People In Parking Lots

  • Published on Dec 21, 2017
  • Here's a mini-musical about idiots in parking lots.
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    Gus Johnson & Friends present: "People In Parking Lots" A Mini Musical.
    I am Gus Johnson. I make music, I put out bad skits. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.
    Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 343

  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson  Year ago +728

    In case you haven't been able to guess, there are few things I hate more in this world than the modern-day pedestrian. Check out that description to follow me on twitter, please. 1 follow = 1 horn honk at the next pedestrian I see.

    • Jaka Berdajs
      Jaka Berdajs 8 months ago

      Gus Johnson i know this is old buth you have to repeat the video with somebody walking in front of him at the end and him getting angry at the guy

    • Ostin T
      Ostin T Year ago

      Gus Johnson just a reminder that we use to share the roads with pedestrians but people were driving much too fast near pedestrians so they killed people

    • Tony Bobay
      Tony Bobay Year ago

      Ah, yeah because the world should revolve around cars and not people. We should elect a car as mayor, it'll get rid of all those pesky people.

    • 8899theguy
      8899theguy Year ago

      Is this inspired by whose line?

    • YOOTOOBjase
      YOOTOOBjase Year ago +1

      Horn honks eh...
      No bamboozle?
      I hear you never bamboozle.

  • Holly Darrow
    Holly Darrow Month ago

    This was me like an hour ago lol literally me anytime I go in a parking lot

  • q
    q Month ago

    I always like to piss on other people's cars when I am in any parking lot. Pee in the drivers side door seam then get in your own car and watch their reaction when they get back.🤣🤮👹

  • SurrealJC Games
    SurrealJC Games 2 months ago

    Happy anniversary. I just watched a years worth of your videos. Well not one of my years worth, on of your years. I did it in like 5 hours. Hows that feel?

  • Ryan Keith
    Ryan Keith 3 months ago

    What exactly is a begg?

  • Thomas Curran
    Thomas Curran 3 months ago

    would have been perfect if you had him screaming at a guy walking by as hes getting out of his parking spot

    I AM THE REAL 3 months ago

    Omg this is me

  • FabioIstFabulous
    FabioIstFabulous 3 months ago

    Anyone watching in 2019...except for Shirley. I f-ing hate Shirley. She always embarrases me in public, she embarrases me infront of my friends and my girlfriend. She gets all in my buissness about everything and i'm just like "Shut up Mom! I'm moving out in a month so stop eating my organic gluten-free toast!".
    Like if you like Chicken and Waffles

  • Kluuz
    Kluuz 5 months ago

    You should of sat in your car for 10 minutes with the door wide open so nobody can take the space next to you...

  • Danny Rose Leos
    Danny Rose Leos 6 months ago

    RIP Peebles Menomonie location, you will be missed 😢

  • jack Ryan
    jack Ryan 7 months ago

    The phone disappeared when the car went by

  • fruitypeebils
    fruitypeebils 7 months ago

    damn that store has a dope name

  • Josh The Hipster
    Josh The Hipster 8 months ago +1

    That wasn't actually trash though...

  • Isaiah Streblow
    Isaiah Streblow 8 months ago

    *comes out of Peebles with a Coborns bag*
    I know your tricks.

  • Paul Evans
    Paul Evans 10 months ago

    Yes, I too go to Peebles to get all of my grocery needs.

  • Kayla Sheppard
    Kayla Sheppard 10 months ago

    Cant believe there are still Peebles

  • Keisuke Takatou
    Keisuke Takatou 10 months ago

    Reminds me of Rusty Cage

  • Jen Lee
    Jen Lee 10 months ago

    Pedestrians have the right away. If a pedestrain walks to their car to unload groceries into their vechile. Don't be a ass hat driver and honk your horn murluple times at them because you're an entitled impatient numb nut who wants their parking spot. This happened to me and my husband today. Plus there were lots of places he could have parked that were open. I asked him what was his problem and he said "what? I am being polite as possible." What the heck?? What a jerk!!!

  • GabbyBear
    GabbyBear 10 months ago

    Depending on your state, pedestrians outside of crosswalks don’t automatically have right of way (please don’t intentionally run someone over. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say that. But in this time of turmoil, I can’t be too careful)

  • crazy madness
    crazy madness 11 months ago

    at the end after entering the car
    there should have been a pedestrian right in front of his bumper he shouted at to "move out of my way asshat"

  • Пафа Эсперанто


  • Shiba My Inu
    Shiba My Inu 11 months ago


  • Carly Mauldin
    Carly Mauldin 11 months ago


  • Rey - [ELTE]-
    Rey - [ELTE]- Year ago

    What's that outro called?

  • Nico Nunzio
    Nico Nunzio Year ago

    I can’t stress enough how much I love this

  • CodytheAwe5ome Iz Awe5ome

    What is your closing song on this?

  • Magnus Lysø
    Magnus Lysø Year ago

    198/200, should have slammed his door into and dented the neighbouring car

  • grace I guess lol

    I wonder if Gus actually asked for other people’s permission for the guy to push them and film for the video if they did it and it was the raw reaction

  • Ren
    Ren Year ago

    This looked really hard to make geez

  • Hannah
    Hannah Year ago

    This has gotta be my favorite video of the day.

  • shïbu
    shïbu Year ago

    Smh, Les Mis? I only listen to real musicals 😤

  • Blade J
    Blade J Year ago

    Not gonna lie it’s kinda weird know exactly where you are doing this stuff cuz I go to school there

  • Savannah Wold
    Savannah Wold Year ago

    No, this should people “ People in parking lots at WALMART” lmfao

  • canned-fruits
    canned-fruits Year ago

    hey gus im a pedestrian please hit me

  • WilliamEdword
    WilliamEdword Year ago

    Or fucking slow down in parking lots? 15 mph is too dam high!

  • Michael Boyle
    Michael Boyle Year ago

    Ooof owie he's not so good at the old lip syncing

  • Blazer
    Blazer Year ago


  • Studley De Muffin

    How did you afford that many cars?

  • Alex Mallett
    Alex Mallett Year ago


  • Dylan Brown
    Dylan Brown Year ago

    Nice Costco Jacket. I have the same one.

  • Yakob Engel
    Yakob Engel Year ago +1

    Gus looks fucking weird in this video....

  • Max Jedrziewski
    Max Jedrziewski Year ago

    In Florida peds ALWAYS have the right away so it’s even more fucked

  • JejkobbB
    JejkobbB Year ago

    I need that outro music

  • Sunam Bouzu
    Sunam Bouzu Year ago

    Should of run someone over when he pulled out of the spot, Thats always my luck.
    The amount of people that just start their car and pull out without looking back is STAGGERING.

  • Terius Zúñiga
    Terius Zúñiga Year ago

    No creamy christmas creamy memes this year?

  • Elise Navidad
    Elise Navidad Year ago

    This rivals the opening of Baby Driver. One shot wonder.

  • Sketchy Mane
    Sketchy Mane Year ago

    The adventure is not over when you get in the car.
    If it's a full parking lot and people are driving around trying to find a place to park, what you do then is you make it seem like you're leaving but instead continue to keep taking up that space while you put on your make up or text your friends or make a call.
    Then when you're actually leaving, be sure to pull out ONLY just as someone else is driving by so that they almost hit you.

  • flamingo jones III


  • Isaias Bonilla
    Isaias Bonilla Year ago

    Whats the outro song?

  • KoalafiedYouTuberz

    Wait why was the store named Peebles though?

  • Avising
    Avising Year ago

    What is the mf outro song

  • SageTheWolf
    SageTheWolf Year ago

    What’s the ontro music called?

  • PlainSailingWeather

    This warmed my cockles.

  • E to the squared
    E to the squared Year ago

    Scary Terry makes a music video

  • Amir Alam
    Amir Alam Year ago

    Somebody posted your video about people who don't want to check it when it's cold outside and College to Reddit and I've been subscribed ever since
    Just commenting this so that you have an idea of where your subscribers come from

  • grouse
    grouse Year ago

    As an ex-taurus owner I can affirm that this is the norm

  • Hayden Unsell
    Hayden Unsell Year ago +1

    Low budget face book

  • spoop
    spoop Year ago

    where can I find the outro music Gus?

  • GoodWill
    GoodWill Year ago

    We meet agian, gus

  • PeanutButterZombie00

    I hate that guy. He goes to Target, like, every damn day.

  • sleaf6
    sleaf6 Year ago


  • Major Zero
    Major Zero Year ago

    wow that was all done in one shot very impressive

  • gamepro94z
    gamepro94z Year ago

    Would have been funny if someone was walking in front of his car and he said get the fuck out of the way you piece of shit!!

  • birdturd60
    birdturd60 Year ago

    I was anticipating him getting into his car, then gus or someone would be standing in his way on his phone.

  • Chanclas
    Chanclas Year ago

    good shit

  • doraemonbebe
    doraemonbebe Year ago +170

    I love Disney musicals

  • HipposAreDeadly
    HipposAreDeadly Year ago

    Wish i could go to peebles and buy groceries tf. All i can ever find is overpriced shirts

  • snip3r416
    snip3r416 Year ago

    You should do a song on road rage

  • brigsbeeboy
    brigsbeeboy Year ago

    This is cringy

  • Michael Tomasetti

    Was waiting for that Peebles rhyme!!

  • Noryo
    Noryo Year ago

    inb4 trending

  • Ben Aaron
    Ben Aaron Year ago

    so tasty

  • dgenerationbigestfan

    Wow 108 Taurus drivers

  • AaronTZ
    AaronTZ Year ago +1

    So beutifull

  • 24 Frames Of Nick
    24 Frames Of Nick Year ago +261

    Is Peebles a real store? That sounds like too funny of a name

    • SuperJollyRainbows
      SuperJollyRainbows 3 months ago

      What do they sell at Peebles?

    • Arbiter
      Arbiter 5 months ago +2

      No this is a set that Gus made himself

    • Ongo Gablogian
      Ongo Gablogian 10 months ago

      24 Frames Of Nick do you not see the store name

    • ice water
      ice water Year ago +1

      i have a stage near me and theyre run by the same owner

    • SteveKfilms
      SteveKfilms Year ago +32

      Yes, it is actually.

  • Futomomo
    Futomomo Year ago

    Dont throw the phone, why would you throw the phone :^(((

  • vichaya ouearrepan

    Someone's salty.

  • Alexandra Defreitas

    Needed a part where someone is following him in a full lot to get a spot, and then not only is his car at the very farthest point but he then begins to sit inside and wait for 10 minutes before pulling out, only for another car to slip in right before you get it even though you've been waiting

  • Dimentive
    Dimentive Year ago

    Oh noes, it’s longer than 30 seconds! How is this going to be posted on r/TVclipHaiku now?

  • Hunter H.
    Hunter H. Year ago


  • Elias
    Elias Year ago

    Great Video. I really liked the Choreographing

  • JimineyBob
    JimineyBob Year ago

    this took time

  • Rebound443
    Rebound443 Year ago

    I'm so grateful for your commitment to creating high quality original content, keep it up mcfriendo

  • Clay Japuntich
    Clay Japuntich Year ago

    Being a Menomonie native it makes me feel famous or something to see that crappy mall in one of your videos. XD

  • Dat Carguy
    Dat Carguy Year ago


  • Abbie's Arty Art Art

    Literally me everywhere 😂

  • Hergus Bergus
    Hergus Bergus Year ago

    Honestly your videos are low key masterpieces. Everything you make is like a golden turd. It looks like it was done in one take but the script is A++

  • Braden Rumpit
    Braden Rumpit Year ago

    As a Taurus driver I can relate

  • Evelisk
    Evelisk Year ago

    Should of had him get pissed off by a pedestrian blocking him while he tried to exit the parking lot.

  • S.C. Wood
    S.C. Wood Year ago

    Literally everyone at Target. It doesn't happen with any other store chain. Just Target.

  • Mama Mao The Mienshao


  • Skylitze
    Skylitze Year ago

    A Gus Johnson video with no Gus Johnson

  • Madilyn Schroeder

    this was incredible

  • Babushka Yaga
    Babushka Yaga Year ago

    uh this is like a college parking lot except you have to watch out for bikers.

  • ParisVaughn
    ParisVaughn Year ago

    You must have also just got back from Christmas shopping.

  • brad t
    brad t Year ago

    Try a Walmart surrounded by low income housing and you'll realize how many people in this world are suicidal

  • M. T. Toaster
    M. T. Toaster Year ago

    Gus is building an empire.

  • Bilbo Baggins
    Bilbo Baggins Year ago

    I wanted him to drive away and then shout at some pedestrians blocking his way.

  • fuzzyfriendlydoggy

    What kind of person actually buys a Taurus

  • Ker 634
    Ker 634 Year ago

    Am a lowly cart pusher.
    This is too true.