DEFACING MY ART! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Princess Twisted Reality


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  • JasperMan
    JasperMan 4 hours ago

    been binge-watching. you inspire me to practice art. i have a lot of trouble with motivating myself, but ive gotten to drawing once a week!

  • ShePlaysMinecraft MSP
    ShePlaysMinecraft MSP 10 hours ago

    She reminds me of Fiona from shrek

  • wolfie playz
    wolfie playz 14 hours ago

    when you were doing the line art really made me think the drawing looked like princess peach from Super Mario Bro’s Or Mario Kart. Or pretty much any Mario game

  • Madelyn Campbell
    Madelyn Campbell 2 days ago

    This is probably my favorite video 😁

  • Angelina Serrano
    Angelina Serrano 2 days ago

    The girl is going to haunt my dreams tonight Lol

  • Cleo Lara
    Cleo Lara 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who likes her “paper art” over her digital art? Or is it just because I’ve never done digital? What Evs I love your art waffles

  • Layney Harbison
    Layney Harbison 3 days ago

    This is like frozen in wonderland 😍🤠

  • Jen Eric
    Jen Eric 4 days ago

    I really wanna get better at art but I'm only young but im kinda good at art....

  • Abhijit Ghosh
    Abhijit Ghosh 4 days ago

    U are so close to 1 million subs...omg...

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf 5 days ago

    I love to draw spooky things!

  • Zoie Winter
    Zoie Winter 6 days ago

    "i'M nOt very creAtIve So" If I was that creative, gosh. I'd be drawing all the time haha. You did an amazing job im legit screaming

  • Barbora Vajnerova
    Barbora Vajnerova 6 days ago

    wow i was actually scared
    in a great way
    love youuuuuuu

  • Gillian Jones
    Gillian Jones 6 days ago

    It's not tracing paper; it's vellum. That's the vellum. That's why there's the vellum pen.

  • Gacha Kitty
    Gacha Kitty 7 days ago

    Wait why would a gel pen disqualify you if someone did it digital which doesn’t use any of the materials and uses way extra and they won

  • Carrie Destructible
    Carrie Destructible 7 days ago

    19:21 I can feel that. 😂

  • ReddieRichiEddie
    ReddieRichiEddie 7 days ago

    The original drawing reminds me of the little mermaid
    Edit: my name is Ariel so that's probably why I thought that😂😂

  • Brooke Elliott
    Brooke Elliott 8 days ago

    This turned really dark really fast 😐

  • Lee Jones
    Lee Jones 8 days ago

    Er mher gherd this was uploaded on my birthday. Yay 🤩🤗

  • Ryann Jenks
    Ryann Jenks 8 days ago


  • Jim Isnardy
    Jim Isnardy 8 days ago

    This is such a great art piece! I love watching you draw

  • Ham-il-ton Alex-ander

    Is it ok if u can post the line art for this? I love it so much!! ❤️

  • Bobbi Furnari
    Bobbi Furnari 9 days ago

    Wow! Absolutely Amazing

  • mjpete27
    mjpete27 10 days ago

    I Love the way your able to work with the materials supplied in these boxes! you do show an excellent creative instinct, Wonderful picture! Thanks!

  • AlexisGaming Channel
    AlexisGaming Channel 10 days ago +2

    The character kinda looks like Ariel from the little mermaid. Like if u see it!

  • Katarina Kalina
    Katarina Kalina 11 days ago

    The level on which you are creative is blowing my mind!!! 🤩🤩🤩

  • Bianca Vona
    Bianca Vona 11 days ago +1

    She kinda reminds me of Austen from Always Human on webtoon

  • karue -3
    karue -3 11 days ago

    Dea~d, wkwk

  • harley lowe
    harley lowe 11 days ago

    I hope you hit one mil ur the greatest 😁

  • Tel me
    Tel me 12 days ago

    The coloring kinda reminds me of Ariel 😊

  • Avakin Michelle
    Avakin Michelle 13 days ago

    Halloween Sketch

  • Olivia Bopaka
    Olivia Bopaka 14 days ago

    Her: *holds the sticker and says;* "Upgraade!!" *throws the sticker to the side*
    Me: *laughs at realization of how much I am such a newby to this chanel*

  • T.Curlsss
    T.Curlsss 14 days ago

    I love watching your videos 😭💕 I can’t even draw but I just am always mesmerized by your work!

  • Camila Blajos Razuk
    Camila Blajos Razuk 14 days ago

    Wow! That is amazing and so creative!

  • Avery March
    Avery March 14 days ago

    I really love this💘your a creative genius

  • Νικηφόρος Λάσκαρης


  • Erika lepesha
    Erika lepesha 15 days ago

    Comment who was dead inside as much as that picture, good picture that has been created by waffles

  • Zivah Smith
    Zivah Smith 16 days ago

    Hi , drawing wiff waffes i relly like yourte channal

  • Kassidy Wilkins
    Kassidy Wilkins 16 days ago

    Your drawing almost looks like Ariel from the little mermaid😂

  • Gypsy James
    Gypsy James 16 days ago

    What to do.. got it!
    Can't relate

  • Kayden Harrison
    Kayden Harrison 16 days ago

    Ive seen other youtubers use that glue pen thing for like glitter and stuff

  • Anahit Yesayan
    Anahit Yesayan 17 days ago

    I’m sorry I meant with colored pencils 😔😔

  • Anahit Yesayan
    Anahit Yesayan 17 days ago

    I think that you work amazing either colored pencils 👌👌. You should work more often with it.

  • Brendon Urie Is god
    Brendon Urie Is god 17 days ago

    It kind of looks like Ariel, the little mermaid

  • Chimene Wihardja
    Chimene Wihardja 17 days ago

    ver rave bes eb gr fa ber vre bes foll filn suss ibtr ed fil sou pro ed ha gehu jamm tra

  • Chimene Wihardja
    Chimene Wihardja 17 days ago

    more cartoons

  • That's Not Me
    That's Not Me 17 days ago

    The regular version of the princess reminded me of Ariel

  • Riley Jones
    Riley Jones 17 days ago

    After this you should draw the skele bros from Undertale, that’d be fun to watch

  • Ava Knowlton
    Ava Knowlton 17 days ago

    u r amazing

  • Johanne McKay
    Johanne McKay 17 days ago +1

    She looks like Ariel, well she makes me think of her because of the colours.

  • Katy Sims
    Katy Sims 17 days ago

    The dress color looks like the colors of Ariel from the little mermaid tail and seashell the hair looks similar to

  • Saumya Gupta
    Saumya Gupta 18 days ago

    this is really cool

  • Vania Elizabeth Espinoza

    Wait I still don’t get what the glue is doing in that box

    KETCHUP TATO 18 days ago

    It’s kind of like the little mermaid ☺️☺️☺️

  • Rose Phantoma
    Rose Phantoma 19 days ago

    i woulda gone blue skin, but tHAT'S ME she looks ADORABLE

  • A HodgePodge of AudgePaudge

    I think you could’ve gotten away with the pink skin

  • Jazmine Orozco
    Jazmine Orozco 19 days ago

    This one is my favorite or of all the ones you did

  • Camy 04
    Camy 04 19 days ago +1

    she should have put the spooky one on the bottom of the good one

  • Lily W
    Lily W 19 days ago

    I need the pencils she used omg yaaassss

  • redpaperscorpion
    redpaperscorpion 19 days ago

    "LOOK AT ME I'M BLENDING" i'm so proud of u waffles uwu

  • Unicorn 101
    Unicorn 101 19 days ago +2

    you should make drawing pages that we can acess

  • The Ugly Dinosaur
    The Ugly Dinosaur 19 days ago

    In the inside she is a nice girl but in the outside she is........SANS!!!!

  • Emily Otley-Howard
    Emily Otley-Howard 20 days ago


  • Micki Head
    Micki Head 20 days ago

    😱😱😱 this is so cool!!!!

  • Kittnmlla 34
    Kittnmlla 34 21 day ago

    It's cool, I like it!

  • Its_Abbyfam
    Its_Abbyfam 21 day ago +1

    SO CREEPY.....

  • Leinices Rivera
    Leinices Rivera 21 day ago


  • Navya Tyagi
    Navya Tyagi 21 day ago +1

    Wiff: Me as a color pencil NOOB.....
    Me: 😑 really ?? You are an amazing creator

  • Ivy Mesnekoff
    Ivy Mesnekoff 21 day ago

    Before you overlayed the tracing paper on top the princess gave me lots of Aerial vibes

  • Alexa S
    Alexa S 21 day ago

    Dude this was such a great idea

  • Kiana Cheyenne
    Kiana Cheyenne 22 days ago

    I honestly loved this! It looks so awesome

  • Aaliyah Rogers
    Aaliyah Rogers 22 days ago

    Who else watched kasey golden unbox this EXACT box and get the same things 😂😂 lol waffles and kasey are TWINS!!

  • Abby C
    Abby C 22 days ago

    That’s such a smart idea! like if u agree!

  • Gabe Post
    Gabe Post 23 days ago

    OMG! It looks SOOOO cool! You did an amazing job, and the drawing totally suited the prompt. I loved it!

  • No More SnAkEu
    No More SnAkEu 23 days ago

    Oml you should have drawn a spider in her eye or something lol

  • Jessikaka
    Jessikaka 23 days ago

    Nothing wrong with a big forehead

  • Girly Gamer
    Girly Gamer 24 days ago

    Hi Rin! I would really like to know if you would please reply and answer this question. Will you on your channel ever do a face reveal? Thank you!

  • fatima moflehi
    fatima moflehi 25 days ago

    it reminds me of Ariel

  • Olive Langston
    Olive Langston 25 days ago

    she looks like ariel

  • Kristen Franco
    Kristen Franco 25 days ago

    haunted mansion vive's

  • xXGoldcatsXx
    xXGoldcatsXx 25 days ago

    sooo awesome!😍

  • Kimberley Meier
    Kimberley Meier 25 days ago

    For some reason it reminds me of the Titanic😂

    UNICORN GAMES 22 25 days ago

    You should use the glue marker and try the glitter art challenge

  • Chloe Wightman
    Chloe Wightman 26 days ago

    She kinda reminds me of Ariel, i love the drawing!!

  • Janae Sedlak-Haydon
    Janae Sedlak-Haydon 26 days ago

    I love your vids

  • Andy
    Andy 27 days ago

    When she was starting to draw the space buns i thought she was gonna draw Saylor Moon.

  • Jade Whitmire
    Jade Whitmire 27 days ago

    You should definitely do more creepy stuff!

  • Danielle Cannon
    Danielle Cannon 27 days ago

    i have the purple bic pen and the chameleon color pencils. they go great together. I think you should rlly try that. I also looooove the drawing.

  • •LPS Melany•
    •LPS Melany• 27 days ago

    11:12 YOU CAN DO IT JUST PUSH! PUSH plz don't tell me i'm the only one... Babys?...

  • Evalyn Gareza
    Evalyn Gareza 27 days ago

    Really really nice waffles!!!!!!

  • Fluffiest Marshmallow
    Fluffiest Marshmallow 28 days ago

    2:42 Pewdiepie is qUaKiNg

  • Taylor Mock
    Taylor Mock 28 days ago

    for most of the video i was like, this looks a lot like your other stuff wym

    *and then you got the tracing paper*

  • Kylien Clark
    Kylien Clark 28 days ago

    Amazing I wish I could draw similar to this

  • Family Morton
    Family Morton 28 days ago

    "How did you for get the face?!"

    It's just some thing that happens easily and when it does your like 'omg it's right in front of me' 😝😁😂

  • Aschenmeier Family
    Aschenmeier Family 29 days ago +1

    For a pencil crayon newb you are great at it.😊✏

  • Cloey Jordan
    Cloey Jordan 29 days ago

    Lemon lime starburst ?!?!

  • Anna Maclean
    Anna Maclean Month ago

    Omg that’s so freakishly real it’s scary...but so cool

  • Mimi Unicorn
    Mimi Unicorn Month ago

    This girl is really annoying when she laughs at her own ''jokes''

  • centaine atkinson
    centaine atkinson Month ago

    Our eye sockets are a bit bigger then our eyes so that's probably why the skull had such a big forehead, still looks super cool and it was awesome to see you draw something creepy

  • GachaLover 3456
    GachaLover 3456 Month ago

    Is it Sailor moon?