Linebacker Jaylon Smith New Contract Press Conference | Dallas Cowboys

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • Jaylon Smith, Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones hold a press conference after the linebacker's 5-year, $64 million extension.
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  • Geoff Jones
    Geoff Jones 12 days ago

    RKG. Love this dude... love Jerry. Love Stephen, Will and Red Jesus. Time for #6. No more bullshit.

  • jaime tonche
    jaime tonche 15 days ago

    The Boys only have this year to win it....and in extravagant fashion...

  • J Bad
    J Bad 22 days ago

    Man just ordered my Jaylon Smith Nike Vapor Untouchable limited Jersey. They just came out but I got mine in my size. Y'all better get em before they sell out. Let's go Cowboys!!!!

  • New O.D.B
    New O.D.B 24 days ago +1

    Did jerry call him jason

  • Russell Jennings
    Russell Jennings 25 days ago 😂 I love this dude I’m glad he is on our team. Good job locking him down.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 25 days ago

    Jaylon Smith has always been a true professional on and off the field. Well deserved. DC4L.

  • Kim Walker
    Kim Walker 27 days ago

    Take a page from how it's done Prescott, Elliott and Cooper. Smith just shot himself to the top with his dedication

  • CowboyDav
    CowboyDav 28 days ago +1

    I'd rather have one Jaylon Smith verses a hundred Dak's, and Zek's. It's clear that Jaylon is humble and about the team, verses Dak and Zek, who are only self-absorbed greedy people. Plus the team has to carry Dak, and Zek is a childish disgrace! Thank you and God bless you Jaylon.

  • Joel Hernandez
    Joel Hernandez 28 days ago

    ANY WHO,

  • KYGamer
    KYGamer 28 days ago

    Best of luck Jaylon, You seem like a good, hard working person.. I hope you have a long healthy career in Dallas..

  • 360 no scope123
    360 no scope123 28 days ago

    Good people.

  • Jayson Wigley
    Jayson Wigley 28 days ago +2

    One of my favorite players... Great man to say the least...

  • xpmrnoshit
    xpmrnoshit 28 days ago

    Congrats Jay. Men gotta stop watching other men pockets. 64 million is 64 million. Your can take care of your family. We know u worth more but u allow your brothers to eat as well. Mad respect.

  • lipShitz
    lipShitz 28 days ago


  • Timbo Mac
    Timbo Mac 28 days ago +1

    “Getting access to quality deal flow” Jerry is hooking him up with outside business deals not just on the football field. Which is why he took a “friendly” contract. That’s what Jalen is focused on. He’s gonna make much much more money outside of football and be setup for life because of it.
    Football contract money will be his pocket change. Good for him. He’s a good dude.

  • Jesse Gutierrez
    Jesse Gutierrez 28 days ago +1

    Good job stay hungry.

  • Randy Poole
    Randy Poole 29 days ago +2

    Man, watching this video has surely made me see the Zeke situation a little clearer. C'mon Zeke, let's get the deal done!

  • Greg Blevins
    Greg Blevins 29 days ago +1

    Glad to hear GOD is included!

  • Mike Thaxton
    Mike Thaxton 29 days ago

    All those who said he would never recover from that injury and be effective in the NFL must be shocked hes closing on being 1 of the best LB's in the game

  • Disheartened6
    Disheartened6 29 days ago +1

    SET THAT EXAMPLE JAYLON !! Hope the other guys watching!!

  • eyemme ohigho
    eyemme ohigho 29 days ago

    Jerry said Jason lol

  • changwoo lee
    changwoo lee 29 days ago

    What a class act. Congratulations jaylon. Know you gonna have an all pro year.

    GODSHAMGOD 29 days ago +1

    My fav cowboy since Dez. I posted on draft day and said we got a top 5 talent. For cheap and he recoverd slowly and fully. This will be his best year yet. Record setting him . N Lawrence

  • T Y
    T Y 29 days ago +1

    Character all day. Take notice Zeke and Dak....

  • Julian and Ashley Garcia
    Julian and Ashley Garcia 29 days ago +1

    He’s worth more but I’m so happy for him and the cowboys, team friendly deal and he still will be set for life and as he says his momma is gonna retire 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Cody Mason
    Cody Mason 29 days ago +1

    I really like this guy. Definitely a smart move to get an extension with him. Look forward to seeing him only improve. Go cowboys!

  • Chop Chop
    Chop Chop 29 days ago +1

    We got Jaylon for 6 years! His rfa year included in the 5 year deal!

  • Phillip Hurst
    Phillip Hurst 29 days ago +1

    So glad we got him locked up for 6 more yrs he’s my favorite linebacker n league!!

  • Chop Chop
    Chop Chop 29 days ago +1

    Damn! They’re definitely but subtlety taking shots at Zeke on this press conference! Even Jaylon Smith! I love this signing tho! And you could appreciate Jaylon taking a friendly deal! There’s definitely 31 other teams that with they would’ve drafted this dude!

  • Chris Graham
    Chris Graham 29 days ago

    Cowboy 4life

  • Daz Capone
    Daz Capone 29 days ago +2


  • richard ramirez
    richard ramirez Month ago +2

    I'm not a cowboy fan but I do love the Jaylon story this man deserves it all Congrats brotha!!

  • Mr. SDR
    Mr. SDR Month ago


  • Tonya Gordon
    Tonya Gordon Month ago +1

    My favorite defensive player, just a great guy! Congrats!

  • Tony Adams
    Tony Adams Month ago

    Fuck zeke. Jaylon is a team player that's what we need. Everything is not about money. Zeke making millions but spend his money on dumb shit

  • Puppy Power
    Puppy Power Month ago +1

    Jaylon Smith just gave me hope for the NFL. I'm so in...and I'm glad to be a fan. All the players need to watch this...leadership in action and by example.

  • TheBasketballfan93
    TheBasketballfan93 Month ago

    Let's get Byron Jones done next. Shore up this defense. We can draft an RB in round 1 next year, we can franchise Dak and have coop for 1 more year before paying him.

  • TripleSixOne
    TripleSixOne Month ago

    Waste of money

  • Young G
    Young G Month ago

    Called him Jason

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Month ago +1

    Jaylon has so much respect! Dude is everything you want in a player!

  • Trey Compton
    Trey Compton Month ago +1

    When I got this notification yesterday, it made my whole day! He truly does set the example in EVERY way.

  • herod911
    herod911 Month ago +2

    JAYLON SMITH AND Vander esch best linebacker duo

  • Kevin Cercie
    Kevin Cercie Month ago

    At Jerry Jones age, what's he thinking? sign Zeke no matter what it takes financially contractually. When all is said and done for you Jerry Jones, remember this, you can't take it with you! Pay the man.

  • Jesus Benitez
    Jesus Benitez Month ago +1

    Did he just call him Jason and Jayless?

  • steal threaded
    steal threaded Month ago +1

    Good kid, very happy this worked out.
    You're family for life in Dallas now.

  • Dwayne Cole
    Dwayne Cole Month ago

    One thing I think people should understand, if not for the salary cap, Jerry would spend what ever it takes to get back to the Superbowl. Yes, the Cowboys have lots of money but again, there is a salary cap. Those agents do not care, it's about putting the most money in their pockets.

  • G1Hexatron
    G1Hexatron Month ago +1

    I love this young man. I've been worried about the other 3 contracts because I thought we wouldn't be able to sign him. We just signed a HOFer. Also dude is so classy and just handles everything the right way. Favorite Cowboy on roster other than Witten.

  • Samuel DuBose
    Samuel DuBose Month ago

    I have never seen a better all around Dallas Cowboy in my life! I took and still take pride in the #54!! Jaylon Smith just made that pride that much stronger! Prime example of what an young African American man should be. In everyday life and Football just happens to have the privilege to have such a great young man representing the sport!!

  • OutlawStarkiller
    OutlawStarkiller Month ago +6

    have a great day everyone!

    • Nintengo 1985
      Nintengo 1985 26 days ago

      OutlawStarkiller don’t tell us what to do. Ever.

  • trizaikha
    trizaikha Month ago +1

    Just Beautiful ✨✨✨

  • Tut King
    Tut King Month ago +7

    I was actually afraid we weren't going to be able to lock him up. Now the dynamic has changed in Dallas. I'm not going to talk on Zeke or dak like some of the rest of y'all because that's disrespectful. The contact negotiations are between them and Jerry. We need to stay out of it. We are fans not agents. Go cowboys.

  • Spoon Jones
    Spoon Jones Month ago

    Well deserved!! #ThePredator

  • Face Off
    Face Off Month ago +2

    8:12-9:02 *Pay Attention Zeke and Dark*

  • Howard Craig IV
    Howard Craig IV Month ago +1

    This is great news because he was a guy I didn’t know if we would be able retain him after signing Dak, coop, Zeke

  • James Colwell
    James Colwell Month ago +1

    Love it, Grabbing my Jersey tomorrow 💯

  • Jerome Ross
    Jerome Ross Month ago +1

    Jaylon Smith:A warrior&class act personified I'm so happy for him he deserves it

  • Red Leader
    Red Leader Month ago +2

    No better player to wear #54 and continue the legacy. Got to get me his jersey now! We’ll be seeing you Jaylon! Congratulations!

  • Kenneth Harrison
    Kenneth Harrison Month ago

    My favorite player ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

  • Gamer21514 Live
    Gamer21514 Live Month ago


  • BG1224
    BG1224 Month ago +3

    Jerry hit it on the nail 35:20. Taking a team friendly deal will get you Big Rewards Life After Football. Jerry Has So many business Plugs and Investment Opportunity he can offer his Players it is Rewarding to be a Cowboy.