r/Entitledparents "GIVE MY CHILD YOUR GUN!"

  • Published on Aug 27, 2019
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    r/Entitledparents I've come across some truly crazy entitled parents on Reddit, but this lady takes the cake. OP is hanging out with his kid at a playground, when an entitled mother comes up to him and DEMANDS that OP hands his loaded gun over to her child. And when OP resists and says that he can't do that, the crazy lady yells at him! WTF!
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  • rSlash
    rSlash  2 months ago +2447

    What would you do if an entitled parent tries to give a gun to her spoiled brat?

    • Cam _ski4life
      Cam _ski4life 5 days ago


    • RayKay Productions
      RayKay Productions 18 days ago

      rSlash I would just tell her to go away tell her her son is underage and walk off if she doesn’t go away i just run home

    • xdEnricoudx
      xdEnricoudx 24 days ago

      Well someone else actually knows something else about guns lol

    • xdEnricoudx
      xdEnricoudx 24 days ago

      If it feels like I’m being threatened to the extent in which I’ll mention, otherwise I’d just be on high alert for my own and other’s safety while trying to reason with her, if push comes to shove, I’ll would pull out my gun without even touching the trigger while yelling at her to stop and reason with her quickly and precisely, if it gets worse, I’ll turn off the safety and try to make myself a bigger threat than my baby-faced self actually is. All I would wanna do is try to reason and make someone understand the dangers of her actions whilst not wanting her kids see the horrific image of their own mother getting shot. No warning shots unless pushed past my fuse and try my best to keep others safe first, buuuuuutt, it won’t likely go to this point as I’m a very rational and understanding person. What about you?

    • Alejandro Consing
      Alejandro Consing Month ago

      I just hate it when some guy just gives a random kid a gun

  • Hajera & Lina
    Hajera & Lina 2 hours ago +1

    The Kid Want To Kill You. But The Mom Was Stupid Enough To Abuse.
    Police Came And Camera’s. Police Arrested Them. Kid Is With Dad.

  • Extreme Gamer17
    Extreme Gamer17 12 hours ago

    The title and thumbnail of this made me go wtf
    Btw I’m never having kids so I will never be on a entitledpArents subreddit and I am not that stupid anyway

  • Hello god it’s me Daniel

    I really choked up on the the one with Tommy’s mother.

  • Creep Craft
    Creep Craft 14 hours ago +1

    Forgot the ")" LOL God please forgive me for my sInS. :(

  • Creep Craft
    Creep Craft 14 hours ago +1

    5:28 Has anyone actually been there, if so had anyone also gone to the "Hershey Pantry" (Not owned by Hershey but give wickid good deserts like Variations of Cheesecake and cookies

    TROLL LORDZ2 14 hours ago +1

    I’ve actually had that happen to me where a parent demanded I give their child my A.R. 15 which I promptly responded no your child is like 12 years old. why yes I do believe in youth learning firearms this place was giving $10 lesson $10 to go through 25 rounds and teach kids how to shoot that is less than the price of the ammo and less if they made them self which is still super cheap and she demanded I give her the gun she’s going to call the cops. Which I said no again at this point everybody in the range is looking at us and they are all on my side now I don’t know why this lady and her child were there they weren’t shooting I don’t know why they were there. She then proceeds to try to touch my Gun which I replied to as get your hands off my firearm! She then proceeds to try to pick it up and run but let me remind you this lady was a Mexican she had these tall knee-high boots on she had several kids three which were locked in the car for some reason let me remind you this is Texas and it’s 113° where we were I got off topic but then she proceeded to try to run with my firearm which there are several stupid stupid stupid ideas just in that little bit but proceeded to try to make it to her car which at this point the cops are rolling up arrested her immediately and yes we pressed tons of charges. But before that she tried to tell the officers how I had assaulted her and tried to hurt her and take her firearm which the funny thing was it was registered to me and we had security cameras over the entire range which I was the usual at the range that was because the land I own it was a good hour away or so So yeah there is my story

  • Deasy Puspitasari
    Deasy Puspitasari 15 hours ago

    The part i like is "AHEEEM" with funny Karen voice 😂😂😂

  • Angel Dust The Porn Star

    That last story, doesn't it tug at your heart strings?

  • indo dragon
    indo dragon 15 hours ago

    8:00 ture ture that would be very satisfing

  • indo dragon
    indo dragon 15 hours ago

    No just no,no one would ever say to HAND OVER A FIRE ARM TO A CHILD

  • KJ Dubs
    KJ Dubs 16 hours ago

    *_M o m S l a s h_*

  • Rick #####
    Rick ##### 20 hours ago

    Hooowwww dare you not allow my preeccioouusss baby your gun and potentially get killed by a police officer! I'm reporting you!

  • Mama Schatzy
    Mama Schatzy 22 hours ago

    Lmao.... now I kinda want to unsubscribe, just because of your EM at the end 😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Williams

    I’d kick her a%#

  • Dat Yoshi Boi
    Dat Yoshi Boi Day ago

    If you think Insecticide is good, you should try


  • seventeenrocks boy

    Mom: getting lectured for complimenting a kid
    Me: visible confusion

  • seventeenrocks boy

    Can't wait to go home and sniff some uranium

  • Olivia Blackburn

    Lol getting high off spider repellent. Ok...😂

  • Stars227
    Stars227 Day ago

    Wtf is with these entitled Americans bro if anyone did this shit in australia you're straight up getting dinked In the fucking face.

  • Shooby doo why Shooby doo way

    I would shoot the kid

    Edit: Ok wait let me explain why 😂 I don’t like kids and well guess why 😂

  • Csaba -Miniszterelnök- Spéter

    Poor Tommy's mom :c

  • Maxington ,
    Maxington , Day ago

    Ep be like

    LeT My cHiLd PlAy NuCuLaR EneGrY

  • zum the dragon raptor

    that thumbnail looks uncomfully like me

  • Jeff Budd
    Jeff Budd Day ago

    Ever notice how the moms are the entitled ones? How do the husbands put up with that

  • Divine Dragon
    Divine Dragon Day ago

    I would go REEeEeE (I take it) nU u DuN pLaY wItH tHaT


    The name of the company in the third story is soooo obvious, it’s Auntie Anne’s

  • Mr Meow
    Mr Meow 2 days ago +1


  • Emil Kronberg
    Emil Kronberg 2 days ago


  • Wolfie 6293
    Wolfie 6293 2 days ago

    The first one is HILARIOUS😂 “he works here and I know hes over 21”😂😂😂 holy shit that was hilarious😂

  • YoonYoon
    YoonYoon 2 days ago +1

    The last story had a sweet ending!

  • Fred Kauwe
    Fred Kauwe 2 days ago

    The one with the gun the gun is preloaded so if he want to remove all the bullets he need to shoot the gun to remove the bullet

  • Avocado Crip
    Avocado Crip 2 days ago

    Ahh “Ahem!” the great call of the Karen that can make ice cube melt and police prepare to arrest for assault charges

  • ManchU Gail
    ManchU Gail 2 days ago

    Mom-slash... Okay, why did I visualize a crazed woman with a chainsaw when I heard those 2 weird, together?

  • Hunter Minck
    Hunter Minck 2 days ago

    EM:No your closed so the pretzels should be half off
    Me(smacking my head a bunch of times) u dumb f***

  • Yeeter of Yeets
    Yeeter of Yeets 2 days ago


  • ShiftGamer 2004
    ShiftGamer 2004 2 days ago

    If an EM comes to me and asks if her child can have my .22 rifle here is my response:
    Me: Hell no, you nor your kid is having my precious .22 rifle, me and my dad bought it with our own money, besides, if someone calls the police and the kid points the gun at them, the cops might shoot the child, so the blame would be on you
    Em: oh but what if it is unloaded?
    Me: f**k off stranger, this is my gun, my property, my rules.
    Em: threatens to call police
    Me: go ahead, you just are about to get arrested
    (Other trail she tries to steal it)

  • elk
    elk 2 days ago

    I live I Pennslvania I bet it was kennywood

  • ShiftGamer 2004
    ShiftGamer 2004 2 days ago +1

    Em: Give my child a tool that is used to kill people
    Op: no
    Em: IM SUING U

  • Slayer 272
    Slayer 272 3 days ago

    Not gonna lie I would be the son in the airport restaurant situation lol

  • Harry Parker
    Harry Parker 3 days ago

    Why is his voice so soothing//////..??????

  • Hufflepuff otaku
    Hufflepuff otaku 3 days ago

    Hey momslash I don’t just subscribe to anyone willy nilly cuz I enjoy one of their videos, I only subscribe if I enjoy at least 80% of their content and I just wanna say that your son does deserve my subscription

  • Ethan the game master

    Em calls police
    Police 911 what's yo emergency
    Em I need you to arrest this girl she won't give me her kid
    Police so you should be arrested
    Em ............hangs up
    Em your going to get arrested my officer Morty
    Me I am officer Morty shows badge
    Em runs to her house

  • EVO Linda
    EVO Linda 3 days ago

    Your voice annoys me

  • Peanut Brain
    Peanut Brain 3 days ago


  • lonewolf adventure
    lonewolf adventure 3 days ago

    Everything harmful about an unloaded gun everything he said but another thing it could have a round (bullet) in the chamber if a kid had it. It could go off and kill someone

  • Imp Ster
    Imp Ster 3 days ago

    No they drink poison because they realize that they have *that* mom

  • John Costlow
    John Costlow 3 days ago

    You left out the rules
    1) ALWAYS treat a gun as if it's loaded.
    Disclaimer: Not yelling. Just emphasizing.

  • yoshikins
    yoshikins 3 days ago

    the last one is like the only post ive ever heard where both people are happy

  • Mr.Satterday
    Mr.Satterday 3 days ago

    Sons sniff poison
    Mother spits poison
    *Like Mother like son*

  • oosk
    oosk 3 days ago

    Lol I get called lazy all the time by other people because I am always on my phone in public, but I am actually just answering emails and taking orders from my online business.

  • Luddi 1337
    Luddi 1337 3 days ago

    5:08 this has happend irl in Sweden

  • Yeet
    Yeet 4 days ago +1

    Women:I bet that bug sprayer is to get high right
    Me:how the heck are you gonna get high with poison

  • Fanawb Productions
    Fanawb Productions 4 days ago

    The last one was so wholesome.

  • Jayden V Ward
    Jayden V Ward 4 days ago


  • WORNING You will be bored

    Should I get redit because I actually have had a r/entitledparent encounter

  • Kieron Chadwick
    Kieron Chadwick 4 days ago

    The end was very much cringe

  • Liz 2258
    Liz 2258 4 days ago

    I felt for that 13 year old in the phone at the table one

  • Mr Clean
    Mr Clean 4 days ago

    That last story
    *Top 10 Anime Plot Twists*

    CHEESEBURGER 4 days ago

    *EP=Entitled parent* *EA=Entitled Aunt* *EU=Entitled uncle* *EM=(obviously) Entitled Mother* *ED= Entitled daughter/dad* *ES= Entitled son* *EG=(new not used) Entitled grandma* *NP= Nice person* *OP= (please tell me)* *Please like this took so long to memorize*