Dog Was SO Proud When Her Human Sister Finally Walked | The Dodo

  • Published on Oct 21, 2018
  • Dog Was SO Proud When Her Human Sister Finally Walked | This loyal dog helped her human sister take her first steps at age 4 🐶💜
    You can keep up with Mighty Maya and Abby's amazing friendship on Instagram, mightymissmaya: You can also follow their adventures on Facebook:
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Comments • 866

  • Elida Rodriguez
    Elida Rodriguez 54 minutes ago

    Maya and Abby 😍 perfect lil angels ❤

  • Anonymous5253
    Anonymous5253 Hour ago

    It's gonna be a huge oof when that dog dies.

  • kishor kamble
    kishor kamble Hour ago

    Two puzzle fit perfectly together with each other Abby and brave maya.

  • Lydia Lewis
    Lydia Lewis Hour ago

    Wish they could get a prosthetic paw for Abby🐕

  • P Bangs
    P Bangs Hour ago


  • 4TiTude06
    4TiTude06 Hour ago

    DODO you are the best!! This story and video was heart warming. Thank you for sharing Abby.

  • mochawitch
    mochawitch Hour ago

    This is incredibly sweet ❤❤❤

  • V Robinson
    V Robinson Hour ago

    So Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! You go girls! Be Blessed Always

  • Hauke G.
    Hauke G. Hour ago

    Keep on fighting little girl! ❤️ What a lovely friendship.

  • Rohit roy
    Rohit roy Hour ago

    Both Maya and Abby are so cute May their family have a happy and long life together

  • cream puff
    cream puff Hour ago +1

    HEARTWARMING to see this dogs art just a man's best friend there everybody's

  • Mike Voisine
    Mike Voisine Hour ago

    This grumpy old war veteran is overwhelmed with tears of compassion and cuteness.

  • Headphonez
    Headphonez Hour ago

    Awwe this is the cutest thing ever!!

  • Sk. Mahabubur Rahman

    God bless you guys

  • Cosmic Dot
    Cosmic Dot Hour ago

    This little girl is going to because mess when the dog passes away

  • Lorraine Deighton

    A match made in heaven❤️
    They are true buddies...

  • YoRocky
    YoRocky Hour ago

    Human or not, family is family. 😍

  • OceanTheUnicorn
    OceanTheUnicorn Hour ago

    OMG, there so cute. Doesn't it match? Abby and Maya? Its like they were meant to be together. I swear there so cute.

    God blessed them.

  • PhantomMonk3y
    PhantomMonk3y Hour ago

    My fiancé and I both have cp and I take care of my girl, so when I see videos like this I can’t help but smile

  • Pat Hacker
    Pat Hacker Hour ago

    She is a "really good dog"!

  • Veronica L. Brümmer

    Bless her heart!!🤗🤗😘

  • Dennis Bourgeois
    Dennis Bourgeois Hour ago

    This video made me fell 10 ft tall. Thank You and lots of love...

  • weak gamer453
    weak gamer453 Hour ago

    Awww she has cp that sucks but she can walk

  • Madeline, dolly And randomness

    I mix my dogs food with water too👍🏻👍🏻🤣🤣🤣

  • Missditabomb
    Missditabomb Hour ago

    Such a great bond there!! Congrats to Maya on WALKING for the first time!!! xo

  • luxaholic anonymous

    The dog smiles every time she walks. ❤️😊❤️😊❤️😊❤️😊❤️

  • cruiserhog1
    cruiserhog1 Hour ago

    fuckin onions

  • Catherine HFD
    Catherine HFD Hour ago

    beautiful beautiful story 💜 .. love conquers all

  • Carol Miles
    Carol Miles Hour ago

    I so love this ,all the love and luck in the world to you all xxxx

  • ereis fireboi
    ereis fireboi 2 hours ago

    Dog, human sister...🤔? *ereis fireboi on TVclip and

  • Mary Oshea
    Mary Oshea 2 hours ago

    She's a doll ❤

  • Atsuko Livernois
    Atsuko Livernois 2 hours ago

    What a beautiful story!!! At the very end of this clip,Abby the dog was moving her leg as if walking with her as the little girl with c.p.standing up &started walking , you could feel the dog's heart / minds concerning & caring for her! Abby is a very sweet & smart intelligent dog!I'm so glad that they both have the beautiful friendships!!!And I'm so glad that she can walk now!

  • Brendan Pramjee
    Brendan Pramjee 2 hours ago

    😭😢😍❤️I love this channel so much. What a wonderful amazing story! Great family

  • Amarilis Marroquin
    Amarilis Marroquin 2 hours ago

    So cute☺️

  • Susan B
    Susan B 2 hours ago +1

    great mommy ❤️

  • Haikeem Brown
    Haikeem Brown 2 hours ago

    Im not crying it’s the onions 😭😭😩😩

  • Frieda Kiezebrink
    Frieda Kiezebrink 2 hours ago

    Just one word : Beautiful 😊

  • Emma McHardy
    Emma McHardy 2 hours ago

    Dynamic Duo...these little heroes are awesome ❤️☀️

  • Brenna Moyer
    Brenna Moyer 2 hours ago

    I wish for this girl to be able to grow up to be a vet. Maybe someday science will make that possible. What an incredible bond these two share...

  • j rand
    j rand 2 hours ago

    Great story

  • Harrison Seeley
    Harrison Seeley 2 hours ago

    What an amazing little girl. Made me wanna cry when she got super excited about taking one step! Bless her little heart and her wonderful family.

  • tropingreenhorn
    tropingreenhorn 2 hours ago

    so sweet, My sister has CP too, this made me cry to see the little girl walking. I know how difficult and tiring it is to learn how to walk for a person with CP. It is so great Abbey noticed how important it was too!

  • Alleison Sellers
    Alleison Sellers 2 hours ago

    So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 120starter
    120starter 2 hours ago

    Aw bless their hearts..

  • ItsNikoHIMself
    ItsNikoHIMself 2 hours ago

    This warms my heart

  • tintinismybelgian
    tintinismybelgian 2 hours ago

    Would a prosthetic on the front leg work, or just be a hindrance at this point?

  • Maria Silversken
    Maria Silversken 2 hours ago


  • Mozam The Popchips Fag


  • Jay Sims
    Jay Sims 2 hours ago

    Beautiful. Thank you

  • Putato Cheeeze
    Putato Cheeeze 2 hours ago

    1:53 LMAO 😂

  • LilianIris
    LilianIris 2 hours ago +1


  • luciana tomas
    luciana tomas 2 hours ago

    omg maya and abby, you guys together it's so cute, I crying so much because I love dogs, I dont love anything else besides dogs, i have 3 with i can have billions i was my pleasure..

  • Pascal K.
    Pascal K. 2 hours ago

    That´s wonderful 😭😘

  • Magda Freeman
    Magda Freeman 2 hours ago

    tears of joy !

  • Dylan T7299
    Dylan T7299 2 hours ago

    I think TVclip is broken, why does this have dislikes?

  • Mollie Stockwell
    Mollie Stockwell 2 hours ago

    The dog in the background of the thumbnail tho 😂

  • Neharika Chauhan
    Neharika Chauhan 2 hours ago


  • Elizabeth Bloomberg
    Elizabeth Bloomberg 2 hours ago

    And I am so proud of you 2 my cute little gels ----> Maya and Abby 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Chantel Harris
    Chantel Harris 2 hours ago +1

    What a beautiful pair of sweethearts xx

  • Eric Girardet
    Eric Girardet 2 hours ago

    I wish to both of them a lot of fun!

  • matthew fitzgerald
    matthew fitzgerald 2 hours ago

    What a very sweet little girl I am very glad that she's on her feet and walking she has an amazing family and she has the Heart of a Lion

  • Monzer Karkash
    Monzer Karkash 3 hours ago

    57 dislike from who ? who dislike this ? these angels deserve our love and like and pray from our souls . this video made me cry even im 33 years old ... 57 dislike from 57 devils

    BLADE THE WOLF 3 hours ago


  • Eivind Andreas
    Eivind Andreas 3 hours ago

    Be sure you like the video

  • haydee torres
    haydee torres 3 hours ago

    Just a beautiful story of a little girl and her dog. How well they complement each other

  • Justin Richiuso
    Justin Richiuso 3 hours ago

    57 dislikes are trump supporters. U know people who dont have a heart

  • Chetan Sharma
    Chetan Sharma 3 hours ago

    i wish good future for both of them...

  • Danny Battinieri
    Danny Battinieri 3 hours ago

    I can’t watch these Dodo vids anymore. I’m tired of crying

  • Rethabile Jelele
    Rethabile Jelele 3 hours ago +1

    "Bless Abby's heart, she'll eat it"😂😂😭

  • Lisa G
    Lisa G 3 hours ago

    What a wonderful little girl and her pup! Thank you sweetie much for sharing 👱‍♀️❤️🐶

  • Jay Hodges
    Jay Hodges 3 hours ago

    It would be nice if someone would make a prosthetic foot for Abby. They are very cute together, anyway.

  • tamicrosley
    tamicrosley 3 hours ago


  • David Edwards
    David Edwards 3 hours ago

    May the Lord bless you Maya and your beautiful family. Abby is so sweet, with all the crap on TVclip nowadays this story and beautiful family is a breath of fresh air.💛

  • Luke Ashton Ford
    Luke Ashton Ford 3 hours ago +1

    Bless them both sweet as sugar x

  • Rafael Hidalgo
    Rafael Hidalgo 3 hours ago

    Truely awesome!!

  • Cynthia Jackson
    Cynthia Jackson 3 hours ago

    This is too sweet for words.😭😭

  • truthisdivine
    truthisdivine 3 hours ago

    This was literally a match made in heaven. They are both sweet beyond words! ❤️

  • [Blank]
    [Blank] 3 hours ago

    Human sister? Edit: OH

  • Karen Yap
    Karen Yap 3 hours ago

    May love u too! Dun give up!

  • Karen Yap
    Karen Yap 3 hours ago

    Way to go abby! Thats great!

  • Dee Kight
    Dee Kight 3 hours ago

    I LOVE this! It made me smile and cry at the same time! The world is a much better place with dogs in it.

  • foreverlucky75
    foreverlucky75 3 hours ago

    Watching this just reminds me to be grateful for what i have and stop complaining about what I don’t have.

  • tickyul
    tickyul 3 hours ago

    AWWW, yay for Littlegirl☺☺☺☺!!!!!!!!!
    But I have to say....PLEASE be cautious, it looks like the Dogfilth was doing some severe flexing and exhibiting aggressive behavior towards Littlegirl at about the 0:18 mark!!!

  • Michael Milano
    Michael Milano 3 hours ago

    Animals are so awesome, especially the ones who are great with kids.

  • Twinziz O
    Twinziz O 3 hours ago

    My twin brother has CP, but his was minor CP. this story is so like my brothers story!!

  • MrBadBricks
    MrBadBricks 3 hours ago +1

    The dog has a Human Sister? Beastiality! SICK!

  • Meme It all
    Meme It all 3 hours ago

    Aw I felt so bad when she was crying about abby

  • yougotaluvme
    yougotaluvme 3 hours ago

    51 thumbs down?, over a disabled little girl and her dog...smh.

  • sn12
    sn12 3 hours ago

    I cried sooo much this was really heart warming

  • brah For real?
    brah For real? 3 hours ago

    😢😀🔥🔥🔥👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 love this channel

  • Ben MacBean
    Ben MacBean 3 hours ago


  • Ward Kelly
    Ward Kelly 3 hours ago

    What kind of sick, heartless person would vote this down? Shame on you 51!

  • Prerna Lenka
    Prerna Lenka 3 hours ago

    Adorable ❤️

  • trish
    trish 3 hours ago

    That little girl and her dog are tha *CUTEST!*

  • jason thomas
    jason thomas 3 hours ago


  • Beverly High
    Beverly High 3 hours ago

    Every person finds their favorite best friend, Maya and Abby found theirs. BFFs

  • James Howard
    James Howard 3 hours ago

    She’s so cute

    KING BISHAI 3 hours ago

    Its not proud, she just knew that she was right

  • animal lover
    animal lover 3 hours ago

    I'm crying as well. It's an awesome video. Thank God everything is going well.

  • napalmglop1
    napalmglop1 4 hours ago

    If the family ever reads this : you guys are awesome! Maya you are a very cool young lady and your friend Abby seems very noce too. Take good care of each other and be happy!