High school musical 2

  • Published on Nov 16, 2018

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  • Regiane Candido
    Regiane Candido 3 minutes ago +1

    Aye what the heck is it with the freezing. What is the point of putting this movie on here if u can’t make it properly. BOOOOOOOOO

  • Roland Hallie gaduo

    xxxxxx divorced

  • iiomq_ Roblox
    iiomq_ Roblox 5 hours ago

    Do high school musical 3

  • Ashika Mckenzie
    Ashika Mckenzie Day ago

    Morpheus tv came clutch currently watching

  • Bercem Söyler
    Bercem Söyler Day ago


  • Altar Q76
    Altar Q76 4 days ago


  • Lorelai Hickey
    Lorelai Hickey 4 days ago

    yeah Isaiah thats bull shit

  • Serita Taupau
    Serita Taupau 5 days ago +5

    This is my favourite movie but y it keeps freezing 😡

  • Le Roi Koumare
    Le Roi Koumare 5 days ago +1

    Pkw ses par en français 🤔🤔

  • _ Mxlanx _
    _ Mxlanx _ 6 days ago

    Wer deutsch hier?😂

  • jay kay
    jay kay 7 days ago

    Yeah. I mean u was looking FORWARD to watching high school Musical 2 and they ruined it with a glitched up long video of it. How could they do that to me?!?!?!?!

  • larissa bergmans
    larissa bergmans 8 days ago +2

    AAAH OHMYGOSH who’s watching in 2019 🤪😍😍 but it freezes

  • Dinah Lance
    Dinah Lance 8 days ago +1

    Ahhhh the glitch whyyyyyyyy

  • martha alvarez silva

    La puedes poner en español por favor

  • Maya Lulu
    Maya Lulu 8 days ago

    Uurgh dies anywhere know where i can watch hsm2 without it glitching every 2 sevinds!!

  • Happy Little Tree
    Happy Little Tree 8 days ago

    It was skipping. SO ANNOYING

  • Gizzelle Levy
    Gizzelle Levy 9 days ago +1

    Gauche CTW stab gs VfB

  • Berenice Trujillo
    Berenice Trujillo 9 days ago

    Haaaaaaaay noooooo esta en ingleeeees nooooo me muerooo i dead ideeeead

  • edith
    edith 9 days ago

    Quality shit my lady

  • sarah
    sarah 10 days ago +1

    if you watch this movie your wife will leave you no questions asked im crying right now

    • sarah
      sarah 9 days ago

      i agree

  • sarah
    sarah 10 days ago

    this video SUCKS. it made my wife leave me

  • Charles Buchanan Show
    Charles Buchanan Show 10 days ago

    I Love That Song Musical

  • MyNinja 671
    MyNinja 671 13 days ago

    Hit the like button if you agree that it freezes like every second and it says no sound but there is.

  • Olga juegos Lopez
    Olga juegos Lopez 14 days ago


  • unicorns are cute
    unicorns are cute 14 days ago

    It's way to glichy

  • Narumy Moses
    Narumy Moses 14 days ago

    Too bad it keep freezing but its one of mah fav movie

  • Valeria family
    Valeria family 15 days ago

    Who’s watching this wen it’s they’re last day of school 😂👌

  • America Rodriguez
    America Rodriguez 16 days ago +1


  • Sarah Adamson
    Sarah Adamson 16 days ago +5

    High School Musical 2 was my my favorite movies I love Troy and Gabriella Play the song You Are The Music In Me😍😂😜

  • Ezzy Scott
    Ezzy Scott 17 days ago +3

    ya!!! it freezez soooo much!! and yes, im watching this in 2019.

  • Sindhu George
    Sindhu George 17 days ago +11

    It's my fav movie but it freezes in every moment...bad quality video

  • Jayda Roberts
    Jayda Roberts 17 days ago

    This is bad

  • Joy joy
    Joy joy 18 days ago

    Everybody Freezeeeee 😠😠😠

  • Kaitlynn Colbert
    Kaitlynn Colbert 20 days ago

    8 minutes of silence 👺👺👺👺😡😡😡😡

  • Deborah Locke
    Deborah Locke 20 days ago


  • zama mvelase
    zama mvelase 22 days ago +1

    Who is waiting for high school musical 4.... Me 2

  • CrazyCupcake 032808
    CrazyCupcake 032808 23 days ago

    Why does it freeze and glitch why did Netflix have to delete this movie

  • faby rabarison
    faby rabarison 24 days ago

    Gabriela et une belle fille

  • Donovan Cunningham
    Donovan Cunningham 25 days ago

    who ever uploaded this movie should take it down rn cz i cant believe its actually freezing sighhh

  • Ava Tierney
    Ava Tierney 25 days ago

    I’m doing this for my yr6 show😂

  • saurabh singh bagari
    saurabh singh bagari 25 days ago

    Fuck you mother fu kr shit head uploader

  • Charlene Miles
    Charlene Miles 25 days ago

    Favourite movie of all times! 😄

  • Dafne Ibáñez
    Dafne Ibáñez 26 days ago +1

    Hay alguien q hable español y se vino a los comentarios a ver si alguien también hablaba español 🙄😒😶

  • lylah johnson
    lylah johnson 26 days ago


  • kazunari Conway
    kazunari Conway 26 days ago +1

    Why dose it frees so much

  • Angelo Chico
    Angelo Chico 27 days ago

    Bat pahinto hinto yung videos mo

  • Zai Alonzo
    Zai Alonzo 27 days ago

    U suck bruh" first I thought the internet connection is the reason why it glitch and freezes every freaking time" it doesn't help a lot just delete this freaking post if u still have some dignity for some innocent viewers who's about to watch this! Shame on you SUCKER"""

  • girl staahp
    girl staahp 28 days ago +3

    I thought I had really bad internet connection

    • Mako HIBug630
      Mako HIBug630 27 days ago

      Same i was getting mad cause i wantes to watch this throwback and u was going to download the whole video from this, but thwn i thought.. what if its the actual video that is freezing and sure enough... 😂😔😣

  • Ferne Miles
    Ferne Miles 28 days ago

    Yh I wanted to watch it and this is the only way I could but it just glitches every 5 seconds it is just so anoying

  • Unicorn Power
    Unicorn Power 29 days ago

    it is very annoying when it stops

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith 29 days ago

    im out of this bitch

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith 29 days ago

    what a pile of high school shit freezes so many times

  • Michele NGUIMEZON
    Michele NGUIMEZON 29 days ago

    Qui est bilingue 😊😊😊

  • Lamia Hussain
    Lamia Hussain Month ago

    it freezes for like 5 minutes!

  • Babu Clitus
    Babu Clitus Month ago

    What the heck is this it keep on freezing . 😲

  • Samuel Espinosa
    Samuel Espinosa Month ago

    Una mierda se tranca hacelo bien la concha de tu madre

  • Drew Calma
    Drew Calma Month ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Milena A R. M.
    Milena A R. M. Month ago +1

    En español

  • Kiara Love
    Kiara Love Month ago

    it wont let me wacht and why are you doing this cuse i love it

  • Simone Evans
    Simone Evans Month ago

    I AM

  • Doodle Draw
    Doodle Draw Month ago

    Didn’t freeze for meeeeeeeeeee

  • Parmeshwar Gurjar
    Parmeshwar Gurjar Month ago

    Man, this vedio skipped halfof my favourite song😕

  • Bianca Metzger
    Bianca Metzger Month ago

    Und so was nimmt mann auf

  • Random Cattitude
    Random Cattitude Month ago

    Reminds me to Indian 90's movie: kuch kuch hota hai😬

  • April Mitchell
    April Mitchell Month ago

    Why does it always freeze?

  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger Month ago


  • milena andrea ramirez martinez

    en español

  • Tasha Edwards
    Tasha Edwards Month ago

    I love it what is so special special special what is has been freezing

  • Tasha Edwards
    Tasha Edwards Month ago

    I love it but I have a problem

  • Lara Cristina
    Lara Cristina Month ago +1

    Eu Ameiii a cor do Cabelo da Gabriella ( A Vanessa) 😍❤ Brasileiros aii gente??? ... 😂

  • Tess Spaloss
    Tess Spaloss Month ago

    does it keep freezing throughout the hole thing? orr..

  • Chantelle Thomas
    Chantelle Thomas Month ago

    Don’t post a video that freezes all the time. Just don’t post anything at all if that is the case

  • Fiina Girly
    Fiina Girly Month ago

    Am I the only one seeing that this freezes every second?

  • Annalise Browne
    Annalise Browne Month ago +2

    don't post something that freezes every 5 seconds

  • Vanessa Allen
    Vanessa Allen Month ago

    Does anyone got the same freezing problem

  • 임재이
    임재이 Month ago

    돈아까워 씨부레

  • Lee Fuller
    Lee Fuller Month ago +4

    Yes I love high school musical but it freezes bummer

  • Pamela Toapanta
    Pamela Toapanta Month ago

    al video

  • Pamela Toapanta
    Pamela Toapanta Month ago

    aganlo en español

  • Daniel Spitzer
    Daniel Spitzer Month ago

    it glitches every time

  • Crazed Gaming
    Crazed Gaming Month ago

    Freezing oooooohhh so cold

  • HadiFenderz Fenderz

    any1 have highschool musical 1 movie?

  • Cheerleading Flora
    Cheerleading Flora Month ago


  • Wilson II Buerano
    Wilson II Buerano Month ago

    My all.time favorite musical movie ever !

  • soledad v
    soledad v Month ago

    esta en inglés! q mal

  • cripty 1o1
    cripty 1o1 Month ago

    this is amazing it doesn't freeze has no high pitch voice best quality amazing had fun watching this with my friend's for a big sleep over. sorry for people who have issues with is and was expecting a great movie. also if your haveing issues i tried watching this movie on my other phone it was a old iphone but had best quality with no issues but it broke so i got this new iphone today i got a iphone x so maybe the phone is causeing issues or it was uploaded it a nother country and is haveing issues with connection idk but awesome movie hope you guys had no issues and enjoyed it

  • Thomas G
    Thomas G Month ago

    2019 here I'm 19 and I still watch this movie still watch all the movies
    Written by KG G

  • Odicelha Torres
    Odicelha Torres Month ago

    Eu quero muito assistir todos os filmes deles em português!

  • Wyatt Hummel
    Wyatt Hummel Month ago

    What the F*C*

  • ET Crafter
    ET Crafter Month ago +4

    Seriously if you’re going to post a video make sure it doesn’t freeze every 2 seconds.😶🙄

  • Yello.w
    Yello.w Month ago

    This is to slow

  • Mariama Mariama
    Mariama Mariama Month ago

    omg super

  • Alyssa Prophet
    Alyssa Prophet Month ago

    Awwwww memories

  • Linda Young
    Linda Young Month ago

    Booooooo super bad

  • Jordyniah KELSALL
    Jordyniah KELSALL Month ago


  • Gian Javier
    Gian Javier Month ago

    Fuck you YOu are lying !! Im gonna Fuck you up mother Fucker !!

  • Pretty Jessy Mia
    Pretty Jessy Mia Month ago +1

    My favorite High school musical

  • Libby Hendry
    Libby Hendry Month ago +48

    i wanted some fun with my old friend high school musical but i am distraught to see this glitching and i am sad to be watching this disgraceful video...

  • Paloma Xx
    Paloma Xx Month ago +8

    jeeeeeez I wanted some childhood memories and this con artist makes the video freezes every 5 seconds

    • Libby Hendry
      Libby Hendry Month ago

      yea dude i am totally not on ft to u now

  • Andrea Perrin
    Andrea Perrin Month ago +2

    Love this movie