Arrival Ending Scene

  • Published on Feb 24, 2018
  • A scene from the 2016 Paramount Pictures film, Arrival.

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  • Everwine
    Everwine 2 days ago

    I think this is the only sci-fi movie that has ever made me cry.

  • deeshmond
    deeshmond 3 days ago

    Easily my favourite science fiction film of all time. The music, the acting, the writing. So beautiful

  • Man is Ignorant
    Man is Ignorant 5 days ago

    The only hollywood movie I cried to .Other was anime death note

  • Matt Turner
    Matt Turner 12 days ago +1

    The Dune source material couldn't be in better hands. This movie was brilliant.

  • Cruisentom 1234
    Cruisentom 1234 12 days ago

    The main protagonist is Max ritcher's score

  • Nile Whent
    Nile Whent 13 days ago +2

    20/20 and still here😑❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭 Timeless Masterpiece

  • CB 1014
    CB 1014 14 days ago +1

    One of the best sci fi flicks in recent memory. Having a daughter a year after this makes this scene that much tougher to watch, but it’s also more beautiful now...

  • Yodita
    Yodita 14 days ago

    Only scene that made me cry

  • Xpertvision
    Xpertvision 16 days ago

    there is only two movies of "aliens" i like... its the "SIGNS" (one priest that stop believing in god) and this one "Arrival" (a woman that can see the future) the funny thing is the "aliens" in this movies are just a background storie and not the main storie! its like two stories inside one movie!

  • takeeazy g
    takeeazy g 17 days ago +1

    Who wanna make a baby

  • Tomas
    Tomas 17 days ago +1

    The soundtrack in this scene is just... Woow!

  • Aِbdullah
    Aِbdullah 19 days ago +15

    How come Amy Adams didn’t win the Oscar for this role 🥺💔?
    She wasn’t even nominated 🤦‍♂️

  • ShadoeFax
    ShadoeFax 20 days ago +1

    *Look upon my works, ye mighty and despair*

  • AndHoldTheMayo
    AndHoldTheMayo 20 days ago +2

    He’d say what he feels more often. He values honesty and openness. Which makes perfect sense as to why he’d be so devastated and leave her when he found out she’d been keeping her true thoughts secret from him since the beginning

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake 20 days ago +2

    Obviously not the same thing, but I lost my kid sister 10 years ago in a car accident. She was 17. I'm 31 now and the pain hasn't really gone away much but I valued the time we had together. We are a very close family, Me, my 3 brothers and my parents. I don't think any of us have really gotten over it but we try day by day.

  • jane cumberbath
    jane cumberbath 21 day ago +2

    See how she knocks on the window to call for Ian.. just like the aliens knocking the window in the spaceship to call out for her. Her window and the one at the spaceship represent the same thing, a window to the future.

  • Arian Faramarzi
    Arian Faramarzi 21 day ago +2

    Slaughterhouse 5
    If anyone's interested in this film and the sci-fi theme of it, they definitely need to read slaughterhouse 5

  • Sam Porter
    Sam Porter 23 days ago +4

    One of the most profoundly beautiful endings I've ever seen to a film from the acting musical score directing everything it is absolutely spellbinding

  • DKZK21
    DKZK21 24 days ago +2

    I come here to cry.

    LUCKY NKOMO 27 days ago +29

    Jeremy’s surname is also a palindrome 🤯 “Renner”...

  • Mircea Brs
    Mircea Brs 28 days ago +1

    Always crying...

  • TheTatermeister
    TheTatermeister 29 days ago +1

    The film was boring most of the time but they did nail the ending.
    Denis is really good at endings.

  • orando15
    orando15 Month ago

    If the aliens gave her this "gift" as they called it cuz in far future they will need to help them....wouldn't she change her future cuz thats like very sad future 😭😭😭😭

    • Demo Gog
      Demo Gog 28 days ago

      She could have chose to not have the child but she did not change it which is meant to show that she did not use the "weapon" for personal reasons and that her not conceiving was the same as her dying. I mean, theoretically, she could get the lottery numbers from a few days away but I do not think the weapon works that way. It is only meant to be used to save humanity. If the aliens had not come the World would have been destroyed by war and the Cephlopods would not be able to get help 3000 years from now.

  • Saner Amreen
    Saner Amreen Month ago +2

    Honestly when I first watched this I was extremely underwhelmed. I didnt pay much attention to it I guess probably wasn't in the mood. Idk it just didnt stick with me. However when I watched blade runner 2049 and instantly fell in love with it despite not being the biggest fan of the original. I found out the director made this movie and many more that I've seen, all of which I absolutely love. So I decided to give this another shot and boy did it have an effect on me. It may be one of my favs from him.

  • Julianna Foster
    Julianna Foster Month ago +12

    You know what I find so fascinating about this movie? Most movies involving precognition or time travel have one of two options: either you physically can't change what happens even if you try, or you can and it makes messing with time near useless due to the infinite possibilities. This is the only story I've ever seen the argument that even if you could change the future based on what you know, you /wouldn't/. Rather than having no choice or too many choices, it argues that humans would choose to keep the future as-is, pain, pleasure and all. I've never seen that argument anywhere else.

  • lar hjp
    lar hjp Month ago +3

    Now, three space-related movies where the protagonist loses a daughter: Arrival, Gravity and First Man. Sadly, on First Man, Armstrong did lose his daughter Karen.

    • lar hjp
      lar hjp 19 days ago

      @Tigre 390 another AWESOME movie

    • Alex De Leon
      Alex De Leon 19 days ago

      lar hjp

    • Tigre 390
      Tigre 390 Month ago +1

      Technically, Cooper in Interestellar also lost his daughter for decades and just to let her go again many years later...

  • pinkldy101
    pinkldy101 Month ago +9

    The movie is kind of confusing and hard to follow, especially if you’re not paying attention. But the way this scene wrapped everything up together in such an emotional and satisfying manner, makes the entire film worth it. When I tell you I cried.....

  • Thangamuthu R
    Thangamuthu R Month ago +6

    Max Richter's music did a magic there.

  • NonNy MonNy
    NonNy MonNy Month ago +8

    I completely stunt by the ending. The whole story leads to the end which ends up being the beginning. Just like her daughter name and aliens language - a circular.

  • Murphy
    Murphy Month ago +1

    seriously all, if you were at her place what would you choose?

  • Benjamin Falcone
    Benjamin Falcone Month ago +3

    No one knows about this movie, but it's still one of my favourites, partially because of this theme

  • M M
    M M Month ago +3

    This scene had me sobbing.

  • Ace Hodler
    Ace Hodler Month ago +6

    Expectation from trailer: wow science fiction much thriller
    Reality: I can't stop crying

  • Vincenzo Ottaviano
    Vincenzo Ottaviano 2 months ago +6

    Not by chance her name Hannah is a palindrome.
    Start and end are the same.

  • Moon Child
    Moon Child 2 months ago +1

    My favorite

    • Bob Buchko
      Bob Buchko Month ago

      Mine too. Beautiful, incredibly intelligent film.

  • ali talahma talahma
    ali talahma talahma 2 months ago +18

    I lost my whole family because I am Palestinian
    I think life is not for everyone
    I died a lot but
    I haven't been buried yet

  • Blacksheep
    Blacksheep 2 months ago

    This and Ex Machina definitely 2 of the best sifi movies ever IMO

    • Harry Hart
      Harry Hart Month ago

      Both very underrated too

  • T Clark
    T Clark 2 months ago


  • Edward Ruthazer
    Edward Ruthazer 2 months ago +8

    During a visit to Italy I was told that great cinema defines a a society's culture. My Italian friends asked me if there were any great Canadian film makers. I introduced them to Denis Villeneuve.

  • Nothing Ness
    Nothing Ness 2 months ago +1

    rip Max Richter. What a fucking legend

  • I’m Here
    I’m Here 2 months ago +46

    The fact that we never see the title of the film until the very end. This subtle detail is just so brilliant.

    • I’m Here
      I’m Here 28 days ago

      Bob Buchko 👍🏼

    • Bob Buchko
      Bob Buchko Month ago +2

      Oh wow, how did I never realize that? Thank you.

  • Missbz Her
    Missbz Her 2 months ago +5

    God this piece never failed to make me feel like crying.

  • Brad Taulbee
    Brad Taulbee 2 months ago +61

    Beautiful movie. Most people would think the title Arrival means arrival of the aliens, but it is a reference to the arrival of her daughter. This movie is about how a mother deals with the death of a child, much like Gravity.

    • Joey Fanai
      Joey Fanai 27 days ago +1

      Brad Taulbee my two fav films of all time

  • muhammad hudi
    muhammad hudi 2 months ago +42

    I'm a father, I feel so lucky to not knowing where my child's life lead, but I will embrace n welcome every moment of it. And I will tell my feelings more often

    • tri arum arwanto
      tri arum arwanto 15 days ago

      For us (men) family,
      it's important thing, we aren't perfect, but we always try to be

    • Bob Buchko
      Bob Buchko 2 months ago

      This movie was made for parents, for sure. Wow, did it hit me hard.

  • Warthog-faced buffoon
    Warthog-faced buffoon 2 months ago +7

    That was powerful in any aspect

  • Kelvin Chong
    Kelvin Chong 2 months ago +3

    I thought this is a alien movie because it has an “ARRIVAL” title that feels loke an alien movie to me

  • Pedro Souza
    Pedro Souza 2 months ago +15

    This is one of the best movies ever made. Change my mind

  • Jay Hood
    Jay Hood 2 months ago +7

    This is one of the best/beautiful movies I've EVER seen. 💯

  • M Brontë
    M Brontë 3 months ago +5

    Beautiful story

  • Boldy
    Boldy 3 months ago +8

    That music has been made by a Beast.

  • Jenn W.
    Jenn W. 3 months ago +13

    This movie was so absolutely breathtaking and will forever be apart of my heart

  • Rameez Manama
    Rameez Manama 3 months ago +8

    "You know I've had my head tilted up to the stars for as long as I can remember. You know what surprised me the most? It wasn't meeting them. It was meeting you."
    😢😢 03:02

  • ไตรรงค์ ไม้จันทร์

    Is he died in 28 week later ?

  • vijant1
    vijant1 3 months ago +176

    4 years ago I lost my daughter who was only 20. I watched this movie and it spoke of a profound truth I agreed with. When she said she would still live it all again despite knowing she was going to lose her daughter. I know what she meant. I too would live every day of my life again with my daughter knowing that I would lose her. I’d go through it all and what that told me is that the power of love is worth all the pain and that for all the darkness life brings u there’s light in there too and that it all is part of the tapestry and journey of life. She wasn’t cruel in her decision, it’s just she understood that Love was worth going through all that again, the love she shared with her daughter was so powerful it was worth even going through the pain again. Trust me she’s not selfish, I wake up every day living the pain of not having my daughter in my life but I can tell you 💯 without hesitation I would live it all again knowing the outcome to experience the love we shared.

    • vijant1
      vijant1 10 days ago

      momo jo Thank u for your kind words...they’re probably beautiful words because they are truly from my heart.

    • momo jo
      momo jo 11 days ago +1

      That was the most beautiful thing i have ever heard, truly i hope you all well!

    • Aِbdullah
      Aِbdullah 19 days ago +1

      vijant1 Thank you for sharing 🙏💔

    • vijant1
      vijant1 Month ago +1

      Samuel Emmanuel Thank u... totally from the heart...meant every word

    • Samuel Emmanuel
      Samuel Emmanuel Month ago +1

      Your explanation was so amazing.

  • Shashank Kulakarni
    Shashank Kulakarni 3 months ago +3

    My question is she teaches students the language right ??
    So for all of them time vil be non chronologically working??

    4KO OXYGEN 3 months ago +23

    did you guys pay attention to her daughter’s name? “Hannah” if you read it backwards still is hanna which it’s what the movie was about, the circle words of aliens and the circle of life is the meaning of this movie

    • 4KO OXYGEN
      4KO OXYGEN Month ago

      Eric Lerma symmetric and without ending

    • no thanks
      no thanks Month ago +2

      literally explains this word for word in the movie.....

    • Eric Lerma
      Eric Lerma Month ago

      A palindrome?

  • Reginaldo Siqueira
    Reginaldo Siqueira 3 months ago +6


  • Oswaldo Garcia
    Oswaldo Garcia 3 months ago +295

    Hannah is hannah backwards. Like the language. Circular. No start, no end. Wow

    • Okaro Shinn
      Okaro Shinn 5 days ago

      @run4walk whoever coined that as the term for that phobia was kind of a dick lol

    • run4walk
      run4walk Month ago +4

      @Tom Smith Find solace in the fact the fear of palindromes is called "aibohphobia"

    • Tom Smith
      Tom Smith Month ago +2

      All I want to know is why a palindrome isn’t one
      And why a portmanteau also isn’t one
      Ditto why phonetically isn’t spelt “fonetikally” or something
      Kills me
      KILLS ME

    • Antonio Díaz
      Antonio Díaz Month ago +3

      @Anna so cool

    • Anna
      Anna Month ago +4

      Now every time sometime points out my name does this.... I’m gonna say that 😎

  • Ray of Light
    Ray of Light 3 months ago +5

    Who else cried?

  • Andrew Rudy Galindo
    Andrew Rudy Galindo 3 months ago +5

    Stunning. Absolutely stunning.