Spending the Night in a Haunted Ship... | Queen Mary Ghost Hunting


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  • Marissa Manalac
    Marissa Manalac 26 minutes ago

    I screamed when you were telling us about the queen Mary and when there was a ghost in the hall way me screaming:ahhhhh

  • IVY Ŕ
    IVY Ŕ Hour ago

    Shawn:ummmm wth

    • IVY Ŕ
      IVY Ŕ Hour ago

      ME: *laughing* XD

  • IVY Ŕ
    IVY Ŕ Hour ago

    Zachary: finds flower Alex marry me please

  • Rosie Aguirre
    Rosie Aguirre Hour ago

    I don't want to do that btw is this your first vlog

  • Goodgamer Stelf
    Goodgamer Stelf Hour ago

    My mom and in the car i saw ghost before

  • Goodgamer Stelf
    Goodgamer Stelf Hour ago

    A bird flew down in front of me and i scared because i went back to m

  • Cindy Peters
    Cindy Peters Hour ago

    ive been on it and i screemed when i sawn some thing really creepy holy moly

  • UnicornCat521 Amy
    UnicornCat521 Amy 2 hours ago

    There was a ghost in my friends house..... 4 witnessses. I don’t want to talk about it 😰

  • UnicornCat521 Amy
    UnicornCat521 Amy 2 hours ago

    I feel like this is fake. I haven’t watched the whole video yet.

  • Emilee Schaaf
    Emilee Schaaf 2 hours ago

    you can't see ghosts on camera only their orbs that are the tiny little blurry dots on camera so every dot. You see on camera is a ghost. I'm like technology really believe me really really really really you need to listen to me Saints Mary's ship is haunted of nice ghosts most ghosts are nice but some bullied and everything mean but they also had a pretty happy life so 2 so yeah if they only haunt the mean people sometimes but that's my opinion don't want you guys to be scared about what I'm saying but I think it's true!...😮☺

  • leon chest
    leon chest 2 hours ago

    I mean lol

  • leon chest
    leon chest 2 hours ago


  • Yorlene Garcia
    Yorlene Garcia 2 hours ago

    Awww zach your so swett stay with alex and the flower thing

  • EJ addz
    EJ addz 3 hours ago

    Dont Die

  • Chris Gonzales
    Chris Gonzales 3 hours ago

    I-if I were ever to go to there and hear something I would hide in a corner and start to cry because I'm ten 😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😱😱😱XD

  • ryann Lowe
    ryann Lowe 3 hours ago

    Omg so crazy but more scaredy

  • Lunar DUCKS
    Lunar DUCKS 3 hours ago

    Gimme pusheen please

  • Teresa Valerio
    Teresa Valerio 3 hours ago

    I went to queen Mary at 2011 and it was creepier since it was 2011

  • Muffin Editing
    Muffin Editing 3 hours ago

    When u went inside the closet u were not alone we were there

  • TheyUsedTøHangPeøple Lucifer


    Edit: Read the whole description to understand

  • Dragon1973
    Dragon1973 4 hours ago

    I heard myths about this ship!

    • Dragon1973
      Dragon1973 4 hours ago

      Sometimes In the kitchen you can hear screams from a chef that was supposedly murdered and pushed in the oven by angry soilders

  • laila cardinale
    laila cardinale 4 hours ago

    I've been on queen mary before and kept getting chills lol

  • thewiseoldhufflepuff 27

    Go to alcatraze please

  • ninja21 saveg
    ninja21 saveg 4 hours ago

    My friend said his sister made a gohst

  • Kaylee's vlogs
    Kaylee's vlogs 4 hours ago

    Lol Zack is like. "Marry me pls" while he is giving u the rose. It is sweet but funny

  • iimoonpanda Channel!
    iimoonpanda Channel! 5 hours ago

    Some one died on the queen Mary because of a heavy metal door

  • Zachary Conly
    Zachary Conly 5 hours ago

    I know about it my friend told me

  • Dasia Dunmars
    Dasia Dunmars 5 hours ago


  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis 5 hours ago

    Can u be your partner in real life

  • pugplays
    pugplays 5 hours ago


  • Marzena Tunkiewicz
    Marzena Tunkiewicz 5 hours ago

    Um... I feel weird now

  • Saúl Hernández
    Saúl Hernández 5 hours ago

    Hay umm just to let you now the gost can go in your bole

  • Candy luna
    Candy luna 6 hours ago

    I have a question are you guys going to do the part two

  • iiCasey-ROBLOX :3
    iiCasey-ROBLOX :3 6 hours ago

    I heard the there was a little girl the died in that room and her mom caught one of her dolls moving

  • Angie Seto
    Angie Seto 6 hours ago

    I just had a IDEA!! You should make a series where you explore haunted places!!

  • Angie Seto
    Angie Seto 6 hours ago

    13 is unlucky too. Many bad things happened On Friday 13. Jesus died on Friday 13 they say.

  • Foxy Gacha
    Foxy Gacha 7 hours ago


  • Max Wolf and Sofie fox

    Well the bathroom is haunted because Queen Mary is Bloody Mary

  • Max Wolf and Sofie fox


  • Max Wolf and Sofie fox


  • Jessica Guardado
    Jessica Guardado 8 hours ago

    Tell amber I love her big head

  • Baby Mix
    Baby Mix 8 hours ago

    Inquisitor master play fortnite plz

  • Peter Shearer
    Peter Shearer 8 hours ago

    We’re going on a trip in are favourite rocket ship sailing through the sky little instin

  • Caroline and Her friends

    Good joke

  • Swarna Garg
    Swarna Garg 9 hours ago

    Alex I have been in queen Mary and my brother died there :()

  • Evelyn Reyes
    Evelyn Reyes 9 hours ago

    If I went on the queen mary:
    *Ghost noice*
    Is it just the devil taking mah soul?!

  • Elena Cruz
    Elena Cruz 9 hours ago


  • Kailah Ellison
    Kailah Ellison 10 hours ago

    I sub

  • Gayatri Kalra
    Gayatri Kalra 10 hours ago

    You are soooo brave I would freak out and never go there like if you love Alex

  • Raceboy5512YT
    Raceboy5512YT 10 hours ago

    One time I saw blood as a ?i got so scared

  • Tiana Vazquez
    Tiana Vazquez 10 hours ago

    Yes I did cry

  • Charlotte Fan
    Charlotte Fan 10 hours ago

    Saun is imaflyinmidget

  • Ninos The gamer
    Ninos The gamer 10 hours ago

    Only that you guys went in the closets I got A LOT of chills on me

  • Ninos The gamer
    Ninos The gamer 10 hours ago

    The reason you couldn't breath properly was because the engines are very old and the oxygen in there is a bit polluted and its a very tight area in there soooo........yea.......Oh and as I said in my other comment AMAZING vid !!!! The moment that you scared your friend with a spider had me dying

  • the gaming friends
    the gaming friends 11 hours ago

    Im scared now. :C

  • Kaya Haapu
    Kaya Haapu 12 hours ago +1

    Ive been scared off the dark and ghost ive got a story one night I was in bed when I was in bed I heard a nosie it sounded like a dog from the baftroom I got out off bed when I got out off bed I saw a shadow and I got so scared I ran to my mum and dads room I climbed in the milled off the bed and hug my dad r.I.p what I saw

  • Alexa Aquino
    Alexa Aquino 13 hours ago

    Oh god 😲😲😲😲😲😨😨😨😨😭😢😱😱😱😱 help like so i can feel better

  • Edwin Ormasa
    Edwin Ormasa 13 hours ago +1

    I herad voises in the room 3 and i almost died in the room so we quit from it like i saw a ghost girl she wants to be my friend

  • Edwin Ormasa
    Edwin Ormasa 13 hours ago

    On 1967 it was an hunted ship 193 died on the ship dont go to Queen mary

  • Big LTU life
    Big LTU life 14 hours ago +1

    If Shawn were stayed this would be better

  • Army Brito
    Army Brito 15 hours ago

    I hope you guys are okay :) i love you guys! And i really love your channel

  • Rea Sophia Buenafe
    Rea Sophia Buenafe 17 hours ago

    This place looks smelly and so creep...

  • jiffpom Gif Pom is wrong spelled

    I heard a unstable nah sone wood is unstable it)s really old might be why sounds happening and hanging dress might be a friend’s

  • jiffpom Gif Pom is wrong spelled

    Oooh did you see that ghost in the photo with inquisitor texting or something on her phone

  • jiffpom Gif Pom is wrong spelled


  • saylor o'donnell
    saylor o'donnell 18 hours ago

    I got Mr. Paws plush and I got the Mr. Paws onesie

  • saylor o'donnell
    saylor o'donnell 18 hours ago

    You must be sooooo scared when U went on it

  • Owen Kirk
    Owen Kirk 18 hours ago

    God is away watching you and god will pray for you

  • Catherine Jewell
    Catherine Jewell 19 hours ago

    I seen a person behind you guys just looking at you and it scared me it was like a person with a face like a it was mad at you guys are something

  • Dj Kay
    Dj Kay 19 hours ago


  • Roselyn Reyes Copetillo

    Where do you live

  • Beastly Kid
    Beastly Kid 20 hours ago

    There is a demon in my body I can control it though. I got it when I was in a haunted house. Over 86 diff souls

    KLARA DAWLEY 21 hour ago

    I wanna go there now!! This was amazing! Where's part 2?

  • Gustavo Gonzalez
    Gustavo Gonzalez 21 hour ago

    I'm watching this at NIGHT

  • 1x1x1 x1x1x1x1
    1x1x1 x1x1x1x1 22 hours ago

    I'm not hating But who would sleep with shoes??

  • John Culubong
    John Culubong 23 hours ago

    If I am in the queen Mary i well say “holy s***. “

  • Its just aubrolo
    Its just aubrolo 23 hours ago

    I got the mr. Paws plush☺

  • Brady Tuke
    Brady Tuke Day ago

    Never mind it takes time to edit

  • Brady Tuke
    Brady Tuke Day ago

    Weres part 2

  • Doveyy Unicorn
    Doveyy Unicorn Day ago

    when the bear said 1 2 3 4 he could mean 1,234 .-.

  • iiTheUnicorn Gamesii

    Why Alex why

  • jayden yang
    jayden yang Day ago

    It looks like a Titanic sunk

  • Kaylee Molina
    Kaylee Molina Day ago


  • Manuel Torres
    Manuel Torres Day ago +1


  • vip youtuber
    vip youtuber Day ago

    where is episode 2 ?

  • Ava Brynn
    Ava Brynn Day ago

    When will there be a part 2?

  • mluongla
    mluongla Day ago

    I think I saw something white like a white light but it was so scary I was like OMG that’s so creepy

  • Georgia PlaysRoblox

    When he got out of the closet there was an orb

  • Tania Tamez
    Tania Tamez Day ago

    😱😨that looks terrifying,luckily i ain't going there,was it like creeping,did you feel someone like following you or looking at you?

  • star like
    star like Day ago

    What happen when the ship starts to move

  • Austeja Aukstuolyte

    No ghost r not real zombies r not real so

  • star like
    star like Day ago

    Lol when he said marry me plz with a rose

  • Ismael Cepero
    Ismael Cepero Day ago

    Did anybody notice Mr.paws

  • Nazheli Lopez
    Nazheli Lopez Day ago +1


  • Anna Harper
    Anna Harper Day ago +1

    Omg when i first saw this vid i was too scared to even go in my room

  • Isabella Guerrero

    I would take 1 step and say NOPe IM OUT

  • Roberta Austin
    Roberta Austin Day ago

    My Mind and Thoughts
    Me:(sees the ship)
    Alex:let's go!
    Me:y.. you sure
    Alex: yeah theres gosts
    Me:LE GO

  • Madison Wheeler
    Madison Wheeler Day ago

    alex i need to be cheered up
    my brother is being mean and things are unfair with my life

  • Logan Long
    Logan Long Day ago

    Omg your dress is adorable Alex!