Drawing YOUR Art In MY Style - #DrawThisInYourStyle 2

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • This time I invited you to share you art to be drawn in my style! It was so hard picking just 5, but I had a lot of fun and hope you guys like them!
    Check out everyone whose art I drew:
    REDBUBBLE: www.redbubble.com/people/KaseyTheGolden
    STORENVY: kaseythegolden.storenvy.com/
    PATREON: www.patreon.com/KaseyGolden
    TWITTER: twitter.com/KaseyTheGolden
    TUMBLR: kaseythegolden.tumblr.com/
    INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/kaseythegolden
    Pentel Graphgear 500 .7 Mechanical Pencil (HB Pentel lead)
    Kneaded eraser
    Sakura Pigma® Micron® pens, black (01, 02, 03, 05, 1, brush)
    Schmincke Watercolors (36 half-pan set)
    Gold Sable Watercolor brushes
    Strathmore® 400 140lb. coldpress watercolor paper (5"x7")
    PO Box 5394 Victoria B
    Victoria, BC V8R6S4
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  • Kasey Golden
    Kasey Golden  2 months ago +857

    Thank you to everyone who joined in with #KaseyTheDraw on IG and Twitter. I wish I could draw all of them, but it just isn’t possible in a lifetime, eek! I’ll try to do more of these in the future! :)

  • Izzy Marie
    Izzy Marie 9 hours ago +1


    oh, you’re already in your bed

  • michaella daso
    michaella daso 17 hours ago

    I like it 😍 your style is like an old drawing and i like it and it look like easy to draw but its not omyghad i hope i have that talent
    I love your work so much 😍😍

  • Malak Mm cats
    Malak Mm cats Day ago

    Why there's a n ant under the drawings

  • Holly Kirk
    Holly Kirk Day ago

    first vid I have seen of u and I'm already subbed❤ also were my fellow kid artists at

  • Xxnicoleomq xX
    Xxnicoleomq xX Day ago

    The first ones name is irish its pronounced ee-fa

  • SeanyMations
    SeanyMations 2 days ago

    Who else thinks her art style looks like hilda? I LOVE IT 😂

  • IdoRANDOMstuff :b
    IdoRANDOMstuff :b 3 days ago

    The last one reminded me of deltarune.

  • Izzyholly Fizzle
    Izzyholly Fizzle 4 days ago

    3:23 did she just say that it looks better then hers rude

  • Kim McCarrick
    Kim McCarrick 5 days ago

    Is that Taako?

  • GracieCoyne
    GracieCoyne 6 days ago +1

    This first one is pronounced e-fa. It’s an Irish name x

  • KatBunzz ii
    KatBunzz ii 6 days ago

    Your art style looks so cartoony I love it 😍🤩

  • bloody Scarlet-Uchiha
    bloody Scarlet-Uchiha 11 days ago

    Kasey, babes, i love you but, we're gonna need to discuss these ads. Can't draw along when I got a big burly dude telling me about a new sedan every few minutes

  • Stewwi's Trash
    Stewwi's Trash 16 days ago

    The Mask from the drawing at 4:30 Looks like Pearl from Steven Universe x3

  • Loser Gamer
    Loser Gamer 19 days ago

    Ranma ranma wuagwuwgwiwvwuwg (idk the lyrics sorry!)

  • Kara van de Beek
    Kara van de Beek 21 day ago +1

    “What’s the joke that kids make these days?” I can’t 😂😂😂

  • A person a
    A person a 22 days ago

    “My art style is very simple” try’s drawing it but ends up failing

  • Koukano TheWolf
    Koukano TheWolf 22 days ago

    I wanna send a drawing! :D

  • jasmine
    jasmine 22 days ago

    0:23 ee-fa isnt a hard name to pronounce well im saying that because i come from Ireland but you tried ❤❤

  • Romulus Penguin
    Romulus Penguin 22 days ago


  • Amber The disco queen
    Amber The disco queen 28 days ago

    On the rabbit u forgot the stitches on the arm with the glove

  • Brody Littleford
    Brody Littleford 28 days ago

    @Spadethecard's drawing looks like Hatch mixed with Spring Trap from Fnaf.

  • Lovely Pug Studios
    Lovely Pug Studios 29 days ago

    *when your comment gets 10 likes*

  • Daniela Moreno gonzalez

    I love all

  • Stranger Things Edits

    Your style is steven universe + ok ko hahaha

  • Sydney Rose
    Sydney Rose Month ago

    Aoifa = Eefa (that's how you say it, It's an Irish name!)

  • Kittengalaxy 101
    Kittengalaxy 101 Month ago

    The first one Aoife is home is pronounced ‘’eefa is home’’ It’s an Irish name ❤️❤️❤️❤️☘️☘️🥰☘️☘️ luv ya

  • CircusOf Potatoes
    CircusOf Potatoes Month ago

    I didn't know Kasey watched anime

  • GirlMeetsSunshine
    GirlMeetsSunshine Month ago

    The bunny could be Harvey from a German Point and Click computer game 😂 I don't even know if there's an English version of the games Harveys Neue Augen and Edna bricht aus. They're made with a lot of dark humor and really good 👌🏻

  • Maddox Collins
    Maddox Collins Month ago

    bunny ants

  • Gaming with Faryar
    Gaming with Faryar Month ago

    U should try Chamaeleon markets

  • Ansley Blakemore
    Ansley Blakemore Month ago

    I like the puppy the best

  • The Crafty Nightfury

    Im getting pearl vibes from that mask

  • Exgaymation Marks
    Exgaymation Marks Month ago

    Aoife is pronounced eefa

  • Holly Murray
    Holly Murray Month ago

    Watching you try to pronounce aoife I’m crying it’s pronounced ee-fa.

  • Paige DIY Cat
    Paige DIY Cat Month ago

    PART THREE!! please

  • Hermela solomon
    Hermela solomon Month ago

    0:48 badminton not bad Mitten

  • Milky Way
    Milky Way Month ago

    7:38... I am now triggered

  • fat noot
    fat noot Month ago

    4:20 lmao pearl hiding in that mask

  • Rainbow Wolf
    Rainbow Wolf Month ago

    Where can I send you my art?

  • Janelle Makes wierd videos

    This was great! The only comment I have is that I feel like you didn’t capture the right expression in the “witch’s “ face

  • TJ YouTube
    TJ YouTube Month ago +1

    Where the badminton tin was placed
    I don’t think it would hit the racket

  • Hannah O'Brien
    Hannah O'Brien Month ago

    The first name "Aoife" is an Irish girl's name and it's pronounced like eeefa. xx

  • Emma O'Reilly
    Emma O'Reilly Month ago

    It is pronounced efa

    LORDCHICKEN Month ago

    at the start on the dogs sho theres a love heart but you theres no love hart in yours

  • Studio Ghibli boy
    Studio Ghibli boy Month ago +1

    4:27 the mask looks like pearl from stets uni

  • gui das antigas
    gui das antigas Month ago

    Your drawing skills are amazing

  • a p
    a p Month ago

    Aofie is pronounced 'eefa'

    • a p
      a p Month ago

      Sounded like she was saying owlice

  • sillÿ emøtions
    sillÿ emøtions Month ago

    I’m going to really enjoy this series
    I can’t tell if it’s actually a series, I’ll assume it is uwu
    I like this quite a bit

  • Look! A honey tabby!



  • Vee Blossom
    Vee Blossom Month ago +1

    Aoife = ( eef a )

  • Kate Hilliard
    Kate Hilliard Month ago

    The first one is " ee - fa" is home ! :)

  • TheKawaiiPuppy
    TheKawaiiPuppy Month ago

    Aoife is pronounced, "Eefa"

  • Mia and friends
    Mia and friends Month ago

    Boi is wrong Boy with the y is corect

  • TwoCopperSwords
    TwoCopperSwords Month ago

    3:10 as soon as you said “Strike a pose” I imagined myself in anime form dabbing or something weird

  • zz_ZLD JK
    zz_ZLD JK Month ago


  • Maly Collins
    Maly Collins Month ago

    6:06 that’s me

  • Emma’s Vlogs and slime




    • Luna Shoren
      Luna Shoren Month ago

      She said, "It looks a lot better in hers."
      Referring to the fact that she thought that the arms in 1000Dragons' artwork look good for 1000Dragons' style, but it wouldn't work in her own style.

  • Vijall Stationary
    Vijall Stationary Month ago

    Your drawing style is pretty (golden) hmmm hmmm
    No ok

  • LolnoU
    LolnoU Month ago

    Draw a booger with a mat vyggvuhvhubbbmknjnjk.bi h Huh yyybioij w
    Sorry I had choke

  • Oof oof
    Oof oof Month ago

    Can u redraw art from amino (i cant have instagram)

  • Lexie v
    Lexie v Month ago

    When I was watching this a Udemy ad came up

  • S I N O P A
    S I N O P A Month ago

    Aoife is pronounced eef-a.

  • Yasmin Aktar
    Yasmin Aktar Month ago

    The first one was digital art

  • Felila ¿
    Felila ¿ Month ago

    6:12 You forgot da blush

  • Mr McPug
    Mr McPug Month ago

    On the first one the name was eva

  • TeeJay
    TeeJay Month ago

    CaptainEmilius’s drawing kinda reminded me of Nanachi from Made in Abyss

    ILUVDRAWING Kk Month ago

    Can you draw Izuku Midorya ☺️ Plz

  • I Am a YouTube account

    Aoife is prounced like this E-fa

  • Nayima Bernal
    Nayima Bernal Month ago

    Don’t press the read more


  • xCameronx
    xCameronx Month ago


    Great Art!

  • Ichigo Gacha いちご

    It's so pwetty

  • ᴋᴇʏᴢɢᴀᴍᴇᴢ4ᴇᴠᴇʀ

    Anybody see that different bunny/du u know de way creature 10:54

  • Evelina Gamer
    Evelina Gamer Month ago

    it should be said like this (most of the time):E-fuh

  • Lourinblox Playz
    Lourinblox Playz Month ago

    I want to join, how?

  • iskrem2 /
    iskrem2 / Month ago

    *[💮] You inspire me a lot!* 💕

  • Moist towelette
    Moist towelette Month ago

    I think that the first name is pronounced 'eefa is home'

  • Sebastian Matus Bartolo

    Kasey you are so hip and cool, like all the kids these days

  • Fiona Grötzinger
    Fiona Grötzinger Month ago

    How can I send you a art so you redraw it? 🎨❤️BTW. LOVE YOU VIDS SOOOOOOOOO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍🎨

  • Elizabeth Afton
    Elizabeth Afton Month ago

    My middle name is aoife and its pronounced as efa so i think thats how u say it. Love ur videos!

  • asmr vids ruiz
    asmr vids ruiz Month ago

    The 2nd one looks like an older age of the illustration

  • Whoop WHØØP
    Whoop WHØØP Month ago

    It's pronounced *Em - eel - ee - us*
    XD I'm dying

  • Ashley N Friends
    Ashley N Friends Month ago

    Lol when she said people said that her art was dark I thought of this 🤣🤣🤣 My art is dark like my farts LOL!

  • Wolffy Qtie
    Wolffy Qtie Month ago

    The rabbit looks like springtrap

  • Focus Fusion
    Focus Fusion Month ago

    i know most of you will dislike this comment but...
    i think these drawings look like a 9- year old's
    too cute
    why do you have so much subs (i'm one of them)
    and this is the first video i'm seeing from her

  • Ava C HD
    Ava C HD Month ago

    Aoife is pronounced - eefa

  • { Slumbz }
    { Slumbz } Month ago

    *lip smacc* I can't even tweet/ give you my drawing I have since I have no social medias.

    *lip smacc* thats nice, I'll pretend you did one.

  • Woof Is me!!!!:3
    Woof Is me!!!!:3 Month ago

    Hey!can you look on my channel and redraw a picture of one of my people on wolf seires part one??if you can plz draw anyone of them on camera.if you can draw but not on camera that’s ok if can’t idk

  • Isabel Maria Correia
    Isabel Maria Correia Month ago +1

    9:10 is me in winter

  • Pusheen Unicorn
    Pusheen Unicorn Month ago

    A dog in clothes playing bad mitten, sounds like a furry. I'm a a furry

  • MinosaurChicken Isn'tASpy

    Me and my friends have an inside joke of "Earth Tones" and it started as just something someone said randomly but now whenever someone likes someone else we tell them to "Send Earth Tones" to the person they like

  • The fabulous Vanlaarhoven

    No offense. But you said somthing kinda kinda mean in the second drawing you said “it looks a lot better than yours” so like

  • Troian Augusto
    Troian Augusto Month ago

    Hi can you please check the art and fun instagram acount I'd like to see you redraw something i drew

  • Emily Vila
    Emily Vila Month ago

    I watch ranma 1/2! It’s by one of the richest anime artists rumiko takahashi! She also made inu-Yasha and Rinne! More also! Also do u mean when they fall upside down with the finger pose? It’s funny when Kuno does it.

  • _-*round earth society says*-_

    *it had to be ranma 1/2 bc everytime they get hurt or fall they do the sing Xd that anime is so good*

  • Kiwi OwO
    Kiwi OwO Month ago

    Edit: *I know this has already been said but im saying it again*

    The first name Aoife is actually an irish name, it is pronouncened

    Sorry I just couldnt stand you saying it that way ^-^

  • Allie _TheWolf
    Allie _TheWolf Month ago

    "mine looks a lot better then yours" -_- boi!!!!!! That just sounds kinda rude...

  • Wolfie500 Wolf
    Wolfie500 Wolf Month ago

    Please make me one the character is on my profile picture I know comment very late plz put it in a video I’d love to see it in ur style of art ty if u do 🐺 :)

  • -Phaze -Shift-
    -Phaze -Shift- Month ago

    Did u know that rabbits back feet don’t have paw beans

    • Kasey Golden
      Kasey Golden  Month ago

      Ew, you're right... they look like money feet, hahaha. Thanks for sharing!