Elon Musk's Basic Economics

  • Published on Oct 24, 2017
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    Tesla footage courtesy Tesla
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Comments • 4 587

    JOHN ALDRED 5 hours ago

    Deffinetly not Musk original idea. And leaves out all the Gov support. Over a decade and still waiting for Musk to be in the red. Yet he still commands a stock price of 250$ for Tesla. In my opinion a huge candidate for psy-op of the the century.

  • Garigandeljey
    Garigandeljey Day ago

    I slipped on rabid peanut cheese later that day, and there could be less unicorns if the stirrups that were attached to his belt buckles could help shape the gaseous release of the titan's thorax.

  • killer ninja
    killer ninja Day ago

    Chinese government: internet, that we can't control? Not on my watch!

  • Zeto PR
    Zeto PR 3 days ago +1

    Why choose between price and performance and not both?
    3/4 price
    1/4 range
    Better performance on lower price

  • TheNine AreMine
    TheNine AreMine 3 days ago

    The major problem with Elon Musk is his ego... it blinds him to certain things that money can not overcome. Like the fact that *(NO)* human will be living on Mars... ever! Just the trip alone to the red planet would damage your health so bad that the return trip would be impossible. I get that atheists put their faith in their prophets... like Elon. But that's just as bad as the religious people they call crazy...

    • TheNine AreMine
      TheNine AreMine 2 days ago

      @Ups1dedomn So now you are questioning scientists too? Wow! your religious faith is strong! Well, I (KNOW) yours are completely based in ignorance . Because you are one of those that are sadly way too stupid to understand that (FACT) trumps whatever fantasy Elon feeds you. Son't take that personally... that stupidity is self imposed and there are many of you!... MANY!
      *[PROOF]* Life starts with basic organisms like bacteria and moves up in factors of complexity till you reach "humans", the most complex structure in the entire universe. And you believe we will survive were the simplest lifeforms can not?
      BTW before replying more ignorance, educate yourself.

    • Ups1dedomn
      Ups1dedomn 2 days ago

      +TheNine AreMine What chemicals bred bacteria can handle is basically unlimited due to evolution. The fact that common bacteria from earth can't survive on Mars is entirely irrelevant. Besides, I'm not going to Mars. I just think your arguments are ignorant.

    • TheNine AreMine
      TheNine AreMine 2 days ago

      @Ups1dedomn Yeah... yeah! You just go and volunteer to die for you religious leader while he stays nice and safe here on Earth sleeping on a bed filled with your money. Let me know how well that works out for you. LMAO Seriously WTF does evolution have to do with this? Stop depending on your religious leaders to tell you what you should believe. Use your own mind and research it. *Estimated probability of a successful Mars mission?* = less then 1% , Your prophet won't tell you that... use your own brain... look it up!

    • Ups1dedomn
      Ups1dedomn 2 days ago

      +TheNine AreMine Sorry, you are just not as smart as you think you are. I'm not going to waste time proving you wrong as you obviously don't even understand basic concepts like evolution.

    • TheNine AreMine
      TheNine AreMine 2 days ago

      @Ups1dedomn I'm sorry, but that is just sci-fi thinking. The Universe doesn't play by our rules. Let me give you a few examples of impossible:
      1) What you called *"colonize"* literally means... *"find a cave on Mars, and live in there for the rest of your (shortened) life."*
      2) Don't expect to reproduce... your sexual organs will be rendered completely useless.
      3) *Mars is toxic* ... *REAL* scientist know this already, but your false prophets won't tell you as much because they need your money. *"perchlorates"* are deadly to human being... and all life. Even the world's strongest bacteria dies in about 15 sec. when exposed to the stuff... under Mars conditions. Mars is 100% covered in the stuff. Basically you stand a much better chance of surviving if you move to Chernobyl.
      These are just a few examples of what *"human ingenuity"* can not *"solve"* . There are many, many more! Like the one about terraforming Mars. Even if it was possible, rational scientists will tell you that it would take over 200,000 years to do. Elon and other church leaders won't tell you that. They need your "blind faith" to make them rich... just like any other religious leader does.

  • Maurice Sarin
    Maurice Sarin 4 days ago

    Stopped at 1:45. The only thing you think about getting a greenhouse to mars is that it is expensive?
    It is totally irresponsible


    Economic imagination 😭😭😭

  • Sven
    Sven 6 days ago

    Elon, don't get us to Mars. Just get yourself there. Stay there.

  • Uncle Joe Stalin
    Uncle Joe Stalin 8 days ago

    Personally, I love Musk & his disruptiveness. I was wondering how much a Soyuz launch would cost? Maybe it's too heavy a rocket for mere satelite work? But it is the only way anyone can get to the ISS. You've got to say Soyuz tech isn't cutting but it's super-proven, it does work every time and doesn't blow up.

    • Proger13 11
      Proger13 11 22 hours ago +1

      Uncle Joe Stalin

      True , also ISRO is sending a rover to the moon this July I think*
      Which will be quite interesting , and as usual they're going to space in 2021 or 2022

    • Uncle Joe Stalin
      Uncle Joe Stalin 23 hours ago +1

      +Proger13 11 Yes, I forgot the Indians. I hope they pull something out of the hat but money is the issue. They are a benign power, unlike China.

    • Proger13 11
      Proger13 11 Day ago +1

      Uncle Joe Stalin

      Yes the Chinese , Indians are the Japanese are going to the moon apparently

      The Europeans future depends on what they want to do , they seem to not care about going to the moon as much since they always seem to rely on NASA or Roscosmos for some reason .

      I except much better from ESA and Arianne's space

    • Uncle Joe Stalin
      Uncle Joe Stalin Day ago

      +Proger13 11 Yes, the Chinese are the great unknown. Also Japan are busy. And what is the Euro Space Agency Arianne's future?

    • Proger13 11
      Proger13 11 Day ago

      Uncle Joe Stalin

      Lol thanks man ! :)

      And yes the Soyuz is one hell of a rocket , but in the future costs will get lower as usual .

      Also companies from China like OneSpace is going to be a serious competitor to SpaceX in the future.

  • Aaron Deaton
    Aaron Deaton 9 days ago

    Tesla cars are garbage. Overpriced and unreliable. I’ll stick with Toyota. Im sure the guy is smart and all, but WAY overhyped.

  • Yusuf Khan
    Yusuf Khan 10 days ago

    i swear this guy will take humanity to a whole new level for all good reasons, if people and government support him...

  • ADMA
    ADMA 13 days ago +1

    So its the only truly American made car.

  • Wolfgang Breitenseher
    Wolfgang Breitenseher 14 days ago

    Build all the components by yourself! What a genius. Basic economics! The less batteries you produce, the cheaper each battery, right? Wait ...

  • Jeh Rhm
    Jeh Rhm 18 days ago +1

    Here we are now in 2019 and it's happened!

    • Wolfgang Breitenseher
      Wolfgang Breitenseher 14 days ago

      It happens all of the time. People who promise utopia and deliver nothing are as old as mankind.

  • Hendrik-Jan Toeset
    Hendrik-Jan Toeset 18 days ago

    Its not kWh but kW.

  • Mohammad Mondol
    Mohammad Mondol 22 days ago

    Excuse me what? How in the world can you completely intergrade the rocket market? In order to consolidate the nesseary materials, equipment, experts, and capital you would need a highly competitive market. It would also need to attract insentive to keep that intergtation within markets together.

  • Reaper909 Beast
    Reaper909 Beast 23 days ago

    Elon musket

  • Charles Yeo
    Charles Yeo 24 days ago

    If the satellite internet can have Low latency, then it would be feasible. Otherwise any urbanized internet will wipe the floor with it

  • maxfire
    maxfire 25 days ago +1

    Hilarious crap.
    Anyone who barely touches rocket industry will realise that there's absolutely no way that one company could develop and produce every single component by itself.

  • midishehao
    midishehao 26 days ago


  • Fahad Ahmed
    Fahad Ahmed 26 days ago

    imagine MR BEAST launches any SPACEX rocket thats gonna be huge publicity stunt

  • Mondaay
    Mondaay 26 days ago

    I would buy spacex internet

    • maxfire
      maxfire 25 days ago

      But Musk's also will not, cuz nobody will use this crap.

    • Mondaay
      Mondaay 25 days ago

      +maxfire will your internet get someone to mars? I don't think so

    • maxfire
      maxfire 25 days ago

      Let me help you. 50 mil users will bring 30bil$ to company means it'll cost 600$ per year. My internet costs me 75$ pey year. How on earth is this supposed to work?

  • radical konrad
    radical konrad 27 days ago


  • Dave McKay
    Dave McKay 27 days ago

    I am going to start a company.

  • Bobby Nixon
    Bobby Nixon 29 days ago

    An amazing guy to say the least

  • Happy John
    Happy John Month ago +2

    4:43 That's not a Model 3...
    9:52 PM

  • zane’s world
    zane’s world Month ago +2

    Tesla to $3000 per share.

  • Bryan William
    Bryan William Month ago

    He's gonna be remembered like Leonardo da Vinci

    • maxfire
      maxfire 25 days ago

      Except he did invent nothing.

  • Raul Alvarado
    Raul Alvarado Month ago

    Elon musk is my internet daddi

  • Bess cool
    Bess cool Month ago

    Loved this!

  • Sols
    Sols Month ago

    Pop off dude

  • vilestine
    vilestine Month ago

    Im so glad Im at mid twenties, I have several decades to follow SpaceX and Elon Musk.

  • Bio Grade
    Bio Grade Month ago

    'Double the range or half the price'
    Shame on you wendover

  • toniccurse
    toniccurse Month ago +1

    We should try to land a man on the moon before we try and go to mars imo

  • Engr. Rushd
    Engr. Rushd Month ago +1

    Cost cutting is not just to reduction of components cost and processes but also depends of other things like countries Economy and Global Economy on which Elon musk may have little influence and Control.

  • Tofu Republic
    Tofu Republic Month ago +1

    Backend sales.....😅

  • ThisIsJAV
    ThisIsJAV Month ago

    So no planes?

  • Alexandria Rose
    Alexandria Rose Month ago

    All the best to Elon Musk

  • Aeyxn
    Aeyxn Month ago +2

    *_M E M E R E V I E W_*

  • petr shv
    petr shv Month ago

    The cheap iPhone, car, and laptop exist because they get cheaper with time

  • Pat W
    Pat W Month ago +1

    economies of scale or vertical integration

  • Planing Business
    Planing Business Month ago

    He has a great vision to pursue. Even some of his ideas are totally ridiculous, he achieved amazing stuff while trying to implement them. I mean like 5 years ago, who would have thought that we can land rockets back ...

  • turnip 4343
    turnip 4343 Month ago

    can't spell felon without elon. Tesla is a giant ponzi scheme.

  • Bellevaut Baptiste
    Bellevaut Baptiste 2 months ago +1

    i think space X will bring the first humans to mars but elon will not live that day. i love Elon its just incredible what he made with space X

    • Proger13 11
      Proger13 11 3 days ago


      Are you fucking serious ?

      Fully colonizing Mars will not be possible without an United Earth and a human race .

      It will take all a ton of resources to fully colonize Mars , and SpaceX and NASA will not be enough .

      Elon will land the first humans there , but that's gonna be all. Soon other nations will start to go there and start competing with the U.S.

    • SafariLoading
      SafariLoading 26 days ago

      They already have a time range somewhere between 2022-2025 i believe and Elon is not that old

  • SmitiaS _
    SmitiaS _ 2 months ago +1

    As russian with chinese friends - that internet by satellites idea is awesome! Hard to find a better way to flip off that pesky Big Brother.
    P. S. Seriously though, russian government already in process of banning those. That's the only type of laws they make so insanely fast and beforehand.

    • SmitiaS _
      SmitiaS _ 25 days ago

      +maxfire Oh, and you might want to check out this video from protests tvclip.biz/video/7PMO2toTUkY/video.html
      It considered good laughing matter because main guy in the video expressed great support to Putin and his regime while criticizing protestors

    • SmitiaS _
      SmitiaS _ 25 days ago

      +maxfire It's not as bad as it sounds. Government does not work for you but is not after you either so life is pretty decent. Thing is, it's extremely corrupt so mostly as long as you not a threat or an obstacle to their sources of income, you actually completely free and safe. There were no *large scale* repressions since Stalin passed away yet political suppression and propaganda still present and getting worse lately, yet *less effective.* Unrest maybe was too strong word to choose, I meant mostly peacefully getting on the streets (in our perception it's extreme - being loud and seen) despite officials saying that you are wrong, your leaders are "agents of US state department" (that one was even funny at first) and should disperse.

      Best you could do is just to know that russian government actions are not will of the people. With 22% below poverty line we definitely don't want stuff like multi-billon $ foreign military operations. Or if you really interested, you can watch a movie Leviathan (2014), it was even nominated for Oscar as best foreign film. It explores theme of being obstacle excellently. Ending might seem grotesque, but terrifyingly it's actually realistic.

      P. S. Just imagine, what I described previously is insignificant compared to real fascism/stalinism. First half of XX century was insane.

    • maxfire
      maxfire 25 days ago

      +SmitiaS _
      Wow, just wow.
      Sounds like fascism to me. Dunno why do you say that ussr was even worse since after WWII haven't heard of political repressions and any significant unrest there. Dude, hold on, I wish I could help.

    • SmitiaS _
      SmitiaS _ 25 days ago

      +maxfireI guess you never lived under authoritarian regime.

      But if you want real answer, most of generations still live by principle "you'll be fine as long as government doesn't notice you" - scar left on society by repressions in USSR, when you and your family could loose everything, including your life, just because your neighbor was envy of you.

      Nowadays young educated people already are brave enough in general to do something but that's not enough. Peaceful antigovernment rally are happening but literally thousands are arrested in the process (not as scary as USSR stuff, just detention for 15 days). You can get a real jail time just for liking the wrong post though, no joke (have no idea why they won't go after the poster instead though).

      On second question, the point of shutting down the internet is to disorganize protestors so they could be easily dealt with by force or otherwise. Without web people are just a leaderless mob, which can easily be controlled. But indeed, in the long run lack of internet itself will be a reason for unrest, they playing with fire.

      As bonus - sometimes local forces refuse to forcibly disperse the crowd (you wouldn't beat people you meet everyday, would you?) so they just maintain order. Then usually comes a plane from Moscow with special National Guard squads on board and then they quite violently attempting to disperse the crowd. Nice touch - unlike all other forces in Russia, National Guard reports straight to the President.

    • maxfire
      maxfire 25 days ago

      +SmitiaS _
      But why would you tolerate such government? And wouldn't it be much more unrest due to lack of internet?

  • casey weiss
    casey weiss 2 months ago

    To proof how full of crap you are. Tesla got government subsidies, sold every car, without making a single sale. Didn't pay for any adds. And yet they have only lost money, even after 5 years selling cars. This is called doing bad business. And besides how Musk was cough lying to investors and committing fraud (Which he might end up in prison soon) With alm that Tesla is about to go bankrupt.
    Maybe you should learn some economics, finance management and stocks. So you you'll see how full of crap Musk is. And how much non sense you jsut broadcast

    • Matthew Jenkinson
      Matthew Jenkinson Month ago

      It's called a startup. They reinvest every dollar into growth, so there are no profits. In Tesla's case they've even had a bit of help from government, but that's just smart - this is one of the things that government subsidies are actually for, backing potential new technology, as opposed to bailing out failing incumbents. Or, you know, you could let the Chinese and Japanese take the tech lead?

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 2 months ago +1

    With the chromebook we have a hundred dollar laptop
    But it isn't a laptop
    Modern problems require modern solutions

  • FlashOfLight
    FlashOfLight 2 months ago

    This video has turned out pretty bad since 2017. Chinese building cars with robots in China. Who in their right mind would build Model 3s in the US with a pissed off American workforce that's getting layoff notices? Model 3s spending all their time in the shop rather than the road since they're so shoddy in the US. Looks like Tesla will be the automaker that doesn't survive the next recession rather than GM or Chrysler-Fiat. That's setting the bar pretty low Elon if the Chevy company is going to be the survivor.

    • Eventz
      Eventz 2 months ago

      FlashOfLight great I always wanted a camaro

  • Sigma Geranimo
    Sigma Geranimo 2 months ago

    Money is not a problem, the problem is have no money.

  • Jonny O
    Jonny O 2 months ago +1

    "Interest in space exploration has been falling since the Apollo era". Except when it got a massive boost from the Space Shuttle program in the '70s and '80s (until the Challenger disaster), and was popularized in film and TV (Star Wars, Buck Rodgers, Battlestar Galactica, etc). I'm 1:24 into this video and already two glaring bits of ignorance and historical revision to set up the straw man that Musk is the answer.

  • Jonny O
    Jonny O 2 months ago +39

    "Imagine a $100 laptop". Those existed long before this video was made. They're called chromebooks and netbooks, and further out on the scale: Rasberry Pi. A $100 laptop only sounds intriguing to those who have drank nothing but Apple kool aid over the years.

    • Wifi-X-masher
      Wifi-X-masher 15 days ago

      Lleyton J Cuz that’s apples target demographic.

    • Lleyton J
      Lleyton J 15 days ago +1

      +Wifi-X-masher Yes, but Apple *only* makes laptops close to $2,000. Other companies make cheaper laptops *and* more expensive laptops at the same time.

    • Wifi-X-masher
      Wifi-X-masher 19 days ago

      Why so salty about Apple, literally every company and their grandma makes 2grand laptops. Fuck off with this "Ugggg apple is the worst company ever" bs.

    • daily dose of nightmare fuel Dad
      daily dose of nightmare fuel Dad 21 day ago +1

      100 dollar laptop seems like it would only last 10 minutes without a charge and take 30 seconds to load anything. Also if you open more than 1 tab it's all over.

  • Inca
    Inca 2 months ago

    $70 iphone, $2000 car, $500 laptop Dude that is a normal and existing price in my country Philippines. Are we lucky?

  • Sorry I'm Late
    Sorry I'm Late 2 months ago

    I don't think Elon need a domain to get to Mars..

  • Madame Muffin
    Madame Muffin 2 months ago

    Ugh, I want to be Elon. Honestly not because of his massive wealth though. I want to be able to lead humanity into the future and to make the world better.

  • Ezequiel Berazategui
    Ezequiel Berazategui 2 months ago +1

    i already bought an i5 laptop for 200 eur
    a smartphone for 50eur
    i'm waiting for that 2 thousand dollars car (even though here in germany you can buy one used for 300eur )
    but i want a 2 thousand dollar autonomous tesla :p

  • wick
    wick 2 months ago +1

    Just imagine lol

  • fucken loser
    fucken loser 2 months ago

    he got his wealth from his apartheid south africa family

  • _ bandidnt
    _ bandidnt 2 months ago

    mElon tusk

  • Jonathan Chance
    Jonathan Chance 2 months ago +1

    Elon Musk is charming, but Tesla Motors and all those batteries are funded with the public's tax dollars. That's socialism, not capitalism.
    Sustainable biodiesel and cellulostic ethanol are much better transportation fuels than overweight expensive batteries.

  • Rose Leo
    Rose Leo 2 months ago

    @spaceX Looking to go to mars #AskElonMusk at twitter.com/elonmusk Bids and proposals are open. We're continuing to take your questions about Mars and the Demo-1 launch everything you want to know about how to pay for a #MARS trip. Elon is preparing for Crew Dragon's arrival. Remember to use #AskELON and send us your Qs to twitter.com/elonmusk

  • James Smith Speaks To Himself

    musk gives me chills

  • ImpactoDelSur Enterprise

    Takeaway from the video: elon musk plan to charge internet users USD50/month for satellite internet. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Daniel Maehs
    Daniel Maehs 2 months ago

    share.robinhood.com/danielm8617 Use this link to start investing with Robinhood and get a FREE stock!

  • scottab140
    scottab140 2 months ago

    Tesla "peak battery" theory vs. "peak oil" theory.

  • Peter Gonzales
    Peter Gonzales 2 months ago

    Mr. Musk. I. Have. A. Idea. About. A
    Fusion. Reactor. And. Away. To. Make. Batteries. Last. Longer
    Need. To. Contast. You

    • Jeremy Smith
      Jeremy Smith 2 months ago

      Peter Gonzales why. Is. There. A. . After. Ever. Word. Contact*

  • Nazik Adam
    Nazik Adam 2 months ago

    I knew that I was thingkimg about real life lore.

  • SIK Charles
    SIK Charles 2 months ago


  • sangram singh
    sangram singh 2 months ago


  • bhanu reddy
    bhanu reddy 2 months ago

    He is great

  • Oliver Jacobsson
    Oliver Jacobsson 2 months ago

    Elon Musk is the future!

  • Nikolai Cage
    Nikolai Cage 2 months ago +5

    I'm 27 and I never owned/purchased s car. I promised myself I will get car only when I can afford Tesla. Till the I'll just walk/stay home or use train (I live in UK)
    Do please Sir Musk.. I'm waiting for that affordable car! :)

  • Electric0eye
    Electric0eye 2 months ago +4

    Boy this sure hasn't aged well huh

  • The Ethicist Philosophy Show

    Elon Must should rescue Tony Stark and Nebula in "End Game"!

  • Sak BuF
    Sak BuF 2 months ago

    He should concentrate more on the money making aspect though, if ever wants to achieve his goal of going to mars.

  • BabunKing
    BabunKing 3 months ago

    HEEEEYYTY!!!! Elon stole my idea when i was in 4th grade!!!

  • elvis jones
    elvis jones 3 months ago

    If your going to do economic on Elon and his businesses think you need to read his book at least and do more research. Zip.com is the first business and sold to compaq. Just saying

  • DatTC127
    DatTC127 3 months ago +7

    Still hasn't hosted meme review smh

  • Damien Gitton
    Damien Gitton 3 months ago

    Not true the launch market is elastic the only thing it’s than it take time even if space X low prices do create lots of new buyer it taqué 2/3/4 years minimum to get to launch phase
    It’s a market who involve lots of step to get to launch

  • Mitchi Blabla
    Mitchi Blabla 3 months ago

    I don't know why but i keep hearing "Spay Sex" everytime he says Space X it's weird

  • TheDeadLinger
    TheDeadLinger 3 months ago

    Remember that one time, when Elon Musk was featured in that one Iron Man movie? Right, neither me, I only remember Elon Musk building rockets and making cars, not being featured in movies.

  • Jonathan Takacs
    Jonathan Takacs 3 months ago

    80% for Tesla? I think they have a ton of OEMs... Valeo, ECT.

  • Dame Lill N/A
    Dame Lill N/A 3 months ago

    another evidence that facism is more efficient... only when the leader is capable. tesla apple (jobs') and space X are simply technological facism. not saying its good or bad, just efficient (when the head guy is stellar (pun intended).

  • Chrispy Bacon
    Chrispy Bacon 3 months ago

    Welding bots can't melt steel cars

  • Barbara Brinkmeyer
    Barbara Brinkmeyer 3 months ago

    Mr. Musk will be trending toward a resource-based economy.

  • B.Games
    B.Games 3 months ago

    a future teller back in the 80s said that the people will be travelling in the space frequently just like taking the public transport, in the middle of 21st century

  • Harsh Adukia
    Harsh Adukia 3 months ago +4

    Maybe one day you'll make a video on my economics...

  • Filippo Soraperra
    Filippo Soraperra 3 months ago

    funny. the more you look into elon musk the more unappealing he becomes.

  • Sebastian Marquez
    Sebastian Marquez 3 months ago

    Elon wants to bring the memes to Mars

  • Ultra Crap
    Ultra Crap 3 months ago

    A (hu)man with a vision always needs a plan of action...

  • Twubbles 29
    Twubbles 29 3 months ago

    Elon Musk's basic economics: Take lots of money from the government, spend it on glitchy luxury electric cars with big cellphone batteries, running a solar leasing scam, and recycling 70's era Soviet rocket tech and calling it your own in a dream to help a handful of rich people get to mars.
    Not one of his companies is self-sufficient and he is totally reliant on investment from the US government to stay afloat. Dude is a loose cannon and US government should nationalize these companies (as we are paying for them anyway), keep him on as an advisor/figurehead/frontman or whatever for his creepy fans and occasional starry-eyed childhood speeches about the future, and instead have competent people run everything. Oh let the employees unionize so they can stop being worked to death for shit pay (for their industry) just to have Elon take all the credit.

  • Max PlaysGamez - Shares Gaming Experience & Stuffs

    Wendover Productions:"Imagine Things Are 10 Times Cheaper..., Imagine..., Imagine..." Me:"Bruh, It Has Already Happened, *IN CHINA.* Expect Elon Working With China To Make Humanity's Greatest Achievement By This Century -- *Exo-Space Colonization With Fusion Technology* MARK MY WORDS. #2019Comment

  • Random Cat On The Internet

    Elon Musk basically do whatever he want right now, if he say he going to mar he do it as he pleases not minding what other feel about it

  • ThaSkoomaMan
    ThaSkoomaMan 3 months ago

    It‘s a smart model by him but sadly not always the best, looking at the quality of Tesla car parts

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah 3 months ago +13

    Wow, who knew that Government spends the money it earns without really caring about how much they are spending, because it's not the decision maker's money.
    What a surprise

    • Yellow Penguin
      Yellow Penguin 5 days ago

      That's only part of the story. If they _need_ 10 satellite launches then that's what they'll buy, regardless of price. If someone offers it cheaper, they might go for the cheaper one, but they are still going to buy only 10, so that someone is going to get significantly less revenue than it's competitor. Unlike with regular consumers that buy more stuff when it gets cheaper.

    • Yume Sekai
      Yume Sekai 11 days ago

      It is sad but its true. Decision makers thinks that the safer choice is to use a technology which is proven to work even if it is expensive. Inexpensive things are risky decisions and might fall to government issues.

    • hogus bogus
      hogus bogus Month ago +2

      fucking government.

  • Xander Somopawiro
    Xander Somopawiro 3 months ago

    Lol the government doesn't look at price when they wanna get a satelliete in space, no wonder usa has such a huge debt, its because of That stupid dont look at the price tag thinking in every decision. How stupid can you be for not Letting the price have an effect on your decision. Ever wondered why everything usa made, from war machines to gadgets etc, is always way more expensive than other non usa made products. Many examples, here is one, the iPhone x sold for 1200 dollars. People are ripping Americans of because of their own stupid dont look at the price tag thinking. Usa has a 21 bilyard(21 with 12 zeroes behind it) debt for Just being a superpower for 50 years only. The romans lasted 1500 years and maybe 500 years were superpower years. So usa Will have 210 bilyard (Just took some easy elementary school calculation)debt when ruling for 500 years with the current stupid no looking price tag thinking, SMH. How do you wanna remain being the reserve currency with such thinking.

  • radcow
    radcow 3 months ago

    Just in the process of buying a battery company

  • Micael García
    Micael García 3 months ago

    Is there a way to give a like to that person?

  • Paws
    Paws 3 months ago

    Iron Man?!?

  • wade5941
    wade5941 3 months ago

    And now we know he was nothing more than a flim-flam man. We are so easily duped.

  • Ben Robbins
    Ben Robbins 3 months ago

    Normally you are pretty good at economic analysis, but you are way off here. Tesla operates at a loss, sells only expensive cars and SUVs (the attempt at a car around $40k having ended in failure) and is assisted in its business model by heavy tax subsidies for its customers.
    The iPhone is already a $70 phone, because it costs less than that to produce. Apple is able to sell it for more because we are all suckers (aka the market will bear the price they sell it at).
    Elon Musk is a bit of a snake oil salesman in some ways. He pretends he has these grand solutions to problems, but the reality is his solutions tend to only fix a small part of the problem and cost way too much.