How To... cook steak, with Jamie Oliver's mate Pete

  • Published on May 21, 2010
  • My mate Pete shows us how to cook the perfect steak.
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  • lenka cercer
    lenka cercer 2 days ago

    cut IT!

  • Ahmed Elkholy
    Ahmed Elkholy 2 days ago

    I think there is no need to put olive oil again

  • Renan Gonçalves Flores

    What have you done?!

  • MarcAmAlb
    MarcAmAlb 4 days ago

    How to overcook a stake. And lemon??? Please...

  • Ga Ro
    Ga Ro 4 days ago

    Guys he didn’t cook the steak it was pete😂

  • Jaanvi Kaur
    Jaanvi Kaur 6 days ago

    Throw the meat on your head please

  • Vincenzo's Plate
    Vincenzo's Plate 7 days ago

    Perfect steak

  • Tyfon 44
    Tyfon 44 7 days ago

    Okay, nice video. But. After its cooked, out of the pan and there I got stuck with the remark “give it a couple of minutes”.
    It will be cold... 😳 right ?

    • rabe-77
      rabe-77 6 days ago

      While cooking the heat forces the juices of the steak to build up pressure. when you cut it right after frying it, the juices would just splatter out. You let it rest for about 5 Minutes so the steak can relax and all of the juices stay inside the meat. you may also wrap it in tinfoil to keep it warm.

  • Cosmic Ninja
    Cosmic Ninja 10 days ago

    Lol steak people are the hardest people on earth to please.

  • Hisoka
    Hisoka 10 days ago

    Looks like a pork chop.

  • Nelson Calix Banegas
    Nelson Calix Banegas 12 days ago

    Jamie? Que paso??? Esperábamos que lo presentaras cortado !!! Muy reseco??? 8 minutos??? 😟

  • Through the Telescope!
    Through the Telescope! 13 days ago +4

    "As the steak's resting".....Shh, don't wake it up!

  • Keith Soifer
    Keith Soifer 13 days ago +1

    1) As everyone knows, British cuisine is one of the world's top rated. 2) first time, I've heard a chef say to keep on touching the steak over and over again. Maybe, this is British BBQ?

  • straw berry
    straw berry 14 days ago +2

    This is real stake. Idk how people eat raw meat burnt from outside

    • Riley Sutton
      Riley Sutton 2 days ago

      straw berry idk if ur being satire or not

  • z G
    z G 16 days ago

    Lemon? I think not.

  • Walboro
    Walboro 17 days ago

    You sir; are a POS, and this comments section is on to you. Jesus, I can’t even fathom how you thought cooking a steak like that was okay to share with other people. I hope you fall on a spike.

  • canada painter
    canada painter 18 days ago

    IDIOT.. what heat need to use?

  • Hayward Glazing
    Hayward Glazing 19 days ago

    what on gods green earth was that crap? .........that is the shittist steak i've ever seen , never let him near a steak again...................

  • cactus forever
    cactus forever 20 days ago +1

    Dude over 12k thump down ??

  • Jose Jimenez G
    Jose Jimenez G 20 days ago

    I didn't learnt anything!

  • Dmitriy Harchuk
    Dmitriy Harchuk 20 days ago


  • Don 56
    Don 56 21 day ago

    Looks half cooked.

  • Mohd Ezaidi Mulysa
    Mohd Ezaidi Mulysa 22 days ago


  • Daithi Molloy
    Daithi Molloy 23 days ago +2

    Christ on a bike... You never ever salt a steak before cooking, and secondly you seal the meat on the sides before frying. Reason being salt will suck the moister out and sealing sides before frying steak locks moister in.. Your welcome.

    • Josh Josh
      Josh Josh 22 days ago

      Daithi Molloy Sorry to burst your bubble, but searing a steak does not seal the moisture in. You know that sizzling noise when you are searing a steak? Well that’s literally the juices pouring out of the steak because you are searing it. The heat causes the muscle fibers to contract, squeezing out the juices. Also, it takes salt at least 15 minutes to pull out moisture, and seasoning a steak with salt after cooking yields a completely different flavor.

  • John Andrew
    John Andrew 23 days ago

    Gordan ramsay steak = flavor this looks boring and bland

  • ToPlayOrNotToPlay
    ToPlayOrNotToPlay 23 days ago

    This video is a joke to Jamie oliver

  • Mark Bauer
    Mark Bauer 25 days ago +2

    It's just a fried meat at this point.
    Nothing special.

  • Ray Allen
    Ray Allen 27 days ago


    PETER STEARS 27 days ago +1

    Folks let me tell you all these chefs have there own way of cooking a steak Do it your way and dont think these MORANS cook better cause there all a bunch of PHONY PEOPLE

  • josh lomax
    josh lomax 28 days ago

    If your steak is really good quality, you don't need to season or put oil on your steak, all you need to do is put a tiny bit of oil in your pan to avoid burning, then cook your steak adding butter, garlic and herbs to base your steak later.

  • Мария Бербер


  • Aido Murphy
    Aido Murphy 29 days ago +1

    Just me that thought that steak looked 🤮🤢

  • francisco sanchez montero

    Este imbécil no tiene ni puta idea de cocina....

  • Franci Maps
    Franci Maps Month ago

    Not fully cooked lol

  • Johan Deysel
    Johan Deysel Month ago

    This is sooo not Jamie Oliver at all.

  • maahi ali
    maahi ali Month ago

    No no thats completely wrong

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago

    gordon and Marco say not to prod your steak mate

  • S. D.
    S. D. Month ago

    Lemon on a steak is an abomination!

  • Alpha Warrior
    Alpha Warrior Month ago +1

    what temperature ? low, medium or high heat ? better to use a grill pan.

  • Patrick Steidl
    Patrick Steidl Month ago +4

    8 mins?
    Oil after cooking?
    Turning every minute?
    Not even cutting it at the end?

  • Ken McIntosh
    Ken McIntosh Month ago

    No! No! No lemon or olive oil when it's cooked. Otherwise a good video.

  • gas taber
    gas taber Month ago

    Where th f......k is Jamie Oliver??

  • Георгий Давыдов

    Чувак! Ты крут!!!)))

  • gavin b
    gavin b Month ago

    that's wrong, you don't put olive oil on first.

  • kangaroo 85
    kangaroo 85 Month ago +1

    I don't think you learn this from Jamie 😂

  • bryan lima
    bryan lima Month ago

    Não cortou o bife. Deslike

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago +2

    Steak without cast iron pan, sorry mate!

  • 최경혜
    최경혜 Month ago

    그냥 한국식으로 먹어라 귀찮아서

  • Izlan Arif
    Izlan Arif Month ago +3

    Its nice to see everyone in the comments suddenly becoming a 5 stat chef after watching 10 steak videos on youtube.

  • Olg Olga
    Olg Olga Month ago +5

    Лимон вообще не в тему, только соль и чёрный перец. А оливковое масло напрочь забивает аромат поджаренного мяса.

    • Георгий Давыдов
      Георгий Давыдов Month ago

      Блюдо у Джейми без лимона - это не рецепт)) Согласен, что стейк с лимоном как-то по-новому что ли...

  • Minh Hieu Le
    Minh Hieu Le Month ago

    The ending was like a porn video

  • bighairynuts4u
    bighairynuts4u Month ago

    Why make a vid on a steak when you keep flipping it. Not a clue

    • Izlan Arif
      Izlan Arif Month ago

      bighairynuts4u it cooks better when you flip constantly

    NICOLA YAVIS Month ago +2

    Zero, zero, zero from a steak eater ! In detail the difference, from the beginning to the end !!!!!!!!!

  • Ren Cheung
    Ren Cheung Month ago

    one of bankrupt reason

  • Darryl Dickson
    Darryl Dickson Month ago +1

    Next time let a man cook the meat

  • John Sheehan
    John Sheehan Month ago

    Steak videos are a dime a dozen!From now on I dry brine.or dry age for 4-5 days

  • Brian Thesing
    Brian Thesing Month ago

    Next take the steak and hurl it out a window. If the window is closed throw the pan through first to smash the glass.

  • Andrew Fischer
    Andrew Fischer Month ago

    Is this video a joke?

  • Lucas Lima
    Lucas Lima Month ago +15

    I feel bad for that steak, it deserved better.

  • Jason Nolte
    Jason Nolte Month ago +3

    I'm sure that steak was WAY overcooked. How not to make a steak.