How To... cook steak, with Jamie Oliver's mate Pete

  • Published on May 21, 2010
  • My mate Pete shows us how to cook the perfect steak.
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  • fatterthanjim
    fatterthanjim 2 hours ago

    I don’t understand all these objections to using olive oil or lemon on the steak. I’ve been cooking steak this way for years which is why I am known as the king of steak in my family. The only thing I do different is that I actually marinate my steaks in lemon, olive oil, and salt before I cook them, sometimes for as much as 24 hours.
    The lemon tenderizes the meat. I don’t use pepper because I find it tends to burn leaving an acrid taste.

  • Lars Lars
    Lars Lars 22 hours ago

    The should be 'how to ruin your steak'

  • Thums909 Durango


  • Grace Bantilan
    Grace Bantilan Day ago

    Wow sarap n man bro

  • Applechips
    Applechips Day ago

    That steak is fucked.

  • Joseph Juarez
    Joseph Juarez 3 days ago

    First time I’ve seen or heard of cooking steak without incorporating butter and or garlic

  • Snake 777
    Snake 777 3 days ago

    This man should never be allowed to harm a steak ever again!

  • moma poo
    moma poo 3 days ago

    Its no wonder oils going up in price pricks like these using it all up haha

  • OG Marksman
    OG Marksman 3 days ago

    How to cook leather 😂

  • Jamac007
    Jamac007 4 days ago +7

    Standard size 3 quarter inch thick steak, rules apply:
    2 minutes (1 min each side) - rare
    4 minutes (2 min each side) - medium rare
    6 minutes (3 min each side) - medium
    8 minutes or more (4 min or more each side) - welldone/over cooked.

    • Empu Emppu
      Empu Emppu 2 days ago +1

      Don't forget to season it with some good olive oil while it's resting !

  • You Tuber 1449
    You Tuber 1449 4 days ago

    No wonder Gordon hates you Jamie

  • Sal Kela
    Sal Kela 4 days ago +1

    I think he meant avoid all of this if want good steak

  • Adrian Kiraly
    Adrian Kiraly 5 days ago

    I was told you only turn the steak once, don't play with your meat....

  • Prince of gaming
    Prince of gaming 6 days ago

    I thought he'll put some butter to melt with the meat and add some rosemarie but NO!

  • Gata Tosogi
    Gata Tosogi 7 days ago +1

    It would have been nicer if the steak was cut up on the plate, and see how it was cooked.

  • Geologist
    Geologist 8 days ago

    How not to cook a steak. That’s gonna be dry and tasteless, I think he overcooked it

  • Toby Sears
    Toby Sears 10 days ago

    That's not how u make a steak

  • ankhbayar tumendemberel

    use sunflower or olive oil?

  • Irish Chippy
    Irish Chippy 11 days ago +6

    Looks way overcooked to me. Who is the chef?

  • Terry Kelsey
    Terry Kelsey 12 days ago

    The best beef stew

  • Frank Griegorian
    Frank Griegorian 13 days ago +1

    Guess what people ....I tried his way making the perfect steak .........IT WAS PERFECT !!!!!!!! Sure alot of dead heads 😝 out there in space !!!!!! 😝

  • Swedish
    Swedish 13 days ago +5

    Poor cow got killed to get destroyed

  • The Silencer
    The Silencer 14 days ago

    It's still pink in the inside

  • Swedish
    Swedish 14 days ago +1

    Poor cow got killed to get destroyed

  • Wally merit
    Wally merit 14 days ago

    This is why Jamie's mate Pete is a gardener... stick to your plums and tomatoes Pete, cheers

  • Wally merit
    Wally merit 14 days ago

    This geezer hasn't got a fuckin clue what he's saying

  • elijah angels
    elijah angels 15 days ago

    WHOO... PUTS LEMON ON A STEAK??!!. Seriously..🙄
    Is this your first time??

  • Mathias Nørregaard Adelborg

    Looks more Like pork

  • Julian Palma
    Julian Palma 15 days ago

    Q rricos t bones

  • TimeToGG
    TimeToGG 15 days ago

    this is a paper not a steak.

  • Chema 3D / Chema-Detector

    Tocar el filete con los dedos? echarle limón? aceite barato? que crimen y que pena de filete...El limón en mi país se le echa cuando el filete es de mala calidad para DISIMULAR el mal olor tanto a la carne como al pescado. y tocar el filete con las manos ....Ni siquiera en los restaurantes de carretera trabajan así . ( Un buen diente de ajo , un poco de mantequilla , unas hiervas aromáticas como el romero , y por supuesto un buen aceite de oliva virgen extra por favor).

  • MrTigrenok33
    MrTigrenok33 16 days ago

    Can someone show me how to unsubscribe from this channel, PLEASE!!!!!

  • MrTigrenok33
    MrTigrenok33 16 days ago +12

    Lemon.... on the steak?!
    Are you kidding me!!!???
    Are you out of your mind “CHEF”....

    • Jamac007
      Jamac007 4 days ago

      Lemon juice is good on steak

    • Geologist
      Geologist 8 days ago +1

      It’s actually pretty decent. Only thing I do agree on in this whole video

    • Mr. Monster
      Mr. Monster 16 days ago

      MrTigrenok33 Ikr

  • conor mcclung
    conor mcclung 16 days ago


  • Jonathan Joestar
    Jonathan Joestar 17 days ago

    Why are you putting lemon on your steak??????

  • Comment Guy
    Comment Guy 17 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay's vlog tasted much better than this boring one!
    Sorry, Jamie...nothing personal! I like watching both of your cooking vlogs, but this one is so bland!

  • Mark Power
    Mark Power 18 days ago

    Ruin s steak with 🍋

  • ULLF12345678
    ULLF12345678 18 days ago

    My comment: Should you not put on the spice after barbeque? You are using a teflonpan. Is that right for barbeque meat?

    • Kimbo Stitch
      Kimbo Stitch 17 days ago

      no teflon...go cast iron...and spice it with the oil at the start

    FRANCO 19 days ago

    Estás pendejo

  • Zed Mc
    Zed Mc 19 days ago +1

    18 comments later and finally one that says it's good

  • Elegancko ELE
    Elegancko ELE 20 days ago


  • Michael
    Michael 22 days ago

    4M subscribers, 11M viewers and 41K likes? Wow!

  • clarion philips
    clarion philips 22 days ago +1

    Poor cooking, don't try it at home. You will eat raw meat

  • nisetsu
    nisetsu 23 days ago +2

    Frying with olive oil on teflon? All you need is some asbestos as seasoning to make it perfect.

  • Nutty Livett
    Nutty Livett 23 days ago

    Do a video on how to cook pasta coz all ya restaurants are shut down as the food was c@@p

  • Anthon y
    Anthon y 24 days ago +1

    Never seen oil drizzled on a steak at the end.. looks disgusting.

  • peter zebot
    peter zebot 24 days ago

    I wouldn't do the citrus thing or more oil. But it's all up to whoever likes what.

  • danimik
    danimik 24 days ago

    La poêle est froide!

  • Big Al
    Big Al 25 days ago +2

    My boy dried that steak out so much he had to finish it by drenching it in olive oil!! I'm rollin.. the accent can't make you cook better🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryan
    Ryan 25 days ago +60

    No wonder Jamie Oliver's restaurants went out of business

  • Tolga blue
    Tolga blue 26 days ago

    Hi Jamiei
    How thick is the pan. I suppose it matters

  • KING OF THE DUDE Adamin dibi


  • Frank Griegorian
    Frank Griegorian 27 days ago +1

    I will be trying this olive oil !!!! 😀

  • امرأة مثيرة مختلفة

    اذا مر عربي من هنا تحياتي له 😊

  • Shaun Cushing
    Shaun Cushing 28 days ago +1

    Marco would use stock cubes to cook the steak

  • Bureaucratic Felcher
    Bureaucratic Felcher Month ago +13

    Worst steak I have ever seen, looks like my blind grand mother's food who has cancer and can only eat tasteless food.

  • Do Nut
    Do Nut Month ago

    Is this a joke ?

  • Do Nut
    Do Nut Month ago

    8 minutes ?

    BILLY Month ago

    maan! people in 2010 were savages!

  • Rodney Palmer
    Rodney Palmer Month ago

    Looks tasty !!!!