Need Commusium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • christdragon
    christdragon 19 days ago +2

    I was always suspicious of the elevator door button. Thanks.

  • tvsinesperanto
    tvsinesperanto 20 days ago

    The ancient Greeks were around "a good century before the Medieval period"? I think you are out by an order of magnitude there.

  • patrick byrne
    patrick byrne 20 days ago

    People are so gullable

    YEET TI TI 21 day ago

    Those of Afrakan decent known as Kemetics stated the earth was round far, far, far, far before Pythagoras bitch ass stole it or even before a Greek/Greco-Roman society SMH..Ka of Geb is holding up a spherical Earth with goddess/god Newt/Nut bent over it to represent the atmosphere...physical proof can be looked up and well represented throughout many aspects of Afrakan knowledge, the original pple, children of the Sun...fuck outta here with the European bullshit, always stealin from our ancestors, thievin ass monkeys

  • gadgetsage
    gadgetsage 21 day ago

    Meanwhile, the "jump to next video" right triangle button does work just fine

  • Sylvia isgod
    Sylvia isgod 22 days ago +3

    So the nuts between my legs are really legumes.

  • Sylvia isgod
    Sylvia isgod 22 days ago

    Another lie: Pam cooking spray has zero calories and zero fat...all horse shit.

  • Gott o blandat
    Gott o blandat 22 days ago +1


  • Cyrus Hale
    Cyrus Hale 22 days ago

    The word 'pomme' means apple and apple was a byword for fruit. So yeah, it was an apple if you are going to call a banana and apple.

  • I play minecraft 23
    I play minecraft 23 24 days ago

    Ummmm the first one its just a carton

  • Rybro 24
    Rybro 24 24 days ago

    that was smart showing your entire is fake before it even starts (slow clap)

  • Mentle Gen
    Mentle Gen 24 days ago

    Whats this title?!?!??

  • Yuling Liu
    Yuling Liu 25 days ago

    I knew it! I knew those buttons were trash...

  • uw u
    uw u 25 days ago


  • korie chisholm
    korie chisholm 25 days ago

    You missed one and it was that most people say that your goldfish that you from the fair dies just in a couple days after you get it but my sister got one in 10/5/18 and hers is still alive

  • corvetteguy91
    corvetteguy91 25 days ago

    The last elevator i used had a close door button that worked..... And opened the door....

  • NZ Bro Trev
    NZ Bro Trev 25 days ago

    Abbreviation for the title , CNN MSMBC..

  • XeZeZono Vids
    XeZeZono Vids 27 days ago +2

    YOU are not going to pin this

  • Lolorobloxo
    Lolorobloxo 27 days ago

    YOUR not going to pin this.

  • Sloth Gaming
    Sloth Gaming 28 days ago +2

    I swear I will like this comment
    You have to

  • Spacebar311
    Spacebar311 28 days ago

    my mom was just "keeping my money safe"

  • Kine AG Hoff
    Kine AG Hoff 28 days ago

    "Close dore" button in elevator button always works in Norway...

  • PokémonBro
    PokémonBro 28 days ago

    Im From Sweden

  • Phil W
    Phil W 28 days ago

    According to astronauts you cant aculy see the great wall from space, but you can see the pyramid of giza.

  • jerramy
    jerramy 29 days ago

    I was interested you mentioned that the spherical Earth understanding is not just a recent thing. I was told by a Greek that this ancient seafaring nation had always known it was round because of watching ships with their tall sails slowly dipping over the horizon when only the tops of their sails were visible until they finally disappeared. Only explanation: round!

  • Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson 29 days ago

    The garden of Eden's fruit was an apple, It can be anything you want it to be it's just a story.

  • Benjamin Kusar
    Benjamin Kusar Month ago

    the moons shadow is cast by the darkness of space not the earths shadow

  • JoDaTrini
    JoDaTrini Month ago

    7:13 my fish lived 9 1/2 years and was giant

  • lifeisabeach
    lifeisabeach Month ago

    take the base of random pacific volcano peak to be mariana trench, keep the base of mount everest to be sea level
    ive heard this too many times to ingore it, the level of ignorance there is what was amazing about this video

  • Evil OOF -
    Evil OOF - Month ago

    MY Rabit loves carrots

    • Sylvia isgod
      Sylvia isgod 22 days ago

      My sister loves carrots, she has some under her bed.

  • Pancake
    Pancake Month ago +1

    Some spiders do actually chase their prey

  • g00gle minus
    g00gle minus Month ago

    the sugar one doesnt make sence

  • Enkay
    Enkay Month ago

    the elevator button thing varies from install to install actually. not country to country. I installed elevators for awhile and surprisingly a lot of the close door buttons door work as they should. It all depends on the building they are installed in and what company installed them. Although almost every elevator in a big major city the buttons are disabled for regular passengers and only work when a service tech puts in their key for operational testing and firefighter operation. Which an even funnier fact is that the firefighter key has less control than the elevator techs key

  • Coman Carl
    Coman Carl Month ago


  • Abstract Friends
    Abstract Friends Month ago

    Is this even real?

  • Jesus Escogido
    Jesus Escogido Month ago

    Do mom's love kids

  • Sirios Star
    Sirios Star Month ago +1


  • Corckedmango Vk
    Corckedmango Vk Month ago

    In my building it works and normally it takes 5 seconds to close but with the button it closes 1 second after you clicked it if you do it after the five seconds same thing applys

  • Jonathan Nuñez
    Jonathan Nuñez Month ago

    What if these facts weren't actually facts h hmm hmm hmm mhmhh

  • Donna Jones
    Donna Jones Month ago

    The smiley button is flat and round.