i lost

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
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  • Tony Ortiz L
    Tony Ortiz L 5 hours ago

    The 2 points where the right choice

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    Even though I don't think you lost the fight you did commit to fouls in that round. The first one was holding the back of his head when you hit him with the uppercut and the other one was hitting him in the back of the head right before you walked away even though I don't think you made hard contact it was a fowl. But where you are going to lose is I don't think 99% of the people cared one way or another who won or lost and I think you gained a lot of respect accepting the loss. I think it will end up you gained more respect then any respect you will gain if they rule the fight a draw. Because the amount of respect you will lose that you gained by showing sportsmanship is much more then how it will balance out with people thinking you are a bad sport. In the big scheme of things who won or lost doesn't matter because you know neither one of you are going on to be world champions. Just my thoughts

  • XGA-Gaming
    XGA-Gaming 6 hours ago

    Logan is a fucking baby

  • deadlock
    deadlock 6 hours ago

    i can’t decide whether to like for ksi winning and logan accepting it or dislike for logan paul...

  • Norma Beltran
    Norma Beltran 8 hours ago


  • Igette Kavira
    Igette Kavira 9 hours ago

    Hahaha your a joke

  • MysticalYoyo
    MysticalYoyo 9 hours ago +1


  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer 10 hours ago +1

    The world knows you won that fight logan

  • shuaib Khalif
    shuaib Khalif 11 hours ago

    Ksi won less go u stink

  • Crazy 9
    Crazy 9 12 hours ago +2

    Logan Paul is week ass KSi beat you up

  • Andrej Zlatar Andi
    Andrej Zlatar Andi 13 hours ago

    Even if the points get back in his favor,he already lost.Nobody will see him as a winner.If he wants to man up he should take the L and go back to vlogs.

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 13 hours ago

    the two points was the right call - EVERY BRITISH PERSON EVER

  • Jaya Ravenclaw
    Jaya Ravenclaw 13 hours ago

    You dispointed us :(

  • kathryn davies
    kathryn davies 14 hours ago

    haha u lost

  • Nagy Boy
    Nagy Boy 14 hours ago

    I hate that you lost but i dont think you did lose

  • Chris
    Chris 14 hours ago

    No one:
    Logan paul: i like boxing but the rules sucks

  • Ónix
    Ónix 15 hours ago

    Lol KSI looked like a spinning Boomerang😂

  • Tongenus
    Tongenus 15 hours ago

    I wasn’t cheering for anyone, Because I am Canadian nor a Logan Paul fan or a KSI fan,

    But did anyone ask, no

    HUG3M4NHOL3 16 hours ago

    Also vote conservative

    HUG3M4NHOL3 16 hours ago


  • Count keni The 1 st
    Count keni The 1 st 16 hours ago

    Logan you fucking lost just accept this

  • dishant bansod
    dishant bansod 16 hours ago

    Don't be sad bro..
    Ur an MAVERICK
    Ur an savage
    Go champ😎

  • Leah Keenan
    Leah Keenan 16 hours ago

    Ahaha lol what an idiot
    Like if u agree 😌

  • Rick Rodriguez
    Rick Rodriguez 16 hours ago

    Tenia que a ver ganado logan, no mames wey

  • stilianos Gregoriou
    stilianos Gregoriou 16 hours ago +1

    Description says:be a maverick
    -i dont want to be a loser😐

  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu 16 hours ago

    Logan Paul:”l don’t feel like I lost.” Also Logan Paul:”I’ll like to send an Appel to the commissioner to give my 2 points back”

  • bikestar.nathan
    bikestar.nathan 16 hours ago

    12:41 the reason why your a meme

  • Bailey Highton
    Bailey Highton 17 hours ago

    Any body notice the 3 people hangin out on the tree

  • Puskàs Szebi
    Puskàs Szebi 17 hours ago

    But you lost dumb ass

  • Roeg Sniper
    Roeg Sniper 17 hours ago

    You lost just take the L on move on damn

  • Justin Time
    Justin Time 17 hours ago

    Logan why are you such a loser????

  • Angel Topete
    Angel Topete 17 hours ago

    U lost because u hit on the back of the head but if u didn't u would have won

  • Mood. SZX
    Mood. SZX 17 hours ago

    dude took down his appeal vid

  • Sam Freeman
    Sam Freeman 17 hours ago

    u hit illegal shots

  • Cody Hamilton
    Cody Hamilton 17 hours ago

    You were in foresum

  • Billy Butler
    Billy Butler 17 hours ago

    Suck it up cupcake

  • TheCagyBee z
    TheCagyBee z 18 hours ago

    I agree 1000% logan shoulda won

  • Max Pinner
    Max Pinner 18 hours ago

    The 2 points were 110% deserved not only did you punch him in the back of the head you punched him while he was down after holding his head and hitting him with 2 uppercuts. How you can sit there and say that the 2 points is undeserved. You could’ve been disqualified for it and the ref in the fight is highly respected

  • Xavier Kidd
    Xavier Kidd 18 hours ago

    You should have one tho

  • Niall Dowling
    Niall Dowling 18 hours ago +1

    Funny how all these 11 year old logan fans think they know more about boxing than a professional boxing referee and a panel of professional judges

  • Josh Trejo
    Josh Trejo 18 hours ago

    Disappointed his fans smh

  • Ghost Gaming
    Ghost Gaming 18 hours ago

    Nomany how many times you fail always get back up we Mavericks yah yeet savage

  • unknown user
    unknown user 18 hours ago

    You’re not a real boxer, you’re a waste of oxygen

  • LondonTubeTV
    LondonTubeTV 18 hours ago

    *i lost*
    Well no shit

  • Antonny Nguyen
    Antonny Nguyen 18 hours ago

    when his girl breaks up with him and the interent wants to know why logan will say this 2 them "i sneezed 3 times"

  • RSR Gaming
    RSR Gaming 18 hours ago

    Logan paul's channel after L: ....

  • lort 127
    lort 127 18 hours ago +1

    you are a human trash
    stop please

  • Jeneral Japan
    Jeneral Japan 18 hours ago +1

    No Shit Sherlock...

  • Hicher 2500
    Hicher 2500 18 hours ago

    Hey I think this is fucked up KSI is ugly and wrong at least Logan has quadeca on his side and KSI cried when he Fot Quadeca

  • Mateja Stojkovic
    Mateja Stojkovic 19 hours ago

    He doesnt feel like he lost but he didnt upload for a month

  • Charlie_stares07 45
    Charlie_stares07 45 19 hours ago

    If you did not feel like you lost you go from posting multiple times a week to not posting in three weeks since he uploaded this

  • Anonymous 004
    Anonymous 004 19 hours ago

    When u gonna post again

  • Elyan Hamad
    Elyan Hamad 19 hours ago

    why did he stop vloging for change

  • Ezabul Alam
    Ezabul Alam 19 hours ago

    Fuck boxing
    come back old lp with daily vlogs

  • Amin M
    Amin M 19 hours ago

    Good for you

  • Mr Pandamaster
    Mr Pandamaster 19 hours ago +2

    I'm with u logan😎your strong💪

  • berat keser
    berat keser 19 hours ago

    Abone my

  • loui_ss1
    loui_ss1 19 hours ago +1

    resol eros a si luap nagol

    like if u know what it means

  • Karun Yarlagadda
    Karun Yarlagadda 19 hours ago

    are you getting back to youtube

  • Estyakali Shaikh
    Estyakali Shaikh 20 hours ago

    There is no winner or loser all are winners 😸👍