Kindred: Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends

  • Published on Oct 5, 2015
  • Welcome to the Kindred Champion Spotlight. Check out the full video for a how to guide to League's newest twin champions, including tips on Kindred's abilities, gameplay, and suggested build, or hunt for something specific by jumping to:
    0:27 Play Style and Skins
    0:51 Suggested Stats and Items
    1:03 Abilities
    4:53 Tons of Damage Combos
    6:23 Gameplay
    Hunting for more info on Lamb and Wolf? Check out the links below.
    A Good Death, Kindred Story -
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Comments • 5 754

  • Katbee
    Katbee 12 days ago

    I still cant understand how to play him

  • Revive That Mingi
    Revive That Mingi 17 days ago

    I forgot she’s a champion lol, nerfed to oblivion is real

  • Tariq Saddler
    Tariq Saddler 25 days ago

    I miss the long champion spotlights

  • vlado majkic
    vlado majkic Month ago

    Back in the days when champion release were so hyped and good. Now everything looks like cancer.

  • Jestine Esquivel
    Jestine Esquivel Month ago

    This literally helps me a lot 😅

  • ShadowExtreme ShadowFire

    Wait nani I just noticed the skins name

  • Mr Giogio
    Mr Giogio Month ago

    Spot light yuh

  • Gabriel Fischer
    Gabriel Fischer Month ago

    Already 4 years wow

  • Khada Jhin
    Khada Jhin Month ago

    So who is death now? I got confused

  • κωστας παντελοπουλος

    Make a cinematic movie

  • Jillian Cabrera
    Jillian Cabrera 2 months ago +1

    right..... time to start practicing

    XYRIS 2 months ago +4

    this champion is my main lol.

    • Exec u2
      Exec u2 5 days ago

      I have a question.. How to use his ulti?

    • Captain Ezreal
      Captain Ezreal Month ago

      @Okasih She the most op and broken Champ. Im an otp

    • Okasih
      Okasih 2 months ago

      I've been thinking of getting a PC for playing LoL. How is she? I've heard she's utter garage now buy she seems so cool

  • Captain Gangplank
    Captain Gangplank 2 months ago

    So nobody will mention the fact that kindred attacks gangplank, a man who escaped death?

    • Captain Ezreal
      Captain Ezreal Month ago

      MF shot GP. He didnt die. But MF did in her ultimate skin timeline. Its a refrense

  • Plebasaurus Rekt
    Plebasaurus Rekt 3 months ago

    Deffinately one of the coolest and interesting champs in the game

  • はせちめぐはみ
    はせちめぐはみ 4 months ago

    Love this chAMP. Its so unique

  • Μιχάλης Παπαδημητρίου

    so i just realized that kindred appears on the final moments of someone so in the cats vs dogs login screen someone is about to die.

  • Haze Days
    Haze Days 4 months ago

    Too bad shes never viable and you butchered her huh?

  • Dexiduous The Invincible

    I was really excited for this champion solely because of the looks and voices. But, I was quite disappointed in the abilities and play style.
    I don't play LoL but I'm thinking about it. I'm slowly watching all the spotlights and I'm 29 out of 140 champions in but I haven't found anyone I want to play yet. I know that 29 out of 140 isn't much at all but I thought I'd at least find some abilities fun and interesting.
    So far, I have very low hopes

    • Captain Ezreal
      Captain Ezreal Month ago

      How do you not think their good?

    • ᄒᄒ고은
      ᄒᄒ고은 3 months ago

      Dexiduous The Invincible wellll it seems like that for most champs but in game it’s actually a lot more fun plus you can do extra with the items you buy during the game

  • arrete
    arrete 5 months ago

    i find kindred's ult very useful. i use it only in clutch moments and it actually gives me strength to kill a champ or two before i have to run away

  • Rain pop instagram MsCheddargetter


  • Ethanol Chou
    Ethanol Chou 5 months ago

    0:50 kindred’s using her shadowfire skin, but the mark on scuttlecrab is the default skin icon. Strange!

  • Garrett
    Garrett 5 months ago +1

    I have been an ADC main for a long time. but I got so tired of winning my lane but still losing game because of mid and top laners on my team feeding super hard. Obviously I don't win lane every game and have bad games as well, but you know what i am talking about. I decided to main swap to Jungle to have more influence on my laners doing well and decided to play Kindred, because she is very similar to the ADC playstyle, but in the jungle. I had NEVER played Kindred before, but as soon as I did I was hooked on the playstyle. I am a Kindred only player now and am not getting tired of it. very fun and satisfying champion to play.

  • Nicole Palmer
    Nicole Palmer 5 months ago

    This is such a cool design for a character and those voices used for lamb and wolf are amazing.

  • Karl Diaz
    Karl Diaz 5 months ago

    7:14 how could lee sin watch champion spotlight if he is blind?

  • Random Jolteon
    Random Jolteon 5 months ago

    Second main after jhin

  • xXRay Of FireXx
    xXRay Of FireXx 5 months ago

    riot make a skin where they are combined as death

  • Tyler Jacques
    Tyler Jacques 6 months ago

    The first time i saw kindred i tonight it would be a nidalee thing were you switch into forms with different abilities, tbh that wouldn't be bad at all..

    • Garrett
      Garrett 5 months ago

      there is already several champions who do that

  • Subr Subrr
    Subr Subrr 6 months ago

    I have played LoL from 2011 to 2014, and I am considering coming back to the game for this champion.

  • Tanoshii
    Tanoshii 6 months ago


  • VENOM turd in the wind
    VENOM turd in the wind 6 months ago

    *"Never one Without the other"*

  • A_Bored_Hugogi
    A_Bored_Hugogi 7 months ago

    The ult heals enemies!? Wut

  • WalrusStyle
    WalrusStyle 7 months ago

    1:40 "Another one bites the dust", i guess...

  • m taufiq gani putra
    m taufiq gani putra 7 months ago

    Yep, despite the digital voice effect, i cant unhear wolf's original voice

  • Nathan Balos
    Nathan Balos 7 months ago

    Ohhhhhhh lmao. I forgot Kindred and Kalista were different champions.

  • HidanLT
    HidanLT 7 months ago

    3 years ago?? Oh wow

  • Kitkat Incoparated
    Kitkat Incoparated 7 months ago +1

    Her voice is heavenly

  • SOLDier
    SOLDier 8 months ago

    Laelaps and teumessian the eternal hunt from greek mythology true kindred

  • DS 0ivi0
    DS 0ivi0 8 months ago

    I dont like how Kindred E scale with Crit, thats like "limited" the way you can play Kindred, and they removed the %health damage from Kindred Passive and change to Attack range, alot lesser damage.

  • ティモシーチュ
    ティモシーチュ 8 months ago

    I build full attack speed

  • budak baik
    budak baik 8 months ago

    Mobile legend copy this game.. lol is for pc.. mobile legend for mobile hp.. nice.. when at hone play lol.. when outside play mobile legend.. nice game ever. I just wanna create this game rpg like this for play anywhere..but so lazy.

  • MH Kuro
    MH Kuro 8 months ago


  • Crylliee ee
    Crylliee ee 8 months ago

    Kindred is your animal spirit

  • Xarz
    Xarz 8 months ago

    6:52 - Hero name?

  • Acexand
    Acexand 8 months ago

    i love kindred.. Favourite art style, Love how Wolf and Her interact with each thou.. and she can be very dangerous.

  • IITheExiledII
    IITheExiledII 8 months ago

    0:29 sofie dossi who? XD

  • Fadli Candra Zon
    Fadli Candra Zon 8 months ago


  • Serbian Mapper
    Serbian Mapper 8 months ago

    so weak...

  • DracoNick
    DracoNick 9 months ago +1

    With every champion spotlight I watch, I am more and more convinced that Kindred got the short end of the stick.

  • ke nch
    ke nch 9 months ago

    I forget that there's a hero like that ha

  • Oopses
    Oopses 9 months ago

    Such a cool design for a game i'll never play :(

  • Mee eep
    Mee eep 9 months ago

    The kindred joy

  • スティキル
    スティキル 9 months ago


  • CJ Sweets
    CJ Sweets 9 months ago +3

    Kindred is honestly such a beautiful design...

  • French Bread
    French Bread 10 months ago

    6:12 Soraka mid boys

  • Melon Shake
    Melon Shake 10 months ago


  • Barasingha
    Barasingha 10 months ago

    20 seconds in and we see Kindred standing in the center of a circle of rotting corpses

  • THE Berrby
    THE Berrby 10 months ago

    I like them... :)

  • James Lau
    James Lau 10 months ago

    just remember to buy qss

  • Happy Place
    Happy Place 10 months ago

    I love kindred

  • TheSaviorOfSouls
    TheSaviorOfSouls 10 months ago

    Hm...maybe i should play this game...

  • Julia Nielsen
    Julia Nielsen 11 months ago +1

    Fenx fo you tel mi a dat den i lakit and lam and wolf ar bjudifol :-)
    Julia Nielsen

  • Intersted Guy
    Intersted Guy 11 months ago +1


  • Deracada Venom
    Deracada Venom 11 months ago

    Lmao "His wooly pal"

  • Max Williams
    Max Williams 11 months ago

    Respit!!! What happened to the 'e'! Haha.

  • Helloh
    Helloh 11 months ago

    I need some advices. So im going to buy kindred but is this good with only dmgs or need some kinda crits tho, and i really want to know some stuff about kindred not abilitys and.. other things that only comes through gameplay. Ty in advance

  • PalPlays
    PalPlays 11 months ago

    Oh yeah, I had forgotten that Mounting Dread did max health damage. The execute, actually the entire kit, makes so much more sense now.

  • lily ً
    lily ً Year ago

    remember when people took kindred adc lmfao

  • Altronza
    Altronza Year ago

    I like Kindreds concept most of all, don't think I could play them well though..

  • Fuck Mann
    Fuck Mann Year ago +12

    Who's a Kindred Main?
    I am.

  • Iago Vinícius
    Iago Vinícius Year ago +3

    Star Guardian Kindred, please Riot Games

  • Kate [Catto Form]


  • Mr. Gnar
    Mr. Gnar Year ago

    I love the creepy piano and violin at the beginning.

  • MrAngeickKraken 505

    Not gonna lie...lamb is T H I C C

  • Random Szék
    Random Szék Year ago

    I just got the Shadowfire Kindred skin yesterday omgg

  • Michel Ung
    Michel Ung Year ago

    Ah who could've predicted that this would be one of the worst champion in league