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  • Published on Nov 6, 2018
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    In this episode, Sapphire takes you to a church in Mexico, where something mysterious happens...
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Comments • 6 379

  • CakenMochi
    CakenMochi 2 hours ago

    I was like "I swear if it's a human"

  • sydney johnson
    sydney johnson 6 hours ago

    so luapa was god?

  • Kc Moreno
    Kc Moreno 17 hours ago

    *RAW* Said By Gordon Ramsay

  • SooKawaii
    SooKawaii Day ago

    Wanna hear something scary?

    My face!

  • Lara
    Lara 2 days ago


  • bea eater birb
    bea eater birb 2 days ago +4

    Wow a food has became a horror story

    News: beware the posole

  • NiDino
    NiDino 2 days ago

    **food you ate has left the stomach**

  • marshine
    marshine 3 days ago +1

    i go to church regularly and this made me veRY UnComFOrtABLe

  • Diamond Duong
    Diamond Duong 3 days ago

    I'm not at home rn but...I hear footsteps on the roof while watching this..

  • Burst Studios
    Burst Studios 3 days ago

    Ewwwww disgusting

  • Lil Pelo
    Lil Pelo 3 days ago


  • Joshua Lane
    Joshua Lane 3 days ago

    4:30 LANGUAGE!

  • Hellagesta Player
    Hellagesta Player 3 days ago +1

    On one of your videos got me really sick and I'm not joking how can I make it stop ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • 20Ashley Rahlfs
    20Ashley Rahlfs 3 days ago

    I literally almost throw up everytime I think of this story.
    And when I made my mom listen to this story, she told me to stop it as soon as she heard of the thumb.
    But seriously, this is a good story and brings shivers down my spine everytime I listen to this one.
    This actually is one of my favorite scary stories from this channel.

  • Toxic.M&M.
    Toxic.M&M. 4 days ago

    pronounced Poe so leh not poe zo le
    The ah not Tee ah
    sowy i had to๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Charry Ong
    Charry Ong 5 days ago

    *wanna hear something scary??*


  • Sailor Kookie
    Sailor Kookie 5 days ago

    Eduardo looked to happy to have his wife dead

  • Carrisa Candrarini
    Carrisa Candrarini 5 days ago

    "i realised, thatitwasthumb!"

  • Khor Jeeyee
    Khor Jeeyee 6 days ago


  • Morgan Pollard
    Morgan Pollard 6 days ago

    So you're telling me:
    Either Eduardo murdered his wife and made up the whole story about the metal crossbeam crushing her, and served her in the pozole
    The metal crossbeam did crush her, Eduardo found her corpse, took her apart and *then* served her in the pozole

  • Mell0 SmileInSmileBox

    Before the video: *Satan has left the chat*
    After the video: *Satan has enter the chat*

  • Mariasolanadaconceicao Soanes Fernades

    Wait your name is saphire my grand mom name is saphire

    HNNDNLL 6 days ago

    "want to hear something scary?"


    KAIRA ANN3 7 days ago +1


  • Raaif Iqbal
    Raaif Iqbal 7 days ago

    Master chef has left the chat.

  • GeorgeSpamsL2-
    GeorgeSpamsL2- 8 days ago

    This channel makes me excited and interested

  • Alexa K
    Alexa K 8 days ago

    While listening to this my Siri on my iPad went off

  • shameem akm
    shameem akm 8 days ago

    Gordon please don't cry!

  • Blossom Gymnast
    Blossom Gymnast 9 days ago +1

    *Want to hear something scary?*

    NO WIFI!!!

  • Phantom thief of hearts-Joker

    I knew the lamb sau-
    Gordon Ramsay:WheRE iS tHe LAmB SauCe

  • Quinn
    Quinn 9 days ago


  • Cancan-Chan Gacha life gacha studio edit and Roblox

    *god has left the chat.*

  • LIO Rubino
    LIO Rubino 11 days ago

    Maybe Gods body is made of bread and wine. Who knows.

  • Strawberry Cheesecake_lover 1

    *Gordon Ramsey: iTs DrY*

  • Liz Torres
    Liz Torres 11 days ago

    You said about those things and it just that I remember when I was little, I saw those bread and I thouth that those where cookies ๐Ÿ˜… so...I eat them all, then the church where mad at me ๐Ÿ˜“...but, really, they can't blame me...I din't know ๐Ÿ˜Œ

  • beta rainbow
    beta rainbow 12 days ago

    Are you live in 1 off this pic one

  • Keyaira Effit
    Keyaira Effit 12 days ago

    Today on Motherโ€™s Day I forgot to eat breakfast๐Ÿ˜‚ But when I was sitting in church I was not hungry I even forgot about that I was hungry๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Dan Cepeda
    Dan Cepeda 12 days ago

    As a Christian I don't think God wants us to eat our fellow human beings

  • Jessica Arriaga
    Jessica Arriaga 12 days ago

    I'm not scared ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿค๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿคข

  • Red Boi
    Red Boi 12 days ago

    Wait...Did you just say Po-Zo-Lay?
    Itโ€™s fucken Poe-Soe-Le!

  • Lydia Benton
    Lydia Benton 13 days ago +1

    these don't scare me until I try to sleep

  • Miku and friends
    Miku and friends 13 days ago

    God left the chat
    Jesus left the chat
    Lucifer left the chat
    St Michael Left the chat
    St Gabriel left the chat
    St Raphael left the chat

  • galaxy 2
    galaxy 2 13 days ago

    Or pa-so-le

  • Caleb Oneill
    Caleb Oneill 13 days ago


  • Why Guy
    Why Guy 13 days ago

    I didnโ€™t get chills I lost my lunch

  • Shirley Strachan
    Shirley Strachan 13 days ago +3

    Wanna hear something scary

    Your best friend dating the boy u like

  • Shirley Strachan
    Shirley Strachan 13 days ago +1

    Wish me luck I'm going on full screen

  • leila bendaly
    leila bendaly 13 days ago +1

    Wanna hear something scary

    My mom

  • Megan Gacha Gurl
    Megan Gacha Gurl 13 days ago +1

    **Jesus has left the chat**

  • Ashton Aaron Diaz
    Ashton Aaron Diaz 13 days ago

    Ok let's NOW PARTY ๐ŸŽ‰

  • Nguyen Gia Khanh
    Nguyen Gia Khanh 14 days ago

    Lupe suffers the same fate as Caesar Zeppeli...

  • iPad User
    iPad User 14 days ago

    Husband is stupid

  • Summer h
    Summer h 14 days ago


  • Mason Mikesell
    Mason Mikesell 15 days ago

    hi my name is mason and i watch our vids every day

  • Andrew Niner
    Andrew Niner 15 days ago

    Hitlier has left the chat

  • Help I forgot to pray for The death of a bachelor

    *nightmares have entered the chat*

    EMAN TV 15 days ago

    are you from the Philippines to

  • Nour Ilmi
    Nour Ilmi 15 days ago

    make more scary stories

  • ๋ผ์˜ˆ์œ I see mah big sisters backpack and feel like, itโ€™s a figure

  • ๋ผ์˜ˆ์œ

    Im not going to sleep for 1000000000000000 hours @-@

  • No One.
    No One. 16 days ago +1

    4:27 i like how she say
    AND i realise it was it finger goddamn figure

  • Huh Hshs
    Huh Hshs 16 days ago

    Do that in memory of Johnny Cade

  • I have the power of GOD AND ANIME

    Ok in case no one noticed this I just wanna point this out..


  • alex luv da food
    alex luv da food 17 days ago

    Oแ—ชแ—ชแ’ชY Eแ‘ŽTแ–‡IEGEแ—ช แ‘ญOแ”•แ”•Eแ”•แ”•Eแ—ช แ—ชOGE แ•ผแ—ฉแ”• Eแ‘ŽTEแ–‡Eแ—ช Tแ•ผE แ‘•แ•ผแ—ฉT :3

  • Lyz Moffitt
    Lyz Moffitt 17 days ago


  • MatchMaker Amethyst
    MatchMaker Amethyst 17 days ago +1

    I'm Catholic, and this is the most horrifying story I ever heard. Good thing I won't eat pozole in the future.

  • Rum's Roblox
    Rum's Roblox 17 days ago

    Don't worry,I gotcha

    Audings: Younger siblings
    Autsรจ:Older sister
    (In Philippines)
    Thank me later :)

  • Ice Cloudz
    Ice Cloudz 17 days ago

    I have a older sister cause she said ate Saphire that means older sister Sapphire

  • Jimeila George
    Jimeila George 17 days ago that's... creepy ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  • SweetSeeBee
    SweetSeeBee 18 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay: *ITS FOIKIN RAW!*

  • eanna connolly
    eanna connolly 18 days ago

    Eduardo didnt realise that the holy bread is a metaphor for Jesus's body and its inviting him to stay in our life
    He thought we were eating him

  • Faitha Bailey
    Faitha Bailey 19 days ago


  • Faitha Bailey
    Faitha Bailey 19 days ago

    Certainly closer too lopa.

  • GamingwithNiv :D
    GamingwithNiv :D 19 days ago

    So.... who got the other thumb?

  • Agent Ink
    Agent Ink 19 days ago +1

    and this is why im scared of religion...

    (No offence I love peopleโ€™s beliefs)

  • GachaTuber Melodia
    GachaTuber Melodia 19 days ago

    Wait a cousin name is Faith

  • Francis paul Ensano
    Francis paul Ensano 20 days ago

    Gordon ramsay:thats disgusting

  • French Toast
    French Toast 20 days ago

    My Principal's Last-Name is Espinoza. :)

  • Amy Da Potato Xpp
    Amy Da Potato Xpp 20 days ago

    *want heard something creepy?*

    The pop quiz of math

  • sugar coat
    sugar coat 20 days ago +2

    If u think about it, they literally ate someone's a$$

  • kanya the fox
    kanya the fox 20 days ago

    After this part something weird happen I was watching then my phone went black and made this ringing noise then restarted I was creep the heck out

  • Melonberry Queen
    Melonberry Queen 21 day ago

    *the husband's sanity left the chat*

  • nyuurevolution
    nyuurevolution 21 day ago

    well, in its origins pozole was made from human flesh so...

  • Pasta Errand
    Pasta Errand 21 day ago


  • Lov3ly PastelFlower
    Lov3ly PastelFlower 22 days ago

    He's not a true Cristian

  • wolfy games playz
    wolfy games playz 22 days ago

    The black man
    I was at my grandma's when this happend
    I was 7
    I woke up to a stomping sound on the outside door. I asked my grandma 'whats that?' She replied' bewere the stomps of the black man' i was shocked. To my apselute horror i saw a face with greacy purple eyes and its mouth was cut in an x shape my grandma pulled on the cover on top of us before the black man saw us she whispered to me if the black man makes eye Contact with you he will go to the door and try to find you and cut your head off. The next morning we woke up to my grandpa shouting wake up we need to leave as soon as possible cause the black man is coming for me! I packed all my stuff and it was around 7am but grandpa woke us up at 5am at 3pm we left when my dad came home after work my i explained to my stepmother and she told my dad about it so we drove to a new house and never came back

  • Crafty inky Neon
    Crafty inky Neon 23 days ago

    She said tia wrong :P

  • Darius Darius
    Darius Darius 23 days ago

    What is SCP

  • Makayla Encinas
    Makayla Encinas 23 days ago

    I'm in 5th grade and I love your videos

  • Mahina Sahetapy
    Mahina Sahetapy 23 days ago

    Off lupรฉ uhh i mean to lupรฉ hehe...

  • kopiko BIANCA
    kopiko BIANCA 24 days ago

    are you filipino

  • *\ R i n R i n S e n p a i /*

    *Watches video while eating*
    *In the part where she saw the thing on her food*
    *Looks at my food and throws it in the trash :)*

  • Rocker Legacy
    Rocker Legacy 25 days ago

    Oh my ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿคช
    Jaw open ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ™€

  • Deborah Tbz
    Deborah Tbz 26 days ago

    *cough cough* cannibalizem is against the Bible...*cough cough*

  • Rose Beaumont
    Rose Beaumont 26 days ago

    This is one of them any f****** reasons I hate organized religion, it turns normal people into s*** like this

  • crativboy subster
    crativboy subster 26 days ago

    This story isnt even scary well id is pretty interesting and cool i like it

  • Hฦฐng Lรช
    Hฦฐng Lรช 27 days ago

    WAIT A FREAKING MINUTE!!!!!! If the pizole made by the husband was a little different from Lupe does that mean her pizole was also made from humans?

  • Meme God
    Meme God 28 days ago

    Is it ok that Iโ€™m 12 and watching this channel, so I get really scared and I can barely get out of my bed afterwards ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

  • Logan Dearing
    Logan Dearing 28 days ago

    Itโ€™s not disgusting that itโ€™s human meat itโ€™s disgusting because Iโ€™m VEGAN

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