Elon Musk's Basic Economics

  • Published on Oct 24, 2017
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  • Damien Gitton
    Damien Gitton 3 hours ago

    Not true the launch market is elastic the only thing it’s than it take time even if space X low prices do create lots of new buyer it taqué 2/3/4 years minimum to get to launch phase
    It’s a market who involve lots of step to get to launch

  • Mitchi Blabla
    Mitchi Blabla 3 hours ago

    I don't know why but i keep hearing "Spay Sex" everytime he says Space X it's weird

  • TheDeadLinger
    TheDeadLinger 5 hours ago

    Remember that one time, when Elon Musk was featured in that one Iron Man movie? Right, neither me, I only remember Elon Musk building rockets and making cars, not being featured in movies.

  • Jonathan Takacs
    Jonathan Takacs 14 hours ago

    80% for Tesla? I think they have a ton of OEMs... Valeo, ECT.

  • N/A N/A
    N/A N/A Day ago

    another evidence that facism is more efficient... only when the leader is capable. tesla apple (jobs') and space X are simply technological facism. not saying its good or bad, just efficient (when the head guy is stellar (pun intended).

  • Chrispy Bacon
    Chrispy Bacon 2 days ago

    Welding bots can't melt steel cars

  • Barbara Brinkmeyer
    Barbara Brinkmeyer 3 days ago

    Mr. Musk will be trending toward a resource-based economy.

  • B.Games
    B.Games 3 days ago

    a future teller back in the 80s said that the people will be travelling in the space frequently just like taking the public transport, in the middle of 21st century

  • Harsh Adukia
    Harsh Adukia 3 days ago +1

    Maybe one day you'll make a video on my economics...

  • Filippo Soraperra
    Filippo Soraperra 4 days ago

    funny. the more you look into elon musk the more unappealing he becomes.

  • Sexy XxMa0ZeDONGxX
    Sexy XxMa0ZeDONGxX 5 days ago

    Elon wants to bring the memes to Mars

  • Ultra Crap
    Ultra Crap 6 days ago

    A (hu)man with a vision always needs a plan of action...

  • Twubbles 29
    Twubbles 29 6 days ago

    Elon Musk's basic economics: Take lots of money from the government, spend it on glitchy luxury electric cars with big cellphone batteries, running a solar leasing scam, and recycling 70's era Soviet rocket tech and calling it your own in a dream to help a handful of rich people get to mars.
    Not one of his companies is self-sufficient and he is totally reliant on investment from the US government to stay afloat. Dude is a loose cannon and US government should nationalize these companies (as we are paying for them anyway), keep him on as an advisor/figurehead/frontman or whatever for his creepy fans and occasional starry-eyed childhood speeches about the future, and instead have competent people run everything. Oh let the employees unionize so they can stop being worked to death for shit pay (for their industry) just to have Elon take all the credit.

  • Max PlaysGamez - Shares Gaming Experience & Stuffs

    Wendover Productions:"Imagine Things Are 10 Times Cheaper..., Imagine..., Imagine..." Me:"Bruh, It Has Already Happened, *IN CHINA.* Expect Elon Working With China To Make Humanity's Greatest Achievement By This Century -- *Exo-Space Colonization With Fusion Technology* MARK MY WORDS. #2019Comment

  • Random Cat On The Internet

    Elon Musk basically do whatever he want right now, if he say he going to mar he do it as he pleases not minding what other feel about it

  • Roy Scott
    Roy Scott 9 days ago

    I’m going to purchase internet from Space X when available

  • ThaSkoomaMan
    ThaSkoomaMan 9 days ago

    It‘s a smart model by him but sadly not always the best, looking at the quality of Tesla car parts

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah 10 days ago +1

    Wow, who knew that Government spends the money it earns without really caring about how much they are spending, because it's not the decision maker's money.
    What a surprise

  • Xander Somopawiro
    Xander Somopawiro 10 days ago

    Lol the government doesn't look at price when they wanna get a satelliete in space, no wonder usa has such a huge debt, its because of That stupid dont look at the price tag thinking in every decision. How stupid can you be for not Letting the price have an effect on your decision. Ever wondered why everything usa made, from war machines to gadgets etc, is always way more expensive than other non usa made products. Many examples, here is one, the iPhone x sold for 1200 dollars. People are ripping Americans of because of their own stupid dont look at the price tag thinking. Usa has a 21 bilyard(21 with 12 zeroes behind it) debt for Just being a superpower for 50 years only. The romans lasted 1500 years and maybe 500 years were superpower years. So usa Will have 210 bilyard (Just took some easy elementary school calculation)debt when ruling for 500 years with the current stupid no looking price tag thinking, SMH. How do you wanna remain being the reserve currency with such thinking.

  • radcow
    radcow 10 days ago

    Just in the process of buying a battery company

  • William Finnegan
    William Finnegan 10 days ago

    Why is mars so attractive of a destination !

  • Micael García
    Micael García 11 days ago

    Is there a way to give a like to that person?

  • Paws
    Paws 14 days ago

    Iron Man?!?

  • wade5941
    wade5941 16 days ago

    And now we know he was nothing more than a flim-flam man. We are so easily duped.

  • John Billings
    John Billings 18 days ago

    Supply and demand. You need 10 minutes to explain it?

  • Ben Robbins
    Ben Robbins 18 days ago

    Normally you are pretty good at economic analysis, but you are way off here. Tesla operates at a loss, sells only expensive cars and SUVs (the attempt at a car around $40k having ended in failure) and is assisted in its business model by heavy tax subsidies for its customers.
    The iPhone is already a $70 phone, because it costs less than that to produce. Apple is able to sell it for more because we are all suckers (aka the market will bear the price they sell it at).
    Elon Musk is a bit of a snake oil salesman in some ways. He pretends he has these grand solutions to problems, but the reality is his solutions tend to only fix a small part of the problem and cost way too much.

  • Khatar Shab
    Khatar Shab 20 days ago

    bullshit his cars cost at least 100k

  • BLaZiN TaCoS
    BLaZiN TaCoS 20 days ago

    AND I think im busy because of sports and school pfft.

  • Johan Sejio
    Johan Sejio 20 days ago

    Elon musk is not doing something new. But he is trying to make something right.
    And i subscribe. :)

  • Do Jin
    Do Jin 21 day ago

    누구신지는 모르겠지만 자막 다신분 압도적 감사 ㅠㅠ

  • Truth
    Truth 22 days ago

    Yet conservatives give Elon Musk shit for being a welfare whore. Musks ultimate goal isn’t profit unlike ULAs which is to milk the most amount of money out of the taxpayer as possible. Contards give Tesla shit yet support unlimited amounts of money and power to the governments most wasteful department, the defense industry.

  • steamtacular
    steamtacular 22 days ago

    Problem is that Tesla is doing awful as Musk refuses to ever really look at existing practices and why they exist.
    Hence why his car factory can produce in a month what most car factories produce in a day.

  • Commando Master
    Commando Master 22 days ago +5

    Government buys rockets and they don't care about money because it's not their money. Same thing applies to everything else built by the govt. It's the taxpayers hard earned money that they use and they don't care if they spend more and don't buy the best value, they will just raise the taxes to get more money.

    • Filippo Soraperra
      Filippo Soraperra 4 days ago

      i dont think nasa is your biggest concern. the military costs almost the half of the gdp of the usa. nasa "only" gets about 20 Billion a year, compared to the military who get about 500-600 Billion a year.
      and well spacex is a private company and they have to make money, so naturally they have to sell their product. if you invest some time and dive into musks plans they fall apart.

    CHACE 23 days ago

    So pretty much, make everything in-house to reduce costs. Of course, this is expensive to start, but saves a lot of money in the long-term. Start with outsourcing and bootstrapping, then build your in-house empire over time.

  • Greyhound216 Durbauree

    E-lien Mu-rsian..

  • Hrithik Srinivas
    Hrithik Srinivas 26 days ago

    Why mars though

  • Ryan Bula
    Ryan Bula 26 days ago

    Awesome, and very insightful!

  • Larry Carmody
    Larry Carmody 27 days ago

    When a company goes public it becomes like a politician having lobbyists, you have to do what they want, if you take their money.

  • Larry Carmody
    Larry Carmody 27 days ago

    If a bottle of Coke a Cola returns to 10cents, I'll be a happy camper, in the fortys a bottle of Coke in a machine dispenser, was 5cents a bottle, today in a convenience store it's about $1.50 each cold bottle, I'll give it to you the bottle is bigger and the Coke is sweeter, ie. I don't like em that sweet but what can you do? The bottles back then were made of glass, today plastic. But then they tasted better, back in the day.

  • David McConville
    David McConville 27 days ago

    So, he's basically the Howard Hues of space flight, minus the sexual harassment.

  • Inam Shir
    Inam Shir 28 days ago

    I love Elon musk!!! This guy is my role-model 🛰🚀📡

  • Say Goldie
    Say Goldie 29 days ago

    Elon Musk is a very ambitious, virtuous man, however, he is so inefficient... There is nothing more doubtful than the use of basic microeconomics within a business. he may currently be saving vast sums of money through vertical integration; not to mention the management skills being implemented within his corporation, but the matter of the fact is that governments couldn't care less about the impoverished people within their nation. Elon seems to be implementing ideologies from basic principles of economics, as well as basic principles from the theory of democratic socialism. unfortunately, when a country is based on the belief of capitalism, the accumulation of wealth through business, it is very hard to shift that social construct which has existed for decades. I'm not disputing whether his thoughts will thrive within mankind or not, I'm just stating that it is highly unlikely for success to be achieved. Nevertheless, I respect this morally impeccable man for his will power, dedication, motivation and indefinite inspiration towards many alike.

  • justin
    justin 29 days ago

    and he still has time for memes

  • R. pizzamonkey
    R. pizzamonkey Month ago +1

    Elon Musk is honestly kind of a scumbag

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Correction: ULA charges about 350 million for a Delta IV Heavy.

  • Fuzzy Lumpkin
    Fuzzy Lumpkin Month ago

    I’m in keep us posted

  • The Bad Ass
    The Bad Ass Month ago

    This is the same way China mass produce things! 10X cheaper than the average American goods.

  • Muz Muskett
    Muz Muskett Month ago

    All that talk about rockets and not one guitar.... :(

  • Malbec Manarchist
    Malbec Manarchist Month ago

    Correction: he made most of his early fortune from apartheid.

  • decentradical
    decentradical Month ago

    For fuck sake, my economics professor asked the whole class if someone knew an example of a 'price inelastic' product. I said 'space flight' and he just shrugged and asked if anyone else knew a good example.

  • Ronald Garrison
    Ronald Garrison Month ago

    I disagree that public interest in space has been declining since Apollo. There surely was a drop after the first Moon landings, but I don't think it's gone down further, and has probably been increasing in more recent years. It's more the manned missions that have been a yawner (unless somebody dies, of course). And is that any surprise? They're just going around in LEO. Meanwhile, the interplanetary missions, and Hubble, have been big hits.

  • roberto ribas
    roberto ribas Month ago

    Oh ffs, quit sucking muskrat off.

  • Covert Kish
    Covert Kish Month ago

    10:14 Todd Howard is that you?

  • 2uze
    2uze Month ago

    2000 dollar car seen it
    100$ laptop seen it
    70$ iPhone dah aaaaa

  • christie hobbs
    christie hobbs Month ago

    I find that Elon has a way of inspiring the imagiination in all of us.... When we imagain something and have the desire to acheive then there is nothing stopping the Imagination that create all we have Now and all We will Have in our future.....

  • J4CK S33LY
    J4CK S33LY Month ago

    Why does the Tesla model x cost like $80,000 tho?

  • pulakification
    pulakification Month ago

    Elon Musk is not a businessman, he is an industrialist, they don’t work for money, they work for humanity.

  • Nilay Patel
    Nilay Patel Month ago +2

    World is Thankfull to USA for Investing in Research of New Thing,,,
    But, China Copy that Things so fast & Make Money Without investment in Research,
    Then China Become Powerful ,So, It can easily Grab Tibbat, Taiwan, and other neighbor's land & Sea.
    So, BoyCott Chinese Product & Investment in China.

  • Viktor Vlasov
    Viktor Vlasov Month ago


  • Timothy Two Gun Thompson

    Hes like the good guy version of Jeff Bezos. Bezos is a villain.

  • Briggz YT
    Briggz YT Month ago +1

    Read his book about him it’s amazing I loved it.

  • F Maz
    F Maz Month ago

    Can I donate to SpaceX?

  • Çlirim Murati
    Çlirim Murati Month ago

    He is a genius?OK, what exactly did Elon achieve? other than well paypal, and not forgeting a fucking flame thrower yes he did tesla too but he invented shit and non of his things are actually exciting, its not hard to be ambitious when you are rich, he is not genius not even close, i bet he doesn't even know basic things about rockets, or maybe he might have learnt one or to things in case someone asks him, he is a money consumer alot of things could be done with that kind of money he spends in dead end,stupid,not worthy,not exciting ideas.

  • Julian Sanchez
    Julian Sanchez Month ago

    X.com 😉

  • Frouch Itude
    Frouch Itude Month ago +1

    The problem is the A.I. and too much people on earth, it will be worse and worse.Cause of the actual paradygm.

  • Andrej Mucic
    Andrej Mucic Month ago

    I wonder why the Russians, or the Chinese, or the Europeans, don't launch LEO internet satellites to provide cheap internet access to the masses? Not enough vision? Elon seems to have a cartel on that; with plenty of my tax dollars to burn. Please address that Wendover!

  • Mensch Meier
    Mensch Meier Month ago +1

    Musk vs. Bezos:
    Musk try to rescue humanity. He offers products, which not all ppl understand at all but they are good.
    Bezos is a sadistic bastard, who slave up ppl in office, in the factories, at the logistics and offers very bad products which made in countries with very bad working conditions till slavery. Since people are mostly stupid, they dont care AND they understand the products of Amazon, like a cable, T-Shirts or a bumper for the smartphone. Maybe its good vs. evil. Apple and Musk should join to fight against the sadistics billioniers on the planet. There are not many "good" companies left.
    (Edit: Since capitalism is powerful today, no company can play outside the game. One graveyard is in every company. But since Apple is the only electronic producer with a good employer-standard, enviromental program, recycling program and the will to pay taxes, its one of the good. Tesla has his graveyard in Lithium, which is a hell of a metal. But over all, he wants to stop climate change. And since climate change will kill us, I like the idea :)

  • Ludwig van El
    Ludwig van El Month ago

    Has Usk never heard of the BioSphere failures? If he wants to make one on Mars, maybe he'll first have to make one that works on earth? Sharehoders would insist on that, to poitect their investment.
    All this fawning over Muskleads to ignoring the cold hard truths. I cannotbut admit, that his involvement in Paypal was smart, he had some good ideas with Tesla, but that company will go down, due to Usk's inability to make it run profitably, (And the subsidies will dry up, coz the govt wil have to chose between funding yet another unprovoked war, and subsidy for Tesla. Which do you think the 4th Reich will choose?)

  • Ludwig van El
    Ludwig van El Month ago

    If Elon Musk is such a good business man, why has Tesla never made a profit? He's nowt but a political entrepreneur, who depends on poitical donations, and who therefore will go bankrupt, because Tesla just won't learn to serve its customers profitably.
    And th concept of onesingle company working in lots of different branches, has already been tried in Korea. It iscostly and risky. The diferent profit margins of all suppliers eans that the final product is cheaper, more innovative and higher quality than if one mega company tries to do it all themselves

  • Erik Mello
    Erik Mello Month ago

    dude reallifelore guy sounds like hes got a little autism

  • Viktor Eklöf
    Viktor Eklöf Month ago

    What happend to the 90%discount for the domain, ur talking about 90% discount on elons stuff but none for us. We deserve it too!!!

  • tubetop123
    tubetop123 Month ago

    In Musk we Trust

  • tubetop123
    tubetop123 Month ago

    Look where Tesla is in 2019. Gigafactory 3 !

  • Peppi SiamSuomi
    Peppi SiamSuomi Month ago

    Thank you, Kiitti, ขอบคุณค่ะ

  • Rosegold Beats
    Rosegold Beats Month ago

    why would you want to go to mars though?

  • fortnitecringe
    fortnitecringe Month ago

    ur half as interesting as that channel

  • JohnFruscianteMarkLa

    Basic Economics: Stuff Democrats simply cannot comprehend for some reason. Free money for everyone!!! derp

  • Patrick B
    Patrick B Month ago

    Nobody can understand why he want's to go to mars Nobody. Unless he's the guy who forces our government to stop wasting HUGE monies by giving it to #NASA ? If this is the understanding i'm all in!

  • EJR77
    EJR77 Month ago

    Basic economic fact: if you want true innovation in an industry, privatize the shit out of it. Privatized space exploration is the future, and its innovating and doing things faster because it has incentives like profit and cutting costs. A government agency has no cost incentives because there is no profit to be made, the only incentive is budget and pretty often government-funded projects go over the original budget anyway. How do you profit and cut costs? By investment and innovation, like Tesla's reusable rocket.

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe Month ago

    It’s interesting you don’t address the economies of scale when that’s crazy central to other videos.

  • David Rosner
    David Rosner Month ago +1

    Elon Musk is one of the greatest promoters of innovation in the world.

  • LordArioh
    LordArioh Month ago

    the imagine cheap stuff is true if it's made in China))

  • Jin
    Jin Month ago

    Look at all these fools idolizing the mono rail fraudster

  • Shaiyakeisky
    Shaiyakeisky Month ago

    We need raw materials man

  • TheFTPchannel
    TheFTPchannel Month ago

    good video it really got me informed keep them coming please!

  • Fuzzy Puppet
    Fuzzy Puppet Month ago

    I will buy internet from Elon!

  • Yoga Mokalu
    Yoga Mokalu Month ago

    Elon stark

  • nate Stevens
    nate Stevens Month ago

    This is just an extended explanation of Vertical Monopolies. First big example was Carnegie

  • Arthur Watts
    Arthur Watts Month ago

    I'm watching this on an Acer laptop that cost me 199AUD from a brick-and-mortar store that routinely charges a premium for everything they stock. I got lucky - they had boxes of the things they wanted to offload - but in a town where shipping alone often adds $20 to the cost of anything that big, $200 is outrageously cheap. xe.com has 199AUD at 142USD today - not so far from Musk's dream number particularly in a market where margins on electronics are already razor-thin. 4 cores of Celeron 'power' and 4GB isn't going to set the gaming world on fire, but for less than the price of a cheap smartphone it does everything I need it to do.
    A thousand dollar (new) car is considerably more problematic - I doubt that would even meet the cost of meeting emissions and crash regulations here in Oz, but if there's a trend for car prices I'd prefer it to be down rather than up. Thanks for the video.

  • Luthando Nqakala
    Luthando Nqakala Month ago

    This guy's my spirit animal

  • scrappmutt2
    scrappmutt2 Month ago

    If 70% of every dollar Elon made over $10 million was taken away via taxation, would any of this had ever been possible? Isn't making people rich the invisible hands way of investing back into the world's best and brightest?

  • pablo garcia
    pablo garcia Month ago

    ,changing the everything

  • Jesse Langdon
    Jesse Langdon Month ago

    im pretty sure elon musk is an et teaching our government scientist how to space travel. think about everything we have done thanks to him

  • Clyde Records
    Clyde Records Month ago

    you might wanna check the latest news... musk opened a factory in shanghai china 😂 FAIL

  • Henry R
    Henry R Month ago

    Good video, but you made a crucial mistake with regards to your analysis of demand in the beginning. Lowering the price to a tenth of what it used to be will not increase the demand for the product, only the quantity demanded.

  • Raymie Deans
    Raymie Deans Month ago

    Tony Stark,fuck off.ELON PONZI more like.

  • Mentlegen
    Mentlegen Month ago

    So about those internet things

  • Om Zoting
    Om Zoting Month ago

    Elon Musk is how close it can get to become Tony Stark.

  • Sir Nigel Gaunt
    Sir Nigel Gaunt Month ago

    *rolleyes* my ambition is to send people on a one way trip to a death trap.

  • Jonathan Stiles
    Jonathan Stiles Month ago

    This video restored my faith in humanity.