12 Incredible Facts About Russia

  • Published on Feb 2, 2017
  • Incredible Facts About Russia
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  • truly lucky girl
    truly lucky girl 13 hours ago

    I’v just read all this wonderful comments and I just wonna say thank you, we love you too❤️

  • jairo Sanchez
    jairo Sanchez 13 hours ago

    Fudge that a lot of single ladys I wonder if I get lucky in Russia higher odds find a girl to like me but I doubt that 😂 funny ppl say looks Don't Matter well I'm 33 I been single all my Life I just Don't get it, I dont get sad aboû feel like ???????🤔 I tried she just went ewweww or other will nice say I'm with my friend grossfu on Don't think I was goin for a model or 5678910 she was like I'm doing tt it

  • Время улыбок
    Время улыбок 15 hours ago +1

    Oh... Thank you, it was so interesting for American people (I am from Russia)

  • Naveed Khan
    Naveed Khan 15 hours ago

    What does .8 men mean

  • Andrew Terebinov
    Andrew Terebinov 15 hours ago

    It's wierd that in video he called Russia "she"

  • Pradeep Mena
    Pradeep Mena 15 hours ago

    I want India and russia to be united and be one country change the name Indo russian Republic-from india

  • Pradeep Mena
    Pradeep Mena 15 hours ago

    from the time of birth itself the name Russia is depicted in the DNA of every Indian. To us it is our holy Nation. We love adore them irrespective of religion, culture but an unknown bound heart heart friendship right through from the heart.

  • bawe cray
    bawe cray 16 hours ago

    Russia always a good friend 👍 from s korea

  • king Gulfan
    king Gulfan 23 hours ago

    I love Russia from india

  • Kiran Suthar
    Kiran Suthar 23 hours ago

    love from india. russia helped india in 1971. thank u so much russian people. love you

  • Thanh Huyen Tran

    Pls make a video about Southest Asian countries, especially Vietnam 😍😍

  • James Auden
    James Auden Day ago

    Great videos - could you do for Spain & North Korea

  • Яков Фоминых

    Thanks for the support. But why do your words diverge from the words of the politicians whom you elect? I think you choose such people specifically, and then write your own comments, “I love Russia”. This is not so sincere, so in the West. Vote for politicians who want to be friends with us.

  • Paul Enos
    Paul Enos Day ago

    Why is Moscow mockba? Mocking the sound sheep make: mocking the voice of Christians? How are Christians treated there? Are they free to speak?

  • Swapnil Bankar
    Swapnil Bankar Day ago +1

    Who else remembered Lana and Russev from WWE

  • Me Meme
    Me Meme 2 days ago


  • Vasilios Georgiou
    Vasilios Georgiou 2 days ago

    Lots of love to Mother Russia from Canada

  • Daniel Montoya
    Daniel Montoya 2 days ago

    Fuck Putin

    • Pradeep Mena
      Pradeep Mena 15 hours ago

      Daniel Montoya You cant touch his hair - from india

  • Артем Крут
    Артем Крут 2 days ago


  • Imamul Mondal
    Imamul Mondal 2 days ago +1

    It's history make me inspire,and love Russian people,and also Russian women,,

  • Евгений Демянюк

    Hi, FTD Facts, I am from Russia and I would like to add one important detail to your story! The second "fact" from the video says that the male population in my country is lower because of alcohol, but this is not the case; alcohol consumption in Russia is rather low, for example, they drink more in Germany and France, Ireland and the Czech Republic! And every year alcohol consumption decreases, it can be checked in Wikipedia and other sources. I am offended by the fact that you blame the demographic problem on the alcoholic, it is not cool and not true. Thank!

  • Albert Landry
    Albert Landry 3 days ago +1

    from a canadian acadian who loves Russia.
    long live russia as a" super power"the world needs at least 2 of those.
    only one super power is too dangerous to peace
    let us assume that Putin is guilty of all he's accused of.
    Where would Russia be today without Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.
    long may He Be.

  • Wheng Gomez
    Wheng Gomez 3 days ago

    biggest country? since when?

  • 眼 界 Broaden horizons

    The video is so wonderful !

  • David Smith
    David Smith 3 days ago

    Could u make videos without putting music so high?

  • DavidSquareTv
    DavidSquareTv 4 days ago

    I love Russia 🤩😁

  • Kyle T
    Kyle T 4 days ago


  • Артём Ходунов

    Author, why did you use fragments related to Belarus in the video about Russia? A shot with a clock from the metro is Minsk, a woman on the podium is a Nobel prize winner from Belarus. Her name is Alexievich, Svetlana Alexandrovna. Check it out and be careful.

  • Zubair Zubair
    Zubair Zubair 5 days ago

    I love

  • clementino francisco

    Fuck ass, this is garbage, sexist, you should be in jail, you are probably a womanazer....shame on you

  • Pchel's Bitch
    Pchel's Bitch 5 days ago

    Russia and the Soviet Union have a lot of deferences, USSR was include 15 modern countries and every member of USSR were unified with each other and take part in our history. Don't remember that!
    Best wishes from Far East of Russia.
    With love from Vladivostok!

  • SunnyGo93
    SunnyGo93 7 days ago

    I love Russia!!! 🇷🇺 Love from USA. 💙💙

  • عبود snickers بيبيب

    Russia is full of slut

  • uber
    uber 8 days ago

    "a rich history and furture" -dave 2017

  • Krait
    Krait 8 days ago

    When in doubt...... Blyat!

  • callous porche
    callous porche 8 days ago

    I love Russia and Russians ,they are very kind ,strong and helpful people. Indian people love our friends Russians .


    As I know very well, that Vladimir Putin is now the worst Dictator in the World, I would never put one footstep in this corrupt Country, where political opposition land each election in Jails, Fuck this Dictator Putin. He has never forgiven Germany for the Break down,of the Berlin wall, as he was a KGB Agent in East Germany.

  • Саня Граблин

    Don't be surprised, Dave, but now this country is dying out. The current authorities are eating up what remains of the Soviet Union. There are almost no new inventions, science is in poverty, and only those projects on which money can be stolen are promoted. More and more people began to eat out of the garbage dumps, the salary of $ 300 a month is considered good, and the pensions are even less - about $ 80 on average. There is no support for young people here - young specialists are not needed by anyone - experience is needed everywhere, and where does it come from if no one takes a job without him? Only the thieves in power live well, and their friends, or those who do not shun crimeliness, and those who have a conscience is not clear (if there is one at all.) This country quickly and surely turns into a branch of hell on Earth. Not everyone has the opportunity to escape from here. Half of the population was driven into credit bondage, and the second half was so zombied by the TV that they were no longer able to correlate the real reality and created by propagandists. In general, neither the prospects nor the opportunity to leave. The population is declining (over the past twenty years, the population has decreased by almost 10 million people, even taking into account the influx of visitors from Central Asia), schools are closing (over 20 years, their number has decreased from 10 thousand to five), hospitals are closing, corruption goes off scale, authorities are doing what they want, the infrastructure is crumbling (according to last year’s data, 30 percent of the Soviet infrastructure is left, and very little is built, and it is not of the highest quality). There remains a solid window dressing and fanatical "patriotism", if you can call it that, imposed by the TV. Young people are fleeing the country, because its leadership itself signed the death sentence on Russia by its actions, and what you see now is pathetic bits of past greatness and power.

    • Саня Граблин
      Саня Граблин 9 days ago

      +A K I do not remember asking for your opinion. There is an objective reality, which is confirmed by statistics - look into it, and see for yourself that everything I said is true. Unpleasant, but true! Watch this video here: tvclip.biz/video/oe8y6gksp38/video.html If you don’t understand what the grandfather says, I can send you the translation later. This is the whole country like this grandfather - all educated, all worked ... and as a result, eats dick without salt. If you have not been here, so sit silently and do not be clever!

    • A K
      A K 9 days ago

      Try always to speak for yourself only. The way you live and you feel has nothing to do with the rest of the people even in the same country. If you're a looser that's only your problem.

  • Rohan Chandele
    Rohan Chandele 10 days ago

    Love Russia from India 👌🏻

  • Andrei Kuzmin
    Andrei Kuzmin 10 days ago

    Я очень рад, что про нас делают видео!

  • Maharashtra World
    Maharashtra World 10 days ago

    Love you Russia from India 😄😄
    Russia you are so beautiful and nice country.

  • Recreation of Puff
    Recreation of Puff 10 days ago +1

    Russian, Chinese, English

  • Akbar Shaik
    Akbar Shaik 10 days ago

    I love to come Russia 😚

  • Mrinmoy Ghosh
    Mrinmoy Ghosh 10 days ago

    Love to Mother Russia from India

  • Alessandro Benetti
    Alessandro Benetti 11 days ago

    Russia have the most important resource of the future : clean water !
    Now have many resources (oil, metano, metals, food) and can become really a so rich country if invest in innovation and research.
    Russia is big and people is more educated in general (there are many people with a degree).
    Russia if invest more in technology and improve cooperation with european union , America and China can become one of more rich countries in the world !
    Russian girls are the most beautiful girls in the world in my opinion !
    And Russian nature is really amazing.
    Siberia is so nice to visit in particular in the winter.

  • Isaac Torres
    Isaac Torres 11 days ago

    Russians are beyond beautiful :)

  • Judy May
    Judy May 11 days ago

    Russian Italian British

  • John Adamski
    John Adamski 11 days ago

    American propaganda always portrayed Russia as an evil empire.

  • ganeshjadhav484 .
    ganeshjadhav484 . 11 days ago

    Love from india 😘💑

  • Zargabanth
    Zargabanth 12 days ago

    i love russia.

  • Ira diy
    Ira diy 12 days ago

    Судя по комментариям все любят Россию и Индию

  • Вячеслав Дюскин


  • edmond ugljesa
    edmond ugljesa 13 days ago

    Slavs in general are good looking not everyone tho! Its like every country, when I was younger i never was attracted to Indian girls but in the past 15 yrs when i found out some girls from India, i couldn't believe beautiful women and unique! Every nationality has beautiful women and al unique looking in there own way !

  • F Slivkov
    F Slivkov 13 days ago

    Forgot to mention beautiful Orthodox Russian monasteries and churches all throughout. God blesss Russia!

  • Kuldeep Sharma
    Kuldeep Sharma 13 days ago

    V informative

  • Liam R
    Liam R 13 days ago

    Love Russia 🇷🇺 From UK 🇬🇧 ❤️I have Russian flag in my room too ❤️

  • Princess Salma
    Princess Salma 13 days ago

    Only one minus, in Russia there is no bears in hat-ushanka, jangling on balalaika, drinking vodka ._.
    (I never knew that foreigners speak so well about our country)

  • Варя Самойлова

    Sponsored by the Russian government

  • Daren Shawing hongshong

    Best accents: 3: Japanese
    2: Russian 1: Cantonese

  • gangadhari shiva
    gangadhari shiva 14 days ago

    I love Russia from 🇮 indian

  • Stan SPb
    Stan SPb 14 days ago

    Much of the information used in this video is wrong by being very outdated, some based on the 1990s. First off, the population has grown a lot not only from births but immigration with Russia being the #2 country of the would in terms of accepting immigrants, 10,000,00 in less than 10 years
    The gender difference is primarily in older ages just like all countries. Up to age 30, there are more men then women like in almost every society on earth but in the 90s, elderly men died at earlier and earlier ages such that the median age of death dropped 12 years from the Soviet era when universal health care was the norm. Today, male life expectancy has surpassed the Soviet era high but still lags women.
    During the 90s and early 2000 motor vehicle accidents was the highest percent of deaths of men, and women, under 40 but seatbelt laws, and zero tolerance laws for drinking before driving laws have dramatically cut accident rates to the low average of the EU.
    In the 90s the accident death rate was as high as in the US in the mid-1950s. The laws were passed and immediately seemed to be complied with and the next year death rates dropped in 1/2 and continue to drop.
    The myth of Russians being drunks was partially true in the worst of the 90s when depression of both the economy and mood lead to older men who all lost their careers and options to work after the end of the USSR lead to a lot of alcohol-related illnesses and early death, particularly in rural areas where jobs just disappeared.
    But by 2000 the economy began to grow rapidly and alcohol use dropped steadily. The types of drinks changed also, imported beers became very popular in new pub culture and vodka became unpopular with young adults, who preferred beer, mixed drinks and now, dry varietal wines of the European style. It is VERY uncommon to see drunk people in bars or clubs, drinking is rather moderate compared to most of Europe and Scandinavia which have a more serious problem with young people drinking to excess. The World Health Organization lists Russia has a lower than the EU average of per capita alcohol consumption, 1/3 of that of Luxembourg and 1/2 the rate of Finland.
    One reason short time visitors believe there are more girls than boys is the nature of their socializing in city centers, almost all dance clubs, pubs or cafes/restaurants will have more girls than boys, the girls going out with their girlfriends in small groups while fewer men do that. Also, many of the jobs that tourists might be exposed to are women dominated. Russia has such equal rights, and for 100 years that any job or career is well represented by women and in fact more business heads or directors of universities are women than men so it is not uncommon for young girls to have more disposable income for social activities, shopping, and international travel.
    The actual news and reality about Russia is that it is a modern society with a great history, the most educated country on earth and very pleasant to live in. I have been in 91 countries and while I am an American, I find living in Russia for the last 19 years to be fun, exciting, social and very friendly without the terrible division, anger/fear and victim-society think back home. Russia is a lot happier and secure. The universal health care, paid vacations, free university, low taxes, low cost of living, no homelessness, great/cheap public transportation and very active accessible cultural life, I can't think of a better place to live, start a business or raise a family.

  • Nirvana Nirvana
    Nirvana Nirvana 14 days ago

    Thanks all!! They try....🤣

  • Shaun Grech
    Shaun Grech 15 days ago

    First unbiased video about Russia I've seen in a while. Well done :)

  • Feather Black
    Feather Black 15 days ago

    Me thinking of Russian girls is like Homer Simpson thinking of food.

  • Mike Max
    Mike Max 15 days ago

    India will always love you Russia...u really are a great great country.

  • вов тов
    вов тов 15 days ago

    Я бывал в России! Я англичанин и уже третий год изучаю русскую историю в Оксфорде....Ребята, это фантастика!!! Хотел бы я родиться русским с русской душой и русским интеллектом! Уважайте россиян и всегда спасибо за теплый прием!

  • R Saajan
    R Saajan 16 days ago

    I love Russia 😍😍
    Love from India 🇮🇳

    ВАРЯГ 16 days ago

    Russia it’s Slavic
    Slavic it’s power

  • Chlarie Peace
    Chlarie Peace 16 days ago

    Russian girls are just dirty filthy whora I no some as married a Russian girl if you could call it a wedding I am disgusted

  • Game_maniac
    Game_maniac 17 days ago +1

    Russia is one of a kind and the greatest country I have ever seen, Russian people are unique kind of white people, not show off like other country's white . Lots of love from the India.

    • Алекс Панков
      Алекс Панков 17 days ago

      Game_maniac thanks for kind words. Bless you and your family. Respect from Moscow

  • silent observer
    silent observer 17 days ago

    Our oldest and most loyal bestest friend RUSSIA, love you RUSSIA FROM YOUR YOUNGER SISTER INDIA

  • Иван Данилов

    We've done a lot of things that we aren't proud of.

  • John D
    John D 18 days ago

    The plural for females is 'women' not woman. The narrator speaks English yet didn't know that? Or nobody noticed it in post?

  • Natasha Romanoff
    Natasha Romanoff 18 days ago

    Russians are the best in lies and propaganda clichés.

  • Bip Nop
    Bip Nop 18 days ago

    Shut up and get to the video! You can do a video about yourself some other time.

  • Roger didit
    Roger didit 18 days ago

    Russia has to be biggest, fastest, number one, all the time just for propoganda value. In the end its all junk.

  • Festus Enechukwu
    Festus Enechukwu 18 days ago +1

    Love to Russia from Italy

  • lollipop C
    lollipop C 20 days ago +1

    Love Russia from Sabah💜

  • Paiwand Murat
    Paiwand Murat 20 days ago

    I love it from Israel

  • Arthurio's world
    Arthurio's world 21 day ago +1

    Is this propaganda?

    • Алекс Панков
      Алекс Панков 17 days ago

      +Олег Григорьев ну ты загнул, он же шуток не понимает)))

    • Олег Григорьев
      Олег Григорьев 20 days ago +1

      Well, of course this is Putin's evil propoganda. In fact, Russia is a small weak country, It is located somewhere between Norway and Korea. It does not have and can have no history and no world achievements.

  • Хидежи Охира !

    Greetings to Russia from Brazil

    • AB C
      AB C 15 days ago


  • mohit raj raj
    mohit raj raj 21 day ago +3

    we Indians love mother Russia from India

    ANGELES FRAMING 22 days ago +1

    Viva Russia!! Love from Mexico

  • Luis Rosales
    Luis Rosales 22 days ago

    Russia is the country that has raised hatred the world examples nork k. Etc

  • king A
    king A 22 days ago

    I wish i could visit russia and meet putin

  • Wolfychu's crazy fan
    Wolfychu's crazy fan 22 days ago +3

    Залезла я значит в комментарии, а тут индийцы так сильно Россию любят...
    Что произошло между нашими странами?
    I climbed into the comments and saw a bunch of Indians who love Russia...
    What happened between our countries?

  • Adam Malsagov
    Adam Malsagov 23 days ago

    One fun fact is that russians think that foreigners have a sterotype of them about bears walking in streets.

  • chinpokomon_
    chinpokomon_ 23 days ago

    Если бы это видео вышло 20 лет назад, факты полагаю были бы идентичны. А вообще жаль, что столько сказано про войну и прошлое в целом. Еще и стереотип об алкоголе: русские пьют не постояно, просто если пьют, то сразу много. Молодое поколение, кстати, пьет все меньше. Говоря о проблемах, главная из них это коррупция, в угоду которой издаются немыслимые законы и пропаганда.

  • Уля Бузе
    Уля Бузе 23 days ago

    We drinks alcohol only on holidays. There are a bit of alcoholics in our country!! The authorities of USA lies about Russia, we don’t want to hurt, and a lot of Americans trust the authorities. Sorry if there are mistakes 😬

  • Primordial Vengeance
    Primordial Vengeance 24 days ago +2

    Russia and America should be best friends. Both countries share something that no other country has.....a strong sense of pride.

    • Primordial Vengeance
      Primordial Vengeance 7 days ago

      +Tromsat Uhhh....you just don't get it. Italy or France will never have the God loving pride like Mother Russia.

    • Primordial Vengeance
      Primordial Vengeance 7 days ago

      +Tromsat They don't have to boast. Many Russians simply have a tremendous love and affection for their Mother Russia. Am I right?

    • Primordial Vengeance
      Primordial Vengeance 7 days ago

      +Tromsat Not to the level of Russians. Russians are the proudest people on Earth, they single handedly defeated Nazi Germany. Italians only care about their pasta and Germans about sausages.

    • Primordial Vengeance
      Primordial Vengeance 7 days ago

      +Tromsat That's my point. YES Americans have no ethnic and cultural identity. None of that matters when you love your motherland, even as a blind follower. Ruskies and Yanks have that maddening blind characteristic for their home, that makes them brothers in a metaphorical sense.

    • Primordial Vengeance
      Primordial Vengeance 7 days ago

      +Tromsat They don't have to share the same values. All they need in common is an unbreakable sense of national character. Both America and Russia have that pride in their motherlands.

  • Javi Roche
    Javi Roche 24 days ago

    Do cuba

  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов 24 days ago

    Хех) Мне было интересно послушать это) Немножечко забавно,но всё же интересно :D

  • Иван Беликов

    Thank you for not having this animal homage. We really have more in common than you can imagine. We are mainly Europeans. We live in the world with many other nations. We were an agrarian country like the USA. We are in most Christians. Our common problem is the world government of bankers and globalists. They need to reduce the population. People, wake up ... !!!!!

  • trash
    trash 24 days ago

    охуеть блять

  • KoRa
    KoRa 24 days ago +1

    Где-то прослезился русский. Боже это так приятно, особенно слышать такое от иностранцев. Россия хорошая стана и будет лучше! Кто-бы чтобы не говорил, я люблю свою страну и буду гордиться ею всегда. И я уверена Россия станет самой лучшей страной. Она уже лучшая.~

    • KoRa
      KoRa 11 days ago

      mr jones
      после того что напророчила Ванга, я стала верить в предсказания. Как она говорила "поиздеваются над Россией, да сами потом примкнут". Думаю сейчас тяжёлые времена для страны, но потом Россия будет самой духовной страной, сильной и независимой.

    • Der Hoff
      Der Hoff 11 days ago +1

      KoRa вот и у меня такое ощущение, что будущее у России будет хорошее. Несмотря на некоторые факты)

  • піксель піксельярдовіч

    Эмммммммм, народ они все знают, прячьте медведей, водку прячьте. Они следят и изучают нас, лол

  • 19fran85
    19fran85 25 days ago

    I want me a Russian girlfriend!

  • steve94044
    steve94044 25 days ago +5

    Russia and the Russian people are amazing and beautiful! In US we are fed so much garbage about Russia. Your videos and others are helping the US and the world to see a modern and progressive Russia with friendly and generous people. Thanks for your video’s!!!
    Steve in California.

    • Алекс Панков
      Алекс Панков 17 days ago +1

      Steve thank you for kind words. Bless you and your family. Respect from Moscow

  • Тихон Бурлаченко

    the seventh and tenth facts are already wrong. Change for the better. For Russia.

  • Тихон Бурлаченко

    About vodka and alcohol is not relevant in 2019. I confirm as a citizen of the Russian Federation.