Spending the Night in a Haunted Ship... | Queen Mary Ghost Hunting


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  • Daniel Burcham
    Daniel Burcham 54 minutes ago

    Alex:were going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship.

  • Daniel Burcham
    Daniel Burcham 55 minutes ago

    I did...

  • Daniel Burcham
    Daniel Burcham 55 minutes ago


  • Nojus Žaidžia
    Nojus Žaidžia Hour ago

    11:26 plz say im not only one who sees a orange eyes

  • Nojus Žaidžia
    Nojus Žaidžia 2 hours ago

    1:01 hes looking like same as a TVclipr ,,Ninja" but not the same hair colors becauze Ninja has Bright Blue hair

  • simon dev boy
    simon dev boy 2 hours ago

    fake that bear was cute

  • honey babe
    honey babe 7 hours ago

    Do u see guys if zack picturing it . Its always have white in the pic

    ASAP PARROT 8 hours ago

    I want that HUMUNGAS CAT PILLOW SO BAD !!!!!

  • Gamer Cloud
    Gamer Cloud 9 hours ago

    How much time did u need to edit this video full of ghosts?

  • Pamela Lodenstein
    Pamela Lodenstein 14 hours ago


  • Galaxy Aura
    Galaxy Aura 16 hours ago

    Dang I wanna go here check the place out!

  • Galaxy Aura
    Galaxy Aura 16 hours ago

    you guys should go on this ship at 3am I'm interested to see what happens. oh yeah also don't add any sound effects. I wanna be able to hear if anything makes noises.

  • Mckenna Fink
    Mckenna Fink 17 hours ago

    Love it

  • Mckenna Fink
    Mckenna Fink 17 hours ago

    The it ps i'm nothing please friend me on Snapchat please Mckenna fink

  • Krystal Petitto
    Krystal Petitto 22 hours ago

    To the hell hell no to the no no no hell hello to the no hell to the to the no no hell not in one million years in doing this

  • kittypandalilaYThernandez Hernandez

    Don't die please

  • Cole Travers
    Cole Travers 22 hours ago

    lel Zach was sleeping on pusheen

  • WowItz_ MoonlightPawz

    Roses are red violets are blue
    You can never find ghosts they're always behind you 😈

  • Monika Wojakowska
    Monika Wojakowska Day ago +1

    I love scary l believe in dark fairies like if you do

  • Monika Wojakowska
    Monika Wojakowska Day ago +1

    Where is it I mean hehe

  • Monika Wojakowska
    Monika Wojakowska Day ago +1

    We're is it pls tell!

  • the world of slime queen

    Ghosts aren’t real so don’t be scared of them because they won’t hurt u

  • Imogen Franklin
    Imogen Franklin Day ago

    Alex your so pretty :)

  • G Man
    G Man Day ago


  • G Man
    G Man Day ago

    I wanted a face reveal
    And now I saw ome

  • Paulaplays lol
    Paulaplays lol Day ago

    I was going say it looks like titanic 😂

  • Jessica Van Zyl
    Jessica Van Zyl Day ago

    I’m going on a plane to somewhere my sister and my brothers know where we are going but I don’t

  • Dmitri Medvedev
    Dmitri Medvedev Day ago

    I live ur vids

  • Unson Goodman
    Unson Goodman Day ago

    Sam and Colby went there before you

  • terbison jaquez
    terbison jaquez Day ago +1

    In the ace family Catherine said she believe in spirit

  • Jonathan Orozco
    Jonathan Orozco Day ago

    How do u look younger than last year

  • Xiarah Hernández

    I was there am getting the heg aot of there coes I'm not scared it's just the hunted Titanic.

  • Chin Ji
    Chin Ji Day ago

    My nana went on the Queen Mary and we have her old old old crate things she took on there.

  • Wolfie and Puggy Playz

    Did anyone see that the teddy bear was on

  • Wolfie and Puggy Playz

    Did people leave a 👎🏻bc it’s scary

  • Wolfie and Puggy Playz

    I’m scared 😱

  • Poppy Mackay
    Poppy Mackay Day ago


  • Kendra Dietrich
    Kendra Dietrich Day ago

    10.7 in the video it said do u know what time it is

  • Malek Alsunbehi
    Malek Alsunbehi Day ago

    I’m not going It’s scary do’t go Noooo

  • Nimra Maira
    Nimra Maira Day ago +1

    I still love your videos but i put a thumbs down because it was scary I'm sorry!!

      ASAP PARROT 8 hours ago

      Nimra Maira How could u (jk pls don’t hate on me 😿)

  • rayaa bts
    rayaa bts Day ago

    I am so scared 😱 it is night time so I can not sleep to night

  • Emily George
    Emily George Day ago

    Omg I heard a girl laughing in the beginning but it could of been one of them

  • Sara Lol098
    Sara Lol098 2 days ago

    Gosh that is super crepy

  • Emma Ramabottom
    Emma Ramabottom 2 days ago

    That looks like the titanic that’s scary

  • Isabelle Gibbs
    Isabelle Gibbs 2 days ago

    I think the ghosts like you

  • M҈Ö҉ñ҈é҉ƴ҈ Ď҉Ā҈Ĉ҉Ŗ҈ó҉ϡ

    -i hate ghost so bad-

  • MHBA He
    MHBA He 2 days ago

    My grandma was born when word war 2 was happening so she mite have known that ship but I don't know cause she died 😢

  • MHBA He
    MHBA He 2 days ago

    But that was 100 years

  • MHBA He
    MHBA He 2 days ago

    It looks like the titanic ship

  • Eimear Gribben
    Eimear Gribben 2 days ago

    I loved when zach said “marry me please”

  • myles canavan
    myles canavan 2 days ago

    That is so creepy!!!

  • Larry Herrera
    Larry Herrera 2 days ago +2

    Alex I Love u

  • Kaylee Knutson
    Kaylee Knutson 2 days ago +1

    The orbs are good ghost👻

  • Shosh Kaiser
    Shosh Kaiser 2 days ago

    At 10:06 the bear said something and 10:11 about a heard a thump

  • Shosh Kaiser
    Shosh Kaiser 2 days ago

    It's pusheen

  • Super M's
    Super M's 2 days ago

    shes soooooooooo girly i hate her

  • Super M's
    Super M's 2 days ago

    shes soooooooooo girly i hate her

  • Super M's
    Super M's 2 days ago

    shes soooooooooo girly i hate her

  • jacko villareal
    jacko villareal 2 days ago

    10:06 The bear said, Do you know what time it is?

  • Totally Sienna
    Totally Sienna 2 days ago

    The music scared me the most ESPIASCALLY the laughing and the new in the background like if you agree

  • Brooke Harvey
    Brooke Harvey 2 days ago

    First to comment

  • The Amazer
    The Amazer 2 days ago

    Hi guys s

  • Kayley 1
    Kayley 1 2 days ago

    V Oh my God

  • Jack Reacher
    Jack Reacher 3 days ago

    Hahahah ur so funny Alex🤣🤣🤣😅😂🤗

  • Panda Squad
    Panda Squad 3 days ago

    Queen Mary is Bloody Mary

  • Chalk the wolf
    Chalk the wolf 3 days ago

    A girl was laughing

  • Kamile Aleksejunaite

    Ghosts are not real duh

  • The Suetin's
    The Suetin's 3 days ago

    So when InquisitorMaster said that "do you guys like ghost hunting?" but in the mirror the plushie had a shadow

  • Laonoz cailyn
    Laonoz cailyn 3 days ago

    I watched this at night and im in full regret

  • craig hagan
    craig hagan 3 days ago

    dead on there are not

  • Eilidh Young
    Eilidh Young 3 days ago

    Was that a real spider at the start

  • galaxyhamster Ethan
    galaxyhamster Ethan 3 days ago

    If u think ghosts are creepy like if u Agree

  • Lacie Lynch
    Lacie Lynch 3 days ago


  • Lacie Lynch
    Lacie Lynch 3 days ago


  • Shadow ilse
    Shadow ilse 3 days ago +1

    Can u do a pt 3 or more vids like it what if u met casper (the friendly ghost)

  • Adiena G
    Adiena G 3 days ago

    I have been watching for 6 minutes and 46 seconds and I got the chills love your videos

  • vellosco vellosco
    vellosco vellosco 3 days ago

    I sow the Bere moved aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • Tyffani Beal
    Tyffani Beal 3 days ago

    that sentence "were going on a trip"reminded me this.... were going on a trip on our favrite rocket ship zooming threw the skys XD

  • vellosco vellosco
    vellosco vellosco 3 days ago


  • Esmerald Delosantos
    Esmerald Delosantos 3 days ago

    There was a laugh wile the camera was taking pictures hope you agree

  • Kahlyn Riddle
    Kahlyn Riddle 3 days ago

    They most definitely watch shane

  • Phyllis Mangumyfvdxc

    Do not go on it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gloria posada
    gloria posada 3 days ago

    Omg ghosts i am so scared

  • WOLFLOVER98736
    WOLFLOVER98736 3 days ago


  • Kayleigh McDonough
    Kayleigh McDonough 3 days ago

    Dana is a little girl who was murdered by her dad when queen mary opened

  • Kayleigh McDonough
    Kayleigh McDonough 3 days ago

    7:15 Dana grabbed ur leg

  • Angelito Magana
    Angelito Magana 3 days ago +1

    If you are scared leave a like to not be scared

  • Bri
    Bri 3 days ago

    is the ship like a aparment :o btw who almost peed there pants when alex said the most HAUNTED room

  • X x P i c k l e k i t t y s x X

    im ded im going to sleep with my mum tonight

  • arb11582
    arb11582 3 days ago

    Sounded like a doll was laughing

  • NatalieRandom._. xox
    NatalieRandom._. xox 3 days ago +1

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    If you didn't see a ghost
    Momo is near you

    • dale fletcher
      dale fletcher 5 hours ago

      NatalieRandom._. xox momo is a sculptor lol so yeah...

  • Stormy_gamer 29
    Stormy_gamer 29 3 days ago

    Who else heard a faint noise saying what time is it when they were looking at the second photo I was terrified

  • ash mermaid
    ash mermaid 4 days ago

    Those white orbs you saw that Zach took are nice spirits white/yellow = nice spirits/angels red/purple and maybe black = bad/evil/DEMONS. So you were safe. I know this because I have a book called '' Haunted America '' I literaly read it so fast so I could get to the queen mary and there are more than 150 ghosts actually over 500. And it is the most haunted place on the globe besides savanah Georgia wich ive been there and saw the pink house it was awsome

    • ash mermaid
      ash mermaid 4 days ago

      OH AAAAAAAND if you are not sure the place your at is haunted go up to the nearest mirrior and put the tip of your finger on it, If there is no gap, no ghosts if there is a gap, there are ghosts if there is gap you may see the orbs mostly the white or yellow ones but if you get the red purple and maybe black orbs.... YOU NEED HELP!!! THIS IS SERIOUSLY NOT A PRANK RELPY IF YOU DID AND IT WORKED

    • ash mermaid
      ash mermaid 4 days ago

      you can also see the security cameras of the pink house because its blocked off. you just search up '' Savannah Georgia pink house security cameras '' like if you enjoy my comments

  • Juliet Brown
    Juliet Brown 4 days ago

    That cat you are sleeping on is known as "Pusheen"

  • Allisha Kenny
    Allisha Kenny 4 days ago

    Where is the queen Mary???

  • Ervie Bonifacio
    Ervie Bonifacio 4 days ago

    i mean i was shaking if u agree with me leave a like :)

  • Kylie playz
    Kylie playz 4 days ago

    It looks like the Titanic