Is the EU Democratic? Does Your Vote Matter?

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    Being a citizen of the European Union means that many aspects of our lives are regulated by a weird entity. It feels like a huge bureaucracy is making decisions over our heads. How democratic is the EU really and does your vote actually affect anything?
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  10 months ago +5034

    Playlist with all languages:
    Thanks to all the TVcliprs who translated the video! 🇪🇺


    • Linus
      Linus Month ago

      did this vid get suppressed by the algorithm because it's related to politics? will have expected even more views than usual

    • LittlePandy01 YT
      LittlePandy01 YT Month ago

      Me German

    • Cool Memes
      Cool Memes Month ago


    • watermellon lv
      watermellon lv 3 months ago

      There isn't any Latvian language....................................

    • Gul Maraz
      Gul Maraz 4 months ago +1

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Is the EU pro individual freedom?

  • Christopher Alexander Mendoza

    This is why Switzerland exists

  • thanos koumpanis
    thanos koumpanis 4 hours ago

    These days Germany showed it's TRUE face

  • Physics photon
    Physics photon Day ago +1

    Britain floated away

  • Mario
    Mario Day ago

    This video is German and heavily biased towards the EU. It's also heavily anti-brexit and it justifies it by saying, "the EU is important to prevent wars or otherwise become as useless as the UN".
    You're completely ignoring the loss of sovereignty that comes from it, the lack of basic democracy (it's impossible for one person to represent 700,000 people), and the bureaucratic nature of its "politics".
    Maybe you don't see a problem with it, because you grew up in Germany and Germany is filled to the brim with bureaucracy and "Beamte" who make decisions over your life and you live like this in your daily life. In Germany, you can't even move houses without having to register that change "within 2 weeks", or face punishment. Sorry, Kutzgesagt, but the rest of us don't live like that and don't want to live like that. Some of us appreciate freedom.
    In Germany everything is controlled - it's a remnant of the former Nazi times😄. You can't cross the road without someone else butting in and saying "es ist rot!". This doesn't happen in other countries. We don't think it's a good way to live like that - hence Brexit.
    So don't put down Brexit. It's time for you to appreciate the positives of living outside of a superstate run by faceless bureaucrats 😄 and living without others butting into every aspect of your life because they feel they have a "communistic" right to it.

    • Mario
      Mario 5 hours ago

      @Nor Adrenalin It's a little more than that. That was just one simple example to illustrate the point

    • Nor Adrenalin
      Nor Adrenalin 7 hours ago

      Sp Germany is Nazi country because it was traffic lights... Understood!

  • Meije lips
    Meije lips 2 days ago +1

    Eu looks like a scorpion

  • The Stonks Channel
    The Stonks Channel 2 days ago +3

    Poland: Needs Apples
    Also Poland: Makes a lot of apples


  • Juan José
    Juan José 3 days ago

    UK leaving the EU

  • Mario Capezzoli
    Mario Capezzoli 3 days ago

    The problem of eu is the member nation are too different and the eu is too big. The eu is a way to burn money for a rich state like Italy. Fortunately I live in Switzerland.

  • William
    William 3 days ago

    Covid-19 crisis and up to now European institutions have not been caring enough about member countries facing enormous difficulties and unprecedented challenges. That’s a fact too.

  • Josny13
    Josny13 4 days ago

    Couldn't care less about the EU tbh. My country is doing great be it thanks to or despite the EU... Wait.. Am I part of the problem? xD
    "EU, politely ignored." Oh well. Best pray I die before problems get out of hand.
    3:35 I see where the "bad at naming things" comes from. "The European council. Not to be confused with the council of the European union, it's the other one."

  • DeMar DeRozan
    DeMar DeRozan 4 days ago +1

    Visual learners are out here starving in highschool and college and then theres Kurzgesat flippin the whole script... i feel like that smart kid that understood everything on the first go

  • Vladi Ciuperca
    Vladi Ciuperca 4 days ago

    so the EU court of justice are turkeys

  • mintydog06
    mintydog06 5 days ago

    Always great videos. My vote definitely counted when I voted out of the EU, and with their impotence over the coronavirus outbreak I see them going downhill very fast.

    • Nor Adrenalin
      Nor Adrenalin 8 hours ago

      Is the situation any better in say Switzerland or the US though?

  • Niek Wouters
    Niek Wouters 5 days ago


  • Michelle Zhang
    Michelle Zhang 5 days ago

    european council:

    [UK left the chat]

  • Gato Preto
    Gato Preto 6 days ago

    How about we stop trusting politicians ?

  • Savvas Lygizos
    Savvas Lygizos 6 days ago

    I loveeeeeeee EU ♥️♥️♥️♥️🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺

  • Shay Speer
    Shay Speer 7 days ago

    i fucking lost it when the UK just kinda floated away from europe-

  • Foxy Da Noob
    Foxy Da Noob 7 days ago +1

    Recommended on UK: this

  • Minecraft Szymek
    Minecraft Szymek 7 days ago +3

    As a Polish patriot, I can only say one thing: Fuck EU

    • Minecraft Szymek
      Minecraft Szymek 9 hours ago

      @Antu R haha you are so freakin stupid! you are detached from reality, "i know nothing, but i will speak" this is your life motto, stfu

    • Antu R
      Antu R 9 hours ago

      Minecraft Szymek against facts lol I know my taxes built your country up from a third world dump to what it is today. And you resent me for that. So kindly F O and enjoy your country returning to the dirt it was 20 years ago 🖕🏻

    • Minecraft Szymek
      Minecraft Szymek 9 hours ago

      @Antu R you are i g n o r a n t, you are against facts but i know that Kind of People and i hate them so much

    • Antu R
      Antu R 9 hours ago

      Minecraft Szymek if you say so! Not even a thank you huh, you’ll likely be kicked out soon anyway so don’t worry ✌️

    • Minecraft Szymek
      Minecraft Szymek 9 hours ago +1

      @Antu R omg another ignorant, you dont now nothing, you are stupid Just like the others, im done, im tired Reading this!

  • Kryštof - Crew
    Kryštof - Crew 7 days ago

    Kdo je tu od Kovyho?

  • Bro You Snacc
    Bro You Snacc 8 days ago

    There’s a reference to adventure time in the beginning

  • Stona Raptor
    Stona Raptor 9 days ago +2

    fuck the EU :(

  • MiraZGameS
    MiraZGameS 10 days ago +2

    EU is super shit not super state

  • Roni V17
    Roni V17 10 days ago

    Om why birds

  • Vlatko Vasiljevic
    Vlatko Vasiljevic 10 days ago

    My coutty is in EU but not Part of Eu member

  • Dr. Cleff
    Dr. Cleff 10 days ago

    I live in Switzerland so get wrecked article 13

  • Byasha_Plays
    Byasha_Plays 11 days ago


  • Owczak_Animated
    Owczak_Animated 11 days ago

    I will never forgive them Article 13

  • rickj_37
    rickj_37 11 days ago +1

    UK: *ight, i'm out*

  • ryttyr
    ryttyr 12 days ago

    Why is Sweden's flag so often depicted as light blue? It's not light blue, It's medium blue.

  • Someone Nuked you Like and sub and no die

    Short answers-no

    Long answer-maybe

  • Marissa
    Marissa 13 days ago

    The animation is just so cute 🥰

  • Charlie BT
    Charlie BT 13 days ago

    3:04 *ight imma head out*

  • ian octaviano
    ian octaviano 14 days ago +1

    4:15 -> 4:20
    *Tierzoo reference*

  • Sebastian Carpenter
    Sebastian Carpenter 14 days ago

    I believe it was the EU's ' brainwave ' to make all car manufacturers fit daylight hour lights to be on while driving in all EU countries . In my opinion , it's ridiculous - just more social engineering by EU's elites . If individuals walked about In day light hours with a torch beam on ( you may conclude it to be odd ! ) 🔦💡🕯️!

  • Mini Fag
    Mini Fag 14 days ago

    Your videos almost aleays look like video games!
    That look quite fun :D

  • Francesco Leo
    Francesco Leo 15 days ago +1

    Hope for the United States of Europe !!!! 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺

  • JP Labs
    JP Labs 15 days ago +1

    This particular episode is so uncaringly smug....

  • Nicolas
    Nicolas 15 days ago +2

    beautiful system built by US for US(not the states), we should defend it with nails and teeth 💅🦷!

  • Georg
    Georg 15 days ago +1

    Vote volt

  • Capa Craft
    Capa Craft 16 days ago

    4:17 is this tier nation?????

  • Traian Daoaga
    Traian Daoaga 17 days ago +2

    Say what you want about the EU
    But its seelmore democratic than the know its true

  • Traian Daoaga
    Traian Daoaga 17 days ago

    4:17 tire zoo reference

  • Traian Daoaga
    Traian Daoaga 17 days ago

    The people
    The USA:I Dunne but that seems kind a communist to me

  • 김지성
    김지성 17 days ago

    1:17 USA / Russia / Germany

  • ww2 gaming
    ww2 gaming 17 days ago

    2:02 proof that the UK is a royal Navy vessel

  • Zekezoid123
    Zekezoid123 18 days ago

    The eu is better at democracy than America

  • Anadolu Bozkurtu
    Anadolu Bozkurtu 18 days ago

    England not stupid

  • Vincent Laurens
    Vincent Laurens 19 days ago

    Thanks for subtitles french!

  • ChiseledDiamond GTB
    ChiseledDiamond GTB 19 days ago

    I like how Norway is part of the EU but was omitted completely multiple times 🇳🇴

    • Robert Jarman
      Robert Jarman 17 days ago +1

      It is an EEA member state not an EU member.

  • Erez RotGelb
    Erez RotGelb 20 days ago

    3:02 I like how england doesn't know where to go
    Edit:look Top right

  • existing being
    existing being 20 days ago +1

    i like how the animators animate the UK going away every scene that included it

  • KGB
    KGB 20 days ago +1

    When Germany realise that 4th times the charm

  • Samuel Taylor
    Samuel Taylor 20 days ago

    This is a meme. Boi's today we have made history by smuggling memes into the EU, bypassing Article 13.

    • Nor Adrenalin
      Nor Adrenalin 7 hours ago

      Ironically Article 13 outlawing memes is itself nothing but a meme.

  • Adam Melhuish
    Adam Melhuish 20 days ago

    That bird searched Clay Fighter! n64 classic!

  • Sharma Ji Ka Launda
    Sharma Ji Ka Launda 24 days ago +1

    European Union is probably one of the biggest achievements of humanity. Wait you can forget your differences and live together what 🤣

  • AuriABG
    AuriABG 24 days ago

    uk had the right idea to just head out from this holy mess of boring crap

  • explorer47422
    explorer47422 24 days ago

    I see you Britain at 2:02, trying to slip away only to peep back in through the door

  • Pelle P Fischer Dichmann

    4:48 denmrak is me home

  • Bhaskar Pathak
    Bhaskar Pathak 25 days ago

    please sir make a video on the UN

  • Nestor Fernandez Michelena

    I saw frau Merkel`s hair HAHAH!

  • Tha Thalak
    Tha Thalak 26 days ago

    For me that's no democracy...

  • Daniel
    Daniel 26 days ago

    EU should be a kernel, but it's trying to be a distribution.

  • Jakuri93
    Jakuri93 26 days ago

    Lucky for me i am from Norway and not a part of EU

  • mike
    mike 27 days ago

    frikkin CLAY FIGHTER!!??!! lmao these boomers


    Im from spain and EU is pretty good.

  • Derpy Woodoo
    Derpy Woodoo 27 days ago

    4:19 Is that graph a reference to Tierzoo?

  • The Underdog
    The Underdog 28 days ago

    How about the EU copies what America did and get rid of the languages that divide people and to eventually become one nation? What allowed america to become one nation was it's one unifying language. The EU should do the same thing if they wish to survive.

    • The Underdog
      The Underdog 49 minutes ago

      @Nor Adrenalin What does cba mean? I know a little spanish, but I realize that English will inevitably be the language of the west and we need a common language to understand each other easier. What does ethnic discrimination have to do with this? The Europeans can just assiliminate, I fail to see why that's so bad. I'm not ethnically British, but I'm proud to be assiliminated.

      Getting rid of minor languages is a good thing. How is it not? What's the point of knowing a language that very few people speak and those that do know a more prominent language in addition to that? What's the point of knowing Welsh, Irish, or Scottish when you can easily use English in Wales, Scotland, and Ireland instead? How are minor languages important enough to study and spend money on learning? What's the point of learning any European language if English can become the lingua franca of the EU? It's a waste of time and money to learn a language that practically no one knows and when English can be used as a lingua franca. The notion that Europe values it's languages so much I think is the reason why it has a lower GDP per capita than Americas by 40%(look it up if you don't believe me) despite being more urban and more countries trading with the EU than with America.

      Language is merely a tool, and when you tool becomes useless, it's not worth having around anymore.

    • Nor Adrenalin
      Nor Adrenalin 4 hours ago

      @The Underdog Let me guess: You are an American who just cba to learn a language other than English. Your problem not ours. Talking about the States: Ask a native what they think about your claim that ethnic discrimination is not a thing in the US, that the English language was to thank for that and that "getting rid of minor languages" was a "good thing".
      And your proposal of "Europeanizing" English... Jesus! You really know nothing about Europe... or how languages work, now do you?
      To make it short: Nobody in Europe wants this.

    • The Underdog
      The Underdog 5 hours ago

      @Nor Adrenalin You have freedom of movement, but hardly anyone is going to travel to a place to where they don't know the language. In the United States, since everyone knows the same language, there are a huge amount of people in one state that were born in or have parents that were born in another state. Having a common language solves this.

      Also, getting rid of minor languages is a good thing in of itself, because languages are walls that make it harder for people to communicate with one another. English seems to be the logical language to unify us. Europe can put a European spin on it by tweaking the spelling of certain words by replacing the letter "c" with a "k" or an "s" depending on the sound it makes or by spelling words like photograph, fotograf, replacing ph with an f sound. The rest of the west hopefully adopts these changes when their mainstream existence is established.

    • Nor Adrenalin
      Nor Adrenalin 5 hours ago

      @The Underdog We already have peace and freedom of movement, thank you. No need to throw 100+ languages in the bin for that. Nor do we need a "language of the west"

    • The Underdog
      The Underdog 6 hours ago

      @Nor Adrenalin How's it scary? If everyone in the EU knew the same language, then it would be easier to travel between the countries, which would turn to states, but with this freedom of movement, it would increase Europe's GDP and help create peace within the continent. English just happens to be the language that most Europeans know, as well as the language that their biggest ally knows the best; the United States. I don't know of any language that is more qualified to be the language of the west than the English language.

  • Crazy Lasagna
    Crazy Lasagna 28 days ago

    *The Council Will Decide Your Fate*

  • David
    David 28 days ago +1

    Strange how they avoid the fact that we voted to join a trade block, nothing more.

    • Downwith thatsortofthing
      Downwith thatsortofthing 27 days ago

      ​@Lahav Morris I read your comment, it was so ill-informed, so reckless it just had to be corrected.
      Like your comment about removing the word economic from "EEC". What about the word community?

      But but... Oh, the name change was demanded by the British. The Single Market was a British Conservative Thatcher government creation! John Major's Conservative government then negotiated the name change to better reflect what Thatcher did! Yep, The EU exists today because thats the way the British wanted it! Like how stupid do you feel now? Very! And for the most part, the EU liked the British ideas, for the most part, but tempered the British way with EU protection for all EU workers (the social chapter), which Thatcher/Major opted out of...

      Maybe you need to think again?So like I said; Ill-informed and/or bigoted!

    • Lahav Morris
      Lahav Morris 27 days ago

      @Downwith thatsortofthing
      firstly: read the whole comment before replying.
      Secondly: theres no need to curse nor insult a person for simply having a different ideology than you.

    • David
      David 27 days ago

      @Downwith thatsortofthing The treaty of Rome was The treaty establishing the European *ECONOMIC* community. It wasn't until 92' that they removed the word economic.. I wonder why? You fool.
      It's been treaty after treaty that has stolen power from national governments. That's not what was signed up to, you facist pig.

    • Downwith thatsortofthing
      Downwith thatsortofthing 27 days ago

      No avoidance, you just don't understand, because it appears you're wilfully ignorant! At beast you're ill-informed and dare I say, bigoted? The Treaty of Rome said it was; "an ever closer union of member states". The Treaty of Rome was made in 1957! In the UK the manifesto on the 1975 EEC referendum made clear that we were joining on terms set out in the 1957 Treaty.
      So like I said; Ill-informed and/or bigoted!

  • Pedro Lima
    Pedro Lima 28 days ago

    Federal european union

  • Latviski Puisis
    Latviski Puisis 29 days ago

    🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻 ❤🧡💛💚💙💜 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺

  • psammiad
    psammiad 29 days ago

    The big problem with the EU parliament is that because parties vote in blocks, and parties horse trade membership of different blocks, essentially very little changes over time. The conservatives have consequently been the biggest block for the past 20 years. Is that democracy, when you can't really vote out a block with a controlling interest?

    • Robert Jarman
      Robert Jarman 17 days ago

      It has happened before if the number of votes actually decreases. In May 2019, the UK had a big drop in the number of MEPs elected from the Conservative Party, almost to 0. In the EU, things don't swing back and forth in and out of government, if you had say 100 MEPs and say 35% of the people voted for one party, they would get 35 MEPs. If only 25% did, they'd get 25 MEPs. That's a large percentage drop but not an absolutely large drop in one country, and with the elections in each EU country being relatively independent although somewhat broadly aligned, it's harder to see exactly how the shifts occur. It may well be that while some people get mad at a bloc, a number of people start to vote with allies of the bloc and the two together can stay in power or at least retain influence. It isn't like a president where there is one winner.
      One thing I would suggest though are open lists and making it so that each country is divided up into multi member regions (such as 7-20 MEPs each, typically 14 might be expected), alternatively go with Ireland and support single transferable vote. That would introduce a sense of being able to control the individuals responsible for the EU's policy.

    • Downwith thatsortofthing
      Downwith thatsortofthing 27 days ago

      Yes its democracy, because the blocks are elected by the people. The easiest way to dismantle the blocks, is to get people to alter their votes. Its called; "democracy"! Oh, all national parliaments have blocks too, they are called 'political parties' and again thats democracy!

  • Devo
    Devo 29 days ago +1

    *The UK has Left the chat*

  • spectical morris
    spectical morris Month ago

    I love how the uk when shown is just going of screen cause FFFFFFUGE THE EU

  • iHX
    iHX Month ago +4

    there should be the united states of europe

    • S. A. Debre
      S. A. Debre 23 days ago +1

      @iHX It's a meme. It means I'm agreeing with you.

    • iHX
      iHX 23 days ago

      S. A. Debre what

    • S. A. Debre
      S. A. Debre 23 days ago +1

      Based and europilled.

    • Saqqaq
      Saqqaq 29 days ago +2


  • Đức Ngô Minh
    Đức Ngô Minh Month ago


  • vacantplanet
    vacantplanet Month ago

    Someone tell his idiot what Anarchy actually means

    • Saqqaq
      Saqqaq 29 days ago +3

      you're the idiot here buddy